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is there a difference between 9mm luger and regular 9mm ammo? i have a good deal on a 350 round range bucket with of 9mm luger ammo...i havnt bought my firearm yet, but ill most likely be buying a Springfield XD9mm or a S and W mp shield 9mm.....the laws in my state are changing the first of the year for ordering ammo online so i just want to make sure i stock up before then because my local gun shop really up charges.
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wow, it really did work despite of all the bullshit.

To be fair, you technically can shoot .357 mag out of SOME .38 revolvers.

Some revolvers were/are made to only shoot .38, but they actually are 357's with (I don't know the correct word for it) a steel ring on the cylinder to prevent them from shooting the bigger, larger caliber.

Thing is, they're .357's at heart, so a talented gunsmith can rebore the end of the cylinder chambers, making the gun a .357 documented and sold as a .38.
that is absolutely correct it never happened to me because I only own cats but i've seen it happen to nogunz newfags like >>36160220
Story on this pistol? That's actually pretty cool to see a M1912 with Ryouko grips.
File: 1511934066607.jpg (2.95 MB, 3264x2448)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB JPG
Not much. It was being used by some insurgent pretty recently in southeast Asia somewhere.
its the opposite of hipster, hipsters pay a premium for old shit and wear/use it to be fashionable, Greece is poor as fuck and can't afford to buy modern small arms. you may notice hobos and hipsters wear similar clothes, but on a hipster it's usually like new and worn to be stylish, whereas on a hobo it's raggy and worn out, the result of being rode hard and put away wet for 40+ years.

I wanna see your two favorite guns and why. Here's mine.

M1A I stuck a SWFA 6x on, and the A4 clone I threw together after my Iraq Deployment. I hauled the M16 through Iraq, and built it to be like it was, grip and front sight aside. The M1A I bought while hauling my H&R through Afghanistan. NIB, 10 mags, and 400 rounds of LC surplus for 1100

No hate. Post em up

File: 1-111031G2-12-3.jpg (309 KB, 1024x833)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
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I did and so far I haven't had any issues with it.
File deleted.
Yes, I shoot tulammo out of mine all the time (it's actually a hot round) I've dispatched a crippled ram at 13 yards with it and shot rabbits in the backyard and chicken yard with it using old vintage late 80s / early 90s winchester silver tip. Just experiment with different ammo to see what it likes, just like with any automatic.
blue board anon
I don't know if I'd mess with a Taurus Millennium. The first generations had serious frame cracking issues. Apparently they didn't quite know how to make polymer frames well at first. I did have a first generation 24/7 in .45. It was pretty solid and never had a single problem out of it as well as having a decent enough trigger.
File: 20171214_234113[1].jpg (2.98 MB, 4032x3024)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB JPG
This was given to me for free and I'm about to cash this in with that settlement that was reached. I'd rather get a hi point than another Taurus.

>Be America and South Korea
>Have Norks across the border with metric fucking ton of koksan guns pointed at K-pop QTs in Seoul.
>Guns are dug in and camouflaged in tough granite mountains.
>respond by deploying metric fuck ton of Heavy Gustav guns in SK, enough to blanket the 38th with ordinance.
>Destroy Koksan guns with Gustav guns
>get QT 3.14 ex-commie Nork GF
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File: trident launch.jpg (117 KB, 800x965)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>Implying the opening and only salvo won't be an assertion of nuclear primacy
Because conventional bombs aren't big enough to penetrate those mountains.
File: 1510520523289.png (951 KB, 758x817)
951 KB
951 KB PNG
Unfortunately real life doesn't work like in your vidya gaems friend
You are massively underestimating the abilities of conventional explosives.
File: 3456345666.jpg (106 KB, 1650x924)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
the only war i would like to participate in.

the chance of a k-pop tier war bride would be too tempting.

File: W020150711094022681722.jpg (229 KB, 600x450)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
Should we just disband RCAF and transfer all our equipment and bases to USAF?
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.5 yuan has been deposited to your accouny
this so much, that little airbus move is but a small delay in your cucking.
Don't put it past him, Anons.
File: singapore f16.jpg (52 KB, 605x405)
52 KB

Because the Cold War ended in Europe. EU militaries see no reason to take defense seriously, even just basic things like tankers and transports are hard to justify when defense ministers see no purpose because they don't expect a war to break out. At the absolute maximum the militaries are used as a bandaid fix to the migrant crisis, but even then there is many internal disputes over how that should be handled and they wouldn't be allowed to forcibly coerce migrants to do anything. Sure there is Russia, but the EU is totally dependent on them for gas anyway so that diplomatic battle has to be won before they'd have any chance of winning a spat with the Kremlin. And in the event of a real war, it's hard to say how many people would enlist to defend their country and not try to evacuate as migrants themselves.

Meanwhile, the Cold War largely didn't end in Asia. Sure China got big and wealthy (for now) but the pissing matches over islands and waters never stopped, and there is still ethnic conflicts. Both force countries, including shitty ones like the Philippines, into maintaining and purchasing equipment to stay on top of things. North and South Korea's situation is rapidly heating up, as is Taiwan's with Beijing. Everyone wants new weapons and is willing to make the investment. Even Singapore of all places has tankers, fighter jets and submarines.

Simply put, Europe doesn't want to spend the money while Asia does. That's it.
Half the American media is Jewish, the other half is PURE LEAF BABY!

I work in a warehouse and I'm tired of my clothes getting torn the fuck up. I live in a place where it gets cold as fuck during the winter and I load trucks, so my workplace gets cold.

I'm thinking about buying one of these since they don't seem expensive and I can just wear it over other clothing. I already have a zip sweater that I wear on top, so that gets all fucked up instead of what's underneath, but that won't work wth a winter jacket, and there's no way in hell I'm letting my jacket get all fucked.

So 2 part question.
I keep seeing airsoft shit. Who makes the real one?

Is this a good idea? Would it make a good outerwear so I stop destroying my clothes?
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Are you dim? I'm >>36168188 not the guy asking about the picture.
File: canvas.png (511 KB, 640x620)
511 KB
511 KB PNG
No. I have two.
They are extremely baggy, and they look like a fireman's suit.
They are good because you can easily layer underneath, block out wind, and have plenty of circulation underneath for your skin to breathe.
Perfect for mountain treks.
Not perfect for navigating rows of steel shelves and conveyor belts. No, Better to wear a tough flannel and double thick pants.

If you want a similar look you can wear something similar to the hunting field pants found at the big old sweaty dicks.
File: Russian BDU.jpg (110 KB, 680x1024)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
#1 buy 2 sizes below your size, because they are meant to be worn over other shit. #2 do not wash them in a machine cause tent fabric they are made of streaks, Bars is better than Sponsn. Pay $80 US max, G3 button up, G4 pull over, but pants have stirrups.
Just ordered $4th set

File: msd plz stop.png (53 KB, 1030x38)
53 KB
NO MORE GOATS edition.

old >>36166998
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File: 20171204_160511.jpg (758 KB, 1594x897)
758 KB
758 KB JPG
Cordan on wgws:
>Sounds like you just don't like me because I'm better than you
COG on wgws:
>youre lower than me in every aspect of your life

What the literal fuck. That is insane. I wonder how quick the 1x is.
Both of them do have carry permits and functioning pistols
>new email at 3am
>”otghex has sent you a package of fucking awesome”
I’m glad I listened to Shark
They must’ve cut you really deep to keep those on standby for copy paste
NEW thread >>36171276
NEW thread >>36171276
NEW thread >>36171276

File: IMG_0025.jpg (430 KB, 1024x576)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
SCAR17 owners and those who have shot it;

Is it truly the modern BR to get? At $2700-3000, it's pretty much 2.5x a FAL or PTR. around $1000~ more than various company AR10/AR308 variants, but not being "battle tested" throws a lot of people off them. It's on par or cheaper than Knight's SR, but if I can afford an SR25, I wouldn't really be asking in the first place.
It doesn't help that I hear many owners still had to put in money to upgrade components, and components are pricey as well.

What's the real deal with the SCAR17? In your most honest views.
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I was planning on dropping a Geissele in my POF P308, unfortunately the stock trigger is really nice; I bought an SSA-E anyway in case I ever want to put it in. It's a 20" 308 and the weight and recoil don't bother me at all.

I also looked at the SCAR, MR762, and an M1A but the 20" P308 fit my wants and needs better. If it boils down to a financial issue you should probably just stop and save your money
Given that the SCAR is light enough to carry and sub-MOA with good ammo, I can't imagine any need that some other semi-auto .308 would satisfy better (besides Vietnam/Rhodesia/African child soldier LARPing with the legacy battle rifles, obviously)
Training for what?
>spending a little less than one month's pay on a gun.
no thanks

File: GetDynamicImage.jpg (36 KB, 652x556)
36 KB
Bought first fun, but it is not gonna be here until wednesday, it was 360$ did i do gud?
Anyone ever had one of these?
what the absolute fuck anon
Did i fuck up

Decent brand polymer striker-fired 9mm for $360. Seems like a safe bet.
There's a town in MN named Pillager and they have their own firearms? That's pretty cool.

It's a Magnum Research, it's fine.

File: 308AR-834x626.jpg (75 KB, 834x626)
75 KB

no guns fag here. Want to get an AR style platform but want to do long range with it-- rented an ar10 from the range and really liked it.

I'm also a broke fag so I can't buy a prebuilt.

Where should I buy parts to build one, should I source my own parts or find a kit, etc.

Pic related

God's blessings
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6.8oz without recoil pad not bad
g2 should be the same as ar15 too my understanding
If you're really on a budget I'd suggest you get a Sub-$300 bolt gun, learn how to make it better off youtube and spend the difference on ammo.

OR... Build an AR in 6.5 which has REALLY great ballistics for long range shooting but it s about a dollar a round
The AR is not a long range platform. Buy a normal AR and a nice distance rifle like a Tikka T3 or Ruger Precision.
Nonsense. An AR can be long range. Get a proper match barrel, in 6.5 creedmoor preferably, a properly headspaced bolt, a good trigger, and good ammunition, and it'll shoot 0.75moa all day. And you have the benefits of the AR platform. Is it cheaper to get a ruger precision rifle in the long run, yes probably, but accuracy can be identical or close to it
File: IMG_7777.jpg (1.05 MB, 2448x2448)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
Or say fuck it, and get a nice .22lr and shoot all day for pennies

Would you recommend this gun for cc?
What price range?
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what pistol is that
Yes, I do from time to time. They're all priced the same $229, so stop remaking this thread.
no spare parts available unless you want to cannibalize. magazines are somewhat uncommon too.

there is a reason they're cheap.
wrong, I just bought a new mag catch from apex
I wouldn't buy a Star myself, unless I was trolling for surplus stuff already. It's probably better than some of the police makarovs and the like but expect zero support for it anywhere. If you want to CC it you have to find a holster for it too.

File: s9okhw3o6hky.png (369 KB, 615x680)
369 KB
369 KB PNG
What are the best firearms to defend myself from the skinwalkers at night?
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t. Skinwalker
A gun that has seen combat.
Brace of Obrez's
If you believe every story posted here and on /x/, a FAL makes them fuck right off.
It's less of the firearm and more of the ammunition
So any 12guage (or larger if you're worried about the older ones), .308, 45-70, and any derivatives thereof.
Basically you want a heavy round with a lot of powder behind it

File: 411px-M4_(105)_Garage.jpg (85 KB, 579x407)
85 KB
share your favorite /k/ memes.
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File: IMG_5625.jpg (187 KB, 749x784)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
"Heavy Artillery in the East"
File: navy.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1052)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
sssaaaaaaayyyyyy nigger
File: IMG_7095.jpg (162 KB, 768x1024)
162 KB
162 KB JPG

I've never paid much attention to wrist tension because I only shoot slow. It seems to matter a lot more for fast fire or high recoiling weapon.

How do you do it properly?
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What? How about a regular workout for regular strong arms? What on Earth caliber do you shoot?
Thank you.
File: woodie.jpg (161 KB, 880x526)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
do a few searches on the brian enos forums for "follow up" and "recoil control" for more.
I think I just got spoiled on 9mm and developed bad habit. Glock 20 with 180gr, 624 ft/lbs ammo was giving me muzzle flip and limp wrist error. I adjusted and fixed but it got me thinking how much I suck at the sights naturally returning to alignment and rapid fire. So figured I'd ask.
make sure where your hands are on the gun give you a lot of contact too. with semi autos the support hand should provide a lot of surface area contact.

>Muh rear facing raedar
>Turns out it only spews parachutes

Kek, Russins always say they have rear facing radars but it only contains a parachute.

How embarassing. They really should've bought Chinese.
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Does that include if you sibling was fag or dyke or if your son or daughter was one of those?

or your best friend is a faggot
Not entirely sure - going off of friends and family who had clearances back then. They still do some weird lifestyle questions for certain types of clearances today though. A friend of mine was asked what kind of porn he watched (they were checking to make sure you didn't jerk it to anything illegal)
I think most of the Dixiecrats died off by now. I know Strom Thurmond died in 2003, which was pretty hilarious.
>filibuster the fucking civil rights act of 1957 in the most autistic way possible
>everyone thinks "oh well he's getting old we'll just power through until he retires"
>he stays in office almost until the day he dies
>lives to be over 100
>Its also factual that the modern liberal democrat party is descended from the pro slavery Confederacy.
Yes, but it's disingenuous to imply that the Dems of today are the same party they were back then, even if there is a direct lineage. The Dems have plenty of shitty things going on, but in today's political arena the Republicans are the one who have the platform that seizes upon racist sentiment.
File: 1366454118249.jpg (69 KB, 429x409)
69 KB
So it turns out mad fatnik /k/turds are actually low energy clintonbots. Go figure.

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