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File: 1529345638073.jpg (179 KB, 1920x1080)
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Why would so many people want to talk to an avatar that looks like a little girl?
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You clearly haven't watched any VRchat vidoes on YouTube.
Are lolis really that popular?
I want to put a baby in that tummy
File: 1524194645828.jpg (970 KB, 2397x3488)
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970 KB JPG
For hanging out with on the beach and not doing any lewd things whatsoever

File: 302007.jpg (18 KB, 225x350)
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>Kiritsugu's so dumb! His philosophy is so childish!
Gee, it's almost like his character has FLAWS that he RESOLVES at the end of the story. It's almost like the one time he DIDN'T kill someone (Sherry) as a young kid, it led to an entire village getting turned into vampires, which would affect him as an adult, and make him believe that you can't just save everybody.
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holy fuck my neck snapped and i died from cringing at this post
Yah mean Urobochi
Actually true, Kiri is a retarded manchild, even worse than archer since unlike kerry, archer knows what he wanted to do, was happy with what he is doing, and didn't die like a pathetic little regretful cuck, which Kerry's point actually and his whole purpose as a character.
If you turned him into a highschooler, he'll even look retarded compared to looking at shirou as how secondary looks at him.
H-Hey anon you cant criticize it until you finish all of it!
-be generic autistic ginger boi
-gets the most plot armor ability possible
-3 good looking girls fall in love with you and fuck you all day long
- you literally need to fuck them to save your life
-kill a demi god just because

Nah totally not a bad teenager fantasy

File: 24570.jpg (530 KB, 1801x2560)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
No new chapters yet?
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Takagi is just teasing the boy she likes
Nishikata feels he's being bullied.
And for all of them but sugoi dekai it annoys me.
Actually does Uzaki ever bully him for that? I only know that I never got annoyed at her for doing so but not if she ever actually did it.
Bullying Momo's anus while never taking her virginity!
No doujins yet?

File: 2d62207.jpg (1.68 MB, 2100x1440)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
Penguindrum > Utena > Yurikuma
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Why was Yurikuma so bad, boys?
It all makes sense now.
Himari is just jelly that her friends are fucking all the fat producers and she's stuck with her cuck brothers which is why she dies.
>Ikuhara had no new ideas for it and thus could only recycle stuff from older work that comes off as a pale imitation.
What if Yurikuma was really Penguinbear the Penguindrum retelling movie we never got?
not enough time to develop the themes and characters. even penguindrum suffered from that but it wasn't as bad as in lesbian bears
>recycle stuff from older work
not really

I wish we had a show as good as this again. There's a dimension out there where Death-Note-likes became popular, and it's a shame I'm in this one instead.
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Not a lot of shows that properly ripped it off, though. You have, what, Code Geass, I guess?
This. Death Note is remembered for its start, most people forget the garbage second half.
Death Note's characters are shit, and Light is no exception.

Code Geass is almost nothing like Death Note beyond a few things like "main character uses a supernatural power and keikaus to change the world".
Elaborate. Light is a very engaging and fascinating character. He's a protagonist gone wrong. A perfect ace student that got too much power and let it get to his head.
He has very little character at all beyond wanting his sense of justice (which is not explored at all) and hubris in wanting to take out L rather than simply avoid being caught.

File: 1531635554118.jpg (135 KB, 1080x537)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Casual reminder that you should not, in any circumstance, lewd the Umas.
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File: DiNzxJAV4AA0vtn.jpg (213 KB, 900x1200)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
File: 1531731233454.jpg (257 KB, 1280x716)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
>doesn't come with pads
>When anime is dead but Goldshi still sucking
fucking best how does she do it?

File: DiNytFJUYAAS_bX.jpg (61 KB, 848x471)
61 KB

File: 14.jpg (176 KB, 960x1364)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Having to be saved by your love interest/ Childhood friend. Is Junk the worst Shonen MC ever?
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Oh god some poor soul is actually defending Naruto. None of that shit changes the fact that 90% of fights boil down to jumping around for an hour until idiot was close enough to punch idiot opponent hard in the face.
That's not even a proper counter, I'm the one giving actual evidence here. Fact is, these moments of strategic brilliance do happen and manage to turn the tables in most fights.
File: Capture.png (143 KB, 512x512)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
Isn't that Mitsubu from Owari no Serah?
No you gave fight filler

No go away
>No you gave fight filler
What do you even mean?

>Season 2 never ever
>Novel translations never ever
Why is this allowed, /a/?
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Last update he gave on translating it was back in 2016:

But yeah, looks like he (hopefully) hasn't given up.
Why was Y so shit? She ruined the whole episode
I guess it was last month. He said something along the lines of he's still interested to translate it someday.
That's good to hear. I will see if I can contact him again latter on. Thanks for letting me know, anon.
And good night.
suicide bread


Who here has seen Mari Okada’s new feelsfest, Maquia?

And more importantly, did you call your mom and told her that you loved her after watching the movie?
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I liked the trigger live draw desu. except for the people asking questions. Those fuckers can kill themselves.
Because they wouldn't be able to live together (just like Maquia couldn't stay with Ariel).
That's why Leilia lied before leaving that she doesn't like her daughter and would try to forget about her. This way her daughter could live on without any regrets that she lost her mother.
Q&A should be handled by selecting questions asked on twitter whike the line forms, and picking good ones.
>subtleties of the body language
Always this meme with the same kyoani poster lmao
File: snapshot.jpg (292 KB, 1920x1080)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
Did he deserve it?
They could live happily together if he wasn't so racist and agreed to raise his girlfriend's daughter.
I think Okada was trying to promote cuckoldry here.

File: 22369.jpg (350 KB, 844x1200)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
Do you find this manga funny? She looks like she's in a very miserable state of living.
It's funny to watch more miserable people than you, especially if it's a little girl.
I'm sure a couple parts have made me laugh, but I find it more cute than funny.
why doesn't she just stop by a homeless shelter and pick up some children's clothes

File: 1531671154960.jpg (70 KB, 470x470)
70 KB
Izuku just won as the best overall character in all of BNHA by vote, thoughts
>r/BokuNoHeroAcademia's Discord Popularity Poll

Kill yourself, OP.
>bnhafags are literal redditors
>discord popularity poll
I wish we could ban shounen from /a/.

never picking this up after that ED

Black Clover has better openings than Boku no Hero Academia. Prove me wrong.
rotoscoped animation is pretty fucking pathetic, especially in a opening.

File: nibb.jpg (482 KB, 1079x839)
482 KB
482 KB JPG
What am I in for?
You're in for some angry faggots making fun of you for using kissanime

File: fuck.jpg (6 KB, 110x110)
6 KB
but was it good?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Are you a faggot OP? Both questions have the same answer.
The manga is
it was a good 12-week-long shitpost
It was shit.

But it was fresh and I couldn't look away from it, so it did something right.
when are you gonna stop making these posts anon goddamnit

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