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File: 1561051384228.png (501 KB, 910x914)
501 KB
501 KB PNG
why am i like this
i just want to be normal
we are normal. we're just ugly.

File: Horace 4.5.jpg (788 KB, 5001x3334)
788 KB
788 KB JPG
Where are my creative robo boys at?

I decided to start a podcast and a radio show 2 weeks ago and it's been going well, at least I think it's been going well

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its some tempo around 150 with decimal points like 153.244. i picked an abstract tempo value to make the song feel more live and unique. most DAWs can find out the tempo for you
btw do you have soundcloud?
File: Wildfire1.gif (180 KB, 1280x720)
180 KB
180 KB GIF
I just finished and posted this song a few minutes ago, i also make the artwork.
Idk its been a while since i actually made smth "productive"
leave that sweetie alone
this is really good like the effort of the video too

attempting philospy
recent songs
recent jam
this should be in a south park mini montagee

File: 1529046174862.jpg (142 KB, 720x764)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Seriously how do people manage this? I'd rather be euthanized than suffer this torture most of my life.
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Huh! Really makes you think! What do you guys think?
You wouldnt even understand what a tendie is because you never learned English or what food looks like. the OP makes pissing sound like an impossible task for you
Hello neet gods. I am but a wageslave peasent, unable to get neetbuxs. I do understand your suprioririty, so all I ask is that you spare my life. Please
File: 1541889590984.gif (136 KB, 250x203)
136 KB
136 KB GIF
One of us has time to educate ourselves in the finer parts of culture, art, and science. The other one is a filthy, disgusting, worker drone.
lol. See you never learned English or basic logic

Alright fembots, let's see what your ideal BF looks like.


>Ideal age
>Ideal physical features (height, hair/ eye color, race, etc)
>Ideal location
>Ideal interests
>Ideal occupation
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>Ideal age
>Ideal physical features (height, hair/ eye color, race, etc)
5'5-6'6, idc much but I guess I prefer blonde/light brown hair and blue eyes. Must make an effort to dress/smell/look nice though. I prefer fit body types but any body is ok if they're working on getting healthy.
>Ideal location
>Ideal interests
Hiking, biking, camping and picnics, artistic interests like drawing/music
>Ideal occupation
Whatever makes them happy and isnt minimum-wage dead end kinda job.
Fat but wont lose weight, poor hygiene, addicted to social media/games, irresponsible, aimless
I'm a real fembot. But if you dont believe me...idc
im fat, not incredibly so and i hold it well because im a big muscle man though, working to get fit
my penis is like 4.2 inches(would be longer if less fat), just curious if these are dealbreakers for women since im trying to get a gf
Where are you on Strong Island? Do you want to escape as well?
>Ideal age
>Ideal physical features
6'2", blond/red hair, blue eyes, british
>Ideal location
>Ideal interests
going to the theatre, skiing, snorkeling, being a foodie
>Ideal occupation
finance, consulting, or the entertainment industry
being a tory or brexit party voter

this is the ideal ofc. I would settle for MUCH MUCH less.

File: 0cc.jpg (51 KB, 633x640)
51 KB
30/35+ virgins,what advice can you guys give to a 23yo?
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WTF does a 21 yr old faggot know about shit?

Being incel in your 30s is an unimaginable hell. I wish for death daily, and nothing would make me happier than to find out I had terminal cancer or to be in a deadly car crash. That's just how badly I want to die.
This is the deluded way of thinking that will consign you to a miserable lonely life. When you're an incel, your biggest problem is that you can't get a gf/ have sex. Once you do those things, you exchange one set of problems for another, and sometimes you wonder if sex is really worth all of those additional problems. This is the way of 90% of normal, well-adjusted men as well. Truth is, life is one big series of problems for most people. Obviously some have bigger problems thsn others, but few people are truly content, no matter how much money and sex they have.

t. former incel who has heard 'i love you' from 3 different women in 6 years, and wishes he was single sometimes
34yo, not a virgin since I paid an hooker :

don't do that if you're not rich enough to keep up (you'll become an addict quite soon). I'm currently spending 25% of my salary each month and it makes me scared of the future.

Also, it doesn't get better. You shouldn't listen to us, and instead follow advices from more successful people
No longer a virgin. But I was at your age. It DOES get better. A lot better. Just keep searching until you find a nice traditional way wife, marry her and have a shitton of kids so the white race doesn't die out. Life is good if you bring it back to the basics. You can do it.
I would say go and have sex. I lost my virginity by doing what everyone else does, talking to more women and being comfortable socially over time.

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she shouldnt have one in the first place
fucking orbiters
you need some severe shit taste to give one fuck about this girl. im convinced most of these posts are just paid shilling for this dumb whore
i feel fucking old how is this hoe younger than me she should be in fucking high school jesus christ get me off this earth
did they actually expect her to do porn? Fucking retards
people who pay women on patreon are untermensch and I hope they all go to hell
>Birthplace: United Kingdom
wait does this mean she has that fucking disgusting British accent?

thanks for making me no longer care to fap to her

File: sadpeepopepo.jpg (10 KB, 255x198)
10 KB
>sitting at the computer, nothing to do
>sigh, guess I'll jerk off, I'm hard already anyways
>get distracted
>forget what I'm doing
>open up FL studio 20, start making some music
>dick is soft
stop mindlessly jerking off. it's nothing more than wanting something to do. fill it with creative energy instead.
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Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me.

Don't worry, they skipped from 12 directly to 20, you're not that old.
File: art.png (30 KB, 1229x605)
30 KB
behold the limit of my creative energy
Producers are the Tito of rap music
You won't get to fuck no bitch unless you Mike Will, DJ Mustard or Dr Dre
why the hell would anyone want the hardest part of music?
This is basically what i do, except i also play csgo
It's pretty comfy, making nice synths, chord progressions, and hypnotising arps
Fap to nice porn, and kill noobs
File: 1557919211116.png (60 KB, 400x388)
60 KB
>Tfw I have creative block for almost 2 months straight
It has been so long since I made my last beat/instrumental/whatever. I was recently thinking about jumping on breakcore, but only thing I am content with are my drum loops :(. Someone please tell me how can I make decent breakcore. I would strongly appreciate it.

File: 1540639090676.png (64 KB, 657x527)
64 KB
I wish I wasn't a brainlet with a defunct shit brain. I wish I was at least average intelligence. I fucking failed high school and have been a neet ever since then, that was 10 years ago.
you're probably not a brainlet, OP. I am regularly around truly dumb fucks saying truly dumb shit, and there is more sentience in your post than any of their retarded facebook statuses
Fuck boicunts on grindr dummy
No, I'm a brainlet. I see people talk about how they were in their teens, how they were politically edgy, this and that, like individualist and obnoxious but in a way that is connected to the world in some way.

As an 18 year old I was browsing video game forums and making ranked lists for my favorite gta games, I had zero knowledge nor care about the real world, as a 15 year old I'm pretty sure I was just an npc failed normie, sat in my room literally 14 hours a day playing cs, don't think a thought entered my mind. I wasn't a person until like 24, before that I don't even think I was self aware beyond my anxieties. I'll always be a dumb person, I'll never be strong willed, I'll never understand or be curious intellectually, it's just empty up there. I'm still a manchild, I'm just too depressed to really care about anything these days.
File: pepe trucker.jpg (127 KB, 439x363)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
I turned your post into a shitty poem

>I wish I wasn't a brainlet
>with a defunct brain shit
>I wish I was at least average intelligence
>with social relevance
>I fucking failed high school
>because i was so un-cool
>have been a neet ever since then,
>will you be my fren?

We're not gonna make it, friends. It's just not fair, life just isn't fair. What did I do to be born socially inept? I hope reincarnation is real and I can be a Chad in my next life.
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You could be a boislut and let other virgin robots TOP you
id say 12 years. from <10 i was a popular normie at school but 11 and 12 it all went downhill. plus 12 is around where most kids start to really grow up
That still doesn't help
Everyone is born socially inept. You might be born super lazy tho
hmmm. would I want to come back as a white/medi chad or never come back to this world?
I'd choose the Chad life if it was really Chad-like

File: guardian2.jpg (71 KB, 665x530)
71 KB
>In these open-minded times, one taboo has held steady: never having had sex at all. Four thirtysomething virgins explain how they deal with the stigma

>It may be that later-in-life virginity is dismissed as a problem with an easy fix. Cath Mercer, a principal investigator on the Natsal survey of sexual attitudes and lifestyles in Britain, says the vast majority (95%) of the general population report have made their "sexual debut" - as she rather grandly puts it - by age 25. And the most recent data available, from 2010-12, suggests that just 2.2% of British men and 1.1% of women were virgins at the age of 30.


Are you among the 2% of men who reach the age of thirty without having sex?
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Does getting a blowjob count as me having sex
Or you could just not be a moron and make up some bullshit story about how its been awhile. Not like women dont already do that their entire lives anyways.
>inb4 but muh trust and connection :(
That shit is fake as hell as it is and its not like you are lying about being an std ridden whore or something.
That realistically isn't that farfetched, the majority of the money I make I save because my only outgoings are rent, utlities and fuel. I never buy anything or go anywhere because I'm boring as shit, so I could burn some cash on that. But then when I think about it I think why bother, which is a fairly sure sign that I'm never going to get laid because it doesn't seem to affect me enough to really do anything about it.

I don't know if this is part of it but the people in my group of acquintances who know don't give a shit and the rest of them assume I've lost it already because they're normalfags and can'timagine that I wouldn't have, so at least I don't get hounded about it. Maybe it would be different if I did get shat on for it.
File: hapepe.jpg (22 KB, 533x477)
22 KB
I am the 2%. I always knew I would accomplish something extraordinary. I was destined for greatness.
File: 8f8.jpg (166 KB, 1029x1029)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
>Even most "late bloomers" lose their virginity in college, because the barrier for sex is extremely low, and the women are at their peak slutty
Goddamn, I was surrounded by women in college (meme History degree), tried my hardest at being social and still the best I could get from a girl was a hug, probably because she felt bad for me. I fucking hated college.

I seriously think that the only chance for me is to become somewhat wealthy (which is unlikely, as I am a NEET right now and my degree is useless) and marry a single mom in my mid 30's. Is it even worth it at that point?

File: IMG_20190616_160852.jpg (82 KB, 675x1023)
82 KB
>look in mirror
>guess im okay, kinda handsome and ugly
>point snapchat at my face
>Holly shit I'm beautiful
>look in the mirror
>I'm ugly as fuck
Welcome to body dismorphia, anon. You'll never recognize your own face ever again.
File: 1524229987224.png (13 KB, 1024x1024)
13 KB
>that perfect state of drunk/buzzed where you take a look in the mirror while taking a piss and think you are the best looking fuck alive
That's because snapchat automatically airbrushes your fave along with other lighting tricks and shit to make your ugly mug look more palatable. If you want the truth stand in front of a mirror with no natural light and you'll see what you actually look like. Snapchat is garbage
Why no natural lighting?
Ever looked at yourself in the mirror with fluorescent lighting? It's pretty harsh.

I read that the blues singers who would sing about satanic shit only did so because they were agnostic atheists
File: HellHound.gif (981 KB, 245x200)
981 KB
981 KB GIF
Nah m8 its cause they sold their soul to a crossroads demon for talent

I want to find an Asian gf or im fucking ending it. Asians girls wont even hug someone in the first few days of knowing them but dumb fuck American sluts are all fat as fuck and will fuck a dude before they even know their name after like 5 texts

okay i'll be your e-gf


File: 1554333050706.jpg (46 KB, 500x700)
46 KB
perfect edition
Previous thread >>52973480
247 replies and 54 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1558246283842.jpg (17 KB, 400x300)
17 KB
getting sent to rehab again.
maybe 3 days of freedom before i'm back in the druggy bin for a month and some change.
i love being 22 years old and living with my dad.
life is cool and there is so much to look forward to.
i'm so glad my soul was forced into existence without rhyme or reason.
ogtucker is that you?
You're an adult. Your parents can't force you to do anything you don't want to. Trust me, I've been in the same position.
and what wpsg fag is this
better question is, which one are you

File: 5xqz0te3cycz.jpg (661 KB, 3648x2736)
661 KB
661 KB JPG
i just want you to all imagine having a girl butt, a girl butthole, and a girl pussy, and STILL ending up on /r9k/. imagine how much of a complete and utter failure you have to be to have those things and end up here.
78 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Are you saying you'd trade places with me?
no cause i dont want to be girl, but trust me, i dont have friends, talking wont get you anywhere if you're retarded like me, if anything its more trouble, i would love to be mute so i can have a excuse to not talk to anyone and people wont get mad at me once they realize im not the average friendly normie they'd feel pity for me and leave me alone
I know but even simple things like getting the bus or ordering food at a cafe would be so much easier. The only time I have a comfortable experience is if it's something routine and even then it isn't guaranteed. It's half the reason I'm so shut in.
i dont leave my house so i cant relate, but the only bad things about those situations would be the awkwardness when they find out you're mute, even then if its a place you go a lot it wouldnt be awkward since they expect it already, do find people getting actually annoyed with you being mute and taking your time to communicate? to me it seems like a bonus since i expect people treat you even more kindly than what they do to normal people, even though being treated differently must get tiring at some point
File: 1555173570633.jpg (32 KB, 720x720)
32 KB
sex is really not everything u think it is
only someone who had sex can say that, kys

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