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Why are alphas in anime so damn rare?
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Man I forgot about SaiGar and SaiMoe. When was the last time those things happened?
File: bastard-desktop-1[1].jpg (48 KB, 500x375)
48 KB
You better start watching Anime form the 80's because man are you missing out....
What the fuck are you people talking about?
Yes, anon, japanese girls don't like strong males. They all really want to fuck you though. Sure thing, anon.
Anon, continue lying to yourself that any girl anywhere would ever want an insecure male as anything else than a friend at most.

They are already plenty insecure themselves, they don't need someone worse than them.
Which is why they are attracted to confident men, regardless of the source and skin color.
What happened to the scans I wonder, they like suddenly stopped.

File: thegobkillman.jpg (456 KB, 1434x2048)
456 KB
456 KB JPG
>you will never be a skinny, pale, autistic, goblin slaying manlet
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And that is at the very least, the kind of handsome people expect of GS. GS's life wouldn't keep him pretty at all.
Yes, Guts is handsome, but rough. We were talking about pretty boy type of handsome though though, like Griffith.
Well, there is the sorceress he parties with. Though I don't expect any development on lancers part any time soon. Maybe a side story on how they meet could come up. Really would like to see Goblin slayer and cow girl's reunion when she comes back from helping her uncles farm. Maybe happens in the year one spin off.
this, his crusade will consume him and priestess will take up the mantle. it is thus foretold
I'm hoping for the elf but I really won't hold my breath.

File: 142846542975.jpg (153 KB, 800x1000)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>Zimmerman Telegram is successful
>You will see PiƱata mages animated in your lifetime
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File: knife.gif (464 KB, 267x200)
464 KB
464 KB GIF
Interesting part is that Tanya's looks to be using her left hand to stab him even though she is shown to be right handed. She probably stabbed him like pic related and supported the end with her right hand. The stab looks pretty fatal but I guess it is just anime. I'd expect that to be the only damage he receives and he disables the 203rd with his last stand before he finally bleeds out.
File: 1486812382334.jpg (183 KB, 750x500)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
This is just my drunken speculation but I feel like they either planned for a second season the whole time or decided it after seeing how popular it was. Either way Anson absolutely won't survive because if there is a season 2 they only made him the main antagonist so they won't have to divide up Mary's buildup between maybe 2-3 episodes and the next season
shut up, drunk
I haven't read the manga yet, I thought it was just an LN and was reading that before I found out there was an anime and manga available
Anson is gonna hesitate to finish Tanya off when he sees Tanya holding the SMG that Mary gave him and Tanya is gonna use that gun to turn Anson into swiss cheese at point blank.

Cap this shit
>the true final boss of Youjo Senki


File: 1.jpg (87 KB, 658x1000)
87 KB
Name 3 things you love about Aqua!
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>blue hair
>her butt
More armpits
more everything.
She makes Megumin look better in comparison
I cant think of anything else

File: 1490208188496.jpg (73 KB, 886x1500)
73 KB
Make or request /a/ related art
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File: amufeetreq.png (1.25 MB, 1322x755)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
Just in case that one guy stopped doing his work on this. Amu (on the right) doing the pose on the left.
File: SuzuhoRef.jpg (93 KB, 800x400)
93 KB
It's a handmade crab costume actually

Here's some references to work better with
File: Slipandslidedragon.jpg (539 KB, 2774x1200)
539 KB
539 KB JPG
Requesting Kanna playing on a slip and slide
>Waifus dressed as demons?
You mean dressed in a black hooded robe standing in the corner of your room at 3AM and pointing at you while staring at you and you can't see her face only her red glowing eyes?
File: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.png (381 KB, 980x569)
381 KB
381 KB PNG

File: m009.jpg (313 KB, 870x1309)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
Who is this again?
idk. maybe he's that ugly fat investigator who mauled himself with his own chainsaws when raiding Gourmet's place

File: 1490293668706.jpg (93 KB, 571x800)
93 KB
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Where the FUCK do i get this one? Custom?
How much?
It's from Pixiv, not sure if it's for sale anywhere.
I'm up too if you know what I meann.
First I thought this was cute, then I realized someone somewhere probably popped a boner to it. It's still cute.

Is Cowboy Bebop overrated?
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I've never had the desire to rewatch it or felt it to be worth thinking about. I don't know that there is more to it besides an excellent sense of style. The thematic depth is low, but not false, which seems to be the magic formula for normie success.
File: 1482892040091.jpg (10 KB, 300x253)
10 KB
>le anyone other opinion than mine is underage maymay
Come on, anon, we've been over this many times.
>replying to the same post twice
Nope. Deserves all the praise heaped on it. Only ones that say otherwise is faggot millenials and contrary fags
Thanks Freddie

New video. First 5 minutes of the movie for those that want a good sample

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they appear to have repeated the same failure as DB Evolution.
never learn..
>tfw your eyelids are probably naturally single, but years of mimicking your mother in turning them inside-out made them look double
how come the head part got flattened like a pancake
she was awesome as sarah connor so why the fuck not? good pick.

File: 1368042271460.jpg (14 KB, 188x268)
14 KB
Get in guys. I know it is friday/saturday and you have nothing better.

File: 2698724987469.png (374 KB, 776x501)
374 KB
374 KB PNG
This is a Hayasaka. Say something nice about her
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>three people have the authority to give consensus on behalf of the entire board
You're a one of a kind retard, aren't you
>You're a one of a kind retard aren't you, he says fifty-six minutes and four posts later.
Since you missed your punctuation I assumed you wanted me to complete your sentence for you.

>she was in over her head

She didn't want to, Kaguya was goading her.
You may not have noticed, but those are only in the 4chan rough drafts. The final, cleaned versions don't have in-jokes.

File: 1490276026848.jpg (200 KB, 1920x1080)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Last episode of Masamune-kun no Revenge just started
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>Silver Link putting the rest of their budget into this
Anime's after party > manga's after party
Second season for another lame-duck romcom? There's already enough of them coming out in the future. Just read the manga, the whole point of the anime is to advertise it anyways while making some cash on the side.
literally the op ending...
if someone thought it would be different,it must suck be this dumb
Couldn't be worse than Mahou Sensou or some other rushed as fuck LN adaptation

File: sakurafish.jpg (22 KB, 301x320)
22 KB
I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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File: fishcantgerman.png (336 KB, 500x579)
336 KB
336 KB PNG
We lost a fish thread.
File: eternal proof.png (686 KB, 853x480)
686 KB
686 KB PNG
When the Anons, the Mods and Hiro are all gone, Sakurafish will exist, so long as one fish remains. It'll be lonely, but as long as one fish still lives...
File: will live forever.jpg (951 KB, 2616x2626)
951 KB
951 KB JPG
...it will be eternal proof that Mankind ever existed.
Don't 404 on me yet!

File: C7pUD1HVAAAbsFT.jpg:orig.jpg (363 KB, 1308x1700)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
New PV for the adaptation is out


Get ready for chuuni
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>God of all NEETs
Feels so weird to see Hajun called like that after all those neetokami memes about Mercurius.
The entire series is a plot by God to kill himself.
dude many VN readers saying it got influenced by fate you know even the translator of the VN
God wants to off himself. The impulse to off himself turned into a a fucking awesome Nazi. Also a cute girl named Marie is cute and really needs to get a restraining order on God.

Hajun is much more of a NEET in my mind. The arrogance the desire to tell everyone to fuck off and die. Just screams NEET.
>first spoiler
You might want to write a spoiler-free plot summary of dies like that one on rewrite. It would most likely be awesome.
>second one
Yeah, that's true, I'm just influenced by old memes too much. Well, and by Masada calling Mercurius neetokami in every happy light cafe.

File: veg.jpg (43 KB, 600x315)
43 KB
Is this going to be the logical conclusion to anime?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The fuck does that even mean
>There will actually be people pretending it isn't the best anime
Threadly reminder that novel also god tier.
shitposters tired of this forced meme and it hasn't even aired yet
>Implying that's a bad thing
means it has too many animes per animu

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