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File: actuallyNTR.jpg (108 KB, 1093x1200)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
This is a first for me(and I have seen things), it actually hurts to watch this.

Am I getting NTRed?
When I watch this, I don't smile for the jokes.
I just feel pure hatred and jealousy.

Hatred for the MC, because he is a retarded lucky bastard.
And Jealousy towards the girl, because she does not and CAN NOT exist like this in real life.

This show NTRed me, fuck my life. Can anyone relate?
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I simply don't get who are these people, little boy does not seem like Nishikata at all. Or is this his little brother or something.
I feel the same when watching Monogatari
File: 1412199856474.jpg (18 KB, 214x311)
18 KB
>little boy
That is a girl, anon.
Who are they anyway?
>he doesn't read Karakai Jouzo no (Moto) Takagi-san

File: 1492551195622.png (803 KB, 1181x672)
803 KB
803 KB PNG

Less than a week left, anons. Are you ready?
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Looks like crap.
File: 1516143210645.jpg (3.94 MB, 3366x2480)
3.94 MB
3.94 MB JPG
why does she have to be so close to Shiki? I want her, but KnK got me into type moon in the first place so I have to roll for Void
You will get assassin shiki for free at least if I don't get bride i'm fucked
What's wrong with Apocrypha and SF?

For those unaware, Danberu nan kiro moteru? is a health manga that features sexy high-school girls lifting weights and performing exercises. Gyarus, ojous, Christmas cakes, foreigners, bodybuilders, weaklings...it's all here!

Official Japanese Site:
TL Group Homepage:

Update! Chapter 35 is ENG produced and Chapter 39 is being Live TL'd RIGHT NOW!
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I don't usually read the text translations for this, so with batoto gone where should I look for the newest scanlations?
As far as online readers go, that's not clear, yet.
But the ENG scanlations are available from the Rakuen Translations team.

Their homepage is in the OP. >>167395864 Just download the chapter.
>Hibiki in this panel
Do rakuen have a online reader or something?
>Do rakuen have a online reader
No. It's uploaded to mega with simply a link provided. Storing volumes of manga pages on a website costs money.

Does anyone have any of the official DVD commentaries of any of the Pokémon movies?

I can only find the one for 4ever and thought it was really interesting.

Thank you
Sent, check your e-mail.

What's the ideal breast size?
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so fukkin SUHFT
File: koyoi_s[1].jpg (218 KB, 700x1350)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
truly a miracle of the universe
excellent teeth
If at least 2/5 women had tits like this, we'd see a remarkable decrease in violence on a global scale.
my lad

File: 1305842950253.jpg (8 KB, 271x267)
8 KB
ITT: worst faggots of the anime industry.
File: 1451468063924.png (242 KB, 900x928)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
Shinji has ruined harems permanently, we are forced to live with pathetic and "self insertable" male protagonist.
Only Evafags you mean
Eva was a mistake.

File: 34861429_p7.jpg (227 KB, 400x560)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
What do you think makes JoJo so great?
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Please, tell me that wasn't a reference to that retarded Jojofacts guy.
I just call it "The Adventure"
I just call it "Hokuto no ken with vampires"
No... Who?
Let's just say he's the spanish equivalent of X-forts. If the original is already cancer, imagine the same in spic format.

How much did /a/ spend on anime and manga in 2017?
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File: Buy.png (106 KB, 750x600)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
>very relevant
I don't, my country believes in the free market meme.
Bruh I spent no money and I'll bet i've watched at most 10 episodes

I don't watch much anime anymore, I just like the big fat tiddies
if you count merchandise: well over 2000 AUD.
God I want to go back.

How are you enjoying the new series?
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I got 10 episodes left of season 3 until I can start watching this season.
Hope to be with you guys next week.
Ganbare, dude.
Don't forget the movies.
Just get one of the figmas or figuarts. I personally went with the figuarts because I liked the anime's style more than the manga's.
Can a OSTfag confirm if the piece that plays during the boyfriend jacket scene is a new piece or if it's from the original soundtrack? I really loved it

who wins?
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>female Goblin
GS would probably consider her a different species.
>Goblin Slayer baby?
Guess it depends on whose world they decide to move in together with?
goblin is high level but goblin slayer hacks his rolls against goblins, goblin slayer wins
>so there's no point in his crusade.
If Wasabi went to Goblin slayer's universe the other goblins would try to rape her, they'd all die, so would the next group, eventually she finds herself trapped exhausted and surrounded GS by chance hearing her screams somehow rescues her...

File: DUCovRlVwAA3OoT.jpg (68 KB, 1200x675)
68 KB
Imagine saving the human race whilst looking at ass.
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this is a sign the human race is not worth saving, both in their universe and ours
Fuck off /co/mblr.
Other anon is a boobfag.

File: mangaworld3_09.png (15 KB, 720x568)
15 KB
What is THE anime of the 20th century?

File: best.png (92 KB, 273x329)
92 KB
fuck you
why does everyone decide to stop posting in a thread immediately after i make a post? i swear all threads i reply to die because of me
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I'm that faggot bumping dead threads so it gets extra life.
Can you start posting in Darling in the Franxx threads?
File: onMRI6ph.jpg (147 KB, 1024x576)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Why post "our guy" Iraak? Is it just for the face he's making or perhaps there is some deeper meaning I'm not seeing?
It's because of these sick trips I just got

File: Astolfo4 (1).png (379 KB, 512x724)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
Why is best girl a boy?
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When will an anime pair best girl(male) with best boy(female)?
Did that already. It was gross.
Id love to be in her place.
ok, please, tell us more!

File: P9E-NXD3SNKDOJZFAAm63Q.png (130 KB, 446x654)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
Are there anime like this that exist but I just don't know of..?

Pic is concept art for tribal warrior who uses elemental spears
The absolute state of /a/, lads.

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