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File: marsoc_training.jpg (51 KB, 600x400)
51 KB
Can we agree that MARSOC are the big boys of SOF?

>Minimum rank requirement before joining
>Almost always wear helmets because it isn't a twitter selfie force
>Men must be experts at weapons operations before even attempting selections
>Physically incapable of losing a firefight
>always bring heavy weapons platforms where ever they go
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File: IMG_0007.jpg (236 KB, 960x720)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
Don't forget about the issued drug rugs. I mean just look how happy this MARSOCbro is.
Oh shut up
If they were Spetnaz they would leave with quite a few more bodies than just the hostages.

Those are some JOOCY calves
SOF are faggotsthat get BTFO by literal children with old soviet AKs.

Do not idolize them. They are losers. The USA hasn't wine a war in like 30 years. I prefer warriors that win wars, not some millennial faggots that constant take selfies and constantly record with their go pros

What am I and am I not legally allowed to propel through a cup-type rifle grenade launcher? Is there any legal restrictions to shooting small homeade inert projectiles from one?
Also more importantly, how does one into no rifle damage
>What am I
a faggot
>am I not legally allowed to propel through a cup-type rifle grenade launcher?
you are allowed to shoot everything else then grenades, like tennisballs
>Is there any legal restrictions to shooting small homeade inert projectiles from one?
not that I know of
>Also more importantly, how does one into no rifle damage
buy a rifle suited for this kind of stuff
don't use blanks to shoot the projectiles
What do you mean dont use blanks, what the fuck else am i supposed to use
grenade rounds, specially formulated for propelling things, crimped with red tips, blanks are crimped with white according to NATO standardizaion
Its a yugo k98, im hoping to find a launcher to buy for it. I have 2 kinds of 8mm blanks, and 308 plastic nato blanks which will cycle. Is it a danger to use one vs the other? Whats the difference?

File: heat on stunna.jpg (41 KB, 640x425)
41 KB
This thing just sold for 550k and they didnt bother to get kaizen over pull and pluck
It better have been in the movies to sell for that much. And Harrison Ford better have his fingerprints on it still.

File: Benjamin-392-6.jpg (28 KB, 1000x323)
28 KB
hey yall I've never shot any gun before besides nerf guns and my dads airsoft gun (I believe it's a benjamin 392) and laser tag guns ,but I want to start shooting real guns what do yall recommend?
picture is my dads airsoft gun that I shot
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being this new
Heck of a shotgun
>picture is my dads airsoft gun that I shot
Not sure if you are just that gun-retarded or a troll...
Ruger 10/22. it’s a classic introduction to guns

File: IMG_2022.png (164 KB, 530x400)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
Any anons got the Rock Island Armory M206 Spurless? Considering it for my first CC.
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I'd still consider a full sized or compact to go with the sub compact. Sub compacts are sort of a class of their own but single stack parabellums are starting to catch up to their size profile the last couple years and become more common. Back when 380 or smaller was a sub compact a snub nose might of slipped in here or there but they're just awkwardly large in profile compared to some of the stuff that's available.
We all fucking hate Springfield. And buying their used shit gives them no money
Get a SW 642 instead
File: 1493601613605.jpg (90 KB, 1272x710)
90 KB
>trusing your life on a .32
also this >>38345934
You can just file the spur off anon if you don't like it.

File: images (48).jpg (14 KB, 182x277)
14 KB
Only pre-1950 camouflage ITT
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Frogskin, 1942, worn by US marines in the pacific and a few of troops who landed in normandy, basically americas only camoflage pattern during the war
In europe it was often dangerous to wear because it was infrequent and soldiers were often confused for germans who fielded camo very often
File: Equipment_zps0e4b21a7.jpg (114 KB, 621x466)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
The proper german wehrmacht had very few camo patterns compared to the SS, the most prominant were splittertarnmuster or splinter on the left, and tan and water, or marsh camo which german name escapes me now, on the right
its called sumpftarnmuster or sumpftarn for short
File: camo_wwii_by_tounushi.png (1.14 MB, 2409x2539)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG

File: punisher_v5_031_p14.jpg (542 KB, 1200x1889)
542 KB
542 KB JPG
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Thanks for uploading these man, got anymore or is that it?
He was also in such reprehensible condition that actively attempting to kill them would have gotten him killed and wouldn't have allowed him to fulfill his self-garnered mission.
Weak bait, although I agree on Ennis being insufferable little cunt, pushing his leftist agenda.
It was a private boat, it was pretty clear ebbing hand picked all the boat crew. Same with most of the investors. Part of his "team" si was the only one that objected or saw anything wrong with what was going on.

You're just trying to nit pick some morality crap that just isn't there. Frank didn't even kill them all with the explosion he just sunk the ship, technically it was the sharks doing all the killing... except the guy he plinked to make him easier shark bait the same way others made it to the top of his shit list. They all had it coming either way.
File: tryme.jpg (73 KB, 627x437)
73 KB
Loved this one, Thanks X9.

File: pepper spray.jgif.png (2.05 MB, 1169x753)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB PNG
I've been watching russian road rage vids and a whole compilation had 100% pepper spray interactions. Some of them wimpered some were like a god-dammed fire hose.

I figure it's something I should have, less escalation than pulling a piece.

So, what's the best pepper spray?
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I carry Sabre 5.0 for work, I have been sprayed by it, and I have sprayed others with it.

Hands down one of my favorite tools. Right there with open hand techniques in terms of force level.

When you spray a person it takes 10~ seconds to kick in. The initial blast startles them and before it kicks in they stop what they're doing and comply, try to run which always ends in them running full force into an object, or they recommit to their actions.

If they comply I usually get the cuffs on them right as the OC kicks into gear and they start feeling it.

If they recommit they'll get 3-5 swings in before they go blind at which point I absolutely stomp them out.

It's not instantaneous but it's non-lethal and great to deploy as a preemptive strike.
Not OP, but related question. As far as I know there are 3 main patterns of pepper spray: Stream, fog and gel/foam. Which is the overall best in your opinion and why?
File: 1518817292870m.jpg (46 KB, 1024x599)
46 KB
There is also a stream/fog mixed type (narrow jet), I think it's the best.
Gels and foam are the best for indoor use, but they tend to be weaker. Stream is slightly worse for indoors, and fog is good for denying territory (think of spraying it while retreating). Also fog isn't wind-resistant unlike the previous two, and you might end up JUSTing yourself instead of the target.

As far as I know Russian sprays by Tehkrim are much stronger than most Western ones, especially the 25ml versions because of a retarded law that specifies the maximum irritant content by its absolute volume rather than by percentage from the total. They give a total knockout in under 3 seconds. Also most of them are OC+CS, so CS kicks in first, giving the time for OC to activate.
I carry the same spray as here:
25ml, 150mg CS, 200mg 95% OC (0.79% and 1% from total volume respectively).
I feel like if I got pepper sprayed by a civilian, they're expecting me to be docile and they're docile. Before it kicks in I think I'd do my best to do a face to face rub/hug and at least even the field some.

All theory though, I'm not taking a training blast to see if it's viable, I just see these guys spray and then just stand there- seems tactically stupid to me if you get someone who can adapt to the initial shock before it really kicks in.

Tonight's dump will be Punisher MAX: Mother Russia and Barracuda. I'll be starting with Mother Russia.

Issue one of six
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this one I don't think I've seen before
this slut is going to get offed

File: 2010-11-06_09111.png (476 KB, 709x551)
476 KB
476 KB PNG
Aright /k/. You have to get shot in the abdomen by one rifle round. What round do you choose?
>caveat: at 100yds
My choice? 17 HMR.
>loses a ton of velocity by 100yds
>still fast enough to pass clean through
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Hit me with that military grade thermo nuclear assault cartridge i hear so much in the news
Not a rifle
>My choice? 17 HMR.
You're an idiot.
Wouldn't that literally fall apart before reaching you?
.22 short. I've been shot with one before from >10 yrds. Clean through, minimal damage, hurt like a bitch.

File: GERGMP40-1-large.jpg (19 KB, 694x312)
19 KB
I had a weird dream last night with futuristic nazis armed with modernized MP40s .
And it got me thinking, why hasn't anybody 3d printed buffer tube adapters for GSG the clones? Everyone's waiting for the underfolding stock to come out so why not cash in and possibly screw over GSG?
Related image is a shit mspaint job but a proof of concept.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I plan on buying on but I can't find a underfolder anywhere and would much rather have an adjustable stock. Also if my parents or friends ever visited my house and saw it they might think I'm a neo nazi.
i wish a company would just start making arm brace adaptors for all sorts of weird guns. i want an arm brace on my tec9
Fukin Gamer-fag-children
>i wish a company would just start making arm brace adaptors for all sorts of weird guns. i want an arm brace on my tec9
Novel idea: Why don't YOU make an arm brace adapter for tec9s?

pistol retention lanyards and cords. Are they actually useful? I've never run one.
18 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I've never run one
I kinda just stopped worrying about it desu. Im sure the metric fuckton of atrazine, onions, and flouride and processed meats that have been shoved down my throat since birth have played into it but its like, do i actively think men are attractive? No. Do i actively seek shit out with men? No. Will i ocassionaly be mid meat beat and look at something with a penis? Yep. If it gets the rocks off it gets the rocks off thats aboot it
>tfw too masc to trap
>no /k/ommando would ever want me as their wife
>will never have someone to shoot innawoods with in the day and struggle snuggle me at night

>Tfw too tall to trap (6'6")
>No /k/commando could ever get with me, due to them being a manlets.
File: suffering.jpg (55 KB, 850x400)
55 KB
>Not being a real woman

File: Ca4CdimWEAI5jCZ.jpg (9 KB, 235x235)
9 KB
File: 1521605296556.jpg (15 KB, 400x270)
15 KB
Mfw it’s summer
Wouldn't be summer without ya
File: 1529113769284.jpg (46 KB, 680x680)
46 KB

Last threads >>38244214 >>38291158
You guys are weird
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I'm eternally waiting for a
edit of this that I'm too lazy to make myself
This is repulsive.
Go back to /fit/ smfh.

May the /k/ube smile upon you always, Anon.
Those eyes look about as tired and empty as mine. So yes, can confirm that MP40 doesn't sleep.

File: lcr.jpg (158 KB, 800x800)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Congratulations, anon!

you have abandoned your days of watching Upotte! and being a complete neet to work for a gun store.

during your first day a smol frame gril came in asking for a hybrid CC/Home defense gun, stating she didn't have much experience and would like something she could handle and shoot easily.

what do you suggest she buys?

pic unrelated.
82 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
>any semiauto
>easy to rack, chamber check, or clear a brass jam... without baseline male strength
>ultra compact .380 belly guns
>a good first firearm fir a woman cuz it's smol and stuff
File: iu[1].jpg (1.19 MB, 3264x2448)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
I love these but they're uncommon ad expensive for what they are. Wish beretta would bring them back :(
Not everybody dates linebacker-sized fatasses like you anon.
The fact that this wasn't the first and only post in the thread is very telling. Most /k/ids don't know shit.

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