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File: downloadfile-11.jpg (135 KB, 1300x950)
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What they find attractive is largely influenced by media and culture and should either way not matter. The muslims have the right idea here, she should be doing what her father says or she'll find herself as a puddle of blood on the pavement.
Calm down, swedish Elliot Rodgers.
File: 1514015152324.jpg (63 KB, 767x1024)
63 KB
im leaving mexico lads. now I will go to the nordcuck empire.
Based insane Swede
What did she mean by this?

File: maxresdefault.jpg (123 KB, 1280x720)
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123 KB JPG
Why VAR is a thing just now?
I only care about sports during the world cup, I thought VAR was used since video technology came out decades ago, why people decided to use it for checking plays just now?
>Why VAR is a thing just now?
Because it actually is.

File: just1.jpg (59 KB, 400x400)
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God in heaven...
posted this somewhere else but i think thread died
just found out this girl im talking to has a dom fetish as in she wants to be dominate. i asked her if she would wear a nazi outfit for me and she said only if she could use a gun to dominate me, jokingly of course but i pressed her on it and she got all 'mmhmmm ;)' and shit. so does this mean i let her slap me and choke me or what? i've never been on the receiving end
Snu snu
File: [Glass_Him].png (300 KB, 440x495)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
>Trump wants to deport this
She's a fake dom. Don't fall for her lies.

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File: 1529613897489.png (238 KB, 400x350)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
Polish immigrants in England often find work as plumbers. Leak is “gotera” in Spanish. Sorry, don’t know what it is in French or German.
He isn't >>84839322
>'It's Jamie Vardy from the Vardy Express, how big is the diameter of your head?'
absolute fucking lad
Imagine thinking defending tripfags makes you an oldfag jfc

Tripfags have been shit since the very beginning, I don’t care how long he’s been here you dumb dingo

File: switzerland.jpg (40 KB, 620x372)
40 KB
>openly flaunt other nations symbols despite not playing for them at all
What did the based "Swiss" football players mean by this?

File: 1504436036634.jpg (32 KB, 240x336)
32 KB
TB:Schefter: Winston will be hit with 3-game ban
OAK:Report: Martavis hasn't failed or missed test
DEN:No. 5 pick Bradley Chubb signs rookie deal
NYJ:Robby Anderson given 6 months of probation
SEA:'Nothing to indicate' Thomas gets new deal
SEA:Carroll: Marshall should be ready for camp
TB:Report: Jameis Winston expecting suspension
SF:Former No. 28 pick OG Garnett on bubble in SF
BUF:2016 1st-rounder Shaq Lawson on roster bubble
DAL:Allen Hurns is Cowboys' 'clear-cut' No. 1 WR
DAL:Blake Jarwin was Cowboys' 'TE1' during spring
HOU:Texans view Coutee as 'upgrade' in the slot
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File: Average italian.jpg (7 KB, 348x145)
7 KB
>Gene Steratore is retiring after a 13 years NFL career

Fuck he was one of a few zebra that I enjoyed to watch.

>le celebrity ref

Good riddance. He threw some huge games
File: Df0UohjW4AAd4Ez_0.jpg (123 KB, 731x1024)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
How do i acquire qt icelandic gf lads?
Not true at all. Patriots liked him, and so did McVay and Gase.

Patriots faked interest to bait other teams into drafting him. He's too short and not intelligent enough to run McDaniels offense

File: 1505445645883.jpg (44 KB, 469x767)
44 KB
wtf is going on with the behaviour of latin americans in russia?
>First the mexicans who burned down a german flag and then a guy who "humped" another german flag.
>Colombians making fun of japanese women and entering illegal alcohol to the stadium
>Peruvians making fun of a russian girl
>Brazilians ganging up on another russian girl
>The infamous video of that old argie degenerate
>Butthurt argentine fans beating up a croat
is /pol/ actually right? are latinos subhuman savages?
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The upper class are worse in this regard. They're raised like gods and taught they can treat everybody else like trash. I've found the poorer middle class Latinos to be much nicer
Rich Latin Americans are the scum of the earth
>and entering illegal alcohol to the stadium
This is based though
fuck nips and fuck krauts, they killed millions of innocent people. they deserve to get so much shit, do you not remember WWII
Remember the chileANOS in 2014, literally storming into the maracanã without tickets lmao

File: 1527095711029.jpg (18 KB, 306x231)
18 KB
>tfw gonna be a 31 year old boomer at the 2026 world cup
>live near one of the host cities
I can still have fu-fu-funnn right? They wont make everything gay, illegal and a full blown feminist propaganda right? I might lose my virginity then!
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File: cringe.jpg (143 KB, 1000x850)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
>After years of browsing this place and being called newfag cancer it feels good to have this boomer meme
gb2Gaia summerfag
>will be 26
>calling someone old
ill be 38

>good morning heartache, you're like an old friend, come and see me again
Am I the only 18 yo browsing sp?

File: de.png (258 B, 580x348)
258 B
258 B PNG
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What did the germans ever did to you?
Prediction 7:7
cap this
I'm not concerned
I want them out as well. But only so Merkel and her clique can't pull as much shit with the public distracted now that the media is sowly turning on her.

File: 1529583292519.jpg (68 KB, 683x683)
68 KB
Can't fucking sleep!
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File: 1529269927469.jpg (74 KB, 807x802)
74 KB
Is how CHIs actually look
2:29 AM in the beast part of the USA
File: 1449506126159.jpg (56 KB, 347x550)
56 KB
I wake up everyday at 4am because of the motherfucking salat al fajr from 3 (THREE) mosques with loudspeakers within 100m of my house because the fat, stupid and inbred locals are so lazy they need a mosque every 20m so they dont have to get off their lazy fat asses and actually put in effort to walk and get somewhere. its been like this for the last 3 months. this has to be the worst country on earth
Sam Hyde has seen better days
I can't either

Serbs, why the fuck isn't Zivkovic getting any minutes?

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But isn't that what was expected vs Mexco?
No. Mexico was part of our plan, to let the world believe there is still hope.
Willing to bet on it? ;^)
no way thats going to happen.
I've always believed in Die Mannschaft. You said I was a dreamer. I've always believed in the rise of Reus. You said I was a fool. I've always believed in our return to power. You said I was mad. I've always believed in an end to Brazil! You said that was utopian! Who was right? You or me?! It was my calling.

File: xhaka.jpg (114 KB, 591x680)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
And people said this world cup was boring.
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heh, its all fun and games until you get involved
>criticizing anyone on this matter

the commentators have a point, if you like albania so much go play for their nt
Özil would probably do that, if his PR manager didn't advise against it.
well are they wrong or not?. disgusting, go play for albania then
This is getting retarded, what kind of fake person completely forgets his origin? You can respect the country you are in as well as keep ties to your home country

File: 1479609252080.jpg (95 KB, 420x420)
95 KB
O Hexa is coming. Brazil for the win.
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niggers, what else is there to say
File: 1435841861079.jpg (70 KB, 400x388)
70 KB
All of Australia is behind you, Brazil. Do it for the Southern Hemisphere.
File: 1529736715294.png (475 KB, 408x738)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
What is happening here?
i bet neymar did this when he was 10
The REAL home of football is Brasil. This is a fact.

File: 20180623_2017060171.png (953 KB, 707x543)
953 KB
953 KB PNG
When his heyday, I was so young that I couldn't watch he playing as barcelona FC
he was known for meme long ball assists and free kicks. a solid defender, could probably do anything pique can at similar level
I have to say no. Marquez is too short and underweight compared to Pique. Imagine Marquez vs Lukaku for instance, it wouldn't end well. In football it's usually best to be average height and balanced BMI, then you have some positions were it pays of to be short (wings) or tall (centerbacks, center forward). Marquez would've made a better defensive midfielder than center back in my opinion.

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