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File: 1527418550604.png (269 KB, 245x280)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
What's a good mid tier ($30-50k or so) car that also has back seats? Asking for a friend.
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Toyota gt86. You can fit a few man-children in there comfortably.
If you need back seats for real get a 3 series 340i will run the top end of your budget

If you need back seats for pretend then >>19298395
Audi S4
this, but unironically
There was no irony intended, S4 a gud and with OPs budget you could get a nice newer one with the supercharged V6.

pic related outperforms the ford gt and nissan gt-r.

sperg at this fact for my amusement
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File: IMG_1033.jpg (343 KB, 1536x1569)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
Hurr durr

Oh but looky here a fucking CAMARO will spank your R35 Nismo at VIR, Laguma Seca, and NCM... a fucking CAMARO you fucking loser trip fag.

>But muh Burgerkingring time
Fuck you for not knowing a damned thing about tracks or driving in real life

Quit posting this drivel you fucking retard.
File: 9101748_f520.jpg (34 KB, 520x390)
34 KB
>my thread is still up
>all them deleted replies n spergs

>implying any track but the nurburgring matters

lol sperg more GM cuckold
File: Scre].png (52 KB, 640x470)
52 KB

File: iu[1].jpg (68 KB, 700x525)
68 KB
You can have any car you want, and it will never break down. However you have to drive it for the rest of your life and you will never be able to have another car.

What car do you choose?
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Same for me.

Long travel suspension 4wd something.
I was actually going to buy one at one point. its not a bad car but in todays market, its just boomer garbage and that saddens me
But really? You can have any car in history and you choose a random Citroen you could buy quite easily?
FD or a twin rotor RX8.

Really the only choices.

Hey sup guys. So I just graduated high school and my dad said bought me a 2016 BMW M3 but I don't like it :/

I told him I wanted a newer one and he said it's the same thing. Is that true? I wanted the new 2019 M3 but this one is 3 years old.
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File: 1486144497639.png (53 KB, 244x185)
53 KB
>tfw my two moms only agreed to buy me a 2019 Tesla P100D
pretty bad bait
File: paw waw.jpg (32 KB, 425x259)
32 KB
my dad is going to build a wall on the border with mexico
File: busta.png (567 KB, 680x510)
567 KB
567 KB PNG
haha faggot. I had a brand new M8 in grade school haha

File: IMG_20180617_184000179.jpg (3.99 MB, 5344x4008)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB JPG
Anyone know what this white shit is? It's on the header, where it connects to the exhaust.
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oxidized aloominum
Could be magnesium, when installing thermocouples and other high heat components a coating of milk of magnesium will save you the heartache of components seizing or fusing. Like a washer for heat.
Well they are stainless steel so idk.
it's dandruff, pour some medicated shampoo in your fuel tank asap

File: ohshit.jpg (50 KB, 600x450)
50 KB
Been looking for a Miata for ages in Cincinnati, everythings shit and rusted.
This was just posted, I made an offer and got an appointment set. Is it happening guys? Thoughts?
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you're probably never gonna find a better deal OP, go for it
Who cares? You contribute literally nothing to the thread except to stroke your own cock about what kinda deal you got.
do it now
As someone that has dealt a lot with Miatas, I can confirm for you OP that this is a pretty fucking good deal.
2 time miata owner. This is a fucking steal!! Such low mileage and a hardtop!?! Bro miata are bullet proof this is the win of a lifetime.

Can a used BMW coupe (2010-2013) be found for 10-16,000?
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yes, definitely. look at the naturally aspirated 3.0L inline 6 3 series offered by BMW. the 328i for example, i believe 2013 was the last year they offered this engine configuration as a coupe. get it in manual with the RWD drivetrain. steering is fucking great. the chassis pretty good. interior luxuries etc are decent as well. that particular engine is hailed as really reliable. great engaging track car.
Find a hail damaged one.

Best post of the day
technology was a mistake lads.

the Unabomber was right.

>cant have dark tint
Land of the free btw
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NMfag here. Tint and a reflective sunscreen are essential here, even if you have light colors inside and out.
>window tint
Imagine being this retarded
If you find driving a car with window tint to be dangerous, you shouldn't have a license.
File: Giggle.png (490 KB, 449x401)
490 KB
490 KB PNG
>not getting tinted glass like a non-poor
Everyone who can afford things that I can’t is a nigger, fact.
what woman, saw this come out of her pussy and thought ill keep it'

File: three_viper_logos.jpg (26 KB, 500x264)
26 KB
The next gen Viper will be a supercharged V10 built on a Maserati platform.
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There will be no next gen Viper while the 8C exists. Also I doubt any modern Maserati platform could come close to what SRT can put together without the help of Ferrari
>mongoose car
>dodge mongoose
Even Nintendo commissions hentai artists these days
>Maserati platform.
Will they sell you a complimentary garage that it will permanently stay in?

File: latest-1.jpg (98 KB, 960x616)
98 KB
Did you guys buy your first cars or did your parents cover you? I bought my teenager an old 3 series stick shift & I'm paying for all the parts. Glad he gets to learn something & it's cheaper than Mom's idea of buying him a new honda, but on the flip side I think it'd be smarter to make him get a job and deal with maintenance costs himself. Or just let him enjoy the next two years? Because he'll definitely be independent by 18
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Thank you for you’re service
My parents were really poor so I worked at whataburger as much as I could and got a saturn ion.
It's 'your' you boot licking faggot.
Bike and a car, bike for commuting and car for when I move.
Jesus Christ bud, did you even read past that sentence?

Why is that everyone who owns (pic related) drives like an asshole?
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The real question is why wouldn't you expect drivers of these vehicles to be assholes? Just look at the fucking things.
triggered nerds
Sub-prime auto loans is what keeps Ram/Dodge alive. Sub-prime ownership correlates with terrible driving habits. Same reason Nissan drivers are shit too.
because they're all owned by americans and americans are assholes
The middle two posts you quoted are not wrong

File: tg fam1 v48.jpg (3.25 MB, 6336x5976)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB JPG
Toyota General
>the club edition

>Toyota, Lexus, Scion & Daihatsu questions
>Toyota, Lexus, Scion & Daihatsu blogfagging
>Toyota, Lexus, Scion & Daihatsu memes
>Toyota, Lexus, Scion & Daihatsu pics

>List of Toyota model codes

Sister Honda thread


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Are parts from a 2nd generation Toyota Supra bolt on to a 3rd generation Celica?
Ok maybe €3k. Try finding one from a irrigate seller
Some do
File: 20180617_221647.jpg (2.43 MB, 4032x3024)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB JPG
Posting my aw11 "blaze"
(Becuase it caught on fire on the first drive I had her :v ).
Rebuilt 16v and blacktop itbs.

File: IMG_0869.jpg (2.56 MB, 3264x2448)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB JPG
I'll be dumping some pics i took today at the Kansas speedway.
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Blue river road senpai
I made this thread and I just made a discord.

Better not wear any loose clothing while driving that lol

Is there such thing as any miracle-in-a-can type product that can literally reverse wear on car components?

Pic unrelated.
Just run thicker oil, shove a banana in your dif and sell it to Car Max.
Not really, no.

Can't undo physics.
>banana in your dif
Is this actually a thing?
Like the old egg in the radiator trick?
File: stock_car_races.jpg (159 KB, 800x450)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
I had a slight leak in my cooling system so I bought this stuff that you pour in which is meant to seal if from the inside, later that day my cam belt snapped because the water pump seized up, turned out the 'sealer' did nothing to fix the leak but instead turned into a thick gunge which clogged up the water pump impeller, so anyway when the belt broke the valves all hit the pistons so I had to rebuild the whole top end with new valves & seals & things, so using the magic fix stuff in a bottle approach ended up costing me weeks of time & £300 in new parts, I will never use automotive snake oil products again.
Banana peels, but yeah. If your dif is hooped and makes noise you can shove banana peels in it to quiet it down if you're a slimey juden trying to move units.

Are these batteries better or do they just look cool?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
only necessary if your running a big car audio system
I did that with an Interstate battery in my Civic as well.
If you have a phat sub setup, you might as well just get a dedicated battery for it instead of using a single overpriced one.
Everyone I know has been happy with them. They seem to last a long time but don't like to be charged quickly
This thing has been in my car 6 years, and no problems

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