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Baker basedfield

File: 19027401720545.png (139 KB, 625x781)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
How can Americans defend their communist sports parity when you have shit like the Cleveland Browns not being able to win a single game in THREE years? Or the Philly 76ers tanking their season to get a good "draft pick". These sorts of disgusting sporting practices are unheard of in proper football where if you fuck up, the consequences are relegation and a clean sweep in terms of players and managers. Then there's the argument that parity provides more variety which isn't true when you look at shit like the Warriors dominating the past 4-5 years and the Patriots winning every other super bowl. Really, the only reason you mutts support your communistic parity is because it's American (jewish) by design and you can't stand anything that Europe/the rest of the world does, even if it just makes more logical sense.
They won a game in 2016 you moron
>21 months are three years
there's a little something that goes in all fields
Get off the proxy, mutt

I vote for the Dolphins, the Bucs or the Vikings
File: 1530371257976.jpg (73 KB, 675x601)
73 KB

File: IMG_3272.png (395 KB, 500x500)
395 KB
395 KB PNG
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>le run fast and shoot into shins man
He was out for damn near 2 months last year. And two years ago when he went to the Africa Cup Liverpool's form fell of a cliff. If he played for United, Bayern or Madrid everyone would be sucking his dick. Most people form an opinion of a player based on who he's playing for. For example there are probably people who rate a shitter like Di Maria over Mané because he used to play for Real Madrid and United.
Hasn't won anything with Liverpool la
poor shot and so poor scoring ability

Football fame is very casual
It's all about >muh goals
That's why Ronaldo whine so much when he don't get his usual tap in / penalties
Ronaldo fans won't stay Ronaldo fans if he can't put his name on the scoreboard, because they actually don't watch games, just scoreboards and goal compilation.

File: 1537486339681.jpg (220 KB, 800x420)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
It's over
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>stadium attendance
Who the fuck wants to spend money and travel when the best seat is your couch?

The best views are via the TV. Old people already have TV and young people watch free streams.
FIFA is the most corrupt sports organization in the world
One side cooks you alive
nice one OP, nobody will notice the usual "start of second half" trickery to show empty stadiums
what the fuck

File: 5.jpg (64 KB, 658x713)
64 KB
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>not lining them up in chronological order

no wonder he tanked as a coach
no, this bad boy is going to 1000
the fuck are you doing shithead, neck yourself

>Birmingham Iron
>Memphis Express
>Orlando Apollos
>Atlanta Legends
Fucking state of this meme league. XFL will buy it in 2 years tops.
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How difficult is it to put a team in Oakland & St. Louis, ffs?
File: IMG_20180921_100136.jpg (224 KB, 1100x1212)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
Why havent lower leagues been a thing in armerican football before

Where do players that are too shit for the NFL go?
Canada, or they get real jobs.
Minor leagues are a thing but no one really cares about them.
The AAF seems like it's being set up to be more successful than the XFL honestly.

File: 1537109228361.png (148 KB, 332x332)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
fuck penaldo
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In this clip you can see the faggot was trying to cause simulation and threw a hissy fit that the other player beat him to it.

he cute

File: SalfordNewBadge.png (92 KB, 400x400)
92 KB
>Man United stole their "Red Devils" nickname off local Rugby League team Salford because the "Busby Babes" sounded too innocent

The original plastic team.

Add to the fact Newton Heath copied older clubs that had merged and correctly named themselves 'United' by arbitrarily renaming themselves Manchester United purely to be 'trendy'.

File: Career up in smoke.png (376 KB, 600x403)
376 KB
376 KB PNG
This is Tyrod Taylor. Say something nice about him.
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It was rigged. Tyrod was pissed because the NFL made him take the fall.
File: shiterod.jpg (642 KB, 1623x936)
642 KB
642 KB JPG
>ctrl + f
>"tyrod taylor is a dirty fucking nigger who deserves a good lynching"
>0 results

Tyrod Taylor is the this post right here of quarterbacks.

With a top 10 defense and a balanced offense, you can go pretty far on a QB who just manages not to fuck things up.

File: joshua.jpg_l.jpg (168 KB, 1200x675)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
How can I watch this as a non-uk yuropoor? Are there any (((legally challenged))) streams?
1. you're a fucking idiot, there is a box thread

2. yes, there will be plenty of streams
No, this will be the first boxing match in years with no streams
Literally use reddit
Try this stream m8
*pisses on you*
If you haven't figured out acestream in the year of our lord you're a fucking idiot

what the fuck?

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is that the gypsy?
>passed 2007
You were a mistake.
Unabomber did nothing wrong
Twain is that you?

File: images.jpg (13 KB, 246x246)
13 KB

For me it's Landon Donovan
For me it’s CR7

File: WYDK0wL-.jpg (103 KB, 1093x397)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Could this be a good combo? Could they save eachother?
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why would they want a sub 20 iq manager
File: file.png (45 KB, 250x247)
45 KB
italy leads an invasion of croatia so modric can play for italy
He would make pogba play like shit if he was france manager
and Javier was like 36 in 2010
that's rightful italian clay, not even memeing

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