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File: Valores del Rugby.png (41 KB, 960x365)
41 KB
ECC returning next weekend
Challenge Cup returning next weekend
ARC starting 27/01
6N starting 03/02
SR starting 17/02
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Whoops that was supposed to be in F1. Didn't look at the thread title.
the people and training

Bathurst is a great track, so its always relevant
decent thread ngl
I wonder what op the brazil with put in the next one
Not impressed

Portugal produces better players and is still in the shadow of Spain. How?
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choose one
ok lets say Xavi was better than iniesta, which portugues midfielder is better than Xavi?
Do elaborate some.
portugal just had 2 generations in their history, they were always irrelevant while Spain was a secondary power like England or France

File: kd-steph-ap.jpg (266 KB, 1920x1080)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
Who will go down in history as the better player?
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1 v 1 i think KD would destroy Steph

but in terms of NBA accomplishments Curry has the upperhand
if they win 2 more times kd will
The asian sauce is way better than the snake

KD has had a better career. People forget that Curry has only been good for like 4 years
people also forget that MJ's first years he didnt make out of the first rounds

>Wenger is finishe-
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arsenal is a team of aboslute mongs lmao
>Lacazatte is not fast.

lol, he is
Legitimately impressed desu
Why does Auba look like a skinny Somalian pirate in the thumbnail
>still passing sideways
>strikers get no service and end up in midfield or on the wings


File: 1446875257287[1].jpg (215 KB, 1238x537)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
>you and your wife have the same job
>she gets paid more
the absolute state of tom brady
Giselle openly admits that brady loves football more than her, giselle is getting cucked by handegg

File: rednecks-v2-583.jpg (88 KB, 583x667)
88 KB
For me, it's the Washington Rednecks,
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not as much as your suburban drug-addicted mother
This is a team I can get behind
What a good thread. Very successful.
>make this a team to get back at the evil white CIS Scum Patriarchy of bad goys
>White People unironically love the idea
>libcucks and prairie niggers buttblasted because MUH WHITE PEOPLE TOOK MUH NOBLE INDIAN CHIEF MASCOT

File: alexis-sanchez-2-0.jpg (269 KB, 2500x1875)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
How long before this cancerous cunt destroys United?
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>Sanchez moves to United
>gets to play with a team that actually has some bottle
>Arsenal get left behind in the dirt with their wagecuck players
>Poor Mhikitaryan tries to play some football but gets told off in the Locker room for making Lacazette, Walcott and Welbeck look lazy

Is it just me or is everybody ignoring the fact that he literally just got sold to Everton?
As much as I don't rate Walcott, I can't believe Arse gave minutes to Welbeck over him. At least Theo *sometimes* scored.

He's been an absolute professional, working his ass off for a go-nowhere team despite wanting to leave

>be up 4-1 in the Dodgeball final
>Only autistic virgin left
>end up losing in sudden death to a blindfolded beta

Has there ever been a bigger choke in sports history?
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The fact that every single one of his children was able to continue his dynasty really says a lot about the culture of their home.
They got divorced you fucking asshole
Trinidad and Tobago were underrated tbqh
Averages Joes absolutely lucked out with the 3-2 switches throughout the finals, glad their stupid paddy trainer bit it mid run

Get in here bros, new episode just starting

Based Witlock going to BTFO Colin Cowcuck
Cowherd is unironically the good analyst though

File: db264fab-s.jpg (78 KB, 650x432)
78 KB
Out for a ride with the lads edition

>Ronnie O'Sullivan v Mark Allen 13:00
>Kyren Wilson v Mark Williams 19:00
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File: over.png (53 KB, 152x224)
53 KB
Well done to Kyren. Goodnight, /147/.

File: 1493462873211.jpg (44 KB, 341x360)
44 KB
>cameraman getting a perv on those two qts that were in the background all night

Thank you sir

Night lads.
Kyren's wee toad of a gf will get good SHAGGERS tonight CUE STICK and the BLACK right up the PINK
>this shitty Pale Waves band on the red button every fucking night
trump will take the masters, mark my words

File: deutschland manschaft.jpg (87 KB, 652x366)
87 KB
honestly who can stop them? what other team is so stacked that even their bench can beat any other world cup team?
your mom lol
Chicano please

File: footy then.jpg (36 KB, 480x640)
36 KB
why do modern footballers look like soyboys compared to past ones?
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It’s just cosmetic grooming due to changing social norms. Footballers of the present are actually physically stronger than footballers of the past which actually makes them less soyboy
fukin kek
You don’t need warriors when nobody is trying to burn down your village. War is being played in the shadows and if you think the people who work there aren’t ruthless and not exactly weak
Because in the past you were rewarded for being tough, then it became "the sport for everyone" and now you get rewarded with free kicks and penalties for being a twink.
The same was said about those players when compared to the ones from the 30s

File: p40142.png (1003 KB, 500x500)
1003 KB
1003 KB PNG
>stars align
>chelsea somehow show interest in you
>2nd big move of your shit heap of a career
>get injured for 2 months

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>big pay day

Unless hes changed from his Newcastle days he probably needs one. My mate who lives in the North West told me Carrol bought a house, moved in, had a pretty much non stop party for a week or so, house was trashed so he just moved out and never came back leaving the house a complete wreck.
lol fuck off
Someone please explain why he gets hurt so easily.
A lot of times footballers injuries are cover up for failed drugs tests/rehab stints

just saying
It's more like:
>feel your calf uncomfortable, tell club you need to rest
>West ham: "Nope, look at this medic scan, you lying chelsky tentacle. You must train!"
>*injured for 2 month*

IND:Colts add WR DeAndre Smelter on futures deal
MIA:Jarvis Landry won't take hometown discount
NE:Report: Tom Brady's hand 'should be okay'
HOU:Clowney extension a priority for Gaine
NE:Brady injured during Wednesday's practice
PIT:Fichtner expected to replace Haley as OC
FA:Morton out as Jets' offensive coordinator
JAC:Leonard Fournette gets in limited session
NE:Brady (hand) limited at Wednesday's practice
MIN:Adam Thielen (back) absent on Wednesday
PIT:Steelers QBs coach Fichtner 'favorite' for OC
FA:Steelers allowing OC Todd Haley to leave team
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Tell that to Tim Bradley.

>not thinking the inevitable Peyton choke was the best part of the game
Is Aaron Rodgers pretty much finished? He is made of glass and he demands that the Packers spend all their money on offensive weapons so they never have a complete team.
Philadelphia is a big market team the Vikings would cuck them out of more money

They exist in adult sizes.

File: 23462623.jpg (34 KB, 657x527)
34 KB
>Rodgers IR'd
>Wentz IR'd
>Luck IR'd
>Watson IR'd
>Giants JUST season
>Broncos JUST season
>Raiders JUST season
>Seahawks miss playoffs
>Ravens miss playoffs
>Chiefs eliminated
>Steelers eliminated
>Falcons eliminated
>Saints eliminated

Hot Take: If the Patriots don't win the SB this season, they literally will never win another one with Brady and that Jimmy G trade will go down as one of the worst of all-time.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Imagine the eternal seethe if they found the next Brady in the draft and had another decade of dominance.

The Jags will win btw

So theyre basically the Texans of last few years
>5 games against the 3 worst teams in the league(browns, colts, texans)
>Still only 10-6
>This is elite
File: toilet bong.jpg (43 KB, 507x494)
43 KB
and the texans took a shit down Brady's throat last year in the playoffs too its just their offense was garbage. Jaggoffs do have a legitimate shot at the upset
>they literally will never win another one with Brady and that Jimmy G trade will go down as one of the worst of all-time.

It won't though, because you don't trade away your 5 SB winning QB who made 7 of them to the Jets for your young hot new talent, he's a living fucking legend of the NFL, if he wants to pretend to retire at 45 and fucks up your franchises future it's whatever because that man is the reason why your team even has history in the sport.

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