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File: 1489599291818.gif (663 KB, 480x270)
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663 KB GIF
Don't forget to discipline your chairs
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You will get bits and pieces of information about that up to volume 10.
Just keep reading or They tried to save babies that were abducted during volume 6
>Just keep reading
Will do.
Why did maruyama do that?
Did he forgot to add it then he remembered?

Maybe he thought the two of them weren't that important for a chapter?
You forgot the new dragon lords. They should be right bellow PDL in terms of combat potential (since he is the strongest), but DDL would be the strongest if you account his hax.
File: Overlord Fan Novel.jpg (1.44 MB, 900x1275)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
Has anyone read this?

I-I'm evil... stop laughing.
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File: kyastah6.jpg (174 KB, 801x601)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
This is a terrible greek sorceress
File: 1474260004722.jpg (367 KB, 800x600)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
Caster route never.

File: irecognizethiskeikaku.png (256 KB, 452x500)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
Why is Captain Aizen so dreamy?
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Yhwach's powers depend on his physical senses, if you screw up his sight he won't be able to see and predict the future properly.

Shuhei as the main character?


She and Grimmjow and Nel need to get their Double Secret Hollow Bankai like Ulq or there's no way they'll be relevant.
Narita's not Kubo, the novel won't be a continuous stream of battles. In his previous novel he made both Kanonji and Ishida relevant even though the enemies were way beyond their reach (Kanonji even sorta won one battle though).

This reminds me, did we ever get more information about Vastro Lordes hollows? They got built up as this huge fucking thing, that ten of them united could destroy Soul Society, and yet only four of the Espada were ever confirmed to have Vastro Lordes before their Arrancar change, and the strongest one of that lot was not even close to a match for ONE of the elite level captains using only his Shikai.

Are their more? Are there ones out there stronger than Stark? What's the deal?

File: HAS A CYBERDICK.jpg (29 KB, 720x405)
29 KB
Lets talk about this movie, since this is anime related I guess,

I wanted to like this, and in the beginning I did. Good effects, the plot was somewhat similar initially, the opening scene was well done. They didn't over act major, she was at minimum somewhat similar to the real character. However I began to really hate the whole thing about halfway through, when scarlett johansson whipped out her government issue cyberdick and fucked three guys in the ass. Did I mention that she spends the whole movie driving a prius through down town tokyo, its a hybrid just like her.

so fuck this shit im out
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Holy shit go blog somewhere else you fucking retard.
It would have been better if just they redid the 95 movie. Instead, they fuck it up, and turn it into just another hollywood trash.

It wasn't good.

Also, Edge Of Tomorrow disagrees with you. That was like the best movie of the year IMHO.
Pretty decent re-imagination of GiTS, tho dialogues were somewhat bad from time to time and with final monologue movie seems to miss its own point by entire astronomical unit. And the scene with Major's mother was bad. Still, it was better than if they just redid original movie in live-action.
I don't think there is a more creatively bankrupt entertainment industry sector in the west as of current than Hollywood.

File: sdgggggs.jpg (70 KB, 785x720)
70 KB
So what the fuck was his problem exactly. He had no reason to be such an asshole
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not coinciental
Literally Italian for God.
He wants to stand on top of the world and will do anything to achieve that. He requires him being an asshole. He has this mentality because he was born into poverty and was the child of an abusive deadbeat drunkard of a father he despised, and a pious and long-suffering mother he may have had some affection for but he also somewhat disdained because of how weak and subservient she was. He wants to be better than his father, he wants to be better than his mother, he wants to be better than everyone.

Yes he got a change in environment but that wouldn't equate to a change in heart. Dio was mature and intelligent beyond his years and inhumanly driven. He was set in his ways and would never deviate from them. It's Dio vs the world and he wouldn't stop until the world was his.
Dio was hardworking, he was his college valedictorian and a skilled athlete. It's just he would do anything to get ahead, he has no moral scruples.

The different between the two is Dio was rotten to the core since he was a kid. He was cruel, calculating, crafty, manipulative and had grandiose ambitions. Speedwagon was just a petty criminal.
Yeah, but he threw a hat at Jonathan and then realised the errors of his way.

File: 1491772248143.png (88 KB, 294x258)
88 KB
This nug is on the front page!
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File: umaru sleepinh.gif (883 KB, 500x283)
883 KB
883 KB GIF
File: dumbnugposters.jpg (22 KB, 448x336)
22 KB
Season 2 means more Umaru abuse yay :3
File: U.png (545 KB, 703x720)
545 KB
545 KB PNG

Umaru is for pampering
That looks so fucking comfy, I want to live in a car now.
Himouto! Umaru chan road trip OVA when?

File: 12414242142142.jpg (414 KB, 1135x961)
414 KB
414 KB JPG
Hana worked up the courage to ask Kiyoshi out, even if she brushed it off as a joke when he didn't immediately accept. And I'm... proud of her?

It's weird. Prison School has always been a perverted comedy with weird amount of depth, but this turn with Hana in the last few chapters has got me genuinely rooting for her. I don't fuck with romance comics, but I imagine this must be what it's like for people who do.

Hang in there, Hana. Chiyo has the attention span of a ferret, she'll forget all about Kiyoshi as soon as a butterfly enters her field of vision.
Hana is a bitch who doesn't deserve Kiyoshi.
But why?
Hana a CUTE!
Hana a SOFT!
I love HANA!
Simply the BEST

File: 248a[1].png (451 KB, 959x1400)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
Too bad she is destined to lose
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I still can't remember the actual names of the girls without cheating.

Shounen Jump is the worst in that regard.

>Bleach was suposed to be way shorter with Uruhara as the real bad guy and Aizen was killed for real.

>One Piece was suposed to be a 5 year run, now it's in the 20th year.
/lit/, /sci/, /sp/
Why must you turn this place into a den of lies.


File: LT156fj.jpg (292 KB, 800x1131)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
Why doesn't Ritsu wear her hair down like this more often?
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You can cum on her beautiful forehead without her shitty hair in the way.
In fact, she should be completely bald.
she wants to be a boy, retards
Easy there, Daiz.
1. To distinguish her from other girls
2. She's tomboyish and putting the hair down is gap moe. Can't abuse it or it loses its appeal.
Because my heart can only take this much.

File: 198221.jpg (82 KB, 400x453)
82 KB
>Yuma and Hotaru have been friends since childhood, so it's only natural that when Yuma is nervous about her new boyfriend, she asks Hotaru for advice. But when Hotaru starts coming onto Yuma for what feels like more than just 'practice', what does it mean...? With boyfriends in the foreground but a secret, passionate tryst in the background, will Yuma and Hotaru try to forget what happened between them or have they fallen into a trap of true love and betrayal?

Already Summer AOTS?
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Why call it NTR? does the brown hair cry himself to sleep?
Daily Reminder that 2017 is the year of NTR.
So I checked out chapter 1-4, the fuck with this doujin tier "story" pacing? The adaptation direction is going to be hilarious.
The girls in this manga are fucking retarded, and silver hair is a massive asshole.
They are dykes, of course they are retarded

File: 1492922723827.jpg (39 KB, 419x280)
39 KB
So, if anime flop the manga will automatically got axed, and the author will be blamed?

Kakegurui fucking when?
Does anyone here speak ESL? Would you care to translate OP's cave scribblings into coherent sentences?
You are Mother Fucker
I aren't think that.

File: 1432728913746.png (2.75 MB, 3500x1947)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB PNG
Is this the official power chart of /a/?
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File: 011.png (200 KB, 894x1300)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
Then of course it concludes with D busting down the door and screaming "FUCK ALL Y'ALL NIGGAZ"
nice headcanon retard
File: 005.png (320 KB, 891x1300)
320 KB
320 KB PNG
Literally the last chapter affirms that Azana is Azathoth and Chikage is Nyarlathotep. To the point that another outer god could completely subsume Azana and she would still be Azathoth. She is now in a permanent state of being Azathoth.
keep mindlessly blabbering.
So are you going to bring an argument sometime or just deny, deny, deny

Just started watching pic related. What I'm in for?
I guess lots of beating and rape/torture.
The perfect mixture of lengthy uninteresting dialogue and cliched drama to make the ultimate snooze fest.
youre in for getting tired of every character betraying them like clockwork
this show is trash dont waste your time
anal rape

File: vigne_delinquent.jpg (292 KB, 1920x1080)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
Regarding the ending of Gabriel Dropout...

Why did Gabriel's sister freak out about Satania's dog but not the poodle she encountered at the start of the episode?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I thought about that too, so I rewatched it.

Note the dog has a leash, and Zelel gives it this kind of "ew" look you'd expect someone to give a dead cat. Based on that, she probably felt safe knowing the dog was restrained, whereas Satania's dog does whatever the fuck it wants.
Interesting bit of foreshadowing, there.
Satania please stop shitposting
Dog Bless

File: shot0001.jpg (109 KB, 1280x720)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Benten-sama a best.
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He just did it for Akadama to cheer him up, there's no point if it doesn't work
Just imagine an ignorant motherfucker cutting in line to steal Nidaime's or Benten's place.
I don't want to be that man.
>Those scenes with Tenmaya and afterward are a great summation of the relationship between the two
It does, Yasaburo is such an opportunist, yet he doesn't try to push his luck with benten.
Bully not so tough after getting bullied.
>I want to keep your moon in my house
>Tell that you missed me
>Yasaburo: Just give my moon back
Benten has been BTFO twice in this episode actually.

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