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File: 1514069919195.png (34 KB, 657x527)
34 KB
Does anyone have that picture of the huge dragon girl sitting at a bus stop, she's sitting on top of the bus stop and has a pony tail.

I need it for productive reasons.
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you should keep backups of your data
File: 1515503093254.jpg (30 KB, 320x475)
30 KB


LOL, op are you dumb? Just revive your hard drive
File: hjjhre.jpg (54 KB, 791x442)
54 KB
>Does anyone have that picture of the huge dragon girl sitting at a bus stop, she's sitting on top of the bus stop and has a pony tail.

This one?
File: IMG_9709.jpg (223 KB, 850x1205)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
Sorry anon, I couldnt find anything. Maybe go to the request boards and ask there too, I hope you find it!

Has anyone watched the joe pera show on adult swim? I only just saw the iron episode but I love it, its so relaxing and comfy

File: 1526854801407.jpg (215 KB, 725x400)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Holy shit my stomach hurts insanely much.
I think I caught a stomach infection or some shit. Can you take painkillers against it?
Like cramping? Try a ginger ale

Why are fembots with piercings and tattoos better than fembots who don't have them?
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File: 1525411545991.jpg (673 KB, 1182x1519)
673 KB
673 KB JPG
Nobody cares idiot fuck off, I bet if you made a thread right now asking for a boyfriend you'd get 10 offers. In fact I'll go make one for you, here it is retard:


Watch 100 anons asking to be your bf
this shouldn't hurt me like it does
You would have made this much more apparent if you posted it in /soc/.
All the troglodytes would be grunting about her.
>I've never told an asian guy that I wouldn't date asian guys, actually.
Here you said it first actually, before you said you'd never date anyone
See, look how many guys in here literally say "those are my favorite kind of tiddies" and "yes I want you to be my gf"

There is NO such thing as fembots period

File: rip.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1262)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
>silly posting
Come hop in the archive laddies
<3 /CPFf9BR
File: hjdgsjhgdsh.png (824 KB, 1080x1262)
824 KB
824 KB PNG
fixed version. youre welcome

Fat fuck here: just got a gym membership, how do I start lifting?
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Just do strength training. It is impossible to gain muscle mass on deficit. He's talking about hypertrophy, aka aesthetics, aka increasing muscle volume. More volume of reps inducing hypertrophy, like 12 reps per set. 5 reps per set is strength training.
read the entire /fit/ sticky
I strongly disagree with this advice.
Any weight a person loses on 600 cal/day will not be sustainable.
There's no reason to start with running if your goal is to lift. There's also no reason to choose between the two or switch at some predetermined stage.
There is no reason to run fast. If anything, you should favor running slow because it will extend the length of time your heartrate is elevated. (You could also do HIIT.)
Bread and sugar are never good to eat.
You can't fill your glycogen stores an hour before a run.

In a lot of people, exercise modulates appetite. Furthermore, if you don't change your calorie intake, 30 minutes of cardio a day will easily yield 20 to 40 lbs of weight loss in a year.

OP, just go to /fit/ for this stuff. They give really good advice there (in aggregate a least).
Cardio + PPL + healthy diet
Wont take a year till you're thin n' healthy
it worked for me, mostly. i think. i got really fat then really depressed about being fat and stopped eating, then ran, then lifted. it worked wonders for me.

File: feel.gif (13 KB, 633x758)
13 KB
I could want to log out of life, alone, quietly and undiscovered.

Joking of course
*notices u
you can, anon. bullets are cheap

post some qts in this thread

pic very related
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tfw both taylor and muffy are related to crispy
File: 1525989647266.jpg (121 KB, 960x960)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
this one always fucks me up
File: tsuruko_BhjG2bMAAPV.jpg (86 KB, 858x858)
86 KB
bretty good thread thank
>tfw no Die Antwoord gf

I was a handholdless, hugless, kissless 26 year old virgin. I was on my way to wizardom and I genuinely saw no way of changing my fate.
Fast forward to today. I recently got back from visiting my pure, virgin, cutie gf that I met on there. Interpals changed my life. I broke the robot curse and so can you.
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We're both virgins. We're waiting until marriage.
She was genuinely surprised when she found out I was a virgin. She always assumed all of us foreigner were degenerate sluts.
File: 1468545932468.jpg (99 KB, 640x640)
99 KB
>guys I find love of live on interpals, you can too, just try and it work
Fuck off you ESL monkey.
File: noreplies.jpg (87 KB, 427x461)
87 KB
The reason why I don't get any messages is probably because I don't have any pictures of myself because I'm ugly and paranoid about putting photos of myself on the internet anyway, and my profile info is really long with me actually filling out each section for books, music, etc. that you like and talking about my hobbies. The reason why I haven't changed this autistic mess is that I've been hoping to find a kindred spirit by having someone who's similarly a loser stumble upon my profile, but no such luck for the past three years that I've casually used the site.
>the green card strategy

"But what's better than a Lexus? A girl named Alexis."

Thanks, Yeezy

File: jjjjj.png (24 KB, 834x600)
24 KB
Anyone feel like they wish they were born a bit less attractive?

Sometimes its hard to try and improve myself/workout because i know that i can probably just get 6's and 7's anyways. Yet i know i would probably get more attention from girls if i was just a bit uglier, so as to be given an actual reason to try and improve myself.
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File: 1523942119014.jpg (995 KB, 2250x2250)
995 KB
995 KB JPG
nice roll, baitard
I'm like this, I can get women but don't bother to /fit/
Pics or thus is the fake
this is me senpai
don't cream your pants

File: 1504875833642.jpg (152 KB, 808x805)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
>last on at work, have to lock up
>lock door and proceed down the street towards home
>walk for five minutes
>second guess myself, run back to work to make sure I locked all the doors
>do this three times, cry
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Yes. If I lived in a shithole, I probably would have been robbed by now. Lack of niggers kinda makes the place safe.
Yeah man you prob have OCD. I have it and I do the same type of shit. What other weird things do you do? Things like this are normal for people with OCD (unfortunately). How long has this stuff type of stuff been going on for you?
>What other weird things do you do?
When I'm making coffee sometimes I double check that the coffee pot is sat in the machine properly, because one time a couple years ago I had it overflow because it wasn't lined up correctly.
>How long has this stuff type of stuff been going on for you?
It's gotten really bad ever since my boss went out of town for a month and a half, and I was left in charge of people who I couldn't trust and didn't respect me. I couldn't take their word that they had done anything since a couple of them are constantly lying, so I would have to make sure everything was locked up myself.
I have to check if I locked my door at least 5 times, even though I know I locked it. I get anxiety if i don't check if I locked the door. This slowly kills the soul.
Sorry to hear, anon. I'm the same way, and when there's responsibility on my shoulders I want everything to be perfect and can't do anything in a timely manner as a result.

Do you have intrusive thoughts? If you don't already know I'll share an example. Tonight I went out to dinner with my whole family, and I couldn't stop thinking about how there's was nothing physically stopping me from telling my grandma she's a cunt and cursing her out; I could do that at any time, and yet I don't, and I never would because my grandma is awesome and I love her. Another one for me is when I'm swimming underwater I'll constantly think about how I can just inhale all the water whenever I want.

File: SuicideLAPD.jpg (99 KB, 581x535)
99 KB
Are you afraid that the sops will stop you when it's your special time?
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it's true though
the dead know only one thing - it's better to be alive
But you'd hate roving gangs of marauding niggers in your neighborhood even more.
no it's not. sometimes death is preferable to living if the standard of life is low enough.

and the dead don't know anything--they're dead.

plus it's something that will happen to all of us eventually, so all you are doing when you commit suicide is getting it over with.
It would have been far more compassionate to have spared him one of his bullets.
what a hero, he arrested a man for trying to kill himself because he hated his life and probably made him hate his life even more

File: reeeeeeee.png (205 KB, 680x575)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
>be me
>be in public school in oklahoma
>january 2018
>do u know de way memes are an everyday occurance
>ff to march
>people discovered somebody toucha my spaghet memes
>have to deal with it for weeks
>people still think theyre funny
>ff to right now
>people still think do u know de way memes are funny
shut the fuck up normie.
high school kids are normie by default.

File: 1526597214280.jpg (60 KB, 602x742)
60 KB
How can I cope or deal with being ugly? Having a hard time in social interactions and making friends.
17 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah having an ugly face sucks, but if you're really fit people care a lot less. You think Shwartzeneger would be good looking if he was skinny? No! But he's ripped AF.
I'm ugly but I only think about it when I'm alone. None of my hangups exist when I'm talking to other people and I'm in the moment.
good face is the most important thing ever, nothing else matters
It's not your looks stopping friendships after you're out of school, it's your lack of confidence.
Women, sure. We all know they only care about women and looks but a friendship with a man isnt shallow that way. My best friend is one of the ugliest fucks ever. I'm talking pasty, deep weird voice, balding and white hair for him started at 15 and it's really bad now but he's extremely social with plenty of friends but just never gets laid.
Money and looks*
Typoringally also that friend is 26 khv now but at least he enjoys his life.

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