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Been cutting since May when I was 20%
Now I'm ~12%, goal is 10% at the end of next month.
From May til August I didn't have issues but suddenly I am hungry all the time despite weighing 20 pounds less and requiring less calories.
I'm only at a 500 calorie deficit. What gives?
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1 day of fucking around after 4 months of strict dieting (I'm actually 2 weeks ahead of my schedule) isn't that much of a big deal.
Oh yeah? I must have lost 20 pounds of muscle then...
I'm 139lb, the last word I'd use is fatboy.
except it is because your body will hold on to water and store everything you eat like your life depends on it
>like your life depends on it
technically it does
exactly, losing weight = dying from starvation

File: DUs_p7lX0AEZCj8.jpg (57 KB, 1111x557)
57 KB
bad boy edition
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That's a pretty apt description of what's currently happeneing. Except plus cigs and booze. Perhaps that's the trigger. While living alone I was able to budget my time, my money and able to actually do real work and take satisfaction from it. Now i just play video games in my room all day.
God, I need to find a job.
File: 1536621531295.jpg (18 KB, 346x346)
18 KB
Different guy here, just withdrew from uni because of multiple false sexual assault charges, got kicked out of my fraternity and everything. I'm only 20, but I still feel like living at home really does shit to your brain. I've been nothing but lazy and depressed since I got back about 2 weeks ago.I've kept my lifting schedule consistent but that's literally the only thing.
Let's both job hunt for an hour, right the fuck now.

Your brain doesn't understand 'no'. Once you read fapping, you brain understand 'fapping'.
"Don't think about the white bear"

Sometime, the trigger is something as easy as waking up late or opening your laptop with no idea of what you are gonna do.

Thank you ! I will try to not be disheartened.

Thanks for the idea. I will try to find place where I can not be distracted. The problem might be that I need my computer to work and not opening 9gag or some shit is a reflex. But I will work on it.
I was there half a year ago, the exact age too just a different study. Everyone I started with was in a job and out of the country for years. Something in me clicked and I hauled ass through the rest of my schoolwork and requirements in a month and found a shitty internship.

I don't really like what I do, and I like to think I won't do it until I retire, but the fact is, right now its the thing I'm best at. I'm saving for some courses and found a great place to teach me a trade as soon as I get some more money.

Finish your major, get ANY job with it and start looking for your future. Use what you have anon.
File: 1521262578521.jpg (18 KB, 313x303)
18 KB
I think you're right. Even if it's there, it doesn't work. I guess I just think "fap? okay!" and then it's downhill from there.
I'll just keep it in the back of my head from now on. Maybe I'll try my previous fix, if you have an urge, take a drink of water. Worked for quitting smoking the first time.

Let's fucking do it bro. No phone or email anxiety, none of that shit. I don't care if I get a gig in california. As long as I can get out of this fucking house. Gotta keep connecting with people on linkedin, making calls, and shooting out emails.
I'm ready to get the hell out of dodge.

File: IMG-20180918-WA0043.jpg (3 KB, 68x159)
3 KB
>1 month+ plateau
>braphog stand close
>plateau ends


File: 223.png (1.7 MB, 1062x1066)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
Why is this type of body acceptable/preferred on females, but viewed down upon for a man?
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>why are there different standards for men and women
because we're completely different. op is gay, no surprise.
please keep the varg posting on /pol/
2 > 1 > 3 > 4
File: 1526265999906.jpg (597 KB, 768x1152)
597 KB
597 KB JPG
Shows a moderately comfortable life with adequate access to an abundance of resources. Men need to look like they've been through hell and back. Stop being a pussy.

File: Pea soup.jpg (57 KB, 500x375)
57 KB
Is this literally the perfect bodybuilding meal fit?

>High protein
>High carb
>Medium fat

Cheap, tasty, filling, nutritious.
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Fucking disgusting, anon, kill yourself faster.

finland pls go

Enjoy your no-gains faggot
>high protein
sure anon

File: barbell-deadlift.png (372 KB, 1320x774)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
How good is my routine guys?
A Chest Triceps Shoulders:
Bench Incline machine
Tricep pull down (rope)
Shoulderpress standing (dumbell)
Front raises (cable)
Butterfly reverse
Facepulls (rope)

B Back, Biceps
Barbell rows superset with shrugs
Lat pull down

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Oh yeah I also train 5 to 6 times a week
>deadlift with 35 lb plates
>knees are almost at bar level
this graphic was made by a manlet
Now back to the topic fucktard
You're just doing a sub-optimal version of PPL. I would say if you're just a beginner you can cut out the fluff and just stick as close to the main movements as possible. You could also afford to change up the individual workouts so they get less boring(for example push day 2 could be focusing on ohp instead of bench). I would say pick a movement from each category(Push pull legs) and focus on improving it. Also vary your rep ranges, it's stupid to do that much volume even as a beginner.

File: bruce-lee-reading.jpg (25 KB, 464x295)
25 KB
How can I stop wasting my free time and start using it efficiently by reading, practicing a skill, etc?
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But then how OP would find the answer
>start reading books on philosophy, history and politics
>become fitlit and mogg everybody physically and intellectually
Within himself.
I'd fucking love this. But reading is hard. Developing the self-discipline to learn something well on your own is way harder than developing the self-discipline to go to the gym.
Take it as you'd train one muscle
Start slow, 15 pages per night, pick books you find it interesting
You won't be able to read Homer on your first try but imagine it as a 5pl8 deadlift

File: lXSWGjR.png (65 KB, 1092x1037)
65 KB
Is there a secret way that I never knew to defeat acne?
I know the basics to delete acne but like everything I do doesnt work
I eat healthy, I wash my face a lot, take at least 1 shower a day, go outside on the sun a lot, I even do gym, but it wont go away, its almost 7 years my acne started and it looks like it wont go away, Im kind of tired of this.
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dude I fucking live in Italy lmao
Well, I guess Ill try for a bit to stay away from it and see what happens
are you overweight? i think the hormone imbalances are what causes it. I've never really had a problem with acne and i don't do anything special like washing my pillow daily, and my hair is usually over my forehead and everything. if you aren't overweight it could just be genetics
Just give it a week or so, if the acne doesn't clear up by then gluten isn't your problem.
never been fat in my life, I guess you could say that I have the perfect metabolism, I can eat anything and dont get fat but I dont eat too much anyways. Sometimes I eat garbage food but pretty rarely, like once a month I guess and I eat pretty healthy shit, my mom used to give me only good food, made home or without preservatives and all that shit

File: HipDrahve.jpg (457 KB, 660x3608)
457 KB
457 KB JPG
/fit/ nutrition question - how do you guys get enough potassium in your diet? There's gotta be a better way than eating a dozen bananas a day
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>eating one cup is a lot
Dates is an easy way to get a lot of potassium. But again, don't worry about it. RDIs are autistic broscience and pretty much everything about micronutrients have to do with ratios.

If these items aren't part of your diet already, you're never gonna make it
milk, beans, oats

File: wassappussyboi.jpeg.jpg (45 KB, 334x500)
45 KB
what's yall's opinions on martial arts. I wanna start one but Im not sure if i wanna do something based off of grappling or striking or something that uses both. Also how can I ensure a gym is legit and isnt some fat fuck teaching strip-mall self defense
Muay Thai 100% shit got me fit

Check the gym out for yourself, check reviews online. You're not going to find the secret hidden ultra master gym in some back alley. Successful gyms are so for a reason just got out and try a class
You can do experimental classes on both and decide for yourself
See how many white belts there are
The more white belts in class the more indication it's a McDojo
Are there any moms doing classes? Yeah, that's a bad sign

Is coffee /fit/ approved?
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Drink it 5 days and abstain 2 days. Also only brew one batch whether its a cup or half pot. This was your less tempted to drink more after it gets cold.
but does it taste good
is Monster Zero /fit/ approved?
I don't get it, I regularly drink like a liter to 1.5 liters of coffee a day during the morning, but sometimes when I'm in a hurry or just can't be arsed to make coffee, I do without it just fine.
Literally never been dependent on it, even though I drink enough to kill a small animal.
And fuck, I'm a small animal.
/fit/ approved coffee beverages
>black coffee
>cappuccino/flat white
for tea, you want
>Sencha Green Tea
black you want
>earl grey (patricians choice)
herbal you want
>lemon ginger
>tulsi (holy basil)

File: 1fdb8f2513ac2I.png (59 KB, 576x507)
59 KB
* go vegan
* peas and legumes and lentils and bread
I fart a lot. It's fun! True story, cheerio.
I don't believe you

File: 1533826567614.gif (327 KB, 1000x773)
327 KB
327 KB GIF

What do you think, /fit/?
> “We’re not going to become a skinnier country.”

Was hoping the article wouldn’t be as shite as it looked from the beginning but it is indeed absolute shit.
Without reading I know it's absolute garbage made to clickbait retards and deliver soothing groupthink validation for their ideological comrades.
Pastebin that shit dude.

File: 1533173135238.jpg (39 KB, 600x568)
39 KB
>meeting with my class at uni
>sunny so meeting is outside
>I'm late, no spots left on the benches
>want to move a nearby bench a bit closer to sit on, don't want to move it that much so I just shuffle it a bit
>douchebag cunt stands up, picks up the bench and says 'I'll carry it for you' and puts it down a few meters in front of me

Did I just get brutally mogged in front of my class?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Depends on your size. If he ever jokingly pushes you around playfully smack him while laughing but make sure it hurts, a lot.
If you provoke a fight with him it might backfire if he's a popular figure- everyone will try to get on his side. But if he's looked on as a kind of annoying guy beat his ass and enjoy betas acting servile around you.
Shouldve said
“Nah bro I wanted to sit there”
Picked it back up and moved it but make it look effortless.

Too easy man. How can you let yourself get mogged like that.
>not just standing
are you a cripple? were you born without legs?
t. watched some american TV shows about high school
This fucker is in uni, it's time to grow up, let this shit slide you dumb fucks, you're supposed to be adults not little pansy bitches
File: 1414519087493.png (84 KB, 326x481)
84 KB

File: shutterstock_302396636.jpg (3.54 MB, 5060x3377)
3.54 MB
3.54 MB JPG
>be fat fuck
>go to uni
>girl makes me a man
>i fall in love
>girl rejects me cause one night stand
>drop out
>go to the gym
>become buff dude
>realize i didn't do it for getting the grill but for myself
>4 years later
>i get new girl
>girl live with me
>woman leaves
>woman becomes stripper

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>woman becomes stripper
Stopped reading here.
Falling in love with anything that will sleep with you. Pussy.

Quit being a fucking pussy.
Go get a private dance from your ex-wife, duh. Idiot...
What is wrong with you? Money > hoes
Stop being a weakass pussy
OP, it looks like you are suffering from something called the bluepill.
Most everyone on this board suffers from this, but not all suffer as much as you do - though, some suffer more so.

Youve been raised in a society where the idealogy of identity has become somethint that has become considered real. Once you become aware of these social constructs that we have been taught and now blindly follow, it often times will come in conflict with reality and this will sort of serve as a catalyst for things we typically consider as bad - such as becoming a fat loser.

If you really believed that you got fit because of yourself, then why would you have gotten fat because of your 2nd woman leaving you?
You are letting your motivations and life be attached to things that are not in your control and this can make you do things that objectively irrational to your "goals".

You broke down because a woman you loved left you, it is normal to grieve abiut that, but you just could not let go and let it consume you.

Learn to let go of the things that really aren't important, and focus your energy on things that are in your control.

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