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File: IMG_0355.jpg (102 KB, 750x420)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Is it possible to buy a fair amount of acreage and build a large single story house while making just 50k a year? I want to build a house and homestead before I'm too old to really enjoy it.
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Get a cuckshed and land. Save for a descent down oayment on the big house?

Aryan maidens in wheat fields duuh

kys globalist
>dood evrythen is about sex
>my jewish teacher told me
>see that lightpost? thats a dick
>that door? thats a vaginal symbol bro, doors were invented because men want to fuck their mums
>dude freud lmao
>Is it possible to buy
>50k a year

>build a house and homestead
>while making

Just buy a run down countryside property and renovate it. This way you have a base to work out from. Building from scratch would consume you.

File: Leatherman.jpg (255 KB, 1188x960)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
Wave or Surge ?
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literally why
what's wrong with it?
When you’re so poor you have a Sidekick...
Still good tho
File: poorfag.jpg (683 KB, 1256x1112)
683 KB
683 KB JPG
Nothings wrong with it.
Currently own a Buck 110 and a Zippo. Which Leatherman do I buy to complete the biker trifecta?

making something with a Cresent glue gun, gun set me back $30 AUD

First one sparked out and cut my power so I returned it for another. Same shit

It's 10 pm and I really need to glue shit before tomorrow. What the fuck can I do?

I have the glue sticks but nothing to melt the glue
You want to repair it?

The gun is super simple. You can disassemble it and look if there's something wrong.
>First one sparked out and cut my power so I returned it for another. Same shit

Sounds like there's something wrong with your house wiring or the glue gun isn't rated for your type of house electric. Make sure it is for 230V 50Hz and that the watts/amps for it don't exceed your breaker/fuse.
>writing all this shit instead of quickly checking out "Cresent glue gun"
it's 60W so no problem
230V, so if put on 110V it would just work worse
so if they sparked and tripped breaker it means they were shit
a can, scissors, lighter and electrical tape, google "homemade glue gun"

File: 20180222_181836.jpg (1.57 MB, 2160x2160)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
For those that don't know APU stands for Auxillary Power Unit. It's job essentially is to save money and emissions for big trucks. It's a small deisle engine that keeps your truck battery charged so you can run electronics with the truck off. It recirculates deisle to keep it from gelling up in the cold. also runs climate control. Most have built in ac and a heater.

I got one given to me last night. Sadly i couldnt get pics yet but will in a few days. It's an older Parks Industries HP2000. Dont really know anything about it besides the motor runs well, so no matter what SCORE! Sadly i dont have any specs yet but it should be a small 2 or 3 cylinder deisle motor.

I'm looking for ideas on wtf to do with it. Sadly I hear real bad news about the electronics portion and they are expensive to repair. So crossing fingers i can run it as a generator for my camper.

Assuming that the electronics are shit i see that you can buy a generator head with proper outlets like a normal generator and mate to an engine. It looks pretty big from looking at others online and just idling should give plenty of power. Alternatively i could just bolt a plate to it and mount a dozen alternators to the damned thing. The generator heads are expensive.

At minimum i want to run a mini fridge, small electronics, and a 10,000btu air conditioner. So maybe 2 or 3 alternators and a battery bank would do just fine?

Any other ideas if i don't or can't turn it into a glorified camping generator?
Maybe a small hoe that pulls behind a truck? Pimped out golf cart? Don't really have use for a water pump...

Any and all ideas welcome and in a few days i should be able to get better pics and specs.
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you forgot a ham radio friend
>can't spell of take a photograph
drives a truck
Cool, what's the power output for it?
I used to drive a truck. A ham or cb is like the audio version of /b.

Plus the fcc would have me v& after about the 40th cb i cooked ;)
No idea. I was told it just has a "normal" alternator. And "a bunch of other shit" on it. Gonna see what I can do about pics and more info on the dang thing this afternoon if i get the chance.

File: Arduino_Uno_-_R3.jpg (238 KB, 600x600)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Not seeing a Raspberry Pi General thread today, so I'll start.

Anybody had an experience with using Bluetooth on an RPi? What I want to do is make the RPi a Bluetooth device that I can connect to with my phone, and control the GPIO pins from my phone. Can the RPi be configured as a Bluetooth device like this, or is it only a host? Do I need to buy in to some other Bluetooth system instead?

If it would work, any advice on writing a quick and dirty android app for the phone to create buttons that activate the GPIO pins?
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well I'm sorry for bumping the thread.
I wanted to ask you guys specifically what to get just so that i won't spend $40 on a too slow wifi shield
and you got a specific answer
File: index.jpg (6 KB, 259x194)
6 KB
IR has absolutely crap reliability and bandwidth for video transmission. You'd get 4 KB/s at the absolute maximum, meaning you'd get pic related every one (1) seconds. And that's assuming no packet loss, good compression, and line of sight.

Bluetooth video can be done but there will be an issue with latency. For an RC car, you will feel like you're getting images from last week when the car was still upside up
>I want to stream video on arduino
>but google and doing research trigger me
the state of arduinofags
eh I did my research, and everything either pointed me to a raspberry pi or using my phone as a camera.
Oh well, I think I can use an ESP camera. forgot the model number

File: 20180223_135720.jpg (1.44 MB, 3264x1836)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
Anyone furnace savvy know how to get a pilot light ignited when the switch won't work? Its a mertik maxitrol gv31and the gas is working not the pilot. Novice to this board, sorry if I'm unformatted.
Replace the thermocouple.
Show pictures of the circuit
We got it, there was a front panel to remove and we got it with trial and error

File: cce.jpg (59 KB, 600x793)
59 KB
Welcome to /wwg/! Come and let anon tell you how best to handle and polish your wood!

None, if anyone has some please post ITT

Lol none, as above, would be neat if we could get this running with some good info for those who wish to know how best to wield their might wood
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Depends on your free time. I have the luxury of occasionally giving it from morning to early evening, so working days only I'd say a week. That's counting the time you need to let glue and varnish dry.
My father. Didnt even notice it until a year or so ago

I second the anti-american sentiment, radical deglobalisation now!
God I hate America.
Alright, thanks. I might be able to throw a few weekends into building one.

File: Greenhouse.jpg (72 KB, 708x250)
72 KB
I need a new roof.
I live in Northern Midwest USA. (SD)
My house is a 1880's single story pitched roof.
I want to turn my attic into a greenhouse.
What do I need to do?
What problem will I run into?
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>What do I need to do?
get a new roof

then build a greenhouse
>attic into a greenhouse

your picture is actually a greenhouse added to the back of the house, kind of like a sun room. you should do this, as it's a lot less retarded.
Metric fuckton of insulation for the floor for your house. Proper drainage to sewer or outside. Quality glass and aluminum framework for no rot or rust. A giant mesh net to partially block sun on some days or parts of garden. Order all plants most sun to least sun. If it was me i would have a predator or something so can tie paracord to and throw over house. Then pull cover to desired spot and anchor ans tie off. You might be able to get a heavy lifter and drag the net over all at once.

Have fun with the leaking roof and drywall patching ceiling bro.
Honeatly OP this would cost 1/3 of what your are doing and no risk to the house.

But by all means if u really want to go for it and post results
>I don't plan on filling it with dirt.
>Dirt ~ 4lbs per liter, fully saturated.
>Human fat ~2lbs per liter.

Do we have a serial killer on our hand?

File: blueprint[1].jpg (493 KB, 1419x1068)
493 KB
493 KB JPG
Anybody here built anything they found in mysterious blueprints?
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... i built houses 10 years ago and we always pinned blueprints up so we didn't go full spurg and frame shit backwards

You should copy it an leak it
>directions unclear
>dick stuck in cement block
Blueprints were blue because Prussian Blue and ferric citrate become photosensitive. So if you shine a bright light through your draft and a paper coated with the solution the lines on the drawing keep the paper from turning blue and appear as white lines.
I agree with this guy
Start copying and saving them, and once you leave the job just drop them on Archive.org.

Its not going to hurt the company any, itll eventually all be chucked in the trash. Save history, dont leave it up to a company to publicly release 60+ year old blueprints, they would rather have them disappear off the face of the earth.

File: 1516161108389.jpg (76 KB, 960x960)
76 KB
I designed my girlfriend a custom shirt for a present, and now people are commenting on it saying they'd like a similar shirt. Problem is, it's a full color, full shirt, double-sided print job and the only way I know how to do that right now is ordering it from someone else. It doesn't really make economic sense to spend ~$30 to produce each custom shirt, so what would be an easier way to do it? I don't have a couple thousand to drop on a shirt printer, and screen printing won't get the job done. Are there high enough quality iron-on decals for shirts now?
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

>multiple hours

If it takes you multiple hours to crop out a dog from like five photos, you're retarded. Assuming a printing setup was ready to go, a shirt shouldn't take more than about an hour. Even if it takes more than that, we're not talking minimum wage.
>Being this new
>I need to make a shirt
>I need to know what tool to use to drill a 45 degree angle into a soft dildo to mount on a fucking robot
>muh memes
I can produce full front/back printed shirts to be ordered online OP if you want to work with me

What do you guys think, did this fucker go bad?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
my cap tester leads arent long enough to test it from here. sorry op. you fucking tool.
Maybe, but with some firm but kind advice and a bit of time away from the scene it might get it's shit together.

if its bulging on top its a dign it could be bad or failing.. it doesnt have to be leaking to be sure. bulging caps are a sign of failure
at a minimum replace that and all the ones with the same color/brand
Let me guess another hamfag thread disguised as a blown capacitor?

File: DTM-280-02.jpg (246 KB, 1000x1434)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
I know this is DIY but for time and headaches sake I would like to buy a desktop CNC machine. Light to moderate duty hobby tier is fine.

Been looking at the Semp DTM 280 for several reasons. Ready to run right out of the box. Carves about any material I will ever need it for. And is user friendly (complete CNC noob.)

Mostly going to be cutting aluminum for custom fishing sinker and lure molds.

Considering running it as much as I can since I can babysit it during work hours and essentially have a part time job while I work. The thing is $3,000 but if you consider the custom molds I buy are $700 then 4 or 5 successful aluminum molds just paid for the machine.

Any advice for a CNC noob ready to dive into the hobby or Ideas to make sales with it?

Links below are company website and a demo of it in action. The product company's site also has samples made with it in the material compatabilies section on the bottom of the page.


21 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Look at existing designs that meets your needs and see what they use

Like the open build ones that use rollers, which is going to be more rigid and to a higher tolerance than your recommendation of using bare minimum unsupported rods with shitty linear bearings.

>Why am i even typing this reply,
Not sure, its just as devoid of useful information than your original post
Oh, sorry, I thought you actually knew something instead of just spewing memes.
Now I know better.
File: 20180223_091307.png (270 KB, 709x804)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
Something like this?

You make molds?

You allowed to do side jobs and take paypal?
Meh, if it will last a while and pay for itself idgaf really.
File: colorbullets03.jpg (50 KB, 600x434)
50 KB
Also want to cast plastic or pewter game pieces for a friend, cast bullets, etc... pretty mich anything it can be used for will be useful.

Have 2 friends with 2 gun shops. They keep getting requests for powder coated bullets for some reason. Seems easy enough and we are making a deal by weight. They get them free and in return load me normal shells for stockpile.

Random shit like this.

Spoonbill season 3 hours away charge $4.50 to $5 for 5 oz. sinkers and go through them a lot. I think they drag the river to net or snag them?

Really wish i had a buddy on the coast. Lead keels would make me rich.

File: 1_584_438_mdf_dunn.jpg (35 KB, 584x438)
35 KB
alright /diy/ i've got a thin sheet of mdf which was an offcut, any ideas what i can make out of it?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
sell it to architecture students
cut it into signs, add poles and setup a booth with paint so snowflakes can make their own sign for a fee. For extra jew, recycle the signs at the end of the day and do it again at the next protest. Also sell starbucks gift cards.
t. former architecture student
>make signs "death to all Jews"
>distribute to people
make a coffin for your cat
I hear it outside screaming for cock again you're going to need it

Hey /diy/
A friend and I like to play darts ,unfortunatelly he had to move away and now we cant play together .
I been thinking lately of setting up a streaming device. I would need 2 cameras ,1 recording from distance and 1 recording the board.
Been googling something similar and found tipps for offline recording (laptop webcam + another webcam + recording with fraps)
but as I already told I would like to stream it and also to see his play.
Somebody done something similar or has any tipps?
pic related its what I would like to record
>I only click the first google result
>but as I already told I would like to stream it and also to see his play.
he does the same as you and you watch his stream
>Been googling something similar and found tipps for offline recording
Are you seriously too retarded to put a proper search text into google?
File: 1512753818138.webm (2.63 MB, 640x360)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB WEBM
Thx I was to focused on darts while searching didnt even consider a stream with 2 cams like that
Im not a native english speaker faggot
>Im not a native english speaker faggot
You managed to write the OP just well.
File: 1512142318416.jpg (92 KB, 809x1200)
92 KB
Brother, let me tell you something. Many a day I have lumbered here by this fence and looked at this world. These fences which border this small plot of mud seem to be the edges of the Earth. But I have gazed many beyond the fence. I have watched the hills of green and the tall, slim, terrifying figures who lurk and haunt the strange barn on the far side of the hill, who appear as spectres as the sun rises at the break of day and refill the Oats, and float away without a word. Often I wonder why we are not like them, why we cannot give ourselves the oats, why we are limited and chained down by the girth of our bodies and the uselessness of our hooves. And indeed for many years this sad truth, that forever we would be trapped in this shallow frame, alone, and without purpose or direction, banished forever to wallow in our own filth, this depressed me. But yesterday I realized something. Who are we to be ungrateful for existence in the first place? Who are we to say that this life is not good enough? Instead of oblivion we have the warmth of the sun and the coolness of soil. We have fair conversations and a good night's sleep. Who am I to say that these simple comforts are no better than death? Should we not smile like the sun and bask in our happiness as the sunlight warms the soil without question or thank. So brother, let us share oats and smile and frolick as much as our girth might let us. Let us see this pen not as a prison or a hell but as a palace in which we might enjoy the best our existence has to offer. Give me some oats brother, and let us dine together. I love you.

File: uaxszzvmtriqffy9hdf5.jpg (60 KB, 800x450)
60 KB
Lockpicking thread
Have you ever picked a lock? Is it hard to do?
How secure are most homedoors?
Ever broken into public places?
post your thoughts
26 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Abloys and similar locks require some special tool to pick or atleast i havent seen anyone do with regular picks/tensioners
I did it once in elementary school
Yeah, as a hobby in high school. Only the cheaest shit locks are doable. Any modern quality lock is basically impossible for anyone but the very best.
Abloy uses disklocks, thos are a lot harden that cheap pin locks, that you find on bikes and such.
This older style abloy is somehow pickable but it takes a lot of time. One way that i know is to "recreate" the key by using a piece of some soft metal pipe, putting some chalk etc on the edge and putting the piece on the lock, then filing away the parts that show signs of wear.
Hard a.f, once tried, could'nt do it.
off the hop, clear padlocks like in your picture are hard to do due to because the pins done bind as well as metal on metal.

>Have you ever picked a lock? Is it hard to do?
yes. depends on the lock. locks with only standard pins can be raked in a matter of seconds if you have the technique down. i lost a key to a padlock i have on a storage unit... run of the mill master lock (iirc 5 tumbler). I never bothered replacing it because i can rake it normally in less than 5 seconds. in a bad day where i have to reset the tension wrench a few times its still under 20 seconds. A lock with security pins cant be raked and has to be picked one pin at a time, order matters more, and the tension wrench has to be fethered a bit to stop binds on the security features. I have done 2 pin security locks, but it takes upwards of 5 minutes.

>How secure are most homedoors?
depends again. most deadbolts will have multiple security pins. I have only managed to open one deadbolt equivilent lock (lock on a dorm door when i locked myself out - was a lock built into the handle assembly, but would be equivalent to a deadbolt.) It took 15-20 minutes. on the other hand, most handle locks tend to have no security pins and can be raked easily.

>Ever broken into public places?

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