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File: IMG_20180922_174937.jpg (2.38 MB, 4032x3016)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB JPG
Am I the only one who sometimes wear operator gloves while driving?

Makes me feel like some badass SEAL operator from Medal of Honor or those Sicario movies while also giving me much needed grip during maneuvers since the stock steering has little to no girth.
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File: Nathan.jpg (67 KB, 1183x879)
67 KB

>why wouldn't I want to increase my gripping abilities

Are there actually people out there that have a hard time holding the fucking steering wheel?

>twice now I've held a girl's hand while driving and she complimented me on my gloves. One even thanked me for wearing them.

Oh nevermind this is b8.
what are things that never happened alex?
unless you have a 60s sports car with a wooden wheel, you are a massive faggot and sound like a guy that wears fedoras.
>I've held a girl's hand while driving
I don't believe you
File: 1475134013_9256.jpg (200 KB, 800x800)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
K so clearly the reason my gloves get hate is because you jealous weebs get no pusy. How is it so hard to believe I've held a girls hand while driving? Not my fault girls love the glove.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.
File: pic for ants.png (24 KB, 200x202)
24 KB
I do, because when I'm driving my home togue, my hands get sweaty (I blame the steering wheel made out of leather) and I'm afraid they'll slip, resulting in a painful crash.

I binge-watched the series in one rainy Saturday afternoon sitting.

Definitely the best of this type of show.

What did you think?
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She talked like she knows about cars and I think we saw her taking off rocker arms on the engine they used for the bus. IDK, i was skeptical at first but I'd believe she knows what she's doing.
Some of the shows are alright. I thought Bojack Horseman was bretty good.
I did a 360 and left when I saw the chrome wrapped 66 thunderbird.

Fuck that.
Anyone with that awful of a taste in cars doesn’t get my time.
entretaining enough for a watch however some of the cars are fucking boomer tier disgusting in my opinion. The green and copper "black Widow" kit car was so disgusting id be embarassed to be seen in one and i own a 16 year old rattly shitbox
Color is easy enough to change , as much as I like mad max aesthetic , I think the VW bus was by far the worst thing they did

File: cc.jpg (75 KB, 800x450)
75 KB
Just transferred to a new office and they've given me a $35,000 cash budget to buy a new or CPO car with a few stipulations given that I'm in client-facing sales and do a lot of traveling.

- Has to look new, no huge dents, rust or peeling paint, etc
- Has to have clean title, no accidents
- Has to be 2015 or newer
- Has to have less than 50k miles on it
- Must be comfortable enough for an occasional passenger

What should I be looking at? The difference is added to my year end bonus if I hit my sales target.
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type r
If you are that frivolous then you are probably more hassle than your acciunt is worth.
Accord more than Civic. If he's picking up clients in a civic, then people are going to think the company is going through hard times.
Volvo S60/XC60
Mazda 3/6
Audi A3
Maserati Ghibli

File: 1534529238594.png (16 KB, 240x240)
16 KB
>Want to take the /Miatapill/
c-can I fit bros?
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Fucking manlet, try being 6'8"
Get an NC
go attack tokyo or something

yeah, you will. works well for me
Yes, although it’s a tight fit
t. 6’2” skelly with a first gen
You post like enough of a faggot to drive one so go ahead

File: LT Dan, You Got New Owner.jpg (1.68 MB, 5216x2934)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
/tfg/ - Truckerfag General

New truck, who dis edition.

Thinking about a CDL? Now's a good time to do it.

4 wheelers really wanna scratch up my new truck in SoCal.

Post experiences driving a truck, or any questions you have about the industry, and hopefully, we have answers for you.
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I hate all of you
It was on Page 8. Sue me.
How do you get out?
I'd imagine someone would have to call a wrecker with a powerful winch to get it out.
I am honestly unsure as to the answers for you. I am not an O/O, so I have no idea. You could give Swift or any company a call and see what they require you to do and how much they will accommodate you as well.
Get some planks m8

so i had my clutch and flywheel changed one my Nissan 350z today but now the car wont go into 5th or 6th gear what so ever its almost like they where never there any ideas what it could be very desperate cant find anything
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your clutch isn't fully disengaging. Bleed the clutch and if that doesn't work, replace master and s-... sorry, parent and child cylinders. If that doesn't work, adjust clutch pedal
Take your shit to a mechanic, and don't attempt repairs on your shit.
ah man thats a good point.
File: 1537580610979.jpg (70 KB, 470x470)
70 KB
what cunt
File: 1535554061338.jpg (55 KB, 1024x680)
55 KB

OP it soundss like you had a shop do it since disconnecting and reconnecting your shifter linkage is part of removing and installing a trans yet you have no idea what is going on. Just take it back to the shop and tell them to fix their shit. If for whatever reason you won't take it back to the shop, follow this guide.



It's just happening on fifth and sixth which sounds way more like a linkage issue than a clutch issue. A clutch issue would pop up between every gear and when taking off.

File: IMG_2490.jpg (1.7 MB, 4032x3024)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
This is my rally simulator big boy army keep driving off road rig!
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nice chair retard
he spent all money on this shitty wanna-be real experience so he had to borrow the chair from his granny.
Thats a nice rig OP, how much was your stand?
Is that a dd wheel, paired with a kitchen chair?
you better have a VR headset with that at least faggot
if you want to train rally I don't see why not just buy a $2000 rally-ready shitbox and go race on real tracks

File: 1535725549784.png (187 KB, 445x444)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
1. Daddy DeMuro
2. Jay Leno's Garage
3. Nico Rosberg
4. Tavarish
5. Cleetus McFarland
6. Matt Moran Motoring
7. Hoovie's Garage
8. Cars, Costs and Technology
9. The Smoking Tire
10. Vehicle Virgins


99999999. SCOTTY KILLme
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He looks retarded, though. 0/10 would not click.
He’s a fucking idiot and a failure at wrenching. Stop posting anytime, third worlder.
1. Scotty
2. Chrisfix
3. Shmee

Does anyone know what grill this is? 2011 GMC sierra. Looks like it's stock but I can't find what year/edition it is found on.
Wrong year but thanks anyways

File: doyoulikemycar.jpg (1.58 MB, 3024x3024)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
car rate thread, pr is my 87 starlet s
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File: file.png (784 KB, 540x960)
784 KB
784 KB PNG
My 92 Cabriolet.
File: Peugeot-306-gti6.jpg (694 KB, 2857x1865)
694 KB
694 KB JPG
tiny old 3 door thread?
where the French boys at
shame you got some one piece bbs
File: SS15.jpg (1.87 MB, 2000x1496)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG
back when you didn't need a jumping loicense

Is there anything that can power a Combustion Engine besides fossil fuels, or are we all fucked? I'd rather shoot myself than "drive" an autonomous mommymobile.
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NH3 runs into the same problems as NO2, there's a reason rocket scientists don't like using NO2 as an oxidizer. Nitrogen doesn't like giving up its bonds.
Any Hydrocarbon. From methane to septane to styrofoam can be produced artificially. What that means is you can still have your gasoline and diesel fuel without it being a fossil fuel. "Peak Oil" is a myth. What it truly is, is "Peak Cheap Oil." Even if we run out of oil in the ground we can still synthesize hydrocarbon fuels from other waste hydrocarbons (plastics for instance) or even our polluted air (that technology already exists). It just gets very expensive, so things like cargo ships will need to find another fuel source, while hobbyists will always be able to get their regular fuels. Electric is old news and modern electrics run into the same problem they had a century ago- lack of infrastructure and range. Hybrid electrics with built on generators and advanced public transportation is the future.
>hydrogen fuel cells

This is pushed by oil/gas industry since hydrogen is refined from gas and you still need whole distribution network, gas stations and what not.

There's so many drawbacks with that compared to batteries that no amount of money big oil pours into propaganda can fix it.

Charging tech will only get better and maybe with inductive strips built into major roads you'll never have to charge anyway.
I kinda wish personal cars will die out except for hobbyist and the like. Good public transport has always been a better option. Trackless trams/trolleys would be nice.
>mining industry for nickel and lithium doesn't have distribution networks for batteries
>Natural gas/coal won't be used for electricity production
>We'll just ignore the fact that today's batteries are hard to recycle and usually end up in landfill.

The electric motor is held back by the lack of innovation in batteries (except the lithium-ion). However, there might be a new hope for batteries called Solid-state.


File: cvc1.jpg (905 KB, 1200x900)
905 KB
905 KB JPG
Are these "good"?
108 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
the base model or st?
File: DbT8EuyU8AAm-S9.jpg (201 KB, 1200x900)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
>they have tons of recalls
>like what?
>This one and uh... Look up the rest! *shits on his anecdotes*

arguments don't work that way sweetie. you provide the claim. you provide the evidence to prove that claim. you even acknowledged you only have anecdotes to fall back on, which means you don't actually know shit
they r apparently great cars.. it's a shame I find their appeal to only work for the 16yr old version of my old self..
i have a tenth gen civic coupe and so far i really like it, good gas mileage, it might lack some power but its fun to toss on back roads with its handling



I mean, Hitler didn't have it entirely wrong. He just did it to the wrong people.
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

In the plus side, the bumper can double as a picnic table. This shit is basically an overlander in disguise. Move over, 80-series Landcruiser.
I offered 3k and a handjob
He know what he got
slit your wrists, that only applies to nu-Nissan
File: 1448259213383.jpg (32 KB, 604x604)
32 KB
>still cheaper than aus

File: Sanic 2018 HD Render.jpg (84 KB, 600x431)
84 KB
Just one week until the 8th annual New Jersey S/o/nic meet!

Saturday, September 29th
Meet at 1PM

The Sonic in Edison on Rt. 1
238 Lafayette Ave,
Edison, NJ 08837

Lunch hangout followed by a cruise to the drag strip for some /o/-tier racing. Wear pants and bring a helmet if you have one if you plan on racing.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
13 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
And then here's an example of how shit Fuji is at yellows/blues lol. I don't have any Kodak photos tho
File: 20180729_182900-01.jpg (1.34 MB, 2877x1700)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
Will be there will bells on
Won't be there this time, but I'll be at the next one with my Jeep
File: IMG_3960.jpg (2.2 MB, 4032x3024)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB JPG
I *might* be able to be there with this thing, but we'll see.
Hey fellow NJ /o/utists. I'm thinking of getting my car detailed before winter to help protect it against the elements. Is that a good idea or am I just wasting my time and money?

Any local detailing services you'd recommend? I'm in central NJ.

File: 2001 Toyata Celica.jpg (75 KB, 720x540)
75 KB
I'm going to Britain my junior year of college and I have no idea about British Driving laws, or if my American license will work overseas.

How do I register a car in the UK? How do I insure a car in the UK? Are there any laws to be aware of that differ from the USA?

pic related; car I'm planning to buy when I get there.
24 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

You have to get a U.K. licence within 12 months. Do it as soon as you can because odds are you will need lessons and probably fail at least once. There is a lot to learn, you may be surprised.

Insurance will be substantially cheaper with a U.K. licence.

You’ll spend a lot to do it.

Cost of the car, couple grand on insurance as a new driver, £100-200 in tax (yearly), MOT and maintenance (cars are emission and safety tested yearly, do you can’t really drive a clapped out banger), driving lessons, and testing. Not to mention parking permits.

If thethousands you will spend isnt a deturant then by all means do it.
>I’d avoid cash for other reasons
Like what? It's the cheaper way to buy
M8 there is absolutely nowhere to park in London, a car is only feasable at a rural university. If you want to explore the countryside you should rent something, or I'm sure someone here like me would be willing to go for a drive with you
Rent you absolute madman

It would actually be cheaper to rent a car for a month at a time than it would insuring, taxing and running a car in London.

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