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File: look at this dude.jpg (84 KB, 1280x720)
84 KB
Is veganism legit? I don't want to become a soiboy.....
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Get Magnesium Glycinate. It is the most-readily absorbed magnesium supplement. Everyone needs to take Magnesium supplements, no matter what diet you are on, because the soil is depleted of Magnesium thanks to agriculture and it only shows up in food in sparing quantities.
holy shit did you waste your money. your entire degree absolutely btfo by a few google searches and common sense
If you want to look like this faggot, please fucking end yourself.

This jolly green faggot has some string bean in his DNA I swear.

I guess there's some truth to 'you are what you eat' because he looks like a lean pile of moldy vegetables.

File: CTTGL.jpg (143 KB, 1276x716)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
What happens if I just deadlift 3 times a week
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Huge glutes, nice back, nothing else.
File: 1507520936825.jpg (128 KB, 960x720)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
sounds great
Your pallbearers anon
You'll get a thicc bacc but not much else.
I don't understand these questions
you give NO information about yourself

if you are a total beginner, then you can easily deadlift 3x per week and set PRs every single time
you can progably do 5-10kg jumps 3x per week in the beginning

if you are an intermediate or advanced lifter, then you will not be able to do this
your nervous system will get wrecked and you'll stall or decline
you need to do 1 day where deadlift is your main lift and maybe 2 other days with assistance or accesory work
but if you were advanced, then you would know this

File: th.jpg (38 KB, 474x355)
38 KB
Depression is so soul crushing, i feel like lifting is my only time when i am truly free and happy...
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To you anon, and the other anons in this thread, stay strong. The absolute truth is that most people do get better. Know that this is not forever.
File: 1528448740736.jpg (156 KB, 1280x720)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Flex hard, carrot king!
>Flex Hard, Carrot King!
depression is a bitch!
Flex hard, carrot king
I feel the same

File: 1524693832322.jpg (390 KB, 1080x1080)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
Hello, this is not a thread about losing weight. It is a thread about losing fat. More specifically, belly fat. I know that spot reduction is a myth or whatever. I just want to know what is most effective for losing belly fat. Excersize? Diet? What do I need to do? Hard workouts? I don't have much, I just dont like the bit it sticks out.
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My belly protrudes a little.
Thank you
>My belly protrudes a little.
Yeah, he's calling you a skinny fat because that's the definition.
It's a symptom of poor diet and nutrition. Get that in line and you'll have abs.

Also, you're welcome
I'm sorry, did you somehow miss the fucking dinosaur running around next to the post labeled, "READ THE FUCKING STICKY". This is exactly why it's there. Retarded questions like this
Fasting + Cardio + Lifting
About that last point, he might think about glycogen, which the body uses up first before moving on to fat cells but you don’t need to engage in activity or anything to start that process so it makes 0 difference.

Today I witnessed a pregnant middle aged black woman walk into the gym. I was walking over to the lat Pulldown machine when this ET built bitch ran in front of me and hopped on it. Ok I guess Ill just have to wait... She proceeds to do a 10 minute warmup only stretching her neck and triceps prior to a bicep and lats excersice. She then grabs the bar in a wide grip chin up position and pulls it down behind her neck. I was astonished after her 1 set of 5 performance of 30 pounds. I was then even more dumbfounded when she proceeded to pack up and walk out. Why do people go to the gym do one set of one exercise and leave??

Don’t forget to shower right after the gym bros. I just got diagnosed with mrsa.
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fuck, I have quite a few of those
>tfw staph infections all over the body
>As long as you don't catch HIV

no promises
its just my left ear where i can hear only at >60db and no high tones (language) at all since birth
my right one is completely fine 100%
File: 1529223441731.jpg (44 KB, 680x584)
44 KB
>go to gym to get fit and healthy
>end up getting mrsa and dying
The spray bottle is what tips it over. Just wipes should be enough. Maybe some hand sanitizer for yourself. Same rules as using a public computer.

File: 1505368911012.png (1.66 MB, 1273x827)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
Is there a reason to go to the gym if you have a roastie vagina?
Asking for a friend of course.
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Nice projection. Why can womyn literally only insult others over sex? Is it because it's all some have to offer?


worry less about your blown out vag and more about your lack of frontal lobe activity
File: 71as3-V0aKL._SL1500_.jpg (151 KB, 1500x1500)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Lemme eat that roastie vagina i like my meat... roasted
Anon, all these guys are full of fucking shit. I don't know what fucking dude IRL who'd turn down a girl he wanted to fuck cause of how her cunt looked. Hairy, shaved, roastie, tight, they don't care, short of STDs, as long as the rest of you looks good to them. It'd have to be some seriously fucked up pussy to turn them off.
I'm more comfortable with them because it's much easier to get the girl off when you can really see everything. More stuff to lick and put your mouth on and all that. The really small ones with nothing on the outside intimidate the shit out of me.

File: images (13).jpg (33 KB, 509x289)
33 KB
how can anyone take a game that features this level of acting serious? Wrestling is more authentic
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i'm white as they come, faggot. do you have a real argument or are you just a braindead like your president.
It's more interesting than baseball. But that's not saying much.
Factually incorrect, we kiwis have more claim to making fun of the armor americans wear than you 3rd world peasants playing soccer ever will
ah yes i remember that game, when even Eto'o was running to be a defender. I will never forget that beautiful night when Barcelona sucked a big cock. Mourinho celebration and retard Valdes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eC7Rxy0G4U8
so you talk about being objective on how entertaining a sport is when rugby fans are composed entirely by the players families and the amateur players that dont get to play in the pro tournaments? i guess rugby has been producing a huge ammount of fun content all these years and people are not watching because they must be distracted. It must be on account of all that equipment necessary to play, like something to hold while you run and something high to kick that thing over.

I guess the world stops to watch the worldcup and its more important than the olympic games because its objectively a super boring sport though.

File: fe3.jpg (23 KB, 304x431)
23 KB
Any medtards out there? Just got out of the hospital with a severe case of pancreatitis. Hooked to an IV for 3 days. I get what to stop doing, alcohol and smoking, I what to eat, but does anyone know how to make the burning and pain stop quicker?

File: alpha.png (2.47 MB, 1920x1080)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB PNG

Redpill me on Poppapipes

>does shit ton of unconventional triceps lomghead stuff
>leggit natty
>has developed amazing arms while doing minimum compounds
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I have to disagree, anyone who has been lifting for a while can immediately tell if someone's been injecting shit. It looks horrible.
Not even close, takes years of dosing Triumeq
Is that really tosh?
This. The muscle doesn't react realistically
anyone who believes this is not synthol is retarded

What does /fit/ think of loltyler1?
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This, he playing detroit was kinda fun. He tilted the fuck out of me with some decisions tho.
File: th.jpg (15 KB, 300x221)
15 KB
He has some great genetics
Except for height.

File: milk.jpg (27 KB, 990x593)
27 KB
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Unless you're drinking your own its prob not worth it to use the industrial crap. Loaded with a lot of bad things.
File: cgvjhbknlmmkjlj.png (414 KB, 530x504)
414 KB
414 KB PNG

>be me drinking 1L milk a day for 3 years now
>No bitch tits
>good gains

stay mad genelets
>i fucking love estrogen juice
File: 1524306409361.png (406 KB, 1063x337)
406 KB
406 KB PNG
mommy giv milk
I enjoy being white as well.

File: images.jpg (9 KB, 234x215)
9 KB
>That 34.5 year old millennial coming in day after day
It's been a rough decade, man. How about you congratulate him on his efforts instead of being a douche?
please stop makeing these threads
stop replying to this bait newfag
I am proud of him

What type of gear do you think he's on?
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He's natty. He just works out for 6 hours every morning and eats 10,000 calories a day.
Only someone who has never even looked at a syringe can post something so retarded.
probably a bunch of roids and hgh
he's just eating clen and trenning hard
Pharma grade gear from a small well paid and well protected lab that's staffed by harvard grads and chemistry and biology savants.

Also some horrifying concoction made of unspeakable things that all of 10000 on the entire earth are privy too or even know about.

Right now, he's not even close to being human anymore and might be on the waiting list for stemcell shit that will make him live into the mid 100's and have the body of a 35 year old. .

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