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File: 00007_proc.png (2.64 MB, 1920x1080)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB PNG
Wasn't this show supposed to be popular on /a/? What happened?
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Character art notwithstanding, holy shit what a lazy background.
Isayama is a shitty artist.
but that's not him, he couldn't even draw that if he tried
yeah popular like SAO
Oh come on, both are shit but nothing matches SAO's level. It's absolute shit

File: IMG_1130.png (135 KB, 500x375)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
ITT: post characters you want to personally main
what does that even mean?
>personally main
I can't even guess what you were trying to say.

Think it's a Smash Bros reference.
In which case, >>>/v/

File: Spoiler Image (678 KB, 722x1024)
678 KB
678 KB PNG
No more messing around! Time to show you real paradise!
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Pretty much THIS!
>You lost me
He is probably referencing Nononono.
Jesus Christ
Now if only this series were drawn by someone who could actually draw well
>fucking these 4 every day
>bad end
What a fag.

There should be an anime about throwing dynamite as a martial arts.
Boku no Hero

Daily reminder to get your tickets to see Koe no Katachi in burgerland theatres and hopefully find yourself a deafu

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Assuming you're American, you definitely don't want to serve. As an old man I knew once said, "Only enlist if you've run out of options and have nowhere else to go".

>garbage pay, to the point that you can just work at McDonald's and make more
>garbage experience, such as getting hazed, raped, or abused by your supposed brothers in arms (not always the case, but quite common)
>garbage deployment, hope you love sand and psychotic ALLAHU ACKBAR people
>pretty much guaranteed to leave you with PTSD of some variety
>the whole "dude free college" is a trick since you'll be past college age by the time you're done serving, assuming you're not missing a few limbs or dead (also easier to just work retail and do community college, get 2 year degree, upgrade job, etc)
File: .gif (3.59 MB, 298x224)
3.59 MB
3.59 MB GIF
well what do you fucking think? I'm i'm a half deaf sonnva bitch

don't fucking kid yourself, the best /a/ can get is disabled chicks
this started off promising and then just turned into a convoluted shitshow towards the end. the most anticlimactic thing i have seen in a long time they dont even have a proper kiss

i give this anime a 4/10 out of 20
a blue a blue no kissu, well fuck you too kid, spell out something in your own damn hollow head

Name a sluttier MC,
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Don't even bother trying to reason with this idiot, he's clearly one of these retards who thinks that being "welcoming" to newfags is somehow a public service and not the kind of shit that makes things worse.
ur waifu

>Someone will actually believe this
She should've been cucked by that girl who worked with Kou. Her indecisive ass was annoying to see.

File: Spoiler Image (106 KB, 350x526)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
wait so did she actually die in the end
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Are you talking about me, you or the characters?
I went to see the Nami no Hana when I was in Japan.
I love this manga.
Did she?
Where do I find Kurumi IRL?

File: 1111111111111111111.jpg (671 KB, 2894x4093)
671 KB
671 KB JPG
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>too bad, it's about feet
But that's the best part, you pleb.
>draw a middle schooler
>call her a college student

how is this allowed?
Because it's awesome.
I would sleep on them

File: image.jpg (90 KB, 700x525)
90 KB
Give me a summary of u can
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Goddammit Kiyopon, you better warm her with your naked body so she doesn't catch a cold
*scary thing isn't
File: 1490142060414.png (1.2 MB, 1278x1230)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
File: 1484292352802.gif (1.84 MB, 540x304)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB GIF
Literally me

I need three seasons of this. It's so frustrating.

File: original (1).gif (956 KB, 500x281)
956 KB
956 KB GIF
Is it even possible to watch Nagi no Asukara and not fall in love with Manaka?
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Miuna really starts to shine after the timeskip.
Let's say it got better, then when south incredibly fast once manaka woke up.
>I dropped a 24 episode show after having watched 2 episodes
Even thought I watched nagi no asukara I don't recall a shit about the direction.
that show was so nonsensical I couldn't bare to watch it

File: 1462642569632.jpg (95 KB, 452x640)
95 KB
ITT: Forgotten anime
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Best ED
i remember /a/ really liked this show
File: save.png (1.86 MB, 1920x1080)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
I'll never forget
i really miss 2011 and 2012,those were good times
Mikoto is best Hime

File: 1491070432960.jpg (42 KB, 400x400)
42 KB
>Kill la Kill was amazing from start to finish
>Lucky Star was boring
>Hidamari Sketch was boring
>any anime that invokes named archetypes from traditional mythology is unoriginal trash (ex: Yggdrasil, Nobunaga, Bahamut, Adam/Eve, Leviathan, Gabriel, etc.)
>Fate Stay Night is a trashy franchise for this exact reason
>Sword Art Online was good - not great, but it was good
>"the three episode test" is stupid - if an anime isn't your cup of tea, you can usually find out in the first five minutes
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Agreed if it's something like Blacksad or Redwall (is Redwall antropomorphic? they walk upright and use fingers most of the time)
EVA was honestly mediocre.
i agree with this guy
there's an entire thread about eva being overrated right now
EoE not Eva
>>Lucky Star was boring
Is this unpopular? I remember people thinking the same thing back in 2008

File: 123454321456.jpg (209 KB, 600x874)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
23 Minutes left until the Tournament Of Power ends and Jiren gets erased for being a lazy fuck.
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>Implying people belive this
Even my 5-year-old daughter thought they were lesbian, anon.
In secret, of course. But sometimes Vados feels bad about it
Goten and Caulifla are in this ep right
fuck that bitch
Maybe one day she'll break the harsh news to Champa so that they may start over. Or maybe Jiren'll decide to pay her a visit

File: 01.png (222 KB, 895x1300)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
Chapter's out.
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They made her smaller countless times now. Just make her loli size and king can dominate
File: nerobasta wip sweat.jpg (417 KB, 993x1043)
417 KB
417 KB JPG
Like this?
Mera was literally just here, so she's not coming back for a bit. Don't know about Galan though.
File: 1d5.gif (558 KB, 367x265)
558 KB
558 KB GIF

File: Taiga.jpg (137 KB, 800x600)
137 KB
137 KB JPG

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