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File: sopa de caruana.jpg (416 KB, 500x664)
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>16 days until biggest blowout in professional sports history begins

Is everybody ready?

File: file.png (319 KB, 447x679)
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Watch it janny
Based and redpilled dezu

File: memexico.jpg (40 KB, 397x388)
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Why are they so bad at soccer/futbol?
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File: Did not qualify.png (31 KB, 863x546)
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Oh no no no
File: 1532831702511.jpg (55 KB, 499x499)
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One off year doesn't automatically erase the fact that we're better; better world cup runs, beaten you more times than you've beaten us and our youth is way better than yours.

Get ready for 2 L's against us come the hex.
File: Fucking trinidad.png (5 KB, 317x137)
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imagine if we cared
I am more curious as to why they were banned in 1990 - but I can't be arsed to look up on wikipedia.

File: 1533323481751.jpg (218 KB, 756x440)
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218 KB JPG
make a fucking free throw

>Last place in the division
>The Suns and Mings are in that division
>last place
3 games in. New team. Missing BI and Rondo

Why did they leave in such hurry?
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I hate to be the person to shatter your illusions, but they were in a rush to get home so Jennifer Lopez could rub her big latin booty against the smooth patch of skin where A-Rod's penis should be.
they needed to be somewhere in a hurry
they didn't pay XD
Because some gossip columnists is lazy fucking douche that I hate this shit
Lady got itchy

chile and finland sitting in a tree
File: finland.webm (81 KB, 245x191)
81 KB
File: 1537295136161.png (676 KB, 1000x815)
676 KB
676 KB PNG

File: 1540270889696.png (48 KB, 904x624)
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Christopher Robin beats the Red Sox and the Dodgers simultaneously by himself.

File: alleniverson.jpg (30 KB, 435x299)
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Name a player that had a larger negative impact on their sport than Allen Iverson.
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Michael Vick
Daryl Morey and analytics played a big role in making memechucking standard. Steph is just the biggest success of memeball.
Bonds and Mayweather
better than the trash now where there no such thing as a midrange.
Moving back the 3 point line would improve the NBA. Skilled 3 point shooters like Curry would continue to be valuable, and we wouldn't have to see mediocre shooters attempt (and miss) so many because it would no longer be efficient to try.


Literally how the fuck do we fix this shit?
mnf has traditionally been a shitty matchup so there's no reason to watch in the first place
Have Booger take a shit on the sidelines
start streaming and hit up youtube or twitter for all your coverage.

It's not your fault ESPN followed the Blockbuster model.
let it die

File: 1486793550425.jpg (219 KB, 1000x1000)
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219 KB JPG
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File: 1479869589571.jpg (96 KB, 1280x640)
96 KB
He needs them. He's got no one left.
No he doesn't.

All it cost was the dignity of Oakland Raiders fans. Luckily the decade and a half of shit the org had been, there’s no dignity left to lose actually. We weren’t gonna beat the chefs this year even with Mack, so might as well fucking tank until Mahomes loses the magic.
Belichick always trades down in the draft. They have 3 2nd rounders and bunch in the 3rd and 4th due to trades they made this year.

File: michael-schumacher.jpg (42 KB, 620x413)
42 KB
You now remember Michael Schumacher
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pre-Merc Hamilton was one of the good guys
I agree
Thats arround the time when i stopped watching
Hitler no, the Fritzel guy sure.
Its like Jules Bianchi, except too many people want Michael alive.

He isn't living, he's long dead and just waiting for death to finally take him.
How did he get hurt? Did someone build a snowman and he crashed into it?

TOR:Danny Green does it all on Monday
ORL:Nikola Vucevic scores 24 w/ 12 rebounds
TOR:Kawhi Leonard returns, hits 9-of-14 shots
ORL:Evan Fournier hands out career-high 10 dimes
ORL:Jonathan Isaac scores 18 w/ 12 rebounds
SA:Dante Cunningham starting, Poeltl to bench
GS:DeMarcus Cousins continues to make progress
MIN:Andrew Wiggins (quad) questionable to return
MEM:Jaren Jackson Jr. draws the start at PF
UTA:Derrick Favors (knee soreness) is starting
MEM:Kyle Anderson (illness) is available Monday
MEM:Marc Gasol (back soreness) available Monday
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Kekekekek. Lakers fucking suck.
>miss 2 fts

>miss the last shot

Oh, I didn't know they had tv in fishing cabins.
kawhi's staying in toronto, and the spurs are down their point guard AND the back up point guard. you're missing old-ass rondo and a non-entity.
okay, i'm a spursbro for life, but that's just sweet

File: cut.jpg (91 KB, 1024x576)
91 KB
Still no Skelettersson Edition
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Based Captain Bo
thanks bud you too
>If I post a /pol/ meme that means I won the argument!
Still haven't presented any discernible argument other than sheer rage
Shots on goal per period:
>WSH - 13 - 13 - 7 = 33
>VAN - 6 - 12 - 6 = 24
So the caps had:
>A bunch more shots
>Fewer giveaways
>Better power play statistically
but they apparently got outplayed according to your unquantifiable metrics like "better chances" (then why so few shots?), "faster players", and "winning races", all three of which you were clearly seeing what you wanted to see. Oh yeah, you also mentioned time on attack (citation needed).

File: i.png (101 KB, 350x254)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
How do certain sports teams remain relevant or even dominant for many years at a time? And why do some fall off after a few years of dominance?
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Teams that get good can be dominant for a time.

T*ams that cheat can be dominant a long time.
Did he died?
Patriots have the lowest paid O Line in the league
Brady’s has nowhere near as many HOF OLmen as Rodgers

For the Patriots, literally having the greatest coach and QB of all-time
Belichik is the greatest coach in football history, without a doubt
then he gets a great QB like Barley and its all good from there. but I dont think Tim could carry a team for years or win multiple championship without a god-tier system around him - he's Brees level at the end of the day

File: IMG_3277.jpg (28 KB, 270x405)
28 KB
Umtiti is doing fine and hes only 24

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