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File: 20171207_200934.jpg (711 KB, 2590x1795)
711 KB
711 KB JPG
and witness your own true nature. For to gaze into these nips is to gaze into yourselves.

(I put some LED lamps on my backpack straps for doing two hand jobs in the dark, like underground climbing. They auto recharge from solar while in the sun)
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>needs to see to perform handjobs

What are you, some literal newfag?

Can gays echolocate penises y/n

it's for a report
What the fuck did you think a gaydar was?
Although, collectively we understand the conundrum of ascertaining the existence - let alone the location - of the umbilicus is the most perilous.
>Muh literahlahly!!

File: aaron.jpg (35 KB, 500x333)
35 KB
Anyone have any good schematics for solid harsh noise/drone generators/synths? Looking to build as much of it as possible without using kits.
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File: glitch_art_20171122185756.jpg (3.57 MB, 3264x2448)
3.57 MB
3.57 MB JPG
Have you tried the Atari punk console yet? It uses the 555 ic and you could use it as a base to modify. People are making some badass drone machines with it
So far I've made a basic square wave drone oscillator. Nothing too fancy. I just want stuff thats very good for a beginner but is also pretty evil sounding as well. I'm currently an EE student so I have faith in my current skillset for pretty much all beginner builds
If it's just for music, it's really much easier to just get some free synth and distortion plugins and start moving knobs. Actually building this stuff is infinitely more complicated. But I don't think he wants it solely for music.
File: IMG_20171210_141807466.jpg (1.99 MB, 3264x2448)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB JPG
In that case go ahead and throw a guitar fuzz or distortion at the end of the circuit. I'd look at the fuzz factory
I've heard by others that my best bet for homemade is to just build more oscillators and mix them and then do as you said, put some effects pedals at the end. Im thinking of picking up a MFOS Noise Toaster for Christmas, so maybe that'll be sweet too

File: 1208171305.jpg (1.25 MB, 3264x1836)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
Made a longboard for my friends birthday. What do y'all think?
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Why did you cheap out on screws?
File: ohsnap.png (3 KB, 188x128)
3 KB
Antigravity longboard.
That or Australian.
Why the fuck are there only 2 screws on the trucks, are you dumb op?
And why are they countersink screws that haven't been countersunk?
arent the trucks backwards?

File: 876798376.jpg (350 KB, 683x1024)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
No schematics were ever released for his helmet, I want to make an exact replica how would i go about that? I have no idea what the helmet is made out of or how he sees out of it, Any information is appreciated.
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There are plenty of videos on youtube. Don't be lazy. Obviously this is a custom made helmet, so you won't find any original blueprints.
If you want to use led's you should go with individually addressable ones to get better animations.
Looks like lots of other stupid ppl figured it out per this video. I watched about 30 seconds worth in different spots and don't see any lights. And if there are, post em up OP or fuck off.
Its a fucking cylindrical shaped mask. You fucking imbecile. Which part is too hard ?
What the fuck?
Piece of pipe. Disk glued to he top. Shit cut out. Mesh on inside. I do hope this is a troll for fucks sake...
5 gallon bucket
tin snips

So /diy/, I have a nice jigsaw puzzle that I want to hang to the wall, but I don't want to spend a shitload of money to buy a fancy frame.

The puzzle is 96 x 68 cm (37.8 x 26.8 in). I bought a masonite panel 4 cm wider than the puzzle, so 100 x 72 cm (39.37 x 28,34 in) and 0.3 cm thick (1.12 in).

The panel weighs 2 kg by itself (4.4 lbs, jesus fucking christ the imperial units), probably 2.5 kg with the jigsaw puzzle.

I want to glue the puzzle to the panel and hang it to the wall. What are my best options for securely hanging it so that it doesn't fall down after 1 week?

> fixed hooks behind the panel?
> clips?
> cut holes into the up side?
> ???
Get some of the 3m command adhesive velcro things.
get a picture hanging kit from the dollar store. it'll contain some eye hooks that you screw into the wood, a metal string that connects the eye hooks, plus some wall hooks and nails that'll hold up the string. there's a million youtube videos on this.

If you were to store a capacitor for a long period of time, would you store it charged or uncharged?
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Lithium batteries must be stored at ~60% charge to minimize their degradation over time.

Why wouldn't there be an optimal storage charge for caps too?
Because they are not batteries and they degrade over time at the same rate, charged or not.
Batteries store power by using a chemical reaction.
Caps store power by using electrical charge on plates.
Different stuff.
Do you think they come charged when you buy them from suppliers?
>Lithium batteries must be stored at ~60% charge
>Why wouldn't there be an optimal storage charge for caps too?
are you retarded?
do you know anything about capacitors?

Hi guys, I want to make a ball at the end of a 5 feet long elastic for my cat to play with, do one of you have any idea how to do so ? Google hasn't been really helpful, i only found ways to make a bouncing ball out of rubber band.

pic related, the tip of the elastic

also, if you care, DIY cat toys thread
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>get a rubber ball
>drill a hole thru it
>thread elastic thru hole and knot it off
File: image.jpg (49 KB, 620x387)
49 KB
This is the best cat toy
Also works well with small children
Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but we tie a plastic bag into a ball shape for our cats, it makes noise when they hit it that way too, you could do the same thing and just tie it around the end of a string.
pic related.
It can be hard to thread a rubber ball. Plus some tend to self destruct if you drill them. Can use a heated coathanger to pierce the ball. Then tape elastic to skewer (kabap thingy) and use that to thread the ball.

Got a free treadmill motor from my father in law. What kind of projects should I look into? It's a 3hp model from a norditrack.
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but with a Katana
I’ve been on the lookout for one to turn into a pottery wheel.
Beer cooler + electric ride on lawn mower, now get to it.
Fucking machine
I still kick myself for not picking up an old tredmill a while back. Didnt have available storage space at the time. Should have just put the motor at the end of the bed. Two years later I got the space, the welder and an old gocart frame. But no big ass motor.
Why cant I just accept hoarding as part of the creative process?

I moved into a new place and one of the toilets is acting up a little bit. It is compounded by the fact that this is a non-standard toilet and I can not just go to the hardware store to buy parts.

After flushing, the tank will fill and the water will stop. Then after 30 seconds or a minute I would hear the toilet filling again.

I replaced the fill valve. Then the toilet would flush, and I would occasionally hear short bursts of water. Not the continuous flow like before.

I then replaced the flush valve, including the gasket, flapper, and chain. This fixed the problem, but now I had to hold the handle down for a few seconds to make the toilet flush. So I did what any self respecting /diy/er would do, and I adjusted the chain length on the flapper. This fixed the issue of having to hold down the handle, but now the fill valve is running about 2 minutes after a tank fill.

I have returned the chain to its previous length, but I am still having issues with the water flowing after filling.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
If the water is running after filling, then you have a leak. Not a chain or float issue. Check connections again, clean and reset rubber washers/ seals.
If the tanks is not cleaned of hard water deposits, the seals won’t seal and water can leak.
Unless the chain is too short and is pulling up on the flapper.
I would look at the flapper first, may not be making a tight seal.
I had an issue with my toilet upstairs, same symptoms. Cleaned the plastic seal with some vinegar and water, no deposits anymore.

Post all your pi diy
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>No rtc. What a shame.
When would that be an issue? Most applications are going to have a network connection these days, and for the handful that don't you can always just add a clock via I2C.
File: SpeedReadMedium.gif (1.36 MB, 645x198)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB GIF
Sorry if this idea seems kinda retarded, but I've grown fond of it

Basically, I want to make a speed reader thingy such as gif related, using a raspberry pi and a backlit lcd, I would mount it on the wall in front of my bed so I can read stuff before falling asleep, the backlit display is obviously there to read with the lights turned off in the room.

I have some programming experience, but I don't know if regular backlit LCD displays would be able to handle 600+ WPM, or whether the raspberry pi is the cheapest hardware I could use to power this thing.

My idea consists of adding a small wireless dongle and an lcd to an embedded device, and then running a daemon on the device, it will wait for a client to connect and send text, which will be displayed at the speed that the user picks. I will build an android app to open PDFs/epubs/whatever, select the text, and then transmit the data and WPM setting to the daemon, via wireless connection.

I think it's kinda neat, but I've had some retarded ideas before, any suggestions or thoughts?
First time in this board. Can someone recommend a raspberry pi for a first timer?
Many options, but on amazon and other sites, you have to pay attention when buying. There is 4 items I suggest you make sure is in the bundle:
>Raspberry Pi 3 (Quad core, 1 gb ram)
>Power adapter
>heat sink for 2 chips
Now what you want in the mix of above is to either get a microSD card and load it yourself with a Pi OS or have it bundled. Some packages comes with other toys to expand what you can do with it project wise. There is also game controllers you can get if you are looking to turn it into a poor man's NES/SNES/N64/Genesis console.
>y tho, when all you really need is *a* Linux distro that works?
think about it buddy

File: 81on1fcYadL._SL1500_.jpg (269 KB, 1500x1500)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
I'm moving into a new apartment and every room except is carpeted, which I hate, so I want to see if I can make/buy some faux wood floor mats to put over it.
Kind of like this:
Except I'd rather buy some thinner rolls of EVA foam, rubber, etc. that I could then sand (if necessary) and somehow transfer the wood grain pattern on to, since the ones that I linked are kind of expensive and have a rough surface

Anyone know where I could get some on the cheap? I'm going to need around ~285 sq ft. Also any suggestions on how to transfer a pattern onto such a surface beyond painting would be welcomed, I already have a few ideas but I'm sure someone here knows a better way.
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In our day, we just drove a van around the neighborhood.
Look for some LVP(Luxury Vynal Planks) it looks like wood and is textured to feel like wood. Also firm and snaps together like laminate flooring. It's only about 1/4 inch thick and does not need to be glued down

You can have great sex on the floor tho.. nice and soft.
Harder is better for your spine.
>remove carpet
>glue wood floors to concrete

wow that was hard

File: IMG_1224.jpg (1.46 MB, 3264x2448)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
>need to replace tap washer
>measure existing one
>20mm diameter
>buy new one that says 20mm on packet
>try to install
>it's 25mm

7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Be me.
>Buy house made in 50's
>Has original chrome bathroom fixtures
>All the taps leak, are hard to turn, and feel really rough when you turn them
>Noticed this during the inspection and asked them to fix it
>"We tried, the company that makes them is out of business, We just live with it. We'll take a few hundred off the asking price, though"
>Live with it for few months but it gives me OCD
>Take the things apart, washers look like old dog toys, all chewed up
>Take washers to local hardware store
>Store has been owned by the same family for over 90 years
>Guy behind the counter, who is younger than me, takes one look at the old washers and says "yeah, we've got those"
>Takes me to plumbing section and shows me a bag of washers of various sizes

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Just wash your taps by hand instead of wasting money on a washer
>he doesn't know about nautical millimeters
This happened at my Nona's house after she passed except one of the washer beds was fucked from year of water leakage amd trying too hard to close the tap. Had to grind off a bunch and put two washers on. If you turn on hot water water will dribble out of it. Not worth replacing the whole thing.
Fuck, the all-in-one combo kit cost $10, hence why I bought the single ""20mm"" washer instead.


File: 478.png (242 KB, 450x476)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
How do you call this kind of rugged looking tiles on the wall?
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Well having concrete walls, floors and ceilings with a clear coat in every room would be maintenance friendly but for some reason hasn't caught on I wonder why people don't want completely grey house.
concrete can be made almost any color and a variety of textures
File: 1512708981157.png (238 KB, 450x476)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
But how do you make it like this?

That's simply a rough edge or sometimes even described as an "adged surface"

Rustic finish is another one of the coined terms aswell.

Moved into old house just recently. discharge pipe for clothes washer kept filling up and dumping all over floor. I’m no plumber but I Figured I could fix it with some simple pipework. Did pic related. Still spitting up. Where did I go wrong?
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If you seal the vent and it’s the only thing going out then worst would be that it might trip a long drain error on the washer if it can’t flow out fast enough but I doubt it... if the pipe knocks down in size then theirs a good chance it can’t flow out fast enough.. keep in mind if you seal the drain to it and don’t seal the vent it can run up the pipe and come out the top of the vent if theirs a big enough difference in water flow... might be easier to just run a larger drain pipe outside...
Yeah I might just crawl under the house and rebuild the whole system if it’s purely for the washer discharge. Thanks for the help bud. Pain in the neck but I guess it’s what I deserve for moving to California.
Better to have found it in a basement than been surprised by it in a second floor laundry... good luck man
Actually though... just a thought is the standpipe above the level of the washer tub? If it’s below it the washer will fill to that level and then just drain out as fast as more water comes in which will overload that pipe... if you just leave the drain hoses the washer on the ground it’ll run straight out.... can’t really tell the height from your pic
It needs the standpipe to be above the level of the tub to keep the water in till the drain pump forces it out

File: IMG_20171208_224919.jpg (2.99 MB, 4640x2610)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB JPG
I just got hold of one of those plastic Craftsman boxes that has the removable drawers with the socket trays. Any good way of securing this into a vehicle like an SUV? Should I just try and ratchet it down basically? Pic related is what I got. It's empty though. Should I either refill it with Craftsman stuff or should I go with gearwrench/harbor freight/ whatever else? How much might it cost me to fill this thing anyways?
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks for the suggestions though, guys.

So kobalt really isn't that bad? I may have to check it out.
Cover the bottom of the tool box with liquid nail it will adhere to the carpet most excellent
With a duffle bag just put a seatbelt through the handles, or if you're really serious put a seatbelt plug on the bag strap.
I used to have one about 15 years ago so anons guess of early 2000s seems about right
I have that exact box
if I am taking it somewhere in my truck I put a ratchet strap around it. not tied to anything just to keep it shut
if someone is picking me up in a car SUV or 4 door truck just put it in the trunk or on the floor and its fine. carpet don't slide around like in a truck bed

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