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M1 Garand, M1 Bayonet, M1 Carbine, M1 Helmet, M1 Abrams, M1 Armored Car, M1 Chemical Mine, M1 57mm Gun, M1 90mm Gun, M1 120mm Gun, M1 200mm Howitzer, M1 Flamethrower...

why the fuck does the United States like the designation "M1" so god damned much? Doesn't think cause an incredible amount of confusion?
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Or 7.62 millimeter...which is .308 in America and .311 in Russia and parts of Europe. Calibers are a dumpster fire when you really look into them.
Sure, but this is a discussion about an American rifle built for .30-06 springfield. So .308 inches.
File: burningchurches.gif (491 KB, 500x290)
491 KB
491 KB GIF
>have earthquake that topples over a chimney somewhere
>national news
Thank you for not being trolls. Just came from /b/
>A is standard issue, E is experimental
Huh? M4A3E8 wasn't experimental and neither was M4A3E2.

File: 1489886894131.jpg (38 KB, 604x437)
38 KB
>LEO only
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Holy shit the autism
File: scorpio.jpg (137 KB, 1000x667)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
>skorpio only
>having gun laws
File: 1508433915189.jpg (116 KB, 724x897)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Oh my god I know the table you're talking about. I don't understand why he won't just modify the guns to be (((compliant))) and sell them to normal people already.

Ive used a P226 at work a lot, so I am thinking maybe the P229 Legion, seems to be a more modern rendition, still kinda new with pistols, living in the cucked state of Canada so you have to jump through flaming loops to get em here.
File: judgement.gif (3.69 MB, 480x360)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB GIF

Need to buy some gold and silver to hedge my crypto investments but kinda want to buy a new gun as well.

Convince me to buy a new gun instead.
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Be patient and use your financial gains to buy a better gun.
Silver is still a good buy at $17. Every year the global supply of silver is being diminshed. Unlike gold which is hoarded and just remelted into bars, coins and jewelry. The gold to silver ratio is way out of wack. Either gold is over priced or silver is undervalued. Hedge accordingly.
Also the US only values the gold in fort Knox at like 30 something dollars on oz. What if they revalued gold at 10k an oz? No more 20 trillion dollar deficit.

I'd argue that's probably true for a long term societal collapse, but realistically most SHTF scenarios are localized to a globally small area,(50-100mi radius), and rarely last for more than a half year to a year, this means that gold will still be valuable outside of the area and people inside the area will still hold it as an item of high value due to it being worth something to the outside world, this factor makes it great for short term scenarios since it's not backed by a government like most currency and isn't reliant on an internet connection like bitcoin, if you needed to pay your way out of a warzone there's nothing better in terms of universal value and ease of transport, although that's not to say you shouldn't stock food and water as well.
What's even the point of buying gold and silver? It's just shiny metal.

To all my fellow Floridians, where do you shoot? 813 here, and I am looking for a place to shoot that isnt a static bench. I want to do move and shoot operating so I can effectively larp in the gear I have. Anyone got good places to go to that is relatively nearby?
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File: B7s9Y-4CMAA9uwp.jpg (66 KB, 600x600)
66 KB

Pensacola reporting in as well. Where you guys shoot? Srsc, ergc, Styx, other?
File: slepp.jpg (1.01 MB, 3264x1836)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
ERGC member.

Cool. I consider getting a membership there every once in a while, but I really can't justify the cost yet. I normally just go to Santa Rosa about once a month though.
File: IMG_20171007_132428.jpg (1.34 MB, 2448x2448)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
Went to SRSC a couple times. The RO was always having a hard time with idiots on the range. One time a guy shot himself in the leg just as we were arriving.

I like membership only ranges in this area. something weird about the gun culture makes public ranges a little too silly.
File: eohzdxtpjmsz.jpg (40 KB, 1000x624)
40 KB

I hear ya. Thankfully I haven't seen that level of idiocy. I only go on my Fridays I get off work, and early too. Just me and maybe a few older folks.

Last time I went on a Saturday it was completely full. The lane next to us had a guy doing black powder and one doing mag dumps in his AR. Eventually a fire broke out on the range and we had to go stomp it out. I heard that a few Saturdays later another fire broke out, got out of hand, and they eventually had to call the forest service.

So yeah. I tend to avoid shooting on weekends.

File: K98 Bolt Face.jpg (58 KB, 734x413)
58 KB
Sup /k/, I bought a K98k which turns out had feeding issues. I brought it to a gunsmith to get fixed and it's better but still not great. He worked on the extractor and the feeding detent. From what I can tell the extractor isn't holding the cartridge the entire bolt travel enabling the cartridge to slip out of it. I believe that the extractor claw is too rounded/short to grip the rim the entire travel of the bolt. I also noticed that the claw is wider on the bottom than the area that holds the rim and I think could prevent it from rising as far under the claw as it should. I already have a new extractor on the way, but just in case that doesn't fix it, do you guys have any ideas? Pic related is the bolt face.
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Put a thin film of lipstick on bolt face and extractor. This will tell you where contact is made. From you pic the claw doesnt seem to have enough chamfer on it. Has gun been rechambered? Was extractor set to new caliber ? Bolt face ground correctly?
Remove bolt and slide cartridge into bolt. Extractor should hold it in place. Weak/bent extractor?
is the extractor original to that gun? you could have the wrong extractor for your caliber. I've never tried it myself but I imagine that the extractors across all 98 action mausers could be swapped but not function
File: MOV_0063.webm (2.87 MB, 1920x1080)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB WEBM
I made this webm to show you the feeding problem.


To answer your questions, no the gun has never been re-chambered, it is an original post war Czech Brno made K98k chambered in the original 8x57IS. The extractor holds the cartridge in place just fine when pushing the cartridge on manually or after it has been chambered.

There's two possible explanations I can see for the failures. Either the extractor claw is too short to control the cartridge the entire travel of the bolt or the claw is not profiled correctly, so the cartridge isn't riding up as far as it should go under the claw, resulting in it not being held in place, therefore enabling it to drop out under the claw and move in front of it.

Sorry, got no lipstick, but I can see where it makes contact.


It may or may not be original to the gun. It is not numbers matching, however during the assembly of these post war K98k rifles in Brno, they basically reused all their stock. So while it may not be numbers matching to the gun, it may very well be the extractor that originally came on it. They only made them in 8x57IS. That doesn't necessarily mean it was fitted correctly though.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
"...last round works..."
You have a magazine issue. My guess is bolt assembly is fine.
Forget my lipstick idea for now. Load mag with empty brass and cycle bolt. Weak spring maybe. Follower sticking? Bent lips? Trigger gaurd/mag not seated in stock correctly? Remove stock attach trigger gaurd to action and cycle bolt?

So wait are cops generally pro or anti 2a?
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This version is much more comprehensive, but much shittier to look at.
humboldt or mendo?
Many, many cops are authoritarian bullies, especially the Police (Vs Sheriffs) so they are against the 2nd Amendment because an armed populace is a threat to their power
Im from south NJ and most of them ive dealt with are pro but northern cops are the worst mostly depends on where you are like south nj and sussex county are pro. the north west arent bad either

File: IMG_20171019_013020.jpg (2.07 MB, 3036x3037)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB JPG
Hey /k/ I fucked up.

>Friend dares me to go shoot my new gun into the dirt
>I agree because I'm retarded
>Live in a tight packed apartment
>About 10ft. Of grass between my porch and sidewalk
>Accidentally grabbed mag of supersonic ammo instead of subsonic

Guys it was so loud I wasn't ready for the echo. I can't find the casing and there's people lurking out there now. How fucked am I?
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You know whats an even bigger adrenaline rush? killing a hooker.
>stay inside
>dont freak out, you twat
i feel like that every time i gotta wait for non-salted fries
Cars still backfire?
>4-5 figure fine
4 - 5 is -1, so the officers pay you 1 to 9 dollars? I thought you said no compensation. Get your story straight.

File: 22894-DEFAULT-l[1].jpg (83 KB, 900x600)
83 KB
Are those good enough for deer?
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Straight walled cartridges are pistol cartridges (generally) or have big flat/round point bullets (generally) and so have less range (generally) and so therefore believed to be safer for flat land (generally).
Where at Iowa bro?

Part of the terrain is extremely swampy and thick. I'm still trying to figure out where I'm putting in.
Killed my first deer with those. Headshot at 75 yards
That's a VMax bullet, it will fragment in the deer and wreck a ton of meat. Look for something that's a bonded soft point.

The Hornady choices I'd recommend would be 75 grain Interlock (sold as Hornady Black) if you've got a 1 in 7 or 1 in 8 twist, or a 55 grain GMX (sold as SuperPerformance) if you've got a 1 in 9 to 1 in 12 twist.

File: 1508352425511.jpg (51 KB, 596x380)
51 KB
United States Space Corps Marine Landing forces patrol the remains of Martian Biodome 6 after a lull in the fighting against rebel forces caused by the incoming dust storm breaching the dome. The Battle of Space Fallujia or the "Ares Massacre" would become known as the bloodiest conflict in the wars of Martian Insurrection. It was the turning point in the conflict and the last time the Ares Neocaliphate attempted to hold ground or engage in conventional static defense against the USSC forces.

"2173 Colorized"

I don't know about you fags but this was always the most AESTHETIC image from the skirmishes of Olympus Mons for me. Rumor has it the grass grew here 10 years before the other preplanted terraforming locations. Post your pics or stories from the Martian Wars anons
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I was an m2 gunner in the war, the rebels captured an m2 and I was lucky enough to be the gunner for it, that ancient thing could rip through the entire space fleet
same f a m
>be me innamars
>get gunner
>IFV has an old as M2 from 1940
>scratched on the side is ONKINAWA, GERMANY, VEITNAM, IRAQ
>get out knife
>scratch MARS out on it
how many people do you think the M2 has killed?
> and how many aliens
File: the eternal M2.jpg (143 KB, 548x1977)
143 KB
143 KB JPG

File: 20171018_223629.jpg (2.9 MB, 1982x1857)
2.9 MB
2.9 MB JPG
Alcohol, tobacco, and firearms thread. What does /k/ shoot/smoke/drink?
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No shit. You smoke a bowl or a cigar to relax at the end of the day, or as part of a morning ritual.
I mean nyc is a place, topkek
Some of us smoke while working, shooting, jogging...
File: IMG_20171016_230918387.jpg (3.53 MB, 4160x2340)
3.53 MB
3.53 MB JPG
>portrait monitor
>adorable doggo

mein negro
Don't have any booze on me rn, and I don't smoke, but I'll post this for the other CZfags in the thread.
Jaeger and dark rum, cuban cigars and Marlboro reds, also sheesh from a hookah, I have 30+ guns but my favorite is my 13.2mmx84 tankgewher

File: Picture-A.jpg (559 KB, 2917x1049)
559 KB
559 KB JPG
ITT: Dieselpunk aesthetic weapons.

Type 97 Automatic Cannon. Japanese Anti Tank Rifle.

How did the poos fuck up this hard? They're supposed to be good engineers.
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Low level corruption

Also, the only good stuff coming out of india these days are their Alco locomotives (and even then it's mostly because India bought the entire plant and machinery and move them back to their country back when Alco went bankrupt in late 60s)
File: [Raughs].jpg (96 KB, 1338x716)
96 KB
>They're supposed to be good engineers.
File: septic tank.jpg (487 KB, 1600x1054)
487 KB
487 KB JPG
>They're supposed to be good engineers.
Nope. They are cheap engineers.
no they aren't. i had a job as a code monkey once. the company fired most of the american coders and out sourced to india. then myself and the remainders were QC on the indians. they're are fewer bugs in the jungle, than their code.

i fucking quit after a couple months. found a better paying job as a desktop support tech.
>good engineer

Fun fact; plenty African countries outright rejected india's offer to build large infrastructure in their country even with low-interest loans

Those that actually did accepted their offer got screwed big time. Just google "Rwanda indian made dam"

File: yoIJiR1.gif (660 KB, 512x375)
660 KB
660 KB GIF
What's the first thing that runs through your mind when you hear this sound?

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Fuck dude think about how many degenerate libshits were actually doing acid when those went off. I would have been freaked the fuck out thinking nosalises were coming to fuck me up or something
I honestly almost never hear them. One came on a week or two ago here in Oregon because a tornado - essentially a meteorological unicorn - touched down and it was the first time I had heard that tone in years.
my thoughts exactly. have a once yearly test that they advertise for a full minute that the test is going to start, do it, then remind everyone after the test that if you hear this noise, shit going down and going down hard.

then back to regularly schedualed programming

for amber/weather/all other alerts, have a different tone you use regularly that we can learn to ignore.
Ah, Tornado Alley...


File: heaviere.jpg (35 KB, 811x680)
35 KB
Pretty sure the house I'm in just got scouted by some robbers.

>my parents (whom I live with, STFU they live reasonably close to school) are on vacation and have been gone for about a week
>they have the nicest house in the subdivision by far. Literally bought 2 adjacent lots tore down the houses on them and built a nice house on the combined lots.
>just me and my two (small)doggos for a week and a half.
>finish having dinner with the neighbors, come home.
>turn off all the lights, head downstairs with my dogs and play some MC.
>it's about 10:30 and the doorbell rings.
>I go upstairs, dogs follow, and open the door.
>no ones there.
>there's a big SUV stopped in the middle of the road a house down.
>a second later the SUV drives off.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>t. Skinwalker
More sexual predator
Sounds like doggo was kicked or somethin by the niggers
>Have apartment on the second floor above a store
>Get back from training with the Army for a month
>Apartment was broken into and shit was stolen
>Looks like local redneck kids, booze gone, pink floyd poster stolen, etc
>Home for 2 days
>Hear noises downstairs at night
>Go down with Remington 870
>Somebody is definitely truing to get into my front door
>Point shotgun at the door and pump in
>Hear somebody running like hell down the front stairs
>Run over to front window and see somebody tearing ass across the street and into an alley.

MFW I didn't let them just open the door.
Anyone have the story of the /k/ommando who greeted some thieves wearing boots, a lit cigar, his gun, and a raging erection?

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