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File: IMG_1200.jpg (3.07 MB, 4032x3024)
3.07 MB
3.07 MB JPG
Anyone done a DPF EGR and exhaust delete for straight pipe on a 2007-2009 dodge/mercedes sprinter?
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I wouldnt touch the sumbitch...you end up having the thing re-set a few times you'll be broke
Long as you use a good tuner its no that bad. if your trying to do it yourself then dont bother.
I'm trying to do it 100% myself if I can, I just need to know what i'm getting into, in terms of cost and complexity.
File: bongo_cat.gif (171 KB, 600x600)
171 KB
171 KB GIF
Almost nothing
>egr/dpf delete
Find a tuner. DaimlerAG is well aware of people trying to do this and do a pretty good job making sure it doesn't happen. It's not like Ford/Chevy/RAM where they design the EGR, DPF, and management computers like it was designed to be deleted with a wink and a nod, and maybe a few dealer phone calls to an aftermarket shop.

Sprinter computers are also finicky as well, as many a Sprinter driver has found out stuff like OBD2 insurance loggers make the ECU shit itself and die, not even a failsafe limp mode. Your Sprinter will go straight into limp if you try to DELET without some reprogramming that even the STAR/Xentry diagnostics system can't do. Auxiliary computers work with limited success.

It sucks I know. Controlling diesel emissions is difficult and oftentimes costly. These systems never run hot enough to burn off the soot unless it's directly from the manifold. Every diesel that put DPF and EGR too far downstream gets coking issues, and if they put it close to where the heat is, it shortens the lifespan of the parts since they run hot all the time.

Also, idling the Sprinter will cause it to sludge up. They can't be idled for very long. You can't treat it like an American diesel or else it'll give you a really bad time.

File: fuck me.png (331 KB, 960x540)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
well I am officially white trash now, Ive spent the last few weeks looking for a leak in my roof and today had to put a blue fucking tarp over the whole area, it worked.
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vegone begone! shabooozle
You don't need a storm, use a garden hose
Just dun paint it with tar. That’ll last you five years.
>Standing seam

Costs about $1000 /sq installed.

t. contractor

File: fghrfhn567i.jpg (150 KB, 1280x720)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
any use for old computers?

for some reason i got 3 pc towers from the windows xp era (all of them are amd athlon xp, 1-2gb of ram each). they run win xp perfectly.

i use one with soulseek,but is there any point in keeping the others? or just pass em or trash em?
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you might want to get new PSUs for them because the ones they have now are going to be hilariously inefficient compared to modern ones
So YOU are the one

I swear every IR spectrometer uses a shit XP system
In 1995 I got word that NASA was looking to purchase old components for the shuttles that were no longer made. I was making chips at the time, and usually we stopped making old chips because better designs replaced the old ones. NASA had appointed a woman as the contact for purchasing, and I spoke with her on the phone. She sent me the list of components they needed that they could no longer source.
As I suspected a lot of them were simply part number changes, where a better design got a new number superseding the old part number that they were looking for, and the replacement was functionally equivalent, or superior.
An $80k sale to NASA was nothing to sneeze at, and the nice lady pulled some strings to get me set up as an approved vendor, which in effect made me a "Defense Contractor"
>When you realize most of the worlds banks are using ancient software and operating systems

File: april-headshot.jpg (326 KB, 960x944)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
Who is your favorite youtuber?

I want April to crush me in her SuperJaws
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She does wear safety glasses when beneficial. What hazards are you trying to mitigate wearing full PPE 100% of the time in a clean private shop while operating simple hand tools?
She also didn't wear gloves, which is arguably much more important than long pants, but you didn't seem to mind.
You faggots must spend more time putting on gear then actually doing any fucking work
Paoson is one of the best I’ve ever seen. His homemade tools are amazing.
I have a feeling someone's about to shit on my face for this but ZNAproductions is best.
Sampson Boat Co is fucking incredible

Hey /diy/,
got no job tomorrow and 200$ extra off my 12 months saving until my next job,
Any ideas for gigs? ill list what i thought of
>fixing lawnmower
>soldering together broken headphones then selling it
>making wooden fish swim baits
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Im op from the glass blowing thread. You could easily rig a small setup and make $8 1 hitters and save for upgrades. If you dont have any bills just keeo at it until you can do it full time. It looks fun as fuck with a gentle learning curve.

Youtube this shit
...he's an electrician by trade and is in disbelief at the memes.

What i woukdnt give to be too teir meme material
some dude once payed me 200 bucks to drink my pee
try looking for perverts and fullfill their fantasies
Thats just like me so I paid bills at a house in another town n lived with my family. Fucc
i think OPie should make customized music boxes for high school faggots to impress their stalklovers with

you just need a boyfriend photographer to make photostock

File: 20180903_172909.jpg (1.1 MB, 2560x1440)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
Post 'em boys. There was one a few weeks ago and I wanna see another one.

I made progress with my solar dehydrator, it's been hot as fuck and I've been too busy to finish this thing.
But enough about me, post your stuff.
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Went full disk on my 62 c10.

Fucking night and day difference bro
accidentally double posted, disregard
You're spot on it's a quiver. It's laced up the side though rivets or hand sewing would work with this design if I redid the sizing on the holes. Still need to finish the strapping harness for the client but it's nearly done.
All boards are locked together from different directions of nails.
Unless the nails just slide right back out the wood, it will never happen.
In the process of buying a house which is a good price for the size but needs loads doing. Will post pics once I get it. Only problem is it's in a 'conservation area' and this means I require a loicence for virtually anything I want to do. Even trimming trees too short without permission from the local baron or whatever can render me liable to prosecution.

File: Layout234.png (726 KB, 1700x2200)
726 KB
726 KB PNG
When laying out where lights will be installed on a ceiling, in my case, recessed lights. Do you center your lights based on the ceiling dimensions or room floor dimensions? There will be a difference sometimes due to bulkheads spanning the length of the room.

Pic related is a not complete electrical floor plan of my basement.
>recessed lights
you mean spotlights? lights literally designed to accent features? light up small areas of interest to draw attention? you want to light a whole room with them?
or do you mean recessed lights as in panel/strip/frame lights? which is sensible if a little odd for houses.
Either way you have to check the illumination profile/angle of whatever you are using and using ceiling height work out minimum distance between units. normally you work out the amount of light you need (look up online calculator) but doesn't really work for spots because all the light is pointed at the floor.
>bulkheads spanning the length
are you on a ship? normally on land here we call them walls.
It's normal for them to span the entire length of the room, that's what hold up the roof.
What you ought to do is figure out the centres of the floor/ceiling joists where the lights are going to make sure the spacing fits.
moving them closer and having too much light maybe costs a little more but stops it looking like COMPLETE dogshit.
putting lights closer to walls makes it seem brighter but its not actually brighter if that makes sense.

Most houses the ceiling is pretty much the same shape as the floor? unless you live in a wigwam or a potting shed? some kind of small boat?
Like this. Also by bulkhead I mean boxes that air ducts pass through. They take up ceiling space in basements.

File: 20180920_144407.jpg (2.12 MB, 4032x2268)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB JPG
Before we start, I realize I'm a retard. Now that that's out of the way, let's get into it. A while ago, when changing my oil, I jacked up the car because I didn't have ramps and I used the rail near the reinforced jack point with some wood to pad it so I could get jack stands on the reinforced points. Long story short, they bent and now the trim sticks out and the rail is visibly bent outwards. Normally something cosmetic like that wouldn't bother me but I really love this car. My question is: How do I fix this? Is it feasible to do it myself or will I need to take it somewhere? 1999 mustang if it matters. Thanks in advance.
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: image.jpg (2.31 MB, 4032x3024)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB JPG
This >>1467834

I done made OP’s mistake years ago. I always go for suspension points because even if there’s a point on the rail like OP’s, there’s no guarantee that shit will hold after a couple winters with road salt.
Fucking this. All the jack points on my truck are rusted out, I always either have to jack on the engine cradle, or the rear diff. The last unibody I had was so bad I had to jack on the unibody rail to get the rear end up, and that was sketchy af

I wouldn't jack on the suspension, since I fucked up a buick doing that once
Op here. I'm aware that there could be a rust issue so I planned on spraying it with bedliner or something similar to prevent that once I have it fixed. But I have to fix it first
i did the same thing as a kid. space frames are no fun to work on. nothing to do about it now but ignore it.

jack from dirvetrain/suspension in the future.

File: tape01.jpg (193 KB, 1280x959)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
what's a good tape measure? my dewalt tape broke after about 1 yr. i bought this because i saw some guy at home depot just hand his broken one into customer service and be told to get another fatmax from the shelf.
22 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
the Stanley fat Max is my choice. It has the longest stand out of all the other comparable models. Most the other pro's I run into on jobs have the same one as well.
The free kind. In all seriousness though, a good old Stanley like >>1466781 for your main toolbox/tool belt and several free harbor fright tapes laying around just so they're there when you need it. In the end they're all made of spring steel and will wear out in 1-3 years from regular use.

Self locks piss me off so much especially the stanley one. The Komelon one turns to shit after 6 months when the mechanism no longer clamps the tape right.

>measuring flush with the wall/floor
>slightly put tape on the floor to hold steady
>not paying attention to location of the spool, reading numbers on tape
>retract mechanism ON THE FUCKING BOTTOM OF THE TAPE MEASURE presses down enough to pull tape back

>The big mclargehuge tape measure that is just big enough to not fit in that one spot you want it to fit in and is less practical to put on your belt than a .500 S&W magnu.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1803-0016.png (708 KB, 815x815)
708 KB
708 KB PNG
I have a ton of tape measures.
Im not a carpenter or anything, so I prefer medium to small tapes, I dont like giant heavy ones.
My absolute favorite are 80s Lufkin Unilocks. They are a joy to use, 12" is just right

My favorite that you can just buy on amazon or in a store?
Johnson Level pro choice tape.
I got my 16" on clearance for like 3$. Its hard to explain why I like it, but I just do. It feels like the perfect sized tape with a strong spring and a positive lock, while not being super heavy and oversized. It just handles and feels really well for a general tape measure.
And they are dirt cheap.

>all you need
kinda depends on your use case, not everyone is you.

sure, it's a decent tape, but has crappy stick-out, something that structural guys would very much like.
I don't have any problem sticking it out 8 feet in the air without bending, on the second or third try.

Fat maxs are superior for that.

The biggest issue I have with generic tapes is that some of them have all the 16th increments marked out on them. Way too busy

File: 4210-1-960x520.jpg (186 KB, 960x520)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
I was thinking about making something like this into a home like they did. Would it be cheaper than building stick? What are the advantages? Is it a bad idea?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
well metal framing is more or less impervious to fire and termite attack, dont have to deal with wood that bowed out or has knots in it
Steel beams and box section are fucking expensive to buy.

beams are cheap from what i understand
Had a tractor barn about that size. I can't tell you how many times it got hit by lightning. The opinion expressed in your video, saying that it's maintenance free, is hogwash. You'll be tearing off whole sections and replacing them.
It's loud as hell in the rain, sounds like someone beating a garbage can with a stick.
>It's loud as hell in the rain, sounds like someone beating a garbage can with a stick.

I had a carport/pergola like that at my old place.
The metal framing seemed to reverberate every droplet and you could hear it hum from inside the house, meanwhile the roof sounded like a mongolated retard with a drum set.

I filled the beams with spray foam and rolled cheap bedliner on the roof and the problem went away.

Hey qts. Does any of you have ever made an ouija board or have any tips for me? What wood, varnish, how do i make the letters, or anything. I know im just a casual and i will ask /x/ later. Ty qts
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>t. Doesn't know about the ideomotor effect
The demon of the ouija board is going to be pretty pissed off at your low effort board.

>make half ass board
>get half-assed tormented by demon

Probably safer desu
File: 1524499541476.png (585 KB, 680x465)
585 KB
585 KB PNG
weak board can only handle weak ghosts

File: 41NIJtW0uSL.jpg (30 KB, 500x471)
30 KB
Anyone have any experience with electric lawn mowers? How well do they work? Is it just a good idea conceptually, or are they actually useful for general purposes, instead of specific circumstances?
29 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
its more cost effective to go out and buy another tool kit like a blower or chainsaw than buy another battery on its own. thats how they get you, the batteries are expensive to produce but they jack up the prices so you go out and buy another tool and expand your investment into their line rather than just have one tool with a couple batteries.
File: VICTA-82V-MOWER.jpg (48 KB, 800x800)
48 KB
Victa 82v lawn equipment its the shit!

>Enough money to own a car

Your idea of poverty is kind of skewed
C'mon now. I used a battery powered weed whacker till I got a gas powered one. It was such a pussy. The gas one fuckin annihilated plantlife
>Not using the baby Kubota for smoke runs.

Thanks in any event
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Thank you!
Got the idea from this video:

This must be the best board.
Thank you to the experts


Nobody on this board is an expert. FU
Buy up all the wooden yard stick/meter rulers you can find. Cut them with a small saw, like a fine toothed hacksaw blade or Dremel 580 table saw. Use wire nails to nail them together. If splitting occurs you can use a slightly smaller wire nail in a drill to make pilot holes first. If you wish, you can use wood glue, but if you wish to stain the wood, the glue can sometimes affect it, if the gluing isn't precise. The only real hard part is getting the wire nails to nail in straight. Pilot holes will help a great deal, but that is also a little difficult. The best solution is to make a jig to hold the wood at the proper angle on a drill press.

The best looking ones are tongue and groove or at least use joinery, like the one in this image. Finding rulers that are thick enough might prove to be difficult in this age of cheap ultra thin wood rulers. I have seen many antique stores that have barrels full of the 50+ year old thick wooden rulers. You won't need a dado blade for this sort of joinery. A single table saw blade will be wide enough. You can even just use a crosscut saw if you wish to have more control. If you have a tiny table saw, like the Dremel 580 table saw then you'll need a dado blade since the blades for it are really thin.

The search term you are looking for is, "shadow box." It is a bit of a lost art and most modern ones are just 1 single box with 1 shelf. The older ones had all manner of nooks like the one you have shown. If you can't find rulers then you'll need to get some lumber and rip strips yourself with a standard table saw.
>People on /diy/ don't do this shit for a living

Solid post. /b/ tier neckbeard/virgin style projection on an interest board should be bannable.
File: 1524612167074.jpg (467 KB, 1278x1487)
467 KB
467 KB JPG
1. Get some cloraphorm and a gun
2. Steal a carpenter and some wood from the forest
3. Force carpenter to build the shelf at an undisclosed location
4. Runaway with shelf
5. Profit

File: 1503362942487970798.jpg (36 KB, 400x400)
36 KB
Is there a way to craft or modify a music box?
No not at all, your an NPC with a crafting level of 0 you need to have a level of atleast 4 in order to craft and a level of 6 to modify.

Of course you can, Somebody had to "craft“ it in the first place you retard.
Nobody made a post about how they have done it..

every few months when this comes up, someone googles and finds lots of sources that explain what's easy and what's hard.

the hardest part I vaguely recall is making the thing that has the "fingers" that make the sounds when plucked. Getting the notes right, and getting enough notes to play a particular song, especially if chords are involved.

The cylinder that does the plucking is not easy to make, but is possible with ordinary tools. One issue is that you can't play the same note in rapid succession because the pins have to be separated by a minimum distance.

And then theres the speed control, which is usually a really cool mechanism that would be very hard to make by hand.

tl,dr; buy a kit or buy one already made, because it's really hard to do from scratch.
Goggle some how tos and drop.them.here
>Is there a way to craft or modify a music box?
No, not at all. they're impossible to make.

File: 20180914_222625_Film2.jpg (199 KB, 1040x780)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
A friend of mine has birds, some fairly large and expensive parrots that basically act like small dogs. he wanted to get a table top perch for them but they were about 40-100 dollars online, and look generally like pic related, though often smaller. I decided to make him one out of some scraps of common board i had and about 4 dollars worth of dowel rod, took maybe a couple hours excluding glue-up time. do you think it would be a good idea to slap a few of these together and try to sell them to local pet stores? its most pet-smart and the like, no real mom and pop stores around.
Pretty sure big box stores do not have the ability to make local purchases.
No need to go through a pet store
Try putting them up on Craigslist and see if you generate any interest
If you can do it for cheaper and better and there's also demand you can make some money
Remember that birds are very sensitive to compounds which can be lethal in very small amounts. While the glue bottle says non-toxic, that mean the wood, glued and dried, sitting across the room is non-toxic, not an $8,000 parrot is going to eat the glue.
Negative, it means the liquid glue as sold is non toxic. If you can obtain an SDS from the vendor you can determine just how toxic it might be to small animals by looking in section 11.
yeah thats true, i know you see some squeeze out on the planks on the bottom there but its all sanded down in the finished product, theres no visible glue to chew on, the bird would have to chew out the actual joint in the wood to get at it

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