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Did you grow up in a rich or poor family??
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High mid class by Croatian standards
Show them
>posts from a computer in english on 4chan

Which currency has the best design?
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Not a bad shout desu
Coins are a completely different subject.

From what I've seen do far I dig Euro coins the most. I also like the concept that each country prints their own national backside.

Pretty cool for example to live Lithuania and suddenly get a Maltese coin as a change.
File: 2ec.png (208 KB, 327x316)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
>his country still uses paper notes
wow that's cool
They're not actually paper anymore in most newer banknotes.

File: 007_trumpy_cat.jpg (56 KB, 592x612)
56 KB
It could be the end for >>>/int/, where ~1/2 of posts are made by our proxy-trolls...
The glorious fatherland of 4chan (USA) imposed sanctions on infamous Troll Factory from Putin's hometown.
N E V E R.

no culture
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File: images[1].jpg (5 KB, 300x168)
5 KB
>our culture consists of people abusing heroin
Well, it's not wrong
That's Albert Einstein
No, that's Nils Tesla, famous inventor of the cheese slicer
File: 1536494666778.jpg (78 KB, 600x561)
78 KB
You want us to come over there and rape you again?

File: 1506380198789.jpg (637 KB, 1955x1362)
637 KB
637 KB JPG
*pokes* edition
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Getting ill, fuck public transportation
Nope, but a quick googling brings up quite the promising images.
public transportation is much better than being stuck in traffic in a cage
you should have both britain and iberia by now, france is probably the easiest country in pee poo 4 bar none once you power through to Elan!
I need a sleep but I'm not tired

File: Tuvan_man_on_a_horse.jpg (173 KB, 700x469)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Russians please explain, why is this particular republic so violent?
They are buddhists and so are mongols but mongols dont kill themselves at such a rate.
They are Turkic but -stanians in west aren't as violent.
Afaik it does fine economically.
What gives? Is it the abundance of alcohol there or what?
>Afaik it does fine economically
It's the poorest Russian republic m8 ( like Chechens )
Alcohol + asian genetics that don't process it well. They also have great fucking hemp fields, they'd probably be better off switching to that instead of booze.

No, Chechens get absurd amounts of free shit from the budget to stop them from chimping out again. Tuva doesn't.

File: 1519014658378.png (34 KB, 732x772)
34 KB
>I don't smoke pack of cigarettes every day
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I cannot stand non menthol cigs. Supposedly menthol is worse for you but who cares?
File: JOO.png (19 KB, 501x585)
19 KB
Keep on smoking like a good goy, GOY!
Went through a police checkpoint with my dad and when he told them he didn't smoked weed they went mental. Draged him out of the car with a gun to his head
>implying thats a problem for a 4chan user
Is /pol/ being kinda quiet today?

File: 01.png (1.4 MB, 1140x1392)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
What is your favourite european phenotype by far?
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Halstatt Nordid
Berid is literally el goblino, tfw my countrymen look like that
I don't know what it is but I've found a phenotype of germans I really like. Short stature, blonde hair, and stereotypically German face. I met a couple boys with those characteristics and they were very cute
It happened a couple times already
File: Stifler.png (189 KB, 576x320)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
Whatever this phenotype is

File: champion of the earth.jpg (123 KB, 960x770)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
It's over lads. You're all done. The god emperor will be crowned champion of the motherfucking earth, and there's nothing you can do about it. France has won.
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Jupiter as fuck
I‘am okay with it. Cool guy.
He blessed him
People who matter. Sorry you were not consulted?

File: Kipu6ph.jpg (33 KB, 620x349)
33 KB
>go outside
>i see homeless
why dont they become pickpockets?

under Spanish law, non-violent theft of amounts under 400 euros are not covered by the criminal code
Because unlike gypsies, they have morals.
>nobody gives a fuck about me
>i wont stole their pockets because im a goy with morals xD, hopefully i wont get killed this night

Insult the country of the poster above you.
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what's a non-soyboy country?
not you
it's has wh*Toids in it
soyboy cuck

File: good communist.jpg (43 KB, 640x414)
43 KB
Thank you for killing this bastard Romanians, showing world how to deal with authoritarian. Filipinos also had scumfuck leader in late 20th century. except he wasn't executed and hanged against wall like ceausescu. he escaped to america and died comfortably. now his son runs for politics and almost became vice president. we should have raped imelda and lined them up against wall like Romanians and urinated on them then shot them with ak47s. and his son and entire clan should be hanged with piano wire in public square and pelted with tomato like mussolini.

thank you romanians for having balls to do to shitty leadership what should be done to them. europeans say romania is shit but it is paradise compared to philippines. at least in romania no commie subhuman crony of ceausescu runs for president. with us unfortunately this is not so. maybe I will play desteapta te romane tonight because it is anniversary of declaring martial law (i.e. excuse to fuck up country for 20 years) in my country.

sorry for bad english. always remember timisoara, never let commie step into your country again

File: 1522712282461.png (57 KB, 600x600)
57 KB
>be brit girl
>go to Spain
>get drunk with your brits friends
>wake up with a tourtle inside your vagina

And you complain about spanish promoting balconing for brits tourist

Bongs are worst tourist posible, seriously guys stop coming here.
The Mirror isn't a serious source of anything.
I grab the first link that come out when i search the artucle in english, it wasnt the only source

File: 1.png (11 KB, 610x612)
11 KB
your cunts rightful claim?
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>remembering we exist
based danish daddy
Sorry lads I'll be serious now
Denmark is r really serious count...
Ohhh c'mon hold it together man Denmark is a serious country and it is relivent in the 21st century
soft brown southern fingers typed these posts

File: wfvsf6d70wzy.jpg (70 KB, 528x627)
70 KB
edycja nocna
385 replies and 86 images omitted. Click here to view.
Owszem, kurwa. bardziej szanowali od Niemców, którzy w Planach mieli całkowitą eksterminacje naszego narodu. Na poziomie genetycznym.
>kurwa historyczka
ale historie to wy szanujcie
nie szanuje rzeczy w które nie mogę włożyć kutasa
historia to gowno a attack on titan jest dla niedojebow

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