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We told you it was gonna be big and you didn’t want to listen. We just made it to 1000 eth in pot. What’re you waiting for? http://Fomo3D.io
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bloody hell, I just reinvested and now I've got the same amount in my vault to reinvest again. This is too much work lololololol
what the fuck is this normie shitcoin?
pajeets btfo
File: fomocat.gif (1.16 MB, 350x300)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB GIF
File: fomologgooo.png (125 KB, 510x479)
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125 KB PNG
He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.
Proverbs 18:13

Even the Bible says you should research this project guys.
When did you get in?

File: 1532002499220.jpg (157 KB, 1838x2048)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
>once Lightning Network is finished the institutional money will pump Bitcoin to $100.000
>we are the early adopters

File: 1531762333974.jpg (217 KB, 696x703)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
the flippening begins again
Shitcoin of all shitcoins
Don’t be mad, corecuck. You sold at $350, time to let go.

File: asahiprimerich.jpg (66 KB, 600x800)
66 KB
Do you always purchase your alcohol from the same store or do you cycle them not to seem like an alcoholic?

I'm not sure if going to the same store twice in the same day is worth the discount points.
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I cycle, I don't want them to know that I'm an alcoholic.
they’re a liquor store. it’s honestly more sad that you give a fuck what they think than it is that you’re an alcoholic (and that is pretty fucking sad). try having some self control you fucking barnyard animal
Why the fuck would I care what the store thinks?
wife worked at a convienece store in college. said the alcoholics would always come multiple times per day to buy a single tall beer can or malt liquor
why do you alcoholics buy single drinks like this over and over? when i buy beer i buy a 6,12 or 30 pack or i buy one or more entire bottles of whiskey at a time etc.
Those tend to be bums, or poor people rummaging for change

File: 1485703267875.jpg (21 KB, 400x400)
21 KB
Anyone here over 40 years old? How does it feel that more than half your life is already over?
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Post ugly flat chested wife
50? Dang, when did you start lurking
On the other hand, if you survive the culling the access to anti aging medicine will be that much more probable.
I’d want to die if population density gets any greater than it is.
you could fit the entire world population in a tiny fraction of the grand canyon. Vsauce has a video on that.

Ofc you need land to produce food to sustain that population and every person still needs space for themselves but the problem is blown way out of proportion.

File: dero2022.png (234 KB, 622x494)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
For the Dero fuders that do not understand yet, I would like a number 5 with extra dip and a large soda please

File: 1527531199885.jpg (322 KB, 1784x1140)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
> low mcap
> flawless mainnet launch
> staking rewards every 10 min
Why is nobody talking bout it on / biz/ i thought this board is about making money and not missing opportunities
What coin?

avg volume 1$ Billion Daily,
100K Coni -> 4873.34$
1 CONI = 0.1$
what are you waiting for ?
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File: 25624572111.png (90 KB, 474x711)
90 KB
>undervalued scam
i warned you fuckers
File: kucoinqr.jpg (24 KB, 226x214)
24 KB
the only real exchange tokens are bnb, kcs and coss (lol) the rest are china hustle fake volume scams, that's why people have to shill to hopefully fund the ponzi they just got themselves stuck in.
your asshole is really bored when you shit with your ugly mouth all day.

coss has volume of 1 million. most of it coss token
kucoin has volume of 30 million. most of kucoin
binance has popularity whyever but also a china hustle fake exchange according to your retarded definition and their shitcoin not even give dividends.

and fake volume argument is shit anyway for exchanges paying dividends because it would cost them millions.
File: i2rEgEvoEoQ.jpg (50 KB, 571x842)
50 KB
>tfw won't be able to get rid of it before 23rd

File: 1514090798501s.jpg (8 KB, 250x230)
8 KB
i just sold my stack, its going down r-right biz?
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Selling a bull trap would be a good thing, you meant to say bear trap
Selling a bull trap is a good move...
the brainlet meant beartrap.
The absolute state
Typical high quality Biz advise.
Nice desu

File: 1510268433211.jpg (139 KB, 880x587)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
I don't know what to feel. My portfolio was worth 160k$ last december, right now it's 11k. (thanks req)

Whatever, question is: What do you think will happen with btc? Bull run at the end of the year?
Maybe next year? unlikely at all? Shitcoins rising eoy or turning to dust when btc doesnt reach its ath this or next year?

File: icon.jpg (33 KB, 792x446)
33 KB
Some faggot said that there was going to be a huge catalyst, and that info would be leaked soon, or announced soon.

Where are you faggot and why did you lie to us
I'm not him, but this is their recent statement from the Beyond Blocks conference
>Kim said that we would see a token-based service in the real-world very soon. He said “Recent developments of cryptocurrency-based services usable by consumers have given impetus to the business world,” and that “In the case of ICON, they will be releasing a Dapp platform, which can be used to use the ICON platform as early as August.”
Okay but didnt they also say half the shit they were going to release would come out half a year ago
They said ICO platform in April, so yeah. I hope they follow through this time, I'm tired of getting gooked and my bags are heavy.

File: 1vf5Gjjt_400x400.jpg (26 KB, 400x400)
26 KB
Does anybody know this project? Team looks good but just on IDEX and cant find enough infos about the roadmap.
Isn't one of the founders working on ISO standards for blockchain and DLT?
Yeah Gilbert. What you want to know op?

I did this ICO, not much info but really doesn't come across as a scam due to Gilbert's history.

Put a little something in and figured this is worth the gamble. Could be absolutely huge. They're in with HSBC and Barclays.
Also this is only the second time I've seen this project mentioned here. The other day someone posted a picture of Gilbert with some gibberish under it.

File: qIe7gmr.jpg (83 KB, 498x960)
83 KB
what is the minimum amount of money needed to be happy
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With 300k in SPY (s & p) you can retire in a medium-small city in Eastern Europe and live quite well.
>Am aiming for around 10 milions

How about you try to get just 1 million, anon.. you know, baby steps
I'm aiming for 200k this year. One step at a time.
>seriously suggesting to take amphetamines and study something even worse than crypto
wew lad
Seeking happiness is completely batshit insane and retarded.
What you should seek is to lessen, prepare for and avoid tragedies you worthless cunty nigger.

Do you even understand a single thing about the brain's workings you diseased snake ?

File: u funny.jpg (41 KB, 640x633)
41 KB
Imagine getting biz advice from a [insert name please] forum.
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Imagine being unable to DYOR.
You guys come up with the craziest name for this board, when you reply sarcastically to someone like here >>10330201
Other names I heard was Vietnamese basket weaving forum, etc

Wanted to see what other names you call /biz
r/wallstreetbets feels like biz did in december
stock market crash this month
>Vietnamese basket weaving forum,
Lol vietnamese here and why da fuck do biz got called like that
Imagine buying link at 20 cents and waking up and it’s worth $3

File: 1516059340050.png (437 KB, 5186x2029)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
Can we talk about anything OTHER THAN crypto?
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Make a thread about what you want to talk, instead of whining about other poeple discussing the gretest economic opportunity of our time

I, for one, liked frugal threads, but they became repetitive
>shower at the gym to save water!
>pee in the sink!
There's a stock market general but it's infested with clueless tripfags blogposting about their lives and their penny stock scams.
No. Crypto is hot because it's exciting, has the biggest roi, and is clearly where the future is going. KYS boomer.
Your mom's vagina is huge tho tasty if you like kombucha
don't listen to the faggot, /biz/ was always cryptos and was created to get crypto talk off /g/ cuz the g faggots kept complaining to moot. during the 14-15 bear market crypto talk died down a little and there was a lot of drop shipping threads and questions on how to create porn sites for income.

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