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How do you get 220g of protein?
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>implying people can reliably calculate their lean body mass
>implying simply using entire body mass isn't easier
>I'm completely fucking retarded
>lets just ignore science as I post this from my computer
this is why we all can't have nice things
Or maybe protein requirements are highly exaggerated to sell animal products and supplements? People make gains on fruitarian diets for fucks sake.

You probably only started lifting a month ago and didn't like that you have to consume that much protein so you were looking for something to prove it wrong.
You can make gains on any lifting program on any diet when you're a beginner, however once you get past the noob gains phase you will have to get more protein and count macros.
If you want to stay with shitty noob gains only for the rest of your life then go ahead, no one cares, just don't come and say shit like protein isn't that necessary when you only went to the gym for 4 weeks
I just showed you two guys that have great physiques eating completely vegan and you just said "lol steroids"

Go suck a nigger dick.
Having a massive intake of protein is not good.
>excess protein is stored as fat in the body
>basic nutrition

File: DWyO05i.jpg (255 KB, 996x1461)
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255 KB JPG
I was told when I hit my late 20's I would be able to smash prime teen puss - Why did /fit lie to me?

Is he lifting with the angels right now?
Why has dead Zyzz gotten comics about being an angel but dead Rich has got dick?

File: maxresdefault.jpg (132 KB, 1280x720)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
So I've started to look at my life recently and I want to better myself again. I spend too much time surfing web and I catch myself with time passing then getting upset with myself. I'm looking for advice and tips to help me slowly work into a healthier life style.

Little back story, I'm thin and competitive person and currently "okay" at a competitive game. It doesn't make me money but it's not expensive either. I spend more time on different games so going to focus more on just this sole game and improve myself/lifestyle.
I am 5'10 and currently 115 pounds. My goal is getting fit and becoming normalish body type. I've always been super skinny. I enjoy rock climbing and might pick up tennis since it was enjoyable when I tried it but super tiring. I tried in the past of working out and it did wonders but that was 4 years ago and lost the drive/gym buddy.

I'm curious what's some good apps (iphone) or tips to slowly work into bettering myself. My schedule currently allows least 5 hours a day to either plan/prep/work out. I'm setting aside currently an hour and half to two hours to focus on the game/leaser time.

TDLR; I want to be more active instead of couch/web surfer. Looking for advice/tips/stories to give me hope.

pic not related
The redpill about turning your life around is that it will take effort and you will have to force yourself to do things you don't want to, or to put aside instant gratifications you typically partake in. There is no magic motivation. You have to teach yourself to act in ways that being you closer to your long term goals.

Yeah I figure that so that's why I'm not going to go full rush but slowly work into it.

File: 1478344080952.jpg (51 KB, 650x450)
51 KB
>Training Plans


>Sharing on Strava with the /fitizens/

>Pace Calculator


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if you don't get injured things are probably fine
File: 1480729489938.jpg (499 KB, 2743x1822)
499 KB
499 KB JPG
Question for all runner mains

I have come to enjoy running much more than lifting due to extended time with lack of access to a quality gym.

Can I build size with, for example, hill sprints? I'm finding it rather difficult to build muscle with all the running I do + advanced calisthenics (aspiring milfag) and wonder if changing my run routines could help with size gains
>Long run

Whose stupid ideas is this?
>inb4 you you faggot
Late this week for my long run and went out this morning. Usually it's a Friday night thing with the night to recover, sleep it off and slow Saturday morning. Sunday? Spent the day feeling like I ... well, went for a very long run.

Anyway, feels good it a weird way. Just shy of 23km.

>Sunday Long Run: Wouldn't recommend it. Timetable issues.
Higher cadence means less shock on the knees and in general a more pleasant activity and reduced risks of injury.


File: image.jpg (1.89 MB, 4032x3024)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB JPG
How 2 eat more?

I cooked up 4 eggs and 24 oz of beef. I'm about half way thru and I'm fucking stuffed. I'm 6 ft 170lbs and I can't fuckin eat. How tf do you guys do it?
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im in the same boat

milk helps
shakes with oats and bananas

im forcing my self all the time, takes 30-40 min to finish a meal
bulking on 3600 cal
Pasta makes me extremely gassy. It's genuinely debilitating. Rice is fucking bland. Bread is my favorite carb, and potatos
eggs and ground beef? do you even know how to cook? I'll answer: you don't

if you're active your body will require more nutrients and you will slowly start eating more. if you're simply going off a meme bulk plan and thinking you can eat 5k calories in a day after a life of barely 2k you are fucking mistaken.

when i was trying to gain a way that got me 600 easy calories was a weight gain shake when i got home from work, a couple hours before making dinner. it may take a while for your stomach to adjust to it but you'll get used to eating big the more you do it consistently

drink drink drink your calories my dude

whole milk, greek yogurt, peanut butter, bananas, oats, coconut oil, a squirt of hershey's syrup... blend that shit up and pound it down.
Don't drink water during eating. It fills you. I also found that eating while shitting is best when you want to eat more

File: 1505754957956.jpg (71 KB, 541x720)
71 KB
>love to fap
>get lonely
>get hot gf, big ass, little waist, and a pretty face
>great sex
>still wanna fap to titcow porn
What's wrong with me? Am i addicted to porn?
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You just have a higher libido than can be satisfied by your gf, get a mistress
lol I'm watching sopranos right now
Fapping was there before your gf and fapping will be there after she's gone
I know the feel. I did nofap twice and got a gf within a month of nofap purely our of motivation to get my dick wet.
Atm I just fap and warch porn to repress my sexuality. If I dont I fuck everything and anything attractive in my proximity. I got to much going on to fuck it up by wasting time on a gf or fuck the wrong person.

Does anyone else has this problem for you that your wrist doesn't match the forearm?
muscle with bone is thicker than bone, the only people with wrists as thick as their forearms are people with no forearm muscles

File: image.jpg (57 KB, 652x417)
57 KB
>the golem lives
death is for cookie cutters
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That's the Big Brad Wolf's gimmick.
these people are severely mentally ill

you all realise that right?
Who cares, we're freaks
Why does Jason look like one of the mongoloid Russian rapists from nazi propaganda?
File: 1493001747219.gif (108 KB, 205x260)
108 KB
108 KB GIF
>that black guy

Holy fucking 10/10 body

Possible without roids?

File: 448768.jpg (67 KB, 654x639)
67 KB
ITT post neat health tricks that normies don't know about.
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Is this used in fatal Karate fights or something?
Me too. Haven't laughed like that in ages.
Is this the real life version of the five points palm technique from kill bill?
Dying cures all pain, idiot. Of course this will get rid of hand pain

File: photo.jpg (83 KB, 900x900)
83 KB
Hey /fit/ I just found this new youtuber named Rich Piana. This dude is a BEAST check him out hes got some good stuff! I cant wait for his next video.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I hope your form is better than your bantz, otherwise you're going to break your back.
File: Tinychimp.jpg (51 KB, 640x394)
51 KB
Thanks, bro!

I've found this new guy on the forums, calls himself "Tinytrip". Can't wait to see how he progresses!
Wow OP that was so funny man. Nice joke! Hahahahahahahahahaha. Let's all make fun of people's deaths in a vain attempt to stave off our crippling fear of the inevitable end of every we hold dear.
He looks good! I wonder if he took any advice from Bruce Lee on working his core

File: goals.png (230 KB, 316x508)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
>ITT we post fictional body goals

I'll start with the O G D A D
7 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1213908216318.jpg (19 KB, 334x423)
19 KB
File: Really-Really-Big-Man.png (258 KB, 500x380)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
My Nipples Of Truth say you can't
Duplicate image detected, see >>>/fit/ph/
File: jabunsandtights.jpg (7 KB, 480x360)
7 KB
File: chris.jpg (34 KB, 485x360)
34 KB

File: IMG_2126.jpg (971 KB, 3088x2320)
971 KB
971 KB JPG
i take:
sugarless vitamin c
fish oil
and vitamin b
Vit D
Fish oil
Only ones that matter.

Also take
Pumpkin seed oil
Saw palmetto
Gotta hold on to my hair for a few more years.
> sugarless vitamin c

Hey, I could use your guy's help. 6'4 and 218, I've bulked from 127 in the last two years.

I just reached somewhere between 18-21% BF, should I suck it up and power through bulking in the winter?

Maybe reach 230-240 by the end of December, and then cut down to some number above 200?

Appreciate the help.

>also pic is goal body, looking for the best way to get there
now would be a good time to cut

you generally don't want to be bulking if you're above 15%, and definitely not above 20% unless you compete in a weightclass sport and have a reason for carrying excess fat
Even with the extra layers? Wouldn't it be better to bulk through the winter since next summer is so far away?
have you cut before? if not then start now so you get used to how you feel and what kind of workouts/fasting patterns work for you.

then you can relax and enjoy food during winter, and you'll be physically & mentally prepared for 'serious' cutting from january-april
Cutting is easy, it feels pretty natural. I rewarded myself with a small 3 month cut when I didn't know what I was doing for for my first bulk. Although, bulking is pretty nice.

BF is getting high again, but I could handle bulking a few more months if it'd help. I just don't want to be small.

Been lifting almost two years. Still look like shit, but definitely look miles better with clothes on. Pictures might help for advice.

What do you think?


youre an inbred

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