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File: 015905100212MAIN-jpg.jpg (59 KB, 2000x2000)
59 KB
sup /diy/ i need some help on a project.
Im planning on building a stand for pic related.
the dimensions are 30.5" x 13.13" x 13" and it will weigh about 225 pounds.
it needs to be at least 3 feet tall and preferably waterproof.
what materials should i use while being cost efficient?
what sort of design or supports should i use?
>what sort of design or supports should i use?

2x4s and deck screws. stain it when done. cheap and easy.

the only issue is that the aquarium has to be level or it will develop leaks. shim the corners if necessary.
ive seen a bench made out of cinderblocks and
plywood. would that support this alright?


File: hqdefault.jpg (18 KB, 480x360)
18 KB
Alright /diy/, so i have a choice to make. I have an opportunity to sell donuts through a small local chain. My buddy got into upper management and got me a list of all requirements for a product to be sold in the stores. He suggested donuts because I make some bad ass donuts. I can comply with the store's requirements, but not the state's.

The state require that any building used in the production of food not be used as a domicile. So, my house is out of the question, and before I start making money so is renting a building. I realize that an outbuilding would be ok, so I thought about a shipping container. Cheap, no foundation, can be removed after I'm done with it.

Some questions though.
What would be the proper way to supply gas to it
Can i mount a sub panel directly to the metal wall
Anything else i should consider
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I can try, but I'm really drunk.
I can tell.
As someone who is in the Food & Beverage Indusstry,
ahhhh see i already fucked it up.
Well, what do you want? Do you actually want to learn something, or are you happy making fun of me?
I can't learn anything from someone who can't form a proper sentence. That's not making fun of you, that's truth.

File: IMG_5193.jpg (172 KB, 830x749)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
About a year and a half ago at this point I got into making paracord (nylon) bullwhips for some strange reason. It started out with this one channel on YouTube called nickswhilshop from his viral video called "how to make a paracord bullwhip". I'm now working on my 13th whip (4 being snakewhips), and show no sign of stopping. Im dumping pictures of whips I made and would love to see if anyone else on here is a fan of whipmaking too.
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what was the tubing you used? it looks like plain stainless hydraulic tubing...
It's not, it's a 10" long 1/4" thick steel rod, picked up from Home Depot.
File: IMG_6340.jpg (257 KB, 750x1110)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
Hey bullwhip thread I don't have a name for, made a new whip. It's based on the asiimov skin for csgo and someone already bought it!
>and someone already bought it!

>...I don't have a name for, made a new whip.
read this as
> I don't have a name for a new whip.
and was about to suggest you call that one "peaches and cream"
File: IMG_20171016_181233.jpg (2.04 MB, 2880x2160)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB JPG
I also read it that way.

My landlord just installed hardwood on the floor in the apartment above me. I've asked the new guy to stop wearing his boots or something, but he just keeps clomping around until like 3am and it's driving me crazy.
I've been trying to think of something I can do to irritate him too, and I think I'm going to attach a sound exciter to my ceiling. Is there a better option than that? Will the vibrations translate into actual sound in his place, or would I be better served to attach a speaker up against the ceiling instead? Or if anyone has a better idea, I'm all ears
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in some jurisdictions, if the new installation of hard flooring is causing a noise disturbance in an adjoining unit, the affected party can lawfully force the owner to remove it/reinstall carpet. give a call to your local HOA attorney.

source: years of HOA law experience
Our neighbors tried that on us. Luckily for us, we were removing old carpet and exposing an existing hardwood floor, which we refinished. Turns out the neighbor family had been living there for 40 years and back in the 80s, when their ceiling plaster started to go to shit on them, the parents went the cheap route and replaced it with a drop in ceiling. So, the only thing between their living area and our subfloor was 1/4th inch of the ceiling tile. Remember that shitheads, your kids have to live with your bad decisions. They pick which home you get sent to in your old age.

>They pick which home you get sent to in your old age.

Yeah but im the one writing the will.
>They pick which home you get sent to in your old age

Yeah... or you make sure that they never get power of attorney
Call and complain to your landlord. https://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/quiet+enjoyment

File: tdy_drone_race_160130.jpg (97 KB, 800x450)
97 KB
Didn't see a proper RC general.

How are you doing with your drones, planes and automobiles, /diy/?

For me I just got a used Fatshark Teleporter v4 for pennies. Even with the much lower resolution it is so much comfier and better than my Quanum DIY box goggles. I'll probably do some fan mod and maybe a diversity and multi band module mod.
Still my 180 size drone is barely flyable below 60 kph, faster feels more stable. Stock PIDs pleb tier, but meh, it flies well.
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Brushed motors have better torque and don't need ESCs.
micro 20x20 mount F4 FC+4in1 15a dshot600 ESCs all in a single board is a thing now.
Turns out modelling balloons make perfect Whoop gates :D
I like the pink penis hat.

Fun, cheap, useful hobby.

Yes there is already a paracord thread where anon shows some sweet bullwhios and stuff. I encourage yall to check it out. I was thinking more beginer level tho. Useful shit like handle wraps, keychains, bracelets, gun slings, cord wraps etc...

Not that cool expert level projects aren't welcome. But i was more interested in basic shit again. Anyone ever done it?

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does paracord make a good garrote or will i get rope burns on my hands?
it has problems with friction and melting.

you'd be better served by a cheese-wire or guitar string.

who you garroting?
>I jave a hard time prooerly wraping handles. But they do look cool when properly done.

You can alternate left and right handed halfhitches up the gear shift.
Holy shit I though that was a snake and the light was to keep track of your snake at night so you don't lose it while it's slithering around your house.

File: yerka_03.png (238 KB, 720x524)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
Tuining ur old bicycle.

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well after a quick test on the old minibike I got somewhere between 15-25 mph, slow acceleration.
I have no clue how a larger tire is going to affect the stop speed if at all.

I want more power though. its been so long since I road anything, but I have no doubt that this is going to be fun.
> 4chan; Because blogs are so 2000
if you dont like my content then unsubscribe

File: aligator.jpg (57 KB, 726x480)
57 KB
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File: drift.png (833 KB, 1604x421)
833 KB
833 KB PNG
Does anyone know what this is?
Came in a box of old wrenches, I thought it was a drift at first glance but its obviously not.
No clue what it is, nothing in the box similar to it
File: gear_puller.jpg (21 KB, 352x355)
21 KB

I'm guessing 2 legs of a gear puller.
File: 43Z117_AS01.jpg (14 KB, 300x300)
14 KB
A couple carpet tools I thought were cool my first day on the job
File: image_redirect.jpg (16 KB, 400x337)
16 KB
Part of my EDC at work. Those side cutters have saved my ass so many times. The leverage is insane, and the pliers are cool too

File: 1465190359355.jpg (73 KB, 496x599)
73 KB
anything you'd like to ask a chemist ask here.
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very hard. start with vanillin. you will need a full lab set up and some argon. the precursors you're looking for are heavily regulated in every country except india. which is why most of the worlds MDMA comes from india.
depends on what you're using. ive never done a CEC setup but i run columns pretty often. choosing the right solvent is always important. the go to is probably a mix of methanol and some hydrocarbon. personally i run columns with DCM (dichloromethane) and any non-polar solvent you want, benzene i guess is a good choice, or toluene. id just say avoid THF or obvious peroxide reasons in a home setup.

any other questions asks. for reference my background is inorganic and material chemistry so while i can answer most organic synth questions that are obvious ill probably be pretty ignorant of more complicated organic synths. feel free to ask though i can always point you to a source of information.
File: Hella 4169 series.jpg (458 KB, 784x2064)
458 KB
458 KB JPG
See, I have this shed I need to protect, but it's in bumfuck nowhere and I'd like some ideas

Any way to make a sort of fine "dust" (something that will mimicry regular dust/dirt) I can put on surfaces that will be nasty , hopefully to the skin (the nastier the better), and remain stable for 3-6 months? If it's just irritating to breathe that's ok too. I just can't put it on anything that can be seen as a "trap" from a legal standpoint, nothing like an automated sprayer or even a bucket of it on top of the door because it'd possibly be trouble

If I manage to get some of this nasty powder and post a warning about it, these retards may think twice about breaking inside

Of course I'll mention that security cameras just don't work without electrosity, and tend to get stolen anyway (battery powered isn't an option, no battery system can sustain such long periods, and since there are so many trees around, there's no place for a solar panel nearby). This place isn't exactly visited often, mostly because we just cain't, it's usually something that needs to be done by foot or by quadbikes

If you just can't touch that question, then maybe you know about how to re-make plastic car lights for cars that are out of production? I mean the translucent ones like in pic related, not the crystal-clear ones

The ones I talk about have these little "squares" on the inside of the housing to diffuse light (visible in the pic I posted), that surely makes them a bitch to produce, but it's important to their functionality

What sorcery would one need, to make the colors separated yet in a single plastic piece, as it came off the factory? Would the dyes be unobtainium? What plastic/treatment to use to protect from the UV rays?
You'd have to go out of your way to get peroxides in THF, most of the stuff sold at least in the US comes with stabilizers or if not, just some bits of iron wire or a bit of sodium will handle things. Even then its pretty much only exploded on folks when they rotovap it until the peroxides are dry. Personally I always avoided it just because I really disliked the smell.
This one might be out of your wheelhouse but hey
I'm trying to find a way to measure the methanol concentration in moonshine without lab equipment. Do you think there would be a sufficient difference in salt solubility between ethanol/water solutions with 1000ppm versus 20,000ppm of methanol for it to be measurable? Like 4L batches. I was figuring we'd measure by conductivity (more salt in solution=more conductive, excess salt not in solution, doesn't effect conductivity so it doesn't matter) but if you have other suggestions I'd be down to hear them
For the former, use diatomaceous earth. Officially a bug-killer so you're clear for having it in your shed, but irritates the lungs something awful when disturbed. Isn't even toxic, as the irritant effect is purely physical.

File: hqdefault.jpg (75 KB, 480x360)
75 KB
chainsaws get me hard. show me your saws.
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right? get them long twitch endurance muscles twitchin

Hm, good point. But I know that vintage craftsman tools are better than modern ones.
lol stihl uses a self learning carburetor with a hall effect sensor. this is diy damnit! cross pollinate with electronics and PROSPER! :^)
>But I know that vintage craftsman tools are better than modern ones.

This is true, for the tools that happened to have come from a good OEM and happened to survive all these years.
Just because it says craftsman and its old doesnt automatically mean its a good tool.

If you can get it cheap, let us know how it works out.
Just dont be surprised if it falls into the cliche of "electric chainsaws blow", regardless if its old or not

oh electric chainsaws fucking suck, i already have my expectations set hella low

so, I bought a dremel because I always wanted one.
what do I do with it now ?
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everyone has one for a reason
Thanks china knock-off marketing team

it makes it much quieter (esp. if you put the body on a pillow or something) and you only lose a little bit of power, very worthwhile for buffing and sanding in particular.

When the time comes to use your dremmel you will JUST KNOW, it's is like a divine being.

Your Dremel will have no purpose until purpose presents itself, and when it does by god will you rejoice that you have one.
Get the ez-lock ones

File: yamaha.jpg (26 KB, 542x304)
26 KB
I wanna turn my old Yamaha PSR-19 into a midi keyboard. Is there a way to do with arduino or something else?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yea I've seen guides with arduino's, but most of them used simple kids keyboards.
>implying you aren't a simple kid
>I'm assuming you want each key to be represented as an input on your DAW or whatever program you want to interface with.
I'm sure there are write ups online, but what if you used a controller from say either an arcade cab supplier or an old USB keyboard. It sounds like reinventing the wheel, but theoretically you could connect the switches from each key to either a dedicated switch on an arcade hub or a keyboard trace.
>I wanna turn my old Yamaha PSR-19 into a midi keyboard. Is there a way to do with arduino or something else?

that sounds like a metric fuckton of work and setup, labor, and cost for an arduino. and all you'd get is an on-off key 4 octave keyboard with no expression control of any kind...

...is this a 'do it cuz can' or is there a reason for using an ancient mediocre keyboard like this?

File: bed.png (9 KB, 640x707)
9 KB
My girlfriend and I are building a bed and are concerned about stability.

Long story short, my twin bed frame is currently just a wooden box frame underneath the mattress. I'm planning on attaching a bookcase to either side that will function as headboard and footboard. Then, a ceiling will be put on top of that.

My girlfriend and I get very, VERY rough when we have sex so we're both concerned about making the shelves more stable. Is there any way to do this other than make the shelves out of heavy wood? I'm trying to avoid doing that because it's a couple floors up and I don't want to lug that up stairs.
17 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
But shave first please
>implying wood doesn't creek
Metal should be good, i'll tig the fucker if it makes to much noise but the bolts should be good.


God damn, I just love this boring board sometimes.
Do the homeowners know that you're living in their attic? Have they suspected where the missing pallets are going yet?
It's an external garage set back on a property my family owns. No one utilized the four car garage for 15 years, so I decided not to pay rent anymore. I've posted about it several times over the last six years. The back (what you're viewing), collapsed after rotting out from neglect five years ago. I came here for advice on how to rebuild, legality, etc. Basically, I learned how to do everything in the picture from browsing /diy/ for the last decade. If I posted in that other garage thread people would shit themselves. Garage dimensions are 24 x 40, with 240 hookups and a 50amp circuit in the house. Just missing running water.

File: IMG_20171013_132913.jpg (1.16 MB, 3264x2448)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
What kind of paint I can use to paint the firepace to match the color of the bricks in the ground? The material of the fireplace is some kind of concrete.
look up "concrete stain"
Paint is a pain in the ass as you have to redo it all the time.
If you properly clean and oil the bricks They will probably match the fireplace
cheap wood stain little tiny cans
i just finished an outside storage facility and sprayed the bricks with a benjamin moore Regal high yield paint. I only mention Regal for the color variety. Looks like a combo of purple, yellow, tan, red, brown. if you took your time you could cut in/brush the top half with a soft red rosin red and paint each brick a different color so it'd add to the variety of the stone and make it looked blended into the ground colors. if you want to get even more fancy, caulk the gap with a clear DAP flexible sealant (cheap at a home depot) and paint it with the yellow to give it a permanent feel. Of course, make it how you like, because you're the one that's gonna be lookin at it the most
hell it looks good to me anon...my problem is the leaves on the patio...clean that shit off please

How do I make custom cassette tape covers? I'd like to have them like they come from the factory, crisp and laminated.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
bright white glossy cover paper
bright white glossy card stock
Any image editor would work. Make them in MS Paint if you want.
Photoshop would work, laying out the text will be a bit of a pain. If you have an office subscription you have publisher, which does layout.

You make the graphics for the cover in photoshop, and export a hi-res tiff or some shit and setup the text in publisher.
Gloss is applied after printing. Get a shop to do it if you want that. They'll also cut and fold it for you, good luck folding any number of inserts in a uniform manner manually.

T. Worked at an industrial print shop.

Also laminate is a plastic water proof coating, gloss is just a sheen that's sprayed on. Not really the same but I can see how they are comparable
Make the image in whatever program you prefer and export to InDesign to get proper formatting

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