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File: Fights.jpg (1.11 MB, 1178x1200)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Previous >>79054111

>Friday October 20 - Dave UK
Joe Joyce vs Ian Lewison

>Saturday October 21 - WBSS ITV UK
Murat Gassiev vs Krzysztof Wlodarczyk

>Saturday October 21 - Sky Sports UK HBO US
Ryan Burnett vs Zhanat Zhakiyanov

>Saturday October 21 - BT Sport UK
Josh Warrington vs Dennis Ceylan
Tyrone Nurse vs Jack Catterall

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right in time for lunch
based dwyer
Say it out loud guys.....
Tony Bellew, undisputed heavyweight champion of the world

In Anglo countries these days being racist is considered the worst thing in the world (to liberals, far worse than being a child molester or serial killer) , and being racist against blacks is considered the worst type of racism. Also, any criticism of blacks whatsoever is considered racist.

Thus Kovalev is literally Hitler, and no one wants to call out Stevenson's bad behavior.
Literally no one cares but boxing pages. Remember that Kovalev is a HBO contracted fighter with 2 ppvs, flops but still. And Stevensons last two fights were against bums with one of the fights aired on spike TV on a Friday night

loma, but fight won't happen

File: www.jpg (195 KB, 933x642)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
>The decision from ANFP has not stopped two Chilean lawyers from taking action though. Luis Mariano Rendon and Jose Adasme have both sent complaints to FIFA over the match. The two argue that the teams broke the rules.
>At least two complaints have been filed over the alleged agreement but a fan has decided to go a different route and create a petition.

Are you prepared for some Colombian and Peruvian butthurt in the nexts weeks /sp/?
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We do that with everyone though
no you better listen to him or you'll end up dead in a jungle or dead of "mysterious illness"
File: PANAMAMAMA SCORES.webm (2.81 MB, 1280x720)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB WEBM
Have the United Statians protested about this goal that knocked them out? Only thing funnier than this goal was the last 3 minutes of the match.
No prob bro, I got this. Just wait and see the massive butthurt from Peruvians and the donkey fuckers. We are already >IN
poor texas, while the good guys will be playing the WC and banging hotties you can put your 2 copas americas in your holes

btw copa america is like "carling cup" or some shit cup in comparison to the qualifiers

File: yanks.png (18 KB, 500x500)
18 KB








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File: averagebaseballfan.jpg (37 KB, 400x304)
37 KB
Toastin' in ebin bread.
File: awoo.png (22 KB, 623x583)
22 KB
meredith poster here. been a fun year with you guys<3
>In Boston


File: PL dominance.png (74 KB, 539x877)
74 KB
How many English teams will be in the CL semifinals la? I reckon five.
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If teams from your league do better in Europe, your team will get better by having to play against them regularly.
Exactly. England should get rid of all home-grown quotas and keep only those English players that are good enough to play in the league on their own merit. That way the league will be even more appealing to the international fan. It's basically just Affirmative Action anyway and who would want that?

Imagine being THIS mad
this is why i am an everton lifelong
They are emotionally manipulated into believing that these clubs still represent their local communities, when in fact the Manchester United, Liverpool FC, etc., that they grew up with are dead and gone

File: epl.jpg (11 KB, 353x176)
11 KB
>West Ham vs Brighton
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comfy 4pm afternoon saturday kickoff in the pubs as well on the continent
File: 1439479672102.jpg (16 KB, 307x316)
16 KB
bog sim his sargon
those were the days
File: bog sim music.jpg (19 KB, 710x73)
19 KB
Bring back tripfags!
Why would anyone come here for a year?

File: DMbO7yjVwAY40dI.jpg (128 KB, 843x504)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Sweating intensifies edition

>>78986558 old
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From an MM?
>tfw you beat a team that has Diego maradona 4-0
One thing that amazes me is that all these legend stacked teams I play still always want to park the bus and just counter.
how many more sbcs are they doing? and is that the theme then, spooky badges
SBCs should be daily, and the theme will be Halloween related badges. Benevento is pretty much guaranteed to be one of them and Ill be making like 7k profit per card.
Hahaha le classic "pretending to be racist" meme, well done /b/ros

File: 1507921932487.webm (2.12 MB, 852x480)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB WEBM
It's .WEBM time!
>no /sp/, no!
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>I'm an airplane
>nyeeer nyeeer
before selection comes mutation
What an asshole. Just let the ball go in, you should know you're off anyway.
I don't get it
Meownuel Neuer amirite guys?


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where is her ass?
File: godsavethequeen.jpg (86 KB, 620x349)
86 KB
>muh taxation
>american flag
>proud of leaving the greatest empire of all time
File: IanBothamDM_468x376.jpg (44 KB, 468x376)
44 KB
I dub thee SIr Fooshizzle
She eggsirsized it away

File: 1508465109300.jpg (237 KB, 1280x720)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
hairdoo edition
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whats the best website for indepth statistics without a paywall
yes, unironically
File: DDCtHwAUQAAQP-L.jpg (45 KB, 422x506)
45 KB
reminder that you are SEETHING
File: 1307652993001.png (20 KB, 634x768)
20 KB
>You will never get to watch the Hamilton Tigers.
File: creame.jpg (24 KB, 225x300)
24 KB
hey guys just got back from the market.....
Howd I do?

File: h.png (311 KB, 629x1205)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
This is brazilian NT who will plays against Japan and Engel in November.
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Where is Mosquit
>Who is the best GKson?
He quit
if corinthians haven't adapted that george ezra song for their goalkeeper then they need to sort their shit out desu
File: 1488376844943.jpg (27 KB, 229x377)
27 KB
too many players from prememier league, you can't win a world cup with a squad like that

i'm nostalgic from a couple decades ago when going to bongland represented to our players what go to mls is today. from the generations that won world cups for us, which player you think had a dream of playing in shittyweatherland? I think our only wc winner that was playing in pl was juninho, in 2002, and he was in fucking middlesbrough

File: 920x920.jpg (37 KB, 920x478)
37 KB
PHI: Wendell Smallwood (knee) practicing in full
NO: Snead (hamstring) again listed as limited
BAL: Brandon Williams (foot) practicing in full
MIN: Stefon Diggs (groin) officially listed as DNP
WAS: Rob Kelley (ankle) gets in limited practice
BAL: Mike Wallace (back) expects to play Week 7
TB: Jameis Winston expected to do more on Friday
TEN: Mularkey cops to doubt with Murray's status
CAR: Panthers admit concern with Kelvin Benjamin
TEN: Delanie Walker (calf) added to injury report
CAR: Update: Kuechly (concussion) listed as DNP
JAX: Leonard Fournette expects to play Week 7
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must have been something he brought back from london. allergic to chavs or something.
Can't wait till Sunday. I'm itching to dab uncontrollably when my favorite teams scores a touchdown
>wife’s son bring his friend over for the game
>they’re all falcons fans even though I’m a diehard Pats fan

How should I handle this bros? Thinking of faking sick and just watching in the shed, really not in the mood for the bantz when M Ryan rapes our secondary.

File: DMlLaHEWsAAC4Do.jpg (177 KB, 1200x901)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
WTA Finals
Some other tournaments
good posts only
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whats wrong with autotune?
guys give your energy to Mirza so we can have a first ever all-Bosnian SF
im ur friend too friend
File: barrylyndonremastered.png (117 KB, 282x169)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
hi kanye :)

Fuck this shitty franchise for getting rid of /ourguy/.

>get to the playoffs
>get fired

Makes you think.
Unironically F
which team is this?
the washington walgreens?

File: 296217_heroa.jpg (32 KB, 620x430)
32 KB
"Yes hello? It's Lionel "Leo" Messi here... yes, I'd like one Balloon de Oro, one Liga "Champions" and one Copa del Mundo por favor. No, you can keep your "Higuain". Gracias."
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He's the replacement of Tévez, who left Juventus right after playing a CL final and winning the league and in the Argentine league couldn't do shit
>after United
Cmon, Paulo Tevez stopped giving two shits after the 2015 season and only wanted an easy pay check while chilling with his family. Benememetto wasnt even that good for our league, in fact he came out and said he wouldnt mind playing for Mexico 2 years ago when he was with Amierdica
>an easy pay check
So he moved to the Argentine league? kek

He left Europe right after playing a CL final, he came to Argentina because he's a Boca fan and he said he wanted to come while he's still at his peak, and he did. The problem was that since he was th best player in the Argentine league, he got 2 or 3 men on him and didn't let him play like he could play in Europe

Something similar happens to Messi, in Europe he can play but when playing the South American qualies opponents cover him with 2 or 3 players
>dude south american murderball means our league is good
You poor poor fool.
Didn't say it's good, just saying it isn't easy to score here

Hattricks are really rare and you almost never see games with +3 goals difference, the fact that Benedetto scores on average 1 goal per game (and not the 3rd goal of an already blowout, he mostly score the first goal of the game) isn't a small deal

Believe it or not, Sampaoli knows more about football than some Amerifat on a singaporean cartoons forum, he called Benedetto for a reason, if you don't get it try watching him play before talking shit about him

File: IMG_2220.jpg (100 KB, 1045x588)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
How can you dislike this beautiful french man? All he does is score sublime goals for us to enjoy.
21 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>slayer of sweeden
He should get rid of his beard
Yeah, a light stubble works best
Unfortunately yes
Just Google troy deeney and look how handsome he is
File: antoinette-g.jpg (69 KB, 832x874)
69 KB
Alexa Sanchez or Antoinette Griezmann?

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