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File: s4.png (2.74 MB, 1920x1080)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB PNG
When playing The Sims, do you build something realistic or do you just do whatever?
What themes do you use?
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best clothes
>share mod folder in thiese threads
>see screenshots of all the slut clothes I downloaded
Take my advice on the house building; start by building extensions to existing houses. It's good practice since you'll have to build off what's already there and make it fit.
File: 07-18-18_5-29-19 PM.png (239 KB, 1600x900)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
File: 3368.gif (875 KB, 250x231)
875 KB
875 KB GIF

File: c0.jpg (182 KB, 800x450)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
I'm thinking about getting Skyrim Special Edition mainly for the already included DLCs(never played any of them, only the base game)

Is it worth it?
If you can get the base game with all DLCs at an equal, or lesser price than the Special Edition, go for the base game.
Special Edition has less mods and needs specific ones tailored for it, and the only thing it really brings to the table, is water textures
Special edition has better performance and engine stability. All the most useful mods from the base game have been ported. You're just spreading uninformed bullshit.

File: 1531980575769.jpg (381 KB, 1570x960)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
How does this happen?
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Trigger Happy’s guns shoot golden discs, FYI.
No reason not to do something similar for the gnorcs then, instead of making such a drastic change.
Based "Spyrofags acting more autistic then retro Sonicfags" poster.
Yeah, fair. Honestly, I own 1 and 2 of Spyro still so these remakes don’t take anything away from me. 3 games is a lot of content to update and remake and it seems like they are being rushed. There’s gonna be good updates and bad updates. We’re gonna have to take it or leave it.

File: 1531112087663.jpg (139 KB, 850x1353)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Tressa Huntress is best wolf girl!

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>get into battles
>Have Primrose and Therion spam bewildering grace
>still no 100x EXP
Gimme it
This is my plan to get the other characters up to speed with my main party. My dream is to get it to happen with a Cait around.
It hurts you more than help usually, but JP multipliers seem to be more common at least
>*mouth gasp*
>you can make THAT much?

>make a few bland hallway environments
>ctrl+V ctrl+V ctrl+V ctrl+V ctrl+V ctrl+V...
>throw in a couple vehicles segments that last 5 minutes
Here's your game bro.
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There's that map that's just one circular room with a few corridors on the ground floor. Also that other map that was just one big room with corridors and bridges and had a rocket launcher. Absolute fucking nightmare with the non stop grenade spamming, rockets and pistols.
Two whole maps.
They never blow up tho
File: golden kek 11_2.png (17 KB, 462x414)
17 KB
>mentioning "aim assist" like it's a good thing
The absolute state of summerfags
aim assist is essential for console shooters

File: 1525691108573.jpg (35 KB, 473x473)
35 KB
>play game as young kid
>think its the hardest, greatest game
>play it as adult
>realize it actually sucks

What game came to mind? Dark Cloud 2 for me
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The challenges in Timesplitters, i cant believe i got angry at those
this is the cure for boomers
I remember liking that Bug's Life tie-in a lot when I was a kid.
I'm a 28 year old boomer that didn't play a ton of games back then but i played a myriad of retro games in the last 8-9 years,i firmly believe that older games are much better than newer ones.
File: Wurst.jpg (136 KB, 739x661)
136 KB
136 KB JPG

File: Andy4Smash.gif (3.46 MB, 475x317)
3.46 MB
3.46 MB GIF
What are you looking forward too?

>Forgotten Strategists
>Story mode
>Board the Platforms

Will Custom Robo ever come back?
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This. I'd take a Battalion wars rep that fights similar to Fat Princess in PSASBR over whichever trash CO people would want.
Karate Joe's gimmick would be 10x better suited to a Mario RPG rep, prove me wrong.

He's all about timing hits, but he's still a guy who punches. Timing hits for Smash attacks or specials to do extra damage seems much more appropriate for Geno, Fawful, Paper Mario, etc, etc.
Reggie say this every year
Is not happening
Patrician taste
>Posting Castle Rock when the best example is Gloo Gloo

Just playing games
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t.actual homosexual
Real shit here
Jaguar is hilarious. His music is pretty much uniformly terrible, but his TV appearances where he shows off his space ships and assorted gadgets from his home planet are straight comedy gold, he sticks to his character so obstinately.
File: 1523603883249.jpg (96 KB, 627x478)
96 KB
Mah negro

I bet you kiss girls, you fucking faggot.

File: 1531929121198.png (418 KB, 1084x1251)
418 KB
418 KB PNG
Why does /v/ hate elves. They're superior and even purer than humans
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At least it's not rape.
god i wish that were me
File: Tame_020.jpg (513 KB, 1200x1695)
513 KB
513 KB JPG
Oh, it can start with rape. But then these human women just can't live without the orc cock.
File: elves.jpg (103 KB, 950x1335)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
File: 13578351.jpg (70 KB, 398x602)
70 KB

File: octopath.jpg (307 KB, 964x740)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
What went right?
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>changing the setup
>still not in the real range of the game
Why have no option for end game exp share when end game leveling absolutely sucks ass. I have three characters in the 70s, 1 in the 60s, and the rest in the 40s. And to stand a chance at the final boss you need everyone atleast 70.
Oh, and for this Melee build, get the "recover SP by using regular attacks" whatever it's called from Alfyn as passive 4 if you want them to regen easily.
File: cyrus.jpg (191 KB, 960x1280)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
Remember his name for when you play Ophelia Ch 2...

File: index.jpg (16 KB, 259x194)
16 KB
Its not coming, is it?
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Animal Crossing is the kind of title you would put out in 2020 a week or two before the PS5 launches in japan to fuck with sony
Just play the mobile phone one goys
Ah yes that's why we have all the series coming back like Pik. In and F ZERO, don't forget that new Star Fox game!

Face it, if it isn't Mario Zelda or Pokemon theres a very real chance Nintendo will abandon it
Screencap this. it's not happening
It was a bit bland at launch, slowly got better with updates, then they finally added lootbox shit which is when I stopped

File: e0088742_15581139.jpg (151 KB, 512x384)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
New Touhou game!
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File: 1525991693442.png (65 KB, 400x325)
65 KB
I just want my Fairy Wars 2
Based Bowl-loli posters.
File: 1464329247993.jpg (96 KB, 539x461)
96 KB
please ZUN make it happen
Why not with the ghosts, the ones who canonically HAVE infiltrated the Lunar Capital?
Because Junko actually wants to do it to shank Chang'e or something

File: mgt.jpg (18 KB, 200x277)
18 KB
Got 4 beta keys for MTG Arena will post 1 code every 5 min starting now
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MTGA is doing a stress test and gave every beta tester 5 keys for free distribution IIRC
*Casts disallow*


He's banned, anon.
File: 1497232390323.jpg (119 KB, 630x630)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
I have some codes if anyones still interested

File: rem.jpg (129 KB, 1342x910)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
fucking press S to spit on microshit. They cancel everything, delay games by decades and just outright refuse to even entertain the idea of sequels to the few games where they own the IP.

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File: 1433152557214.jpg (70 KB, 500x750)
70 KB
Those things are great too. Why do you hate fun?
and since they're not here to call you a faggot i guess i have to
im civilised
why would my ancestors call me a bundle of sticks?
I had the impression that Remedy themselves didn't want to deal with sequels anyway, they made Max Payne 2 reluctantly due to publisher pressure.
Quantum Break was garbage though. Fuck them for no more AW however

File: Img207805_l.png (36 KB, 183x426)
36 KB
Arle Nadja for Smash Ultimate!

Who is Arle Nadja and why should she be on the roster?!
>first appeared in 1989, so she would be pretty early in a chronological order game mode (like All Star in Smash 4)
>genre-jumper! She started off in a dungeon crawler JRPG before moving into the puzzle genre with Puyo Puyo, where she remains to this day
>has magic spells: fire, ice storm, diacuto, braindumbed, jugemo, bayoeeeen! (Each more powerful than the last)
>has a silly and tomboyish personality
>is from a puzzle game, Smash currently has no puzzle representatives besides Dr. Mario, despite having puzzle franchise items like Lip's Stick (the flower that saps health)
>so many people copied her game Puyo Puyo! Such as, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Kirby's Avalanche, Candy Crisis, and Qwirks
>is cute
>is always getting hit on by Satan
>birthday is July 22nd! only three more days until her birthday, wow!
>seriously stop fucking saying Puyo Puyo is "ringo's" franchise/game it's not and it never will be
>I would be okay with Amitie but she's kind of just Arle with ADHD and 20 or so less IQ points
>please post nice things about Arle and bump my thread
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Krystal playable in Smash!
We don't need brainlets for smash
>"What is this thing? Another Kirby character?"
File: bookhitter.gif (73 KB, 574x320)
73 KB
Don't bully Amitie, she tries her hardest.
>”Let’s ignore the true mascot because I wanna put my peepee in a girly”

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