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File: ben.jpg (81 KB, 900x900)
81 KB
I just caught my 11 year old brother watching Ben Shapiro on youtube... I don't even know what to think or do.
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He probably heard about him from PewDiePie honestly. In any case let him be.
Pewdiepie indoctrinated him
make fun of him ofc
I don't think Kyle is ready for Ben. Ben contradicts himself every week ("Left is elistist, but also I'm one of the elite right Tucker Carlson? Anecdotal evidence isn't good enough, but it's good when reporting election fraud for California. I hate intersectionalism, but Jews have been the most oppressed and criticizing Israel is ugly anti-semitism. Obama was the first celebrity President despite being in Congress and never working in Hollywood, also don't mention Regan. America needs to come together or it will fail, but also lets ostracize half of the nation and call them idiots."), but he's really good at arguing and would destroy most in a dickwaiving debate about making the other person look stupid rather than promoting a topic. This is modern politics and it's hurting far more than it's helping.
Tell him Pedopie wants to rape him and Ben wants to sacrifice his foreskin to Zion.

File: partyRodent.jpg (179 KB, 780x699)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
for me I heard this was a cool place to talk to other autistic losers.
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You can lurk and laugh at the dumb robots but when you post you risk having your guaranteed good feelings shattered by a real reply.
File: dogStreetSit.jpg (299 KB, 899x1200)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
it's too bad so few people say they like /r9k/ for the conversations when we learn new stuff. the catalog is full of repetitive threads but I come to see robots draw and try strange things
Oh, that is a degu. Such a cute little animal.
File: smile.jpg (10 KB, 300x250)
10 KB
First came here in 2015 when the rare pepe market was at its peak. Stayed because I liked the misery and autism; it makes me feel a little better about myself.
been here off and on since it was created
I just enjoy misogyny and whining

File: bd3542661.gif (622 KB, 540x285)
622 KB
622 KB GIF
>went to a small dubstep show like 200 people max in and out
>Harder to pull but I tried anyway
>spoke to a few drunk girls but they were in their groups ofc
>Figured I'd start meshing with the guys there while I plan my next move. Was pretty easy.
>end of night, got a few insta's from some girls but that's about it

Brrrrrraaaaaap. At least I didn't spend any money :/
File: giphy (2).gif (488 KB, 500x300)
488 KB
488 KB GIF
Fuck I used the wrong gif

File: DuNQWyrV4AA1IZ2.jpg (113 KB, 675x1200)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
why don't girls appreciate creativity?
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>haha u faggot
No, I'm not gay. I just browse this site enough to understand the theories of mind of both women and faggots, because I'm a straight male trying to get those cancerous elements outside of my secret club.
t. totalIy not samefag
his actually a closet fag that wont come out
>I just browse this site enough to understand the theories of mind
File: 47f.jpg (27 KB, 640x392)
27 KB
Pic related
I hope you're laughing at your own lack of curiosity and deficient cognitive skills, otherwise you just come across as a very sad, untrusting person.

Hey guys welcome to another creative thread.
Post any of your creations here.

Here's the first and second song from my album, would love feedback

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Don't think anyone would object to you posting something you built in minecraft. Last time I played it with a friend I went full autism and built bunkers everywhere to defend against a naval invasion
File: 1544466445039.jpg (248 KB, 1765x1200)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
Gonna bump this shit by posting an old track I made. Inspiration came from all the pictures of Goose lying in the snow from the new Bladerunner
Well I'm a big stupid
nothing meme related, I mostly just play when im bored/in guitar class
Don't care if it's meme related, if you made it post it

>Burger King re-hired me
>i start my new orientation in 7 hours
>can't sleep because im up thinking about my ex-gf
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Make my burger, wagie.
alright here's something to think about

a girlfriend that dispenses bourbon out of her left breast and your preferred alocohol accompanient out of her right breast
Actual jobs can be fun though, McJobs are just soul-crushing.
File: pretty cure nagi.png (332 KB, 590x594)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
Unless you're working as a manager. Being a manager is 10 times fun and easy.
File: kotaro.png (134 KB, 314x373)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
I imagine it must be a lot like being the necroducer

File: 1519679650699.png (146 KB, 465x351)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
Let's say this chad version of you has it all:
>Perfect face and body
>Perfect wife
>perfect house at a good neighborhood
>Two kids,boy and girl that has the perfect genetics
>Is the boss at his high paying office job
>Has friends that would literally die for him

All of these things. How would you react if you saw it? What would you say to your chad self? How do you think your chad self would react to seeing you?
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File: 1498415059179.jpg (75 KB, 683x1024)
75 KB
Kill him and his entire family.
File: reallywow.jpg (12 KB, 251x242)
12 KB
>dude, no. Stop
why is it that you r*ddit tourists don't even attempt to hide yourselves?
wow see how confident he looks now? i'm so attracted to his confident looks.
depends when and how he became chad. if he lacks my thought process then that's not "alternate me", that's an entirely different person
what if someone has all of this but him and his family are average looking or ugly? Then he'd be considered a normie. So the difference between normie and chad is ultimately just down to looks.

File: animeface1.jpg (8 KB, 299x169)
8 KB
anybody else here constantly antagonized by normies?

>why are you so lazy anon?
>why can't you just go outside?
>why don't you get off the computer?
>why do you avoid people?

meanwhile some normies do drugs or even engage in violent behavior and still get emotional support from others while I don't have a single person who gives a shit about me, the hypocrisy is off the chain here
No, because I live by myself. I'm lazy because I work. I don't go outside because I don't want to. I'm on the computer because I want to be. I avoid people because, with rare exception, they aren't worth my time.
File: 44c.jpg (26 KB, 500x281)
26 KB
>a fellow approaches me
>tells me I should get out of my comfort zone and speak to others
>I ask him:
>You are comfortable speaking to others?
>he says yeah
>and you think it's wise to spend time attempting activities you are uncomfortable with?
>he says yeah
>so why don't you try shutting the fuck up for once
>I was just trying to help you bro
>So was I

Damn is it annoying when they try to pretend nothing they do is wrong "because they were trying to help". I don't know what they seek to gain by trying to make me talk but it sure isn't a compulsion to help others.
>Guys here's something that I wish I said but didn't actually say.
Unsolicited life advice is worse than useless. Don't know why normies don't understand this.
yeah but at the end of the day they still maintaining those relationships to gain mental stability

File: cc1.jpg (57 KB, 619x453)
57 KB
>tfw even my friends call me a loser to my face
Those aren't friends you loser.
Then stop being a loser you fucking nigger faggot
Stop whining loser. Go out and kill yourself
Then they aren't your friends. Why spend time with people who treat you poorly?

File: Fuck.png (6 KB, 219x230)
6 KB
>Go to open front door of apartment building for non-resident.
>They get access to building before I reach
>Pretend Im heading out building
>Sit outside my building for an hour so nobody sees me going back inside the building immediately after leaving and realises that im an autistic fuck.

What the fuck is wrong with me
not autistic, just beta
Just go back immediately who gives a fuck
Just have a cig or something.
Should have checked your phone and run back in like you forgot something.


I remember being you. Holy fuck top kek. Now I walk around with my chin held high. No reason to, literal scum but nothing and no one is going to bring me down. Got a beard down to my chest and hair longer than most modern women. Look like a legit drunkard all the time (because I am drunk all the time).. See old white women looking at me in disgust like I'm some kinda wastoid or terrorist. You can always tell the ones who think you're a terrorist. They always shuffle out of your way while giving you this "AUGH MEIN RICHENSTEIN" look. It's fucking cashola raviola. Sometimes I'll autistically emulate scrambling for a detonator with a huge grin on my face. I live in Canadia so I won't be shot dead for that sort of act. Give myself a hearty kek as I walk passed them hearing them speed walk like they tryin to burn off that dinosaur flab.

Moral of the story. Dick out, knockout, no fucks given. Aint no one gonna remember you 3 seconds after seein yo ugly mug, fuck should you care what they think.

File: 1534704427287.png (14 KB, 384x383)
14 KB
I give up robots. I feel too tired to explain why, but unfortunately, I'm too scared to kill myself and don't want to hurt my family or friends. I don't know how I'm going to keep living in this joke of an existence.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Kill yourself or keep on pretending you're a whole functioning human being, I'm not gonna give you the whole "it's a permanent solution to a temporary problem" because the fucking truth is that wanting to die is not cured by daily fucking jogs it's cured with a knife through the throat but unless you are ready to take the step you'll either pretend you're normal until you break or push away everyone until you know they won't miss you
File: 7127-full.png (21 KB, 655x509)
21 KB
It is really scary, what is world/universe in the first place.
And they want me to care about something that will be gone in less then half of century.
>it gets so overwhelming
I'm 29 and keep "existing" for years now. Eventually, you just get detached. Stop feeling connection to people, stop caring about most things. There will be parts of your life when you just feel sad, without any apparent reason. And there will be parts when you just don't feel anything.
I really hope not. I'm trying to get ahead of it but since I've been off the SSRIs and seriously attempting to quit drinking the depression is worse than ever. I keep trying to better my material situation but I constantly struggle with getting good habits. I'm 26 and feel like a foregone conclusion already. I try to numb the pain but being dead to the world also creates huge swathes of my life in which I'm not fully aware of time and one day I'll wake up at 30 and be even more disappointed in myself.

I have to do something. I have to.
Try becoming a furry. I know alot of people hate the fandom for some reason but the community always comes together to help each other out. About 95% of furries are stupidly nice. As the other guy said to get into a hobby you enjoy, fursuit making is a sort of hobby you kinda zone out in but also get you focused. Throw on some of your favorite music and get sewing. Before you know it you'll be making people smile. And itll make you feel good to have made something your proud of.

File: 78967465.jpg (62 KB, 640x736)
62 KB
>be hikkineet
>everyone (rightfully) hates hikkineets and thinks they should kill themselves
>say im going to kill myself
>"Don't do it anon!"
haha what?
They want this dehumanised caricature to kill itself, then they actually meet you and realise you're not scum and might even be quite a nice person.
>everyone (rightfully) hates hikkineets and thinks they should kill themselves
No one actually thinks that. Maybe a few cynical edgelords on /r9k/, but not most people.

File: 1489177241481.jpg (47 KB, 960x960)
47 KB
>No one wants to edge to 2B cosplayers with me

Any volunteers?
24 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm more into ass mate
sauce on that pretty lady, blox ?
File: xM8tdEf.jpg (140 KB, 960x1280)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
How's this, then?





you're an angel
a porn angel bearing boons of fap-material
praise be
god bless tumblr sluts, and god bless you and that big nut you're gonna have, anon

someone bestowed that thot on me, and thus i pay it forward

File: 1454558642188s.jpg (9 KB, 208x250)
9 KB
femanons, why do you prefer tall guys?
30 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
It makes them attractive to gay men.
as a dwarf-tier 4'10" womanlet i've dated 5'6"ish to 6'1" guys.

one anon here said women prefer taller guys for big dicks but i don't think that's entirely too true. after i would have sex with my ex when we were dating (6'1" maybe slightly over 8in and thic)many times I would be sore and in pain due to the size difference. i had to put icepacks on my lil pussy. :^( imo oral sex and maybe finger banging helped me get off and cum instead of typical penetration.

if anon works on their personal style, has a qt face and a nice personality, that may triumph over longbois
Just the way of nature, I suppose.
For the record, I don't like really tall guys, he just has to be taller than me (5'6").
No, if you're 5'3 and above you're good.
Dick size is unrelated to height. So it was a coincidence your ex was both tall and had a big dick.

File: 81738031232.jpg (264 KB, 1334x1000)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
manletism is the leading cause of suicide
File: 1536260555881.jpg (22 KB, 300x350)
22 KB
The absolute state of Jay "manlet supreme" Baumann
don't be short then kek
I may be short, but I'm built like a brick. So I've got that going for me at least.
Is it? Or are you just making shit up? Are you a 6'4" bitter virgin?

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