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File: 1529504308633.jpg (8 KB, 155x177)
8 KB
>Niggas is monsters
>And I am a nigga
>Curves under her dress...
>She can't comprehend the danger she's in
what the actual fuck did kanye mean by this? he's talking about his daughter man, what a pedo freak
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>Niggas is
When people speak like this, is it on purpose?
It's pretty hilarious imo
He fears for his daughter once she reaches puberty he says later that she hopes she takes after him and not Kim
It's called consonance you dumb fuck
It AM called consonance yous dumb fuck.

>get home from school
>mom says she got something for me in the backyard
>go in backyard
>airsoft guns are neatly placed on a table
>paper targets are spread out throughout the backyard
>mom says we can practice shooting in yard
>some time later mom tells me to check on the targets to see how well I did
>check on targets, notice that there's something behind it
>find one of my porn magazines behind paper target
>check the targets, each target had one of my porn magazines behind it
>mom takes the airsoft guns away and makes me throw away my shot up porn magazines
Did you fuck your mom afterwards?
this story checks out if it's like 1997.

File: pepe.jpg (36 KB, 360x480)
36 KB
>be me, 19
>it's exam period in my country, so i've been studying a lot lately
>during a break i decide to lollygag on tinder

Have tinder because it's useful when i travel, usually find some friendly people to show me around.

>scrolling through some profiles
>just when i'm about to go back to studying i see this profile
>it's got a bio that checks all the boxes
>girl is a solid 7.5/10 with a +2 in affinity
>put a super like, forget about it and go back to studying
>next break rolls around i see that we matched

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I don't understand. Did she close the chat so you can't ask her what she said or did the message just disappear?
She deleted him.
Serves him right for being a normanigger
She sent a message and then she unmatched me for whatever reason. But she unmatched me before i got the chance to read the message
holy FUCK your post was a big boring piece of shit
what a fucking horrible way r9k spends its time
i'm outta here nerds

File: 1302983975710.jpg (124 KB, 1024x768)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>I like someone who is honest
>I like a guy who is honest

Why do normies always say this? who the fuck would want someone who lies? that should be evidently obvious.
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That's just code for confidence behind your lies. I'm sure they don't want someone who tells them they are a diseased slut.
Every ideal mate thread is full of things like
>loves me
>likes to cuddle
Everyone lies. I hate people that freak out about them. Yeah it sucks being lied to, but what I want is just someone who will never do it to hurt me.
What the fuck did you do to Dr. Kleiner?!
Most people make white lies which doesn't usually impact each others lives, if everyone was honest we'd have social chaos and a lot more people would be punched in the face.

"We hide 3/4 of ourselves to get along with others." - Arthur Schopenhauer

File: Elliot-Rodger.jpg (298 KB, 2197x1463)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
Discuss Elliot's legacy, life, themes, and his overall affect on you
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Can't tell if this one is serious or not. Good regardless.
I have all videos by the tribute master (who disappeared in May 2017) and "sunsetsandlattes2" (whose ccount got trolled), and a lot of others too, such as most videos by "E Rodger" (who quit in May 2015) and "Elliot Memories" (who quit in January 2016) and a few by Kari (who quit in September 2017). I also have most videos by Melissa Choate and quite a pile by Based Shaman. Crap I can't download anything anymore as KeepVid is gone and they probably will end YTDownloader too because of YouTubeMusic. Anyhow I think I am going to upload at least the tribute master's videos some day in the archive.org. I will take them down though if he pops up to request for that.

if you need to download from youtube use hooktube.com
File: 6578669_l.jpg (31 KB, 627x568)
31 KB

Holy shit, if I had this kind of money, I'd study at some high class place, enjoy restaurant dinners every week and have a tastefully decorated apartment in a nice area.

I wouldn't even give a shit about bitches, but if he had just exercised and went out of his comfort zone, he could have become a real life Bateman.

File: download.jpg (4 KB, 225x225)
4 KB
>peeing at the urinal
>always do a massive fart without fail

It's so embarrassing bros. Consider yourself lucky you dont have to check all the cubicles are empty before pissing and then cross your fingers nobody comes in mid pee

File: 1528098014331.png (278 KB, 970x582)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
Just watched the new season of Westworld on HBO. Anyone feel the similarities of Westworld and 4chan?
>People show their true selves when they are anonymous on the internet. Just like when they are at Westworld.
>if 4chan wanted, you could all be chat bots and I wouldn't know
This website isn't self-aware. I think something has free-will when its actions are unpredictable, even when its 'source code' is available.

Just felt like shooting the shit about AI, free-will, and consciousness
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>that is not true anon we are all just like you
I mean, I could share my true feelings with a chat bot too, that's the point. From my perspective, it would be the same
The maze wasn't built for you.

4chan isn't Westworld; it's Homeland.

It's obviously a honeypot designed to get people to make compromising statements that are logged along with their IP and other personally identifying info.

One day there will be a big "reveal" when all of your posts are used to intern you in a camp.
File: anon.png (88 KB, 457x450)
88 KB
I have told you people things i would never tell anyone in real life ever. Anon posting allows human beings to break out of the cage of political correctness and social norms.
Anon posting is humanity at its very core. Its the shadow self, a jungian concept.
4chan is also a hivemind, this was a big thing on early 4chan. We are legion blah blah blah.
4chan is a collective of human shadows.


I have seen the smartest and most poignant and beautiful things posted on 4chan, from people i will never meet or talk to. And i have seen lots of shitposting

A general feeling of "oh wow, im not the only one who thinks like this" or"wow, im not the only loser"

There is no identity on here. You arent black, or white, or asian, or male, or female. You are anon

This goes against the very nature of the psychotic times we live in.
westworld is for normalfags

m a sad boy with a weird taste in music and weirder sense of humor. I like hugs, coffee, vodka, Bacardi, Adderall, inspirational quotes, and touching myself. Frequently. Your favorite smartass, caffeinated, medicated, cuddleslut, atheist, musicdork, and lover of pandas. I just wanna meet up with other sad kids and bury our pain in drugs, love, and revolution. I just wanna get as fucked up as possible as fast as possible on whatever I can get my hands on. I need friends. INFP. Crybaby rainbow unicorn snowflake cinnamon roll. Human disaster. Basically an existential crisis in a person suit. Please love me.
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You do realize this is an ironic LARP as a brostie right
No it isn't. This is a realistic description of who I am as a person. It's actually mostly my tinder bio but this is a bit more beefed up do to their character limit.
File: cqhog.jpg (38 KB, 490x456)
38 KB
You honestly sound deranged. I'd love to do drugs with you but i would be afraid of you sticking some unknown object up my ass when i'm passed out.

i want him to hug me and then fugg my boipucci
this shit reads like it would get tons of hits on tinder. Am I wrong?

> the main fantasy in porn is freedom from guilt and allowing yourself your dark desires

debate me
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File: thinking in thicc.jpg (118 KB, 1000x1783)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Imagine being so starved for attention that you consume ridiculous amounts of pornography, to the point where you're so despondent and perverted that consentual happy sex between two people that love each other is so foreign to you that what was once considered "normal" is now fetishistic to you.
How do you feel about glass condoms?
It loops back around. Eventually you get so depraved vanilla porn seems like the one thing you haven't done in a while so it's fresh and different. Then the cycle continues.
File: 1504058020978.png (28 KB, 240x234)
28 KB
that sounds pretty dramatic anon just say i wanna fuck all day everyday
>debate me
I don't think I can.

File: 1529081815501.jpg (54 KB, 793x786)
54 KB
95% of the women aged 18-30 are 8/10 to me or higher.
I am so fucking desperate
then just say "hi" and be yourself idunno, lol
you're under average to them unless you're in the top 20% of men in terms of looks. don't even bother with them anon, you have no chance.
I don't think women are wrong about that.
Most women I see take really good care of themselves while only a fraction of men put effort in their clothes and hair and general appearance.
except men can't wear heels or makeup. juggernaut law, no matter how ugly a woman is a man will eventually like her, any ugly trait a woman has is fetishized. the same does not apply to men, an ugly man is hopelessly fucked.
Has nothing to do with grooming. It's a biological thing. It's advantages for a woman to be picky because being pregnant is a long and taxing process.

File: a2ei2a50gdsz.png (190 KB, 631x595)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
What's it like having enough money to not have to worry about money?
36 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
also do you wear a parachute at all times for fear of dying? I would
File: wrer.jpg (21 KB, 474x355)
21 KB
i tell you waht
it feels great
i have enough to retire for a life time of tendies and interwebs
but i still get pushed by me mom to wagecuck which is hilarious
you really can tell how fucked everyone is when i finish a contract, everyone asks me immediately 'and where are you going now?' as if i have to jump from job to job in an instant.
they freak the fuck out when i tell them i'm planning to take a few months off, 'omg anon what about rent!' 'you can't leave a gap in your resume!' lmao gimme a break poor wageslaves.
and all thanks goes to Allah, i have my own flat and car, i'm living beyond the standards of a medieval king feasting on the pleasures of life.
What do you call having enough money to not need to worry about money?. Simply being financially stable or being well off?. I earn 30k a year which is enough to live a normal life with some luxury's in the uk (unless you like in london),
File: 1385810364669.jpg (34 KB, 413x395)
34 KB
>I'm 30
>live alone
>I'm still miserable
Yeah, I have no idea how that happened. It's like you actually thought that was a good lifestyle back in your 20's.
>hope that prostitution eventually gets legalized
Enjoy losing your vcard at the age of 45
Get a masters degree in accounting and start applying, this will be a lot easier if you are black or a veteran

I did actually think the lifestyle seemed appealing back then, my own fault I guess.

On the bright side I'm not a virgin though, have had sex with 20 or so women (mostly fatties, a few hookers when I was travelling to places where it was legal, with a few decent ones mixed in that I somehow got lucky with) just can't get any to stick around. I'm probably terrible at sex desu.

File: lexie.jpg (375 KB, 1280x720)
375 KB
375 KB JPG
Are there any downsides to mostly masturbating to femdom humiliation porn?
No but some insecure cucks will come in and try to yell at you for not being mega dom
You will always take a submissive role in any future relationships and girls for the most part fucking DESPISE submissive men.
It depends.

Most girls like a cute, handsome mummy's boy but yeah they despise fat ugly neckbeards who want their testicles crushed

It gives up the possibility of having a wife and children. Though that's not much of a downside considering how good the orgasms can be.

You'll never find a couple that will let you be their live in chastity maid. Letting you watch as they fuck and getting to clean her out with your tongue, while her feet press against your balls.
Sometimes there are males involved

File: 1529509949239.jpg (61 KB, 640x458)
61 KB
Mmmm, doesn't that look tasty?
It looks like somebody cremepied a shrimp
File: Spoiler Image (82 KB, 640x458)
82 KB
Do you wanna know what else looks tasty?
I'd eat it. It probably is pretty good. The only thing concerning is that there is only one on the plate, making me think it's an overpriced dish for sale.
OP is a fucking retarded faggot

File: 1529336949189.jpg (28 KB, 1280x720)
28 KB
Share 'em, let 'em out
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I know this feel. I had a decent amount of friends in middle school, but started to hate/resent them so I distanced myself from them all and by the time high school ended, all my old friends didnt talk to me and I hadn't made any new friends and I still havent.
And its all my fault. Oh well, I'm not that sad really.
try pizza lel
I distract myself from the pain called life by buying goods I think will fulfill me.
I've only had my Mazda 2 for a year and a half and am already saving up for a 2019 MX5-RF. At 5k currently after 3 months.
Something more abstract, I want to walk naked through an empty world. It's absolutely suffocating that there's people everywhere. You can't do anything without being seen.
I want to be alone in an open, wide area.
You should tell them the truth anon

File: 1528796455090.jpg (23 KB, 346x346)
23 KB
>>discord dot gg slash 4zV9kx7
expires after 100 uses,
everyone has administrator

do your worst

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