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/ak/thread 2
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File: 1516585142755.jpg (490 KB, 1000x707)
490 KB
490 KB JPG
This is the correct way to eat steak, niggers
I've looked all over but never found a rule34 on SteveMRE

Why is this?
File: 1457142985152.jpg (174 KB, 497x732)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
>Still no Krag
>Still no K31
>Still no VZ-58
>Still no Sako RK95
>Still no M39
File: fahahb5z65i11.jpg (402 KB, 2894x4093)
402 KB
402 KB JPG
I want my BSP chav, SCAR princesses with their CZ 805 imitator, Gyrojet Buck Rogers cosplayer, P90 to talk shit about MP7, and Stoner 63 to show these young 'uns how to operate.

File: STARR_1956_DA_44.png (2.67 MB, 2000x1500)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB PNG
Any tips on restoring an old cap and ball revolver? I'm not an idiot, and have restored some older guns before, but nothing from the 1850's. Going to soak all the screws in ATF+acetone soon, but I did a surface blast of some gun cleaning solution to break the joints free and get it apart. It half-cocks fluidly and the secondary trigger releases the hammer properly. The ramrod operates smoothly and the cylinder rotates when it's supposed to. Next step is the soak, then a complete disassembly and steel wool treatment. Anyone else working on something fun? I recently did a WWII H&R M165. Was rusted up and wouldn't cycle at all. It now cleanly blows through all 10rds without issue. Oh, the one I'm working on now is a STARR Arms 1956 Double-Action 44cal Revolver
File: STARR_1956_DA_2.png (3.25 MB, 2000x1500)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB PNG
More pics when I first handled it. It was my grandfather's. My dad found it in the back of one of the old pickups the other day. Daddaw died last year, and he has old stuff from the family in Texas since 1850s. Family moved here from Germany in 1936.

I'm pretty sure I'll get it to fire some 44 ball again. Might be a few weeks till I get time to finish it up, but I'll post more as I go along. H&R was other grandpa's (Papa) as he got it after leaving the Marines post-WWII. He trained with the M165 (or marine version) and got the civilian "Leatherneck" when he left because he liked it so much. The Leatherneck is now mine. Pics of that soon as well.
File: STARR_1956_DA_3.png (3.41 MB, 2000x1500)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB PNG
Close up of trigger and secondary trigger. The main trigger is pulled back to half-cock the hammer, and the rear (smaller) trigger is pulled to release the hammer and fire the gun. It can be adjusted via a screw on the backside of the trigger to fire in DA mode, where a pull on the main trigger goes all the way back and activates the secondary release.

File: 1537573661860.jpg (64 KB, 800x854)
64 KB
Give me the best tank.
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File: Russian Tank.png (3 KB, 199x189)
3 KB
I remember this game from /wotg/!
File: kawaii-tan.jpg (139 KB, 720x500)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
>Cuteness rank
>over 5000
>that filename
Wiesel dress-up simulator
The one that is fielded with good infantry support, close air support, and strategic air support.

There is no perfect tank, only perfect tanks.

File: 1518186596324.jpg (2.19 MB, 4439x5845)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB JPG
ITT: cad files and infographs
File: LL_1.gif (67 KB, 598x350)
67 KB
File: LL_2.jpg (5 KB, 250x202)
5 KB
OP here. Anyone got CAD files for the lightning link?

Also looking for info graphs relating to first aid

This is what should have became the M16A2 instead of the abomination we all know and hate.
>'The M16A2 is universally hated and it sucks!
>Army makes zero changes to it when adopted in 1986?

File: colt-733-firing.jpg (355 KB, 1500x1061)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
They should've just put the round handguards on the A1 and called it a day. Not as pretty, but much more durable.

The pencil barrel is better than govt profile. The A1 stock's length of pull is more versatile, and better suited for armor. The A1 grip is more ergonomic than the A2's nub. The A1s sights are simple and effective, the A2s sights are nice, but overly complex.

More bipod/sling options, ambi safety, or a slightly shorter barrel would have also been my changes.
The brass deflector is a nice addition as well
File: PC.jpg (21 KB, 478x317)
21 KB
Yeah the deflector is nice too.

Some sort of side charging/reciprocating charging handle arrangement (similar to the Ruger PC), with integrated forward assist, and dust cover would have been a welcome addition. But it's probably not worth the logistical burden of having two BCG formats. Though less charging handles would break.

File: avocadopit.jpg (76 KB, 1024x768)
76 KB
This is a just for fun idea, I know it's not practical for armed combat.

So, advocado pits are abnormally tough. could you use a high cal musket or flintlock to murder someone with an avocado pit? Not saying I'm gonna, just curious if ya coulda.
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then buy A class only.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (131 KB, 1280x720)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>could you use a high cal musket or flintlock to murder someone with an avocado pit?

Ever heard of potato cannons?
Blunderbuss or spud gun
File: 1507203875981.gif (1.74 MB, 400x225)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB GIF
>Dat M48A2 style muzzle break
>that muzzle brake

File: soviet execution.jpg (68 KB, 468x335)
68 KB
Ya'll got any good soviet reaction pics/execution pics. I need them for my discord
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>>39222949 "Comment" in title.
Nice leftist image tracking operation you got here.
Nothing stobs the benis :DDD
You are misunderstanding your own image. Theres no way posting an image with a unique guid as the filename would track anyone. The idea behind your image is that your device or browser or a website stores a fingerprint of the person who downloaded/saved the file, so when the image is posted, GoogleChrome/Windows10/Apple/AndroidDownloadManager/Whoever can see where you posted it, the message you posted along with it, and correlate it with you. The people posting images with guid-esque filenames are not the leftist trackers, but rather possibly the unknowing victim of leftist/BigCorporation tracking.
what movie is that from?

File: 1535256867705.jpg (20 KB, 530x614)
20 KB
Best Recurve bow for under $100? I need a bow and compound bows are mega gay
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you don’t
File: 1519311508475.gif (1.09 MB, 260x197)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB GIF
I dont care about bows does anyone have the full rez pic of rhodie faru-chan (ops pic) because she is my wife and I lost my pictures of her in a harddrive failure recently
>not being able to draw your waifu from memory
>Right click
>Search Google for image
>More sizes

File: 1533867319361.jpg (50 KB, 362x519)
50 KB
I'm trying to stay positive, but the only good thing I can think of is AR-15s becoming ludicrously cheap and occasionally hitting the $300 mark without a rear sight. Outside of that we have:
>Franklin Arsenal teased us with the possibility of shotguns with an actual stock and no minimunm barrel length requirement, but then ditched it and no one else cares to make it a reality
>the Sig P320 drop safety scandal
>congress teased us with national concealed carry reciprocity, then trashed it
>congress teased us with deregulating suppressors, removing 922r and sporting purpose import restrictions, replacing "sporting purpose" with "lawful purpose" in the definition of destructive device stripping the ATF of the ability to reclassify shotguns as destructive devices like they did with the Striker 12/USAS-12 and potentially even opening the door for 40mm launchers to be removed from the NFA since they are used for crowd control and the police are also subject to the NFA, and making it harder for the ATF to go after common rifle ammunition as armor piercing, then they trashed it all and told us to go fuck ourselves
>a couple states raised the minimum age for gun ownership to 21, including a Republican majority state with a Republican Governor, a Republican super-majority House, and a Republican controlled Senate
>ATF regulated suppressors with wipes to the point of being unusable unless you have an SOT
>ATF is currently choreographing a legal gymnastics routine for reclassifying bumpstocks as machine guns, and if they get that to stick it could be used as precedent to reclassify all semi autos and eventually anything that can fire another round by simply pulling and releasing the trigger as machine guns
Seriously, what the hell happened?
Is that a no then?
more states have gotten constitutional carry
we're also getting some decent ppl on the supreme court so that should lead to good things later on right?
>we're also getting some decent ppl on the supreme court so that should lead to good things later on right?
There's no reason to believe Gorsuch is going to change the status quo at all so all that amounts to is "be happy things aren't even worse". As for Kavanaugh, he still has yet to be appointed. The possibility of other justices being replaced is just daydreaming at this point and is just as meaningless as daydreaming about congress actually passing any bit of the pro gun legislation listed in the OP.
File: areyoucryingmyfueher?.jpg (27 KB, 832x468)
27 KB
and milsurp shot up

File: 1892Trappercarbine.jpg (27 KB, 1200x318)
27 KB
Would a lever-action in .357 Magnum make a good all-around rifle? Looking for something I can use for home defense and the outdoors, but not interested in an AR.
It's pretty good as long as you're doing short range shooting, 100 yds is pretty close to its max. 30-30 is better for an all-rounder.
File: 1894c.png (203 KB, 1200x450)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
A .357 rifle is easily a 200yd gun for many applications. The bullet only drops ~2 feet, with a 50yd zero, and warm loads, at that range.

>TFW when Ruger will never make an inexpensive, mass produced, 1894c clone

File: 1487554024840.jpg (51 KB, 641x530)
51 KB
at this point, are the world's nations keeping their nukes and militaries just in case aliens attack?
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
No, they're doing it because geopolitical tensions are as high as they've ever been. Perhaps you're laboring under the childish delusion that we live in the most peaceful era in history?
dumb frogposter
>be a galactic eldrich abomination
That's a really good way to have every other species gang up on you and send in Berzerker probes.
File: 1517608451671.jpg (36 KB, 480x534)
36 KB
File: thegoodwojak.png (219 KB, 1011x1013)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
hello cianigger

File: m1MLwsz.jpg (174 KB, 620x412)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Well when I was young I used to make potato launchers called "potator" they was really powerful and can blast potatoes 100 yards away, I'm now planning to make a really big one propane powered made with aluminium parts and a remote trigger. Do you guys are interested ? If yes I will ask neighbors if they are ok and start plans for build tomorrow. I think it should be fun.
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's Kelso as said by a drunken retard, i.e. a Scot. They grow fucking big.
When I was a teen, I made a fucking trebuchet with my best friend
Shit I was such a fucking virgin
>implying the thots didnt mire the fuck outta yer trebuchet.
I appreciate you, anon. Why cant you appreciate yourself?
That was 20 years ago, bud
I have a lot to say about from here to then
Shit's fucked

But haha, that's childhood right? Shit's all fucked back then

Cody Wilson arrested in Taipei
87 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
If so, then RIP. He'd die for the memes.

Yes, this video is truly prophetic:
just in case people don't know:

DD will continue with its normal operations. All of the donations are still there; they're going to the SAF to be tax-free.
They're lower receiver instructions for CNC mills, dipshit. Of course you can't 3D print entire AR10s, VZs, and M9s
So here's a kicker: Taiwan may be democratic but its more like a surveillance state like the UK.

They have cameras everywhere, they fingerprint you, they take your picture and they require you to put down the address of the place you will be staying if you come to visit. This stems from the fact that the Commies across the strait have been known to infiltrate.

If the guy was caught because a bystander recognized him, its most likely the fingerprinting and pictures of his mug on entry helped speed things up.

When I say cameras, literally every street in an urban area should have like one pointed at every direction.
I fully hope that they-who-glow-in-the-dark are watching this thread. You envy Cody Wilson. He has done more good than you will ever do, you moral monsters.

He has stirred the thirst for liberty more than Ron Paul and Adam Smith combined. You will not hear the end of this.

This is the news I wanted to hear. Do they accept buttcoins?

File: xdcrfvtgbh.jpg (60 KB, 1155x1155)
60 KB
Seriously, fuck this fucking caliber. lt literally serves no fucking purpose and easily gets out-performed by other calibers such as .357 sig and 40. lt can't even do a fucking good job at exterminating niggers and the cucked FBI switched from it from .40 s&w due to ((((((women)))))) being completely useless with a real mans caliber. Seriously, if you actually carry this ridiculous caliber, then you really need to consider remove yourself from the gene pool.
46 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Looks about right to me, do the math.
Approximating 9mm to .38. You can see the .40 is about 5% larger in diameter.
Comparing the .45 to the .40, the .45 about 1/8 larger in diameter.
Cringe. Sucks the 23/hr standards don’t get rid of the autist dark knight protector police. Go hand out some more tickets and be grumpy 24/7
>wah 1 bullet of 9mm doesn't drop somebody
>pulls the trigger again
>taking this bait

File: marlin 1895.png (218 KB, 1200x450)
218 KB
218 KB PNG

So I am gonna be buying either a 12ga or a Marlin model 1895 guide gun in .45-70 gov't, or a 12ga shotgun of some kind, that can fire bear slugs.

Right now I'm thinking of a couple things:
-price (though IMO both are cheap and I'd probably get a mossberg 500 mariner, so pretty much the same cost for either)
-versatility (shotgun can fire many different kinds of rounds and has more all-around versatility)
-coolness factor (lever gun wins -big time- IMO)
-weight of firearm
-ammo cost

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'd have to give the reliability edge to the pump shotgun versus ANY lever action in any chambering.
>Where do you live?


They literally shit in my yard. Yep. Gotta have a bear-resistant trash can and everything.
My main concern with pistol grip was weight. I take propranolol so I don't get shakey hands even when highly anxious, so "nerves" is less of an issue for me considering 1) been in a lot of dangerous situations 2) always taking a drug that's banned at shooting competitions

I have also had bear encounters before and always carry bear spray. The shotgun will be if conditions aren't right to go for the bear spray, or as backup to the spray, etc. Or if the situation just calls for a fuckin' shotgun haha.

Anyway though yeah, good point regardless.

I could go for a regular stock or a pistol gip stock (like, stock w/pistol grip included). I liked that on the benelli M4 I shot.
If a bear has not already charged and maul you, in which it would've won no contest, it has decided it isn't going to harm you, so why shoot it when it's spared you?
If you'd even say something like that I can tell you don't live in bear country.

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