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It's time
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>zaire vs aryans

m8 that hasnt been a country since the 90s
File: IT'S COMING HOME.png (80 KB, 857x579)
80 KB
>tfw finishing 2nd is unironically better than topping the group
meme about france nt being made of it's ex colonies u dip
File: saraza.jpg (130 KB, 1101x841)
130 KB
130 KB JPG

대한민국화이팅! Lets beat these cheap furniture making, horse meatball eating creeps!
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fucking pingapore, this is offtopic post but your game server is fucking shit ,did you filled the cable line with literal shit? fucking chinks

i fucking hate 'my wife chino is cute' shitposter in /bant/ too just fuck off your country is just another chink + jew shitl
But why are asian women superior to any other woman?
Support your local hyundai, kia and ssangyong dealer. Built with Corean pride.
>someone with a girlfriend shouldn't post here
I'm not claiming to be better than someone because I have one, but if some idiot is going to start with his supreme gentleman whining over porn and his conspiracy theories, he needs to hang himself
File: genesis-16.jpg (238 KB, 960x480)
238 KB
238 KB JPG

File: maxresdefault (31).jpg (121 KB, 1280x720)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
This is a Swiss man?
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he's hot
>a fucking leaf
Go choke on Trudeau's dick you turbofaggot.
Next world cup, they'll all be sand niggers.
As an Italian who ran away to Ticino, stato strong brothers.
basically no one on the chile nt called him because he was too young or some shit so he joined the swiss

File: big three.png (780 KB, 882x397)
780 KB
780 KB PNG
Who would you pick to save the day?
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Ronaldo had a lot more competition and didn't have the same consistency in performance that Cristiano has despite Ronaldo being overall a better player.
the legendary striker, perro

makes me mad how much Rivaldo is underappreciated in Brazil
File: breakdance.png (1.41 MB, 909x938)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
Romário or Ronaldinho

ps: futsal is a dangerous sport
File: 1.jpg (34 KB, 550x414)
34 KB
too long, anon. too long.

File: blue net.jpg (132 KB, 593x480)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
>June 15-30
contract buyouts (ongoing)

>June 22
2018 NHL entry draft, round 1
(that's this Friday)

>June 23
2018 NHL entry draft: who cares edition (rounds 2-7)

>June 26
deadline for qualifying offers (for RFAs)

>June 27-30
UFAs can talk to other teams (and find out how much they're really worth)

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Your mum suck nigger dick. The end
Then she's got more head than most Mexicans.
once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl who fell in love with a hockey player. he was drafted, and she was happy for him, and even tried to be friends with all the other cruel hockey wives. but one day one of the other players wives, at the end of a months-long bender on pills and alcohol, accused the girl of operating a massive network of fake and purchased accounts to harass her about her dead baby on social media. this mean old witch ruined her own husband's career, the girl's husbands career, and what little remained of the ottawa senators """franchise."""

the end

I've watched it several times and I have absolutely no idea what Ozil was trying to do when Mexico scored.
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>ozil being escape goat for this

He isn’t a defender.
this t-b-h
krautnigger have been blaming oezil for every mistake for years now
No, but keep watching footy you'll unterstand it better
>attacking with 8 players most of the match
>Mexico 3 vs 2(Hummels & Boateng) in counterattack on several occasions
>hurr durr why Ozil who runned from the middle didn't defend well

File: download33.jpg (142 KB, 1200x671)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
>German National team
>Kits devoided of the slightest reference to its flag

The absolute state of the kraut
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t. Հարությունյան
>a fucking fish
don't be like hong kong, don't go for some meme pattern and replace ur union jack
oh and don't be like this shithole too of course
>a fucking leaf
Ozil looks cute in this :3

File: 20180205173436-1.jpg (39 KB, 700x400)
39 KB
I want to apologize to every team (except usa, they can suck my dick) that my national football team has qualified to the World Cup. Except an even worse shit show than the first match of the tournament.
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Literall fuming about this injustice right now lads.
No, your my little sawker team
>losing to Mexico at home in your shitty little Columbus stadium at the last minute
>getting btfo by Costa rica home and away
>barely getting two points with pathetic draws against Panamierda and Hondurass away
Are what costed you an easy world cup qualification.
its typical concacaf injustice but it's a good wake up call if the american federation or whatever they call themselves want to be serious. this is a good setback in every way imaginable.
File: 1527396696902.gif (471 KB, 500x346)
471 KB
471 KB GIF
File: 23465724572.png (30 KB, 789x641)
30 KB

File: hwat.jpg (162 KB, 960x960)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Really makes you think
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File: 10418338.jpg (698 KB, 1852x2778)
698 KB
698 KB JPG
>Seems a bit ridiculous to conclude that because various Europeans came together to forge a nation, it's therefore permissible to allow in everyone on planet Earth.
1st of all, they didn't "come together", they were conquered, their culture suppressed and their people submitted to a central authority.
2nd of all what makes Europeans so special to you? We're not talking about a different species here, Africans are perfectly capable of adapting to other cultures, especially those they are born in. Some things everyone considers quintessential French culture were contributed to by blacks.
3rd of all why isn't it an issue that France has Asian or Pacific Islander citizens? Is it because they're bad at sports?
4th why is it ridiculous to think people can adopt a culture?
>And the whole "muh team should represent the nation" is based on no argument.
That's where you're wrong, you fucking leaf.
>cannot accurately predict his own gdp growth each years but can predict the fate of another country culture after several decades
It will be just fine? Do you expect a nuclear great power to fall into a Mad Max post-apocalyptic state because we have a few low-income neighborhoods in the country, like literally every other country aside from Monaco?
>of course france doesn't affect me
Then what the fuck are you doing? Why do you care?
>i do when they're laughably stupid and typical "arguments"
No you don't, you're just exposing that you have no counter-arguments. They're not "typical", they're things I said earlier itt that you failed to counter.
>famous swiss humour
Coming from the country whose best active comedian is of Indian origin, that's kinda funny.

File: Royal ok.png (194 KB, 591x462)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
Rate this World Cup so far
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2010 was awful take off your nostalgia glasses, this WC is far superior.
>CR/ performance

doing fucking nothing all the match except 2 dives and 1 shot, literally, Portugal totally subjugated, if not for refball it would have been another "inyustisia" crying fag episode
Ay Manuel tío

File: 1513799956257.png (81 KB, 2000x1640)
81 KB
Disregarding who will actually win, who DESERVES to win the World Cup?
For me, it's
>or Brazil
For me it's
>or England
>who DESERVES to win the World Cup
Peru doesn't deserve to win, they are just a bunch of chokers, fuck those faggots.
And we'll actually win too
England or Mexico

File: 1529172557300.jpg (59 KB, 1072x1072)
59 KB
>Saturday June 23 - Canal+ Sport France
Tony Yoka vs Dave Allen

>Saturday June 23 - Channel 5 UK
Josh Taylor vs Viktor Postol

>Saturday June 23 - BT Sport UK ESPN+ US
Roberto Garcia vs Martin Murray
Daniel Dubois vs Tom Little

>Saturday June 23 - ESPN US
Miguel Berchelt vs Jonathan Victor Barros

>Saturday June 30 - BT Sport UK
Jono Carroll vs Declan Geraghty

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Tell me /box/
Do you watch any other sport more than boxing?
File: stew.png (479 KB, 637x466)
479 KB
479 KB PNG
Including old fights on youtube no. I do watch alot of soccer and basketball.
>but yes
how far can that Ritson kid from the UK go?
I watch as many sports as I can, favorites are Football and Baseball. Basketball is probably the one major sport I don't watch.

File: the secret weapon.png (373 KB, 702x602)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
There's no other choice we have to send them the "package" if you know what I mean
aren't trannies banned in russia
File: dd6ef-ronaldotraveco.jpg (43 KB, 248x320)
43 KB
one tranny per day, keeps the sadness away

File: world cup.png (26 KB, 220x341)
26 KB
This soccer tournament is cute and all,but I just want the real world cup to start

What went wrong yesterday, bros? It still hurts.
64 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Felt bad for Peru. Pls advance.
>a nation that waited over 3 decades to be in the world cup, just to watch their team fuck it up in their first match against literal nobodies
I guess peruvians are now realizing how hard reality hits when you don't have the merits to be in a position, they got in by mere numbers but lack the mental strength to actually defend their place, I'm actually sorry for the average peruvian
Get out of Facebook.
Why the FUCK didn´t he start the game? He would´ve scored the pen and won you the game
I never said thet peruvians use it. I said some Latin American countries user our slangs specially younger people.

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