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File: Fighter.png (82 KB, 247x392)
82 KB
>Fighter girl commits suicide a week later at the temple after discovering that she was preggers with a goblin child.

Wow it sucks to be a minor character.
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>raped by a monster
>takes her own life out of disgust
not happened, but shed make the right decision. life is really messed and fucked up place
Mage didn't even get raped and she wanted to die. It's not really surprising.
What's with this shitty forced meme?
site the page anon

File: mpv-shot0056.jpg (114 KB, 1280x720)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
I want to fuck her so bad
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Episode 4 is what everyone has been waiting for.

The swimsuit episode.
>a crackhead who died roughly 40 years before its invention
Amazing stuff.
Why though

She'd cut your neck open with scissors if you finished before her or something

So this is what the teacher was lecturing about this episode. What's the significance of it?
Same t￶bh

File: SSSSGridman.jpg (811 KB, 1200x1726)
811 KB
811 KB JPG
Nostalgia bait

How is Kou doing in France?
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File: 1491689368763.jpg (62 KB, 698x883)
62 KB
Learning all there is to know about French culture.
She and Rin go on actual dates now, and its a good thing Rin has more money these days because those flights must get expensive
I'm not sure which I love more: flinging shit at europoor cuckolds, or posting tasty anime feet and supple thighs.
how's your game going /a/gdg?
How does she feel about being so much flatter than her middle schooler mentee?

File: 4l2HLRZ.gif (223 KB, 944x1208)
223 KB
223 KB GIF
+61 423869400 call free fortnite vbucks!!!

File: Ichinose.png (247 KB, 330x858)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
3rd Week Sales
>*7,178 *75,936 Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e Vol.9

>LN getting amazing sales
>People here keep falseflagging each other
>Discordfags trying to stir shit up as well

You guys really are willing to kill something just because it became an easy target.
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Keifags banished TL anon because they would never accept that the volume focused on another heroine was translated.
Wow it's selling like hotcakes,seems this solidified that Ichinose gives Kei a run for her money.

>Keifags banished TL-anon
What with this shit post?He didn't leave a word of abandoning this series and as I remember the last time he was translating,Nip anon left cuz another Nip-anon with good English is replacing him.
Ignore the shitposters and just wait for TL Anon to pop up again. The shitposters don't care about the series. They just want to throw their excrement everywhere.
Isn't this one of many reasons why TL anon didn't translate anymore? Every single thread I always see this kind of comment. Can you stop please? It's not fun at all.
Ichinose Stronk
Looks like the former #1 is about to reclaim her spot

File: 01.png (832 KB, 887x1300)
832 KB
832 KB PNG
Fucking called it
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I wonder what he was before turning into stone
A high school student probably.
I'm more interested in his past life, given that he's a psychopath and all
An aspiring high school shooter more likely.
Reminder that stone - bronze - iron age is a meme and aren't real

File: 001.jpg (278 KB, 728x800)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
watching this for the first time

what do i think?
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was is goku so annoying?
he should have hooked up with bulma
What do you think?
its alright, roshi is a bit problematic tho
>open image of trump_wrong.gif

File: Shin_Sekai_Yori_Cover.jpg (223 KB, 640x960)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
so... when does this shit get good? on episode 10 and i can't fucking take this trash any longer
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The second and first half are almost two different anime but you've already made your decision
>Reading shitty dystopian novels
What are you, 14 years old?
How are they different? I'm okay with watching anime I perceive to be shitty since I can consider it a learning experience. If the series is actually worth finishing, I will finish it. If it's shitty then I can at least explain to people who like the anime exactly why I think it's shit.

So yeah, how are they different?
>on episode 10
Drop it, faggot. If you can't get behind it after three or four episodes you're an idiot to keep pushing for something you really don't like.

Honestly I can't believe any posts like these are legit. Other day I see a guy complaining about not liking YuYuHakusho 40 episodes into it like a dunce.
This Jesus Christ.
Literally episode 1.

File: 1520119788484.gif (819 KB, 427x240)
819 KB
819 KB GIF
How much longer do I have to wait for more singing lesbians fighting monsters?
About half a year.
>singing lesbians
No such thing. This is just by-the-books yuribait

This week we witness the conclusion to Aichi v Kai, as well as what lies beyond that.
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File: 1537482341910.jpg (40 KB, 333x293)
40 KB
I wonder what tommorow reserves us
File: takka.jpg (432 KB, 1033x1500)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
>That Tokoha

It's like Takatsu drew her
>The reason Kai uses Nuvelle isn't because it's better than Waterfall, it's because you literally can't luck out against it when you don't have PG's

Also super hype that Kai has PSYqualia, really hope he uses it in any dire battles that show up in the future.

File: lol.png (371 KB, 800x450)
371 KB
371 KB PNG
I need to know where you stand, /a/.
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File: imaages.jpg (10 KB, 214x236)
10 KB
Tomoko always
Both. There can never be enough cute girls.
I mean, what are you doing to have someone call the cops on you? Normal everyday park going things?
Get the fuck off /a/
File: 1475800189954.png (51 KB, 411x424)
51 KB

Their future is bright.
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How many cm of toilet paper do you use /a/?
File: 1538757151984.jpg (173 KB, 579x615)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Crossover when?
I don't use it at all, I wash my ass with a shower.
/fit/ will defend this pedophile maid

Great episode this week.Fatso finally step up after the talk.
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She gonna fuck with Bonda's order anytime soon now.
What a cute fan

File: Nappa's_Lightning_Aura.gif (645 KB, 500x375)
645 KB
645 KB GIF
When nappa is more iconic to nips then cell
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
There are none.
Trunks went back in time -in another dimensio- not his own, so it's perfectly normal that stuff wouldn't go exactly as it went in his own timeline, just the fact that Goku didn't die from his heart condition convinced Gero to turn himself into a cyborg and try to attack early to get an edge on the unsuspecting enemies (who were alerted and ready to retaliate this time), even just the fact that vegeta saw another guy going super Saiyan could have change a lot, showing him that the super saiyan wasn't just something one legendary warrior could acquire but a level that he could reach too.
Cell saga is the worst DBZ saga. It took power level wank faggotry to a whole new level. Trunks was the only redeeming thing about that pile of shit. The whole thing should have ended with form 1 cell, and kept the "perfect form" a mystery. Buu saga was a mistake too, but at least it was more light hearted and had that classic Toriyama style. I enjoyed Gohan's slice of life high school adventures.
File: 1540016361188.jpg (877 KB, 2560x1440)
877 KB
877 KB JPG
File: Kaede's daily life.png (190 KB, 418x498)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
>They didn't bring Nappa back to be Trunks' silly babysitter or something.
Napa came in and fucked shit up back when it took effort to get the dragon balls and on top of that having the dragon destroyed because piccolo died. I enjoyed the cell arc as a kid it was my favorite arc. Upon rewatch its pretty obvious that he was forced to keep switching the main villian and if you cant plan a story you end up having a kubo. When i watched Ichigo vs Aizen my first thought was gohan vs cell. Both fights lacked depth and were emotionless. My view on DBZ is that they needed more enemies. One major villian that fights the entire cast is lazy and as epic as the Freeza fight was that was the beginning of the downfall of dragon ball. Where the rest of the cast stands back and goes wow we cant even compete in this fight. One piece even had this moment during the orz arc where the entire crew needed luffy to come in and save the day which was the low point of the arc. I want to see characters build grow and have an arc where they improve. It took everything the z fighters had to beat the invading saiyans and we never got to see that level of teamwork again. I know the cast if huge but if they focused on 5 people and developed them and had them have a character arc super would of been a far better series.

I would like napa and raditz to come back and learn more about the saiyans and planet vegeta. However, i dont believe super would get it right. What i really want in super is that hopeless feel of desperation where it looks like the good guys cant win and they somehow manage to turn it around. Hell i wouldn't even mind the good guys losing future trunks saga was great. Its just hard to feel for the heroes when they get a god of destruction baby sitting and training them in exchange for pudding.

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