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File: 121e1.jpg (42 KB, 447x340)
42 KB
>what the fuck do I do?
I just graduated college and I don't know what to do to find a "real job". Help me plz
whatever you do, don't become NEET. Once you get NEET time on your resume no employer will touch you. There's no going back
google search "job agency near me" on google.
bring your degree, and they'll find you a job.
then search for jobs on your own, and use that job as experience.
I am 25yo and had experience working different jobs since I was 15/16. The problem is no references. I have never tried an agency before, always got my jobs through interviewing and a firm handshake

File: AKB48-SNSD.jpg (128 KB, 740x400)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
>Koreans are tall east Aryans
>Japanese are dwarf subhumans
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Watch the ones where they ship over giant black dudes to fuck the girls.

They take it all too lol
Tfw you find a girl with a sense of humor
Survival of the fittest.
Japanese had a fucking island where there were not a lot of predators so having an agile big body was not needed that much. Take this out of the equation and you get a smaller body. Look at the eskimo and indonesian people. Having a small body is sometimes an advantage.

Id bonk those tiny Japs any time.
Also the faces of the Koreans look all the same like plastic.
Don't believe their lies, these women are not real

File: 1480877098379.gif (27 KB, 418x500)
27 KB
Why is Wojak bald? Is he a skinhead?
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File: that feel kimochi.gif (13 KB, 500x500)
13 KB
that's just a chin pimple

Wojak is bald because he has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.
the feels took his hair over the course of the years
Because only true robots know the pain of balding
Wojak is not human. He comes from Gliese 832 c.

File: download.jpg (6 KB, 284x177)
6 KB
Who is the GOAT pornstar? And why is it Malena Morgan?

>Naturally pretty due to caucasoid facial features
>Embraces fully her bisexuality which all women should do as all women are naturally bisexual
>Has never fucked niggers
>Mostly does lesbian which is the most Patrician porn
>Has real orgasms on screen

Top this. Protip: you can't.
>pale skin blue eyes light pubes/hair

Winning formula desu
that's a weird way of spelling milena velba.

File: bye.jpg (14 KB, 480x360)
14 KB
What thoughts make you near suicidal/your most depressed?
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The thoughts that come after I look in the mirror

The thought that I had Chad genetics but my growth was stunted due to deficient diet and overall lifestyle during puberty.
The thought that my dick is broken and will never work again.
The thought that I will never achieve anything due to a defective brain.
The thought that I'm too old and have missed out on my youth and there's no chance of recovering.
The thought that I'm going to die anyway and there's no real purpose in fighting to extend quantity of life if there will never be quality of life.
That I'm gonna die some terrible death after suffering from some crippling condition for decades beforehand (limb loss, sensory loss).
Mom, stomping me down for no reason.
The thought that I couldn't acquire a real skill and that I am a huge disappointment for my mother.

File: fear phone.gif (912 KB, 240x176)
912 KB
912 KB GIF
think im addicted to opioids now fellas

any recommendations? ride this shit to the end or try to fix my sorry butt?....
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It's a meme because recovery is a hit or a miss. Unless you're actually dedicated to getting clean, going in there is a joke. Plus you'll be surrounded by relapsing douches and that doesn't make it much easier either. But if you can't do it yourself, go to treatment.
ok those are good points i was being a bit facetious anyhows
hero dose of acid will fix you
You can go to a clinic for that, mate.
Stop it. I have been there, i can tell you that drugs fix absolutely nothing. The bliss you feel on them is not only temporary, but it's also unsustainable because of tolerance. You'll end losing the little you have left if you don't get off this path soon.

File: 130869345192013.jpg (22 KB, 600x553)
22 KB
Who here /lurker/ in life?

No texts, no phone calls. No messengers.
Painful meet ups if they ever happen.

Can't engage this place. No love prospects. To be alone.

When was the last time you were excited about something?

File: r9k cat friend.jpg (557 KB, 1915x724)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
Lets have a feels thread.

Post images or videos or stories that makes you feel.
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If you're still around, I'd like to hear your story.
Thanks lad. Its interesting to see how songs connect to people especially emotionally.
Can someone explain the ending for me it's confusing

That one really hurts. the only thing i have in my life is my degree, and recently it has proven to be worthless.

Now I have nothing.

Is not really a mistery, both of my parents were huge losers. Don't know why they decided to have a son.
File: 1502988748500.png (8 KB, 194x259)
8 KB
god dammit that got me good

File: hqdefault.jpg (9 KB, 480x360)
9 KB
Bumpity Boo is our guy
is that sunny? %&*7*'
Holy shit I have not seen that face since ~2009
really? I'd randomly remember him all the time and watch a video just to hear him say his name.

File: 1503342771813.jpg (66 KB, 621x703)
66 KB
>Chad strutting around with a hot gf
Totally fine by me
>Some tubby geek numale has a gf
I want them to both die violently

Anyone else experience this?
Theres just something so arrogant about a shit tier male thinking he deserves a gf
Its called being a jealous, insecure faggot.
Women are worth substantially less than a numale. A numale has made some dumb choices but inherently has the vast potential of man within him. I don't see any man as undeserving of the world and more. It's unfortunate the bounty is so limited.
File: 1462909819762.png (319 KB, 491x373)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
Envious. Jealousy is when you're mad at somebody for taking something you own. Envy is when you desire something that somebody else has.
I would be fine with it if Chad had two gfs instead of giving one to the numale, at least Chad deserves it.
File: 1466987840180.jpg (78 KB, 695x680)
78 KB
I used to feel bad and alone also but then I just realize they are going to break up terribly in 3 years tops. I seen and heard it happen.

You will never understand why you are a robot if you don't understand this concept.
youll never be a robot if youre a faggot bourgoise wannabee proletariat.
You will never be a robot if you care about any of this shit. Seriously what is the fucking point? Go kys
I don't own any means of production and my parents are from the working class.

You should be ashamed of your anti-intellectualism. You should be the one to end yourself.

File: 1513034180394.jpg (429 KB, 1280x1707)
429 KB
429 KB JPG
What are your excuses for not wearing diapers in 2018?
I will prove each one wrong.
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dumb sissy diaperposters
I'm not Op so..

I feel very non sexual in my little space. but I appreciate there's simple dl's out there too. The diaper itself is just kinda cute to me. comforting. I can't say I have. I separate the two pretty well, but I've found it pretty impossible to regress lately with so much going wrong in my life.
I feel very non sexual in my little space but sometimes just being little is arousing to me if that makes sense, and diapers do give off a sense of comfort. I'd say it's like 70-30, but it'd really depend on my partner's needs and wants anyway.
I think as a caregiver it'd be mostly nonsexual or for her pleasure mostly. I love the verbal/mental aspects of ageplay though and is definitely the biggest reason why I'm so into it. The dynamic is so cute and wonderful.
Sorry to hear that things are going wrong in your life though but I know you can overcome them anon.
>>>>tfw no diaper gf
original the character
>hours later
>hasnt disproved half excuses
i hope those diaper fetishists go to s4s

>Christmas is the hardest time to be alone
>Live on well-fare in small town with no jobs
>Fucking refugees taking all the damn jobs
>Don't want to go home
>Problem with my parents in the childhood
>No reason to even bother celebrating
>Everyone has christmas lights on their house
>People are singing christimas carrols in the streets
>I lay on my couch in small 10 square flat
>Share toilet toilet and bath filthy students

>Finally take r9k advice and get grindr app
>No profile pic
>Five messages in my inbox after only 1 hours

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: download.jpg (6 KB, 275x183)
6 KB
Write a letter to whomever you so please.

Dear R:

God, I probably write you too much in these threads. I wonder if you've ever read any of the letters I've sent to you, and if you ever will.

I'm about to travel back to New York. Hopefully you'll apologize for ignoring me and we can see each other while I visit. I wanted to ask you out a while ago but you ignored the 5 (!!!) messages I sent you, including the first one in which I requested a call. (I decided after some advice that it would be better to ask you out over the phone than over text, but now I wonder if that was a good idea.)

I like you a lot, and I miss you.


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Yeah, but it's not like I'm the only one
sarah? why are you even here?
Does he know you exist? Like does he even know your name and do you guys talk?
Dear Edwin

go fuck yourself

Stop trying to contain it or whatever, do a favor to both of you and tell the guy, he probably doesn't even know. Nobody is not "ready to love" he probably is just beta faggot, doesn't think you like him or something akin to this. If you aren't disgusting there's no way it'll go bad even though you live far away from him, beta faggot will love woman giving him any attention at all.

File: gms2ot2oxd101.jpg (32 KB, 460x460)
32 KB
>have a small group of friends
>two friends "fall out" with each other due to a happening
>group breaks
>hanging out in a few person groups without the two people being present at the same time
>I start to be with one friend with just the two of us more and more
>the friend I knew best (but never really hung out with without the group nor really had anything in common with) started acting weird
>is constantly rude to me and couple other people
>one friend "sides" with him, they hang out together
>Now I have one friend who I be with, and one friend from the group who is still friendly, but we don't really hang out
>having friends

Please leave this board you fucking normie

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