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Boy does this game make you feel wrong for choosing the Order especially in chapter 4 and 5. Are the Scoi'tel any better?
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File: Gandalf_Laugh.gif (607 KB, 400x200)
607 KB
607 KB GIF
Siegfried going full Ben Garrison really pissed me off tbqh. in the sequel too
the game makes you feel wrong for choosing anything, that's point
>Are the Scoi'tel any better
They're terrorists who want to kill all humans. What do you think?

No, and that's the point.
File: 1504674026891.jpg (495 KB, 1600x1036)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
>not playing true neutral and avoid getting involved in that shit as much as humanly possible

File: It's gonna rain.jpg (36 KB, 500x373)
36 KB
Risk of rain.
It's saturday.
Happy Saint Patrick's day everyone.
Host when
RoR 2 when
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fuck off drunk slavnigger, I AM getting it and there's nothing you can do
>drunk slavnigger
File: 1494978172365.png (124 KB, 1052x622)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
lobby ded?
we wiped so hard we CRASHED with no survivors.


File: KrystalAdventures.png (275 KB, 685x685)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
ITT: Things that ruined a series.

This bitch.
-Poorly shoe-horned in love interest
-Fucking one dimensional
-Attracted hordes of furfags to the franchise
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I'm so fucking sick of cheating/NTR in furry porn. Maid Marian loves Robin Hood, and Krystal loves Fox.
And Rouge love Tails.
Also Vanilla
my absolute nigger
But Krystal loves me
Why do people act like furry shit is high on the degeneracy scale when there are people who want to fuck aliens and other shit that's far more removed from the human form than say Krystal?

File: Steam.jpg (77 KB, 534x737)
77 KB
Why are the most popular games so lame?
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If you pay for digital distribution you are actively harming the medium for the true fans such as myself.
I wish it didn't have such terrible aesthetics. I might try it if it didn't have the same sterile bright colored visual style as Cities Skylines.
youre a fucking idiot because without digital distribution we wouldnt even see low budget games
Winning? Arguing with a nobody on the internet has no possibility of ending on a win for either party. Since it has absolutely no point whatsoever. Not that has any place here anyway as there has been no argument. You posted a list of popular games and proceeded to call them lame, and claim your taste is superior. I then asked you to provide a list of games you deem superior, which you failed to do. This opened you up to ridicule. Not to mention failure to provide said list shows you're either embarassed by your own taste in games, or embarassed of what others may think. Further ridicule ensues.

I had no intention of making fun of your list as I genuinely don't care what you choose to play. Notice I never stated which of those games I deem lame or good? Because I don't care what others think of my taste in games. Which is something clearly more important to you, since you felt the need to point out a list of games that are lame to you, and showing everyone you have a different taste in games, before failing to provide said list.

Tell you what. After posting this, I'll hang around to see your reply to the end, and then leave never to return, with lots of frustration at the mean words the nasty anon said to me, while you go away with a big beaming grin at your "Win" and a nice hot cup of Soy.

Not the same anon, but that's all video games in general.

File: Freedom_Wars_cover.jpg (111 KB, 250x320)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Sequel never

What a fucking waste
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File: 2017-07-28-125934.jpg (103 KB, 960x544)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
We free now
Nullify Roars
Were all of them technically free? None of these helmet wearing guys had numbers over them.
The high up circle of Fraternity is made up of free citizens, but the ones with the white suits are sinners like everyone else iirc.
The Fraternity is a smuggling society so it was obvious that the core members were free citizens, otherwise they would never had access to that kind of resources, love their suits.
File: 1520587372775.jpg (151 KB, 724x360)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
I miss it but not the crafting and upgrading. Shit took actual days to finish.
>tfw animal abductors didn't come with attachments beyond barriers.

File: dota 2.jpg (16 KB, 390x390)
16 KB
thoughts on Dota 2?
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hopefully dead soon
Well, in HotS you "carry" by just outright being better than the other 9 players in the match by such a huge amount that you beat their ass by sheer overpowering. In Dota and League you just get items, pick a carry hero and you're now carrying. Different kind of games completely, but it is a completely different dynamic having to have the majority of your team on the same wavelength in order to do cool plays.
What fucked up Dota 2:
Rubberband gold
Talents that makes supports too good on late game, instead of being key enablers for the carry.
Supports getting free everything.
All team compositions being pretty much the same, instead of being able to make interesting compositions to take advantage of an slow enemy team by finishing the game in literally 20 minutes.
dota dying wont revive starcraft anon, im sorry.
File: 1521256791216.png (236 KB, 368x469)
236 KB
236 KB PNG

File: cod2.png (666 KB, 755x558)
666 KB
666 KB PNG
Why the fuck is this allowed? It's Saint Patrick's Day. Show some fucking respect you wankers.
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Because that doesn't fit with the Marxist agenda of the matter of White supremacy. White people are a unified bloc that all behave exactly the same and all have the same history.
The hate on orish is still present though. /pol/ even hates them and considers them not white and so does the rest of the world. The only reason they aren't being enslaved and killed is because fucking laws had to be enacted directly for irish people.
I'm glad you asked:
Most of the hate for Irish stems from WASPy types.
the druids were closer to the philosophers of ancient greece than the average modern day hick
main difference though is that the druids never wrote their shit down

>Sonic Mania 1 has Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Ray, and Mighty
>SM2 adds Amy, Nack, and Metal
>SM3 adds Chaotix
>all three games can "lock on" with each other

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I still remember being so confused in the SA1 pinball thing when i saw that
For anyone interested in watching/re-watching yesterday's panel:

https://www.twitch tv/videos/239466892##
There's almost no point with no sound :(
File: u.jpg (32 KB, 720x736)
32 KB
Oh thank you, I just saw the message about muted and didn't hear anything at the start but seems much of it is still watchable

File: 20180317_223158.jpg (2.39 MB, 1960x2589)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB JPG
Do you guys eat while playing video games?
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What is uneeded? If you think its the bread your wrong becuase while the gluten is the worst part about this picture,everything else has nutritional value.
>eating food anywhere near battlestation
>no tomato
>Americans cooking for themselves

What a great joke m8 most Americans can bearly make themselves a grilled cheese much less actually cook somthing.

File: MVCI+logo.jpg (52 KB, 498x294)
52 KB
All those months of DLC characters they had planned out, are they even going to bother releasing them anymore or is this game truly dead?
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based didney
Why is this an image when he couldn't even qualify?
It's always Disney.
>C-Capcom can do no wrong
>It's the evil Disney conspiracy
This is why i'm glad you fuckers got what you deserve
Because Disney is loaded and they don't give a fuck. They're also tight as fuck with their IPs, enough for them to outright buyout Fox partially for the remaining Marvel IPs.

Disney is a Hollywood beast and nothing about Hollywood is acceptable.

File: 0x0250000000000F4A.jpg (221 KB, 715x576)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
puppies or eggs?
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: hallaboratory.png (8 KB, 413x322)
8 KB
Fortune cookies.
File: zajxuu.png (151 KB, 779x420)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
File: 20180318_090914.jpg (2.73 MB, 4128x2322)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB JPG
From Planet Robobot, it's called Dream Hatcher.
You can't hatch puppies, but you can hatch eggs.
Huh, would you look at that

What was the last pokemon game that you enjoyed playing?
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I enjoyed Sun and Moon.

Before then, Ruby and Sapphire.
File: 1492648844899.jpg (88 KB, 720x1280)
88 KB
Black 2. Every Pokemon game after that became soulless and boring.
File: pokemon.png (1.47 MB, 2372x1236)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
Ur mom gay
I can't believe Lana is dead

Holy shit

File: 2018-03-17_21-08-50.jpg (579 KB, 1372x773)
579 KB
579 KB JPG
I tried the first game a while back but couldnt get into it. I had no idea why things were happening or what consequences my choices actually had.

File: the straw.jpg (13 KB, 233x204)
13 KB
>If you kill him, you'll be just like him!
31 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
The dude has almost killed people in said car multiple times and once she is gone he's going to snap.

I'm retarded myself but in no way as bad as him. Only the lowest of the low are like him. He's slightly above Nick Bate but still low tier since he hasn't been convicted of a major offense to affect his prospects.
Will Chris celebrate Sonichu''s birthday?
File: cwcsonichuversary.png (360 KB, 518x553)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
Of course.
That's good to know.

Should i buy a switch for this game? Loved XC1 yet ive never looked into this one and heard good things about it.
24 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
way more anime, lots of dumb tropes
The nopon party member is worse than Riki, but way better than the potato in X.
The world and exploration is better than 1 but worse than X.
The characters are much better, the romance much better.
The voice acting much worse.
The plot is about the same, but less plot focused and twist centered, really is about the characters. As a result the final boss is someone who feels less hype to fight, but is also a much more well rounded character.

Combat is better, but it also takes longer to get going (15 hours before the tutorials stop).

There is some serious lack of QOL design decisions which puts you into the menus way more than you should have to go, sometimes for shit that makes absolutely no sense and is just menu busy work. (Field Skills, I'm looking at you)

It is a great game, but it has flaws.

If you get a switch, grab Zelda and Mario too.
>The nopon party member is worse than Riki

I wish more games used a wide angle fish-eye effect like OPs pic.

Conventional perspectives feel so restricting

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