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File: R14kkDj.png (13 KB, 657x527)
13 KB
Why do Americans think they can beat Russia+China in a conventional war no nukes used.

Last time I cheked both Russia and China army is comparable or even superior to the american army in terms of gear and machines and fleet they have.

>but NATO
without using NATO.
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File: 1516496850803.png (234 KB, 545x530)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
>thinking you can draft millenials
>not realizing the US would instantly collapse and balkanize if they attempted to invade either Russia or China
I mean sure, neither chinks or ruskies can invade anything but neither can we.
The US without allies can't invade either, since a naval invasion across the world would be a logistical nightmare. On the other hand, there's exactly fuck all either of them can do to the US.
Kek. You going to flood us with rubber duckies, DVD players, tiny American flags, and bootleg purses?
Why would the US need to war with Russia or China, let alone both at once?
How would attacking China or Russia benefit the US or citizens therein in any fashion?
The US is more likely to go further and further down the path of neutral isolationism if you look at current political climate: Outside of globalists and MIC folks who want to turn central Asia into a series of PMC war franchises, Americans do not give a shit about China or Russia. Smaller neighboring countries have a problem, absolutely, when China and Russia start taking chunks out of them, but the US has nice big oceans and Leafistan separating them from the others.

Russian economy has a severe case of Dutch disease and their demographics are not conducive to fielding a large force of young, healthy soldiers, and their naval forces are a joke. The Chinese are more capable of becoming a threat, but they are vulnerable to being cut off from energy shipments by India, who would be a natural US ally in the case of a war of US vs China, counterbalancing the Chinese/Pakistan alliance.
>>38920706Your cars are buildt in Germany you fuck

File: prg.jpg (938 KB, 2328x1310)
938 KB
938 KB JPG
Links for /prg/:

Group calc program.
> http://www.ontargetshooting.com/

Quick video brief with exercises on MIL ranging with practical exercises.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSbtwSS16Qg [Embed]

Ballistic calc and chart.
> http://www.jbmballistics.com/cgi-bin/jbmtraj-5.1.cgi

Turret/ milling/ basic windage/ basic drop/ Practice.
> http://www.shooterready.com/lrsdemo.html

Data books.

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Not for the Tikka iirc
Tikka ctr mags uses trg22 mags
Seat a touch longer, double stack.
I prefer them. But they are like $80
Howa (with the exception of their chassis rifle) uses a Howa-designed polymer mag system. They're quite a bit cheaper, but a bit crappier than AICS.

The chassis uses AICS pattern mags because it's a third-party deal.
im sorry we killed /arg/ now wugwiz doesnt have anyone to "talk shop" with and is ruining your nice general...
What is (I'm assuming there is) the reason most precision rifles tend to be bolt action instead of magazine fed?

fuggin hate armslist mahn
>like a hour ago
>meet this guy who’s been calling me about a m&p 15 I got listed
>agree to meet
>woke up today to him wanting me to bring a couple more guns I got listed-don’t think so bud
>tellem I’ll bring the one he wanted and we can discuss the others after
>pull up to gun club parking lot to a ball of grease and his meth head brother in a RV
>pic related retarded face tats and Walmart clothes
>fiddles with the gun while his brother keeps going in and out of their RV for no goddamn reason
>gives me an alright offer only to reveal neither has a fucking ID
>they’re pacing acting fucky
>genuinely feel like I’m going to have to pop a juggalo
>tell them they’ll need to get a fuckin ID for the transfer
>they insist on going inside to ask if other ID’s work

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>meet at local trap range to buy rem 1100
>oh shit this dude looks str8 up meth head
>not in condition that i thought but whatevs
>mind if I take it apart to look at internals?
>can't even take fucking magazine cap off
>fuck this im not taking it
>Im REALLY willing to lower the price man
>nah, not gonna take it
And that was the story of how I avoided buying a stolen gun probably
I've bought and sold off there a few times. It can be great when you're dealing with a legit seller/buyer. Only down side is you gotta filter through all these chuckle fucks and the ole 'is it still available?' scam.
File: kkk.jpg (30 KB, 361x500)
30 KB
I feel this is relevant to this topic of conversation though it isn't from armslist.

>Working the counter at my shop
>Married couple with two kids come in
>Clearly Mexican, speak spanish to each other
>Ask basic questions like what they're looking for and how's it going, ect.
>Clearly didn't want to talk, which at the counter in AL is pretty normal for spics
>Woman opens up to me that her husband is a resident alien and doesn't speak much english, but she's a legal citizen and they really need a pistol for the home cause they live in a bad area. Say they've been denied at a few places cause her husband doesn't speak english.
>Fuck it
>Ask if she has her ID, I'll run a background check and if it's clean, I will sell a gun to her no problem.
>Both very happy, wanting to just buy the first handgun I show them.
>Slow down, show them a few more
>Eventually come to the S&W SD 9 VE, as most spics do.
>Run the check, she comes clean and I walk them through the store, getting ammunition and a holster and telling them about local ranges and how to get a pistol permit
>Very thankful and leave happily

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>checks ID

Who the fuck checks ID and does a transfer? Are you the fucking ATF? If you're so worried about putting guns ito the wrong hands, pawn your shit you fucking stiff.
Cause i knew you cunts would do fuckall about it

I like the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, what's yours /k/?
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Make commies shit them selves out of pure jealousy
Here's some aircraft reactor testbeds out at the ebr-1 site outside Arco. Left to rot away in the sun.
File: 118537_big.jpg (691 KB, 1199x820)
691 KB
691 KB JPG
Supersonic VTOL for use on the Sea Control Ship (sort of a mini aircraft carrier) concept...in theory. In actual execution, it didn't even have enough power to get airborne despite its engine putting out more thrust than its dry weight.
Parasite Fighters...
Always wondered how you would get off of these things, do you have to wait for it to stop spinning, what happens if you have to make an emergency landing

File: 20180821_125335.jpg (3.93 MB, 4032x3024)
3.93 MB
3.93 MB JPG
So /k/
when was the last time you fired a machine gun?
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No u. I'm sick of shitheads who don't understand politics and who think voting for Democrats, or nobodies like Gary "What's Aleppo" Johnson, or not voting at all will do anything but leave us having to get permits for plastic sporks. Fuck your "Hey mom look at how edgy I am" contrarianism, fuck your purity tests, fuck your teenage unrealism, fuck your shitty memes, fuck your immature desire to be edgy, and fuck you in general.
Hey fuck you buddy.

Fuck the state of Minnesota too.
>Register as an independent.
And waste your fucking vote just like all the retards who voted for Ross Perot in 1992, put Bill Clinton in office, and got us an assault weapons ban a couple years later? Great plan, shitbrain.
Last month at CATM.
I always undershoot during the sight-in and "battle drill" portions of the CoF in order to save up enough rounds to dump a full mag at the end.
Fine. Keep feeding the system. Just remember this conversation next time another conservative politician sells out your gun rights for another term in office.

File: bodyarmorgeneral.png (2.04 MB, 2416x1706)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB PNG
The general for a proper discussion of body armor, including but not limited to the selection of proper threat levels, knowledge and issues with body armor standards and the industry, as well as emerging (and purposefully) forgotten technologies. Check image related for your primer and our approved list of plate vendors as well as blacklist of plate vendors.

Today, let's try to get /k/ on the right path with III/IV dual-rated plates as well as furthering the development of Polylithic Composites, our in-house provider-to-be of domestic LIBA.
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What new manufacture III/IV plate should I buy?
Chase Tactical has one. It's independently-tested but Chase is a fairly reputable company.

Be warned, it IS an ICW plate but that's typical for a III/IV. Standalone III/IVs are the exception, not the norm.
I'm retarded, what soft armor should I wear it in conjuction with?

You need soft armor that is NIJ-Certified Level IIIA on the 0101.06 standard. If you run anything less, the plate will be unable to make rating.

This provides the general list of certifications for NIJ 0101.06
>what soft armor should I wear it in conjuction with?
Minimalist PC or a full BAV?

I would like to buy a WWII german helmet(replica) M35, M40(I really want this one) or M42.
So, which is the web page that sells the cheapest replicas and with cheap shipping(i am not from US)?

I saw a bunch of helmets at Aliexpress, around $27-$33 bucks each one. The prices looks good, but the shipping cost(cheapest) is almost equal or higher than the fucking helmet itself I mean, nani the fuck!? Help guys.

>inb4 https://www.ima-usa.com/products/original-german-m40-wwii-type-steel-helmet-finnish-m40-55-contract-4627-html?variant=26169556421
>Helmet cost: $49.95
>Cheapest shipping cost: $64.92

Now you understand why I am here bitching about shipping costs at Aliexpress?

>inb4 buy a real one. Don't be a faggot.

I am not a dumbass as to buy "historical" stuff via internet. People get scammed by buying shitty bootlegs(fake) anime figurines on internet all the time. Can you imagine how easier is do the same with "historical" stuff as a german helmet?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Its a break action .45 rifle. If a gun shop was willing to buy it wouldn't I theoretically be able to buy it from them again later for full price? (googling where to sell guns says gun shops sometimes buy them) Research makes me think its worth 250-300 dollars.
>break action .45
Yeah, you're getting like $50 max for that.
well fuck. When I google the same rifle used for sale they are 250+ dollars but the sales are from like five years ago. oh well
Singleshot .45's aren't exactly flying off the shelves. It's going on the used rack at any gunstore it goes into, and is going to sit there a while.

Are talking .45 ACP, LC, or .45-70?

File: SCAR17S.jpg (65 KB, 1000x300)
65 KB
Are poorfag tears the ULTIMATE lubricant for a FN SCAR?
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sup, mattv2099
File: 1486590574396.jpg (94 KB, 421x834)
94 KB
>that one with the flashlight right in front of the scope
reminder that B&Tfag doesn't own those guns
>says battlestations
>doesn't make a claim
nice concession.

WA thread. Celebrate I-1639. Also fuck you frosty. Nobody allowed in the discord server edition. If you need to go shoot, hit up some national forests my nibbas
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you werent missed
The initial ruling was about formatting, the court didn't rule on the full text of the initiative not being provided to signers, it ruled on that text not being fucking underlined in the correct places, which is what Gottlieb and the NRA sued them for.
I literally couldn't see downtown Seattle from the West Seattle bridge. This smoke is like living in China.
>the court is full of liberal activist judges because I say it is
New to the state, what are the good surplus stores and is there an inv to the discord? Not a fed I swear

File: P64 No1.jpg (3.5 MB, 3741x2429)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB JPG
Reasons General. Don't have a link to the previous one. One of you chucklefucks need to link it.
108 replies and 33 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: spsh-44.jpg (2.94 MB, 4032x3024)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB JPG
My Polish-made SPSh-44 flare gun. Gonna pop some smoke with it soon.

I've fooled around with this configuration and decided that it was unsafe. There is no positive control over the safety position when used like this, and it only takes a couple mm of movement before the trigger is no longer disconnected, and even though the safety is still partially shielding the firing pin at this point, it will not stop the hammer from smashing the safety into the fire position and come into contact with the firing pin.

I wish it were a solution because it would be ideal, but it just isn't safe.
Cooking an M57 right now...
A wire hanger and a heat gun is much quicker
Looks yummy.

This is it boys
SkyKangs are going crazy
The Chatter’s nuts but indecipherable
No idea what’s going on, but it’s big
You have 45 minutes, maybe an hour tops before every normie knows something is up
Problem is, you are a brainlet that has made no preparations
Even worse, you are the poorest of poorfag
You scrape up your life savings
That’s all you have, along with one hour of time, to get ready for the big one before the shelves are dry and there’s pandemonium in the streets.
Wut do?
36 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
most of the weird emofags I know here have a lot of oddly specific knowledge about Washington state even tho we are like 1700 miles away, also why didn't you send folk from the east. they like the sun ;(.
>why didn't you send folk from the east. they like the sun
We tried, they said something along the lines of "fuck you fucking commies, quit calling us West Idaho. Also we're seceding and joining Idaho".
I mean, it's not like you'd have to pay it back...
just gotta hope the world ends, and that your credit is good.
Because I post it every time. I just want to die, but I have too many people and things depending on me and I can’t let them down

Why do so many places prohibit steel cased ammo
51 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1502002520383.jpg (75 KB, 440x380)
75 KB
Bring a tarp.

Maybe cause they don't want some dipshit stepping on a spent cartridge and slipping and breaking their leg?
it’s illegal unless you are an ffl
It’s still an extra step many are too lay to take
Ventilation can blow it, muzzle blasts, or even someone NDing into the ground. Also there are a lot of places that will use non/low sparking materials for their back drops and could very well be that your range does. You’d also be extremely surprised at how much powder residue there is. All that dust you see on the floor is unburnt powder, and as much of a kike lover as MAC is, I’d watch that video on it, I believe it’s in the video of the tok shooting through body armor.
File: 1532307129205.png (1.22 MB, 973x599)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
The true power of fuddlore.

File: 0boe7ghr3ihz.jpg (72 KB, 720x477)
72 KB
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I would rock that thing with nothing else underneath just to really accentuate the point of how sweet that duster is.
They look like some ww2 squad tho. Just saying. Sure they kill.
apparently pic was taken after a successful op in Rajgal Valley Sometime in 2017
so California

>"Didn't you know that 2/3rds of the world's greatest assassins are women?"
Well, did you, /k/?
92 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not even remotely.
>Dude she wasn't Egyptian to begin with. Read history
You should learn how to comprehend. She was a woman who was the leader of her people that sold them up the river, the fact she was a Greek is not on the table of this discussion. The fact she was a greedy whore is. KYS
saged again, fuck you faggot kike nigger mod.
>posts man
anon please stop embarrassing yourself by white knighting for a 7/10 max e thot
Metal Gear Solid you nigger


anyone have this PDF?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Military units are crappy too. They're designed only for light use and blow up sometimes. Don't know about agricultural ones.
File: image.jpg (8 KB, 355x309)
8 KB
Flip the bottle upside down so that you only use the hoel the bottle came with. Put a tee into the hole with a fule resistant hose on ine side and regulated gas to the other. Internal antisiphon tube should be used here to ensure the gas enters the bottle rather than just down the hose. Use an actual front sealing wand like pic.

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