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EDC thread
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Where do you keep the popper chilling?
Keaster carry
Dat griptillian, my nigga
trips decide my next poly compact
Hi-Point in .380

File: obrezand.jpg (43 KB, 800x600)
43 KB
why is CMP the only group that gets to sell milsurp garands?
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Suck a bag of dicks faggot
I want to get an M1 from CMP, but the only decent gun club around here requires NRA membership. If I want to protest against some political bullshit the NRA is doing by suspending my subscription then I can go fuck myself I guess.
Can't. You've hoarded them all for yourself.
join the Garand Collector's Association and use your CC, Hunter's Safety, Military Service, or a target signed by an RSO at any range (even a non-CMP and non-NRA affiliated one)

hell, you might even be able to use shotgun or rifle merit badges as proof
File: fbqga37xvlky.jpg (39 KB, 656x552)
39 KB
>enforces a false scarcity
what are you basing this inference on?
>to reach the end user market
at a substantially higher price point? you just want them to be drastically overpriced for the sake of a pure laissez-faire market? are you retarded?

File: 1452134989739.jpg (666 KB, 2560x1600)
666 KB
666 KB JPG
Someone tried telling me that the reason the Germans in WWII largely stuck with bolt-action rifles was because their infantry doctrine had riflemen as the supporting role in an attack. They said that for Germans, the machinegun was the primary offensive and defensive weapon, and the riflemen served to support and protect the machinegunner during offensive operations.

Is this true? Or is it a fuddlore myth? It seems like it could make sense but it also seems like bullshit since no other nation that I know of adopted a doctrine like that. I always thought machineguns were always seen as supporting roles.

And yes I'm aware that the Mauser in pic related is a Yugo Mauser, no I don't know why a German soldier is using one, I think it's a reenactor or something.
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The machine gun was to suppress the enemy while riflemen maneuvered to attack with bayonets and grenades. They likely would've prefered to provide every rifleman with a semi-automatic rather than a bolt action but had neither the industrial base to do so nor an easy to produce prototype
>"I browse /k/ so I know more than anyone else does!"
Welcome to reality.
Fuck off muhreen
The machine gunner has to carry 20kg of ammo, and every German squad meme had to carry another 20kg for the mg.

250 round belts of ammo get fucking heavy quick

Also in pander grenadier squads they'd carry 2 mg42s, one in 5 troops would have an mg.
Squad member*

File: t3xctr.png (132 KB, 1600x310)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
>moved out of daddies hunting lodge 6 years ago
>no guns
>wanna get back into shooting
>long range sounds fun
>wanna elk hunt too eventually
>live in Commiefornia
>make too much money

>want Tikka T3x
>in 6.5 Creedmoor
>can't decide between the CTR and the Tac A1
>90% of my shooting will be at paper

Is there any reason I shouldn't get the Tac A1 (other than you guys calling me a faggot) or should get it chambered in something else?
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Just went back and apparently they do make the CTR in .300 WM, guess that makes my choice easier.
I'll just get a chassis later if I want. Thanks anon.
Wait no they don't the thing on their site was bugged.
There are some other models in .300 WM like the Super Varmint and Lite Adjustable though... hmm...

They don't make anything in .338 Lapua, only .338 WM. I don't know anything about .338 WM life if it fits the same chamber or whatever.
I got a T3x .308 for $700 out the door from Whittaker guns during a sale.

Have no complaints as of yet.
Same guy, replying from phone cause I'm pooping.

Are you me? What you riding on? Ive got an 09 r6 and a 2007 fz1n
File: IMG_20171013_173812_020.jpg (3.24 MB, 3264x2448)
3.24 MB
3.24 MB JPG
2009 Suzuki DRZ400SM (rode it to CA from NY)
2017 Husqvarna 701 Supermoto
2002 Kawasaki KX250

Occasional /k/ arts and pics thread time!

>Post your best /k/ arts and images
>Can be from Videogames, TV shows, movies, real pics or fictional drawn ones
>Post some music you think also fits in a combat or /k/ situation as a bonus too
>Artists and drawfags are welcome too, and maybe do some requests too if okay
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Always liked the Helghast. We need more.
Totally forgot that was a thing. I know what I'm doing this weekend.
Sittin' here with my window open, cool fall air flowin' in, watchin' your vids. Good job.

New thread. This one hit the image limit a long time ago.
dat /k/ patch

File: 1506552856159.gif (117 KB, 529x733)
117 KB
117 KB GIF
ITT you get one wish from a zergface genie
Rule 1: Wish must be /k/ related
Rule 2:No, im not giving your nugget a pussy
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File: 1506206426982.jpg (33 KB, 629x505)
33 KB
Cure my med condition and let me enlist
I wish for a magic wall around /k/ that magically keeps anyone who's ever willingly clicked a Reddit link or gone on /pol/ from viewing the board.
that would be magi/k/al
please send me to arizona
i wish for a gf who likes guns and ranting for hours about guns.

>be me
>arrange meet to sell gun private sale
>buyer shows up
>agree to price
>shake hands
>won't let hand go
>"now answer me something son"
>smacks lips
>"are you a follower of christ?"
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>arrange meet to sell gun private sale
>buyer shows up

>"well axually"
>breathes in gommunism
>"marx says religion is the opiate of the masses"

Just kidding I told him I'm a good God fearing boy
>doesn't offer you a chicken or used truck parts instead of cash
Must not be in the south.
>swapping AR and frills for 92fs
>buyer is somehow $20 short for a bag of mags/handguards/other accessories
>"Will you take a chicken?"

I've never had this problem from arms list but I have on Craigslist

Funny/sad cl story
>list 10 concrete pavers for sale
>guy says I'll take em
>shows up
>looks them over real hard (I posted pics)
>"All I have on me is 3$"
>contemplating telling him to f off
>"sure whatever buddy"
>laugh and cry internally and man's lack of morals

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

But was it a laying hen or a rooster?

File: 20171017_091208.jpg (3.31 MB, 4032x3024)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB JPG
Found this. No mfgs name or model number. Just serial number. 38. Special. It has a grip safety.
Might be a Harrington and Richardson 38. Be sure that it's actually chambered for .38 special and not ".38 S&W," which is more likely IMO.
looks like a first model iver johnson. post a pic of the other side
You say grip safety, but do you mean trigger safety? I don't see a grip safety in your pic, and S&W are the only one I can think of with a grip safety. (That's definitely not a S&W.)

Looks like an Iver Johnson Safety Hammerless, 2nd model. (1st model has a different latch arrangement on the top strap, and 3rd model, the only one good for smokeless, doesn't have the trigger safety.)

It's .38 S&W (an old blackpowder cartridge), even lower pressure than .38 Special. Definitely not safe to shoot .38 special in, and while a 2nd model in good condition is safe (as in, not blowing up) to shoot with modern smokeless .38 S&W, doing so will beat the crap out of it in short order. You really should only shoot blackpowder.

On your particular example, the latch on top that holds it closed is broken or missing, and even with that part replaced, I'd guess (from exterior condition) that it wouldn't be safe to fire, but you never know. Have a good gunsmith check it out.

If the action still functions well, you might look into replacing the latch, and shooting it with primers and wax bullets (no powder) -- great way to have fun with an old gun like this, even on a rainy day.
just get it checked out by a gunsmith, fill it with black powder blanks, and CC it
if you ever get in a hairy situation the smokescreen should cover your retreat
Sounds hilarious

File: finlandstronk.png (65 KB, 307x472)
65 KB
How do you fuck up this BAD?
32 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Does it really matter? It´s not as if winning the war permanently turned the tide against socialism in this country.

Enjoy being snooped upon by next january and disarmed by 2030.
finn mongols > wh*te russians
The Vietnamese were victorious. They received every scrap of land they had demanded in the first place. USA never managed an offensive during the entire Vietnam war. Casualties are laughably in favor of USA. Although, the Vietnamese probably lost 3:1 they were always on the offensive during the Vietnam War.

Also, the Vietnamese held back from industrial bombardment due to political reason. They could have crushed every coastal city with shelling to full effect on USA troops but didn't. Either way the ebil gommie bastards are villified.

Fuck off, if victory is losing an inordinate amount of men to what was a geopolitical pipsqueak at the time (no offense to finland), for Karelia and some fucking islands, then there are no fucking losers in war if your definition of winning is so loose and ill-defined, much like your asshole.

If your argument is that the soviets were too kind to win, fuck off, they must've been braindead idiots to not take advantage of their "shelling capabilites", which is no surprise considering how stupid they had to be to let 20 million people die in the Ukraine, one of the most fertile lands on the planet.
and people say NATO isn't the resurrection of the third reich
File: muhkrasnybor.jpg (117 KB, 343x911)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
They had aircraft too.

File: IMG_2153.jpg (615 KB, 1354x2100)
615 KB
615 KB JPG
Gray man general /gmg/

Let's show off our grayman loadouts
217 replies and 69 images omitted. Click here to view.
>70% of /k/ is out of shape
This, look at any /k/ meetup, most people are too thin, others are overweight, but a very few are /fit/
>t. fatfag
This list is bad, delete it from your computer.
File: Oklop.jpg (692 KB, 1407x2160)
692 KB
692 KB JPG
Type 97 FTU
File: 1446375554044.jpg (10 KB, 235x284)
10 KB
grey man, more like gay man

File: download (1).jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
Hey I'm thinking about buying a relatively small knife as my daily driver mainly for self defence a) because I'm a short guy 5'7 170cm and b) because I want it strapped to my calf and c) because I wan to wear every day in public without being noticeable. I'm novice regarding knives and want to see your best suggestions for knives and straps.
P.S. I know that a knife can be used against you in case that you don't know how to properly handle and use it and I'm gonna get some lessons from a certified professional.
Your knife-fu is most definitely not as good as their gun-fu. Just carry a pocket folder you turbo autist manlet.
Boot knives are the most retarded shit. Stand up right now and bend your fat ass over and pretend to draw it. In the time it takes for you to take a knee, roll up your pants, draw the knife, and stand back up, Tyrone has already stabbed you with his non-autist pocketknife. I carry a folding knife in my pocket and no one has ever noticed it. Fuck boot knives.

Anything aesthetic, beautiful, cool and extraordinary /k/ related art and music.

Old Thread: >>35490253

Post your own art, link songs that go well with the theme. Found a picture that is very /k/ but have no real friends to share that stuff with?Post it here! (Try to not repost images that are in the old thread because of the low image limit per thread.)
18 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>nobody cares about his faggot taste on /ic/
>so the noguns comes to /k/ to ruin the board
File: thisguy.jpg (25 KB, 364x302)
25 KB
Wow this is pretty terrible actually, /k/ or not.
I enjoy the draw fags stuff. Pretty neat. But the music would be better on /gif/ especially with the sound supported webm.
File: 006.jpg (578 KB, 1734x2000)
578 KB
578 KB JPG
Most recent thing I have done. Used a fair amount of copic markers for this.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (132 KB, 1920x1080)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
is he..dare i say../our guy/?

I lowkey wish he didn't blow up as much, now he just seems too mainstream..
70 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.

it's a ban-era DPMS, hence the cheap free float, no muzzle device, and the fixed stock. the 10 rounder would make sense too, though i'd guess a LE agency could get 10+ rounders.

it's probably a circa-2003 photo.
Lazy entitled millenial here, weren't LE excluded from the AWB?

yeah, but agencies got lazy and didn't want to jump through hoops, especially if funding was low or they didn't want to deal with paperwork. especially if you were only buying a few rifles.

you could go on HK Pro and see a lot of SWAT teams with shortened HK 94s, even with fake suppressor shrouds, instead of a real MP5 back in the day.
GT has gone straight shill. All his vids are just product shit now.
Do you guys think he will be making any more Garand videos in the future?

I don’t want to clean it like Taliban with shoe laces, goat fat, and piss. What do you use? Do you do anything with the wood furniture?
A cleaning rod and the appropriate brush, oil of your choice.
You don't
nigga it's literally machinery, and not picky high tolerance machinery. It does not matter at all how you clean it, so long as you clean it. Even that is questionable, you can skip cleaning it and be fine for a long time.

>get the shit out of the bore
>clean off carbon shit in the action
>lubricate moving parts
It does not matter how this is done so long as you don't use corrosive agents and fail to remove them (so, don't leave pools of water in your gun to rust shit) and use a capable lubricant (WD40 IS NOT A LUBRICANT, it does however work as a solvent-just be sure to remove it when finished or it will dry out and gum up the works; that said, even this rule has wiggle room. Plenty of people use WD40 as a lubricant and for the most part it works for them).

So, water and engine oil? Works just fine. Piss and goat fat? Yep sure why not. Hoppes, froglube, machine oil, gasoline, mineral oil, it seriously does not even begin to matter. Use a shoe lace knotted up to scrub that bore? Works just fine. Toothbrush and cleaning rod with patches? Whatever floats your boat. Wipe it down with paper towels and run some water down the bore? Yeah, it's an AK, it won't care.

This isn't rocket science and it doesn't matter how gucci your goddamn solvent/lube is, it literally does not matter and anyone who claims it does is braindead.

I use whatever is on hand. Currently that's a big bottle of Hoppes no 9 a friend gave me, and some machine oil. When that runs out I'm gonna buy some ballistol because sprays are handy. I seriously just use knotted up shoelaces to clean the bore, brush the rest with a toothrbrush, finish by wiping down with paper towels.

Does Texas have the force and projection capability to invade NYC?
224 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
long island has a lot of good families on it so i think it would be best to barricade the mainland fags from swarming those peoples homes and killing innocent white christians.
the boy friend from the beginning looks like a young george zimmerman
why are all of those shit then?
Strong Island is practically the south past a certain point. As is upstate NY. Both would gleefully watch the city burn down. Hell some would even help.
like officers retreats during ww1 where officers sipped fine wine while watching the fireworks.

i cant imagine anything more comfy.

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