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File: wtfisthisshit.png (139 KB, 787x272)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
Help, my brother created this abomination and im extremely disappointed in him.
Please destroy this monstrosity
How do you make HK556 uglier
Take him shooting and he won't draw this shit
Something about this gun makes me nauseas
Much the same.... Holy shit this is so bad.

File: J_qp0rLu.jpg (32 KB, 500x500)
32 KB


>President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed a massive defense bill that authorizes everything from troop pay raises to military end strength in fiscal 2018.

>The Fiscal 2018 National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, authorizes about $700 billion for the Defense Department, including $634 billion for the base budget and $66 billion for the war budget.

>Even so, the authorization bill approved by Congress includes numerous policy-related provisions, many of which are in line with what the president requested, though it authorized additional funding for higher pay raises, more weapons, and more troops.
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>The legislation authorizes the creation of a new database to record all training completed by military members. This information will be made available to employers and states to help veterans get certifications or licenses, or claim their military experience when applying for a civilian job.

Why the fuck is this not already a thing?

Looks like the coast guard yet again gets nothing.
It is, its just not electronically shareable
>The legislation mandates for all mobilized Reserve Component members to receive pre-mobilization and transitional health care.

So everyone gets TAMP. Super.
>Looks like the coast guard yet again gets nothing.
This. It's sad how the USCG is neglected so badly when they play such an active and important role here at home. Coasties need to be rescued from the DHS choke-hold and brought under the DoD. They are operating with a $914mil short-fall right now and after all they did after these hurricanes these past months they deserve that money more than anyone right now.
Vatnik pls

File: marginally related.jpg (58 KB, 620x424)
58 KB
Shipping out to basic beginning of February, and after that OSUT for tanks.

Any dos and don'ts for basic? OSUT?
I don't look forward to basic, but I can't wait to get to tank school.
Don't put your dick in another recruit's ass
Hmm, I wonder if there would be a general about this. That would answer questions about enlisting in the military. A military enlistment general. Nah, preposterous.

So why do you want to work for Goldman Sachs? - edition
Old >>36146854
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File: 1509839547963.png (2.76 MB, 1920x1080)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB PNG
How would you like to give her a "hard education," hmm?
Life is too short not to dabble in experiments, do that which your soul requires

I have no addictions to anything, EVER. I have no self...I only perceive in eternities and absolutes of zero.

Having said that I've done every drug known to man. They all feel the god same now and it's fucking BORING.

> I now get off shit made to be non-toxic

Oh...there are toxins in there.... I found em.

What handguard is that?
Looks like an elf

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From where are they coming, and to where are they going. I love hypotheticals like this.
Get fast
and eat ass
Ahahahahahahhaha.... wait. Your serious?
Get the feds to do it for you
You're going to have to build a time machine to go back several years ago. There's this thing called Fast and Furious, approved by the authorities and totally legit.

So I have this opportunity to buy the pictured rifle for 395, unfired.

Details as follows:
Anderson complete lower
Shop will replace stock with a magpul STR for about $60
4150 Steel
Phosphate Finish
Carbine Length Gas
1x7 or 1x8 Twist barrel
Threaded 1/2x28 for muzzle devices.
15" free floating keymod fore end
They're offering to add Magpul MBUS front for $29 & rear for $42.25.
M16 BCG and Standard charging handle.

Deal? No deal? Opinions?
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But you'll understand when I say firing pins are an unnecessary big of a bitch
We have a direct resell brand, but its an industry secret that we manufacture parts or complete guns for nearly everyone out there with a low-cost AR-15.

We do supply Ceratac, note some suppliers ask for slightly different prints/specs on parts to look "unique:

Beleive me, we outsourced pins back in the day and had hell when we got a soft batch, or even .002" small. Now we do it all in house and gauge every pin made. We even had triggers that were over hardened from another shop that chipped after 1,000 rounds going full auto.

Op, palmetto state has sales on shit all the time. At the very least, you’ll get a comparable rifle with either sights or a Magpul stock for right around the same price. Throw down a little more and get one of their nicer uppers with the cold hammer forged barrel and you’ll have a really solid gun
damn good price IMO
Why did you churn out that abortion?

File: 550_551.jpg (35 KB, 655x367)
35 KB
Is this as good as people say it is or is it all just a meme?
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the 550 is the longest version. repeal the import ban on rifles.
unfortunate that the share act is probably dead, I was hoping that even if the HPA got ripped out of it the import stuff would make it through
No, retard.
Little over 1moa factory test, ymmv
not wrong
Would be you? Not that same anon but hes right. I dont know what youre trying to debate here.

What do u guys think about it?
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OP here I just bought it for $899 god I hate California
They aren't bad entry level guns, quality wise, but they aren't as cheap as PSA, Smith and Wesson, or Ruger, and that makes it hard to suggest them.

Del Ton's LPKs are way higher quality than PSAs though...
Great lower parts, smooth operating, and you get some Magpul furniture. Excellent starter AR. When you get bored you can throw a really bitchin upper on it and call it a day.
I didn't know that company was in E-city. The ads for $400 ones on clearance sites makes my spider sense tingle but I honestly just started learning about ARs. It would help if I could get details for what they do right or wrong.
someone with lots of moneies buy one and put it through the ringer.

Six men with kevlar vests and ar15s break into your home looking to rob you

What do you do /k/?
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this, or instantly die, depending on the guys
Butter all of my doorknobs. Good luck getting in, fuckers.
>Bastards breaking into my house
>Activate Tripwire mines
>Surviving bastards still persistent
>Goes onto my backdoor
>Activating Claymores BOOM!
>Sipping my green tea at the dead bastards.
Lunatic 1st Class Combat Engineer.
Climb out my window and down to the street, run over to neighbors and use their phone to call the police.

What the fuck am I and my shitty 12 gauge gonna do against six guys with guns?
Kevlar vests?? FWARKKKKK!

Present boipucci and hope they have combat boners

File: 1511407710823.jpg (151 KB, 396x594)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Just read a book about it and im wondering has anyone in modern times come back as far from the brink of defeat and overwhelming odds as the Chechen rebels in the First Chechen War?
>running out of men and lost dozens of your best commanders from grueling combat
>lost all major urban centers
>holding off the final Russian advances into the mountains with groups made of literally just dozens of men
>most heavy weapons and military vehicles have been lost to combat, lack of maintenance or left behind breaking out of constant Russian encirclement's
>So low on ammo and supply you're almost totally dependent on raiding the Russians for ammo and food
>Suddenly a main commander with less then 100 men attacks Russia and take a town hostage asking fro an end to the war
>Russia says gets fucked and sends there most elite forces including the Spetsnaz Alpha Group to take them out
>Survive 3 assaults and constant tank bombardment, bringing the Russians to the negotiating table
>Get a ceasfire and a chance for the rebels to recover from the brink of defeat
>fast foward
>Restored but still battered Chechen rebels throw everything they have left at the capital in there version of Tet offensive
>surround and overrun the entire military prescence
>Russia says fuck this and leaves your country
I mean that seriously has to be one of the most impressive turn around victories of the last century, whats some other impressive David vs Goliath victories?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
There was a second Chechen War.
I think that russia held back because they were worried about US/UN involvement like bosnia
Western Zog states have had a boner for muslims since the 90s
No way. Even though Russia was in no shape for a war with NATO, there's no way we'd go to war with them over fucking Chechnya.
I guess youre right
Now though, it seems western states would love for russia to give them an excuse
Especially if they can virtue signal to the world
No way. We had a chance with Georgia, then with Ukraine. And we did nothing both times.

We will not fuck directly with Russia, and they will not fuck directly with us. It is in no ones interests.

File: AR15 stock image.png (98 KB, 700x204)
98 KB
Why do you need an AR? This isn't a political thread. I'm not saying anything about whether you should have one. I just want to know why you would want one.
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File: 1503866514229.jpg (28 KB, 480x326)
28 KB
>good for target practice
>good for home defense
>decent/usable for hunting
>inexpensive ammo
>inexpensive magazines
>inexpensive parts
>can be bought for less than $300 shipped to your FFL (http://www.combatarmory.com/complete-ar15-pistol-kit-with-anderson-lower-223-5-56-10-5-barrel-1-7/)
>can be made at home with a router and and a drill press
>easy to disassemble and maintain

I mean a better question is why wouldn't you want an AR-15
>cheap price range
>inexpensive ammo
>consistent reliability
>very capable of modifications, magazines, barrels, etc
Some of our bears are actual predators. Grizzlies, Kodiaks, and polar bears, for instance. Your effeminate little Euro black bears would also wind up on the menu.
>Isn't .224 caliber a little small for hunting?

Let me guess. You either never hunted in your life time or purposely shitposting for (You)s.

File: 1472675809802.jpg (205 KB, 1936x1936)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Have you kept illegal guns or modified guns to be illegal and not felt bad about it?

We know that surely many californian youtuber gun owners keep the stash that they lost in a boating accident and they keep quiet about it.

However i heard of a friend of mine that got a M-11 and ilegally made it full auto, and i agree with his opinion. Turning a semi into a full auto is piss easy and should not be illegal. But how many /k/ommandos actually do something that would be illegal and just dont give a fuck about the ATF?

>inb4 ATF go away
Not even living in the US. No need to send details or use your real IP. I just wanna know how many follow through with the ATF bullshit or just say "fuck it" and do what they want with their property.
51 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.

Normally a rifled barrel can't be AOW but in this case the ATF said it can. And just because it's not commonly enforced doesn't make it not illegal. Only way doing it would get my friend in trouble is if he robbed a bank with it and they wanted to throw more charges at him.
Story or original video pls?
Of course I don’t. I don’t want to go to prison. But even if I did, why the fuck would I ever admit to it in writing?
File: 1454020035765.jpg (60 KB, 334x750)
60 KB
Shut the fuck up Mr. ATF man.
Almost bought an old marlin 336 in 30-30 with no serial number. Didn’t have signs of it being tampered with though so they just have done a good job removing it

File: M&P9c.jpg (515 KB, 800x595)
515 KB
515 KB JPG
>is there a better CCW than the M&P9c?
No. No there isn't.
Maybe a brick
Nigga, what the fuck is a brick?
Bricks are a common item used for building buildings think of them as a large Lego block.
Interesting enough some have the word Glock on the side.

A Buick might be better than a brick.

File: Glock-23-40S-W_main-1.jpg (121 KB, 1000x1000)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Sup /k/. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good dual recoil spring for a gen 3 Glock 23? Reliability is paramount so if it's something that fails even remotely occasionally, I'll just stick to my gen 3 stock spring. I read that the EFK springs have a less than desirable reliability. Help?

>inb4 all the questions instead of answers to my question

Ok basically here's my deal. I carry a G22 for work because I'm mandated to, no I'm not allowed to modify it in any way or carry something else. I bought a used G23C with a stock non-ported barrel for my off duty carry. I took it to the range the other day for the first time along with my G22 and it was noticeably snappy which is an understatement. I have previously owned a gen 3 Glock 27 which I had not noticed to be this snappy. I have previously owned a Glock 29 which I mainly shot Underwood loads through, and this felt comparable to that. After one mag I felt it in the web of my hand, and I was not shooting hot loads. 180 grain Freedom and 180 grain Magtech. I always thought the Gen 4 dual recoil spring crap was snake oil until this past weekend. Hopefully this answers everyone's questions so that no one feels obliged to waste their time asking me questions, I'm just looking for advice here lol.
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I didn't bubba the gun. I agreed to a private sale on a G23 and found out at time of delivery that it was a "C" model unfortunately. Went along with it because it was a hell of a deal. Wolf as in Lone Wolf or is that a different company?
found the site im checkin it out now. thanks man


Midway has a better price than Wolff direct.

They sell 18-22 pounds in a pack to decide which one you like the best. I've heard good things about the ISMI steel guide rod which is a bit less expensive than Wolff's.
Fuck, ISMI rod only works with ISMI springs. Disregard

File: full.jpg (167 KB, 800x600)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
how did such a shitty gat get so popular?
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Go back to your containment thread dumb glimmerposter, and keep it far from /k/
They're called 2011's
I didn't like her at first but she's grown on me in the past few seasons

"Muh World War 2"
"Muh Nazis"
"Muh grandpa's gun"

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