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File: IMG_20180601_162118_460.jpg (747 KB, 1368x2056)
747 KB
747 KB JPG
Bought a fluke. They're pretty good compared to cheapo meters.
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>What is uncertainty
I don’t know how I could survive without my 789 Processmeter.
I have two of these, still work very well.
Which brick & mortar stores sell decent multimeters? Home Depot and Lowe’s have a couple and thn there’s HF but they don’t take coupons on them and I would rather buy a Klein from Home Depot for the same price as the $70 Ames at HF.

Am I going to have to tun to Amazon? They have tons that looks straight for $30-$50.
Fuck I got nice numbers.

And along with that, is there anything I will regret about pic related compared to the $70-$90 Klein models at Home Depot or the $70 Ames at HF?

Just going to be used around the house and cars. Want something better than the HF one I got for free and I kinda want the temp sensor. Seems like it would be $200 to get anything close in a Fluke and I’m not an electician.


File: screwhead.gif (9 KB, 222x200)
9 KB
Let's have this thread again. What's your favorite type of screwhead?
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886 and 889 are bretty dank friendo

890 needs to lose the wings and it would be top notch.
I use Robertson everyday building pre manufactured toothpick houses. We use 3&1/2 inch Robertson screws to fasten a lot of things. No shear strength in those screws. I feel bad for the homeowners who probably saved their entire lives to buy an affordable home just for these houses to fall apart after 5 years.
>uranium screw
My fucking sides
File: 10106-2.jpg (17 KB, 200x200)
17 KB
Worst screw i ever encountered was pic related... a Jura Oval head security screw.
Looks like a bolt.
The oval is so minuscule, you barely get any grip at all.
File: bjbbyg97g.jpg (263 KB, 934x1400)
263 KB
263 KB JPG

>What's your favorite type of screwhead?

You want to know what my most favorite type of screwhead is?

It's the kind that's used in whatever kind of fucking screw I happen to be using m8. The kind that's used in a high quality screw that isn't cheap shit. The question that we should be asking ourselves is what is the best brand of screw.

Honest to god, you have got to be a complete and utter spastic to have genuine trouble using any of the popular types of screwhead. If using either Pozidriv, Torx or Robertson gives you literal trouble then chances are you could very well be clinically retarded.

One of the absolute worst things about /diy/ is these threads, because it just perpetuates this completely pointless discussion (much like power tool brand threads) which only serve to boost the ego of the ever growing number of /diy/ hipsters who will declare that they INSIST on using some completely obscure screwhead type because it is just SO much better than whatever the fuck screwhead type is commonly available where they're from.

I challenge any of you fuckers to spend an actual day on a real job site and have the audacity to complain about the type of screws you're using to other tradesmen and/or your foreman/site manager or whatever they happen to be. I 100% gaurantee they'll tell you to fuck off and get over it. Pic related, it's you.

File: 20180621_221215.jpg (188 KB, 1280x720)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
found this weird piece of metal in my room after stepping on it. anyone have any idea what it is? dad said it might be some kind of lead or solder
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Kek that fucking story
chocklate :D
I wouldn't worry about it
If you suspect lead, try to "write" with it on a piece of paper.

When you cast lead, you need to make a "funnel" in the mould to pout lead into it. This might be excess lead that was snapped of the item.

Automobile stuff general, I guess.

Hey /diy/ I'm not from around here but I was wondering if y'all could give me some insight. I have a 95 Ford ranger similar to the picture with a 4" block lift. Due to budget consraints, I may not be able to replace forward and rear shocks at the same time and I was wondering which would be better to replace first and I was wondering what the difference between Rancho and Holstein was.
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Whatever I proved I'm not the first guy. I bet you're a flat earther too.
Roger that, I sure appreciate it.

Replace the front first. Safety first kids. Just use the cheap Ranchos, as you don't have enough suspension to really take advantage of what the Bilstein offers anyway (which isn't much either desu)

wheel bearing, ball joint, tire wear, blown shock, bad steering rack. Check those.

boxing isn't enough. the increased torque will twist that shit anyway. you need an engine cage minimum going over your custom shock mounts. you were going to upgrade suspension and brakes to deal with the increased power right -lol. Scratch all that just cage the whole truck if you have any sense.

File: IMG_3408.jpg (104 KB, 795x622)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
want to do it. how do
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Or visit a sewing supply store and purchase fabric weights...
>these exist
thanks anon
I won't say "don't do it" but in order for this to matter you have to understand how muscles work. muscles grow when resistance is opposite the direction of muscular work. your weighted clothing would assist in squats but it will not make you stronger unless you are working out. for example, wearing a weighted wristband all the time, unless you are actively working your arm, would just put undue stress on your wrists and shoulders. since the muscles are not engaged, it is stressing your joints.

the same point applies to weighted clothing. Because muscles cannot constantly stay engaged and the body tends to find the most rest possible, you will probably find that your weighted vest is actually just constantly pulling down on your shoulders.

There really isn't a way to get /fit/ just through day to day activities; you need to be actively engaging your muscles with resistant forces. Typically people push against gravity.

it's like saying "I want to make my neck stronger by constantly tipping my head in some direction all day because my head is heavy". you're actually more likely to injure yourself putting weight on your joints without actively working muscle groups.
Yeah your probably right but it looks so cool in my animes
File: fuckmylife.jpg (130 KB, 600x800)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
i usually wear one of pic related for my swimming exercise. I just do some bodyweight sets between

File: 20180618_222155.jpg (1.29 MB, 2560x1440)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
sup /diy/
i bough a pic programmer, pic related, off of ebay. i cant dor the life of me find the right software for it. its a k150 clone im pretty sure, but i've tried a couple of apps that said they work with k150s and they didnt work with mine. ill post some pictures of the chips that are on there later in the thread. please, anything would help, even just pointing me in the right direction.
shitposts are welcome.
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I'm running this on a 32 bit machine for compatibility. i don't think that that;a the problem.
I'm not asking anyone to do my work for me, but i've looked high and low and I can't figure out why this isnt working.
before anyone posts this...
I know that a lot of people are just getting the error messages but it still lets them program chips. that;s not working for me, I click program, and it pops up with all of the same errors and doesn't program the chip.
>a lot of people are just getting the error messages but it still lets them program chips.

In spite of that, I'd spend some time trying to eliminate the error messages, but then I'm an arduino fag who expects shit to just work.
yeah, it's a clone of a legit product, so some janky error messages are all just part of the territory.

as of now i've sent a message to the ebay seller hoping that theye have a special version of the software or something to use with this thing. if not, I feel like i'm out of luck.someone please help me.
what is this 2003?

Do you got recommendations on books on clockwork mechanisms ? I want to get into the hobby.
I do, however I'm on vacation right now and away from my books. If you could wait until Sunday, I can find their names or even scan a few of the older ones into PDF that are in leaflet format.
I can't remember her name but there's that autistic Horologist that does detailed videos that might be helpful.
What is this, some nonlethal chicken trap?

I think it's using a trash can as a nest...
Maybe some hipsters bought it for a backyard hen house and realized not all chickens lay fresh eggs.

What book(s) changed your life and how?
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>>this plastic bag filled with plastic bags should come in useful

plastic bags now cost 5p here. that's quite a valuable bag of bags you got there.

I would have a place for everything if I had a bigger home.
>clean your room bucko
people can be used as a resource, but that doesn't mean you should.
Das Kapital, comrade
>"where did all the food go?"

Anybody have experience with music boxes?

Looking to get into music diy projects.
Also, willing to help people with construction projects. (I'm a civil engineer)
>im a civil engineer
>cant into machine a sheet of spring steel into little waveguides and a little cylinder with bumps on it and a coilspring
Civil engineers arent real engineers anon

Also theres sure to be DIY kits around, I think the most difficult part to figure out would be the placement of the bumps if you wanna play an actual song, so id say any DIY kits will come with the bumps already in place
Can have drums made or play on paper. Should look on youtube. There is some massive shit there from 200 years ago
How do those paper music boxes work? Never been able to find any diagrams.
There are templates avaliable online that you can tape around the cylinder

File: 20180619_103315.jpg (2.67 MB, 5312x2988)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB JPG

Rate my chair
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would sitt
That sure is a chair
I think all school chairs are shit not to only cripple children mentally, but also physically.
File: behold.jpg (39 KB, 480x270)
39 KB
Sand and paint the metal so it doesn't cut you and rust and look bad
What is that awful looking crap on the sides of the plywood back? Fix it.
Just replace the seat you tightass, its cracked and there are gaps between it and the frame. Learn to use a fucking saw and clean it up with a handplane to get a clean edge.
Grind down the welds so they don't look so... big.
In all, pay more attention to the details on your next build. Chairmaking is a very detail oriented and specialized craft. That said, this actually would look good if you paid a bit more attention to detail here. Also maybe play with staining the wood dark, it might look cool and dark furniture can hide flaws better.

File: Camera.jpg (89 KB, 1000x1000)
89 KB
any help with home security? looking to catch my landlord coming into my house without me knowing and i want to find a camera i can watch live, i also want to be able to see multiple feeds bc 2 entrances
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Photoshop your landlord's face onto a bunch of embarrassing fetish porn pics, then leave prints of them lying around in places where he'd be sure to see them if he enters your house. Also, write "THIS COULD BE POSTED ON YOUR FACEBOOK FEED" on a big poster somewhere visible.
Back to the original question... Isn't there a DIY guide or walkthru for setting up good and affordable home security cameras? Does anyone have a link to a guide or a starting point?
As >>1407750 said old Android devices can do the job, check Alfred in playstore, I used it to take a look on my puppy on his first days being home alone

App notifies you and records when detects movement and stored it the cloud, so no storage needed, only current (for long time, for short can work on battery) and internet conection (better on wifi) for the camera. You can watch live too at anytime you want
>he checks up on his puppy when it's alone
I wish I was a threaded hole so you could screw me all day
A stupid neighbour complains about him making so much noise so I put the mobile monitoring him.

I discover the puppy barking and making noise in normal situations, bell ring, car claxons, strong noises and when the stupid neighbour knocks the door to complain about some shit.

So the next time he complained I sent him to hell totally sure and with proofs. One year later he is still shut up.

File: hotwigns.jpg (94 KB, 700x525)
94 KB
Yo Hot Wings Guy, talk to us mang.

How's the project coming along?

(don't let this thread die till he sees and replies)
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YUS! do work!
Kek. That face when my crown vic has a cracked head or blown head gasket amso rather than dick with it I'm welding up a bigass electric winch. Kek
>murphy and his faggot law.

I know those feels anon. Hoping the 30 acres i just bought will help. Tried everything else. Currently drugs the shrink gave me keep me from autistic fits of rage at little things. Wanted some land since i was a kid. I guess if it doesnt help after a year i can resell it. Got an okay deal so meh. Will be lurking for ideas
Post your schematics and your ideas for what you want to make, we'll make plans for you like with OP.

lol seriously, thank you sir for the update.

File: 200px-Marvin_Heemeyer.jpg (10 KB, 200x198)
10 KB
Is he the king of /diy/?
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He's the patron saint of people fucked over by small-town pencil pushing bureaucratic petty tyrants.
My liberal-leaning buddy thought he was a hero when he heard the story. He appeals to all types.
He was a dumbass, greedy, religious wacko that forgot to armor the radiator. That's all. The world is a better place without him.
no, he sold the land infront of his building assuming he had right of way to enter and exit his building and basically continue to use it as his parking lot despite SELLING IT TO SOMEONE ELSE WHO WANTED TO BUILD ON IT. HOW DARE YOU USE THE LAND I SOLD YOU INSTEAD OF LEAVING IT A DIRT LOT. MASTER STROKE OF BUSINESS PLANNING! so anyway, he sold that land for more than a million dollars, took his money and got buttflustered.

you know what the final straw was for him? no toilet. he literally lost his mind over the council demanding he install a toilet instead of shitting in a bucket. but ive always shit in a bucket/the sink why do i need to change my ways now? killdozer time!
okay mr fed
LOL the concrete plant cut off his business. Then construction broke his sewer line. The city then fined him for not being hooked to the sewer.

Basically they fucked him. So he fucked them back. Had that been me I wouldn't of left a single building standing.

I want help, but i also want to rant. Ive posted here before, about my pipboy from scratch. Main computer being a raspberry pi. Ive been struggling with these terribly frustrating, random power drops. Usually during start up, but sometimes it happens during use. The screen will blur to white and reboot. Ive thought it was just something loose inside and covering all my electrical connections would solve it, but its still persistant. Maybe you guys could help, but i mainly just need to vent.
47 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm thinking about having a pair, one for each arm. Has anyone done this? Would you go with bluetooth to communicate between the two, or would it be better to have each go to my wifi?
Lolol, ive impressed some people, just out and about. But im actually married, now. Of whom is still proud of my work
I might. Im not financially stable atm. Also. I dont know how strong that stuff is. The pipboy is made mainly of 20 gauge steel with 24 on the inside sleeve.
Totally bluetooth. You could go anywhere, then. Wirh wifi, youre stuck with your home base
I like it. It's a bit crusty but I like it still. Keep it up, you'll iron out the bugs eventually in the following revisions!

File: sheet-metal-part1[1].jpg (22 KB, 1000x536)
22 KB
Does anyone have any experience with getting one-of sheet metal parts produced?
I live in Belgium, is it best to look locally, or wider (Germany) or look to China to get cheap one-off sheet metal parts?
(I can do my own designs)

Currently looking into building a Wah pedal from scratch. Most forums suggest using an old pedal's casing. But for the moment I do not see any old pedals for a good price, and new enclosures cost around € 50
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: tormach innashop2.jpg (186 KB, 750x563)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
File: sandpeople.jpg (330 KB, 2048x1536)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
>wallah wackbar pedal

Is it getting too hard to import AKs, you have to stamp them out yourself now?

>Wasting all that time to save $20

Oh wait I forgot he was in euroland where a man would drive an extra 20 mile round trip to tell the cashier she short changed him €1.87 and demand his money back
That's a nice chair.
Cnc pressbrake operator here.
Wah pedal?

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