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File: index.jpg (10 KB, 275x183)
10 KB
I didnt see one in the catalog but maybe some nice anon will come by and do some?

VIN: WP0CA29824S620485
looking at pic related 04 boxster
Anyone know of anything about these, like mods, or if they just constantly break down?
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The highest praises to the VIN God, blessed be his name.


Tell us more, Morpheus.

Yeah no chance I'm insuring, thanks any lads, I'm 21 and have 1 years no claims, also, i live in england.

Just bought a mx5 rf club w/brembos over a stock mustang GT for around the same price.

>super happy with the decision
>how many br/o/s had a similar choice to make
>lets hear it
>pic related
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>people are this autistic on a mongolian stick art forum
Swear, can’t believe anyone would pay mustang GT money for a fuckin Miata.

To top it off he wants to spend a shit load of money on boosting it ????

Why not just buy a mazdaspeed Miata used ????

I mean guys, I get it , muh small light weight car but 181 hp ain’t gonna cut it. Too many cars now will iterally outrun you from a stoplight. Enjoy flooring it to pass.

Don’t ever try to flex on anyone with power unless you want to be shit on.

My friends crappy 2011 fusion sport would give you trouble, that’s a problem friend.
I mean at least it beats a GT86 in autocross memery but that's all it has going for it

The mustang is a jack of all trades DD/mid-level track car that will frustrate advanced drivers and kill newbies, the GT86 is a DD/entry level track car that will keep even good drivers entertained, and the miata is just an autocross machine you take cruising down canyon roads at 15mph over the speed limit.
>enjoy flooring it to pass

i think that's the point. remember these cars are designed by the japs, who don't get into childish highway races over who gets to be in front. they get into gangster (literally) backroad races over who gets to cut his guts out for dishonoring the yakuza.
>Enjoy flooring it to pass.
i own a miata and there is no greater pleasure in my life than dropping a gear for overtake. but then again, i have no power-related complexes, so i might be a different kind of customer

>While the new MKV A90 Supra may not compare to the some of those tuned Mark IV Supras with their watermelon-size turbochargers and lag for days, it isn't lacking in shove. What it is lacking, however, is noise. The cars we tested were on the quiet side, despite some digital injection of engine notes through the car's speakers. Yes, like many BMWs the car makes fake engine noises, sounds that get louder in Sport mode and cannot be disabled. Even still, when pushed hard the Supra doesn't exactly roar.

>The prototypes I drove all had heavily clad interiors, cloaked in black felt to hide seats, panels and other components. Even so, the BMW-ness shone through like a Bavarian beacon. To select drive you squeeze a button on the side of the upright shifter and pull it back, like most modern BMWs. An iDrive rotary controller sat exposed just to the side. I was able to spend more time experimenting with the transmission, an eight-speed automatic that always did what I requested via the wheel-mounted paddle shifters, but often took its time.

It's shit. What the fuck man?
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Because that RWD coupe hasn't had any major updates in effectively a decade
If the average Z4 driver sits in the back it will have 50/50 weight balance.
Hard to figure out how the Supra will weigh 400kg more, I mean the engine probably weighs another 50kg and the respective upgrades are another 100kg and thats it
This car is why the GT86/BRZ can not have
even 250hp.

This is the car it could not compete with. This is the car it could not outsell. This was supposed to be their cash cow, their car that cost about as much as the GT86 to make but priced for twice as much with identical sales numbers.. And it's a BMW without it's only redeeming quality - the fucking badge.

No, it's literally a toyota badged BMW Z4 without a manual option (that the actual Z4 has, lol)
it costs toyota nothing to make because they just buy 90% of it from BMW and add their own bodykit

smart yen jews

File: ford focus.jpg (42 KB, 488x359)
42 KB
My old car is getting really old and dated. Considering buying a new one.

Dad (literal boomer, but quite experienced with cars) is telling me to buy a BMW 1er or Audi A1 if I want to have fun driving.

Do you think he's right? Co-workers and friends warned me that Audis are not realiable and BMW's are money pits. They told me to buy a Ford Focus instead. Someone even told me to buy a '07-'10 Civic 1.8.

Which one would you buy and why?
I'm in need of a reliable, sporty car. Actually considering buying the Civic.
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A 320 is great fun. I have the diesel 07 and it's got a lot more power than i would have expected
>bmw and audi
Ur co workers are right

Reliable and sporty

>07-10 civic
Enjoy your oil leakages, squeaky clutch and bad rearmirror sight

Get the focus
If you can find a 135i (n54) go for it
>Dad (literal boomer, but quite experienced with cars) is telling me to buy a BMW 1er or Audi A1 if I want to have fun driving.
sounds like a dumbass

Go for the Civic.
What budget and where are you?
As much as it gets slated, you can get a good FN2 Type R for not very much at all. Same with the Mk2 Focus ST

File: 1537485350917.jpg (35 KB, 334x371)
35 KB
Meanwhile on Bizzar/o/
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File: 1513870887829.jpg (63 KB, 750x563)
63 KB
GM announced a campaign to advertise the Volt and Bolt!
the nissan leaf is better built, more comfortable, faster, and has more range
File: wj5q9l18ab901.jpg (214 KB, 1200x968)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
It was such a fantastic and affordable car, it really makes me proud of my Canadian heritage.
>more comfortable
That's probably true, though.
I love doing the speed limit in my automatic Chrysler crossover

File: 1995 lexus.jpg (168 KB, 1200x900)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Guy right by me is selling a 1995 Lexus LS400 (8 cylinder) with 200k miles for $2,000. Should I get it?

Problem is, although he claims he's been taking good care of the car, he has no maintenance records for it and will only let me bring my mechanic to check on it. Might be a real sink if this guy is a flipper and/or retard or a pretty good deal, I'm not sure. Here's the car.
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i own a 2000 ls400 with 140k. its been absolutely bulletproof for the 50k ive owned it. no issues. buy the car
this is one of the most reliable cars of all time

some auto journalist guy even got a million miles with his without any major repairs

if it's in good condition and rust free go for it
and a watch, the flipper must know that you own a watch.
matt farahs ls400
i have a 2006 is250 with a 6 speed. its wonderful. 10/10

File: FB_IMG_1537417683240.jpg (21 KB, 552x367)
21 KB
Cursed /o/ related images thread
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What the fuck is that? A firewall?
I think the idea is that it allows higher rpm due to eliminating valve float.
Just look up rotary valves
the contrary, it spin faster because it doesn't have reciprocating weight, its a chamber that while spinning opens and closes the passage of gases to the cylinder.
File: 1530400192386.webm (1023 KB, 720x1274)
1023 KB
1023 KB WEBM
Agree, fuck bikeniggers
File: madman.jpg (777 KB, 2048x1152)
777 KB
777 KB JPG
you mean this one?

File: img_0222.jpg (107 KB, 1013x675)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
A camouflaged vacuum cleaner.
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What the 30 year old boomer doesn't get is how modern cars use vortex generation to achieve better aerodynamic efficiency, I really like Group C/GT1 cars, but they are outdated in aero design.
If the full length Mulsanne returned then certain design changes would be given to LMP's for higher top speeds, but it isn't.
They don't need the top speed.
Tires and suspension like I said a few times now. Also you dumb Euros are confusing fender skirts with side skirts.
Correct, and to most by saying skirts we didn't assume fender skirts.
However, the point still stands that a modernised pre-2000 prototype with modern tyres and suspension tech wouldn't be as fast as an LMP1-H around Le Mans.
God thats hot
I'll admit that it is growing on me, though the launch car still isn't great.

Is this best car
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best car
File: a824f85s-960.jpg (209 KB, 960x640)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
File: f3fc938s-960.jpg (174 KB, 960x720)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
File: 93530ccs-960.jpg (58 KB, 600x400)
58 KB
Late 80s/90s era of BTCC was amazing. It got completely out of control, with teams turning up like they it was an F1 event. Even Nigel Mansell ended up in BTCC for a while. If memory serves correctly, he was a driver for Ford and fielded the first gen Mondeo.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (135 KB, 1280x720)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
I hope this one catches fire as well.
Btw movement watches xDDDDDDD
I'm sure something will happen do it. Unreliable car+a guy who thinks the oil pressure light means "go."
>smell fuel
>keep driving anyway
Porker's a fucking scumbag

File: 20180920_172221.jpg (2.4 MB, 4032x2268)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB JPG
Hey /o/ I'm tryin to wrench but this fucker won't come off. It's both rear wheels on a 2004 grand jeep cherokee. Tried some wd-40 around rotors and bolts and rocked it but they still won't pop. Even tried original iron . Any suggestions?
21 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>180 ft lbs
>more than enough
you've never had your car worked on by a green mechanic with a brand new air gun, have you?
First off, WD-40 is a terrible penetrating oil, it does a ton of stuff but all mediocre. Get oil thats specifically formulated for penetrating

The best trick it get a tube, put it over the end of your breaker bar to essentially extend it's length, go slow and pray you don't break any of them. Chrysler lug nuts are the worst thing on this planet
you always need a breaker bar for lugs
Penetrating oil, blow torch, breaker bar, muscles.
I have an XJ that had those shitty 2-part lug nuts when I bought it. Impact wrenches fucking destroy the outer caps. When you do finally get those off, be sure to replace them with good solid steel chromed 13/16" acorn lugs. The original ones are absolute trash.

Anyway, get some decent penetrant on there (like PB Blaster) and let it soak in for a day. Use a six point socket, a breaker bar, and a 4' steel pipe extension. Do not use a 12-point socket. Do not use a ratchet. I can't remember off the top of my head, but those inner nuts have a weird size. They're smaller. Maybe 17mm? Remember to turn the lugs counter-clockwise to loosen. Basically, you stand at the end of your long ass pipe extension and do a deadlift. You should get a lot more force this way than you would with body weight. If that doesn't work, just take it to a shop before you round out the nuts.

File: Lada.jpg (215 KB, 1024x615)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Anything fancier than this is bourgeois degeneracy.

Humanity would be less full of shit if they had to all drive the same lousy car.
9 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
my grandfather drove his for 40 years before he sold it for scrap in 07

truly indestructible little machines, they were built with decades of use in mind, unlike modern cars which are destined for the scrapyard in 10 years or however long their warranty lasts

stripped ladas also make great rally cars
>see if it can be imported
You can't import jack shit to burgerland or I would own a Micra
Any leaf importers?
File: bfbvtagmp31j2wutk1jf.png (407 KB, 640x480)
407 KB
407 KB PNG
Decadent proletariat machines
>oppressing yourself

You're the reason the bourgeoisie exist.

i want it!!!
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File: Capture.jpg (373 KB, 2157x1136)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
based rural new england
that body style looks like it could seamlessly transcend into new car models
Forever remember.

Aero and Hirsch 250-310HP and 370-400Nm
Non-Aero, Non-Hirsch, only one Viggen.
You see those cheap prices because those are the meh SAABs.

Hirsch is SAABs version of PoleStar, Nismo, Brabus, etc.
File: 1537367476587.jpg (51 KB, 622x548)
51 KB
high inhibition faggot
same for 9-3 wagons, i was close to buying but tax and insurance was pretty high also parts availability.

File: p18_3-4_avant_fs.jpg (217 KB, 1959x1102)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
>450 HP and 590 LB/FT
>4.0 sec 0-62
>actually doesn't look like shit

Of course, it still ticks all the concept car buzzwords: "autonomous", "connected", etc. But unlike the vast majority of concepts it doesn't look bad at all. I hope manufactures follow in Peugeot's footsteps and stop making their EVs look like shit so they don't sell. Let's just hope it reaches production and doesn't cost $50K+.

Also shout-out to the Anon who let me know about this car a week before revealing (in the electric sports car thread about a week ago).
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Lovely. I wasn't expectng this at all.

It isn't a 505 but I'm well pleased by the design. Pity it's electric and all, a turbo 4 banger plus RWD could do well in the market.
>won't be available to USA market

literally 3rd world cunt
>I also don't like the idea of this being "automous"

get use to it
>Peugeot concepts going anywhere
Anon please, don't you know better than to care what Peugeot's concepts are? They never make them.

Fuck no. Never buying. Not even used.

File: 1st_Mercedes-Benz_SLK.jpg (138 KB, 2055x1135)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Are first gen SLKs any good? There are a lot more of them for sale in my country than Miatas, and there seems to be barely any price difference.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
It's heavy and drives like a boat
SLK is a meme. Get SL. 1991 and back.
How about 2nd generation slk? I cant get over the mcclaren
*McClaren grill
Yeah maybe if you buy the shittiest one on the planet

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