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>this dim-witted slav can get a qt gf but you're still a virgin

What's wrong with you /sp/?
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Slavs are real men who are grotesque and ugly.
Western men are faggots who groom and get anxious about being ugly.
He is actually cuter than she is.
You have to respect it.
File: 1449659185339.png (826 KB, 689x835)
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826 KB PNG
She's really nothing special

File: images-16.jpg (43 KB, 512x288)
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Get in here
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Asthma medicine domination.
He won only because of Bolshunov's mistake...
>snow death march
>no-one shitting themselves or dying
False advertising desu
is this on beeb
Are there bloody shit sponges, fainting people and horrible cramps?

File: curling-brooms.jpg (94 KB, 620x349)
94 KB
Are sports discovered or invented?

Are an horses discovered or made as athletes?
Sports are games, and games are invented, but inspired. Underlying systems of play are discovered.
you dont think bowling was discovered since knocking stuff over is universally fun
soccer was founded by 2 faggots kicking a turd around in a bathhouse

File: large[2].jpg (305 KB, 2048x1211)
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305 KB JPG
>the rest of the world lost to these people

Explain yourselves

File: 1518596695504.webm (2.94 MB, 1280x720)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB WEBM

Thread I
Thread II
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she's so cute
File: 1519267595056.webm (1.02 MB, 1280x720)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB WEBM
File: 1519451700931.webm (352 KB, 1158x650)
352 KB


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>wake up
>see the results
I am not even mad, I am actually kinda impressed. This truly was the redemption arc.

File: basedjt.jpg (482 KB, 940x705)
482 KB
482 KB JPG
>bronze medal match

File: cara2.jpg (1.16 MB, 1458x950)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
>Mexico vs Wales, May 28th at Pasadena, CA.
>F. Meza(Tigres) 7 months out, knee got JUST'd
>Invasión Jarocha at BRAP vs Veracruz, relegation match
>Vergara:"No nos venden para que no seamos campeones"
>Caixinha:"No he sentido la mínima presión"
>Donovan:"Liga MX es mejor de lo que pensaba"
• LigaMX images, bimbos, memes: spligamx.imgur.com
• Official Sites: ligamx.net - lacopamx.net
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es año mundialista pero seré que soy un wagecuck o ya no es el hype como antes
ya ni veo los juegos por estar en el turno de la tarde me es más fácil ver los juegos del Madrid y así
y pues igual estamos de la verga no sale ningún jugador decente
aunque igual los mismos jugadores salen de donde mismo es como que siempre los jugadores de clase mundial son de los mismos países y los demás a la verga
Took you long to realise that international football is bullshit, anon.
nah bro it's just that Futbol is just for a few privileged countries who can compete the rest is just garbage
after she has a kid, those hips and ass will be 5x larger

>Is your favourite sport (or the sport your country loves best) in the Olympics?

If so:

>Is the Olympics the biggest stage/most prestigious event for that sport?
>Do the athletes care about that Olympic gold the most
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The olympics aren't by any chance close to be the biggest stage of football

When >we won gold of course the country cared for that moment and we were happy for that, but we know that we aren't great team for winning it
Nobody, who is really interested in sports, cares about olympic games
>>Is your favourite sport (or the sport your country loves best) in the Olympics?
that's not true at all. the olympics are the apex event for a number of sports. also, people who are really interested in sports generally enjoy month-long medleys of them.

or maybe i'm missing your point?
Most countries as we see every 2 years send amateur sportsmen there, just so they can get international expirience. I guess it tells us tgat most countries dont consider olympics as a valuable contest. Ofc except for sports which dont have a more prestigious event than OG, or for nations like Germany, Russia or most Asian nations, which somewhy always apply their best athlets

so they watch rugby, soccer, australian football, and cricket. what else do they like?
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Anybody got stream for football charity cup
File: straya.cunt.gif (2.42 MB, 279x202)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB GIF
Tennis and golf. Probably a few things more since Aussies are sports-crazy.

Also while a lot of us don't follow the A-league (the quality is bad and it's full of wogs and Balkan trash), there is a lot of interest in soccer beyond that.
Does UFC count? That's more popular than I thought it would be

What is /sp/'s opinion on JP Macura

File: yep.png (48 KB, 658x476)
48 KB
Is there something wrong with this? It's based on titles and I think it's correct.
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the steelers are absolutely number two but the patriots are number one. they have the greatest coach in league history and the greatest quarterback in league history. they went 16-0. they have the most super bowl appearances ever. their eight most recent super bowls have been some of the greatest super bowls ever played (XLII, XLIX, LI, LII).

I'm also of the mind that conference championships are worth more than non-appearances. I have no idea how anyone could not be. since BB took over, the patriots have missed the playoffs three times. they're on their ninth straight playoff appearance and seventh straight AFCCG appearance. in the sport of football, this is almost impossible. they are the GOAT franchise and twenty years from now it'll be painfully obvious.

t. seacucks fan
Thanks mexibro
Thats not a change in format?
Sikh scum
In the last 30 years they won 2 titles and a European big one. If you're judging by their performance now, Liverpool are on fire and beat City recently. They'll probably beat Man Utd and take 2nd spot, then if they win the CL they'll be considered the best in Europe.

File: 1448151280481.png (19 KB, 600x700)
19 KB
Dave Duncan arrested at Olympics after three Canadians allegedly stole car while drunk

File: 19SHIFFRINweb2-superJumbo.jpg (563 KB, 2048x1365)
563 KB
563 KB JPG
How pissed Lindsey Vonn is right now?
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Nobody is going to have sex with you. You look like your head had a hammer-press crush it. Czech people are far and beyond the ugliest northern Europeans.I need to smash your head against a tire first.

also, tell that guy that does those "picking czechs girls up in public" porn videos to shut the fuck up while fucking.
File: 1517621171097.jpg (827 KB, 4152x2248)
827 KB
827 KB JPG
yeah BASED fellow pede fucking roasties haha
>not getting the joke
Win or lose, Mikaela a qt.

File: 1410732555761.jpg (93 KB, 588x473)
93 KB
>29 year old kissless virgin
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You get to the point where hobbies like vidya & Anime which you enjoyed as a kid/teen are only fun when you take drugs/drink alcohol
End it all
yea I drank at home alone pretty much everyday.
But I quit drinking when I decided to get in shape again. Haven't touched alcohol for 2 years only recently drank a bit in social settings
>learn about pickup and redpill shit
Does this actually work? Always thought it was kind of a meme.

that's illegal you idiot

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