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File: kuimc8xyang11.jpg (51 KB, 502x414)
51 KB
Any manlets here that are happy with their height? I'm 5'6-5'7 and it feels horrible.
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Absolute larp, we got ourselves a lanklet right here who can't squat half way to parallel. My fucking sides bitch boy
tqhf i wish i was smaller
unlocking ultra dwarve mode
5'10 is not short god damn. 4chan has made you think so but everyone irl thinks you are normal man height
I'm 5'10" prince of manlets, and I've never really given a fuck. Just do your shit, nobody gives a damn how tall you are but you. The people on here are shitposting 99% of the time, and the 1% they're not I feel bad for them tbqh.

We're all gonna make it, breh.
File: 1525168305739s.jpg (6 KB, 249x246)
6 KB
I'm 5'6 but I'm strong as fuck so who cares.

File: index.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
I started getting bad highs and high-induced panic attacks about a month ago, and instead of slowing down I ended up smoking more and more. Finally, I had a really bad panic attack and decided to stop for a little while.

It's been a week so far and I feel really weird. I wake up really tired and groggy despite getting a full nights sleep, I feel on edge all day, and my anxiety is actually worse than while I was smoking.

I've read this is normal, I smoked heavily every day for the better part of 10 years or something, so it's likely that I would experience withdrawal symptoms - the most common apparently are tiredness and anxiety.

Any tips on getting through this, or any general advice for quitting/speeding up the withdrawal process? I really just want to get back to my clean, confident mentality and not deal with random panic attacks standing in my way.
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Cheers. I wish you the best anon.
You're the only incel losers here chad drinks and smokes weed
start drinking
you too anon, stay safe
Humans are nature. Nature changed the nature, thus it's still natural.

Reminder that getting /fit/ will never fix an ugly face or a shit personality, which is what females look for in a man.
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there's your answer, you dense manlet
posting anime girls in 4k and not shitty 120p
dude is probably mad funny and confident
neither of which you are
stop hating and improve yourself and you too can bag a hot chick with an awful face
they cant see you if their eyes are closed laughing its science bruh
Honestly I think you're a little too into lookism because he looks average. Not ugly but not super handsome. The guys in op pic are actually more ugly thsn this guy. If he was sweet and got buff, id date him.
Lower bodyfat can improve your facial features. Hormonal shifts from regular exercise can improve a shit personality.

Blah blah something something you're all too lazy to make an OP edition

You're fucking gay if you do drugs.

AI is bad and you shouldn't take it.

Steroids are good and you should take them.

Anzu is the best and you should give all your money to her.
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Pinned mtren didn't give me heartburn but oral did.

Why not dissolve some and try it orally next time?

Msten is still the best steroid I've ever had though. Huge strength gains and decent size gains with 0 sides for me.

I just had the opportunity to pick up 250x10mg of sdrol for 35€ locally though. I couldnt pass up tabs that cheap.

I've got bloodwork from a hospital visit while on that stack btw. I went in there because of an allergic reaction to meds and I was unconscious for +- 12 hours.

Everything was fucked EXCEPT my liver.

I could have died and recovery should have taken weeks. But I was fine in 3 days. They could see massive improvement every fucking hour.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

I get regular bloodwork done and I much prefer msten to mtren.

And the guy that died from it was running so many different things... It's like saying a sauna killed Zyzz.
Yes lifting will elevate liver enzymes, for some people put them out of range

All gear fucks with your liver. But it's nothing serious with non methylated gear.
Have you?

File: 1519080189314.gif (1.54 MB, 480x264)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB GIF
>Be me
>Lose weight for 1 year
>lost 30 kg
>finally looking like a greek god
>shredded and defined i love it
> finally 10% bf or so
>start bulking finally
>one month in to bulk
> 18%bf fatty and ugly
>i think i ate more than i should
>i hate myself now
>time to cut again all effort for nothing
>god dammit
>next time ill just eat at maintenance or +200 kcal

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thanks very much for the reply. Will do.
easier to squat, if you have poor mobility. Squat shoes are the same thing, raise the heel a little.
You dont need that much, many experts say its 1g per Kilo not Pound.
try the website called 50-pullups
got my fatass army buddy from 1 to 10 pullups in a few months


Just a reminder that dips are one of the most dangerous exercises you can do and have a higher chance of snapping you up than deadlifts or squats. And the snaps can be severe.
There's no reason not to just do any kind of dumbbell or barbell press instead.
I like them though
Is it safe if I don't use any weights?
I used to do weighted dips every other workout. Got pretty good at them too, but I started having shoulder pain and I think they probably caused my presses to stall as a result, but I can't say for certain.
funnily enough I snapped my shit with weighted dips last week, not a 1RM but a regular working set
thank god it's only a strained pec (pec shape retained, no swelling and no bruising after the injury), I was definitely close to completely tearing it

File: FB_IMG_1534773426044.jpg (74 KB, 720x1032)
74 KB
Post the worst health/fitness advice you've gotten
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>you can't find tilapia in the wild
nigger what?

another brainlet btfos himself
fake news, Jesus ate Tilapia.
U forget they born with no skin too n they just bleedin out n shiiiet Brahhh haha jk

All srsns; right bro?? Id say it's b8 but it's about fish, so it'd just be a cancerous pun at this point even bringing up b8. But if you know nothing about tilapia, you can tell the image is a member by the time you read that eating tilapia is /worse/ than hamburger or bacon. Funny people still fall for this, and GOMAD.
Story please. It worked miracles for me (lost 1.9kg/week and still made pretty big noobgains during a 10 week cut) but I want to know when not to recommend it to people. I'm a physician so I appreciate this kind of information.

What do your parents think of your lifting? Do they respect it? Do they mire? Are they gains goblins? Is your mom flirting with you yet?
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see >>47347198
>my family is a bunch of bulgarians
Mнoгo пoздpaви :)
lissen here bud Takis are incredible
60 pound dips are weak.
What you should say is that love and tolerance are two different things and you won't tolerate her fat.

daily reminder that this is what your avarage meat eater looks like

File: 1405283044334.jpg (87 KB, 908x712)
87 KB
>spent another fucking day browsing /fit/
how do I escape
how do I escape this hell
I want to be free
I have no friends
I have no hobbies
the only thing in my life is work/lift/diet
I spend all my freetime on /fit/
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File: jeffcavaliere.jpg (59 KB, 1314x188)
59 KB
Great thread OP! I read this yesterday and felt sorry for myself. Today I went to the gym and studied some physics. Self pity is essential for gains.
hang out with some of your work mates then meet other people while out with them?
i have no workmates, they think i'm autistic
Get mad pussy
File: jkldhlW.jpg (23 KB, 350x350)
23 KB
The general theory is that 4chan is like a 10-15 year prison sentence. You start low on /b/ or /v/ or /r9k/ or some other stuff like that, then maybe go by your hobbies to /tv, /mu/, /co/. Slowly ascending to midshit tier boards like /int/, /x/, /pol/, where you may stagnate for a long time until proceeding to boards that might help you break free of the prison. /his/, /lit/, /fit/, /sci/, /sp/ are good places to be but you can't rush your leave. The sentence is over when you are ready.

Can you people stop with the 6’2” meme? It’s not true and it’s franly way less funny than the reality of pic related.
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fuck you if I was your height I'd be dominating the paint instead of shooting from outside all of the time
File: 1529435485645.jpg (64 KB, 640x456)
64 KB
6'2 meme was started by faggot manlets who got bullied by the superior 6'7" master race and felt like they needed to bully someone else to feel special
This is now a 6'1 cope thread. Post the methods and mechanisms you use to help you cope with the fact that you didn't grow properly
Im 6.2 and i feel like a manlet.
File: tfw62manlet.png (326 KB, 558x556)
326 KB
326 KB PNG
There's no point. you'll always get mogged

File: cow-2896329_960_720.jpg (99 KB, 480x720)
99 KB
>be me
>be a cow
>relaxing in the fields
>vegan barbarians arrive
>take all my food
>now I am starving to death with nothing to eat
>be dreaming about based meateaters who take care of me, then send me to meet Odin when the time is ready, and use my flesh and nutrients to fuel the fight for the White Race
20 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>jesus christ you life in a fantasy world.
ultimate form of veganism
>capable of eating nutrients and foods that humans don't naturally get in their diet
actually true due to the fact they are able to process b12 and niacin in the stomach unlike humans. Bet you don't believe that because you wont see that in your kiddy-picture infographic from a vegan blog post
Pick one, dickless
I like this thread
File: 1533470998235.jpg (12 KB, 472x472)
12 KB
well if you ate your own shit you would get b12 as well, that's where animals get it from.
I do however agree with your general point that herbivores can absorb/convert some things much better than we can

>start lifting weights to get the girls because girls like muscles
>finally looking like I lift
>hair falls out within the space of 4 months thanks to MPB
Lifting for girls is a waste of time
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Post your body.
>just shave it bro women love that shit
Karma for lifting for girls
Either own the fact that you're bald, or cough up the $12K-$15K for hair implants.

File: 1339095276186.jpg (9 KB, 302x225)
9 KB
Is it just me or are overhead presses really hard

>begin stronglifts 5x5
>everything fine for the first 6 workouts, adding weight incrementally
>fail to OHP 25 fucking kilograms on the third set

Is there any hope at all?

File: 1531055282894.png (633 KB, 640x424)
633 KB
633 KB PNG
Can women naturally boost their testosterone too?
Yes, the test boost benefits of nofap are real for us too
drinking alcohol boosts test in women

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