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Main card (FOX Sports 1 at 10 p.m. ET)

Edson Barboza vs. Kevin Lee

Frankie Edgar vs. Cub Swanson

Chase Sherman vs. Justin Willis

David Branch vs. Thiago Santos

Aljamain Sterling vs. Brett Johns

Jim Miller vs. Dan Hooker

Undercard (FOX Sports 1 now)

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isnt that the same retarded ref who let merab choked unconscious for 1 minute straight dreaming he was fighting lance armstrong
Who should i pick in this fight bros
Yfw chael was champ because a dr in 2018 stopped the jones fight retroactively.

Game 3

Cockshits up 2-0

About to start
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Nobody what you think of d rose, its hard to not be happy for a guy who blew out both knees playing well in a playoff game. Especially for a team that hasn't had anything to be happy about for like 14 years. No reason to hate on that. The Wolves will lose the series, but just accept the one loss.
wording this, thought i was alone
Lol Appearently somebody forgot their fucking broom.

it'll be a gentlemans sweep

Get in here
First for westBRICK
OKC in 5 to get these ugly fucking jerseys off my tv screen for the rest of the playoffs
File: 1523068455720.jpg (12 KB, 424x480)
12 KB
>2 playoff games in a row with woman color commentary
File: 1447634731925.jpg (45 KB, 640x640)
45 KB
>woman color commentary
>Caring what females think at all
>especially about sports

This guy beat me, we can use this for thread 2 maybe if we need 2

File: pizza.jpg (97 KB, 604x453)
97 KB
I'm tired of working in a sports, and having friends who like sports, and barely knowing anything about the industry

Can you gents give me somewhere to start?
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You'd think people would notice that he's posting with a Mexican flag.
Where do you work?
1. Pick a team
2. Try to talk about that team as much as you can
Eventually they'll stop talking to you because you're a wanker
*working in a sports-oriented bar

Sorry for the full retard guys. One of my managers is always talking to our top food runner about fantasy football, if that's relevant
He said he work in a sports.

For me it's Lionel Messi
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Manuel's dick is taller than Messoy
Love Ayrton Senna
he's gonna blow it
I cant ever tell if this guy is circumcized or not, he always aroused and doesnt seem like he can pull foreskin forward

Get in here
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File: 2018pels.jpg (230 KB, 1387x726)
230 KB
230 KB JPG

Fucking saved

>Spurs not in the stroller GSW is pushing

File: 1499155950499.jpg (21 KB, 558x529)
21 KB
>tfw AD won't be getting MVP
He deserves it after carrying this team.
The refball was even worse, if you can believe it. Ask any Kings fan how playing the lelkers was in the playoffs

File: Drose.jpg (111 KB, 1199x798)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
based TBulls
for Abraham Lincoln being a cuck? Ok.
I never doubted him
Also cavs should of kept Wade or drose or both
im sorry your talent is being wasted

Who would win, /sp/? Neutral court.

You thought we were gone? done for the year? Oh no, not /curl/


Currently live Japan (with your favourite Fujisawa) vs. New Zealand
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Mixed doubles is weird. I'm not sure I like it. It's obviously more fast paced, but for me the appeal of curling is the "chess on ice" factor. This seems a lot more random/luck-based.
But are Kaitlyn did win the Olympics, so maybe the skill aspects will become more apparent with the better teams. Japan had to call out their coach before an end even started FFS!
File: Scotlol.png (8 KB, 614x122)
8 KB
There are a lot of non-curling nations in this tournament to make up the numbers. I think it's just to give the real teams a bit of fun. Scotland somehow managed to score a six in one end...
File: Sweden.png (986 KB, 1049x595)
986 KB
986 KB PNG
Why did they choose to hold this championship in what is effectively a third world country with a sub-90 average IQ? I feel so sorry for all the competitors, because they're going to be subjected to totally empty stadiums all week, as the locals just have no appreciation for the "beautiful game from the other side of Hadrian's Wall". Fujisawa deserves better than this!
>hosting it in the middle of no where
Why couldn't they've hosted it in a curling city like Härnösand or Karlstad if they don't want a big city

File: cin.png (80 KB, 1200x818)
80 KB
Is it time for the MLB to step in and do something about this team?
relocate to Nashville and get it over with already

File: drake.jpg (407 KB, 1000x562)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
Yeah I'm killin' I'm killin' I'm killin' I'm killin'
I'm killin' /sp/, yuh

I delete the threads, don't start no trouble with me
Threads that are off topic are a no-no for me
Don't receive any money to compensate me
Only talk about sports or I'll ban you for free
I don't wanna see fun here on /sp/
Yes I see they know that I use a proxy
Soon I'll have hot pockets in my belly
Mom's gone to the store, she'll buy more there for me

Mod's plan, Mod's plan
Holding back, you know I won't, yuh
This power, is all I got, ay,

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File: 69f.jpg (14 KB, 354x286)
14 KB
Why don't football teams record songs anymore?

because the concept has dangerous potential
File: 1430368583431.png (35 KB, 645x552)
35 KB

File: 1366500573158.png (93 KB, 171x278)
93 KB

File: DDigoBkXcAEWI-Q.jpg (115 KB, 764x1024)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
This man has a Heisman Trophy vote.
dan le betard show yesterday was the worst in a long time.
that cuban pitcher killed himself and 2 other people by speeding drunk and on coke in a speedboat at night. but the taxpayers of florida should pay for his family to keep his mansion because muh cuba muh freedums.
it's like every fucking cuban thinks they are entitled to a blank check and US citizenship because their country fell to communism 70 years ago.
dan couldn't get it through his fat head that fernandez isn't a world hero just because he's a cuban baseball player. he killed the two guys trying to save his life that night.
save the whales.

UFC Lee vs Barboza tonight boys, LET'S GET IT ON!
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u right. I thought it looked like he just took a big ass breath and then stood up
still dont understand tko though lmao
That fight put me in such a bad mood that I don't really feel like watching anymore desu
see ya
File: IMG_1958.jpg (45 KB, 800x450)
45 KB
Worst part is How Simon acted all smug streaming "I WON THIS" after getting dominated for 3 rounds.

Also How did Merab not flip his shit after that dec

File: lavar-ball-nike.jpg (85 KB, 620x435)
85 KB
Why has he been so quiet lately?
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Lonzo was exposed as being merely an above average baller.

LaMelo is destined to be a small baller

LiAngelo was a big baller until it was exposed that his bigness was shoplifted.
His check cleared, his work is done. He never cared about the success of his sons, only the money that marketing them would make. And he made that money.
>tfw he caused Lonzo to turn down that huge Nike contract

If I were Lonzo I'd resent the hell out of Lavar. Think about how much money he cost him.
With all of that money he made from whoring out his sons he should get that grill fixed
And when Lonzo is ready to get offers again, his dad would want a Jordan brand-type deal for "creative" control.

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