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File: kevin-nordieeeeeee.jpg (117 KB, 588x350)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
I still partly believe in my delusions edition.

Where my schizo brobots at?
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Not schizophrenic but it is sometimes hard to understand the difference between reality and dream
And I sometimes get delusions and sense weird things
We just waitin for our psychosis.
Schizoaffective NEET reporting in. Living the comfy life in a room that I rent and smoking tons of weed. Spent a year on the streets while in psychosis, psychosis lasted a total of 3 years.


wow dude you sound exactly like me when I was early in psychosis, even down to referring to myself as we. You should def get medicated, it will make all that go away.
Any other anons get incredibly angry at the smallest things? My mom always comments on me not having a gf and I swear to God I want to punch that landwhale cunt in her face
Seems common in schizos yo

File: 20181012_211357.jpg (695 KB, 1180x995)
695 KB
695 KB JPG
How do you cope with the fact that you're an adult kissless virgin?
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Listening to music
Smoking weed with my only real life friend who is a robot too
why would you start this sort of thread with a loli post?
I definitely thought this was gonna be a loli thread
My first kiss was when I was 12
I've kissed multiple women you'll never get my loosh you stupid succubus

File: 1513737214959[2].png (735 KB, 639x848)
735 KB
735 KB PNG
Man, I love Target too. It's made me mature so much and my social skills are incredible now. I feel more confident than ever. I have more friends than ever. I find myself really caring for this community. there's always things to complain about, but overall I'm very happy.

See how jobs can turn people's lives around r9k? Neetdom is stunting yourself.

File: 69f.jpg (36 KB, 354x286)
36 KB
Here's a few of my favorites (all metal btw)

Also because I'm a faggot limit to 5 songs per poster, I can't be arsed to link all my liked songs here so going with these.
File: 18_rackham_poe_hopfrog.jpg (228 KB, 800x1076)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
> (all metal

Thanks for the disclaimer and saving me the trouble of opening or listening to any of them! :)

Try some real music instead.
Been trying to get more into metal, starting with prog

File: 5aa.png (37 KB, 849x543)
37 KB
share your ideal gf here
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>hey beautiful let's cuddle and tell each other about our dark childhoods
>who's your favourite serial killer?
>cuddles in bed with junk food and murder shows
>plan out how to end the normies
>I may be polite, but I hate everyone but all my love is yours
>6 foot 2
>dem cheekbones
>can last hours in bed and up for anything besides cuckoldry
Woah wait I described myself

>hey beautiful let's cuddle and tell each other about our dark childhoods
>who's your favourite serial killer?
>cuddles in bed with junk food and murder shows
>plan out how to end the normies
>I may be polite, but I hate everyone but all my love is yours
>5'2 - 5'10
>can last hours in bed and up for anything besides cuckoldry
File: why did I make this.png (19 KB, 692x412)
19 KB
>tfw she exists and hates me and lives 1000 miles away
it will be worth it
Not worth it. she stopped loving me months ago and I can't get over her.

File: 6354154.jpg (920 KB, 2556x1535)
920 KB
920 KB JPG
hope over cope
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bit early but thanks laddo
File: 1467572079382.jpg (35 KB, 484x497)
35 KB
Like to think i'd be good with all my survalist knowledge and being forced to socialize but i bet i would still be shy and depressed about how i can't even make frens in a zombie apocalypse and an hero then come back as a zombie and eat u all as you slept
have you ever put the knowledge into practice though?
Can't afford to

If I paid a private rent It would be 90% of my paycheck and I can't share with normies
yes during my innawoods walks and fishing trips

File: 1539575860289.jpg (47 KB, 832x1000)
47 KB
fembots, is this guy attractive to you?
He's being posted everywhere now as a prototype chad, and I can't see it...
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you fucking retards don't know what they mean by "intelligent" eyes? he's got hunters eyes. he looks like he's paying close attention and figuring something out and creating a plan with his big boy brain. like a lion on the hunt. do none of you possess any sort of understanding of reading people? use your hand to block out the lower half of his face. maybe you'll see it then.

i have cold dead eyes but am slightly more intelligent than other people and also a cute guy. wat do?
Body is nice, face looks awful.
File: 1536869200855.png (780 KB, 1268x644)
780 KB
780 KB PNG
>people are still falling for the gigachad meme
He's the invention of a worn-out Stacey for her to project on to her betabuxs BF
File: anon_I.png (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
>anon... I... guess my chin is pretty squared, don't you think?

File: epic lulz.png (178 KB, 330x319)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
Epic Lulz xD
File: 1539589096484.jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB

mods should sticky this
fuck the mods
fuck the jannies
fuck the trannies
based and redpilled lulz
>fuck the trannies
yes please daddy
File: 71eKbNoZwhL._SX425_.jpg (18 KB, 425x399)
18 KB
Ok, one ass fucking coming up

File: Wojak.png (9 KB, 645x773)
9 KB
>born in shitty small town
>hellish COLD winters
>literally nothing around but total darkness dead trees and snow
>nothing near me but other small towns that only have shitty food and gas stations
>have to drive like 20-30 miles just to get to one of those
>no jobs around me but part time minimum wage GARBAGE as fuck work
>everyone is pissed off and miserable and wants everyone else miserable
>everyone around me is also crazy and everywhere i go people just brag about everything and try to turn everything into a dick showing contest
>literally everyone around me is autistic and typical poor white trash people
>no girls literally none i never see a girl or anything no one around nothing people dont even go outside
>every single persons routine here is work go home sleep
>forced to be addicted to drugs because of boredom misery and my environment
>yes FORCED it wasnt my choice to be like this
>get a dui and get put on probaiton
>stuck in my shitty town on probation cant do anything cant even do drugs or have fun anymore

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
just move nigger
I cant im on probation and I want to just run from it and never come back but ill never get my license back

I swear this place is haunted by a demonic entity and its trying to trap me here to feed off my misery or just laugh I cant tell which
Anon actually thought he left top kek. There's no getting off this ride anon.
Literally write a Stephen king novel man. Like literally just do it, literally.
What happens exactly during probation? How does it affect your attempts to move?

File: fuckme.png (72 KB, 500x275)
72 KB
Post your happiest moment in life as a greentext.
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File: w8Fn0Jv.png (20 KB, 474x473)
20 KB
>neighbor asks if I want to hang as he does hw
>come over with Summoner for ps2
>neighbor plays metal, I've never heard
>feel like friend is of another world
>Trivium - Shogun
>horrible at rpgs and half-consciously play
>music blasting
>friend quietly doing math nearby
>at times stop playing and close eyes in bliss
The only real friend I ever had
Oh yeah and my crush was resting her head on my chest and one of her friends sat on lap. Felt like a chad
Thats a good story anon. I'm jealous of everyone who gets to experience love like that while in school
> First year in college
> Still a fat lonely virgin but somehow get into a group of good people
> We all go gym together, girls start talking to me
> One girl hooks me up with her friend
> Meet her friend, we both go gym together and we both work on losing weight together
> Arrange workout schedules, watch eathother's diets and skype all day flirting and shit
> Both of us decide to go swimming, terrified about our self-confidence
> Grow some fucking balls and lead her into my changing cubical, take off my shirt and await the ridicule
> She says I look great and she very purposefully removes her clothes as well
> big o'l fuckin tiddies, well toned but thicc in the hips like your favourite hentai
> go swim with the most diamond hardon the entire time
> finally get over my years long self-hatred for a few hours
> we date for 2 years
hey maaan! this isn't real man

File: feelz.png (501 KB, 1102x967)
501 KB
501 KB PNG
>On Wednesday finally get the confidence to ask out the girl I've had a bit of a crush on for most of the last year
>Plan to talk to her in class before the lecture starts but worry if there will be enough time to talk
>I come early and am first one there
>She enters a few minutes later and it's just us two in the classroom
>I lunge towards her and introduce myself saying we've know each other for a bit but haven't quite gotten each others' names yet
>We shake hands, exchange names and swap some personal info and stories
>I abruptly ask her if she wants to "go out together" sometime with me (girls are supposed to like confidence)
>She enthusiastically says yes
>I'm autistic, so this is an incedibly huge milestone for me (I had been too shy and socially awkward to initiate conversation with opposite-sex for most of my life)
>We agree to meet at a small restaurant on Sunday and swap phone numbers
>I do a bit of research on her on Facebook and fall even more in love with her
>On Friday she texts me and says she has to cancel the rendez-vous because her boyfriend wants to do something

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
youre likely young and inexperienced so its not love and she wasnt the one, most likely. just get over it, as harsh as that sounds. really good on you for making that big leap, but you have to realize while this time didnt work out the way you wanted you still accomplished something and shouldnt feel like you failed completely. yea she might break up one day and you might get with her and she might be the person you think she is but these are very chancy. just try your best to move on and find another girl you can ask out. doesnt always need to be love or what you think is love to ask someone out, not saying you should be free to date and fuck anyone and anything but trying a lot of first dates is good to gain experience and see what kind of girl matches you well. good luck op
>ad to excuse myself from the meeting I was in because I was too distraught to focus
>> She thought I just wanted to meet as 'buddies'
>>I'm autistic but even I know what "go out together" me

fucking autistic retard you srsly wanna kys because stacy gets fucked by Chad?

you pathetic fucking loser cry somewhere else
There's not much to do other than move on. It probably won't be that easy but if it helps you at all, she probably wasn't worth it. Who the hell agrees to "go out" to a restaurant with a person you just met if you have a lover already? She was probably trying to take advantage of you somehow or she's just that much of a vapid slut. In any case, you've idolized her too much,
File: 1535381362281.jpg (142 KB, 881x1420)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Don't be on bad terms with her. Don't emotionally invest in her. When she and her boytoy break up, be there for the rebound sex.
>I'm autistic but even I know what "go out together" means
Yeah man, spot on. She led you on knowingly, her personality is a bit more deceptive than you think. In other words, she is a thot and your opinion of her is overly generous. Get it in your head to fuck her. Don't simp your way through it, she is a jew with tits, you just want that nut and you will play-flirt your way to it. A robot/autist's strength comes when you can play-flirt but not feel anything, so if anything, and she doesn't respond it's whatever.
This is the mask I wear, and it's gotten me laid a couple of times. Who knows, it might work for you too. Great job on coming out of your comfort zone, by the way. Not many would do that.

I hate men. I hate men. I hate men. I hate men. Did I forget?
36 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
I hate you too bitch, maybe you have a dick...i still hate you.
He is hoping to get some nasty ass, fatass, stinking pussy, betas will defend any landwhale in exchange of a sniff of that shit-reeking pussu
Its okay femanon, I still love you
File: image.png (383 KB, 808x1300)
383 KB
383 KB PNG
Lol, you cute puddin pop. I hate mans too
dey tooker

File: sqQlid7.jpg (52 KB, 900x810)
52 KB
>no longer a teenager
>still watches anime

explain yourself anon
129 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
>its an ironic weeb
Oh sorry wrong person please don't come to /v/.
Sounds like he'd fit right in with you retards.
>ironic weeb
Ok, nigger
I was spending too much time on /pol/ and /b/ as it was. You see stuff repeatedly it affects you and 4chan is easy as fuck to advertise ideology on. Literal approach of advertising, just see the same shit over and over and it affects you subconsciously after a while. I already know of some damage done by old /b/ which is what brought me to this site in the first place. The easiest toll to see is when you are thinking a ton of racist stuff. When you realize a lot of it is fear mongering and useless in everyday life, you start to realize that taking a break is for the best.
>no longer a teenager
>still a virgin
well anon?

fuck this gay earth and its residents
Would if I could uwu

I started taking anxiety medication. I feel funny.
did you read the side effects and are watching for them? You should have gotten an information sheet when you got the medication from the pharmacy.

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