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File: 20180223_180728.jpg (3.84 MB, 4032x3024)
3.84 MB
3.84 MB JPG
Just picked this all up at the local gun show for $620 out the door

Did I do good or did I pay too much?
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Its a candle you ape
Pmags are around $12 from brownells. That mag charger thing is completely unnecessary.
those are polished stones you monkey
who cares, you have an AR now. do some fucking research next time if it's gonna bother you
>if you don’t know about cheap ARs you must be nogunz!
Go fuck yourself newfag

File: IMG_20170615_203111858.jpg (933 KB, 1852x2728)
933 KB
933 KB JPG
Hey guys I'm planning a d&d game and I'm currently writing a campaign, and part of this campaign focuses on a a historical conflict between Orks and Dwarves and for inspiration I'm looking towards the eastern front, with the dwarfs being some pseudo german stand ins and the orks being pseudo russian stand ins.

What are some other things I should add to this

>instead of a winter the dwarfs are stalled by a severe rainy season that bogs down the advance
>they get their own sort of stalingrad type defeat and retreat
>bitter house to house fighting
>dwarfs massacre entire ork villages and towns

What are some other things I should add? Just imagine both races in their respective world war 2 counterparts uniforms if it helps.
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>What are some other things I should add?

Ludicrously huge seige engines. Big enough to throw a house a mile. Genocidal behavior on both sides. Prisoners get worked to death. Lots of subterranean combat- imagine the battle of Kursk taking place in a coal mine. Use some of the larger monsters as armored or mechanized forces- tarrasques as huge tanks, supported by war mammoths, and so on. Bulettes and carrion crawlers opposing. Titanotheres hauling big-ass wagons of supplies. Dragon turtles infesting bodies of water.

Have some minors on both sides, to represent the lesser players on the eastern front. Gnomes, halflings, and assorted were-beasts allied with the dwarves. Hobgoblins, gnolls, kobolds, and bugbears with the orcs.

The main thing is, everything has to happen about 4 times larger than life.
If you knew what most Germans looked like, you would substitute them for elves, not dwarves. They are tall and thin, not short and stout like ((them)))

I'm not saying germans are dwarves, in the d&d universe dwarfs have a massive hate boner for goblins and orks, I'm using this to make a historical battle that takes place 100 years prior to the story taking place, and am merely looking to the eastern front for inspiration
Did not take long for this to devolve into racial supremacy nonsense. Grats, OP
>I'm using this to make a historical battle that takes place 100 years prior to the story taking place,

Read “The Silver Spike” by Glen Cook. Gobs of inspiration there. Very Eastern Front vibe going on. He has a really good perspective on combat spellcasting that I tried working into my own campaigns.

File: I49HWG7.jpg (901 KB, 2092x3718)
901 KB
901 KB JPG
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latch for folding stock
But does it take glock mags?
It's the kind of AK that preschoolers shoot up the halls with
File: bbR3SIU.jpg (86 KB, 960x734)
86 KB
>It's the kind of AK that preschoolers shoot up the halls with

Pfht, that's a terrible idea. AK's are not at ALL suitable for children. Here, take this and EDUCATE yourself.
Pretty sure thats a polish grenade launcher.

What is your favorite WWII era gun?
>pic related
File: MP_40_AYF_3[1].jpg (857 KB, 2550x1335)
857 KB
857 KB JPG
Something about a submachine gun with a relatively low rate of fire just drives me wild. I think I'd put the M3 Grease Gun up there too for the same reason.
File: serveimage.jpg (100 KB, 1055x696)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
All of them, they're all awesome
File: dp28.jpg (256 KB, 1601x778)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
DP-28, mah pan mag

File: HT_PMC_07_VER.jpg (121 KB, 640x480)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
as there ever been a war or battle were both sides were mercenaries or pmc's??
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File: stormfag BTFO yet again.png (152 KB, 1080x765)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Someone post the cap
File: shamefuk.gif (852 KB, 326x300)
852 KB
852 KB GIF
>kikes attempting memes
Mercenaries were looked down upon by mid sixteenth century, Machiavelli suggested (correctly) that a mercenary force will never triumph over a conventional army. Of course, we (whites) haven't fought a "conventional" army in decades, and there's money to be made in Merc Work.
File: milanese harness.jpg (2.46 MB, 1134x1799)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB JPG
Yeah. It was called the Italian Renaissance.

File: image.jpg (51 KB, 640x480)
51 KB
Holy Jesus.
What is that.
What the FUCK IS THAT?!
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No, it's a FAMAS, you goddamned troglodyte
jesus christ this thread kek
File: image.jpg (84 KB, 1280x720)
84 KB
Jesus fucking christ, best post/10

20 minutes later and Im still laughing
File: Home Defense Weapon.png (150 KB, 519x518)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
>Private Pyle eats on wood with impunity
More like eats wood with impunity

File: 7-4320076_1.jpg (12 KB, 275x275)
12 KB
What magnification woukd you use for a 10/22 with a target barrel, target trigger, built solely to ring out bullseyes and cans from 25~75 yards away? My friend says 4X is plenty, but on all the 3-9x ive used, ive always left it on 9x wishing for more zoom.
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Nigga yoh can see a 1/4" bulleye 75 yards away?
The front sight takes up like half the target. Im talking some real precise stuff.
I've got something similar to the TSR200s on my 10/22 and I can bop beer cans at 100 yards no problem.

I've been using it for rabbits and squirrels for over 10 years, and never thought I needed any magnification.

Maybe you ought to learn to shoot.
Get a peep or diopter sight with a front globe like on an actual target .22

Your friend is correct. Unless you have an eye problem, a 4x32 scope is plenty for that distance.

I have a "stock except for the trigger" 10/22 with a cheap Centerpoint 4x32 scope which serves just fine for popping Richardson's ground squirrels out to 100 yards. No problem.

File: fag gun.png (586 KB, 540x960)
586 KB
586 KB PNG
is this a good buy for my first gun my men? 300$
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Bersa BP9CC is a great gun. I've never liked the Thunder or it's variants. In fact I have a BP9CC sitting on my desk. Super comfy, very thin, quality CC, and the same price as a Thunder.
Meh just my opinion for something of that weight I'd rather just go with a 9mm. However i shot my buddy's p238 a while back and it was an excellent shooter so i can see the appeal of a heavy 380. I just don't see it as a practical carry gun.
This, either get an LCP or else get a 9mm, they are still light enough on recoil to be comfortably fired by women.
Have new are you? Fixed doesn't mean permanently attached
It weighs the same as a glock 26 man

What's the most I should pay for a iwi uzi?
I've seen them online for around 200 but my LGS has it for 5? DO i support them and try to haggle or buy it online?
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That's a .22lr. When you say an UZI, it's assumed you're talking about the big boy version, not some gay look alike.
oh shit just looked up the real one, where do you buy one of those? I got a budget of about 2k and I dunno if I should buy one nice gun or a few cheap ones. I don't buy em for protection, just to go to the range
9mm semi-auto found here. It's $1,000. http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/component/virtuemart/shipping-rifles/aam-rmuz-09-detail.html?Itemid=0
Aside from the looks, semi auto Uzi's, Mac 10's, Tec 9's, etc. are all pretty shitty. They don't offer really any advantage over a normal pistol, but they're heavier, less accurate, less ergonomic, and the triggers are generally bad.
I have one these, it’s super fun and well made. I’d still get it even if you are getting a real uzi. For $300 its a good deal. $500 is bs.

File: images-9.jpg (17 KB, 443x332)
17 KB
Why are gun shop owners / staff always rude as fuck and have no personality?

>went gun shop today to pick up Enfield
>staff don't talk just do paperwork and send people home
>have to ask for help i noticed since they will just ignore you otherwise
>if you ask them something they give you a "fuck off" look before answering

Been to a few, all a bunch of cunts.
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Are you sure you're not autistic?
Have you considered that maybe there is something about the way you look/act that they don't like?
>gun shop
>theyre allowed to carry, you are not
>their newest hires are overly punctual veterans with beards
>can barely get a lick of words out of them without 1000 yard stares and them just saying nothing
>always try to find the quirkiest old dude for gun dealins
You're autistic as fuck. Being friendly and offering assistance is just part of retail. Just say "I'm just browsing right now, thank you." Like magic, the store employee will smile, offer future assistance if necessary, and depart, leaving you free to buy your stupid pants.

>hey l would like
>weird meme gun
>vet shop employee
>super robotic "I.Would.Not.Recommend.This.Seems.Useless.All.You.Need.Is.Mil.Spec."

>quirky ol dude
>"haha oh wow what the hell is that thing it must be fun"

>renting gun
>vet robot

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 9_19_parabellum_FMJ-2.jpg (18 KB, 300x216)
18 KB
If people want to ban AR-15s because "they're weapons of war", does that mean we should also ban the:

8mm Mauser
.303 British
.45 ACP
.308 Winchester
.223 Remington

cartridges because they were originally designed for the military and therefore, in their minds, have no civilian applications?
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See how easy this is when you're capable of rational thought instead of "muh gunz"?
Don't forget to pointout to them that the Internet grew out of the DARPAnet project for maintaining federal and military communication networks in the event of nuclear war, and is still used by the military!
shut the fuck up you are literally giving them a list of what to start on next because they would say yes when you were fishing for a no
BAN ASSAULT JAM NOW! Weapons of war have no place in our kitchens
Looks comfy.

File: lvweddingshooting1n.jpg (38 KB, 635x445)
38 KB
yall niggers have given me shit in the past for wanting to open carry at a wedding. yeah until shit like this happens.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
It’s fairly typical for Brazil.
What a fat fucking Silva.
Nobody cares if you CC at a wedding. OC is autistic and retarded in all cases.
I OC innawoods. Not autistic at all.
open carry detears crime. i OC all the time and get free coffee and respect at work.

File: 1492704.jpg (54 KB, 800x537)
54 KB
in a SHTF scenario, if you could only have one one medical/healthcare book, which one would it be?
102 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm not sure what a "junior doctor" is but it sounds suspiciously like a med student or intern that could use a good pimping.
Rational Phytotherapy: A Reference Guide for Physicians and Pharmacists by Volker Schulz
>Note, however
Noted, but I have done pretty well so far.
>Hey, anon. Remember when you taught me how to pull a tooth?
>Check this shit out.
>points at weeping gap between teeth
>TFW I realize he fucking did it.
>The poorfag had an abscess and he remembered what I had taught him five years previously and he successfully did it.

You're obviously a good teacher.
I knew a girl in high school who claimed that her father removed one of her wisdom teeth with pliers.

An oral surgeon friend of mine told me that the "older" patient undergoes changes in oral flora. Accordingly, oral pathogens shift from bacteria such as Streptococcus sp. to anerobes and spirochetes with age and periodontal changes. I was never taught that.
Oral spirochetes????
Not sure what that presupposes (if anything) but the very notion of oral STD infections has me grossed out for the next hour.

File: 66927833168.jpg (47 KB, 600x600)
47 KB
I cant stop thinking about this gun. I want it. It costs $789.00 at Cabelas.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1515978835997.jpg (46 KB, 512x512)
46 KB
>Literally anywhere else is a better deal than Cabelas.
Yeah pretty much. Fucking hate that place.
>Be me walk to gun are
>Gun section has 3 employees atm
>Employee #1 Hello anything you want to see or can i help you with ?
>Shortly after Employee #2 After seeing i was greeted: Need help with anything ?
>Employee #3 Can I help you out with anything ?
No just fucking fuck off and leave me alone god I hate that fucking store
I work at cabela's. You're lying. We never have enough employees and you'd never be greeted as you walk up to the counter unless the store is dead and you'll 90% have to take a number.

It's a shit place to work at now, more so that bass pro took over. thank god that shitty second amendment sale is over. Those god damn fucking pt111s and the type of customers that it brings in fucking kills me.
>We never have enough employees
well this one did
Rkguns has it for $630
are 1911 9mm really good? there is an ati 1911 9mm for sale for 250 bucks should i?

File: feelscopgunman.png (22 KB, 112x112)
22 KB
Fuck it, I'm going to be a cop, any experience?
30 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>You'll go through a phase at first upholding the law and taking it very seriously then you'll grow tired and begin breaking the law then you move onto greener pastures and start doing cheeky shit within the realm of the law.
there's a reason you're highway patrol, and this little passage of text right here encapsulates it

a normal copper finds out that the law is bullshit and the entire state is rotten, and decides to just do his own thing

a highway patrol copper finds out that the law is bullshit and the entire state is rotten, and decides to fuck with literally everyone he can to the greatest extent that he can for as long as he can
Bulldoze all section 8 and public housing, mandatory minimum sentences for violent recidivists, and fund training other than touchy-feely boo-hoo LGBTQWERTYUIOP "community policing" nonsense.
Community policing has its place, but I really can't wait to see how much longer they can play games with Compstat numbers before they have to admit that violent crime is going up.
Rural new england.
Most cops around here are chill. Some are retarded.

Agencies are all very concerned with liability. The county im in has ceased providing active shooter training due too high liability.

Thats how fucked this job have become. Basically its impossible to do your job bc of law suits or the fewr of them.
If i was the LE Czar i would do a couple things.

Build prison camps so that we can actually house the ammount of offenders we have.

Propose states adopt a victims bill of rights. Basicall victims have no rights. I would like to see a victim centered justice system rather than an offender centered on.

Force courts to be more efficient and faster. Speady Trials. Trials have to take place within a month of the arrest. Not two years like it is now.

Lastly i would increase grants and funding for training of LE. I mean actual training. Enough that every cop can take 1 day of training per work week.

Basically work to see courts have acountability and police are being trained to be the best most professional police force possible

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