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File: download (5).jpg (10 KB, 259x194)
10 KB
Somedays i wish i was normal
File: me.png (56 KB, 183x185)
56 KB
hey. i love you just the way you are. unless you own piss jugs,
Anyone who says that probs doesn't want to be normal, they want to feel connected only. Normal dom is just an easy way to it, but if you find a band of outcasts that completely accepts you you'll feel similar fulfillment I'd say
Or even better cause you don't have to make compromises as much

File: neato.gif (212 KB, 201x201)
212 KB
212 KB GIF
> be depressed piece of shit on medical leave from uni for planned suicide last spring
> involuntarily hospitalized, put on antidepressants for the first time in my life
> after thirteen days, they feel confident in letting me leave
> I *myself* feel confident, think that maybe the meds were starting to kick in
> spend months attending PHP, later dropped down to IOP, finally end up in OP
> completely overhaul diet, start going to the gym
> over time, notice that I've started to regress
> not feeling as upbeat as I did leaving the hospital
> still going to the gym, but doesn't feel like I'm making any progress
> haven't spoken to anyone outside family / treatment since I was let out of inpatient
> turn to music to cope with feelings of doubt
> really helps to turn my day around
> find a good artist, does a lot of works about people in harsh straits, some pretty emotional but uplifting stuff
> damn, this is good
> lookup the artist

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>medical leave from uni
Are you from New York? Sorry not good at ruining days, at least not intentionally so can't do anything there. Do you think you are narcissistic? If those things aren't true when applied to you then there isn't anything useful to be gained by letting it get to you.
>> turn to music to cope with feelings of doubt
i mean you probably are an ungrateful narcissist loser, why else would you be on this board?
Nope. Not a New Yorker. Don't really feel narcissistic either. If asked, I'd say that I'm a pretty shit person, in terms of genetics, history, etc. However, I mostly just keep to myself.
Not much of a narcissist. Egotistical maybe, since I focus a lot on myself (albeit just the shit parts, i.e. everything).
>pretty shitty person
I have never found someone who called themselves a shitty person who was actually garbage. One time there was someone who said their life was shit and they were right, but that was one and their life which can be perceived as they chose.

File: diamonds.jpg (26 KB, 249x600)
26 KB
>when she's completely naked but puts her socks back on
What? She should keep her socks off at all time.
Who are you, who are you so wise in the way of culture?
What if she sensually takes off her socks after undressing.

File: baddie.jpg (19 KB, 376x733)
19 KB
>great, amazing people
>wretched, vile and lousy human beings
>honest opinion on women by basement dwellers who barely get enough Vitamin D to function properly

File: 1559336177271.png (769 KB, 987x1247)
769 KB
769 KB PNG
Fairy loli cunny

I hate the smell of cigarettes and I would never smoke but I have to admit it looks fucking cool. When a guy smokes he appears more masculine and when a woman smokes she looks more sexy. It makes me want to smoke even though I know it gives you cancer.
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wooooah so fucking cool, makes me wonder why a cool guy like you is shitting up r9k with his ambitions and healthy lifestyle choices. fuck off fag
>but I have to admit it looks fucking cool
No, it honestly doesnt
Some of them DO look cool. What a shitty antismoke pic
this is the type of fedora tipping, cigar smoking condescension i expected from a r*ddit spacing faggot
inhaling anything burning is a carcinogen

File: 1513615642844.jpg (104 KB, 675x1200)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
I know something nobody else does.
I know something so huge and secret, it would be on the front page of every newspaper, TV channel and news website TOMORROW if I were to reveal it to the correct sources.
I am literally a special human being thanks to synchronicity and my assured destiny vouched for by God himself.
Ask me anything.
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May I ask why you say this, or why you feel like I shouldn't
Pretty much my main reason is that sex should not be glorified, especially in a world where overpopulation is an issue, and child rearing does not take into account a child's consent to be born. But also it's possible that cooming discharges vital energies that are better off re-circulating in your body.
A new born child does not understand consent, nobody ever asked to be born, they don't exist before being born
>child rearing does not take into account a child's consent to be born
Do unborn children have rights then?
File: 66146590_p0.png (31 KB, 500x500)
31 KB
Is it about the power of gemdicks?

This was a weird test
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File: Screenshot_93.png (42 KB, 705x642)
42 KB
Don't really know what to make of this desu, i dont think it's accurate.
File: 1.png (36 KB, 635x690)
36 KB
what the fuck does this mean kek?
File: global-style.png (33 KB, 635x690)
33 KB
What does this mean for me anons?
its an online quiz lmao dont overthink it
File: global-style.png (34 KB, 635x690)
34 KB
I don't even know what this means. What a dumb test.

File: 1536616644798.jpg (72 KB, 1024x996)
72 KB
>Go on /soc/
>It's like stepping outside
>Extreme normal fags with above-average IQ everywhere
>High foreheads running to 170 IQ in power
>Phone posters run amok

How did this happen?

File: tinder.png (22 KB, 1200x1200)
22 KB
Should i install Tinder? i don't wanna be an incel anymore
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Take an average. 5.5, not bad
>0 matches
how long have you been using the app?
Nah. Fuck that black box. Decided to give prettyscale a whirl and got a 76%:
>Good face shape
>Normal forehead size
>Good interocular distance
>Narrow nose
>Normal mouth size
>Big chin
>Good face symmetry
>But it doesn't hurt to try.
Yes it does.
im sorry, i forgot to include the ones that live no where near me or don't even bother replying

Whenever my friends go out drinking, I dont drink with them. Im a /fit/ fag so I know how bad it can be for my health. But I also dont like to see them drink because I dont like the fact that theyre hurting themselves. Of course I dont speak up or anything, because I dont want to be the downer of the group. Same thing when it comes to weed. I dont smoke but I also dont to see my friends smoking, when they could be being productive and self improving. (Rather then smoking all day then complaining about how shit life is). I dont know why I think and feel like this. Id like to think I just want to see my friends happy and not harming themselves in order to be happy, but I dont know.

You are not a loser anon, you are cool.

You respect other people decisions while keeping your believes live.

You are strong anon, just be a good friend and you will feel okay
you should get different friends dude. drugs are what drove me and my old friends apart
Every time Im with them they try to make me drink and smoke so I can loosen up and stuff. Its kind of awkward when everyone around me is hammered or stoned out their minds though. I dont think theyre the type of people to talk about me behind my back for not doing what they do, but sometimes I get the feeling they may.
>You respect other people decisions while keeping your believes live.
I never thought of it like this but youre right I suppose.

File: wojak_boomer_parents.png (1.03 MB, 1112x1082)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Tell me about your boomer parents
95 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
no, he's mentally unstable
File: fca.png (277 KB, 3000x4000)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
Well ,both me and my and my dad are interested in the car scene. Problem is he is more into the offroad scene and I'm more into the usual shit. Basically when I told him that my dream car is a manual hellcat and that I want my starter car to be an e30 shitbox he was disgusted. (hUrr_dUrr_tRuCkS_aRe_fOr_mEn_cArS_aRe_fOr_lItTle_bOys.mp4)

show your Dad /pol/
File: 1568337392517.jpg (248 KB, 1024x784)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
Romans 5:8 kjv
>But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
Lol naive peon

File: images.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
At 18, It feels so surreal knowing that people have had social lives while I just went to school and home which consisted of 90% of my presence for 7 years. I sat at the comouter while people were dating. I jacked off while people were playing sports. I browsed youtube when they went out together. Even the nerds had someone to play video games with. And I just sat at home, waiting for life to happen, not knowing that I was supposed to do something. I have no social connections, no friends, nothing. It was too late for me to realize that school wasn't about the grades, it was about the connections. I missed out on making true friends, all because I never did anything. And so I die spiritually from henceforth, destined to live a life of eternal solitude.

I will never get to experience my first gf, never get to experience going out with the boys, I will never experience teenage mischef. It all goes away, like a fart in the wind. Fuck it all. I just hope I can tolerate the next 60 fucking years of my life alone.
63 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah, I think I got a little better off. But if you're 18 you'll still have that one college shot, you didn't loose everything yet. I know I got it too but I don't think is the same thing as highschool and elementary. I too get that feeling like I have to die to have another chance and having a normal life this time, but looking at the good side, at least we two aren't those 30 yo guys who have nothing in life. I don't see any hope for them.
Fuck all that shit anon, you get over it quick anyway and realize it aint all it made out to be. Embrace your solitude, focus and learn great things. I believe in you.
I just keep doing what i did in high school. It can't last forever, but i do not want to face what I have made of myself.
Are you in high school still?
File: revelation2217.jpg (99 KB, 720x540)
99 KB
I sort of know what that feels like, it eventually dulls away. Can I ask you a question OP, that if you know for sure if you died right now, you'd go to haven? If you are not sure, then why don't you give this short video a watch? If you don't agree with it, that's fine, you just go on living your life the same way. But I'm leaving this just in the off chance that you might agree. The choice is completely up to you.


File: Sad.png (4 KB, 247x204)
4 KB
I'm certain people have posted this before, but I'm gonna do it anyway. Hell, I'm not even sure if it belongs on this thread...

>Be me
>Barely make enough to survive, can't really afford to eat half the month
>$200 in backed rent to my roommates (Who are also my land lords)
>Can't afford to do things with my girlfriend
>Can't afford my insulin
>Try to get a second job
>"Yeah, you got the job, we'll call you Friday and tell you when to come around!"
>Wait until Friday
>Don't get a call...
>Call them today
>"Sorry, you didn't get the job"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
You could always join the reserves for the air force or army and make some side cash like that.
I won't accept charity, I straight refuse to. I'm an idiot like that.
Diabetes and strokes. They won't even look at me...
Well in that case my best advice would be to move in with your grandpa asap and just ignore the bullshit from your sister. If you keep going like you're going you are just going to end up dead. There's no shame in accepting help when you need it. One day your grandpa will need money for a retirement home and how are you going to help him then if your dead? Move back in. Get your life sorted. When you are ready, move out again.
Find your local employment agency. They will find you a full time job. It took them one week to find me three factory jobs.

File: 1564160860606.jpg (36 KB, 480x640)
36 KB
Tfw no aspie gf

I want to cum in her autistic teen pussy.
File: doomerfag.png (89 KB, 894x894)
89 KB
>0% chance she will cheat on you
>0% cocky
>0 predispoditioned societal standards
>100% critical

Its simply perfect

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