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File: Menger-Schwamm-farbig.png (118 KB, 310x233)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
I wanna build a menger sponge. Not out of paper. Minimum level 3, 4 if I get autistic. Originally I wanted to buy 1/3in cubes, but no one seems to sell anything NEAR that size. The best I could find is 10mm blank dice. Finally it occurred to me to buy and cut rod. I plan on pinning and glueing (gluing?).

1/4in wood and acrylic are less that fiddy cent a foot. I'm not sure wood is the right material. Acrylic would look cool but I'm not sure would hold up. Delrin is looking around $1.50 a foot but not great for glue. Any other plastics just cost much more.

SO, how the fuck do I cut 1/4in cubes and have them BE square?
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File: 1390263676727.gif (93 KB, 600x450)
93 KB
10 per foot? I really hope to get more than one 1/4" cube per inch of material. I'm not going that crazy with squareness.

Alibaba... 150$ for 40000 cubes
for 10000... hard to guess what you're really getting qty-wise on alibaba... is it .75$ for 50 (3×3x3)cubes so 27 [2cm×2cmx2cm] cubes times 50... times 200 min. order.
File: jank ass.jpg (167 KB, 1000x750)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Okay, it's jank. But intentionally.
The cubes are about a .6mm long so I have room to sand. The cutting jig looks like ass, but its square. Ghettoed in some bits of hacksaw blade guides so the saw doesn't just chew it up.
Just needs sanding and thicker superglue and I think it might work.
File: yeet.png (351 KB, 376x498)
351 KB
351 KB PNG

File: Capture.png (81 KB, 566x640)
81 KB
I am a retarded fag trying to get into HVAC. Some of the certificates are pretty reasonable and offered online. Has any other HVAC guys gotten certificates online, is it easy? Are they valid?
Why not go to school? No amount of paper certification can replace the experience you gain working in a lab on actual units.
File: 20180123_095654-2241x3984.jpg (939 KB, 2241x3984)
939 KB
939 KB JPG
I'm getting my certification at a school. It's not bad. Pretty relaxed and we're already working on residential systems for a non profit. So... Lots of hands on, lots of troubleshooting. And pretty much everyone in our class has job offers.
Companies dont want to train apprentices anymore. It just makes things slower and more costly. Thats why you see job listings requiring experience. People are too unreliable.
A trade school guarentees experience. A normal public school or typical college wont offer any real experience.
Hell... Im doing my own gigs on the weekend with my license number.
I'm a highschool drop out and my brain has had it's fair share of "work".

I am already trained to do this job, I just want the course for insurance reasons. Canada is fairly unregulated so the online certificate should be fine. I already have 800 hours doing this job, I already am a technician at this point.

If I'm not mistaken all I need is my NFPA 96 course. I will get my air conditioning ticket and other stuff later.

I already talked to my fire chief and he said he doesn't care and just do whatever.
Then what do you want to hear? The fuck is the point of this thread if you already have permission to keep working?
I talked to the guy after I made the thread, I was hoping a canadian could put in their two cents. Fuck, sorry.

>pic related
>shrimp biosphere

Now how large of a sphere would you need to sustain 1 human for it's entire adult life? What would you put in the sphere? Nothing can enter/leave once it is sealed.
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still pretty impressive how long they're able to sustain even a few shrimp. my friend has one that's going on a decade as of this year and 3 shrimp are still alive.
730,000 kcal/person/year to survive

potatoes - 1,300 kcal/m^2

4046 m^2/acre

1 acre of potatoes, 1 harvest per year - 5,260,000 kcal

enough to sustain roughly 7 people of average weight with a comfortable diet, assuming little to no wastage.

if you were only going to 2 - 4 people, half acre to potatoes, and the rest for variety. people survive comfortably.
Using only one crop is a very bad idea. Ask the Irish.
Thats fucked up
File: download (33).jpg (12 KB, 289x174)
12 KB


File: IMG_2414.jpg (1.39 MB, 3264x2448)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
Found this out the front of some rich fuckers house, its a rocking computer chair
It feel abit grindy when im sitting on it rocking away like an autist, how can i make it a smoother rocking experience, just grease it up? Nothing seems to be bent i might just be too fat, 96kg here
Seems fine when im not on it
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That sounds like stealing
File: 1517185196747.jpg (53 KB, 300x327)
53 KB
I'm going to get drunk as fuck tonight, drunk as fuck!
Does it work if the item was in their house at the time and then drag it onto the curb?
Asking for a friend
that was already the joke you fucking retard. why americans can't into humor?
No, you pound sand up the eye of YOUR COCK!

>God I love Donnie

Need help really badly,

I'm trying to make a helmet out of ramboard for a disney costume, I spent the last few hours and ended up wasting most of my precious hot glue.

Resources for building helmets?

I was using http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-cardboard-costume-helmet/

except I find ram board too thin to do what he does, including the instructions aren't extremely detailed ( maybe from the drinking)

I need a Friday deadline I can't fuck up again and again...
File: costume.jpg (22 KB, 882x335)
22 KB
You need to be patient, don't glue the whole thing at once.
>take 2 parts
>put glue on one end and hold it until it dries
>put glue on the other end and hold until it dries
>put glue in the middle and hold until it dries
>repeat until it all holds good enough and you can glue the whole thing
To make it hold together much better you can put a piece of paper under it, like here
how did you fuck up an instructable?
seriously... just stop drinking
Or use (masking) tape/clips to hold ti together, then apply glue:
Or put glue on the whole thing. Wait until it cools down that it will hold the pieces by itself immediately after you put them together. You try to put the pieces together at a corner and test how strong the bond is. When the glue cools down and the bond is strong enough put the whole piece together.

go to paper craft board, they make masks and shit all the time.

File: 1516706868781.gif (188 KB, 670x473)
188 KB
188 KB GIF
Anyone heard from bunkerbro lately?
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File: 17355175-21865957.jpg (102 KB, 558x240)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>ya i saw him posting over at biz
what is he doing?
He is mining cryptonight algo coins with old office server CPUs, making a killing
Where is this in KC? Seems pretty cool.
Camt remember. Should ne an easy google search. Its fucking massive

File: 81byiL94XSL._SX342_.jpg (24 KB, 342x342)
24 KB
I have a dryer motor and a 3d printer but I'm not very imaginative. What is a fun project I could do incorporating the two?
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came here literally to post this exact post
are you me, anon?
File: joerg sprave head.png (358 KB, 459x458)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
Make a bottle holder - get this - that FUCKING SPINS!!!!1!!!1!
This, obviously.
Bathroom vent fan. Evacuate all the air from your entire house via the bathroom in seconds.

I accidentally this in my old house. It was great.
Technically ge has their own weird version... but almost all the rest are identical

File: DSC00100[1].jpg (44 KB, 1000x750)
44 KB
Hey, lockpickers, how would you defeat a door that was barred?

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Rocket propelled grenade should do the trick.
Stick to saying
"Would you like to super size that order"
File: RPG.jpg (140 KB, 923x435)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
You're in luck friend Harbor Freight has a deal going
File: grond1.jpg (60 KB, 642x407)
60 KB
File: oldi0HP[1].jpg (85 KB, 540x550)
85 KB

File: Image1.jpg (68 KB, 751x543)
68 KB
If the return circuit is severed, will the bulb still light up?
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Fucking brits
Well statistically speaking, it's most countries in the world. Not to mention both China and India. 60Hz-country people are a minority.
theoretically speaking, no, having said that i've seen led's light up slightly in certain situations when plugged into messy breadboard setups and only one lead was connected at the time. that was strange.
static maybe
LEDs can pick up enough RF in their leads to power themselves.
See: Rectenna

File: 20151222_181248.jpg (1.56 MB, 3264x1836)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
I have a little shop inside my 2 car garage and I'm trying to think of a way to where I won't be making noise when I'm pounding on something on my welding table or my wood work bench.

I want it to be as quiet as if my work is on the concrete slab on the floor when I'm banging on it. Specifically when I'm hammering on my alphabet punch set on something.

any ideas? Maybe pour a concrete slab on my work table?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Specifically when I'm hammering on my alphabet punch set on something.

not very realistic

you could put some rubber matting under those leveling bolts

you could get rid of rattles by adding more tacks to the tabletop and frame
Anchoring the bench to the floor MAY help, also anything that increases the mass of the bench will help to dampen the sound, but your not going to get the results you want.
Hit easier / twice as much
This. Maybe comsider thick rubber mats or conveyor belting.

Could screw your work to a stump to beat on it maybe.

FUCK i hate living in town
build a press

File: IMG_20180220_190652843.jpg (3.95 MB, 3024x4032)
3.95 MB
3.95 MB JPG
What tool would be best suited for removing/tightening this screw. Angle of attack is at 90 degrees and there is only enough room for about 1/6th of a turn.
23 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Then OP would have to source that (looks like a shoulder) bolt. I would take time to seduce it out instead. If it's stuck I'd heat the receiver (heat gun, LP torch, don't get silly with the heat, about 150 degrees is fine) then leave it in a container of diesel or kerosene for a day or two. Spray penetrant is nice but soaking is nicer. Not my first rodeo...
Yeah if the gun isn't worth shit who cares about the bolt. A chisel was a last resort. If it's valuable the last thing I'd do is putting heat to it. Not only from a bluing finish issue but also a temper issue. Not everybody that rides a rodeo wins the belt buckle
Yeah OP put a torch to it keeping the temp at 150 deg should be a piece of cake</sarcasm>
do I win?
Did you get it out yet?
Take 4 Allan keys and use a rotary tool to grind them into drivers which can cover a part of the turn each?

I have built a nice little tesla coil for experimentation, but I do not have a good power supply. Where can I get a nice 6000v power supply that has micro amp output? Do photocopiers still have the 6000v power supplies in them, or would something similar work? I do not want to use a neon sign transformer, as that is overkill. I just need a high-voltage, low amperage input. Or could I use an ignition coil from a car?

4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>make zvs driver
>use variac to adjust input voltage
>find some flyback transformers from old monitors
>wire 2 of them with primaries in parallel
>put the outputs in series
I have done this before and it has worked very well. Just keep an eye on the flybacks because they will overheat and burn up if ran for a long time.
MOT is only ~2000 volts. you need two or more for anything fun and they're way lower impedance than needed.

what makes you think an NST is overkill? you can get small ones you know.
Nothing wrong with nst if u can get it.

Take use the diode and ull get 4kv. But then I like kreosans version. Nst fly back, spark gap.. And lots of CRT multipliers.

File: IMG_20160529_114550.jpg (1.28 MB, 3328x1872)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
Nothing wrong with a nst, I just prefer to use microwave transformers because they are indestructible
>I have built a nice little tesla coil
>Where can I get a nice 6000v power supply
sounds like you built fuck all op.
whats a TC without supply? roll of wire? lol.

Started doing some maps in fabric and stuff. Looking for tips on how to get the image I want transfered to the fabric, what are the best mats for painting, what are the best types of fabric and everything.

Done this shit with raw cotton and some sharpie-like pens for shirts. Got it old with some coffee and burning.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I'm sure there are plotters that can do this, but I'm not sure where you'd find that.

I do know there are people out there that can be commissioned to do maps based on tabletop rpg games or novels. Custom stuff.
I think he means transferring to the material without the use of technology like a sketch. I'd recommend something like carbon paper or putting it on your monitor or TV and covering the lines as a good sketch.

Idk how would he do it more professionally tho
How about using a projector to throw the map onto the fabric, and trace it out? I've done the same thing to make plywood cutouts for christmas
You could make a sketch, prick the lines with a needle or whatever they use outsideof the Netherlands, those special needles for children to prick out stencils in preschool, idk if it's international, but a normal one would work too.

Then dab some carbon powder over your work with the canvas underneath it, like powdered charcoal or something, then trace the lines on your canvas. It's how Rembrandt apparently did it andhe was a pretty good painter

File: IMG_0300.jpg (208 KB, 640x594)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Is it too late to go to trade school to be an electrician at 26? Have a degree in Industrial Technology and unemployed.
49 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
You were never going to succeed anyways, this thought exercise wasnt ever serious in the first place. You know this, we know this
Not if op gets a loscense and hires a tard to climb under houses fishing shit.
>Is it too late to go to trade school to be an electrician at 26?
it's never too late to learn something OP, sure the other students will be teenage apprentices but don't let that stop you!
>went to school
>didn't care
>wants to not be a leech
>not interested in proving he won't kill anyone as an electrician
>thinks he's too smart
>now threatens people when he realizes the horrible truth that noone will work with someone like that
>OP is 12 and doesn't know what this is

If you are healthy u cant even have that, unless your doctor lies for you. I suppose you're stuck with welfare if you were going to be honest about it. But the way you're going sounds like fraud is more your game.

Man you are *really* smart aren't you?
>80-100k working for someone else

File: new-home.jpg (227 KB, 2340x1814)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
Hi, /diy/.
I'm interested in designing electrical for residential buildings.
I'm familiar how the electrical is installed in a home, but I don't have any experience in designing electrical for a new house.
Does anyone have any ideas on where I should begin my educational journey in order to be certified in designing electrical for homes?
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
In Alberta anyway you only need to involve engineers and architects in the plans if the building is of a certain occupancy type, or over a certain size or some combination of those two. You also need a stamp on any fire suppression system drawings. Souce: Alberta building code 2014 section 2.4.2.

I'm having trouble believing you need an engineer stamp for a plain old house in the states. . .
It's setup by the utilites. If it requires an actual design u need a stamp. Otherwise it's boilerplate.
I think maybe you are talking about the service transformer sizing and loading of the utility grid, but my point was that you don't need to be an engineer to do house drawings like OP wants to. When I hear house drawings, I think power, lights, and cable/phone/LAN. I've never seen a utility do those before.
Issuing it as a professional requires the certification.
If you're doing it for yourself, chances are you don't.
Depends on the state and municipality.
Usually the requirement is set by the utility and the community.

If I wanted one done in Regina all custom they would want a stamp most likely.

In eyebrow, probably not, except for the service feeder.

In Ontario a relative did his own and the architect approved it.

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