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Is writing iCarly fanfiction gay?
Not if it includes hot giantess growth content
it's not gay as long as there's grass on the field
It's now [current year], what ISN'T gay?
yes it is

only women write fanfic

File: 1544278410038.png (164 KB, 701x619)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
I know that it won't really become law for about another 5-10 years, but I really feel that I should have been euthanized when I, still a virgin, turned 20.
For people in that kind of situation it's simply a mercy to just fucking end it before things become too pathetic.
I'm 23 now and still alive only because of a gross shortcoming within our society, but by the time I'm 30 I'm absolutely certain that incels are going to start being rounded up and killed like the genetic dead ends we are.
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Actually very few people have sex on a regular basis. For most men its like four year gaps on average. Stop looking at the minority and feeling jealous, join the majority and learn to love what you have.
Honestly if my brain naturally came to the conclusion that I'm not a worthy human being than it stands to reason that it's true, right?
That's what it makes the most sense to believe until I see some evidence to the contrary.

Realistically it doesn't matter how often you have sex, as long as it's happened at least once that means that you're deemed fit as a human.
I don't believe that people go on drystreaks for that long though, that doesn't sound normal.
No, goy, you don't get to die until after you've spent several decades slaving away for Mr. Shekelberghooknosemoneygrabbersixmillionstein. You can die when you have nothing left to give us.
is this the fabled trips of truth?
>if my brain naturally came to the conclusion that I'm not a worthy human being than it stands to reason that it's true, right?
Maybe? The whole thing is kind of subjective dude. We're smarter than most things on this planet. To an extent, we don't have to listen to some of the things our brain tells us. Particularly the more complex thoughts like "I hate my life because I can't get laid." I guess what I'm really trying to say is fuck having sex, there is so much else to do. Take care bro.

What are the best teas for nighttime sipping?
Originally, coffee

File: download.jpg (9 KB, 204x247)
9 KB
>single unisex toilet at work
>take MASSIVE dump
>it won't flush
>what if qt boy co-worker sees it?
>hatch plan
>wrap the shit up in tissue and it in purse
>run out to mcdonalds next door
>dump it in the ladies
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once i did anal with my ex bf and there was shit on his cock after and he made me suck it clean and it was DISGUSTING
>Not carrying a poop knife with you on your fecal misadventures
You asked for this, really.
show tits or gtfo fucking normii
i cant belive you guys are pretending this crap actually happened irl
you are most likly a mentally ill trannies not a femanon

File: 1545427261333_0.png (550 KB, 1435x809)
550 KB
550 KB PNG
This is literally the ultimate proof women are shallow as fuck and have no sense of art whatsoever. The only movies they've reviewed are virtue signaling trash and chick lit garbage. Really makes you think.
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>doesn't only like the trash from the last 20 years
>you're just insecure!!!
Kek roasties gonna roast.
If you're looking at the movies themselves you're barking up the wrong tree. All the movies on the left have active fandoms and communities around them. Everyone likes The Thing but no one writes fan-fiction about it.
Pretty decent bait. 6/10
File: 1524661460042.gif (1.8 MB, 499x281)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB GIF
In defense of women, the Sound of Music is actually pretty good and I wished I had appreciated it more when my teacher played it for us in 6th grade music class. And the Blind Side is at least a sports movie even it's mostly about Sandra Bullock.
File: IMG_20190114_213619.jpg (52 KB, 482x594)
52 KB
Yeah, women are fucking trash, we know. Why do you guys still care?

post your squarecash and I will send you $15

first come first serve
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hey man, going through a tough time right now. if you can, anything counts
hey, i know this is a longshot, but i'm a desperate neet that got kicked out of neetdom (don't ask),
though i've applied to a few jobs i'm currently unemployed and need money for food. my phone is too old/crappy to install the cashapp, if you want to send me any amount of money my paypal link is


i feel kinda shameful about this and i'm not expecting much but anyway, thank you i guess
hey op help a struggling college student out ;_;
If anyone can help I don't get paid till next week and am running on $10
Probably won't get anything but if you can thanks

File: 1509566623573.png (714 KB, 522x662)
714 KB
714 KB PNG
Just cummed twice in the pussy with no rubber, how fucked am i?
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depends where she is in her cycle but you are potentially very fucked.

How retarded are you? Either know how to pull out or use a condom you dumb shit. Have fun being a dad
she wanted it and i was horny
As long as you wiped the cum out of Kiki's fur and fed her some catnip to calm her afterwards, your mom won't find out
*screencaps in reddit*

File: highschool DxD.jpg (61 KB, 1280x720)
61 KB
>be actress in a premium channel tv show
>whenever I'm out in public with crew buddies and a fan spots us they always ask me to take their picture with all the other actors
>they don't recognize me as an actor in the same show because I'm not blonde in real life
This is a very specific problem. Hi Cerci.
Why want the attention? Seems like it would be a hassle , unless of course being forced to take the picture every time is hassle enough.

File: 20181214_150655.png (14 KB, 500x497)
14 KB
Holding Hands With Waifu Edition
previous: >>50437813
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File: mercy-590x331.jpg (35 KB, 590x331)
35 KB
Posting the love of my life as per usual
For once, I'm here early. I love my vampire princess.
File: handholding Yuri.jpg (23 KB, 328x339)
23 KB
I like the them e of this thread.
File: 1515654521788.jpg (126 KB, 1150x637)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
I love GLaDOS
File: Dw81jYyU8AUA5Sc.jpg (111 KB, 715x1100)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
I love this snake.

File: 1533708303368.jpg (33 KB, 400x400)
33 KB
How would you feel about a gf who was really into bugs?
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Do you think my sense of fear cares about danger? Anon. I don't care about fire, war or murderers, but I'm scared of frogs and slugs.
That's cool but NO CENTIPEDES
that's no centipede
I know, millipedes are fine.
I don't care as long as she isn't into bestiality.

File: 1542303046705.jpg (142 KB, 1080x1350)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
You think there is any solution to this? We are all ignorant. You can spend your entire life dedicated to a tiny subset of a field of hard science and still only end up as an expert by the end of your life in that particular sub field, not the entire discipline.

You think even the academic EXPERTS have an accurate grasp of complex systems like social interaction, politics, psychology, economics, etc? These "sciences" are still in their infancy and most people studying this stuff rely on the many compounding presuppositions and cultural norms to form their concept of truth. How many of these social studies written, curated and published by EXPERTS can even be replicated?

How the hell do you expect the average person to have a grape of what's true for economics, philosophy, politics, psychology, etc. All simultaneously? How the fuck do you think people can do this when society becomes exponentionally more complex due to increasing rates of change and population?

Nobody has any fucking idea what's true outside of objective sciences. Humanity has an ignorance problem but that does not necessitate a solution. The problem is eternal.
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No one is running the show. The people who think they do are getting fucked over with greater and greater frequency. You can become a millionaire and then end up penniless in the space of a few hours. No one understands the whole picture anymore, and people who casually pretend to have the human condition all figured out are liars or morons.

So who gets to write the IQ tests?
it doesnt matter an iq test can literally be anything you can just get people to recite numbers backwards to test for intelligence. then you just standardize it with 100 being the midpoint of the population, 120+ is around 10%
I never said specific people we're running the show. It's just that the decisions people make on a daily basis are decided by the multitudes of culturally influencing media they see on a daily basis. This is the only way to make anything happen, because for the majority of people, a scientific study has less impact than a buzzfeed article.
Well economics is a lot simpler than people think... unpredictable in certain ways maybe but very simple
File: mfw142.jpg (22 KB, 480x480)
22 KB
I don't expect the average person to have a grasp of what's true for the social sciences because none of them even have an interest in them beyond their degenerate factionalism, which is why there needs to be a *proper* intellectual aristocracy and a constitutional monarchy wherein the only leaders are groomed from birth to be competent at these sorts of things.

Why don't more of you try investing in the stock market? If you put a few grand in there you can make more than a hundred dollars a day with conservative placements.
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
2% return on $5000 is $100
>You can pick three if you invest into crypto and really know what you are doing and get your timing right.

crypto is dead
And where are you going to get 2% return every single day, consistently, with a conservative investment? Do you really think the gigantic corporations and banks that spend billions on the stock market just accidentally leave in a 2% daily gain for small guys to grab? A conservative investment can net you maybe 5-10% a year assuming there's no crash.
>crypto is dead
Hence "get your timing right". It's still not a consistent source of income.
You don't make it by leaving it in the same place for a year moron
Not him, but as a guy who knows jack shit about stock and investing, I think most people just want to put there money somewhere where it grows at a faster than rate than bank interest. Trading and moving your money around is kinda more effort than a lot of people are willing to do.

File: dont.jpg (35 KB, 908x496)
35 KB
all the "step" sibling porn is triggering me, why are they all "step" and not just roleplaying actual incest, which is ACTUALLY taboo.
Authors pussying out on vague laws, likely.

File: question.png (401 KB, 623x629)
401 KB
401 KB PNG
>boyfriend talks to his dead sister
Not speaking to family is considered rude..

We started living together and I got home without him noticing and heard him talking to someone. At first I thought he was on the phone since I didn't hear anyone talking about, then I saw that he was looking at someone who wasn't there and I asked who he was talking to and
please don't get too weirded out. i talk to dead relatives that were close to me often, sometimes in my head, sometimes out loud. usually when i feel lost and am having a hard time with life. at least you know you're dating a genuine person with a soul that cares about people even after death has taken them.
to add to that i'm not religious or anything either, it's just a weird cope that i know some people have, he probably didn't think anyone was listening. i'm sure you do weird stuff when you're alone too.
That is cool.
If he insists she answers and that she does not like very much that you got in her spot, I would start worrying.

File: server-icon.png (5 KB, 64x64)
5 KB
join the chad of minecraft servers chadcraft.apexmc.co
File: 1545691090842.jpg (42 KB, 683x670)
42 KB
Should i join? No one's on.
I am trying to get people on. probably shouldn't have started a server in the middle of the week haha.
Seems fun, really rusty to minecraft tho
ah do join anyway, I hardly know any new developments in the last three years of mc

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