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Fembots, how does it feel knowing that when I talk to you here I think of bending you over and pumping my seed deep inside you?
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Concerned for your mental well being.
You can do a lot better than me anon.
but i want a qt femanon gf over stacy
Honestly I've gotten over the feeling of being constantly sexualized. One night I was drinking with a big group and looking at people sexually came up. All of the guys admitted to looking at every girl sexually. I came out and said that I look at bigger guys and think about what they could do to me. Then every guy pretty much agreed that when they think about me they think about pushing me around and bending me over whatever they want because I'm small. I was shocked at first but then I kind of just got over it.
i dont know how girls dont realize how dirty our minds are and it never stops


feelings that exist just in one song
how is that possible?
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File: honkdoom.png (172 KB, 678x662)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
File: 1560028905934.png (181 KB, 960x498)
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181 KB PNG
this song resonates with me too much, I just want to be asleep forever. at least everyone likes me in my dreams.
that can literally be done by putting you in an induced coma, and is the entire plotline of the Matrix.
File: 1560747197933.jpg (91 KB, 868x484)
91 KB
Nothing captures the feeling of aimlessness like this song:

Also crywank is peak doomer music

File: prisonrape.png (103 KB, 586x692)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
When did you realize women are utter savages without men keeping them in check?
I realized it when I found out that all high IQ men were gay like me
File: Assault REEEE.gif (45 KB, 400x204)
45 KB
What's a prison ree yard?
We live in a hierarchy
nah. we live in a

File: file.png (559 KB, 460x835)
559 KB
559 KB PNG
Ideal Partner Thread. No contact information, just show everyone who you are. Why you deserve a partner. Sell yourself, others can critique you, tell you if you're being unreasonable with your expectations, if you're actually a beta virgin loser that deserves to be alone forever, etc.


>Physical Description (body type, voice, race, etc.)
>Best personality traits
>Worst personality traits.
>Goals in life

Ideal Partner:

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18, Male, Brazil
Mostly Straight
>>Physical Description (body type, voice, race, etc.)
I'm white, 5'6, 156 pounds. I have an average body but I'm slightly overweight. Short, brown, curly hair. Dark brown eyes. I'd rate myself as a 6.5/10
>>Best personality traits
I'm smart and really caring with the people I love. I'm not the best at comforting people but if you need me I'll for sure cuddle you to death and do my best to help you.
>>Worst personality traits.
I'm pretty sure i have BPD, altough I can usually hold back my crisis. I'm really lazy too, altough I might just be depressive, I'm still not sure.
Drawing, making music, vidya and reading manga. I'm really interested on math, philosophy and physics, I love to study quantum physics and really unknown math stuff that has no pratical application. I like playing sports, especially track running and volleyball.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>I'm pretty sure i have BPD

Is it even legal for men to have that
No I'm not autistic but I do have depression, anxiety, and anorexia so I don't socialize much outside school/professional functions
>No I'm not autistic

Sounds like something a fucking AUTIST would say
A very picky bisexual? I can see myself fucking femboys, but not having any kind of relationship.
>Physical Description (body type, voice, race, etc.)
5'7, white
Average body, above average dick.
Villain face, brown hair and blue eyes.
>Best personality traits
I have multiple interests and I'm very passionate about them, I also try to avoid mediocrity and stupidity like the plague.
>Worst personality traits.
I can be rude sometimes and I have some self isolating tendencies.
Illustration, film photography, beekeeping, homesteading.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: issue40superheroes_main.jpg (67 KB, 1200x933)
67 KB
>your superpower: https://powerlisting.fandom.com/wiki/Special:Random
>the things you're going to do with it

Let us begin.
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File: pooh.jpg (22 KB, 320x287)
22 KB
>Emotion Projection
>User can make their emotions visible to all, manifest them as 3-D images, colors, etc., projecting them (including the ones they are reading) and making everyone see them.
I guess I'm gonna be spamming reaction images
>>The power to transform matter into light.
isn't this basically a nuke? transforming a humans worth of mass into pure energy would result in a big explosion wouldn't it?
is that motherfucking persona reference!
File: 35236346.jpg (38 KB, 960x720)
38 KB
We shall be the Sinister Stinks!
>Drink Mimicry
>I am now real life coca cola-chan

File: 1559431188183.jpg (267 KB, 1080x1350)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Are you sure that all women really the same anon?
cause i'm starting to have some doubts
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Yes! All people are the same! We are all pieces of god!
Expanding the sample size isn't enjoyable
What i was asking was whether all women are souless Chad and resource chasing disloyal whores.
Gathering data is the most boring part. Analysis is much more enjoyable, and when your model fits the data almost perfectly, it's akin to getting +4 STR +4 STAM leather belt.
They're not all the same, but the vast majority of them is the same flavor of bad, and it's a huge pain in the ass trying to find one that isn't and doesn't already have a boyfriend.

File: 1500756019496-r9k.png (96 KB, 329x395)
96 KB
>went bald at the age of 21
It's over before it even began
it was over the moment your mom pushed you out of her pussy
I'm a 18 year old with alopecia, i know your pain

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you need some severe shit taste to give one fuck about this girl. im convinced most of these posts are just paid shilling for this dumb whore
i feel fucking old how is this hoe younger than me she should be in fucking high school jesus christ get me off this earth
did they actually expect her to do porn? Fucking retards
people who pay women on patreon are untermensch and I hope they all go to hell
>Birthplace: United Kingdom
wait does this mean she has that fucking disgusting British accent?

thanks for making me no longer care to fap to her
File: idek.png (152 KB, 259x446)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Fake Boobs - No

anybody else have this cycle?

>crying because i'm terrible
>sad because things are bad
>can make things better
>never put effort into it anyways

File: 1023.jpg (32 KB, 700x508)
32 KB
>on vacation
>cozy little 3rd floor condo
>balcony faces the ocean; only a parking lot between my place and the beach
>perfect weather
>small island with few restaurants and shops; so remote it almost feels private

I should be having the time of my life. But...

>tfw gorgeous girls my age in bikinis everywhere
>tfw most of them are with their taller, tanner boyfriends and even the ones who aren't look at me with disgust then avoid eye contact
>tfw no one to swim or check out restaurants with
>tfw only here for 2 more days and feel like I haven't enjoyed it much
>tfw so much of a fucking ugly loser that I didn't have anyone to invite here with me so I brought my mom
>tfw the only thing waiting for me when I get back (besides my cat who I love dearly) is my shitty job

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You can go with friends next time maybe? Anyway, now you're there anyway. There's literally no reason to go out there and enjoy yourself.
None of the few friends I have were free.
They're all shut-ins anyway; they wouldn't want to come here

>literally no reason to go out there and enjoy yourself

I haven't just been inside this whole time. I've been swimming a fair amount and hitting shops and stuff. But it's only so fun when you're always alone
I agree that doing this stuff is more fun when you can do it with your gf, but that's not an option at this point in time. Just look at it as a motivator to get a gf for your next trip.

Either way, stop talking to me. Go outside. Build a sandcastle, take pictures, do some stupid fun shit. You can sit inside at home.

File: 0cc.jpg (51 KB, 633x640)
51 KB
30/35+ virgins,what advice can you guys give to a 23yo?
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This is the deluded way of thinking that will consign you to a miserable lonely life. When you're an incel, your biggest problem is that you can't get a gf/ have sex. Once you do those things, you exchange one set of problems for another, and sometimes you wonder if sex is really worth all of those additional problems. This is the way of 90% of normal, well-adjusted men as well. Truth is, life is one big series of problems for most people. Obviously some have bigger problems thsn others, but few people are truly content, no matter how much money and sex they have.

t. former incel who has heard 'i love you' from 3 different women in 6 years, and wishes he was single sometimes
34yo, not a virgin since I paid an hooker :

don't do that if you're not rich enough to keep up (you'll become an addict quite soon). I'm currently spending 25% of my salary each month and it makes me scared of the future.

Also, it doesn't get better. You shouldn't listen to us, and instead follow advices from more successful people
No longer a virgin. But I was at your age. It DOES get better. A lot better. Just keep searching until you find a nice traditional way wife, marry her and have a shitton of kids so the white race doesn't die out. Life is good if you bring it back to the basics. You can do it.
I would say go and have sex. I lost my virginity by doing what everyone else does, talking to more women and being comfortable socially over time.
Does it really deserve a place in your thoughts?
Just live.

How are you guys planning to kill yourself ?
also general suicide/depression thread
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File: IMG_20190620_213354-min.jpg (1.43 MB, 3120x4160)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
Posted this in another thread a few moments ago but might as well join in here.
I was gonna do it tonight, then changed my mind.
Then felt fine.
Then wanted to do it again.
Then felt fine.
Then spoke to my ex and then went absolutely batshit insane saying all kinds of things that ruins whatever closeness you have with anyone that matters to you.

I'm just trying to decide the method.
I tried to cut my arm 30 minutes ago but I'm not drunk enough and didn't cut deep enough.
Now I'm adamant that after this litre of vodka it's happening, I just need to decide on a fucking method that won't make me pussy the fuck out.

Got a noose.
Got a blade.
Both options seem like something I don't want to do but the endgame is the main thing.
If I sit in a car with a sock in the exhaust, will I die without pain?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>buy 3/4 inch steel tube
>buy 1 inch steel tube
>buy endcap for 1 inch steel tube
>take shot shell I found innawoods
>glue BB to primer
>stick shotshell in 3/4 inch tube
>slam 3/4 inch tube into 1 inch tube with the endcap so it hits the BB and ignites the primer

gg ez 12 gauge to kys.

Alternatively, if woods shell doesn't work because of exposure to the elements

>drill out primer hole
>buy nailgun blanks

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Im on these drugs that regulation this condition i have and i have after 3 years i have to stop taking them or they'll shut down my kidneys but if i do i basically cant do anything, what would you do if you had 3 years left?
i have planned to kill myself by the age of 44 no matter what but if i stay virgin then it might be sooner

File: 1560916274181.jpg (19 KB, 379x379)
19 KB
It is a choice to be gay or bi. Don't deny your agency, faggot.
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tfw i imagine the lads on the andrews air force base making these posts to """troll"" the ~3 non airforce users left on r9k
Andrews Air Force base is known for its high level of Autism.
>why NOT make that choice?
You wanna be AIDS carrier lmao
Those numbers are represented in a shit way. Aids comes from HIV, and 99.2% of HIV comes from infected blood transfusions. Gays arent allowed to donate blood either.

File: IMG_5626.jpg (53 KB, 688x578)
53 KB
>storm happens during the day
>pours for 10-15 minutes and clears up instantly
>storm happens at night
>lasts for several hours, nasty winds and more frequent lightning
Why is this?
The sun heats up the clouds and makes them fuck off because they get too hot.

Many (many) years ago, someone on this board posted a link to a YouTube channel about a young guy (mid twenties) who was obsessed with Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus in her Disney era). This guy had cardboard cutouts, posters and all kinds of Hannah Montana memorabilia. He had somewhere in the region of 200 videos about her too.

I don't recall correctly but I think his name was Scott (or some similar S moniker) and had a series of numbers at the end of the username too. Again I don't remember but it might have been 1000 or 10000.

Can anyone help me find this wizard?
sorry boss. i hope you find him though, so you can finish your report on the incel uprising

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