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File: brazil2.webm (473 KB, 854x480)
473 KB
what do you guys think it tastes like?
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Drugs. All these foreign cam whores are high as fuck 24/7
What are they usualy on?
Stimulants. Meth, speed etc.
Probably like a dick
Nah that's fucking gay

File: zfxkmHK.jpg (584 KB, 3120x4160)
584 KB
584 KB JPG
Is having a big dick a meme? Do girls actually like them?
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>andres method
nice meme i just do the normal methods from 1 to like 4
That's not true at all. Most condoms are already too big for most guys to fit. If you have a big dick and you use those ultra thin close fit things they'll kill your boner and they're REALLY difficult to get on. If you're wearing shorts or something if you get a hard on at the wrong time you try to hide that shit.
They'll kill your boner and are really hard to put on if you don't practice. If you practice with them or whatever if you have to use them or not they're okay. Old condoms are just these big floppy rubber lube holes and nobody likes them because they're probably just more fun to jerk off with by themselves even though they don't fit at all rather than what you're doing with someone because it's just really weird and impersonal if you got this big floppy lubed hole you can fuck around with and trying to throw it over a pussy or something it's just this weird thing that's getting in the way
does anyone know starting from what girth should you be going for magnums?
mine is 6inch thick and I the basic pink durex ones I feel are too tight, but I always thought that's how they're supposed to be
No dude I use to buy random condoms out of machines in lavatories they were always weird as shit that were alright to jerk off with but you wouldn't want to fuck with that sort of thing it'd be like shoving a huge plastic bag in there with a small opening. Some of these newer brands that are thins or ultra thins is way way more difficult to put on but they seem a lot better once you get use to them

Why are women so degenerate and literally only like rough, dominant, and sexually sadistic guys?
Pic related. Started talking to a girl at my shitty wagecuck job and she seemed really qt and pure until she started getting more open and bold, sending me slightly lewd pics of herself, and now has straight up been telling me what she wants me to do to her.
I kind of went along with it just to not be a cuck but I'm a little disgusted. What do, bros?
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How can you not want this? Just reading it gives me a raging erection.
>implying this would not make them want it more
dark triad. just like with most other mammals, the male is the superior and as such the female usually evolves to be subservient
any roastie that tells you she wants a le nice goy xD is just lying.
what's your height, face, body, like?

that doesnt mean you cant be a robot still

File: 1534254368046.jpg (51 KB, 640x854)
51 KB
Now that video games are no fun any more I feel empty as fuck inside. Does anyone have a solution?
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lost all effect on me long ago, any other solution?
you must be playing older games then, new games are all soulless with a few exceptions

today I bought kingdom hearts 2.8 is one of those games that are still magic
You'll see when you'll grow up

>you must be playing older games then, new games are all soulless with a few exceptions

Not that guy but why not just then play older games?
This, it will happen with anime, movies, tv series and even porn. The only thing that hasn't lost its magic for me is music.

File: 1527475301214.png (530 KB, 594x517)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
i'm 22 and never had a job, my mom is forcing me to get a job this week i'm scared of the responsibility that comes with a job what do i do
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There is no responsibility with a job. Just do it. Get money. Enjoy money. Repeat process. Us still living at home so u can spend most of the cash on yourself. Get clothes, shoes, go to a movie, buy a new computer or monitor, save up for your dream car or whatever.
Do your best please :)
If you fuck up they'll critize you. Worst case scenario is losing your job.

Honestly once you start working it becomes routine, and you'll realize you were worrying about nothing.

Man i used to work night shift to get money for college and i fucked up quite a lot and was fairly slow. After six months they just fired me and that was that, luckily i had to quit anyway for my internship...
I wouldn't work a job if I were you. On the first day, break your leg or something and sue them.
Get a deadbeat office job and slack off 30% of the time. Make sure to be an "experienced user", but on 4 chin you probably ar.e

File: 1529431051063.jpg (43 KB, 746x541)
43 KB

File: thing.jpg (27 KB, 505x407)
27 KB
Things not to do at a wedding
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The priest
kidnap one of the guest and eat them
File: 1487325034213.jpg (67 KB, 591x636)
67 KB
kidnap the groom and shit on him
The bride
>show up
Seriously, fuck weddings. Also funerals and any other large god-awful gatherings.

File: 1532792978747.jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
97 KB
>the average white male looks like this nowadays

What the fuck went wrong?

There are people who film fights cowering in fear instead of helping when someone gets beat up.

Imagine. There are a shit ton of these assholes out there.
do you even fucking understand what the point of a fight is

OP here, I probably should've used the word assault.

Involuntary fight for the other party.
yeah that makes sense. but honestly it's not that easy to intervene in that situation dude. if someone is crazy enough to pointlessly assault someone else you probably don't want to risk your shit and fuck with him

File: 1527159577846.jpg (87 KB, 672x672)
87 KB
>depression has been getting better the last few days
>think things might finally be looking up
>had a suicidal episode today
Goodby hope
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>visiting family
>several of the different family members I visit don't have washing machines
>go to laundromats
>last went approx 1 week ago
>woke up with bites yesterday
>think i found a bedbug today
>was told that if I brought bedbugs home I would get kicked out about 2 years ago
>have no idea if the bugs came from where I'm at now, or if it was from the first place i visited and I've now infected 3 separate buildings
>even better, where I'm at now, the person is only a tenant at a rooming house, so also destroyed the lives of a family and 2 other people if it's true
>will probably get kicked out
>had only about 2 to 3 hours of sleep the last night
>will probably end up on street
>am only 21 and have no money, education, or prospects, only 1 course away from my grade 12
I was looking up suicide methods for the last 3 or so hours. Everything is either too risky, painful, or impossible to acquire. I have to endure the horrific ordeal of confirming if this thing is a bedbug, then have to call the angriest person in my family to let them know they could be infected, and the other person I was staying with.
Oh, and I just remembered the vehicle that we took to the laundromat broke down, and another family took it in to look at it, there's a tiny chance they could be infected too.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1523093303072.png (63 KB, 325x269)
63 KB
i ingested a handful of pills last night. not a minute passed before i then shoved my finger down my throat and purged it all. im not strong enough, i guess. thinking of buying a rope. cant back out of that.
who cares

[original comment]
[original comment]
pls dont do it there are people who care about you and who will be hurt if something happen to you. There are also many good things you haven't experienced yet and which you must try. Please dont do it!
Prettymuch this. I realized while laying on the railroads, that I can do it later. I have the power of my very living in my hands and that gives me some sort of motivation. It's literally the rock bottom, but it's something.

File: 1534811526674.jpg (329 KB, 2048x1536)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
Does it smells?

File: images.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
It's an anonymous board, so let's share!

I hate my life precisely because of how little I make.

200$ a month. And this is actually a good wage for my country.

Wish I had the courage to just end it all.
26 replies omitted. Click here to view.
$75k/ year

I just started working though, plus the company is paying for my masters.

what are you working as ?
I'm headed for the same thing.
I quit my full time job and will now take a shitty part time one that's not related to my degree
What's the huge deal with overtime? I always see this on the internet. Do Americans not get paid for the extra hours?
>live in SF
>retarded liberals
>$15 minimum wage
>live with parents
>Only work part time
>$1.2 k a month after taxes
We get payed 1.5x our usual rate when we get overtime. When we work holidays like Christmas they usually pay you up 2-3x your rate.
Unless you are salaries employers legally have to pay you this rate if you go over every time you go over 40 hours a week or in some cases over 8 hours a day.

File: 20.jpg (54 KB, 650x488)
54 KB
Is the brap meme just a meme, or do people actually want to smell a girls dirty butthole.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i'd lick the dirty asshole of a woman I loved, but not of a random thot. She better clean that stinkhole deep and well if she wants ass eating.
I ain't a fart fetishist or a ironic brapposter. Never got the fascination behind it.

Girls buttholes are cute though. I don't mind seeing them at all.
There is literally poop on that asshole.
I suspect the fetish (along with urine fetishes) is the result of fetishising the vagina and anus due to lack of sexual experience. Basically because you have no real-life experiences with either of the orifices you end up attaching to them a sense of sexual satisfaction that isn't normal, to the point where things like farting or urinating take on sexual significance specifically because they're related to the vagina or the anus.
Clean pink anuses aren't too bad

File: 1526355340993.jpg (163 KB, 811x1014)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
>wakes up

>hates life

>goes back to bed

I can't do this for much longer
19 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Jerry has fetal alcohol syndrome.
File: 1.png (1.04 MB, 632x852)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
God, it was really funny, that one scene where he was eating with a slightly overweight African American man and he got drunk (BY ACCIDENT) from drinking beverages he did not realize were alcoholic. Man, that guy has the weirdest life! He gets into the wackiest adventures! They sure do provide for good entertainment. Thank you, Paul Blart from Paul Blart Mall Cop.

No! Jerry is just super smug
File: Jerry has the monnies.png (1.6 MB, 1080x1259)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
I'm not gonna lie Avery. After the whole "Bootleg Jerry" incident my opinion of you wasn't very high, but after conversing with you these last few days I almost feel as though you are a kindred spirit. Only people with real taste, can enjoy the master piece that is Paul Blart. I have never met one in real life, but I'm glad to find one online.
Jerry's parents didn't drink when he was born. You may just be mistaken his smugness, and amazing handsomeness for this though. It really is a common mistake. Some people get mad, even envious of the smug combined with the handsomeness, and this ends up happening.
File: 3.jpg (362 KB, 1080x1350)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
Ever notice how quick people are to get envious and immediately jump to insults once they lie eyes upon Jerrys smugness? God, people get jealous of Jerrys smugness so easily. I hope Jerry won't eat a poisoned burrito from someone who wishes to learn his secrets of smugness.

Well, Paul Blart Mall Cop sure is a film that brings people together, whether in the film or outside of the film - An example of inside of the film being the scene where Paul Blart (from Paul Blart Mall Cop) got drunk with an African American man, entirely by mistake. But he had a good time anyway.. I learned a lot from that film. And apply it to my life on the daily.
File: jerry3.jpg (93 KB, 640x640)
93 KB
Jerry's smugness must really be a curse the more that I think about it. Imagine what a huge burden it is to walk around that smug all day every day 24/7. I'm not a religious man, but every day I say a prayer for Jerry.

I'm not gonna lie. When i'm 45 I wanna live my life as if I myself was Paul Blart. It would be pretty comfy to be a mall cop, and eat nachos and get drunk with my fat African American friend. I mean, look how cool and calm he is in this situation (a confrontation between two women in Victoria's Secret). In the end, Paul is forced to fight to defend himself, but still walks away looking handsome and awesome. God.....I wanna be Paul Blart.

File: 1507701166438.png (345 KB, 1280x720)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
(Ex)-druggie boys lend me your experience and wisdom.
I'm forced to go cold turkey from daily 1mg of xanax or other Z-drugs and booze. Sometimes I mixed it with alcohol. other nights I just drink a bottle of wine. I havent slept in more than 2 years without the aid of booze or benzos.
My GABA receptors are completely fucked and I will be btfo by the rebound anxiety and insomnia. How do I not kill myself if I'm already depressed. How can I manage the anxiety and insomnia?
I know weed would only make the situtation worse because it gives me paranoia, so that's not an option.

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