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File: images (8).jpg (20 KB, 739x415)
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All I've done this year is been a wagecuck for a couple months. It's now been 4 months of living at home living on computers.
Ive barely been awake for 12 hours and now I'm going back to sleep. We will all be dead long before we ever realized we were alive.
You got that right, meng. Tick tock.
The fear of time is what keeps me moving. Imagine turning 40 and nothing has changed. Makes my blood run cold
Yeah. It's time to spend every day working hard towards my dreams.
All I've done this year was binge a couple of tv shows, take hundreds of depression naps, actively suffer from the heatwaves, and try a shitton of different antidepressants yay
And *blink* you're another year older.
File: happymemefrogfrom9gag.png (25 KB, 1024x1024)
25 KB
mfw one year closer to death

File: 1529098275458.jpg (98 KB, 666x1000)
98 KB
>try to look a girl in the eyes when passing her
>she instantly turns her eyes away

every time
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How is it projecting? About half this board is filled with the losers of the same type with the same mostly self-inflicted "problems".
File: 1505003338788.jpg (38 KB, 434x319)
38 KB
giv margaret

This, pretty much. Women have to walk a fine line between being "cold and insulting" and "being too flirty".
>looking strangers in the eye
yeah why the fuck aren't people comfortable with that?
I'm sure your bf a cool dude and not a fucking poser

File: 1519098934941[1].png (551 KB, 964x912)
551 KB
551 KB PNG
>mfw I'm at the barber shop to get a haircut
Can anyone relate? I just get so fucking nervous about this shit
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Nah, I do my hair with a 20 bucks buzzer.
Feels good mane
Fuck, yes. The second they snip a single strand
>insta regret
>not cutting your own hair like a true robot

Buy a clipper set, give yourself undercuts
Easy as fuck
yeah it's always kind of a big deal for me
Roasties like pic related are the worst. No matter how non descript youre acting while walking behind one, she always assumes youre stalking her and planning on raping or abducting.

File: 1529423930061.jpg (171 KB, 1000x1025)
171 KB
171 KB JPG

Touhou, general anime, videogame and bantering discord seeking participants in social experiments.

Low drama, low underage and homosexuals are banned on sight. Kill all drama fiends. Thank you.

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The average homosexual makes sure to flaunt and make obvious to everyone they are so, it's harder to catch the underage subhumans.
lol you're subhuman.
>homosexuals banned on site

K fuck off then
How many normies?
File: 044 - TaPl6Hj.jpg (102 KB, 1280x720)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
why post this
"look at me everyone, i am gay"

I only think masturbation, consuming porn is degenerate.
that's because you have no right to criticize normies for their hedonism

File: 1478377595747.jpg (161 KB, 800x600)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
I was a very stupid and timid kid with a lot of dumb autistic problems, but I managed to come out of my shell in high school and I got in really good shape and became an alpha type dude. Then after high school my friends moved away and I fell in with a group of weeaboos from a more decadent neighborhood and I feel like that's exactly when my life ended. These people never really made me feel like I was their friend. I ended up having to change my entire personality just to be around them and not go nuts. Eventually I moved across the country with 2 of them who started telling me I Should be a woman or gay, and I got out around then. After that I started warping and becoming this angry, pathetic, paranoid little man, and I got out of shape, i lost contact with all these friends one by one due to the anger I had at them all for what at the time felt like no reason. I eventually just clung onto one of them who was a complete parasite who took me for a ride for half a decade. Now I'm almost thirty, and I feel completely drained of life or joy. I used to have girls fawning over me left and right. I used to be the life of a party. I used to be naive and good-natured and want to help people and make them happy. I used to be healthy. Now I feel like this unlovable reptile with health problems from a bad lifestyle, and a boring, bellicose, and repellent personality. I feel like a hollow shell.
How do I fix this? I want more than anything to become a person again. I don't want to hate who I have become anymore, but I just don't know where to start. I've been going nowhere for almost ten years. I keep my gun out in the open where I can easily get to it, I go walking around at night in a dangerous neighborhood, I drink excessively. I just want out sometimes, but I can't bring myself to do it because there's a little spark of whoever I used to be in there. But I don't know how to stoke that flame anymore.
I don't want to be a monster anymore. Please help me, tell me what to do
I just wish I could go back in time, and not hang out with those people.
>get off the computer
>go outside and give a girl a firm handshake
>take her virginity
Problem solved.
well, with repeating integers like that I can't really argue. I'll live another day. I'll go outside and get a haircut
thanks bro

File: image.jpg (152 KB, 657x527)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Why do /pol/tards stop talking their racist shit when I start beating them?
File: IMG_9892.jpg (158 KB, 475x872)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
>tfw no blackboi to put me in my place
File: 1516183869134.webm (1.31 MB, 480x270)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB WEBM
Trips checked
Coz tiny dicked racists only know how to run their mouths

Do women really like assholes?
I thought this was a meme but a few monthes back i decided to message this girl and be a complete dick about it (this is one of only a few times i hit on a woman) , after almost a week of being an ass to her(still shocked she is talking to me) she wants to come over and tells me shes horny , so she wanted me to pick her up , but i dont have a car or a license so i told her to take a bus , thats when she got real mad and i didnt speak to her since. This was the biggest shock of my life a girl that i met once wants to fuck me.

And i saw this post and that made me think , maybe its all about being an asshole.

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A girl I fancied at work started fucking a guy twice her age who was extremely nasty to her face.

I mean he is a bad guy. Beat his exwife. Beat up her new boyfriend. Is a violent alcoholic.

He called my co-worker a retarded whore many times. Among other nasty names.

But she went and fucked him. Now they're dating.

I always thought /r9k/ was just a bunch of bitter losers but I realized the misogyny is justified.

Women are trash.
>If they are socially valuable*
Being fit and attractive and good because a woman can use your looks to outcompete people she knows. But being financially successful or higher than a woman in a social hierarchy works as well. This can mean you are valued in your group or that you are her boss etc.

Ugly actors are popular with women because they are successful figures. Being ugly isn't the end you just nees to work harder than other people.
I dont consider myself good looking and neither do my friends

My head really hurts thinking about this , no logic in this world
Am i an incel now?
I've come to learn that the things incels say about women are 90% true
Hmmm interesting
In what ways can a man prove his "superiority" over a woman to get her to like him?

File: qnaENJT.png (132 KB, 380x496)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
a-are there any girls here ? Can I please hear your voice ? I promise I won't be weird


This made me laugh, thanks anon

Bump, havent heard a girls voice in a while
please dont laugh at my voice OmO

Robots what is your favorite Pokemon

For me it's Heracross
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I like the whole Abra line, except for the mega. Also a fan of Blastoise.
File: 250px-063Abra.png (45 KB, 250x250)
45 KB
Forgot my picture. Look at this guy
Low key like Breloom.
>Competitively viable
>He's a dinosaur
>adorable exterior, but you can tell he packs a punch
>Had a shroomish when i played R/S the first time
File: 1484812056147.jpg (42 KB, 500x500)
42 KB
This smug birb.
File: jellicent.jpg (26 KB, 620x350)
26 KB
My fav is jellicent
water and ghost type

I want to cuddle edition
Previous >>46218803
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heartbreak is the cause of all my woes.
everyone seems to say it will get better but it never does for me, pain never leaves me, i just get used to it.
Things were going fine, he was gonna show me his writing. Then I made a stupid joke about age and he blocked me. I think he thought I was attacking him. Feel kinda bad now.
Too few, with rare exceptions where it feels like too many but I think even then it wouldn't be as much as when other people get sad.
I can't even cry.
I got a question for you gays.

Isn't being gay all about having gay sex? Do you actually want to cuddle and be romantic with another man? Look deep into his eyes passionately and kiss him? Cuz that's more than just gay. That's like triple gay or something. I mean i understand wanting to fuck, fucking is awesome. But romantic girly shit with a masculine man?
when are you Degenerates going to go to conversion therapy already? you don't want to die in your 40s do you?

How does this picture make you feeI?
Nothing. I don't really care about women, relationships or sexuality.

Why do women have a greater sex appeal than men?
Like if a guy saw a cheap slut he might take it if he's desperate enough
if a girl saw a dude in the streets selling sex, even if it was a neet, they would probably never take it.
Are men just more desperate than men?
Am i just tripping?
Because that's how it works in almost every species. For a tl:dr - women can't breed as much so they're more valuable and can be pickier and are the sexual selectors.
All girls have inherent sexual value, but few men do.
Jesus Christ shut the fuck up. Go pick up random males if you feel bad about it
Why do people find Delores attractive?

File: 1529481662782.png (242 KB, 636x464)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
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File: All Smiles.png (78 KB, 308x320)
78 KB
You're a good man, don't let any cuck or roast tell you otherwise.
it's 2020
"Female" ai are given human rights and treated as such

mean while "male" ai our considered sub human slaves with no rights
Its not Harmony. Its some random dude trying to compete with Harmony. I dont think it will work out too well for him. Read this post: >>46238391
by buying from a brand that doesnt include this bullshit with their product
If you're ugly, then your existence is creepy

File: 1527578524219.png (930 KB, 1100x1589)
930 KB
930 KB PNG
>tfw no girl to fap to hentai together with
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Why would u want that ew
hey, don't knock it 'til you try it
>tfw know if someone else didn't shower for as long as I have I couldn't stand to be around them
one time a girl sat next to me on the train that smelled like straight-up wet dog and mold. she had big curly hair that was probably fucking rotten somehow it smelled so bad. it was one of those stenches that linger in the back of your mouth even hours after you've gotten away from it
File: 4728829476917456.jpg (26 KB, 680x448)
26 KB
I'd like both tbqh

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