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Dear mods, make the star spangled banner rise with /k/ all day long
Sincerely, little girl
I went up to fort McHenry with my wife and got to help with the raising of the flag. Was truly a powerful experience that made my hair stand up.
Is that you mods? Please stop allowing politically charged threads to exist on /k/. Love, anon. Amen.

File: 2ekvyv9ueha11.jpg (137 KB, 1200x800)
137 KB
137 KB JPG

Russia's Admiral Gorshkov Frigate will 'finally' be turned over to the Russian Navy 1 day before the July 28 Naval Parade. The last delay was caused by the Poliment-Redut system which is basically a smaller copy of the S-300FM system that uses a smaller missile but with the same range and an AESA radar system.

It took 12.5 years before the first of the class was turned over to the Russian Navy, not only does it look outdated as it does not look as aesthetic as any newer superior Chinese ship it also does not have the capabilities of newer modular ships such as the LCS. It is simply mind boggling that they can't just buy Chinese.
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China borrows their designs heavily from other nations, there's nothing unique about them
>Inb4 hurr it looks just like an F100
It looks NOTHING like that, the hull lines are completely different
Gorshkov aesthetics > anything China has on display
File: maxresdefault.jpg (225 KB, 1800x999)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
File: iVOHv.jpg (101 KB, 1768x770)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
*objective complete thread derailed heading home HQ*
>Gorshkov aesthetics > anything China has on display
You have shit taste. You should be forced to look at the Renhai for hours everyday.

File: the_good_place.jpg (132 KB, 1200x800)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Navyfag here on terminal leave, just moved to Greenfield, Indiana. God bless this state. I've been stationed in California and Florida and have had to either hide my power level from commies or deal with the trash that lives in god's waiting room for too long. I know a thread died for this message but to any hoosiers out there, I look forward to eating corn with you all. Everything about this place is a breath of fresh, non-humid air.
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Indiana is pretty comfy.
We have the great lakes to the north
Outside of Anderson here.. Just far enough away from the nigs
File: 1374955709224.jpg (34 KB, 600x450)
34 KB
Indiana sucks (it is actually great but we want to keep faggots like you out. Keep telling yourself that. I bet you live in IL)

Glad you like it, OP. It's where I grew up.

Depends where you live, some charge. You might want to join a club or get some land.

This guy has good info.

I moved to Missouri a few years ago permanently and liked it slightly better than IN but there's starting to be too many niggers but the winters are a lot better - wut do
were you previously at crane?

File: 1461124793666.webm (458 KB, 640x358)
458 KB
Saiga 12 or SPAS 12 for general purpose semi-auto shotgun?
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Jesus Christ
Most common problems with Saigas?
Auto 5 has a pretty finnicky recoil action

gas is better..
Beretta 1301 comp
Mossberg 930spx
Mossberg 930
If you can't get there first, get the second, if you can't get the second, get the third, if you can't get the third, consider a pump gun

I've been to Scheel's, Bass Pro, and a small Guns-r-Us in my town, and have yet to see one on display. Are they no longer in production?
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Inherited a featherlight as well. Although mines stamped both featherlight and deerslayer with a little shorter barrel and a scope mount. Still smoothbore though.
File: 1491521222838.png (108 KB, 500x531)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
Bepis you say?
1984 production

File: 20180720_225958.jpg (503 KB, 1126x1125)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
Waddup /k/, I wanted to show you all something I made this week at my work.

My friends and I built an air cannon last summer out of pvc piping, and I wanted to make some projectiles for it that are a step up from the ping pong balls we've been firing out of it. I designed and made a pair of saboted 50 cal projectiles. The nylon sabot is 3D printed and is designed to fit the air cannon barrel and should seal against it. It is meant to split open like a shotgun shell wadding when it exits the barrel. The projectiles are machined from a 1/2" dia. rod of 303 stainless steel. I'm sure these will be good for multiple firings (assuming we dont lose them), and I'm hoping the sabots can be reused as well. They are meant to split open but not actually break into pieces, but I'm not sure how well they are going to work. I went through a few iterations and these are the ones that I think will work the best. My main concerns are the sabots ripping apart, and the bullet tumbling once it leaves the sabot. I didnt do a lot of design work on the bullets, I just kinda machined them to what looked good. I even put a little boat tail on them. I was considering adding some rifling on the outside of the sabots, but I dont think it would be very effective and it would be difficult to get good results with the 3D printer.

The first test firing is tomorrow night. I'll be sure to post some results, assuming I dont accidentally kill myself. This cannon is no joke. It's got a tank that we pressurize to about 150psi using an electric air compressor. A ball valve releases the pressure into the barrel. Very simple and effective design. It's not very dangerous when firing ping pong balls, but these SS bullets I made could definitely be lethal when fired out of the thing. Cheers!
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File: Worried_laughter.png (301 KB, 520x678)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
You could also make the sabot into an impeller. Make it fan shaped so the air blasting into the barrel causes the sabot to spin.
Left dart might work for you.
Stick flèchettes into a marshmallow then into your sabot

OP here. These are all great ideas! I wish I had thought about boring out the rear of the projectiles when I made them. I will definitely keep these in mind for the next version.
I think there's a few ways I could get the sabot to spin in the barrel, I will have to experiment with the design.
I like the fins in that pic because they dont protrude from the nominal diameter of the projectile. That's exactly the type of fin I was envisioning.

What job would you recommend in the navy /k/?
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If you ever want to volunteer for extra schools/certs and other shit like that then having your warfare quals g2g shows that you are ready, motivated and all that Jazz. Not to mention it can put you over the top for Evals if it comes down to it which largely affects your chances of making rank. If you care about that stuff that is.

I got tri qualed in less than a year and shot up to E5 breddy fast in my first command. I never got turned down for any special shit I wanted to go do. Conversely there was this dude who almost got his orders pulled and generally shat on for failing to qualify in his primary warfare in 3 years time...
Let’s be fair. Both Rates can be good if you’re able to make a plan and excel in your peer group. If you’re high speed then you can go FMF as a corpsman or get a good NEC like K9 handler for MA. Obviously there’s good prospects in the first responder community. Very easy to get into Fed Law enforcement from MA work. Most HMs I know that like their job go on to do EMT work civvy side or commission through one of the various Nurse/Medical Corps routes.

I’ve seen my share of stellar and shitty folk from both rates, just comes down to the person.
Be a corpsman. They now get a $10k enlistment bonus because it is undermanned apparently. Though as a corpsman myself, it's funny that they are having issues with trying to keep lower enlisted sailors in but instead of giving that money to current junior corpsman for reenlistment, they are giving it to boots. Really shows how much the upper ups have their heads up their asses.
When I joined back in 2012 HM was one of the rates I wanted most. It wasn't available at the time I went to meps, and since I was impatient and stupid I went in undes. I spent 2 years putting in applications for any rate that wasn't BM, CS, LS, OS, or other equally shitty jobs, and I always put in for HM when I could, but I ended up getting ABH (I thought it would be better than it was). It kind of pisses me off now that HM has a $10k bonus AND undes airman is $10k too like fuck me right?
It shows how incompetent the navy is. There are a lot of disgruntled junior sailors in the HM rating because making rank is difficult and there is no real incentive in being in the navy anymore after 5 years. But the navy NEEDS these junior sailors to stay in but instead of giving these bonuses to current enlisted corpsman, they give it to fucking civvies who probably don't even know what the corpsman rating really entails because their recruiter is a fucking ship or Aviation rate that just think all we do is give out motrin and plug people.

File: caliber.jpg (10 KB, 269x187)
10 KB
What's the largest caliber that you've carried and how come you chose that specific caliber for carrying purposes
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357 mag in a 4inch gp100
It was the most concealable gun i had at the time
.44 Mag
the right load in the right hands can kill any living thing in North America.
Buffalo bore 270 grain JFN at 1450 FPS in a S&W M69 4"
>What's the largest caliber that you've carried
>how come you chose that specific caliber for carrying purposes
Perfect for bears and humans, best cailber.
>.500 S&W
>Because they don't make a .501
Upgrade to a 10mm if they'll let you

File: 1523883547379.jpg (36 KB, 540x590)
36 KB
So /k/ this just happened about an hour ago.

>doing yard work for gramma
>decide to take the long way home
>driving down backwoods road
>meet a white sedan with a busted headlight
>pull over and let him go by
>driver stops and rolls down his window
>skinny methhead looking motherfucker
>says hi
>tell him I'm just going for a drive
>asks where I live
>tell him I live on (local highway)
>tells me he lived up the road for a long time
>put a strange emphasis on "a long time"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Are you door house neighbor anon?
So you ended shit with her that same week, right?
> with gf eating some Chili's (12 Am ish)
> we go to leave and notice that the parking lot had cleared out and it's pretty empty.
> See shadow of dude standing under tree near my car.
> As we approach the dude starts walking towards us and I see something like a pipe in his hand.
> GF notices too and lags behind me then starts side stepping to get distance on shadow man.
> I hear in a drunken slur "hey man I need money can I wash your windows? "
> Look over and see my gf making her way to the car to lock herself inside and get my SR-9c
> Is old homeless man with a squeegee he took from a gas station.
> I kindly tell hobo that I don't have money and to leave.
>He haggles me for a while but then fucks off.

Not really a life or death situation but. It made me realize that I needed to take cc'ing more seriously as I had neglected to bring my gun into the restaurant. ... Never again fuck those "no guns allowed" signs

Also proud of my gf for having the situational awareness to give the creepy dude a wide berth and go for the car/gun.
>noguns faggot has never heard of a private sale
>or thinks every state has dumb laws like his state

How does this...
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Why is this thread still alive?
File: birth of a nation.png (203 KB, 522x480)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
Time for some Dixie Music


Plenty of leftover whites and green lying around actually.

File: town rapist's whip.jpg (33 KB, 640x359)
33 KB
>Also Humor thread
Show me your best
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: ShityDakks.jpg (207 KB, 1645x864)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
God, can you imagine actually using that? you'd have just as much of a chance getting tangled up in it yourself vs getting your opponent tangled up in it.

I guess what you'd want to do is get it around their neck and pull, right?
>inb4 StealTheStick.jpg
i am questioning the filename
>inb4 cactus whip

File: IMG_20180620_081206.jpg (7 KB, 131x184)
7 KB
Going to do my first private transfer this week, buying my first real gun.
Are there any tips that won't make me pass off as an aspie or make me look flat out retarded that would make the seller regret selling his gun to me or even call off the sale?

Do you guys have any notable stories from any transfers you've done that either went well or were regrettable?
Money. Use money, say thank you.
>Live in commiefornia
>have to use ffl for everything.
>See guy talking about selling his guns while at the range.
>He is bitching about getting fucked on selling to shop.
>I offer to buy from him at a fair price.
>We both have no fucking idea how to do this so we go to a local ffl and ask.
>Fill out forms and shit wait 10ish days.
I got a mossberg 590, ruger 10/22 with 5 mags, rem 700 in 30-06, Walther p99 in 9mm with 5 mags all for about ~700 bucks. Guy was just happy someone would appreciate the guns. He said his son was a fag that would probably melt them down when he died.
be polite. buy an armed services bumper sticker, but don't claim to be a veteran if you aren't.
Also bring the exact amount of money specified. and only that money.
1 bring cash, the exact amount
2 bring a knife, in case some niggas wanna nog
3 bring a positive attitude, because folks like that
4 bring your govt ID, because they're gonna ask for it unless niggas are nogging

File: 354634578348.gif (501 KB, 342x342)
501 KB
501 KB GIF
Semi blog but I promise it ropes back in. LEO's please respond.
>drinking with the boys
>get feed harder then ever before in my life
>try to drive home because "nah i'm fiiiiiiine"
>wake up to sirens
>hard to remember much after that but feel someone tugging on my arms and torso to pull me out of my vehicle
>muscle memory and FOF response kicks in and I pull my carry pistol
>again do not remember much but I do remember only pointing the pistol at myself for fear of being shot to death by cops
>surrender and wake up in hospital
>let go the next day like nothing happened

It has been a few weeks now and nothing. No bench warrants. My licence is still good. They took my gun and I have not tried to get it back. Can a LEO shed some light on my situation? I had my blood drawn but was never processed by police for finger prints or brought into the cop shop. I've not tried to buy a gun since then. Am I now unable to purchase a new firearm? Did I just somehow get lucky and avoid a DUI charge by pulling a gun on myself? It was a terrible mistake. It has even made me really question if I should carry if I did some dumbfuck retardation such as that but I'm in a hellish limbo. I'd like some insight into how much I have fucked my gun rights.
162 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm sorry but this was my first post on /k/ for the night bro.
If someone else is posting Tsuruya it wasn't me.
I mean, some people are no shit, not responsible enough to own firearms, and never should. If you don't believe that, you're a naive idiot that hasn't experienced much of the world.
Driving under influence is too anon, but that didnt stop OP

>Driving is not a right expressly protected by the Constitution so the state can run pell mell on your ability use machinery you could otherwise freely own and operate

The idea that cars, a mechanical means of travel, can be regulated by the state simply because one would use them on "public" roads is tenuous at best and depriving a man of his right to travel by way of his own cognisance cannot be impaired up until the point where he has actually harmed another. So we would have it with guns so we should have it with the automobile.
4chan's fictitious comedy style is great and all but when autists don't understand it and autists are the majority of consumers...

Realistically, how many kills could a mass shooter get if they were limited to just a muzzle loader?
12 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Roberta a best
This. And also bayonets
The best chance you'd have would be a Brenda Ann Spencer kind of situation where you're shooting from behind some cover.
Anon didn't ask how many people you could mass kill with a bayonet, anon.
A blunderbuss packed with debris could tear through a crowd pretty well.

File: MQ170051032.jpg (152 KB, 1021x580)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
CVN-81 with no aircraft or escorts for $15bn


2x QE Class carriers for $3.94bn each
72x F35 for $7.2bn

What do you actually get by spending $15bn on an aircraft carrier? This is before you factor in the obscene operating costs of a nuclear warship with 2,600 crew.
53 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.

Not worth a (you), but if you're upset you should make a better effort to contain your emotions. otherwise, you're just making it obvious that your jimmies have been rustled.
Or would you rather 500 of autonomous warships patrolling the ocean?

>$15 billion

I don’t think so. We were contracted to build 79 for 20% less than 78, and we’re right about there. 80 and 81 with the dual buy will be even less than the normal expected cost reduction. Just because 78 was a shitshow due to first in class and the Navy constantly changing its mind about what it wanted on it, doesn’t mean 81 is going to be burdened with the same cost overruns.
$15bn was the new cost from a day ago, that's the figure that was given to Congress

>Overall superior carrier that I gimped it from being able to actually do its job? Or the carrier with aircraft

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