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File: Obesity-Desktop-01.jpg (464 KB, 2400x1600)
464 KB
464 KB JPG

Checkmate, /fit/
Poorly written article.
File: 1506668192123.jpg (22 KB, 600x600)
22 KB

>"It’s simple, really. All of us are perfect as we are — no changes, modifications, emendations or revisions are required. We should celebrate and love every inch of ourselves, realizing we are already incurably perfect."
File: 1536618097144.png (252 KB, 322x624)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
i hate this world
all thr arguments in the article are fallacious.
sure things become more difficult the more weight you lose but you just eat less retard.
oh not everyone is damaged by being fat, fuck you their joints are being ruined which will cost money and keep them from being active and fuck their hearts
every argument in this just moves a goalpost some and saying 'well actually i know healthy fat folks'
i am livid
a woman's mind summed up in two sentences.

>mogs you physically and romantically
Fuck this. I'm starting raw meat today
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I cant wait until this faggot gets the shit kicked out of him
Never gonna happen.
He'd literally bite down the neck until the person is dead and then proceed to drink his blood/eat his corpse
That one dutch nigger tried to confront him in the vegan festival video and he responded immediately with the nigger fleeing and calling the police.
what is this mog term all the numale incels are using nowadays
that was pretty funny, the nigger played tough til he got pushed around like a bitch

One can hope this will help us canadifats , thoughts /fit/?
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Sweet. We're going to be a nation of chads now
Never heard of trans fats in grass fed beef?
File: IMG_9727.jpg (24 KB, 460x474)
24 KB
Based Canada.
Maybe if people weren't eating this shit until they fall into comas the government wouldn't have to step in and force people to stop shoving garbage down their throats.
North America has degenerated to the point that state-enforced health would be a blessing. Freedom to do stupid shit is less important than living a longer, happier life.
File: 1384704123413.jpg (184 KB, 1400x980)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
>Fats are bad
>Eat more carbs and sugar

File: 1537124101077.jpg (90 KB, 640x483)
90 KB
Now that the bulking season is starting
Best routine for bulk?
Best routine for cut?
Is a heavy bulk worth it or is clean bulk better?
if you base your body recomposition on season you're a fucking mongoloid
Is just a figure of speach boyo, calm down

File: myhair.jpg (37 KB, 477x502)
37 KB
I'm going to tell you my routine. You can take it or leave it.

1. Cut your hair to 3/4 inch or less.
2. minoxidil foam mixed with peppermint oil applied morning and night. (i used minoxidil alone for over 3 years and it didnt help) Peppermint oil is a POWERFUL antiandrogen. I researched it well and there are many stories of men losing their sex drives and getting gyno when consuming peppermint products regularly. It will even DECREASE your beard if applied to the face.
3. Once a week I mix nizoral, emu oil, peppermint oil, and minox and a little water and rub it into scalp. Leave it on as many hours as I can (i'll wear a thin beanie hat over it usually).
4. Cut caffeine. Caffeine increases sebum production. Sebum contains DHT.
5. This is important - nofap. I have noticed the most regrowth during the last 2 months of nofap. I usually see my girlfriend on the weekend. So i mostly have sex one day a week. After sex my scalp is more itchy and tingly. But since its only once or 2x a week maximum It isnt enough to cause hair loss. I used to fap every day and thats when I lost the most hair.

I have truly reversed my hair loss and I cant believe it. If hair loss is depressing you too, I suggest trying my routine for yourself.

*pic is related but not me.
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Well no shit I can't magically become unbald, but hey at least I'm happy where I'm at and look good with hair. I was not happy looking like a 35 year old at 19.
That's literally just having more hair to darken the scalp, I've tried minox but it didn't do much and my hairline hasn't moved in years anyway.
that's not the peppermint oil guy, he was just showing how much worse he looks without hair.
File: 1537298316031.png (108 KB, 274x295)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
>hairline itching again
>small amount of inflammation
I'm fucked aren't I? Should I see a derma?
Not that bad. Maybe you will stay with that hairline for years, i know a lot of guys with shitty bald tier hairline that keep their hair for all their 20s and 30s.
So all of this is bullshit, got it.

File: doubleoverhand2.jpg (41 KB, 598x589)
41 KB
> about to hone in on the 245 lb Deadlift.
> I do pull ups and Farmer Walks and all that shit
My Grip strength sucks to the point that my legs can handle the pulling motion of the Deadlift easily, but my hand loses its grip on the bar during the lowering portion of the movement.
Any tips to fix this shit without any fancy gym equipment?
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Is there a reason not to use chalk every time I deadlift besides it being messy?
chalk and mixed grip, DOH your warmup sets except for the last one before your working sets

your grip will get stronger in time anyway letting it bottleneck your hamstings, glutes, erectors, etc. all the other shit deadlift does is absolutely moronic so don't listen to any of the sub 405 deadlifting DOH only crusaders
Different dude here,

I have massive hands. Long fingers, long palms. Barbells are, no joke , small when I grip them, so if I go to heavy they literally roll while i pull.

Personally my forearms are already big enough. Im just after the back gains.
Mixes grip is cheating and only for faggots. It's double overhand or nothing

File: SPT026_c.jpg (200 KB, 729x1000)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Is anyone else cutting for Halloween?
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File: thelook.jpg (39 KB, 296x720)
39 KB
Roger Estep costume best costume
File: 1482106750904.jpg (93 KB, 655x800)
93 KB
File: Avengers06Gb290711.jpg (60 KB, 900x600)
60 KB
I dont feel like dressing like a male stripper to show off not my style. The closest was dressing as skorpion to off my dyel guns. And i want to wear a mask. Pic related is good too but im not white.
File: julian.jpg (66 KB, 650x400)
66 KB
very hetero desu

File: fat-asian.jpg (25 KB, 555x352)
25 KB
I just ran 7.3km in 40:40, average speed 10.8kmh, am i fit? The road was pretty hilly
Someone pls respond
Literally no one here does cardio. This isn't actually a fitness board, its a bodybuilding board, so we dont actually know the standards for running. lmao
Thats normal for a normal guy. I do 6-7km in 40min and I'm not fit at all, 180cm/83kg skinnyfat.

File: coffee.jpg (4 KB, 200x150)
4 KB
What general health supplements do you take?

The ab wheel, every second of use is unfiltered suffering
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>hanging leg raises

Guarantee your using your hip flexors


Power cleans are not a row substitute

No u.
How do you not activate your hip flexors a little?

has anyone calculated how much creatine you get with a diet? On days I'm not eating meat&fish (sources of creatine), I'd like to supplement with creatine powder, but I don't want to go overboard and experience hair loss. I was thinking about taking 2-3g creatine on days I'm not eating meat?
File: Hair.jpg (129 KB, 1536x1022)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
How often? the hair loss thing is a meme that never has been validated.
You have to eat about two lbs of red meat a day to get 5g creatine.
it's not a meme. if you a destined to lose hair, creatine will make it happen faster.
That is founded on a study of a general practitioner from Barendorf I suppose? Well at least that study didn`t make it through peer review and he had to correct his statement.

File: IMG_20180919_104931.jpg (1.14 MB, 1564x1564)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
Bros, any tips for stop being an armlet?

I have decent pecs and lats for the DYEL I am, thighs not too thin, and although I seriously need a cut now (just started it), I do have somewhat well developed abs beneath the fat (I'm expecting them to show off within 4 weeks of cutting).

But my goddamn arms CAN'T GROW FOR SHIT. I tried doing mostly compounds, they didn't grow (as I expected, really). I tried lots of isolation, it barely worked either. It's like my torso muscles are from a different genotype from my arm muscles. I won't even begin to talk about my needle forearms.

It looks disproportionate. How do I fix it? How do I grow bigger arms that look proportional to the rest of my body?

Pic related
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your arms are small muscles. you could train them 3-4x a week no problem. obviously you don't want to destroy triceps the day before a big bench day but don't be a pussy
File: jeff nippard arms.jpg (141 KB, 1280x720)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Is this a thread for T. rexes?

the key is not working them hard, but to work your arms 3 times a week, with medium to high load and to do that for a year or two.
With this routine they will grow, even if it´s just creatine hypersaturation

So what you're saying is that after 2 years of consistent hypertrophy training my arms may be the same size.

Ok kms.
It looks like you just aren't doing any actual weight training. You need:

>5 sets, 5 reps, heavy load
>3 spaced sessions a week
>focus on biceps, triceps, and delts
>multiple types of lift for each area of focus
>high protein (as close as you can get to gram per pound)
>fully relax on off days
>hard tensing and flexing for an hour afterwards (no idea why, but it helped me)
>8 hours sleep a night and 2 hour nap in the day
>drink 3L of water a day (fine to include your shake in that)

Your arms should improve then.

File: 1536449836862.jpg (338 KB, 1200x1350)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
Have you done yourfacepulls today anon?
Thank god protection cat has kept me safe since like 2014
Fuck you Jeff fuck Jessie
File: 1536433031248.jpg (255 KB, 547x547)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
Are you.... negotiating??

File: Snapchat-1119841580.jpg (192 KB, 720x1280)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
What do i need to do to enhance the physical appearance of my upper body? What type of exercises etc.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
All of them.
I don’t understand why people come here and ask these questions. “Exercises that make my upper body look good” Um...upper body exercises? Look up an upper/lower split.

I think people come here to ask because it is a fitnessboard.
You are at 20% body or more. You need to cut weight and do a beginner weight lifting program.

File: download (aa1).jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
Any people who regularly run with a backpack and can recommend one or gib tips?
I'm a casual runner thinking of starting to run for commute. The load is usually 5-6 kg (11-13 pounds), books and a water bottle. They don't sit too snugly so i guess i might have to add some padding if the backpack doesn't have those load compression string thingies.
The total distance is around 10km, a normal backpack would fuck my shit up pretty badly
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Raincoat/pullover for padding. Packing is more of an issue. Not a runner. Skiing and hiking. Shoulder straps are important. Straps over your abdomen are a hassle if you're a fat fuck or need to take some deep diaphragm breaths.
We don't have bike lanes in my zone and it's pretty secure. Just try to stay close to the end of the road and keep an eye in the
you're between a rock and a hard place then, op

really your best move would be to find a place to stash a bike, my boss lets me keep it in the shop
I've heard good things about Deuter running backpacks, maybe check them out and see if you can find a store which stocks them so you can try one on.
Nike ACG if you're willing to spend

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