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Been working with a Seiko Pepsi and looking up different designs for modding. Anyone else work with watches or have experience modifying and customizing them? Post pics
Not at all but seems cool.


all the guys at the sock hop wearing pip boys will get the girls.

sock hop?
Seems like a lot of work for something I would smack into a wall and scratch up
there's a watch thread on /g/ where some people have done it in the past, may want to ask there

File: pcb.jpg (9 KB, 259x194)
9 KB
Hey all,

Looking for a cheap PCB mill. I'm tired of etching my own PCB's and getting them from suppliers gets pretty expensive.

A DIY mill or a cheap one from china would work, just don't know if they will suffice.

Any bro here willing to help?
Buy one from china, it will do for this job, great for one piece or two but if you are looking to produce more than that, eching is better
You may be surprised what an utter fucking pain in the ass milling PCBs can be.
Ferric chloride is also a pain in the ass, but it's the only part of etching that sucks.

File: 14029200894.png (379 KB, 539x436)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
Trying to troubleshoot an AC problem. The blower motor won't come on. I have everything turned on and set to cool. I go to the furnace and take the panel off then hold down the door button to make it kick on. It's making cool air because i can feel it coming from the furnace. But the motor won't spin. I tried moving it with my hand and it spins freeky. It just makes a click like it's starting then a loud hum. That stops then a few seconds later it starts again.

Any ideas? Is it just a bad blower motor?
Bad capacitor.
Google it to find the right size. Its easy to replace one if the start windings havent burned.
Agreed. Sounds like a capacitor issue. Remove & check w/multimeter (cap should be marked w/uF rating) & replace.
Finally went and got a new capacitor. That did the trick. Thanks guys.
Pray it's this. $15 and 30 minutes you'll be good to go. As easy as plugging in a 12v battery.

>I can do it for you though. Get my boots on the ground and all. I can do what it takes! $1,500, please.

File: fVyGSEj.jpg (1010 KB, 4781x2689)
1010 KB
1010 KB JPG
holy shit this looks so cool, ill be like the sickest fuckin race car , with a fuckin Megumin , that would be dope shit !

yo dude, homie be like stoked and shit wit dat wrap.
File: 1457230096400.png (814 KB, 830x720)
814 KB
814 KB PNG
yo i aint playin around with this Megumin bullshit, this is Explosion muthafucka, BOOM !
ive seen a bleach car once on a big race
i like the autism they put into this
I wrapped my track bike in autism once. because I lost a bet. I don't watch cartoons like a child and I swear it attached weebs like flies to shit.
Take this cancer back to /o/

File: pizzers.jpg (151 KB, 692x550)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Big project. if I wanted to make a machine that makes a pizza from scratch using an arduino to sequence it, where on earth would I start?

I would probably need
>a conveyor belt of some sort
>a dough mixing machine
>a press to flatten the dough
>an extruder for sauce
>dispensers for toppings
>a built in way to refrigerate the raw materials
>an oven
>a touch screen for ordering and an arduino to operate/coordinate the sequence

pic related machine already exists but my thought is rather than having it like a vending machine to run it like a kiosk or small walk-in restaurant. i obviously wouldnt be able to just buy one of these machines and reverse engineer it for a shop because of patent laws, but its also not economically rational to try and assemble each piece myself.

does anyone here have any experience with simple automated production lines? I really am not sure where to go, but I am willing to do a shitton of research and educate myself. Im in a bachelor of science right now but it'll be a while before I can do this *just* with my schooling education, and Id like to try this as a project to subsidize my living while Im in school. also, I understand it might take a lot of startup capital, i have access to some amount of capital so Im not completely SOL.

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you best put frozen pizza inside and makes it hot.
you need
a pizza magazine
a feeder who puts the next pizza from pizza magazine to the heater
a heating unit
a disposal unit which move it to the customer
>where on earth would I start?
These things are patented, read the existing patents to get ideas.
Patents aren't that easy to read, but they have pictures.
>How would cleaning work?
Ideally, the individual dispensers would be removable. There would only be a handful of pieces that require cleaning per machine. Here is my initial thought:

>a refrigerator keeps chilled/frozen doughs ready to prepare. the refrigerator would only be cleaned if necessary, same with any restaurant fridge/freezer
>the dough is moved onto a pan on a track, turned at a constant speed by a motor with a belt (the motor could go directly under the pan to have fewer moving parts but I am assuming a belt would improve the life of the motor). the pan could be cleaned easily
>the rotating pan would move underneath a one axis shaft with a simple dispenser. for the sake of easy cleaning, the dispensers would be filled with sticks of meats and a couple blocks of cheeses.
>these meats would be dispensed by a simple oscillating motion by a slicer which depending on the required topping could slice the meats or shred the cheese. this slicer would be the primary piece that needs cleaning
>the pizza would then slide either into the oven or onto a conveyor that passes through it. the oven would need not much cleaning
That's basically what I can see. A relatively simple three part machine that only one part of needs regular maintenance.

Someone in food service regulation would be a good resource for me to understand what sort of requirements the machine would have to serve food legally
I'm gonna make a proof of concept with lunchables and an easy bake oven. Wish me luck, I go back to the city on Sunday and my roommate already owns a couple arduinos and motors.
To clarify, I will probably be using a PLC for the full machine, but Arduino seems like a good start for a small scale.

18, just finished college and recently got a full time job that pays me enough to get a shitty rundown apartment on the nearside of town, it comes with no furniture beyond whats nailed to the walls. I don't earn enough to pay for much, sparing myself sufficient funds to make myself a desk and table from scrap parts from behind the warehouse I work at.

I need a budget method of making something to sleep in/on. I was thinking of making a hammock or some shit from pipes, wood or some shit I can get from work for cheap (Trade supplier)

is a DIY hammock a decent method of cutting myself costs of getting a new bed or am I going to have to just get a cheap mattress and sleep on the floor of this shitty apt?

Couldn't give a shit much about looks and safety past a point.
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File: 1499855231477.jpg (74 KB, 479x455)
74 KB

Are they a problem for skinny people though?

I get that most of SOUTHERN America doesn't have a problem, but the north sure does.

shitposter trips of win
File: 1499893171107.jpg (767 KB, 1024x1024)
767 KB
767 KB JPG
The eternal anglo

/pol/ pls go
I am OP pls

I just want my comfy hammock to share with a QT3.14

File: IMG_6767.jpg (2.91 MB, 3648x2736)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB JPG
So, I have to clean out this gearbox to restore an old tool. The previous owner ran the thing until the gearbox was dry and it chewed up the brass gear that engaged the worm. Welp, I've gotten a replacement gear so now I need to clean out this mess. Any tips? I was going to use a degrease to cut through whats left of the gearbox oil but that's about all I got. I have to get every spec out of this thing of the new gear will just get chewed up by the debris.
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>pic related

Like $15. Hooks up to an air compressor like normal air nozzle but has fitting for a pickup tube.

Slap wtf ever size plastic tube on it and in a jug of deisle. Spray away.

Gas works far better if u wanna risk it tho.

Cheapest and easiest ever.
Autism speaks!
Or this is finances allow.

Any man woman or child that so much as checks his own oil should have a case on hand at all times. I have 2 and rotate. Good hand cleaner on occasion. Not in California tho. It causes cancer there. Must be all the libcucks soft lifetime of indoors skin and shitty immune system
drop it in a vat of light kerosene for a week. No muss, no fuss.
oy, that nozzle is not save

File: lf0f5QF.png (2.57 MB, 1500x1060)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB PNG
Quick question, I'm replacing my bathroom sink. I got the old sink out, cleaned up the old caulk, but I don't know what I should do first. Should I set the new sink and connect all the lines, or should I set the new sink and caulk it first?
Maybe you should connect it up first before you apply the permanent caulking. Just a crazy idea.
>Not raping the sewer pipe first

Hey guys, this is my first time skinning an animal. How do you think I went? Any tips next time?
General skinning/taxidermy thread I guess.
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah, whatever. Squoilbro already clued us in to how much coke taxidermists do while they're working. You need googley eyes Anon. Get some before you do anything else.
A pro does all the work through the butthole so that they don't leave a mark
File: 45.jpg (47 KB, 500x889)
47 KB
Rabbits are an absolute bitch to skin they are way too thin, so I assume you did a poor job

Easiest starting animal is a muskrat imo.

Anyway, do you plan on tanning or mounting the hide? Tanning is an absolute nightmare. I spent many years trying to learn how to tan decently and never really became proficient. Mounting is much easier in that you don't need to produce a supple finished product but you have to give a great amount of care to ensure it doesn't look like pic related
Are you retarded? Rabits are one of the easiest things to skin ever, its 6 easy cuts then you can pull the skin off like a sock
>hunting rabbits in the summer
wrong season, my dude.

not sure if this is the best board, but it seemed like a better match than /fa/. just cleaned the boot on the left. the right is the before. it amazes me every time. i've had these boots for 9 years and still wear them almost everyday. i wipe them clean with a damp rag and once they're completely dry, i massage mink oil into the leather. i expect to get another 9 years out of them. they're red wings, btw.

post your "bought it for life" things. straight razors, backpacks, whatever
Looks pretty homo, go back to /fa/
Cool, My Shmidit boots are going strong almost 7 years now.
File: s-l225.jpg (5 KB, 169x225)
5 KB
Look like this
Use deer bones.

Help me /diy/! I was taking down an old fence a couple hours ago and I sliced my scalp open with razor wire. I poured quickclot into the wound and stopped the bleeding. But I have a visible gape. What do!? I can’t put the sides together with superglue. They aren’t coming together.
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I have no idea how the us taxes are, which is why I said "about as much"
As low as US taxes are I doubt they're under 10% income
50% of Americans pay zero federal taxes. If you live in a state that isn't a socialist shithole and you 'dont make a lot of money' they will be at or under that line
I guess that's all good until you get hit with a 5K bill for a day in the hospital
That stuff is a bit fucked. If you dont have insurance and you sit down with whoever at the hospital and tell them to cut the crap they'll charge you a reasonable amount, but you are right it is way too much bullshit
>If you dont have insurance
Isn't that really expensive unless your job includes it? A friend of mine went to do a masters in the US for 6 months and he told me it was ridiculous

File: Helix antenna.png (373 KB, 1919x599)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
Hey /diy/, I would like to ask for help regarding antennas. I'm cataloging all kathrein antennas in NEC program, but I got stuck on helix antenna K 73 51 21 (pic related).
the radiation pattern should be as is shown here:

But I'm always getting a flowerlike pattern.
The ground is there to simulate reflector, will be changed later into the real reflector.

Later on, when the catalog is finished, it will be posted on GitHub for everyone to use.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
How to make it plot in axial mode?
I have no NEC. Mode depends on helix dimensions.
C is the diameter or radius?

if c = pi x d, i'd say circumference, but what do I know.
File: helix.png (7 KB, 287x282)
7 KB
Yup. Winding distance, length per turn, pitch angle.

File: homelowe.jpg (157 KB, 880x495)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
>be me, wood worker.
>go to Home/ Lowes
>go to high security, camera beeping "tool center"
>wonder if these tools require a background check + 7 day wait.
>Look at pathetic hand saw collection. 2 panel saws, both xcut with hardened edge (aka cant be home sharpened), one China made copping saw without additional blades available.
>exit store.
>go online, order some generic rip panel saw from amazon.uk, then go on ebay looking for some 100 year old saw.

Home Depot/Lowes General. They are failing to attach to the hand tool only trend.
183 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
>not buying tools in Mexico made in Mexico
>that feel that this will never be a thing in late stage capitalism in the USA.
So I bought a wood plane and got the top level in about 5 minutes. Very happy.
Lowe's never has anything I need.

Need new sander head - we don't carry them, you have to buy another sander

Need 1 1/8 screws - Well they are sold, we just don't carry them

Need solid core wood door - You have to order online, will take 2 weeks to get here and the charge is $100. Not home delivery, store only.

Need laminate flooring - Sorry we only stock these shitty light / sand looking colors, you have to order online.

Need tiles, only one box in store - Sorry we discontinued those tiles

Need anything else - same response every time.
File: BreakingWood.webm (2.16 MB, 640x360)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB WEBM
good work.

The plastic rims on those tanks aren't holding any of the pressure. Especially on the bottom..

File: mini-xlr.jpg (22 KB, 504x600)
22 KB
My God this mofo is a bitch to solder.
12 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
The reason I stopped buying AKG
>be me
>own a godlike 150$ soldering iron from the 80s
>it's tip lock system is proprietary
>only tip I have left is 3mm wide
life is suffering
Make more tips.
Use a heat gun.
How would one make a new top without expensive tools?

File: lampshde.jpg (131 KB, 751x707)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Hi, I want to turn the thing on the left into a nice looking lamp. The biggest problem right now is the lampshade. Any tips what material to use and how to get the shape done?
Old plastic bottle and tin foil, your welcome.
>a nice looking lamp
Oh sorry Mr. Rocketfeller.
You could actually get a big bottle made from green glass and cut it up.
use a big plastic doll head

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