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File: wojak_water.png (97 KB, 640x626)
97 KB
>you are only allowed to be weird if you have a gf
this is true. thank you based anon.

Oh god I made visual contact with her omg fucking yes.

File: 1545632684968.png (215 KB, 500x500)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
I..I d-did the w-w.. white pee
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i did an ejakulashon oopsie
I hope it felt good, anon. What caused it?
thats bad and is a sin
Disgusting. You should feel ashamed.
what are you, 9? stop talking like a faggot

So /r9k/, I just shaved my dick & balls, they are as smooth as marble. Should I have done this? Is ((( pubic trimming ))) a way to control the goyim?
wait for the razor bumps and ingrown hairs and make your own decision.
I usually just trim it when it is hot as fuck, shave is only if I would have a gf to lick it
that doesn't happen if you keep it clean and not humid

File: 1563386447400.jpg (29 KB, 474x355)
29 KB
Does anyone else want a gf/life partner but know they wouldn't be capable? Being bad at communicating, having unhealthy habits like gaming all day and eating junk, having an unattractive physique, not being able to meet the expectations your partner has and generally not believing you deserve real love until you improve? I want a gf desperately but not yet, and I have some difficulty putting this idea into words when other people ask why I don't even attempt to date. Does anyone else have this feel?
Literally me op, I'm not gonna bother dating until I /fit/ up
I do have a gf that makes me somewhat happy, but I can tell it's not going to last long since we can't ever see each other any more since she moved two cities away and I'm trying to enlist in the Army. She's 17 and I'm 18. My parents don't even like me having a gf and her parents are the same about bf's. Neither of us have a car. And we can barely talk to each other since she doesn't have a phone. Not to mention I have bad paranoia when it comes to long distance relationships, especially when I don't feel like there was a good trust between us, she trusts me, but it's hard for me to trust anyone.

File: 1504913096292.png (385 KB, 777x777)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
>tfw pedophile
>tfw estrogen is your only hope for a life without prison
>tfw you already have the skeleton and body
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It's been illegal in the USA since 2003, 20 years they CAN give you.

Sad panda went down over similar laws being imposed even in their country, the Netherlands. Virtue signalling spreads so. The slippery slope is slippery.

>being a pedo that has a feminine body
You're going to non-meme get raped in prison my lad. Bad strategy.
Loli is not illegal in the US. People who supposedly got arrested for it actually had real cp not just 2D drawings.
Realistic nude art of children is illegal in some states but that just more reason to using loli.
Post pre HRT bussy and chest
Imagine living on a shithole planet where people get imprisoned for choosing a lesser evil.

Why havent you ended it yet, faggot?
Because I'm a pussy who has family that love him I also have a slither of hope left. Not much but enough to stop me
File: nooooo.png (35 KB, 382x395)
35 KB
Waiting for my grandpa to die. He's the closest thing I have to a friend and we've been close since I was born. I don't think he could take it if he found out I died, especially since his wife/my grandma just died last year.
There's my family and the fact that I haven't done so many things yet. Thought about it some years ago but now I see I have a lot of life ahead of me and I want to try it out and see what this road beholds. That and I have to see how Liverpool slips once again

File: 1564888213844.jpg (39 KB, 480x524)
39 KB
>tfw no rich anon will ever adopt me and force me to take hrt
>he'll never force me to exercise until I have the perfect trap body
>I'll never be rewarded with hugs and cute clothes for being such a good bf/gf
>he'll never surprise me with cute cosplay costumes and make me do lewd things while dressed as my favorite characters
>I'll never surprise him with home made gifts and cards on holidays
>his family will never meet me thinking I'm an actual girl
>I'll never have to train my virgin ass to handle him
>He'll never take me to the bed whenever he wants and pound me for as long as he wants
>I'll never collapse from exhaustion after being pumped full of his warm sticky ooze
faggot orign

File: 1561567481469.jpg (63 KB, 960x960)
63 KB
(Male) anons
When was the last time you cried and why?
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Waiting for the coroner to determine the cause of death. Dude was 18 and perfectly healthy so we're all pretty shocked about how something like this could happen.
About three weeks after my father died.

Life caught up with me I guess.
A few months ago, my ex gf, whom I dated for 5 years, hit me up out of the blue, I bought her dinner and we had a little date, havent heard from her since.

I should have knew better.
I haven't actually cried in a long time, I'm too scared to show tears since I don't want to seem like less of a man if I cry. I have a lot of pent up anger and sadness built up over the years but I refuse to let it all out.
File: woj.png (39 KB, 645x773)
39 KB
Yesterday, found out my pet has cancer that is not treatable. I have to watch it grow till she can't move around anymore then make the decision to put her to sleep, it's like watching my daughter live with a death sentence.

File: 1556803111370.png (389 KB, 2160x1959)
389 KB
389 KB PNG
>just lift bro

fuuuuck of normalswine
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i got over the 'this is probably bullshit' thing a while ago. whether or not it's real is somewhat irrelevant as long as there's content/a topic to discuss. say it didnt happen, what difference does it make vs it happening?
Clearly she loves the results of the lifting. I'm not sure what point you're trying to make. Did you expect to get away with being a drunk driving alcoholic?
well she left you because your an alcoholic with a tendency to drink and drive you fucking retard
>Lift to get girl
>Fix nothing else about his shit life choices and habits
>Complain solid abs don't magically fix everything.

You fell for the meme harder than anyone else.
Yeah, but just like understanding the nuances of being encouraged to lift yo improve your quality of life and physical attractiveness, you should try to understand the nuances of being yourself as well.
When you're in a relationship, you're no longer by yourself and your choices and habits influence your team so to speak.
If you have a drinking problem, it shows you have self-destructive tendencies, which is a long term problem in a relationship. If you drink and drive, not only is this borderline suicidal, but it is also irresponsible as fuck.

Here lies the nuance. You should always be faithful to yourself and be honest to yourself and others about who you really are, but not everyone will like everything that they see. If you have drinking problems, that's fine. Nobody is perfect and tons of people, including myself, have drinking problems, but a ton of people won't want to go through the ordeal of seeing you slowly kill yourself through bottles after bottles and taking your car, which is, every single time, tempting death and believe me, I speak from experience. I"ve had several drunk drivibg related accidents.
It's ok to be honest with yourself. ALWAYS be who you are, including the alcoholic you are, but if you are in denial of your problem, that's no longer in the realm of being yourself, it's in the realm of lacking self-honesty and enough care to not make your loved ones go through seeing your passive self-destruction.

File: tony-soprano-pool.jpg (664 KB, 2048x1362)
664 KB
664 KB JPG
how do we tony sopranomaxx?
33 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
gabagool is just fats and nitrates
Yeah, you did, and you were shown up. They'd have your head in Rome, you and all guido shemales with you.
File: mpv-shot0030.jpg (139 KB, 1280x720)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
no bitch to me
This thread is about the sopranos you dumb bitch
Bout time we called all Sicilians niggers. All of Europe already does.

File: 1561933085563.jpg (40 KB, 639x541)
40 KB
I...I have to try again and again, right? Even though it has become pointless and useless many years ago. I know that I am disgusting and will never do anything to reach my goals, which are blurry and change like weather anyway. But I gotta continue to hope that someday, someday...I will start to do something, anything...and the hurting inside will dissapear...and the world will change...and I won't be ashamed of myself, won't be disgusted from my thoughts and my actions. And I'll start to sleep at nights, and my balding will reverse, and I'll gain some weight and hit the gym, and I'll start learning smart stuff, and...and I'll forget that I know that I am better than I think of myself... and I won't mumble under my nose when speaking to others....All I need is just that little sparked, right?... I just need to wait for the right time to come, right?...
Yep...someday anons, someday...

File: 1536621812021.png (236 KB, 771x606)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
>Despise pretty much everyone I meet, bordering on physical repulsion.

What can I do about this?
Nothing. Appreciate being alone and accept the introverted life style. There's nothing wrong with it unless your obsessed with fitting into societal norms.
stop interacting with people unless you absolutely have to
>being disgusted by everyone you meet is introversion
you are underaged or retarded, either way please cease breathing immediately
Ah, didn't know you were butthurt OP. Good luck feeling sorry for yourself.

File: ismine.png (410 KB, 723x825)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
>born in fucking degenerate home with shitty abusive family members
>literally all our problems stem from white mom not listening to daddy
>want to eat red meat, find a nice virtuous white wife to have kids with and raise our offspring with trad christian values
>born only half white because mom decided to race mix.

by all that is pure and righteous. i shall not procreate as to spread this curse onto innocent children. My family deserved everything that happened to it and stands as a testament to the dangers of race mixing and deviating from the path our white ancestors put us on. may we all rot in hell.
You're at least half white, have strong family standards/values, and want to secure a nation of people with similar ideals. That's already better than the majority of people. You are not the culmination of the sins of your ancestors, but an opportunity to do right by the world. If you're so concerned about your own race, then marry another mixed-race individual and breed her instead. Don't cheat yourself out of life's experiences because of your shit family.

File: reddit.png (76 KB, 1106x697)
76 KB
>ib4 you have to go back
I was searching "free hiv testing furry con" to see if they actually have free HIV tests at furry cons, or if that was just slander.
Apparently they do, and furries are every bit as degenerate as I was told.

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