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File: lampshde.jpg (131 KB, 751x707)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Hi, I want to turn the thing on the left into a nice looking lamp. The biggest problem right now is the lampshade. Any tips what material to use and how to get the shape done?
Old plastic bottle and tin foil, your welcome.
>a nice looking lamp
Oh sorry Mr. Rocketfeller.
You could actually get a big bottle made from green glass and cut it up.
use a big plastic doll head

File: Alfred_D’Orsay.png (68 KB, 389x671)
68 KB
Any tips much appreciated.
BACKGROUND: I play a board game where players create captions to blank pictures. The players then rate the captions and try to guess who wrote them.

PROBLEM: Often I play with familiar people so there handwriting is identifiable so it kind of defeats the identification part of the game.

REQUEST: A way that users can enter their captions onto a computer, tablet, phone, etc and then all be reviewed afterwards and only being identifiable by the person who wrote it. I.e., at the end of each round the person can say "I wrote that one"
I would recommend using some basic python and some UDP for the networking:

The UDP is a few lines of code. As for the UI I'm not absolutely sure.

If you want it super easy, use a 2D game design software like GameMaker to make the game. It shouldn't take you much more than a couple days max to make even if you have never used gamemaker before.
File: 1495583236454.png (70 KB, 398x398)
70 KB
OP, don't listen to this faggot, using tools like GameMaker and python would be quite inappropriate for the task. You can come up with a working prototype in Unity a matter of days.

Likely phones of your friends will be in the same network, so you might send broadcast UDP packets, but UDP has no guarantee on delivering your packets, and one missed packed and the game is wrecked. I am not even starting on having own protocol as UDP is a transport-level thing.

Regardless of the tool to use you would need to split your task in several steps:

1. Take the caption from the user. With Unity that is dead easy.
2. Deliver the caption to other devices. In that way each device has a caption from each other's devices. You can use NetworkDiscovery component to detect who's there and send messages with Unity HLAPI.
3. Then you simply display all the captions from other devices in a simple UI. As the application can track what caption the user has entered, it can automatically highlight the one the user entered upon pressing a button or whatever.

If some step seems too complicated to you, just divide it into several smaller ones, and deal with them one at a time.
Sounds similar to a game me and a few friends play every once in a while, forgot the name.
Essentially you've got a weird word that typically nobody knows and its definition - only the game master of this round knows both.
Then the game master tells everyone the word and everyone tries to make up a believable (but wrong) defitinion.
Then the game master collects all of the bullshit definition and reads them out one after the other, then everyone makes a guess which is the correct one.

If you know the right one you get some points, if you managed to trick others into believing your definition you get even more points - for each player that you've tricked.

The problem of the handwriting was avoided all together with a rotating game master.

File: 963.jpg (49 KB, 401x382)
49 KB
can somebody give me a hand and explain how i can create something like this?
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File: 20180620_100505.jpg (2.04 MB, 3264x2448)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB JPG
The bezels on the middle stones turned out great which is usually the failure point on something like this, since they are angled. Gonna be a bitch and a half to clean up after casting though.
File: 20180620_100522.jpg (1.93 MB, 3264x2448)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB JPG
Back side is great. Wish I had done it bigger, but overall it should be fine, if I wanted to finish it out. I'll see if I've got the right size CZs and synthetic corundum to do it as a mockup.
Eventually /diy/ will be an army of small business owners if it goes the way it is going.

Decided I'm not happy with it, even though I'm just dicking around. Back to the mill
nice work.

Can I install an exterior door inside my house? Looking for a high quality, secure door to use that I can lock and will slow down any burglars.

Particularly this one:

homedepot . com/p/Masonite-30-in-x-80-in-6-Panel-Left-Hand-Inswing-Painted-Steel-Prehung-Front-Door-No-Brickmold-19853/202896038
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They could just go through the adjacent drywall.
Are you going to buy the door open or closed?
frame 12" OC to keep ameriburgers out
>remove all doors
>only one way to enter the house
>hatch in floor
>some faggot parks his car at the top of the hatch
>can't open it
>can't get out
>die of starvation

Depends if its already locked or not.

File: 1528880505051.jpg (492 KB, 914x1038)
492 KB
492 KB JPG
For those of you who learned how to do this, has it been a worthwhile skill?
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One! One blouse!
Two!! Two glorious blouses!!
Three!!! Three magnificent BLOUSES HA HA HA!!!
if you want to make clothes, i good way to start is to take old clothes, and rip the stitches out to get to the single raw pieces of material, take those measurements, adjust them ass needed, add what you want, from whatever material you want, and sew it together how youd taken the old article of clothing apart.

i sewed a button back on my shorts just the other day. that was pretty sweet

File: sd.jpg (1.39 MB, 2456x2440)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
Post all your homemade vehicle-related projects & questions here. Broken go karts, shitty motorcycles, and miserable motorized bicycles welcome!

OP's project: Currently working on making wooden bicycle wheels out of 2x10s. Next pic related.
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>They are not even close to being the same process
I see that now, plasma cutting just melts metal and blows it away while oxygen-cutting burns the stuff. Still, using oxygen and a lower current should burn through it just the same as a oxy-acetylene cutter since once you've got it hot enough you don't need the acetylene, or in this case current. Not sure if a TIG torch can provide that high gas flow though, probably better off just striking an arc with the torch and blowing oxygen at it with a seperate air nozzle of some sort.

Now I'm wondering if you can use a MIG welder as a thermic lance by running it with oxygen.

Thanks for your suggestion but i already know how it will be made.
The only things i'm facing is how to make the brake system and where to find steel gear like in car gearbox but twice a pair of it.

It's for an internal silent reducer but that made a reducer and that power up the forces.

I have difficulty to know how it i can lift it the chassis and what color i can make it (artistic tag or pin up ? furry or 4chan logo ?)
What are the best security features to design into a homemade vehicle to deter theft?
I have a motorized board that must be turned on through a helmet that uses voice ID. The board itself silently collects motion data using a Wii accelerometer, and when it's put in "park" mode (which can only be toggled through the helmet) and detects movement for more than 5 seconds, a loud siren rings.

This is in addition to locking it on bike racks like normal people do.
Hidden engine kill switch. Run the wire under the motor and through the frame so the wire can't be easily cut.

File: red pill.jpg (15 KB, 480x300)
15 KB
HVAC, electrician, machinist, welder, plumber, locksmith, carpenter.
How would you rank the trades from most redpilled to least? Which trade has the highest pay, better business opportunities, work conditions or is it better to get a college degree overall?
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Oh look it's that salty neet again
>gravy train
i didnt think theses kind of jobs existed anymore
cad monkeys can specialize in alot of different areas. = alot of opportunity
pretty strong demand for cad drafters
can easily get $30/hr + full benefits if you get with a good company
and if you get into GIS related cad field the sky is the limit damn near
Most redpilled reply right here.

File: home-design (2).jpg (161 KB, 990x742)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Is there a name for this "hobby lobby" aesthetic every is doing with their remodeling? Looks awful
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That looks like some kind of small town community center.
top level cringe
You're old and you should feel bad. Stop sucking on my ss you cunt. Go die.
He said colours, not coloreds.

File: LT3000EX.jpg (186 KB, 1908x1230)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Sup /diy/ers. In this thread we talk about what we do for a living, ask questions, and what the fuck not.

Back around in mid April I started as a machine operator (first time). Pic related. It's the machine I run. First time ever I can say that I found a job that I like. Only shit thing is that the company I work for is behind on orders on this machine. The guy before me fucked off a lot and got orders behind. Since my 90 days isn't up yet I don't have to work on Saturdays or Sundays yet. But I have been working on Saturdays which is time and a half. Working on Sundays is double time which I can't complain. Only ting that ticks me off is the lazy people on second shift. And it also seems like there is (always) that one person that says you quit because you called out one time.
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I've got a Nikko NA-550 that I used for many years. It developed a problem passing DC to one of the speaker outputs and fried a (cheap) speaker.
It's really strange, though. the DC comes and goes, I can watch it on a scope and see it randomly fluctuate between 0 and 30. It looks like what I'd expect from some loose connection or intermittent short, but doesn't respond at all to shock, heat, or flexing the board.
I replaced every transistor in the output section, plus the capacitor that couples it to the preamp and a couple of other caps too, no success.
Shelved it due to frustration. After every change I have to let it sit there and watch it for like an hour to see if it comes back. Like three times I thought I had it, put it back into service, only to have the issue come back.
looks like a phillips yeah and he slides the die on it's flat face up against the screwdriver+screw
File: IMG_20180620_125805.jpg (3.64 MB, 4048x3036)
3.64 MB
3.64 MB JPG
I just wanna work at a workshop instead of in hospital basements, any anons hiring in northern VA?
How do apprentices work, do you pay for classes and attend like it were college and then you can work after a few years?
How did you apply also, because it seems to be getting harder to apply?

>the dead only know one thing: that it is better to be alive.

When I was a kid I read about how to make a diy home weather station. Back then there were no Arduinos and the sort so it was pretty much a guide for analog stuff.
Searching on Google now I can only find results for electronic stuff like pic related.
Does anyone have a guide for an analog weather station? No matter how primitive.
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
DIY weather station -arduino -raspberry -electric
DIY anemometer -arduino -raspberry -electric

So just no micro controller? Probes to mux to ADC chip with parallel output, ADC output to the adress lines of some ROMs with scaled BCD values burned on them, ROM data pins to 7 segment displays.

I guess theres no easy to find guides for something like this because its convoluted enough that if you can think to make it this way you probably know enough to design it yourself
Make an analog receiver for weather satellites
Search for mechanical then, numbnuts
so we have a hobby farm and record the weather every day as well as submitting info to mping and CoCoRaHS. We have had a stratus rain gauge for years and love it.
We record the wind direction for the day. We can judge based on the trees blowing. Obviously there are some deviations but its pretty accurate. We also record rain, where there is rain. Humidity is pretty easy to tell here. Usually just write down low humidity and high humidity. We have a analog temp gauge outside that records high and lows for the day. I like doing this more than just reading an lcd layout.

File: 1524296644844.jpg (80 KB, 522x593)
80 KB
I made a thread a bit ago about what stuff to get my dad for knifemaking. I took everyone's advice and got him a whole list of stuff. He was completely beside himself, and could barely put together how excited he was. He called me the day after fathers day he is already signed up for a blacksmithing class in his area, and is reading through all his old notes. All he could say is that he's been trying to start for 10 years and that only me and one or two of his pals even knew he wanted to do it, so it really made him happy.

You guys are awesome for giving me good advice and helping me figure out what to get for him, you helped make a Father's Day really special for a really awesome dad out there.
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
he's a real quiet guy. at his 50th birthday his speech was "men in this family don't talk much..." (then he sat down). He was pretty choked up about it though--felt really good :D
What is he going to do with these knives? Import them into England so the white race can slay the Invaders?
File: 1528934970838.jpg (51 KB, 750x810)
51 KB
you're not allowed to have knives in england so no. that would be illegal
LOL at pic. Omfg yall cant even carry knives?

F to the next muslim country
Telling you. Kaowool is slightly better at retaining heat but fuck that. Get cast o light 3,000. Like $75 a 50# bag shipped. Make a mold and pour just like cement

They can then get crucibles and melt and cast brass knuckles or knife parts all thry want. Oil based greensand is where it's at.

File: Motorcycles-Workshop.jpg (548 KB, 1024x682)
548 KB
548 KB JPG
Hey /diy( I just got my first motorcycle and needed to change some parts on it like front brake lever and some side fairings, nothing major. I got some tools like basic wrenches, screw driver set, a standard and an adjustable plier, but thats basically all. Now that I'm going to be really playing with this baby (honda dominator nx '89) I want to invest in some tools for the future.

What tools do you guys who are experienced with motorcycles and generally just automobile repair recommend I buy?
8 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>wrenching on bikes

cringe. "whatcha doin today?" "gonna wrench on my bike".

good lord.
>Metric socket set
>Metric wrenches
>JIS screwdriver
>Metric allen keys
>Rubber mallet
Thats the basics for motorcycles, you can build up your tools as you progress
>black sockets that aren’t impact grade
>”universal fit”
When will this meme end?
Breaker bar and torque wrench to remove the rear tire. You will need to loosen the bolt and slide the tire back over time. The chain gets sloppy and this is how you tighten it back up

Hex wrenches usually #4 and #5 will do it

Socket extensions and deep sockets for removing the spark plugs, etc.

Snap ring pliers to access the hub bearing so you can grease it

Remember the brake level is supposed to have some up and down play once it's installed. Don't overtighten the aluminum bolt, just use common sense. Go as tight as you think you would go with an aluminum bolt and you're done. You can adjust the forward/backwards play, but the handle intentionally goes up and down a little to make sure it never gets stuck. Same with the clutch lever, there should be up and down play. I broke a bolt trying to tighten the gap becuase i didn't know that was normal.

Take off the seat and put some cheap tools/junk towel/zip ties/bandaids underneath it incase you breakdown on the side of the road. Literally everyone drops their bike at some time, so make sure you have some stuff to get back home when you do. Bandaids and zip ties were a godsend when I dropped mine. Always be prepared.
>Literally everyone drops their bike at some time,


File: DSC_4031a.jpg (157 KB, 1024x683)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
I make a lot of DIY camera lenses and I'm always looking for simple cheap ways to focus them. Some only need a few millimeters of movement, while others need several inches of movement. Some even need to be deep inside the camera body itself.

Here's what I've come up with so far, if you have any ideas, I'd like to hear them:

Ideal focusing mechanisms,

•Cannibalized Helical focusing mechanism from old lens.
•Medium-winded threads which stop unscrewing to prevent lens from falling off.
•Tube inside tube with stops preventing lens from falling off.
•Rod/Track with knob (similar to rod/track used for camera bellows.)


•Bottle tops with screw caps.
•Pringles cans/mailing tubes made to use as sliding tubes.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
30 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
So a couple of questions, since I'm just a very rank amateur. First, would hipsters pay to have their pictures with a full frame, "old fashioned" camera? If so, is making your own plates feasible? Talking about like, silver plate or tintype, or whatever. Second, how difficult would grinding your own lenses be? I've seen a video or two on YouTube that makes it seem feasible, but I've never tried anything like that.
Post the entire URL for other boards: >>>/p/3309336


Some people do that very thing.


>getting people to pay you money for it
>breaking even or making profit

That's >>>/biz/ If you are a salesman you can sell anything.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
afaik they grind and then lap lenses

lapping is a process that yields some amazing results, and can be done by hand
>If so, is making your own plates feasible?
There's ready made photographic emulsions you can use to make your own glass plates.

File: DSC_4639a.jpg (141 KB, 1024x683)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Here's a deep lens hood I've been working on. It needs better flocking. The light still bounces around too much with a solid front design. Making it a tulip shape or putting this standard tulip lens hood on it allows the bounced light to cast off before entering the rest of the tube. The increase in contrast is amazing for DIY lenses that don't have great coatings. It works with my 85mm single element lens from >>1407628 and anything with a longer focal length.

It is pressure fitted over the front mount of the macro bellows. The tulip lens is also pressure fitted into the tube. The tube is a Pringles can. The flocking inside the can and the method of pressure fitting are both done using black craft foam. JB Weld was used to affix the foam to the can for the pressure fittings. The flocking is removable so I may install proper flocking at a later date. I may make another one that has its own tulip cut out so I don't need to use the secondary lens hood.

File: 20180607_224412.jpg (3.15 MB, 3264x1836)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB JPG
I am digging a tunnel and have come across some stubborn rock, my tools are the following:

screw driver

I am wondering if any anons know a good technique to remove stubborn rock in a noise free manner, i do not want to alert anybody of loud noises, any anons know of any chemicals that eat away at rock?
40 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
You joining the ranks of the unnaground /k/ommandos, OP?
progress of the tunnel

It was difficult to make out what was goind on based on the unsteady camera, how about a video of you walking into the tunnel from the entrance.

From what I see you need to shore up before going any further but do not what a wide enough tunnel to shore up.
Is it the ground work for a road?

Do not dig into it if it is.
File: smugimperialinfantry.jpg (219 KB, 1024x1820)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
Need to dig a tunnel secretly, potential threat of alerting people with loud noises in tunnel.

Are you trying to undermine an enemy structure?

File: DSC_2368.jpg (95 KB, 1000x968)
95 KB
Hey /diy/ I'm seriously looking at building a rocket. Not a manned one, that'll be just bait.

I want to try to get a small payload past 100,000ft. The Karman Line would be a dream, but highly unlikely. I was looking at two side boosters of potassium nitrate + sorbitol with a possible kerosene centre stage. Though I'm debating the fuel type, or even possibly going for a full solid rocket.

I have a friend that works as a carbon fibre engineer for Martin Jetpack so we were looking at working with carbon fibre as the main body. The ideas of if what material for the nozzle has been brought up too. I was thinking a graphite nozzle for the solid fuel rockets

What ideas do you have /diy/? Any help would be appreciated.
26 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
that actually flies really well holy shit.
>What ideas do you have /diy/? Any help would be appreciated.

If you want to go really high on a budget then you only have one option.


Basically float your rocket platform as high as you can with a balloon, then fire your rocket.

Lot of things you can play with here, because the balloon allows you to put some more heavy equipment on it, like a smartphone to communicate with the ground via cellular. It can send back gps info. Meanwhile the rocket could have an altimeter and communicate this to the balloon, which relays to the ground.

One thing that I've always wanted to mess with. Balloons get bigger the higher they go and eventually burst. I wonder if you could put a small pressure relief valve to stop this from happening as quickly, getting you higher before the rocket fires.

Keep in mind that people stopped developing rockoons because they lack the ability to precisely control where the rocket is launching from and where it lands. Give the balloon some gps and cellular and you can find it. the rocket though, no, but all you care about it how high it got anyway.
File: Untitled.png (47 KB, 1908x1076)
47 KB
Excuse my horrible drawing, but something like this.
Send video

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