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File: pumpedupkicks.png (895 KB, 825x581)
895 KB
895 KB PNG
ITT stupid firearm fads either on an industry wide scale, in training, or anything else

>forward slide serrations
You're not gonna use them to rack a slide and you're never gonna press check in real life. It's just more ugly tacticool bullshit.
>night sights
People shot at each other effectively long before we had night sights. But please do buy them, only $100 for some glowing gas please!
>super special defensive ammo (e.g. Speer Golddigger Dot, Hornady Critical Butthole, etc.)
You gotta buy this ammo or you're undergunned! Only 5x the price of that ineffective regular ammo hollowpoint stuff.
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>Using .380 for big game
Anon plz.
you hunt big game with .380?
usually i go for something bigger, at least a 9x18 makarov, but sometimes if i really want to knock an elephant down, ill shoot a .38 special at it
unironically true
Except that story is blatantly false
It'd be a diaeresis if there were two vowels. Single vowel indicates an umlaut is more likely.

File: IMG_8818.jpg (1.8 MB, 3648x2736)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB JPG
Over 22,717 Americans were killed, wounded, or captured 156 years ago today in Sharpsburg, Maryland. Press F to pay respects.

Also AMA.
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No, I was born the year Gettysburg was made.

A few of the other members of my units were reenactors in that movie. My Sons of Confederate Veterans camp commander actually took part in the filming of Pickett's Charge.

Here's a Gettysburg-style event we held recently though. Yankees hold the high ground and we have to push them off it.
How do you know when to die?
>What’s a good black powder rifle for beginners?
Enfield 58 accept no subculture
>stop reposting the Anne Frank pregnant hentai garbage.


File: 1537371242318.jpg (55 KB, 450x437)
55 KB
>single stack magazines
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>firing in full semi-automatic
File: 1535584186774.jpg (31 KB, 572x548)
31 KB
>not accepting that john moses browning is the greatest firearms designer of all time and the 1911 is the greatest handgun ever created
Why are American women orange?
>Mechanical simplicity


why cant everything be an ar15

Anyone know if these are worth a damn? They look good but
>US barrel
>US receiver
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russian aks are probably the best ft and finish besides rare finn rifles
>better than the Swiss SG
Double lol
The period milled rifles will almost always have better fit because of the milled receiver tolerances and the recoil spring assembly. Russian and East German tie early on for finish, and East German wins with stamped rifles.
>Also check out the Krebs Custom Vepr forend
I actually already have the dickmod version on my rifle. I might also put a Luth buttstock on it to complete the RPK look. Right now, it has a Magpul CTR.
You are a retard

File: DnMz9N3UwAInEDd.jpg (119 KB, 925x617)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
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File: Mona-Shindy.jpg (73 KB, 758x493)
73 KB
ANZAC class are cancerous overpriced pieces of shit further proof that "German Engineering" is a meme nothing as aesthetic about them as well glorified offshore patrol vessels
. Ex Fag boat sailor
File: Veneto 8.jpg (58 KB, 800x320)
58 KB
Agreed Jeanne d'arc is the most beautiful french warship ever built
>want to see a return of anti-submarine helicopter carrier cruisers
only japs are making large anti submarine helicopter carrier warships
have a Veneto
File: men o war.jpg (139 KB, 1181x879)
139 KB
139 KB JPG

File: 1523227131702.jpg (564 KB, 1024x698)
564 KB
564 KB JPG
can anyone ID this puppy? Also, the scope as well..
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Guys is Putin /k/?
does a duck quack?
Putin is inherently unamerican.
For a KGB agent, he is pretty dumb.

Say something nice about it to celebrate!
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Only 9mm I have with me in Texas for now.
First Glawk brand Glawk I've had, simply because I got a couple of frames cheap off armslist.

It's less gold and more bronze. Blame my shitty cell phone.
>child shooting round
This pleases the parabellum fag
Wow, what a lively thread.
It's a shame you Worst Millimeter fags aren't this quiet in literally every other caliber discussion.
Ad some spinnaz and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that tacky thing in downtown Houston

Webm/gif/video thread Part 2.
Post webms and discuss guns and history.
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IIRC, the ignition sequence went wrong. Front rockets killed all the forward momentum before the bottom firing ones lit to cushion the fall since no more lift. The uncushioned fall broke the wing, fuel ignited.
She even had a good grip on it. Looks like the recoil was actually just too much for her. Would have helped to relax her elbow a little.

Contrary to what you see in the movies, explosions have to be really huge or you have to be really close, to kill you with blastwave alone.

Most of the casualties from artillery have always been from shrapnel.
This and also adrenaline.

How much ammo, food, and water should the well-regulated man stock up for the coming economic collapse?
Enough, or for our math literate friends n+1.
Could you put numbers to this?

File: fudd.jpg (123 KB, 858x603)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
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File: 1532457688094.jpg (84 KB, 1024x726)
84 KB
Im white (dutch/serb) with a germanic last name due to adoption of a parent and I put latino on every fourm for the gibs.
File: IRA-Header-1500x1000.jpg (276 KB, 1500x1000)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
Lol, now I know you're just a shitposter. XD
Good one, anon! You almost had me there!
Good to know you vote red as I do.
(I don't know how you thought that I'm a liberal but whatever. Lol)
You can think what you want but at the end of the day, I'll have resurrected my culture, achieved my goals and did my part.
If you're truly butthurt, stay butthurt.
If not, good one m8!
(Diff. Anon)
>Getting off your ass and participate in your local politics, get acquainted with the environment and move your way up to state and then federal,

Lol, you mean where on some states, to be a politician, you have to have the right last name?

>inform your family in anyway you can.

This implies they aren't already.

>Be it subtly or in direct conversation when possible, for Christ’s sake I’ve been helping keep my county red in a hideously blue state since I was 18. Voter turnout is always SHIT, all the people who bitch and moan about policies that the demoshits and passing never actually get off their asses and vote or participate in any other form outside of bitching.

That's your real issue. You're just blasted over it and dumping on anons here.

>If all the conservatives in California got off their asses and actually went to the polling booths, we’d take a giant shit on the Democrats that they soon won’t forget, even with all the election fraud. You saw it in the CA primaries, Allen and Cox (the conservative candidates) got more votes together than the Dems golden goy Newsom. It’s possible, spit out that black pill and realize that if this shit is possible in CA of all places, it’s possible anywhere

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Had not one but two people tell me that 22lr would penetrate the iiia vest I was wearing. I just don't even.
File: 1503346276573.jpg (45 KB, 399x288)
45 KB

>you can't just deport a large section of your population

It's been done many times before in history and I hope it can be accomplished again.

File: 17s.jpg (172 KB, 1080x1168)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
>your most valuable gun (either monetary or sentimental worth)
>your occupation

1. Scar 17s
2. I have homo sex for money
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>registering instead of just not complying
No, plain black chassis.
Nice trole
Rem700 build
Appraise cars
File: 20180810_140940.jpg (1.84 MB, 2160x2160)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
She's a research analyst for an NGO. I got laid off from my marketing job in June and we have Baby #2 on the way in a few months so we decided to try the stay-at-home thing. It's exhausting but it has been fun doing shit with my son. We went fishing last week!

File: uMx94lr.jpg (37 KB, 640x342)
37 KB
I live in Cuckifornia and I'm looking for a "safe for liberal eyes" rifle I can take to the range and shoot without having a plainclothes guy roll up and say "show me your papers and your maglock" or some shit.
Anyway, I own AR's already and my decision is between a Mini-14 and M1A. What do you folks think? I have a fuckton of 5.56 but I don't own a semi-auto .308.
Two different guns, but both fun in their own way, but the premium on the standard M1A or Scout model is retarded for something that doesn't have a chrome-lined barrel.
Purpose of the rifle is just 100-yard shooting, adding stupid shit and just pretending I live in an anachronistic era where full-stocked, tilting bolt rifles didn't go out of style.

Also, post cucked AR's and handguns and shit. Relish in the despair of a meaningless existence of gun ownership in a cuck state.
42 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Joke's on you, I own 4 already.
1x Mil-Spec project gun
3x Mark IV Series 70's from the 70's and 80's.
I'm thinking of going the M1A standard route now. Cheaper than all other options and has the cool 60's aesthetic.
Is the whole .308 vs. 7.62 mostly about primer hardness rather than recoil forces? I've heard the chambering is 7.62 only because of the harder primers, but some have said that heavier grain .308 or higher velocity .308 will damage the op-rod.
>most 30-06 is hotter than what it was designed for
Literally replace your gas plug with an aftermarket one and then never worry about it again. Avoid the Garand Gear one.

The chamber, barrel, bolt and receiver, they can all handle modern .30-06 pressures, it's just the higher pressure will send the oprod flying way faster than intended, which batters the gun very hard.
Adjusting your gas (with a new plug), you make sure the oprod doesn't go faster than intended, and you experience no problem with battering, wear, or cycling.
I had one and just didn't like it.
It ran fine, but accuracy was trash. Turns out again the rear sight is just garbo. With an optic it was acceptable. It just felt so cheap and the handguard got hot after any shooting. It definitely looks interesting but it's clearly meant as a backpack/bugout gun rather than a serious day-to-day use gun. There's a very niche following for them and the myth about barrels wearing out after 1k rounds is just a myth, but it is cheap with a capital C.

I wish KT made something like it but just a little tougher, even if it was heavier and more expensive.
M14s and M1As use a short-stroke gas piston. You aren't going to bend the op rod because it vents off excess gas pressure. It's also why they dpn't need adjustable gas plugs, they're all over-gassed to cycle weak ammo and excess pressure from hotter stuff just gets vented.
File: SU16CA .223.jpg (430 KB, 1600x1015)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
It wouldn't be too hard to make an improved version of the SU16 to make it hardier and more sturdy.

>make receiver stronger and thicker, mostly in the rear
>incorporate a springloaded recoil buffer into the rear of the receiver, for the bolt to hit against, doesn't have to be big, it can just be a small little bumper that catches the bolt (and maybe bottoms out against a little rubber/gel pad), maybe this would make a less smooth and nice looking curve at the stock, but I think it could be worked around
>add some stamped aluminum heat shields inside the plastic handguards, so it doesn't get hot so fast, just delete the bipod feature entirely, it's just not good, just make it a plain handguard piece
The sights are what they are, as you said, an optic improves it.

I think that in terms of just production/material cost, changes like these would probably not increase the price more than maybe $100, and the added weight probably wouldn't be even one whole pound.
The issue though is that plastic injection molds are very expensive pieces of equipment, and if you've already made one, well, there's gotta be a real good incentive to replace it with a new mold, even just an altered one, because you want to make sure you get your money back on that.
So potentially, the price could increase even more than that, assuming Kel-Tec would even want to improve the SU16, which they probably won't any time soon.

The design could definitely be imitated though, to try to make a similar, but better rifle, which is still cheap, and also AWB compliant. The idea of it is pretty good, it's just the execution which is so-so.
And that's how you get the call doj involved
>Inb4 reeee shall not
Thank your stars you don't live in a commy shithole and fuck off with that it helps no one

It's January 1st, 1945
What would make the biggest difference for the German army?
If they got one Arleigh Burke class destroyer with crew, unlimited ammo, fuel, supplies & spare parts
If they got 20 F-16 fighters with pilots, unlimited ammo, fuel, supplies & spare parts
Or if they got 100 M1 Abrams with crew, unlimited ammo, fuel, supplies & spare parts
What difference would each of that make in the war?
64 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yes they did. Look what it got them.
They had a sizeable amount of Sturmgewehrs by that time. And M4 is a pretty big step forward comparatively, it's not as big of a step forward as the one from 98k to StG, and that step did not save the Germans.
I think for Germany to win that late into the war they would have needed ICBMs with nuclear warheads.
What if we changed it to 1 carrier strike group
You're seriously underestimating the technological advances that have occurred in the last 70 years. All of these systems are nearly impervious to anything being fielded by any army of the era. They can also engage at a pace that the allies would find impossible to keep up with.

Germany still loses, but whatever theater these weapons are deployed in are radically altered.

File: fats.jpg (143 KB, 990x556)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Are localized militias just a meme way to attract fbi/atf, full of threeper spergs, or good method of free training?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
If you're going to have the title of the thread be "state militia" you should talk about actual state militias/defense forces, not the full-on non-government affiliated ones.

I think 36 states still have their own militias, and two have their own naval militias, but I can't be bothered to confirm that. I was involved in the Maryland State Defense Force for a while but it was pretty boring. They had a good band, though.
Just form a white power gang and do cell structure not military ranks.
if you want to know how state militias perform in conflict, read up on the mexican-american war
there's a reason the US abandoned them when becoming a civilized nation
Americans are into militias because theres a near zero chance they ever have to fight. It's a glorified LARP fest. Nothing wrong with larping but don't go dank meme for muh cervix.
Most of them are just edgy gun clubs

File: 1537368920217.jpg (23 KB, 320x320)
23 KB
What if Piccolo has a gun?
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
The weapon would have to be capable of destroying a planet to even hurt Raditz. You would need a direct hit from the freaking Death Star to even wound the weakest enemies in DBZ.
Thanks doc
He's definitely a Beretta guy

piccolo was a better father than goku
Savior of the Earth, Hercule Satan uses a 1911 during Buu Saga

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