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Name some weapons that you can make with around-the-house materials. Be creative and think outside the box.
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How about a hot iron? Plug it in, then hit someone with it.
I'm pretty sure caustic is the opposite of acidic. Stuff that is considered caustic is generally very high pH
coaxial piston air gun loaded with a candle with rebar stuck in the candle
"Caustic" just means "dissolves your skin." Both acids and bases can do that.
You can make a shotgun out of a chair, some tape, and a shotgun.

File: 1486160203608.gif (2.28 MB, 400x250)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB GIF
>A retired officer askshis son, "I had an old service dagger here, have you seen it?"
>The boy answers, "Oh sorry Dad, please don't be angry I exchanged it for a watch with the boy next door."
>The father says,"Okay, can I see the watch?", he looks at it and says, "It's a nice watch, well done." And thenhe adds,"You know, if today we have been robbed, the robbers could have killed me and Mom, and abused your older sister, and you'd have come out of the bedroom and said, 'Good evening Gents!, the current timein Moscow is 12:30!'"

Robbers kick down your door RIGHT NOW. What can they expect?
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where do you even get brown tip

Clearly not, if it was Spetsnaz they'd just shoot an RPO into his house and claim he started the fire and shoot him as he tries to leave
Either 9mm Luger and 8mm Mauser or Lebel str8 into their upper torso
>some nig shitting onto a beaten pitbull
Why did I laugh?
>hot 9mm FMJ
>for home defense


File: hkmp5sd.jpg (238 KB, 1478x833)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Post 'em
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>commander tells procurement officer
>we need a gun to clear a building
>what building
>a warehouse
so why is a USP45 12+1 and an HK45 10+1

did the USP have magazine issues that I haven't heard about?
HK is overpriced crap
What space?
Not that poster I'd guess he was referring to the gap between the threaded suppressor and the front sight triple tree. Using a 3 lug adapter would be more aesthetic.

File: yeah.gif (2.88 MB, 375x426)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB GIF
>wanted to serve in army since i was 10
>been my biggest dream
>also have adhd
why even live lads? what do i do? are there any similar professions out there?
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Is this on the list of shit that'll keep you out? If not it's definetly waivable
Nothing is stopping you brah
>These are the people who talk about women being unfit for the military

Can we get some redpilled military lectures? I want to hear something new and truthful.

All I ever hear is "We need more women and gays, rape is bad, we need more money, keep our allies from hating us, more green energy"

I want a guy with a slideshow showing something like aircraft carriers are bullshit and that we should stop.
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Do you really enjoy posting this shit? I wouldn't shit on someone's porch but I see you would enjoy doing it.
>All I ever hear is "We need more women and gays, rape is bad, we need more money, keep our allies from hating us, more green energy"
Because the military is in a weird sort of stasis, a police state in which they can’t completely revolutionize their current force projection. We basically have to wait till the next war in which everything is proving to be outdated, like your aircraft carriers or tanks and the next generation of warfare continues. Basically that’ll be a huge slaughter because nukes will be used in someway
>Army and USMC spews drivel about nuclear war being mainly an exercise in decontamination and CBRN protection
>An actual nuclear war comes along
>For the first 5 minutes everyone panics or sticks to their training
>after 30 minutes of non stop nuclear shelling everyone becomes confused
>the bombing finally stops after an hour
>60% casualties
>the bombing kicks off again an hour later

Can't wait. Are we going to get Gundams after this?
It's gonna take more than 8 years of Trump to undo the damage that Obama's political correctness has caused, and before that happens expect the first women SOF to die gruesomely in combat, maybe even captured and subjected to horrible things. The nation will be shocked out of its complacency but at a terrible cost, then things will start to straighten themselves out.
>Not telling me exactly what I want to hear isn't "red pilled"

The fucking irony

File: image.jpg (1.51 MB, 2448x3264)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
>when weabs invade this board
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File: jeps.png (332 KB, 854x356)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
all of those are in the alexa top 50 except 4chan

4chan ins't in the top 100 and is nowhere close to a 'top website'
>welcome to 4chan, please log in or sign up to make an account!
That's the point of the image you stupid cunt

Imagine being this fucking dumb
File: Smugbob.png (26 KB, 135x104)
26 KB
>MFW 1051

File: doomsday-preppers.jpg (42 KB, 500x375)
42 KB
How would you fix or avoid those mistakes?
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Oh shit forgot about that one! Thanks man.
The episode that made me laugh was the person stocking up on insulin. Shit expires pretty quick and wont last. Not sure if they were a type 1 or 2, but every type 1 like myself will be incompacitated in 2 days minimum (as in rolling on the ground in agony like heroin addicts) and dead in 5
synthetic GMO-made insulins last a long time. provided you don't freeze them or let them get too hot, they'll stay perfectly fine for years and years.
GUYS! we need to talk about a shit hit the fan scenario in 4chan world! What would we need to stock up on here incase 4chan goes shit hit the fan???

I only got so much dragon dildos but not enough lube!
Mix corn starch and water for homemade lube

I think a shop I go to has a real Forgotten Weapon. Does anyone know more about these? I THINK it’s an Egyptian export model of the Spanish M44 medium MG. I don’t know the history or the kind of belts/accessories it takes, but I’m awful tempted to buy it since it’s so cheap. Should I?
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I appreciate the suggestions, but I can’t worry about ammo if I can’t buy belts. Should I instead attempt to modify other ones?

Fuck, they made plenty of these things and exported them-where did all the belts go?
Post on /int/. They have arab threads all the time.
I’m confident on what it is, I just need a belt or two before I buy it. Think they’d be able to help with that?
I don't know. Go to the /int/ catalog and ctrl+f "mena", it's the Middle East and North Africa thread, and see for yourself.
Looks like a stretched-out 42 belt. Is there any reason an MG42 belt wouldn’t feed?

File: Screenshot (16).png (102 KB, 396x497)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Christmas Came early. What are your Christmas wishes/stories?
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Hey I'm really sorry to hear that anon.

Please email me your order number directly so I can check up on it for you.

Will they still be available on the 22nd?
Ends Sunday midnight
I'm finding out, what's in the deluxe box! Hope you enjoy my soviet union /k/ related family stories you mad fuckers
so do yall just equip warehouse ivan in full battle load out gear crack the wip and have him loot random shit from the ware house till the boxes are full. or do yall just raid every other countries supply house in one night like some chechens O.D.ing on speed like some weird surplus santas?

File: 1487113131700.jpg (44 KB, 600x450)
44 KB
Nobody on deployment uses knives aside from menial tasks. Why does anyone spend money on 'quality' knives.
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Read his post again. I know it's hard for some of you.
The first ones are "issued" to you, but they take it out of your pay automatically


Also, the dress blues aren't even issued. You have to buy them and get them tailored yourself.
I guess to feel good about their purchase, or maybe they’re worried the cheaper knives won’t take as much abuse. To be honest though my $5 pocket knife from harbor freight still gets the job done (and the hinge is still fuck all stiff) even though I’ve used it as a throwing knife (a no no for pocket knives).

As much as a meme they are, Cold steel is moderately cheap in terms of knives yet are of good quality.
I bought a Kershaw. I carry it every day. That fucking thing will not keep a sharp edge, and it drives me nuts every time I use it. I suck with a whetstone, but I at least try to put an edge on it every couple months. It's as if it's resistant to even taking an edge or sharpening in any way.

I've considered buying a higher end knife with the intention of keeping it sharp, but with my whetstone abilities being damn near worthless, I'm sorta stuck in a hard spot. If I can't get a kershaw sharp, how bad am I gonna fuck up a spyderco or a benchmade? Will I just have a $150 dud in my pocket after I dull the edge? Am I just going to scuff it up when I try and sharpen it?

I just wanted a damn reliable knife. I can't blame kershaw for my sharpening deficiency, but I still feel gypped because my damn knife loses it's edge so fast. It makes me not want to use it.

File: Steel Ocean.png (973 KB, 1113x703)
973 KB
973 KB PNG
What do you think lads? Will Railgun battlecruisers / battleships have a place in the future?
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> missiles can be stopped before they hit a carrier
>but not before they hit any other ship
> implying that the railgun ship doesn't have its own fleer support
It will shift to subs as soon as the first carrier is sunk by an unstoppable swarm of anti-ship missiles like the Brahmos, Kalibr etc.
>completely untried technology
They worked great during the sales demos though, so I'm sure they'll work like clockwork when it come to the real thing.

Hunter-killer drone submarines are.
Truth quads

File: 1512779637736.jpg (869 KB, 2398x1602)
869 KB
869 KB JPG
Collegefag here, homeowners said I can bring my firearms to the place I'm renting as long as the insurance doesn't increase. So does anyone know if the homeowners or renters insurance increases with firearms in the house. I live in Texas if that affects anything
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Why are competition guns called "race guns"? Is it because they get tricked out and modified for competition like a race car?
It's because they're completely impractical for use outside of race.
File: 1272255688891.jpg (45 KB, 640x480)
45 KB
Should I get a 10mm pistol or a 9mm pistol and a .44 revolver?
I sort of like the idea of having one gun for innacity and innawoods, but I understand that having one tool for two jobs is never ideal. There's also ammo cost versus initial cost. Probably lots of stuff I am not considering too, which is why I seek to borrow your experience.
The latter is a better choice for woods use if large animals are your major concern. If people are then go with the 10mm.
File: 1450564578571.jpg (53 KB, 563x675)
53 KB
Bumping for question
Not sure if PMR30 fun gun, or M&P2.0/CORE in .40 and drop in a 9mm barrel.

File: l85a2.jpg (65 KB, 600x400)
65 KB
i need ask to some tea operator ,the L85A2 its a decent rifle or its just a piece of shit like his 1 version?
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You don't know me just like you're implying I don't know you.
File: 117818801-tfb.jpg (103 KB, 785x589)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Pic related
One side is fenced the other isn't.

Serious answer? Because procurement process is dicks. They always insist on domestically designed and made guns. Even when HK fixed the L85 it was owned by BAE. However, it’s hard to make a gun when you keep letting all major service rifle manufacturers go under. All that’s left is very small bespoke gun makers like H&H or AI.
Yeah that sure does look like a pain in the ass
>All that’s left is very small bespoke gun makers like H&H or AI.
Its somewhat ironic, H&Ks main international manufacturing is subcontracted out to NSAF (nottinghams small arms factory) due to better arms exportation laws.

Even H&Ks main European manufacturing center is in France.

What is the point of a one manned turret? What were they thinking?
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Meant for
File: fvypapU.png (244 KB, 696x4032)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
SHHHH don't tell him... He will find these facts rude, offensive, arrogant, and therefore disprove them.

>lol guize Frogs r stoopid amirite ?

Sometimes I'd want to live in an alternate reality where France in 1918 magically becomes american, and every french person magically becomes an american. Same mindset, same capabilities.

Just for the sake of watching them lose in 3 days instead of 18 in 1940 while I'd drink wine-a-cola and eat pop-croissants.
White Monster is 0 cal. For addicts who are too lazy to exercise it's their only choice.

Well, there's probably better choices that they don't know about, tho.
You know how to greentext, but do you know how to remove your head from your ass?

>Drinking energy drinks of exoestrogens and the sucrose jew at all

Didn't help that the soviets had dissidents inside the French army, who did actively sabotage French artillery and spread nihilist dissidence.

Also, half the French army were conscripts that existed as only untrained manpower. Only a fraction of the trained combat soldiers could be comparable to British/German trained infantry.
>Also American army consisted of a 95% fresh civilian rate in all ranks, being therefore less professional than red army with less than 2% WW1 veterancy.

>Nation of Degenerate letchers has a poop birth rate

Also as for Russia, are you counting the Civil War and the two famines/purges?


Froggie I am not American. As for French and American's sharing a mindset, both of yous are arrogant and prideful pricks but one of you has the reason to be.

Also if the whole argument for 1 man fucking turrets is the lack of population. Then even if the premise is valid, the product is not. Just have fewer tanks or better allocate manpower like a sensible army would do, but French don't know the meaning of that war.

File: _.jpg (108 KB, 1025x506)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
>Open-bolt, gas-operated, magazine-fed handheld machine gun
>100x450 millimeter round
>500RPM 20-round box magazine
>Maximum effective range of 1.5 kilometers

Why didn't it catch on?
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Thinking about it, it's not acknowledged much but UC Gundam is pretty fucked up. It's briefly stated that the original reason for the construction of the space colonies was due to severe enviromental damage and resource depletion due to conflict and rampant use of 'stupid shit'. Then by 0079 you have Side 3 getting a stick up it's ass and throwing a colony at Earth and completely annihilating the bogans and apparently also hitting Winnipeg and blowing it away.
They pretty well depopulated a couple Colony Sides and would have very likely caused Keppler Syndrome in low earth orbit due to the absolutely massive amount of debris generated. So an already fucked up planet gets fucked over even harder and it takes it in the shorts even further in 0083 with the Delaz Fleet colony drop and then again in 0087/88 with the Gryps Conflict and Neo-Zeon War. Then Char comes wheeling in and throws a fucking asteroid at Tibet in 0093. Needless to say it's not a huge surprise that it eventually ended with the Turn-A and Turn-X wiping out everything in the inner Solar System to put shit back to something resembling normal.

On the point of interstellar detection of Minvosky fields, there's a brief mention in the manual for the Turn-X that it's point of origin is not within the Solar System. It's stated that the Universal Century ended with the decision of the remaining colonies to convert their habitats to generational ships and depart the Solar System to avoid the eventual fate of the whole shitshow and either the Turn-X originated from there or it was something from an outside source that ended up entering the Solar System and was reverse-engineered. It's notably not powered by a Minvosky-Ionesco reactor but uses energy harnessed from a captured singularity.
The colonies were located pretty far from Earth, on average they orbited about the same distance the moon did and the debris tended to stay in the legrange points the colonies were located in.
File: 3bYaZeQ.jpg (213 KB, 1920x1077)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
>Scars of Operation British transcend universes

Nips must hate Aussies
File: Beam magnum shot.webm (1.79 MB, 800x450)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB WEBM
>Unicorn's beam magnum

Ufff, gotta love how it reloads entire e-caps.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (140 KB, 1920x1080)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>because anti-tank SMGs, that's why, just be thankful it wasn't an up-scaled delayed blowback roller locking bolt in 100mm
I want to actually see this irl

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