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File: Boogie BTFO 4chan.png (203 KB, 1080x1465)
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203 KB PNG
I fucking hate fat people. That is all.
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absolute unit
sugars from fruit. and naked isn't nad if you go by serving size.
>these people are happier
Imagine actually believing this
is it really?
the answer is no
Sure fatty.

File: sp.jpg (314 KB, 2118x1352)
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314 KB JPG
Are you happy, /fit/?
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Take control of the input, and you become master of the output.
File: holden.jpg (179 KB, 1024x821)
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179 KB JPG
Update: so much for not binging this week, lol. On a side note, I discovered that peanut butter and maple syrup sandwiches are delicious.
thats right anon. becoming conscious of anything shows what it truly is, and generally most things are truly not so 'bad'
Eh, I'm okay. Seasonal depression (winter in Aus) is hitting pretty hard, but the gym helps a lot.

Been a minute edition.
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signing up for a small local meet gave me a lot of motivation to train seriously. during the prep i set a fuck ton of PRs in all lifts.

otherwise i played a lot of sports in high school and i miss competing i guess

also kind of this>>46141117
>whats a muscle snatch?
granted its still a pretty shitty muscle snatch
is it gay to work out in tights only?
Are traps gay? Answer this question and you’ll have the same answer.
guess I'm ghey then cause it's aesthetic

One of my testies hurts a bit and have some lower abdominal discomfort. Could be chlamydia or gonorrhea. Could it be anything else? How fucked am I boys? Have 3 girls I still talk to that I will have to have an awkward chat with if it's an STD.
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reset it to another day you fucking degenerate
Get swab from inside urethra, I have the same problem, urine test always comes out clean. Or get both.

I need to find a new Doc shit is getting old. I took 3 weeks of ciprofloxacin, didn't help.
Let a doctor see it though
File: BASED_BigBird.jpg (41 KB, 448x513)
41 KB
Anyone ITT ever gotten mono? Bit paranoid here
I slept with a girl early sunday morning and my throat has been feeling sore

File: thechadspecial.jpg (99 KB, 601x767)
99 KB
How has being /fit/ affected your dating life and interactions with cute girls?
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unironically go find girls not in any sorority.. classes/discussion-sections/TA help/ study lounges. That type always hangs out there and I had a thing with a qT like that for 3-4 months. Then that fucking hipster dropped out of college, left the country and I felt sad as shit :(
As an ''''''ethnic''''' male (Libyan) salty posts like OP's pic are weak as fuck
File: 1472888019956.gif (1.58 MB, 320x240)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB GIF
>Let's pretend you're Hitler
>Uh let's NOT pretend I'm Hitler
lol Chad is amazing
Google works wonders m8

I’ve been lifting consistently for the last 4 months. How the fuck do I just make my butt wider? I ran the string curves program, now I’m a month into SL 5x5 and I do aerial once a week.

I do my hip thrusts, heavy squats and deadlifts and the good girl bad girl machine. Why the fuck is there a huge dip.
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Aside from the tattoo your body is pretty nice, regardless of the virgin closet gay incels above.

If you go vegan for awhile that could help wipe out all unwanted fat deposits.
Lemme clap dem cheeks will help the most

Also looks like if you do tons of squats your quads could get bigger and make this worse. You might be best off just doing a thot-split with 100 glute exercises a week and cardio.
you look extremely fuckable from the back, need to lose 10 pounds for the front/ side to look better
You may need a lower bodyfat percentage than what you have currently for more acceptable results.
I agree with you that your fat distribution is unfortunate. I'd say try cutting and keep working out. Full body, with a focus on glutes.
What is your current height and weight? Legitimately wanna help you, not just cum all over your butthole and lube it all in and around. Because if you have room for cutting you should just try it for sure.

File: king_purple_haze.jpg (98 KB, 750x785)
98 KB
So I was wondering if there were any fit anons here who also smoke bud on the refular. I used to be in really good shape but in my early 20s I started smoking(now 29) and it seems like the longer I smoke the harder it is to stay motivated. All I ever want to do when I'm off work anymore is game and watch tv, I barely even hang out with friends anymore. Guess I'm just wondering if there are any tips smokers that keep a good routine and stay motivated can give me. I don't really want to quit because it does help me out a lot with sleep and depression and stuff, but the other day I noticed how much of a gut I've really built up and this all started setting in. I'm tired of getting fatter and feeling like I have no energy all the time. Please help get me motivated again fit anons...
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I have friends who don't smoke and who are lazy as shit, but I also definitely have a lot more energy when I'm not smoking.

Also, is weed helping with depression? Or is it just helping you forget about it? Because I would think someone who is couch locked 12 hours of the day and is gaining weight is definitely depressed.
South park said it best "weed makes you okay with being bored" and if boredom=doing nothing productive than you are gonna be fucking yourself. Keep weed as an end of the day thing. Its going to be hard for a couple weeks honestly if you have been doing it everyday but once you get used to it, you actually wont even be getting hi every night but only when you want to kick back and relax.

create some daily goals and hit them and make sure it gets you to the end of the day. occupy ur mind. then sit back relax and smoke do what you enjoy and go to bed.

your reward circuits in ur brain are being fucked. you know it on the inside and the only thing that is gonna save u is either quitting weed and getting it back to normal. or adopting a disciplined approach that allows you to be a person and still consume.
you sound insane
I kinda like it
>Also, is weed helping with depression?
no it exacerbates it
>Or is it just helping you forget about it?
yes which leads you to not attempt a fix
>Because I would think someone who is couch locked 12 hours of the day and is gaining weight is definitely depressed.
not necessarily, but probably
I stopped eating when I was (really) depressed and pot raises your temperature so you should actually lose weight (or gain slower) compared to no pot and 12 hour couch lock
I grew fat when I was only mildly depressed
That is a conundrum I've found myself locked in thought about several times actually. Not sure how to describe it really. Sometimes I almost feel like fat bastard, "I eat because I'm depressed and I'm depressed because I eat" kinda thing. I'm depressed about myself and my life, I realize smoking is causing some of the problems, but when I smoke it also helps me feel better. Sometimes I feel like the only time I can laugh anymore is when I'm high. I guess it probably does help me just forget about things easier for a bit too though.

Rate my gf /fit/.
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would berry
>no matching images
well done, OP. depending on image quality/makeup/body could range anywhere from 7-9/10
Cute enough that I'd date if she has a good personality
OP, are her initials HJ? She looks familiar
Fpbp desu.

File: 1524102307578.jpg (144 KB, 793x1098)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
I'm 20 years old, 6'3", weighed in at 182.2 pounds this morning, and I'd say I'm 15% body fat based on the US Navy formula and the mirror. According to a ton of outlets, I should keep cutting down until I'm 10% body fat, but I really can't bear the thought of that. I mean, I've been cutting for three months now, and the thought of becoming even more of a stick just doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Should I just start bulking from here? I mean, I've been lifting for over a year now and still have a ton of muscle to gain because I've tried to stay nearly the entire time.
Plus I'm really fucking hungry.
Bruh at 6'3 you should be 200lbs at an absolute minimum. Bulk and lift your ass off. Might need to GOMAD at that weight
Bodyfat percentage is all varying degrees of guesswork short of measuring it during an autopsy. Worry about how you look in the mirror and feel in the gym, not what a formula or caliper says. Based on the rest of what you wrote, you'll be happier on both fronts growing.
Will I just get fat after a few months though?
I'm 6'3", about 180, probably 15% bodyfat and I'm bulking

File: 1497129567546.gif (1.91 MB, 320x244)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB GIF
Wtf is wrong with my biceps? When I do curls they don't burn or feel tired they just stop working after a while. I can work something else out and then do curls again but I don't think this is how my arms should work
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Well I figured even lil bitch weights would do something with enough reps
they'll do something breh but not nearly enough. Invest in a barbell and some plates you can adjust, you'll be able to work much harder and gain much better.
Do calisthenics, they're free.
did you try making them not do that

File: 1525406113249.jpg (7 KB, 236x250)
7 KB
Should i cancel my planet fitness membership? I've been going there for 3 months and been lifting but im not getting big. Someone told me lifting on machines doesn't do anything and i need to hit free weights. Is that true or should i just keep lifting on machines?
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Your coworkers can go fuck themselves. Also I meant to say ignore onions at all times. A little buzzed
>tfw my egg eating has me as the butt of jokes
>have to take joke because if i get upset ill be an autist
File: the vegàn creature.webm (2.96 MB, 720x404)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB WEBM
>Planet fitness
I hope this is bait
File: pillarchads.jpg (95 KB, 1280x720)
95 KB
Jokes on him and his lack of gains. He wasnt blessed by the gods of fit to gain forevermore
File: infinitesmug.jpg (44 KB, 600x558)
44 KB
>Hello from the auchwitz siiiide
>I mustve missed a thousand triiiies
>To tell you
>Im scrawny
>From making my diet

File: 4L_ARy0HohR.jpg (19 KB, 500x421)
19 KB
just got dumped a few hours ago. she said she loved me. help me focus my energy into fitness, looking to get ripped and wanna do some strength training. no equipment exercises are preferred. thanks

this is the hierachy for successful men. focus on the other two now

How do I get defined abs like these? Any tips on good exercises and a schedule to do it like mwf do blank
A tan + a down-facing and side-facing light source + a photographer to find the perfect angle

File: nazi coke.jpg (58 KB, 500x384)
58 KB
Aryan edition

Before asking your stupid beginner questions, make sure to read:


Also, include:
>time spent lifting
>dick symmetry

Oral-only cycles are stupid, so do so if you're trash.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>I know you said it was arguably negligible but how eexactly does that part work?
>Like, surely the body will eventually revert to the original test production levels, right?

Who knows, more than likely you will always be fertile (as is or with the use of hmg/hcg). Will you ever produce test like you did before AAS depends on the amount and period you used them for. Bottom line is every ex bodybuilder is on trt.
It's not out of the question. You can do but you run some additional risks. Like you'll stop growing in height and you may damage your still developing endo system for life. But in saying that, males still undergo development until like 25.

Plenty of people have done steroids at your age and younger. Reddit will scream at you saying you need to be 30 and have been lifting for 15 years minimum but it's up to you and what personal risks you want to take on board.
Do you know of any studies regarding damaging amounts of AAS relative to amount/period of use?

That's the scary part. The personal risks vary so much.
I've always had the idea of doing "just one cycle" to hit natty peak and call it quits but evidently I'm far too ignorant given that I might damage my endocrine system. I wasn't planning on doing any of this at 19 given I'm too stupid to even get a source, but it's good to start collecting info early.
No I do not but some are available. Take anything you read with a grain of salt, the variability in AAS studies is very high

btw you probably wont want to ever train again after you one cycle so you wont maintain your natural limit. Not being negative just realistic
>I've always had the idea of doing "just one cycle" to hit natty peak and call it quits but evidently I'm far too ignorant given that I might damage my endocrine system
Wow you're moron. Stay away from this thread if you dont know what you're talking about.
Read the reddit wiki you fuckwit

File: umirinmyheight.jpg (5 KB, 300x168)
5 KB
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He claimed 10% 5 years ago, 10% today.
>liar or no gains choose 1
160lbs, or even 186lbs when he was bulked. Bigger than most naturals lol.
Sub 315 bench, sub 550 deadlift. Natty limit bro....look up any powerlifting meet at the 181-198 wieght class those are poverty numbers.
Twink got mogged
Dude Is manlet, 5’5”. Bigger than most naturals..........
I guess if your in the shire
Bro are you retarded? He obviously gained muscle mass, the bf% staying the same is irrelevant
When I say "bigger than most naturals" I mean, he has more muscle mass comparatively speaking. He's also not, 186, bulked, he's 197, which is what he said he was in a weighted pullup video. Even at 5'6, 197 and 20% body fat, his FFMI is 26. Most naturals won't even reach 23. The average FFMI of steroid users is 25, so he's bigger than the average steroid user.

There's zero percent chance is natural. I don't know why anyone would pretend otherwise. Other people being stronger doesn't make him natural either. Steroids only increase strength about 10-20%, the rest is genetics and training.
See above.

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