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File: medvedva-759.jpg (24 KB, 759x422)
24 KB
What's next for her?
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hhhnnnnngg that loli

Shit, I was avoiding this sport like plague the entire olympics, have I made a terrible mistake? Maybe I should get into it in 4 years
He was just answering what he thought was a real question because you appeared ignorant. You don't have to be an autistic ass about it.
>what an ugly face
She's ugly even by Asian standards. Trust me.
Okay Jose.
if she doesnt learn a quad, retirement
File: 1481342546631.jpg (170 KB, 640x640)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
exact same thing for me, i really like girls with dark eyebrows & hair more than anything

File: FUCK FIS.jpg (75 KB, 800x533)
75 KB
Snowboard is meant to be cool and for epic tricks

...not snowboard fucking slalom.
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they're going to counterargue that it has a contest form already. Why accept it as part of the "mountain dew" and not of the olympics?

>I'm going to be laughing so hard when they impose the high-jump on skateboarders in 2020. Real, actual death toll
powder is fun...untill you lose speed and are stuck up to your waist in snow....pow is overrated
File: 1518090732974.jpg (942 KB, 3120x4160)
942 KB
942 KB JPG
Bloody trashers don't know any respect. I bet your angles are higher than 60/60 and your board's made of bubblegum.
what exactly did you expect when skiers (FIS) stole snowboarding:
you are a faggot
Snowboard Cross and Slalom are the best events
Racing > Tricks

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Don't even say that.
File: soct.png (9 KB, 1000x600)
9 KB
We’ll soundly defeat les poos and the rest. This will be our only defeat this 6N, just a blemish in our otherwise impeccable record
>what kidna logo u want senpai

>gimme dat blackburn rovers

Legit question.

What is more impressive? Canada's 29 medals in a variety of sports, or Norway's 38 statpadded skiing medals?

I'm going with variety.
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So 3 - 3 then, drawn game. What the leaf is complaining about?
you use the word "variety" too loosely for Games were most events are "going down an ice hill in a variety of way, manners, vehicles and styles"
You mean like football, rugby, basket, us foot, volley, handball etc are "moving a ball in a variety of ways, manners and styles" right?
Only gold counts, faggot.
no one cares about overall medal count. well get another gold tomorrow and top the chart. golds are all that matter.

wtf, every time these guys score any goal even if it's a penalty against a team from indonesia people go like
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>people outside of europe and south america talking about football
>it's an american autist follows every flag around and takes notes in his spreadsheets about various sp posters like a deranged psychopathic future school shooter episode
>two threads right next to each other in the catalog
>Open one
>Wow this Japanese flag sure is sucking Ronaldo's dick
>Open the other
>Wow there he is again
Not sure what you're so mad about, unless...
>Go through other thread again
>Romanian flag butthurt over Messi
>more notes about flags
seek help

File: rc.jpg (187 KB, 630x354)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
>soccer players aren't athleti-
Good way to get CTE
soccer players are made of paper?
taller people are worse at jumping. no surprise here that a ball 7 feet in the air was won by a manlet because the lanklet doesn't know how to jump. he never has and he never will
Is there any footballer with a case of CTE?

File: official goat.png (33 KB, 830x371)
33 KB
Reminder that Germany becomes the undisputed GOAT sporting country if they win the Ice Hockey Olympic Gold Medal

That's all
Tour de France doesn't count. Ullrich is a doper and Ossi.
the selection of events look quite retarded but whatever
make a better selection
lost like 5 times against an even worse doper
let him have his success
>no World Baseball Classic

File: IMG_2587.png (7 KB, 259x194)
7 KB
Alright mother fuckers pick on Canada one more fucking time I dare you

Canada come stand behind us

Only we can make fun of Canada. You want to make fun of them you have to go through us
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File: download.jpg (12 KB, 222x227)
12 KB
>423 of Canada’s best players didn’t go to the olympics
>7 of Germany’s best players didn’t go to the olympics
No penguins in Canada ya ding-dong
I love you guys

File: Tiger_Woods_2007.jpg (221 KB, 1125x1750)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
He is coming back.

File: '.jpg (154 KB, 980x590)
154 KB
154 KB JPG

Germany may take a medal in an irrelevant sport.
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What's that shit under his suit?
How much skill is there in bob sleight aside from the initial launch?
Bobsleigh is literally the only relevant Winter Olympic sport because of Cool Runnings.
A shitton, you got to drive left and right at full speed and you lose time if you drive into the walls.

>And in the red corner
>With an undefeated, undisputed professional record
>Fighting out of Murrieta, California, U.S.A
>The prelims thriller
>the star killer
>the poon driller
>the mens regret
>the womens pet
>the man with the biggest arms
>the man with the most charm
>a man about to do incredible harm
>ladies and gentlemen, give it up for

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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kattar vs moicano
borg vs moreno
lauzon vs grutzmacher
rawlings vs evans-smith
carcares vs lobov
come on man
but she sed "MMMM DANNEN"
Gods Plan is oright lad
that's not her... similar though
thanks for the (You)

File: smile.jpg (65 KB, 898x701)
65 KB
today we climb to the second spot in EPL.
Dani Ceballos wants to join liverpool.
future prospects looking good
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fck off alaska
Why would you ever consider relegating Robbo to the bench. The guy is 23 and playing this well. The only way is up for him
Can Liverpool beat Real Madrid?
with a bit of luck
yeh, probably. halal are so overrated. so are barca, chelshit would have beaten them if christensen didnt spill spaghetti the other night. la liga in general is a meme league, honestly have no clue how a totally average team like halal have managed such success in recent years. i suspect doping/bribery. given that deli alli scored two against halal i reckon liverpool would probably put eight or nine goals past them

File: 1452222610385.png (9 KB, 411x387)
9 KB
>Olympics are supposed to be the world's best athletes competing against each other
>America and Canada's best athletes not allowed into the games
>have to send amateurs against pros
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Are you talking about Hockey? That's own fault, my nigga.
*your own
furpuck would literally alter one medal result.
Can we stop being so salty?
this is the least competitive olympics ever

File: 1379175882952.jpg (449 KB, 1024x769)
449 KB
449 KB JPG
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That goal is actually not bad, good touch turn and finish. Welbeck wouldn't do half of that
Snek "My heart is with Arsenal and I just can't picture myself in a different shirt" vP screwed the club for about two thirds of his time at the club.
File: 1358078756837.gif (915 KB, 285x214)
915 KB
915 KB GIF
>you now remember
>god bless you Bruce Lee
still makes me snicker

File: SPORTS_OLY.jpg (100 KB, 780x520)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Best memories, events, QT's?

What were anon's highlights?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Does this mean we have to revert back to Los Atrocidades posting and their nigger-ball sports?
Elose Crashtie. Schulting winning short track 1000m. The womens 3000m debacle.
File: Shiffrin.png (875 KB, 1357x515)
875 KB
875 KB PNG
>Anything I can do I can do better
Chloe Kim winning gold
Shuster and his hero's journey
Women's hockey final for me. Can't think of any other event I really marked out for. Chloe made quite an impression though.

Not a bad appetizer before the real Olympics in 2 years time.

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