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File: wojak.jpg (122 KB, 689x960)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
alright /k/, let's settle this:

USMC or US Army

you try to do your best to convince me which branch to choose
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The reason for that is that the Marines and General O.P. Smith had barely any communication with RCT-31 during the attacks from the 27th to 29th because of >>39774624 Almond not putting them under Smith due to a personal feud caused by Almond saying Amphibious Assaults were easy when he had never taken part in one or planned one when they met at Inchon. So when the battered and scattered RCT-31 arrived at 1st Marine's perimeter missing all their heavy equipment with only 385 of 3200 able to fight and quote from OP Smith

>“I had quite a time with those Army people -- they had no spirit. We tried to help them out as best we could. We had to fly in weapons to re-arm them. They'd thrown away all their weapons. I put LtCol Anderson (of the Army) in command of them. They didn't want to put up tents -- they felt it was up to us to take care of them, feed them, and put up tents for them. We disabused them of that idea. We eventually salvaged 385 of them.”

And another thing was that some of the unwounded Army men were jumping the line for medical evacuation which wasn't happening with the Marines.

>The wounded and those badly frostbitten were processed through the aid stations, sent to the Hagaru-ri airfield and evacuated. Some unwounded survivors were able to work their way aboard evacuation aircraft. Medical authorities in Japan where survivors were arriving complained that some with mild frostbite were coming through. More stringent controls were initiated.

I'm not sure who to believe on the survivors of RCT-31, General Hodes of the US Army had this to say about them
>General Hodes had a different view. He reported to corps by telephone about noon on the 2 saying about 750 men had come in. Of these thirty per cent were wounded and thirty percent had “trench foot.” He reported morale was very good with few exceptions and that every man had his weapon.
File: unknown.png (46 KB, 498x521)
46 KB
Holy shit, I made that wojak years ago. Cool seeing it here after 4 years though.
File: 1536515712061.jpg (21 KB, 427x427)
21 KB
>my recruiter failed to mention this
Being deaf as shit from un protected ear and watching everyone around you die and only living by pure chance. Pray you never operate as a cog in hell like that.
Join the Space Force OP

So /k/, one day, the /k/ube decides you've all served him well, and offers to cure you from boredom and loneliness.
As a thank you gift for your unwavering fidelity, you are now sent to a post-Soviet wasteland the size of Texas, with villages, forests, mountains. But you're not alone.

Along with you will be up to 4 combat waifus. Anime/game characters, real life people, your OC, futas, monstergirls, traps, husbandos, your call.
They will all love you faithfully, have combat skills matching yours, will be your age unless you want it otherwise, and will share your tastes and fetishes.
>But I have a wife/gf/bf
Then they'll stay with you, be okay with the waifus, and if you want it, will be attracted by them as much as you.
>But I don't want another partner
Then the /k/ube grants you an ideal, smart, nice, obedient child the age you want.
>but I don't want a family
Then you'll get a combat/hunting worthy pet and a friendly battle maid.

With your waifus, the /k/ube gives you a small settlement. Static or mobile, trailer home or VC tunnel, local village house or tent network, your call. There, you'll find food and water for a month, a wind or river turbine for electricity, and an arsenal.

The arsenal holds up to 6 weapons per household member, so that you're able to operate in different conditions, for different purposes. Any weapon usable by 1 person is allowed. If you want, you get 2 crew served infantry weapons as well (HMG, mortar, ATGM launcher...). You get the gear you want, but don't forget you're in an European country with rather hot summers and cold winters, and temperate forests and plains.

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File: 1539297035923.jpg (544 KB, 1100x950)
544 KB
544 KB JPG
No u
>20mm=.22 short
File: 12343124132.png (535 KB, 600x403)
535 KB
535 KB PNG
Sigrun from Stand Still Stay Silent
Other three don't matter, maybe some of her troll hunters
>Loadouts and weapons
Everyone gets a Sako RK95, Browning hi-power, and big fuck off dagger; we keep a shotgun around in case of door breaching or toilet unclogging
>What is your home base
A very large APC that almost functions like a heavily armed motor home
>How do you operate
Go innawoods and hunt for skinwalkers to try to get rich by selling it's body to science and proving skinwalkers do in fact exist.
That or starve because skinwalkers aren't real and we just ran out of our last can of beans.
This will be fun

>pic related
>Tacticool CETME L's and Glock pistols in 9mm
>We will quarantine a stretch of road that connects multiple villages and create a provisional government with a volunteer army
>Our home will be a luxury flat in an underground tunnel system under the central village.

AK General /akg/
Vietnam Edition
>Thread #717

Old thread here >>39747266
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$800 last summer as part of a package deal, got it and a 5.45 vepr for 1600 total. Didn't come with anything like that though.
M77 in .308
Follow up question. If I go with a 30-06 vepr, 20.5 vs 23.2" barrel?
Shorter to shave off weight
>tfw WA anons meet up at the range and pool together our neet monies and take turns watching the police shoot our weapons and take pictures to post on chan

File: 1057918364729.jpg (66 KB, 620x877)
66 KB
What would be the best way to go about making a non-shitty 40k Lasgun stock for a Ruger 10/22? Would it be better to 3D print or to woodwork it, or something else? Anyone else done something like this?
>40k lasgun
Go for it, as the Lasgun is the .22lr of Humanity.
Yes it is, compared to Dark Age tech the common Lasgun is a .22.
I'm doing some writing on a 20k fic, it's based of the kick ass Andromada Ascendant TV show.
What pattern?

My collection is rather low, next to nothing in fact.

Bonus points for STALKER/Vidya pics.
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bomp, when i have some free time ill start a new one.
Gets me every time
for all you tards, this art style is called italian futurism. created by fascists during ww2. absolutely /k/ino
Better than socialist realism, at least.
Retards posting jpegs

File: 2017fsbfimg1.jpg (145 KB, 903x915)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Where the fuck are all the good deals.
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I'm just hoping Larry's has a sale on shitty HiPoints so I have a decent Christmas gift for my bro.
guess it depends on what the supplier is paying the distributor. retail is what, 250% markup now?
Sorry but what am I looking at? Beheaded fish?
>not recognizing a channel cat
File: 1541550453060.jpg (96 KB, 502x572)
96 KB
>is actually a great read
The premise is unique, but the story is meh. Despite that, I would like to see a film adaptation of it, it would be a hell of a lot more edgy and relevant than most Hollywood blockbusters. (The infamy alone would provide publicity, plus the autistic screeching)
>people really did go full SHALL before okc.
It seems that people are more SHALL (at least on the internet) than I would expect compared to the early 00's. Did OKC associate SHALL with domestic terrorism?

File: 7-g34010_1.jpg (19 KB, 550x550)
19 KB
For the gang banger on a budget
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I hope he had a comically large knife on his other hip. I love when I go to the range and see people firing them from the bench out to a whopping 7 yards like they're a world class sniper.

They would never let a nig bring an actual firearm onto a film set.
For people on a budget a high point is better than a no point.
It's obviously in a hotel.
>film set


Need help deciding, /k/. I have the option to buy two very different firearms, but I’ve wanted both for awhile now. I can get a Winchester 94AE in .45 colt for $695 cash out the door, or a Ruger sp101 2.5” for $430 cash out the door. What should I get? I could use the .45 as a good alternate Bear or deer gun, or the sp101 as a new ccw piece. Currently using a Remington model 7 in 7mm08 as my hunting rifle and a keltec pf9 as my cow. What would you choose? Thanks in advance
The sp101 is a .357
Your Remington is adequate for the task at hand. Inbfact .45lc would be substantially less powerful.
The KelTec is probably not very well made, and you're carrying it every day, so I think it is prudent to upgrade it first.

>mfw WA state went from glorious innawoods state to taking the first steps towards a CA style weapon ban
>mfw I am in school and too poor to buy the rifles I want before July 1st 2019
>mfw my 21st birthday is in August

How are you coping WA bros?
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Too much punctuation to be antman.
Great effort though

wait wait. I thought this new law only affects semi auto rifles, not handguns
not complying
not moving

Exploring the idea of dumping a generous pile of 80% receivers on the steps of the Capitol building in Olympia.
It expands background checks for CPL holders and handgun purchases to include your mental health records.

You know, to catch the people who slip through the cracks. Mostly people with a past suicide attempt. It has no real utility.

Also remember "in case the government becomes tyrannical!" isn't an argument and they always have everyone's best interests at heart (everyone actually being the majority regardless of who is in the minority and why their best interests should not be at heart, and whether or not they have a place left to go other than "listen or prison")
>It expands background checks for CPL holders and handgun purchases to include your mental health records.

Well fuck. Good thing I just got my CPL renewed today.

I have until July to get handguns then, right?

File: 129623515937.jpg (932 KB, 2000x2705)
932 KB
932 KB JPG
No /ak/ thread desu? Let's change that.
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File: Jin-Roh-MG42-nosound.webm (1.77 MB, 1280x720)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB WEBM
>Marrying a vatnik thats meant to either be raped and dismembered or to dismember and rape
File: 60945270_p0.jpg (402 KB, 800x1266)
402 KB
402 KB JPG
She was meant to be married and loved.
Vesna has had a very hard life but with me as her husband, I'm sure that will change.
isn't there a doujin of her /ss/ing to kill the guy in the afterglow cuddle?
Why not do it yourself? Colourfagging isn't exactly hard.

File: Snapchat-1852808668.jpg (459 KB, 1920x1080)
459 KB
459 KB JPG
ITT: we argue over mag brands
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I've always wanted some, but I've never seen any for sale marked that way. I wouldn't pay extra for it though
Only if it's ordinary yellow mustard. Spicy brown or honey mustard are two great sauces.

Lol look at this fag ruining mustard’s good name
>king of condiments
>Not superior stone ground mustard
Nice try bitch nigga
More like rich fags who want to larp cooler. Buying bulk mags at cheap cheap prices is they way to go, but looks really poor. Even though you end up with more.

Why is the .50 BMG the best round?
OP here, I changed my mind. Anything .50 caliber is good in my book
Too bad .50 bmg rifles are so expensive

File: blam blam.png (652 KB, 920x856)
652 KB
652 KB PNG

>"A suspect wanted on attempted murder and other charges in a recent DeLeon Springs shooting was shot and injured Monday afternoon after he drove head-on at one Volusia County sheriff’s deputy, opened fire on a second deputy and was met with return fire from another deputy and a DeLand police officer. No law enforcement officers were injured in the incident, which started unfolding shortly after 3 p.m. Monday and ended with 33-year-old Dillon Parker (DOB 10/15/1985) shot in the chest and the leg. Deputies and police immediately rendered first aid to Parker at the scene, and he was later airlifted to Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach, where he was listed in critical condition but expected to survive. Parker was wanted in a Nov. 10 shooting at 5195 West Ave., DeLeon Springs, where the victim, 33-year-old Daniel Dekmar, was left in critical condition. (That news release is provided below.) In addition to attempted murder, Parker was facing charges of aggravated battery with a firearm and felony battery. He also had an active warrant for bond revocation on a previous charge of fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement.
>The preliminary information gathered about today’s incident indicates that around 3:08 p.m., the Lake County Sheriff’s Office notified VCSO that Parker was headed into Volusia County in a gold sedan. Moments after a deputy spotted the vehicle, it veered toward his patrol vehicle, forcing him to swerve out of the way. As Parker continued south down U.S. 17, deputies were able to stop-stick his car, forcing it to slow down and roll off into a ditch. That’s when Parker started shooting at another responding deputy, who radioed that he was taking fire. A fellow deputy moved in and fired back at Parker. Then a DeLand police officer (who was driving through the area on his way to work) stopped and also fired multiple shots at Parker with his rifle.
15 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.

You're conveniently ignoring that shooting through your own windshield the way he did is stupid and has an incredibly high chance to deflect your rounds enough that you completely miss your intended target.

You're saying it's better to ineffectually shoot through your own car, then say, duck behind your engine block while you stop and open your door. Then in one motion you could be exiting the vehicle and drawing on him. You are now no longer trapped in your driver seat which is a pretty easy place to aim at from the outside.

Also, since you're so close the the windshield it's likely that any rounds coming in won't deflect enough to miss you.

>roll over center console until car is stopped
>open door
>shooter has no actual visual on you, dumping rounds into your car like an idiot
>exit and draw using door hinge as cover/brace
retard cop/10

sheepdog tier bullshit
>white guy
damn shame
Well done except for at the end where he stepped out of the car while the gun was empty. Kept radio updates while firing properly with both hands.

Overall 8/10, mission accomplished.

Not really a shootout, but always a classic.

>Gen 3 is perfection
>Prove me wrong
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do you know if the .40sw polymer80 can be as easily converted to 9mm with a barrel swap? i'm entertaining that route as well since its only a few bucks more. it would be nice to have the option of shooting more than one caliber
at that point just buy a used $300 cop trade in glock
no idea, i just run 9mm in mine.

because it has a 1911 grip angle, a undercut triggerguard so you dont get glock knuckle, and the texture is great.
and you dont have to PAY extra for an FFL transfer.
I can, but I was explaining to the anon what the other anon meant.

You are tasked with creating a paramilitary organization to handle paranormal threats. Wendigos, skinwalkers, witches, time travelers, espers, aliens, satanic cults, and so on. The threats are highly varied, and your organization is off the official records and will have to rely on a steady but mild stream of income from several small business fronts that are laundering money to you. Your organization is technically publicly known, but thought of as a complete joke by most people. You will be reliant upon a mixture of ex-special forces and weirdos who want to join your organization, and any attempt by anyone to reveal the truth of your activities as more than a joke will result in liquidation.

So how do you go about organizing your task force to take on the numerous threats that might be lurking about?
183 replies and 63 images omitted. Click here to view.
FAL with silver bullets dipped in holy water. Bullet core is a fire-hardened wooden stake
File: ConcernIntensifies.jpg (1.21 MB, 2085x2339)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
this one always gets me

-Elite Sniper Team armed with .50 cal

-5-10 unsuspecting gangbangers to act as monster bait
Is recruitment from other organizations a possibility?
A bare bones operation would have to emphasize efficiency. This might be attractive to a few people being held back by bullshit in more established outfits.
Build the core group. Quality over quantity. Need people that know and if they don’t know, aren’t afraid to admit it and find someone that does.
There is a lot of ground to cover and invariably shit will turn up your outfit isn’t expecting.
Initially you need a few people that can sniff out the bullshitters. No place for con men.

Unlike other suggestions I would bring in operators rather than outsourcing. They could learn a thing or two and serve the org more ways than just a hired gun.
Break down the continental US into 5-6 regions. Develop facilities accordingly.
I wouldn't worry about it

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