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File: y doe.png (32 KB, 847x442)
32 KB
I'm pretty fucking dumb regarding supplements.
And i'm wondering.
>Why the flying fuck does this have 1.5/5 in "Health Star Rating"?
Is this honestly such a shit option?
I can't do whey so i'm constantly looking for cheap and decent alternatives, and this is actully pretty damn affordable, and my stomach can actually process this shit.

>No whey, never gonna make it.
b u m p

File: 4178030_4178030_960x0.jpg (71 KB, 960x640)
71 KB
This guy sits on his ass all day and can take down water buffalo. You live at the gym but can't deadlift 4 plates.

What's your excuse?
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this is why we dominate the planet
I could take down a water buffalo if you give me a knife big enough to compensate not having a massive mouth with sharp teeth.
Why the fuck would I deadlift four plates when I can deadlift five?
File: beastly idiot.jpg (154 KB, 1179x663)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
>tumblr file name
>my ancestors were white guys

File: fag.jpg (6 KB, 190x265)
6 KB
If you have 3 full body workouts per week, how would you set them for most optimal strength and size gains?

For example if you had 2 days, they would obviously be one intensity day and one volume day, but If I had a 3rd day what would it be? Or can I just do VxIxVxx -> IxVxIxx?

pic unrelated
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This was a good video thank you very much!
yeah this
With minimal effort. Jesus fucking Christ.

File: Clipquasi21.gif (23 KB, 287x409)
23 KB
My body is a bit wonky, my left pectoral sticks out about .5" further than my right, and on my back the right side of my middle back sticks out .5" or so further than my right. I've noticed my left shoulder blade is rolled forward more than my right, but I can put it in line with my right with conscious effort (which also relieves the dull pain I normally have there). The pain started in my last year in the Marines, probably from the ruck runs with 90 lbs of gear on. Doesn't help that I have scoliosis.

My physical therapist and doctor said it's cause my rhomboid muscle is weakened or damaged which is causing the shoulder to roll forward. They gave me these exercises to do with bands to try and get it back in place and recommended I stop lifting during the treatment and after the treatment to never lift more than 20 lbs (lel). I did as they recommended for 2 months but didn't notice any change.

Do you guys have any recommendations on what to do to try and get my right shoulder into position? Also general lifting with deformities thread.
File: 1516065843331.jpg (288 KB, 1440x1544)
288 KB
288 KB JPG

>Shaving your chest
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Sexy desu.
t. girl
File: 1505713579648.jpg (79 KB, 515x600)
79 KB
>tfw hairlet on chest but not legs/belly/arms
I don't know what's worse, having shitty chest hair or being somewhat hairy everywhere else
What do I do?
How old are you?
That guy literally contoured his body hair like AD suggests.

>What is /fast/?
Fast is a thread for the discussion of intermittent fasting, fasting, water fasting, and dry fasting.


>Weight loss
>Better skin

It's when your body takes apart useless, shitty cells. (Cancer cells, cells with broken protein, acne, loose skin, etc)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No, if you have excess skin, which you probably won't, it'll be very very minor. A few wrinkles around your belt line and maybe your nips will sag a bit.

This guy was 392 pounds and honestly, if he lost another 10 pounds or so, most of that excess skin would disappear. You can tell by his love handles and breast fat. He put on muscle so it looks like loose skin.
how do i get this white shit off my tongue it won't go away
Will do faggot.
>16 days over 30lbs f

why is the before on the right?
This happened to me, I think it's your gut bacteria uncucking itself. I came out of a 7 day liking tomatoes and being okay with pickles, previously absolutely hated both of them.

File: 134.jpg (18 KB, 800x450)
18 KB
>that first dump of the day
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>having more than one dump a day

but I get blood on the paper by the end of wiping as it is
>tfw only shit every 3rd day
>last dump
How many do you have anon?
I have 1 big 1 daily no more
Mah nigga
I don't see why not. I take it in pill form because metamucil powder is nasty.

File: muhdick.jpg (112 KB, 640x636)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Sup /fit/ looking for supposed memes things that worked for you.

Cut 80lbs in 6 months on Keto & OMAD.
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3x5/5x5 didn't work for me.

I got 60kg OHP, 90kg Bench, 100kg Squat, 120kg Deadlift on the SS/SL routines with 5x5/3x5/1x5. I guess it worked for my OHP, but my bench fell 10kg short, my squat fell 40kg short, my deadlift fell 60kg short. Everytime I try 5x5 now it just fails miserably.

Has anyone actually ever got 60/100/140/180 on their SS/SL routine or is it just a meme?
Foam rolling works for me.

You make progress IN SPITE of memes, not because of them.
>got stronger
>claims it didn't work

1/2/3/4 is a benchmark you achieve as you progress, not a promise from any particular program.
down 30 lbs thanks to keto.

edging and going without porn saved me from erectile dysfunction

5x5 gave me great gains (but i don't do squats or deadlifts because I run up and down stairs all day and can't afford to be winded)

yoga saved me from the pain of ruptured discs in my back

now if i can just cut out alcohol i'll be alright

File: fbm.png (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
tfw 165 cm short
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I used to laugh at short people, now I just feel sadness

Why am I entitled to less just because of how I was born?
>tfw 183cm tall

Will always be an archmanlet
>feel big when I'm around arabs
>tfw feel small between other Belgians
>23 years old male
>152 cm

you dont know these feels /fit/

ask me anything

File: 1515174758364.jpg (64 KB, 725x595)
64 KB
Did something change for you during NoFap or is everything about it a LARP?
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nofap and noporn are useful if you are a chronic masturbator or a porn addict. If you are either of those things and you quit you will find yourself with more time and energy. Nofappers are just discovering what it is to be normal
File: 1513779815116.jpg (279 KB, 1050x1502)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
Yep it cured my inability to cum solely through intercourse aka death grip syndrome. To me, nofap has no benefits besides "resetting" My dick nerve endings. Took a couple of months. I will say this though, blowing your load inside a girl feels much better than your hand.
I got the impression that I lack energy when I fap. When I'm not on NoFap I surely fap once every day. Just of boredom

I heard that you can lift better on a good streak, any experience on this?
Lack of energy comes from the fact that it's easier to type pornhub and pull out your dick than do the dishes
Fapping is hell, and fapping is my life.
My life.


What’s your archetype, /fit/?

Would you say your combo is alpha?
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>intelligence and humor don't go hand-in-hand
wow, thanks for the insight.
>what do your friends look to you for?


Advice for friendlets?
they ask it like that to get more honest answers.
just select whatever you think fits you best.
I love you

File: pexels-photo-70497.jpg (80 KB, 1053x700)
80 KB
Really craving a nice tasty cheat meal. What do you recommend?
File: bounce.gif (1.33 MB, 234x233)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB GIF
This tasty ass burger you got in pic

File: 1516083500129.jpg (67 KB, 600x800)
67 KB
Can I get aesthetic if I do 5x5 pull ups every day?
Probably in a few months
If you add in 5x5 dips and start adding weight at some point, why not.

File: mcgregor.jpg (204 KB, 720x470)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Who is /sick too? Is there anything I can do aside from eating quality foods and resting to recover quickly?
Eat cum.
Eat cum.
Eat cum.

>just be yourself
Communism by the backdoor?

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