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File: 1537115007259.png (168 KB, 500x278)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
How hard would it be to convert a 1960's detached garage into a tiny house, including getting the proper permits? A-asking for a friend.
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What >>1466729 said.
Why don't you draw up some plans and have a licensed contractor go over them for you and let you know if you're breaking code or not. You can either hire him or do the work yourself.
post pics 60s garage could mean anything
permits are cheap

find the existing sewer pipe in the yard.
cut in a y pipe for your additional sewer line
trench to garage.
cut a toilet hole in slab. preferably on the wall closest to the sewer. with the toilet back against the exterior wall, you only need to dig 18-30 inches under the side of the slab
>put plumbing on an exterior wall

If you want to tunnel under a slab further, have at it.
toilet adjacent to exterior wall, does not mean plumbing on an exterior of a wall.

File: Nearing_House.6.jpg (66 KB, 400x300)
66 KB
Who here has actually done this sort of thing before?

I'm talking going out in the woods with an axe and crosscut saw to fell trees, work them up into lumber, and building something with them (glass greenhouse in this case) using nothing but non-electric hand tools. I have pretty much everything needed from cutting everything down to chiseling and augering joinery. I have nearly 50 acres of forested land and no legal restrictions on building codes or timbering for this sort of thing. Foundation would be stone and mortar; similar to this image, but traditional instead of slipform.

The lumber would be logs and limbs shaped just enough to allow the glass to rest on them and to do proper joinery. I'm not talking about making planed and square lumber boards from logs. I have several hardwoods to choose from; even American sycamore which is amazing to work with even while green (it doesn't split or check).

Any tips or tricks you can impart? I've been researching this stuff for nearly 10 years now.
Wranglerstar has done it.
> I've been researching this stuff for nearly 10 years now.
then you should be past the point of asking /diy/ for tips
>then you should be past the point of asking /diy/ for tips

That sort of thinking is what gets you into trouble. One person can never know everything. With each new thing learned or discovered the plans can change drastically.

>Wranglerstar has done it.


Is there any good floor jack not made of paper clips? I just want to spend 300-600 for a jack that will last me at minimum 5 years and not drop my car to the ground.
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Who sells the Arcan jacks? Was it NT? I was browsing those awhile back and they looked nice.

Get jack stands nigger. And the HF Daytona jack. Otherwise you have a good budget and these Hein Werner jacks are supposed to be real good.

Maybe check out Napa too. Their target demographic is different than AutoZone’s. Most of Napa’s shop stuff is meant for people doing a little more than oil changes in their driveway. I watch our guys lift up semi truck axles and diffs with their Napa trolley jack all day.

And if a good jack starts to drop a little on you, check the seals and fluid and it should be fine for years to come. Get some 6-ton double locking stands too
If you really have to do this, use the highest rated jack stand you can find by a brand-named manufacturer, with a certification of its weight limit that should be included

It's safer than it looks, but if you really want it to be safe, you don't use a jack, you roll it onto an oak block or raised service rails. Or, take it to the garage.

A good trick is to use jack stands to raise the vehicle, then wedge oak blocks underneath. It's virtually guaranteed to stay put unless you do something retarded. But if you've got a piece of shit aluminum body, it's unwise to introduce stress somewhere it's not designed to be worked. Consult the repair/service manual. The owner's book probably won't tell you too much of interest.

There's no way out of this. A "cheap jack stand" is a one-way ticket to the morgue. Buy the good ones, use a garage, or use rails/wood blocks.
Northern Tool has sales on their jacks and stands from time to time and they got some decent stuff there. Picked up these double locking 6-ton stands for $40 on sale so I didn’t have to trust my life to HF’s 3-ton
>Who sells the Arcan jacks? Was it NT? I was browsing those awhile back and they looked nice.

I bought a low profile all steel 3.25 ton arcan jack from Costco fo 100$, its been pretty good. Ive seen it come back every couple years. They sell an aluminum one like the HF racing one too.

File: DSCF0955.jpg (1.92 MB, 3264x2448)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB JPG
So had two saws stolen from my truck while working.
After a few scotches decided to do another kit saw.
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Where do you get such a kit? How much does it cost?
I am looking for another project, and anything to do with small engines is enjoyable.
Huztl but shipping is a bitch. There is an american company selling the kits as well but forget their name.
>kit saw
Didn't know this was a thing. Neat thread.
Doesn't matter; it's for the working man™
File: ed2.png (550 KB, 350x400)
550 KB
550 KB PNG
my favourite kind of lego

File: How wonderful.jpg (65 KB, 595x524)
65 KB
Hi /DIY/

So i want to make a stuffed animal. I think the desing can be popular and want to sell it later.
What isw the best guide to make one (or someone to make it for you)? How i can sell the design later?
Should I watch the news for mysterious disappearances of large number of cats?

And what is "popular design" in this context?

As for selling there are many web sites you can use, from Amazon to Etsy.
File: nigger alert.gif (358 KB, 320x240)
358 KB
358 KB GIF
>the desing can be popular
>the desing
>How i can sell
No no no, he is indian.

File: images.jpg (10 KB, 259x194)
10 KB
So I got a setup like this on my property line. I'd like to plant some cheap fast growing trees or shrubs that can reach at least 6' what should I plant?
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Green giant arborvitae
10/10 privacy in just 5 weeks and no need to mow the lawn
Don't blindly plant bamboo. Only get the one that grows together in groups. Don't get the runaway Bamboos, as those are pests and hard to control.
That's an invasive species.
gonna second this. I just planted some along my front yard to block out the road. They can grow 3-5' per year. They can also grow over 40' tall, so not sure if that's too much for you.

Since this is for privacy I assume you'd want it all year round, so go with an evergreen. Most arborvitaes will do, holly's too. Just look up the specifics for the species you're looking at to make sure they can handle your climate zone, their growth rate, soil and shade they like, etc...

Hey /diy/ ,

How do I carve?

I want to make a wooden Cthulhu figure, about 20cm tall and wide.
Can you link me some tutorial videos?

Also does anyone know what wood should I use?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.

1 ) take a piece of wood

2 ) point the knife or other sharp object away from your hand when you cut

3 ) have fun!
1. That's amygdala
2. Years of practice, might be easier to learn how to model and make a 3D printer
But if you're gung-ho on carving get a good knife set, watch some guys and YouTube and see what they do, and practice practice practice
wiggly bigglys beard
I used to work with a guy who would carve wooden chains out of 2x4 scraps on his lunch break. whenever anyone would ask him how he did it, he would simply say "you just cut away all the bits that aren't chain"
File: crows cigs.jpg (41 KB, 500x372)
41 KB
don't try to do your masterpiece first try. your first time will be shit, practice.
do a few practice ones, then it will turn out good.

Bought my first house with the waifu and we have been told there is damp in the property. I've done plastering in 2012 for 2 years so I have a basic rusty knowledge.

Can any bros give me some guidance here? The bloke wants to put a base layer of cement on the walls with a water proofer mixed in, but cement isn't porous?

Am I right to say I could pull the wall back to the brickwork and put a layer of Lime up?

I don't fancy paying £1000 to some cunt who is trying to have me off.
9 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
actually...there is a basement but we haven't properly checked it out. What I did see of it was that it is old but no running water.

Water proofing of the exterior should sort the kitchen out though.
one of those pictures make its look like the floor runs towards the house and the other makes it look like it is running away from the house. hopefully it is running away from the house. if not you could get a french drain installed. Due to the fact that you have concrete poured up to your house you should also water proof that thus keeping the soil under it dry, or if it is basement under neath it would also keep that dry. In my opinion if you water proof the concrete on the floor surrounding your house as well as the walls it should stop you moisture issues. this is a pretty basic fix, it is something that we ussually mitigate from the get go, however luckily for you your situation doesn't seem like it is going to take any excavation unless you need a french drain, but is also a DIY deal.
File: 1503986356604.jpg (134 KB, 1972x1262)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
I am a fucking cripple. The floors are timber framed.

That sounds like something that could be interesting. I'll take a look into a french drain. I will pop on here mid October and reopen this thread if its dead with recent pictures.
cool I hope it helped. also in general you need to look at the gutter and roofing and rain shedding system sometimes its just a big hole that has been overlooked for years, or several small ones. I would hate to say it but $1,000 is actually a good price if it includes labor and materials. good luck.
really did, thank you

i'm looking for recommendations on how to make a concrete/cement ledge to skate. i don't have a lot of money (<$100 ideally) but do have a lot of time. i've seen people use cinder blocks but it doesn't seem like that good of quality and i don't like the idea of using metal right angle bars
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
why not just grind the box at that point?
>i don't like the idea of using metal right angle bars
why? I saw that cinderblock/metal thing, looks pretty awesome.
Eaw concrete will not withstand the abuse from skateboarding
>i don't like the idea of using metal right angle bars

use iron pipe and fittings. dig holes and cement the ends in the ground with bags of quickcrete.
Box would be made out of cheap plywood just to mold the concrete

File: 1536944472459.jpg (55 KB, 540x540)
55 KB
How do I tell if an unlabeled can is paint (topcoat) or primer (undercoat)? I need to know if I just painted a house, or primed a house, and the container has no information on it, there is no receipt available, etc.

RIP, thread that died for this. Sorry guys, I really, really could not find this info elsewhere. All search engines I tried parsed it incorrectly ("what's the difference between paint and primer", etc).
Aren't most non gloss sprays primer and topcoat in one? The rustoleum I use (oil flat white and oil flat black) work as both.
Yeah, two in one is pretty common but the clients I'm working for have bought separate top and under coat (and, fwiw, my research has lead me to believe that hybrid two in ones are actually total garbage).

So I'm in a bit of a pickle. I sprayed what they wanted me to spray, but now they are unsure of wtf I put on outside the house. Could be primer, could be interior, could be exterior top coat. Not sure what the fuck to do lmao. Think I'm just gonna buy some two in one exterior and if what I've sprayed so far looks like shit next year they can give me a call.
paint a tiny bit and see if the new paint sticks and spreads properly?
Depending on how crazy of a square footage we're talking, I'd give it a light 220grit sand (to assist with a mechanical bond), blast it with the second coat which will adhere well a primer made of topcoat if it's sanded, and call it a day. I never let clients know when I'm not sure of something, as long as I can fudge it in a serviceable way. Half of what they're buying from us is the ability not to think and worry. Kind of a flub there, broseph.
Wouldn't it stick and spread well regardless? As in, if its primer I've bee using of course it will stick well, but if its just topcoat, a second coat will surely bond with it it just fine, no?

Thanks for the idea but yeah too much square footage. You're right about also buying the ability to not think and worry, but this situation is rather unique - they got about halfway through the project and did many things poorly, and she recently bought paint that is non refundable and totally the wrong color, so I had to talk this out with them and decide the best course of action. Which, btw, I believe is just going to be leaving what I've already got and moving on. We'll know if its not weather proof by spring, and I felt compelled to communicate that with them.

Im planting cherry trees and this is my first one to pop out from the soil. It looks like the seed itself. Why the he'll is it doing this?
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i lov bean
retard. wild varieties suck, the guy was objectively correct. try going picking inna woods and tell me they're worthwhile. my chickens barely even show any interest in the wild ones
File: a.jpg (51 KB, 382x287)
51 KB
you're just jealous because you didn't get to name 4 new species. so worried that your child would grow up retarded, you grafted him when he was young, and now you live with regret, never knowing what he could have grown up to be. it's probably foir the best that you don't reproduce, just keep raising your wife's children.
you're some special kind of retard

trolls were way better in the past

File: Autopia - S.S.S..png (36 KB, 830x758)
36 KB
Will something like this ever be possible?
171 replies and 38 images omitted. Click here to view.
Wish I was one, little NEET. I'd make way more cash.
I am pretty sure they extrude the silicon into a cylinder then slice.
no. sort of like making candles
a small crystal rod is dipped into molten silicon nore crystals grow on it and it gets bigger and bigger until it's the size you want. then you cool it slowly

recycled silicon mixed with other ingredients, is melted and extruded into heating rods and SiC hardware
>extruded into heating rods and SiC hardware
recycling chicken does not mean you have to make chicken out of chicken scraps.
compost the scraps into fertilizer and grow food for chickens

File: Untitled-5.gif (4 KB, 400x231)
4 KB
origami boatbuilding.
has anyone here tried this? most of the weblinks for this went dead years ago and its impossible to get a copy of the book.
28 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
That's the same way jet drives work, but efficiency will be crap
Currently gonna try building a very simple boat, literally just a large box with pvc as a frame and a polyethylene tarp cover, roughly 5ftl x 3ftw x 2ft height

I already have all the materials will post when its done, sadly wont be able to test it until monday next week...
I finally managed to get some contact details on Brent Swain and found him on Facebook unfortunately no replies as yet. if anyone knows how to contact him or get a copy of his book origami boat building a heretics guide please let me know as it is far out of print and out of stock at everywhere I have tried including Amazon and eBay.
PSV above book is about building from Steel and goes up to some rather large yachts
read this instead, esp chapter 25


File: pico842.jpg (221 KB, 800x800)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Im currently building basically a umpc, using the pico itx board PICO842 which uses an intel celeron j1900, the datasheet for this sbc says it needs 12v at ~1amps. Im used to the adafruit powerboost 1000 which can use their lithium cells and steps them up to 5v, and can output 1amp, is there any equivalent to the powerboost1000 in size that outputs 12v1amp?
38 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1528596981612.png (746 KB, 960x960)
746 KB
746 KB PNG
>12v at ~1amps
See quality pdf at : www.ti.com/lit/an/slva143/slva143.pdf
Consider using fig.16 scheme with following minor modifications :
- Get rid of 78L15 and use 3 big cells in serie to provide a 9.6-12.9V Vin instead of a niggered-to-15V 30Vdc rail.
- 10.8kohm resistor in lieu of a 3.8kohm one to set output at 12V rather than 5V

Why TL497A ?
Because it's a bullet-proof cold-war era chip from TI, specifically made for such a purpose, and also because it comes in a PDIP-14 package which is an absolute pleasure to solder rather than those miniature/surface-mount modern ones.

About runtime matters, 12V*1A=12W, so a 12Wh will provide sufficient juice for an hour runtime : considering you might want a 3 hour runtime, this means a 36Wh battery pack.
Considering fig.16 design has a 70% efficiency those 36Wh transform into 51.5Wh whose are approx 3.7V*14Ah or 11.1V*4.6Ah.
That may sound quite huge, but there are 10Ah 3.7V 18650 Li-ion cells available : assemble 6 of them in a 3*(2-parallel) in serie setup, or get a on-the-shelf 11.1V/~5Ah battery pack (like https://fr.rs-online.com/web/p/blocs-batteries-lithium/1449414/) and you're done.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>but there are 10Ah 3.7V 18650 Li-ion cells available
10Wh, sure, but not 10Ah.
The rest of your math holds though, 10Wh each is still plenty.
File: chinaman.jpg (53 KB, 600x701)
53 KB
>10Wh, sure, but not 10Ah.
Well actually they might exist : https://www.ebay.com/itm/10x-18650-10000mAh-3-7v-GTL-li-ion-White-Rechargeable-Battery-for-LED-Flashlight-/141831345998
"Might" because it's very likely the chinaman behind it is actually selling 8000mAh or even 6000mAh false-labelled under a 10000mAh tag.
To be honest, I'm very dubious that such an huge amount of juice may fit in a 18650 can. Nevertheless if those cells actually happens to be 6000mAh, that would be still enough for a 2.5 hour runtime.
>because it's very likely the chinaman behind it is actually selling 8000mAh or even 6000mAh false-labelled under a 10000mAh tag.
The link died before I could see it, but I'm guessing you're talking about a single 18650.
I want to clarify that, because what I'm about to say is somewhat, verbose.
Are you a fucking idiot? 8000mAh or even 6000mAh?
Fucking Panasonics max capacity for an 18650 is 3400mAh, and it hasn't been beaten.
Those are fucking rebadged 1200mAh's, tops, possibly refurbished. You'd be lucky to get 800mAh out of them.
In what fucking universe do you think a conservative estimate of the real capacity of "Fake" batteries is 6 fucking amp hours?
Do you have any fucking clue what I'd pay for 6Ah 18650's?
File: 1526517645744.jpg (112 KB, 640x480)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>Fucking Panasonics max capacity for an 18650 is 3400mAh, and it hasn't been beaten.
>>1466142 (Me)
>To be honest, I'm very dubious that such an huge amount of juice may fit in a 18650 can.
Well I said I was dubious about such a shitload of power to fit in a 18650 can. I was aware of the Panasonic meme batteries, but I've never had to buy cells or batteries so far (I've access to a lot of surplus laptop batteries at work), so I took the first result I jewgle without double-checking. My mistake in only assuming a 60% china-to-human ratio rather than a 8-12ish%.

After a quick research, it seems there is sort of a standard for 10.8V/11.1V at 4400/5200mAh laptop batteries.
Worst case 10.8V/4400mAh gives 2.77 hour runtime ; Best case 11.1/5200mAh gives 3.36 hour.
Now it's just a matter of selecting which laptop battery for industrial battery fits OP requirements in form-factor and pricetag... and charger availability depending if OP is willing to buid it or getting it on the shelf.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (86 KB, 676x911)
86 KB
I would like to create a led matrix like in the picture.
I found hundreds of guides that use raspberry / aduino etc.
My goal is to build it at the lowest possible cost and in the fastest way.

It would be enough to be able to load a gif to play in loop, I do not care to control it from mobile, wifi or other.
Being a gift I would like that once finished the person to whom I will give it, they plug in and find everything working.

Not being very skilled in electronics I wanted to ask which pieces I need, for example which of these controllers work for my purpose? Do they have a memory that keeps a gif?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
If you want a static image, no controller is required. A Lite Brite set would be optimal.
use a fuckton of latching shift registers
multiplexing sucks
I do not want a static image, I have to load gifs to play in loop
If you want to build it at the lowest possible cost, with the fastest implementation, you should probably just buy a matrix with a controller. I don't have that much experience with these, but you could probably find something that does what you want, minus the software for sending the frames (considering that you have very little experience with electronics). If you want to go down the path of using and FPGA + rPi, you could learn a lot, but of course this would take a long time.
Use a PIC microcontroller + shift registers, it's cheap, stable and easy to program.
you can code base on those tuts use arduino rpi

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