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File: 1549377436096.png (256 KB, 500x500)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
Posting a Woomy everyday until i get good at Splatoon 2
Day 38
File: 1406340931721.png (10 KB, 345x341)
10 KB
im going to complain every day until i get a woomy GF
enjoy being a virgin manchild forever
most nintendo owners are parents with children actually. you can believe whatever helps your insecurity though.
>source: my ass
As if you are a parent. Hahahahahaha. Lmao.

File: kmscry.png (15 KB, 882x1289)
15 KB
>been with her for around 14 months
>she's been faithful and loving and caring and generous
>really fucking stupid. literally doesn't understand blatant sarcasm and most jokes.
>higher sex drive than me. at least twice a day when we are together.
>her entire life is revolved around me.
>she always talks about marriage
>every fucking day
>i realised recently that i don't want her to be the mother to my children, or my wife
>i realised i've been losing feelings for her
>i realised keeping her with me would be cruel.
>i need to break up with her. i am sure about this, anons
My only question is this:
How the fuck do I do it?

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And you're a needy bitch who cries at even the slightest bit of discomfort. (I'm just guessing what she would day about you).

Truth is that both of you deserve each other. And you're an entitled shit.
Do it. I've recently gone through a cute dumb gf situation too and the relationship dragged on much longer than necessary becausa I just couldn't bring myself to break her heart. It will feel bad at first but then you won't have to worry anymore.
>find a fat girl who is obssessed with me
>just want to use her as a slampig (thanks to the anon who taught me this word)
>she refuses to let me into her pants
>HJ's whenever though
>she clearly wants a relationship
>all I want is to fuck her sometimes
is this what chads feel like except with actually hot girls instead of ogres?
Bro, she is just a drawing. It doesn't matter.
Don't make it into a big thing. You may feel like you owe her a massive long novel about your dopey feelings but doing so will only lead to nothing.Your feelings are temporary anon you will find someone better soon.

File: Foreseen Failure.png (167 KB, 600x600)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
You WILL fail and you WILL end up suffering immensely. Do yourself a favor and just live out your shitty life to the best of your ability.
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you have inspired me to reincarnate
File: Heavenly Illumination.png (511 KB, 600x600)
511 KB
511 KB PNG
I hope not. It's horrible as it is. I hope I'll just overdose on painkillers an stop existing.

I absolutely destroyed any chance left at having a good life. I'll stay in pain for the rest of my life. That's what I get for being an attention-whoring schizo tranny.
>an stop existing
that sounds lovely and you're a man, right? it's what you deserve for being a rapist.
File: 73434425_p0.png (595 KB, 860x1331)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
Energy doesn't just disappear, you're going to reincarnate into a Japanese girl in your next life and live an anime.
this is true, the gods will see how miserable you were and turn you into the opposite of that. if you're unhappy you just have to kill yourself until you are happy.

File: ajlove3.png (1.07 MB, 687x773)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
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>notices muscles
You wboy cute
Oh fuck please don't rob me, I barely have any money
Blacks should've never been enslaved, help spread awareness and ship them back home.
Yuck black women are so fucking ugly. The bottom of the barrel trash women thank god for white women
Why are these hypothetical cock hungry black and/or Hispanic girls always so racist? Why can't you post one where they politely ask for access to the bwc?

File: image0-7.png (120 KB, 479x449)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
I get so incredibly fucking aroused by midriffs and tummies
Not fatties or thicc memeshit, like sometimes fit but usually slim tummies get me so unbelievably hard
2D or 3D
How do I stop this? I just wanna be normal. Tummies arouse me more than tids and ass
just beneath the skin are intestines and those intestines are filled with feces.

I'm 25 and you expect me to settle down with this? I'd rather be alone.


Hey losers,

If you're like me with nothing to do but sit at home and drink like a sadboi, at least do it with strangers online.


>what are you drinking?

>favorite drinks?

>any recommendations?

>what are you listening to?

And any other topic you care to think of

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>drinking alcohol

Just man up and start doing xanax
File: img31l.jpg (22 KB, 475x475)
22 KB
Drinking some homemade Fitzgeralds tonight. Tasty drink, pic related. I use a double shot of gin on ice, mix with lemon juice, tonic, and syrup. Top with some bitters and drop a cherry in the tumbler.
fuck me that sounds amazing, i have to try that
File: party hard.jpg (103 KB, 900x1200)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Laphroaig baby, Quarter Cask tonight but I love 10 too. If anybody's tried the other kinds please tell me if they're good, I'm too cheap to buy them otherwise
First of all, Xanax isn't tasty. Second benzos don't really do anything for me but make me black out.
It really is, one of my favorites for sure. Has taken the edge off many a long day.

File: bayosmile.jpg (15 KB, 256x212)
15 KB
>Like cutting
>Get a little too into it, enjoy watching my own blood spatter everywhere
>Parents find some of it and the knife
>They stash all the knives away
>Mfw after months of convincing they've brought them back out and I just finished dripping my own blood all over my legs
Stop, you tard.
post pics or homosex and gay, very
I cut myself by accident once and I have never felt such a better rush
I'm trying my very hardest to avoid feeling depressive for long so I'm not tempted
cutting is bad, please don't hurt yourself :(
But it's fun
Just finished cleaning up the blood sadly, I have to be quick about it these days. I would show the cuts but they're not that impressive, deep but slim. It was gloriously thick today though, like long goopy strands as it fell from my arms.

>see co-worker pass by
>"what's up stacy?"
>don't remember how she replied but i remember it didn't make any sense
>pointed her fingers at me kinda like pic related
did she sperg out or is she fucking with me?

File: tomboychan4.jpg (98 KB, 583x453)
98 KB
Is anyone else exclusively attracted to:

>Girls who browse /r9k/
>And play video games (for the story)
>And watch anime
>And like extreme rape fantasies
>And have mental illnesses
>With emotionally absent fathers

I can't be the only one, surely.
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Wow, she's incredibly cute. If you've got more like this, dump them.
Who gives a shit about who you are attracted to, you demented incel? Damn, you retards suffer from some kind of narcissistic disorder
i just want to piss on every femanon that posts here
Everyone post fembot folders, even just a screenshot. I want to get an overview of lesser known girls over the years
Fuck off fem"bot". This isn't your board.

File: 1552788964082.jpg (72 KB, 1080x1020)
72 KB
>Females are the cause of all my problems!
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: vcpPZ.jpg (186 KB, 717x880)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Kill yourself normalfaggot, do you even know where you are?
lol imagine being a dude with dysmorphia. wtf....
nigerius faggatatos is the cause of most of my problems.
Yea haha, imagine being 160 cm tall as a male haha
Sage the thread and move on, don't bump this cancer

I actually think I'm not all that ugly, but I have glasses. That doesn't inherently make you ugly if you're Chad, but I feel like it doesn't mesh well with me. I don't think I look hideous with them, but it doesn't help either.
When I look at myself in the mirror without glasses I actually think I'm pretty average.
Can anyone relate?
I don't get it, if you really feel that bad about glasses, why don't you get contacts?
I'm ugly period, and there's no hope when you're ugly.
Seems like a hassle.
Besides, it doesn't really matter how attractive I am anyway.
Even if I had the body of a Chad, I'm too autistic (I mean literally autistic) for it to make a difference

File: 1437239818405.jpg (18 KB, 192x224)
18 KB
Is this real that persons make sex with each other? There are people which experiment genuine friendship and love? How is it possible?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>above average looking
>no personality
Is this passable?
t. ugly and boring robot
yes, getting a gf is 2/3 looks and 1/3 personality. as long as you aren't completely autistic or too scared to talk to girls if you are above average looking u can easily get a gf.
>as long as you aren't completely autistic or too scared to talk to girls
Well, there goes that
It's a matter of F A C E

File: image0-11.jpg (175 KB, 1024x768)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
How fo I get over the fear of failure?
I don't like failing at most things, but I am actually terrified of failing a relationship.
I'd say I did pretty good on the genetics lottery and get approached by several types, but nothing ever comes of it because I just do not want to see myself in the position of heartbreak, or if I am approaching, rejection.

Fucking hate it.
The only way I'd say to get over that is to swallow your fears and just do it. I know that sounds like "Be yourself bro" shit, but honestly it is useful. For example, If you're in a position where a girl is leaning on you while watching tv alone or any situation where there's a green light for you to kiss. That fear sets in, but in order for anything to happen, you have to beat your fear and go for it. You're already in this far so you shouldn't back out. You'd be surprised how much changed when you aren't afraid, it makes you pretty alpha.

TL;DR You shouldn't be afraid of failure. Failure just makes you better and more aware. Or that's what I think at least. Good luck with your situation OP.
you just make a choice.

do you want a relationship
do you want to be less scared for like a few years maybe

File: 1523934951730.png (526 KB, 694x510)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
Is Louie still here? He posted about 3 years ago a recording of his moms boyfriend shouting and kicking his door in and shit. I hope hes in a better place now

I watched this again just the other week, it was lit

Some guy commented on the video that he has a job and doing better. The stepdad sounded like a complete prick, hope he became an alcoholic
File: 1480462487495.jpg (29 KB, 750x747)
29 KB
You can't do that Louie you've gotta CUM

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