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File: SS2.png (1.05 MB, 1329x880)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
Looking to change the name of the game. Want to get a shortlist of potential titles and then will create a poll.

New thread (with progress update) is coming next weekend. The game is to be revealed to the public next week.

Pic related is the modification system I've been working on, feedback is appreciated.
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Yes, a nice one.
what are liveries
File: 317.jpg (27 KB, 340x399)
27 KB

>still believing there aren't exceptions to apple's shitty platform
>ignoring all of the people out there who buy old ass mac pros and upgrade them
>ignoring all of the people out there with 5k imacs that are generally perfectly capable of running games <5 years old
>ignoring all of the people out there who require macs for work and don't have two machines to play on

Your game isn't demanding enough to require an amazing machine and if it is it's because you don't know how to optimize it. Don't be a fedora tipping elitist by ignoring the platform just because you don't like it, it isn't 2009 ffs
I'm not even the dev you fucking retard.
1999-2002 are objectively the best years.
22b, R34, peak performance RX-7, Evo 5-6 etc.

File: ocretard.jpg (70 KB, 601x508)
70 KB
All you guys are posting are slow pieces of shit...i can smoke the fuck out of these in my 1994 EG hatch with a couple of simple mods:
10 point cage with Parachute
3 piece discontinued JoJo frontend
spec-R full drag suspension
Fuel cell with -8 lines from tank to motor
1 044 bosch pump
1200 rc injectors
golden eagle sleeved block
cp 10:1 pistons
Eagle rods
arp headstuds
oem h22 headgasket
Balance shaft delete
competition clutch twin disc
Port and polished head

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
bro, I'll smoke the fuck out of that pos in my bb1 'lude
You never had the tuna in your face but I was.

File: kyoko.jpg (30 KB, 352x352)
30 KB
Are V6 mustangs REALLY that bad? I see some really nice looking manual New edge ones for sub 2k, even miata's in my area can't be found under $3k that aren't totally garbage.

Would a manual v6 be really that bad for the average person just driving around and doesn't hit the toegay every night?

>pic unrelated
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4 cylinder Ranger, you can put a turbo on it later
What makes you think that the S550 GT which is heavier and that accelerated slower than the Boss 302 is faster around a track?
>might as well
Das a bit of a stretch desu.
The npi has almost 100 tq over the v6. Are you trying to suggest that you cant feel the difference between 200tq ans 300tq?
>not even a cool car
no thanks
if I get a rotary it'd be an FC

It's 2017 lads, why haven't you installed this one simple mod yet?
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fuckin' cute
You have to refrigerate the fuel tank to keep it cold though. It's all just a wasted bottleneck.
>having a slave cam

Fuck off sam
>when the wagas green tea gets you high af

File: 1505403379598.png (129 KB, 314x278)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
Hey /o/ hope you're having a great day, I'd appreciate any feedback

>Sorry for the paragraph, recently my Toyota CAMRY 1995 has just about hit it's limit and I need a replacement vehicle. The car has been reliable little to no issues over the past 4-5 years until now, the car requires a timing belt replacement in the next few months but seemed to completely fuck itself last Monday (16th) I only just managed to get it to work and back home, Car cannot seem to keep itself cool and redlines the heat gauge, steam spews out roughly around where the coolant reservoir is I couldn't find the source.
>I had an NRMA mechanic go over it so I could make it home and was told the problem could either be a faulty water pump or the head gasket is leaking, I would need to take it to a mechanic at a shop to have a proper look at.
>Don't know if it's worth getting looked out but I'm spending money (comfortably) each day on a rental car (Kia CENTRO)..... I should be fine for now but seriously need to buy one soon.

I'm looking for a used car as I cannot afford brand new right now, I'm 26 work in retail and want to seriously enjoy/love my car this time.
I'll be honest I don't know what I want but would really appreciate suggestions as the urgency has me overwhelmed on even where to begin.

I would like to:
Spend roughly around $7,500 to $10,000 AUD (can push to 15k)

A car a rookie can work on and learn, I've been inspired by a few /o/ recommended youtubers such as Noriyaro and would really like to learn and grow a long side a car this time.

I like rice but only on respectable cars where it fits like (R34) but not required, anything "sporty"or nice will do.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Appreciate it I did manage to find a few around 16k on sale sites but I completely agree I won't have anything left over to work on the car with.

I want to work on it a little more, I know there's too much variety here. All day I've just been trying to research cars, would you recommend any places online I could look to get information?
don't forget the couple of simple mods:

10 point cage with Parachute
3 piece discontinued JoJo frontend
spec-R full drag suspension
Fuel cell with -8 lines from tank to motor
1 044 bosch pump
1200 rc injectors
golden eagle sleeved block
cp 10:1 pistons
Eagle rods
arp headstuds
oem h22 headgasket
Balance shaft delete

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>don't forget the couple of simple mods.
Fuck me that's more than a couple haha
File: 1495865297102.png (329 KB, 599x600)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
OP here i'll be going to sleep now for the next 7 and a half hours if the thread is still up I'll continue to post.
Thank you
File: honda_integra_type-s_22.jpg (392 KB, 1402x935)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
I've found this site quite useful when trying to find info on different cars: http://australiancar.reviews/reviews.php#!content=review&make=Honda&model=Integra&gen=387&pno=0
Only has info on aus delivered cars, but helps to find different trim levels and gives a basic overview. Your best bet will still just be googling cars you're interested in though.

From what you've said so far I'd recommend a Honda. Something like the DC5 Integra Type S. Easy to work on, good aftermarket support, and typical Honda reliability so you could daily it with no worries. Pretty comfy too. Not too far off in handling or speed to the Type R either.
If you want something newer and more comfy, also look at the FN2 Type R. Still pretty quick and handles well, but most people prefer the older models.

If you don't mind a more racey car, then look into the DC2, DC5 or EP3 Type Rs. They'll be a bit of a pain to drive everyday though, stiff suspension, lack of sound deadening, short gearing etc.

If you want rwd then ignore the above, but desu you can't go wrong with a Honda.

I have three reliable Japanese cars that cover the gamut from daily drivers, to family cars, to snow beater and dump runs.

I want something that is “slow car fast” and handles well. Must have a decent to good manual gearbox. Light weight. Flat, Tossable handling. A flexible, linear power-band, decent looks, semi user serviceable, and cost $12k or less for an example that is rust free and in superior cosmetic condition to typical examples so that I can keep up on the exterior.

How is the mini r53? Looking at ads online in my price range for 2005ish cars with the original supercharged motor that are in my price range. Some even appear to have “tasteful” performance mods. Many include the JCW package.

I’ve heard that these are shit, but would expect that any left on the road in good condition have been well sorted.

I just want something to bang around corners in the hills of New England on the weekends.

Also considering similar condition and vintage IS300, Miata, prelude SH.
Working on those cars is a pain because everything is so cramped.
Think of it this way it's a BMW with no positive factors except good handling because it's wide with short wheelbase.


Are the second and third gen cars any better in terms of DIY?
File: MINI-69-2023TS-3.jpg (183 KB, 600x400)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
>pic related 2010s cooper s, some genius put a "cold" air intake near the exhaust
Looks awful desu.

First gen is likely to be the best if you really want that Cooper though.
They are a lot of fun to drive and handle really well. They also dominate autocross if you're into that sort of faggotry due to having such a ridiculously short wheelbase and good gearing for low speed hoonage.

Not so fun to work on, but that's gonna be the case with anything that small so it's whatever.

File: generateimage.php.png (10 KB, 1268x274)
10 KB
Where can I buy those?

File: HyundaiElantraGTSport2018.jpg (1.73 MB, 2048x1360)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG
cuck me on the Elantra GT Sport

>one of the cheapest in it's class
>hyundai warranty
>no stupid gimmicks in the interior
>good sound for a turbo 4
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I have test driven it.

It's not worth the price tag. For it to be worth the price tag, new, it should be 23k.
For anything German, maint can be as cheap as a Toyota if you do it regularly. When shit breaks, when any part no matter how small, large, vital or frivolous, replacement parts are expensive as hell.
Bad resale value.
>At least there the price tag makes sense
What, more money for the exact same car?
>retarded blatherings
Cool man


Is this a good deal? Restoring oxidized headlight is ezpz, already have all the supplements recommended by ChrisFix.
290 replies and 83 images omitted. Click here to view.
I meant it's not even worth it to me.
File: 1508131548900.jpg (110 KB, 900x906)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Also curious
A tisket a tasket this kid's afraid of gaskets
Check under hood, blown, get repair bills blasted
File: IMG_2726.png (779 KB, 750x1334)
779 KB
779 KB PNG
>Tfw driving V6 2014 with 20k miles
>want dat V8
>no good deals ANYWHERE except for sketchy rebuilds
This car is at 70k miles...and corpus. Almost guaranteed rust I would imagine. Fucking a.
Give up and SC what I have ?
I forgot to include the link; https://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/cto/d/2007-volkswagen-gti-20-turbo/6338527348.html

File: IMG_20171018_102920.jpg (2.03 MB, 4160x3120)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG
Anybody know what this is? I've been cleaning out my parents basement, and I think it's an automotive tool, it was with motorcycle parts.
I already tried googling it, and I can't seem to get a good enough description to figure it out.
thread file
It's a thread file.
It files threads.
Looks like an early medieval dildo. Ribbed for her pleasure.
This won't hurt a bit, M'Lady
Thank you, I'm not tool savvy and I appreciate the help.

File: 2011-Lexus-GX-460-1.jpg (30 KB, 400x250)
30 KB
Hey guys, looking for some input. I know my way around cars, but not so much about trucks.

Long story short, I'm looking for something enclosed, with AWD, and a V8 so I can reliably travel with my family and a travel trailer. Max Budget is $25,000.

Right now these are the trucks I'm considering...

2006 4Runner V8 AWD
2010ish Suburban 5.3L AWD
2011 GX460
5.3L AWD Tahoe

My main priorities are reliability, large cargo space for my kids and 2 dogs, and safety.

I'm open to any other trucks and opinions. Anything Ford is not an option though. Thanks in advance.
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Way overpriced. What is the point of the sequoia and land cruiser to both exist?
sequoia is bigger
lc is more up-marketed
you really get what you pay for in the lc,they don't depreciate as hard as other luxury suvs and they're tanks
You want the gx460

Just keep up on the 100k mile timing belt intervals.

The 4 runner has a better rear hatch design by far, but the lex makes up for it in comfort and capability.

Hard to find a V8 4Runner without a billion miles on it.
File: gx.png (1.81 MB, 1365x797)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
GX is best
usually thousands less than an equivalently mileaged and maintenanced 4runner
and its got more tech and comforts
funny though that the previous 470 looks way nicer inside and out imo
the 460 has the better engine and mpgs though
Ok cool thanks guys. The GX seems like a really good deal for the money. Not sure why their resale is so terrible though?

Sup o
I recently tinted my 07 prius, pic related, that's my car.

What are some mods worth doing to make it look better. Not talking about bullshit like plastidip. Something I was thinking is touching up the black parts of the car to make the silver pop.

Anything welcome
13 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Jesus you fucks make me laff.

How is that no money and shit tons of mileage on your faggot ass car treating u
File: 9KhCMjB.png (689 KB, 1065x764)
689 KB
689 KB PNG
Not OP but another anon with a Prius. Considering the running costs of a Prius, it doesn't take much at all to turn a profit driving for uber / lyft/ whatever.

Milage is also no issue. They're used as Taxi's for a reason. As far as maintenance goes, oil changes and tire rotations are about all they'll demand of you.

You can have fun making no power until redline, we'll have fun with our nearly maintenance free DDs that save us money so we can dump it into other projects.
>faggot ass
>walk to your nearest dealership and BUY A REAL CAR!
>car into the ground
>faggot ass car
Amazed that one car model can trigger so many children. Actual car people appreciate the engineering and have fun with it.
Pretty much, most people who've hated prii changed their minds after driving one for a while. They're great DDs. Comfy af.
Chassis mount rear wing

File: fuckinggenius.jpg (39 KB, 522x303)
39 KB
In a turbo car, could you redirect the air coming out of the blow off valve when closed throttle into the turbine wheel of the turbocharger to reduce lag? pic related

Can you use that pressurized air to feed the turbo and avoid lag when closing the throttle? Is it possible?

if so what is it like. if not, why not, am i retarded?
39 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Blow off valves are gay anyway. VGT or bust.
Fuck off Volvo.
File: 1506411230082.png (50 KB, 645x729)
50 KB

>reduce lag

>shorter/correct diameter piping
>turbo sized properly for engine
>correct intercooler size for hp goals
>ball bearing twin scroll turbo
>equal length exhaust runners
>open downpipe
>what is lag

File: KkqwJ75.jpg (342 KB, 1260x1782)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
>not driving a Honda or a Toyota
7 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
...no shit?
Dad bought an E39 528i wagon in 2000. It has 170,000 miles on it. Only thing to fuck up on it has been control arms which we replaced upon pitting and a water pump.

We bought a Passat 1.8t in 2014 and have been road tripping it from San Diego to Portland monthly. 111,000 and literally nothing wrong with it. Yet.
File: wallpaper.png (2.96 MB, 1920x1080)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB PNG

> not driving a 4x4 SUV and dumping thousands of dollars into it to make it a drift machine that performs better than stock sports cars

i shiggily diggily
>Dad has 07 Forester
>Put 400k on it
>Still works fine
...except for the AC and wiper blades, but he has this weird curse where he can't have working AC or wiper blades.
I think you mean
>not rolling into crowds of other people's children while protecting your own

Chevy's Aussie cousin is far superior. You've never truely driven until you've driven a Commodore..
39 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
The crown Vic ended because it couldn't pass the US safety standards in 2012
getting fuckin smashed cunt. you better take that shitpile to the motorplex.

but muh body on frame?
I never purchased a Holden because they never made a good turbo car

I don’t even care my ford has an Australian ford engine either, I just like well made shit

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