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File: Astolfo big thonk.jpg (97 KB, 720x720)
97 KB
I live in a lolnogun country. Since I was a teenager, I've dreamed of one day moving to a country where guns are legal and getting one for myself.

My country of choice for that used to be the USA, but recent events have made me think that this is going to end sooner or later. Trump might hold the Dems at bay for now, but as soon as a Democrat president hits the Oval Office, guns will pretty much be guaranteed to be made illegal in America.

So... now I need to think about another country where being a citizen allows me to legally own and carry guns there.

So far I just know Canada (a cuck country where I really don't want to go), Czech Republic (doubtful since they're subject to EU regulations), and Serbia (which is a bit of a shithole).

Where else should I think about moving?
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You really are stupid.
As far as I am aware there isn't a single country with a total ban on civilian guns, if you're a respectable citizen who lives in a rural area you can
legally get a shotgun or rifle just about anywhere in the world.
>respectable citizen
If you mean "1%", sure. If you mean people who work for a living, but keep their nose clean, Japan is basically impossible.
> getting a firearm in a slant eyed country
More impossible than a non-lolwhatisaleppo libertarian being elected president and legalizing nukes so that you can legally buy one with your second jackpot lottery winnings

File: 180023_01_lg.jpg (18 KB, 500x500)
18 KB
Where's the magic? What am I missing that lets this work? A super light recoil spring so that even handlets and grandmas can work the slide, but reviewers claim it has stupid light recoil. Is it just combination of its size and the locked breech that allows for a light spring? If a heavier spring isn't required, why do almost all other locked breech guns have heavier springs? I can't figure out the fucking gimmick here.
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The EZ is much bigger so yes, the EZ is bigger than a 9mm shield
Better question: why does everyone use straight blowback when there are more elegant solutions?
Oh damn, I actually didn't realize it was larger than the 9mm Shield.
Any full size 380 recoils like a 22lr.

it's a 380.
Because it's unnecessary. Recoil on regular compact (3.5"+ barrel, good grip) is a joke

File: serveimage.png (256 KB, 807x490)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
I must say - any war, but especially a modern war with all the tools of destruction two or more nations can unleash upon eachother horrifies me.

I am not blind to the facts, and if we must fight we must, but my god what monstrous destruction, suffering and horror we could cause.
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In some of the sections the carnage was so great that the engineers had to push everything to the sides so the highway could be used. There was a churned berm of vehicles, debris, and bodies lining each side of the road.
>be my friend
>be near area from pic that was posted earlier
>be on security detail with one other dude but way far apart
>boring as fuck
>almost no one passing
>leg passing through on foot
>he's bored too
>friend not even watching leg
>watching other security guy
>other security guy watching leg
>leg does a little skip
>leg stops in his tracks and stares at security

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>unironic casualty of boredom

seems like you'd be surprised if you knew that shit is more or less a normal thing in militaries around the world.
in germany some bored conscripts managed to shoot and kill one of their comrades. back in the good old days of conscription.
Fuck, can you imagine losing a leg to that shit. You'd be reliving that afternoon every time you try to sleep.

That came from the heart
I can’t imagine what the aftermath of that would do to someone mind. Even though they were the enemy, you can’t help but think of how goddamn horrifying that must have been for them, literally trapped by burning vehicles and soldiers, constantly being strafed and blown to shit, having nowhere to run. These are the kind of situations that make me wonder if I could ever even handle being in combat. Granted, they had it coming, but the sheer effect of what we do to one another in war is honestly heartbreaking.

File: p_087000102_2.jpg (12 KB, 400x400)
12 KB
whats the most important part of the gun for accuracy?
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File: 1489042532449.jpg (85 KB, 500x522)
85 KB
>his hands and wrists aren't strong enough to overpower his index finger

The target.
The bolt.

i.e. closed versus open
>what is trigger control
>Sights above trigger

Unless you're legally blind, a poorly-aimed shot with a good trigger pull yields better results than a perfectly-aimed shot with a bad trigger pull 9 times out of 10.

File: nazipower.jpg (128 KB, 968x681)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Post em'
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File: Ruin value.jpg (37 KB, 571x761)
37 KB
Also the power station
this image amuses me.
File: vatnik.jpg (61 KB, 531x640)
61 KB
COPE harder, krautnigger
File: 1541542466142.jpg (3 KB, 157x117)
3 KB

File: 45095.jpg (25 KB, 500x314)
25 KB
Got my ltc 3 months ago and purchased a 320c. I love the gun and use it as my everyday ccw. The more I use it though, the more I realize that I am going to need to purchase a sub-compact weapon if I want to be able to comfortably carry no matter my dress, especially when summer comes around again. I prefer something chambered in 9mm. Everyone I talk to always points to the Shield, which I like. But I want to know if there are any other guns I should be looking at that compete for the same role. I should mention that I live in the people's republic of Massachusetts, so I need a gun that is on the roster.
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Kahr pm9/cm9
That would be a problem seeing as how MA takes 1 year+ to get guns on roster. And that is IF the arms manufacturer is even interested in courting the MA government to sell their guns here. Walther has moved away from MA in the last decade so most of their new shit including the PPQ isn't avaliable. That is why I don't have a PPQ even though I expect it would be the perfect gun for me.

That's different. I'll take a look, thanks.
The MP Shield 1.0 trigger isnt great. It works. Its a self defense pistol for close quarters engagement. IMO the trigger isnt a problem because the gun itself is so short and self defense shootings almost all happen under 10 yards. If you want a super elite sniper pistol you'll be disappointed.
I'm thrilled with my 320c. The ONLY reason I'm in the market for a subcompact pistol is because I'm going to have problems concealing a 320c in certain conditions; mainly when I want to carry while dressed up and want to carry because I can't tuck in a shirt with the 320c.
I have a shield and a pm9. The pm9 is smaller, lighter, and I can shoot better with it too. For some reason I can't stand the grip of the shield and I'm not entirely sure why.

Oddly enough my friend has almost the exact opposite feelings

What are your thoughts on the Algerian military?
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You haven't spent much time around black people, then.

>France have ensured a considerable spread of European genes down there over the last couple of hundred years.
I doubt that very much. How many French colonists were there? How often did they intermarry with Algerians?
>you probably thought the Egyptians were black as well didn't you..........

These guys may be SF but their boots look to be in pretty good condition so better than average.
On the afternoon of 17 January 2013, the Algerian Special Intervention Group began an assault on the complex using helicopter gunships and heavy weapons. Algerian commanders explained they launched the assault because the gunmen had demanded to be allowed to take the hostages abroad.[76] The Mauritanian news agency ANI said the assault came while the terrorists were attempting to move hostages by vehicle.[77] An Irish engineer who survived is reported as having said he saw four trucks of hostages being blown up by the Algerian forces
>An Irish engineer who survived is reported as having said he saw four trucks of hostages being blown up by the Algerian forces
Holy shit these algies don’t fuck around
>Holy shit these algies don’t fuck around
They expel "migrants" right into the Sahara...
For example

>In the escalating war, the generals certainly proved their mettle: they killed without pity. They were also skilled in exploiting the fissures in the ranks of the Islamists and the travesties committed by the terrorists. In hindsight, we can grasp the cold-blooded and chilling efficiency of the Algerian military. The war to which they summoned their men was in truth a war against the population. There were standing orders for army units to stay in their barracks even as massacres were being committed nearby. The military said that it was important to terrorize the terrorists--which they did, and the Algerian population as a whole in the process. And there were also the “dirty tricks”--the killer squads of the army and the special forces and the Département du Renseignement et de la Sécurité (DRS) donning the attire of the Islamists, false beards and all, and taken by helicopter to targeted towns and villages to perpetrate frightful massacres. “Fear must change sides,” the commanders exhorted their men. A killer colonel, surveying his command by helicopter, summed up the attitude of the cabal: “We are to spare no dog, no cat, no mules, no donkeys, and naturally, no Islamists. Each one of our soldiers is worth ten Islamists, be vigilant and merciless.”



File: WRK_edit1.png (872 KB, 534x1024)
872 KB
872 KB PNG
Bonus points for owning edition. Judge and get judged.
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Thank you thought the art was familiar.
Looks like something off this page

File: 1540665709449m.jpg (55 KB, 708x1024)
55 KB
Karina Hart. Bottom half is as boner-licious at the top half IMHO. Mama Milena Velba is also Czech if you're into Milfs with more top half thats YUGE

I'm already married (to a Brazilian like Waifu related) but I have sons that I'm going to force at gun point (with Raifu related) to wife and mother Czech girls (specifically like Waifu related) by moving there after my investments kick off before their teens

File: cabelas.jpg (12 KB, 378x193)
12 KB
Anyone done it? how do they determine the value of a rifle and how much would you get from it?
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you're gay for living there
I got some fucking steals at the Gun Library, but you have to really poor through their database or just get lucky. I would never sell a gun there unless I knew it didn't work and I could dump a boat anchor on them and then wash my hands of it.
That's why you leave details on prices and instructions on how/to whom to sell your guns for your next of kin. Cabela's Gun Library works because people lose their peepaw and have no idea what the fuck is in his safe, how much it's worth, or how to sell it without too much hassle.
That's what I do. $35 per transfer plus 10 day wait is shitty, but it's often worth it if the deal is better than what stores have.
check it in
someone will take it back to the gun library
we will appraise it
make you an offer

File deleted.
All laws are infringement, but:
>immune to mandatory safety recalls (which, understandably, prevents what could be used as a pretense for Day of the Grab)
>FFLs can lie to you with Fuddlore just to get a sale
>will have ridiculous markups on guns (such as 1911 style pistols) simply because they can
>will sell you No Step on Snek/Moldy Labia shit while simultaneously ratting you out to the ATF
Why this fuckery?
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>They can exaggerate things but they can't outright lie about certain things.
Yeah bullshit, saying for example, an IO AK is a good gun is absolutely 100% bullshit, but they say it anyways
fuck you nigger

You think a range officer won't fuck you for NFA violations?
>They have no duty to enforce the NFA dipshit.
And yet theres plenty of ranges that will report you if you bring illegal shit even if you're not bothering anyone
>Just like you have no duty to enforce speed limits on the street outside your house.
Yeah and yet plenty of people will still call the cops if you speed past their house

Its almost like you're fucking retarded
Gimme the OP pic lads
Who are they even going to call? The ATF isn't going to come running and if a cop asks you dont have to show paperwork. They aren't federal officers. Also I have been asked zero times for stamps and have several NFA weapons (I do have stamps for them).

The Union forever!Hurrah, boys, hurrah!
Down with the traitor, up with the star;
While we rally round the flag, boys, rally once again,
Shouting the battle cry of freedom!
30 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
>beat the ebil racists again!!!!
You are the reason why society is dying.
>Southerners are all so fucking inbred
No, that's Middle Easterners you're thinking of.
Hurrah! Hurrah! we bring the jubilee!
Hurrah! Hurrah! the flag that makes you free!
So we sang the chorus from Atlanta to the sea
While we were marching through Georgia.


How sufficient are closed back headphones to protect my hearing from damage?
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
As everyone so nicely said, dont be stupid nigger.
Nigga, ear plugs are like $2 each. Hearing damage is permanent.

Don't be a fucking retard.

I have an Eagle Arms M15. Pic related. If I stick a 9" 300 blackout barrel on it, can I keep everything else the same? Like handguard etc?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: lol.gif (1.42 MB, 320x173)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB GIF
Yeah you can do that easily.
Enjoy federal prison!
I have the exact same, but in basic bitch 223 16". It'll work anon. Btw, do you want another with Magshit on it for $400?
Lol he's totally not gonna actually do it anon because he knows that if he did, he could never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EEEEEEHHHHVEEEERRRRR take it out in public again without risking 10 years worth of ass grabbing by Tyrone. Right OP? RIGHT???????
Well, I assumed you all weren't fuckwits and knew about the process of getting the tax stamp but look where we are now!
File: 1541509725654.jpg (37 KB, 236x262)
37 KB
Good call on the gas tube, I'd probably need a pistol tube.

File: slotted tip.jpg (18 KB, 880x660)
18 KB
What are these things for? You can't wipe a barrel with them. You need a jag to ensure a tight fit between the patch and the bore.
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i see it, it just has nothing to do with dry firing you moron. its just erosion from firing hot rounds. maybe replace your recoil spring once every 3,000 rounds like a normal person or stop shooting +P+ in your police suprlus glock
>appeal to tradition fallacy
>That doesn't work. You need the patch to make complete contact with the bore.
You spin it.
Make an helicoidal motion.
>unnecessary wear

It would probably take you dry firing a hammer fired gun about 3000 times to reach the same amount of “wear” you’d get from firing the gun ONCE.
the reason people don’t dry fire antiques is because just handling them with the oil on your hands is enough to lower their value.

File: 1542739792798-1845323328.jpg (1.85 MB, 2576x1932)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB JPG
People loved to bitch about the LC9's trigger pull. I never found it to be problem.
Who ever bitched about the lc9s trigger pull? The lc9 sure, but the lc9s is widely regarded as good.
that's an apostrophe for reference. I'm assuming the OP bought one as his first pistol.
Yeah I'm talking about the original. It's just not an issue. The first time I fired it I didn't even notice it much.

How many other handguns have you shot OP?

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