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File: keyvisual.jpg (466 KB, 1920x1045)
466 KB
466 KB JPG
We're getting a new chuu2 movie. I'm a little bit hyped.
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File: 1389928551834.jpg (351 KB, 1112x1600)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
Time to bully OP for being so slow
I practically wasn't alive last week.
>take on me
Is Ishihara trying to one-up Yamada?
this makes my peepee feel weird
File: holy-grail-peasants.jpg (38 KB, 800x441)
38 KB
But you got better?

File: Spoiler Image (546 KB, 1200x1076)
546 KB
546 KB JPG
I was retarded enough to expect a kiss.
Shame on me.

File: 165.jpg (676 KB, 962x1394)
676 KB
676 KB JPG
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File: Jyoshikausei 41.png (539 KB, 869x1221)
539 KB
539 KB PNG
Based on the art I'm going to guess that's Golden Kamui.
is that wojak?
Takeda Sun
I'm getting a bit tired of the paraphilia in this series.

File: 1446343750590.png (2.92 MB, 1280x2162)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB PNG
10 KG of joy.

Doesn't make you happy? Then post the size that does.

I hate when the character designers don't know how much things weigh.
I can enjoy breasts larger or smaller than this but these are pretty much the ideal perfect size for me.
Rias is a bit small for my tastes but her attitude compensates for a lot.
Lady J is the smallest I go.

How can something be so comfy?
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For a long time this was my healing manga. It's impossible to finish this manga and feel any kind of bad feeling.
I dunno, I'd personally say it's pretty comfy, but then again I am a pessimist.
>I wonder why humanity is not reproducing
Hard to say, since we never learn why they're declining in the first place, but it's not really important.
The really frustrating thing is not knowing more about the naked robot and the plane's robot.
There were a lot of great subplots, for sure

File: sakurada reset.jpg (44 KB, 640x400)
44 KB
most underrated show this season? it really ramped up since the first 3 episodes.
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It got worse. I'm at episode 7 and thinking of dropping it. There's absolutely nothing going for it.
File: 1494426670069.png (1.75 MB, 1392x783)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
It's great and I'm glad it's two cours. Kei and autismoe are great together
Boring leads. Boring superpowers. Boring villain.
Episode 4 is still my favorite
I dropped it on episode 4. It's pretentious garbage.

File: 35938352_p0.jpg (633 KB, 1680x1049)
633 KB
633 KB JPG
Would the title of Record of Lodoss War be translated as something other than Record of Lodoss War if it was made in 2017?

It always felt kinda clunky.
This War is getting Lodoss'd by the Records
It would be translated as "Radasu Senki: Tales of War" to appease people who knew it by the Japanese name first

>tfw you rewatch this show every now and then because it's comfy but you don't really know why
You want to play d&d but it's a lot more fun as a concept than in reality.

Also, you don't have any friends to play it with.

File: sharetemp(2).jpg (310 KB, 1716x2400)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
Western hentai publishers are helpful nas fuck nowadays, I wonder wichnkind of normalfag audience they expect with a futa/feet/yandere/mindebreak porn manga as this one
I mean, graphic novel
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But they are uncensored
>They can't publish any of the shit I actually read
Such as?
The physical version is 25 bucks they are at their third edition and its sold out at the moment
Porn sells
File: 1421459093840.jpg (139 KB, 1024x942)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
>Hentai goes by many names. Ecchi, hentai doujinshi, hentai comics, porn mangas , 2D lovin'...lots of names to give to what we at Project Hentai offer. From ahegao, to monster girls, to futanari, and even vanilla romance, we have it all
What are some good feet hentai? All I've heard of are SS Sisters and MM!
And that's the only good thing about them.


File: 000a.jpg (1.91 MB, 2362x1600)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB JPG
Hello, dear /a/nons, it's time to pull up a chair, get comfy, and enjoy storytime for all the currently scanlated chapters of Nejimaki Kagyu.

Try to keep the image replies to a minimum so I don't need to make 6 gorillion threads, thanks.
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File: Nejimaki Kagyu-11-016.png (580 KB, 910x1300)
580 KB
580 KB PNG
File: Nejimaki Kagyu-11-017.png (663 KB, 907x1300)
663 KB
663 KB PNG
File: Nejimaki Kagyu-11-018.png (534 KB, 912x1300)
534 KB
534 KB PNG
File: Nejimaki Kagyu-11-019.png (57 KB, 911x1300)
57 KB
Oh there's the bump limit.

Gonna take a break and then make another thread to continue the dump a bit later

File: C3ykC00WQAAOZ4d.jpg large.jpg (322 KB, 1438x2048)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
Pic related, you can't talk about Iori here without mentioning the "A" word.
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>calling others a repressed homosexual when you're the only one who wants to stick it up the ass
>his best argument is "n-no, you"
wew, you sure are one self-unaware dumb motherfucker, aren't you?
File: 1493926846738.jpg (72 KB, 475x750)
72 KB
File: 1489985562736.png (780 KB, 1085x1080)
780 KB
780 KB PNG

That's just one dumb retard. Kumiko is beautiful
I doubt anyone actually thinks that she's ugly, you would have to literally live off semen to be that gay.

Don't blame /a/ for that.

Gold diggers: The anime
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File: ramsey.png (585 KB, 718x802)
585 KB
585 KB PNG
She insult my queen, I will behead her.
With a slightly hidden devilish nature.
But seriously, I really can't wait to see her backstory.

File: Volume-20---Page-027.png (477 KB, 890x1400)
477 KB
477 KB PNG
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How well is the manga received in Japan? It seems like it managed to keep on going even though the anime bombed, unlike Keijo
Seems like it's not huge popular but with a dedicated and solid fanbase.

Not enough for milking to the death, but enough to never been axed
File: ch57.jpg (342 KB, 897x1300)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
Since I'm sure you meant stacked, the fun part is that's actually a plot point.
>the most useless meat

This is my cute wife Kurumi, her anime is going to come out soon.
What do you think?
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File: 148489489498444.jpg (41 KB, 405x537)
41 KB
She might be a smelly neet but she's still my wife
File: 1456641706323.png (1.29 MB, 743x1748)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
Just how big is Anko anyway?
She is cute but not as cute as my daughter Kaede.
Big Kurumi's mumis
>no love for Haruka
Oh well, at least I almost like Kurumi and Anko as much.

File: k34893489.gif (2 MB, 500x307)
2 MB
Are 2nd seasons where anime adaptations go to die?
>Spice & Wolf
>Black Lagoon
>The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
>Shingeki no Kyojin soon
52 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.

Technically Black Lagoon got a season 3 but it was made up out of 5 OVAs which animated all the content that was left.
When does gurren lagann get another season?
Gotta add BnHA to that list soon as well
There is something I don't understand.

Why is anime industry so focused on LN sales? Is there something wrong with adapting something and getting profits with merchandise alone? I mean, Star Wars is a merchandise behemoth. Fucking Cars might be on of the best commercial-success franchise ever, and it didnt went great with box office.

Why are nips so retarded that they cannot make a new season if it isnt tied to LN/manga sales?

attack on titan season 2 is much better than s1 but normies have moved on

How does an ero-manga artist become a regular manga artist?
20 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
You are fucking idiots. Article 175 has been around since 1907. Why don't you learn how to do a basic google search before spouting off shit you pulled out of your asses.
Nah, I meant in the sense that he didn't really stop drawing girls getting fucked. In fact, the fact that it's not in eromanga demonstrates that you don't have to stop in non-h either.
Okay? That just makes my point that it's stupid and backwards and doesn't reflect the opinions of the population
It's all basically the same industry/circle of people. More than half of relevant manga artists have done porn at some point in their lives, another half is close friends with the first one.

You'd expect there to be some fucking stigma and then you see Boichi getting published in Weekly Jump, a magazine for literal fucking babies after having, not some mere ero-doujins, but whole fucking officially published tankoubon full of porn.
Mashima should ask himself the opposite question, I feel. Fairy Fail should end already, and he should draw hentai, and he should earn millions from it.

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