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File: IMG_1055.jpg (63 KB, 600x600)
63 KB
Canadians and Americans Hop on in. Lets just get into a big group and circlejerk until we get powerful enough to start shitting on other countries who try to ruin it. Unless they ruin it at first. That I can't prevent.
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You're closer, your problem. I ain't got shit against them, you do whatever you want to em.
Going to Canada next week.
Mexico and Canada have a weird relationship, there's a lot of shit between us
Toronto and then Calgary

Édition 2D
Roussepostage interdit.
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Mission accomplie. J'ai pleuré juste un tout petit peu.

El Psy Congroo.
>rousses interdits
>tous ces posts de rousses volontaires
>toutes ces as*kas, en 3D qui plus est
fil dégoutant pêh
Eeeeh ? Qu'est-ce qui t'arrive anon ?
Si je savais je serais pas là
Rien de très mirobolant. Je viens de finir une petite pépite de l'animation japonaise, et ça m'a plutôt ému. À regarder sans se faire spoiler évidemment, que de retournements. Enfin il me reste encore 2 OAV et un film, ce sera pour demain, mes yeux sont trop secs là.
Bonne nuit compagnons.

File: Norgetråden forbilde.jpg (187 KB, 960x813)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Alle jenters forbilde-utgaven.

Forrige: >>80687824
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>Sminker seg för hun skal opereres i tilfelle hun må legge ut et bilde på Instagram
Og så klart skal hun "hylles" for dette...
File: 1391567855318.jpg (100 KB, 850x537)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Ikke gjor det anonsen. Tro det eller ei, men det går faktisk bra til slutt! Det er kjipt når det står på, men kommer du deg igjennom det verste burde det bare gå oppover!
Ikke noe du trenger å tenke på, er en ny dag i morgen
Tenk om det faktisk hadde fungert sånn og jeg ikke kom til å hate meg selv intenst for dette og bruke dette som nok en grunn til at jeg ikke fortjener å leve. Sikkert fint å ikke være deprimert.
File: 1491736729109.jpg (27 KB, 405x405)
27 KB

learn japanese

It's easy as fuck
but it's a dead language
but it's a shitty language
File: 1445722183259.jpg (68 KB, 700x700)
68 KB
f-fuck off
It does seem easy, think your honorifics are hard? Meh, simple stuff.

Do you think culture matters?
I’ve realized most of the original culture in Europe has already been replaced, first with christianity and then by americanization and now partly by Islam, Feminism, Gay rights and all that other bullshit.

Our basic ”traditions” are not even the same today as they were 200 years ago.

For example, nobody cares about fastening during the fastening period during easter. Noone has heard of the christmas goat except from it getting burned down every year. Even things like marriage doesnt matter as much as it used to. People have sex and children anyway. It’s just a legal term, and btw, you get almost the same legal status by just living togheter anyway.

So, does culture really matter?
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not really, make new ones or do something beyond ritual. its not like your ancestors stayed culturally static either.
>I am white and provileged and therefore i should be ashamed and save tap water and think of starving children in africa when i eat.

Ok. How about you earned this shit, because you and your ancestors made it happen through blood, tears and hard work?
No it doesn't, I mean you clearly demonstrated it.
Anybody holding on old cultures are idiots we wuzzers imo
File: 1507241334430.jpg (20 KB, 266x286)
20 KB
you okay?
Yeah you're already dead but at least Americanization is still white culture

File: kurdistan2[1].png (424 KB, 1417x1020)
424 KB
424 KB PNG

Isn't it great?

Soon there will be Kurdistan. FUCKING KURDISTAN!

Can imagine how butthurt the Turks (for example) are going to be? Also: Does Kurdistan have a flag already?
>Can you imagine*
File: 41os8lz3naL._SY400_.jpg (14 KB, 400x400)
14 KB
Pic of Syria and Iraq

File: Italy.gif (260 KB, 943x1000)
260 KB
260 KB GIF
Shitaly hate thread
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I want a Japanese gf
there are many north african invaders in italy, mostly they distribute drugs and rape women.
File: images (3).jpg (10 KB, 248x203)
10 KB
Silicians are white?

File: 1508190277193.jpg (7 KB, 200x216)
7 KB
Daily reminder Southern Cone is a shithole.

They feel superior to Mexicans but they live in shitholes.

Chilean jails, Africa tier

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South America was a mistake
Argentina is as white as Central America

t. netherhuman aka subhuman
dual wielding is unrealisti-
So this is the paradise of South and Sao Paulo Brazilians? Wow

File: 籠谷さくら_空手1.jpg (179 KB, 768x1000)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
>Mom dad, please meet my fiancée I met in Osaka Japan, Chizuru Hayashi

2.how do they react?
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>anything but a nigger
What about an Indian or Paki?
My gf is already brown but this Asian girl looks like she's 6
File: IMG_7071.jpg (43 KB, 368x512)
43 KB
I don't think he even considered it at the time.
>a fiancée from Osaka
shit taste
what Japanese city/region has the best girls

File: 14625737224580.jpg (112 KB, 640x640)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
I really like Russian culture and music
is it wrong??
you are russian yourself so it's not wrong
t. Ivan
me too

File: democracy index 2015.png (388 KB, 2000x1027)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
>America is not democra-
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Cause they're not white
>americans don't vote for their president
I am Greek you turkic subhuman
File: 960562879847.png (95 KB, 645x773)
95 KB
>u.s invades countries for not being democratic
>his ally is saudi arabia
I fucking hate this hypocrite shithole

File: pepejusteyes.jpg (2 KB, 80x40)
2 KB
When did you realize that r9k and the neeties were right?
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But this is /r9k/ without crying all the time
rite about what?
>tfw /r9k/ is not a woman hating sub anymore

Where should virgins go now to complain about women?
wizchan, quite less normie than r9k
Right about what?

File: the swede.jpg (78 KB, 495x738)
78 KB
Why are sw*Des universally hated?
File: ragnar_apu.png (36 KB, 670x565)
36 KB
Success breeds jealousy
>g*Rman calling letting BLACK TÜRKS impregnate your wife success
why am i not surprised, g*Rmanboi?
Did your mother get impregnated by a mongol? Is that why you developed this fetish?

Why is U R Gay, a white country (average person is 90% european), still a 3rd world shithole? Wtf /int/ you lied to me
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>average person is 90% european
european ≠ white
dumb chilote
Because their blood is mostly iberian and terroni
but uruguay is italian and therefore central european
>this comes from a mexican
>tfw you were colonized by subhuman moor rapebabies instead of catalonians

File: nau.png (260 KB, 4500x2234)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
What would this country be like?
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you know the joke about canada having british cuisine, american culture and french government?
What would be the equivalent here?
File: 3925454.jpg (180 KB, 766x567)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
it sort of existed for such a short time that it's hard to even find a map of it
File: 98275928375.jpg (64 KB, 766x511)
64 KB
>putting glorious canada with two third-world shitholes

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