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File: 1483093742824.jpg (27 KB, 712x505)
27 KB
Is /Stan/ really /our man/?
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>gang member

What kind of gang, WoW clan gang?
File: Angry.jpg (183 KB, 1200x1600)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Like a far-right Hungarian storm front.
He actually is the leader/founder
Oh is that New York Islander's star winger Jordan Eberle???
File: 462624624.png (27 KB, 175x64)
27 KB
Stanley I summon you
File: 1488654414682.jpg (253 KB, 1080x1739)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
Skibbidy beepboop, you called me(9/10)?

How do you even play hard mode without abusing the nurse healing?am I really just too stupid?
For boss battles? Abusing nurse healing is a standard strategy, I think. Of course you could always git gud.

File: 3207cf3249addae1.jpg (254 KB, 1200x1200)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
Tell me about your day /r9k/. How many hours do you waste on this site and what other boards do you visit?
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yea, i sure hope so
/r9k/ and /r9k/ alone

it's been fucking ten hours, what the fuck this is a nightmare
Are you serious? Fucking bait.
Not gonna lie this sounds like a pretty cool life. Do you teach high school kids? I think this'll basically be my life when I become a teacher
Why do you say she's count bitch? Is your father around?

File: marx.jpg (100 KB, 499x499)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Why aren't you a socialist yet? There is enough stuff produced on this world for everyone already, it's just inequally distributed. While you are struggling to pay rent, 1% is buying another yacht.
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1. Because socialists do not fix the issue - they decide to ''deal with capitalism'' instead of completely abolishing it, like a good commie would do (I know it's a transitory state - the socialist state, that is - but currently socialism basically stands for ''regulated capitalism'', without the promised communist (non-)state).
2. Because the only good Marxist is a communist.
3. Because socialism is considered erroneous, naive and old by today's standards.
4. Because the Absolute Spirit doesn't do time travels.
5. Because it would be easier to just let the system collapse under its own weight.
6. Because the proletariat is way too comfortable to enact and organize genuine revolution. It is impossible to tear people off of their sofas and inspire / convince that a total rebuttal of the current states of affairs is for their advantage.
7. Because OP is a faggot.
Never understood the defence of the super-rich on this while they are simultaneously anti-semetic. Like you know many of the super-rich are jews right?

>Because the proletariat is way too comfortable to enact and organize genuine revolution.
So you have no hope for the future?
> posts national-socialists
> implies these are not socialists
This is literally the same argument made by people who make fun of incels and robots
If by ''hope'' you mean ''do I believe some day Marxism will gain a significant ideological position in the West in the near future?'', no. I don't. The image of Marxism is irredeemable. The proletariat are too good off for them to care (in comparison to the times when Marxism took off), and what remains of the old Marxist wing, are scattered and broken, or they feed off of the rare situation, in which they benefit off of the fact that they are the remaining ''odd ones'' (Zizek, for example), without actually doing anything about it. It's too late for Marxism now. It's time for something new to emerge.

how do you feel about your parents r9k?
on one hand i hate them for raising me wrong (my dad being totally absent while i was growing up) but i also love them for doing the best they can for me, (also dad's letting me stay with him for the next few years while i attend community ((since i couldn't afford college))

File: KPgRaqe.png (39 KB, 656x755)
39 KB
Why does nothing interest me? How can I find something to interest me?
Get interested in something.

Bored and working at Gamestop AMA
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Actually a really good one, give me 10 minutes then I'm on break
Being on my phone is allowed you dummy
Release dates aren't secret you can go to any gamestop and ask about them
do you have any discounts?
>I'm not in the US
GameStop still exists in the UK? I thought they all turned into GAME?
Not UK either, they exist in non English countries my love

File: poly10a.php.png (84 KB, 640x400)
84 KB
>you can't be more original than this
File: poly10a.png (85 KB, 640x400)
85 KB
I beg to differ, I am far more original than OP.

File: IMG_0157.jpg (51 KB, 1600x1067)
51 KB
i want femanons to be honest for once. are you only here because you're fat?
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Why arent you on duloxetine though? The SNRI was originally created for people with your symptoms.

Many men are body > face preference.

If you keep a shape a nice body (though healthy eating and regular light exercise) you'll get plenty of male attention.

Being a butterface is not a problem when it comes to finding a partner.
I feel like i'm fat but I know i'm not. I'm skinny enough and my BMI says I'm underweight.
5'6 200lbs.
no, i'm here because i'm lazy and useless (trying to fix that though)

File: pinkwojak.png (170 KB, 500x500)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
I'm an introvert schizo and a few days ago I agreed to do a spontaneos live performance in a park with a guy I know from school and his band.
I play bass and am a bloody noob in regards of performing. This isn't the worst since the other members are noobs too as they say. But still, I don't know the guys in the band and we are performing in front of people. Even worse, I own a e-bass and we don't even have electricity!!!

I'm nervous as fuck, please help me! Even the fucking environment scares the shit out of me...
Calm down, the worst thing that can happen is you get booed. It's not a big deal
While not a schizo, I had to perform some drums in a full theather despite being a complete amateur. Yet surprisingly I din't feel neverous at all.
I don't know how it'll be for you but for me the spotlight shining on us were so bright I couldn't see the audience. And I also knew what I had to do and had plenty of practice so I just focused on doing it right and not paying any attention to the crowd.
Do you know the song you'll be playing? Do you have the tabs for it? It really helps knowing what you have to do. Listen to the song a few times (if it's a cover or something) and practice right now so that you can be playing it without thinking too much about it
File: katzi-spricht.gif (21 KB, 170x136)
21 KB
Yea you are right, thanks. There are practically no consequences.

Actually we don't even have any songs, it's all improvised. So it's trial and error the whole time anyway I guess. But yea, it will probably make a lot of fun.
File: 1527056827122.png (306 KB, 641x490)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
>it's all improvised.
This is going to be a disaster no matter what you do anon, just do your best

File: l.jpg (36 KB, 482x427)
36 KB
I am fucking lonely help me.

File: 1530370524629.png (150 KB, 780x433)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
Anyone know this feel?

I've been thinking about this for years robots. I broke up with my first gf of 3 years about 7 years ago because I fell for the "experiences while your young" meme. Now out of nowhere I literally can't stop thinking about her or what she's doing and I'm married.

hopefully getting rich from Crypto helps me forget.

Im back on fucking antipsychotics because my family and my doctor pretty much demanded it. So what if i talked about fucking conspiracy theories or whatever? I kept a lid on it . I put on a damn good facade of normality. I felt endorphins/dopamine flood my brain when listening to music again. I was assertive and had high test due to fight or flight being hyperactive. Now im a mentally passive cow. Im listening to music i had neurochemical floods to a few days ago and i feel nothing. I can enjoy the lyrics intellectually but i dont get that feel good buzz. No passion. My mind is dulled out. No fun. No anything. I cant be happy. Was contemplating suicide earlier. Ive gone off antidepressants after being diagnosed with depression and only have gotten depressed a few times, only in response to stressors. Drugs fucking suck. Especially when they're unnecesary. Fucking die.
You gotta keep up your mask. Don't let it slip or people will start to see you as crazy.
File: 1531698559933.jpg (9 KB, 184x184)
9 KB
The only good meds are the ones that you can get high on. Antipsychotics and antidepressants just fuck your brain up. I have so many friends on them and i feel like the meds made everything worse because ive only seen their mental state decline since starting. Wtf. And people say it takes a while to find the right medication that works for you but its honestly not fucking worth going through the mental dullness and weight gain and acne and loss of libido.

Therapy feels a lot better than medication. Obviously it wont make your symptoms go away, but youll learn a lot more about how to control your feelings and shit in therapy than you will by medicating yourself to death. Not sure of you see a therapist but you should definitely suggest that to your parents and also wean off your meds and pretend to take them or some shit if they make you feel bad (if its possible). Also therapy is nice in general cause you get to have a trustworthy and educated person to confide in as often as you need.

Stay strong my dude. Youll get through it. I believe in you!
>I kept a lid on it . I put on a damn good facade of normality.
Obviously you didn't, otherwise you wouldn't be in this situation now.
Have you tried not being a nutjob?

File: 1529350910847.jpg (88 KB, 1280x720)
88 KB
Dads bald.
How long do I have left?

Seeing 18y old balding always scares me.
20y still have all my hair.
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: VvV18.jpg (55 KB, 900x810)
55 KB
>Sex drive
Already a virgin

Already a baby face skeleton
Im already balding at 19 due to scratching my head with metal objects , at least then I will have an excuse as to why no one likes me.
I've been going bald since I was 14 (now 21) It fucking sucks. I have no problem growing thick soft hair anywhere except the top of my head.
The question is, what's your maternal grandfather's hair look like? That's where you get the gene.
File: Paul_Chop_Top_Sawyer.jpg (190 KB, 800x1000)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
Look i found your inspiration

File: maggiedeblock.jpg (21 KB, 550x350)
21 KB
>be me
>was working in a fast-food stand at a Christmas market back in 2016
>this was at a time when trucks of peace first became a thing
>my coworkers are almost all polish and don't really speak the local language so I'm mostly in charge of taking orders.
>in that part of Europe fries are traditionally fried in pig fat.
>It's Friday night and there are at least 50 people queuing in front of the stand
>a North African looking gentleman with his hijab wearing wife and daughter comes up to the counter and asks me if the fries at our place a are made with vegetable oil or pig fat.
>tell him we fry ours in vegetable oil.
>doesn't believe me and asks me again
>assure him again.
>gets pissed off because I start taking orders while he talks to me
>threatens to talk to the manager
>manager is a huge dick and I am new on the team.
>decide to appease the customer by showing him a half-empty jug of rapeseed oil we kept under the counter.
>guy is finally satisfied and orders 3 large portions of fries for him and his family.

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