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File: rYExhvi.jpg (29 KB, 284x724)
29 KB
My face is fat even tho I have low body fat percentage. Estrogen levels are normal. The rare months when my cheeks arent mega fat deposits, I look amazing. People comment on my jawline very often. But then my face magically gains fat everywhere. Wtf is going on. WAT DO???????
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>tfw tap water smells like a fucking pool at times
Time for bottled only I guess.
yeah a fucking twink otter
File: 1506375318595.gif (1.64 MB, 280x294)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB GIF
may legit never have seen a worse specimen than this lads, in awe at this truecel
Also fat face here, low body fat also, need help with this.
It means your bones are too small and/or in the wrong place(s). Don't know why people keep asking this question.

File: eugenia-cooney-2.jpg (76 KB, 900x750)
76 KB
Not hungry anymore after I started a calorie deficit 2 weeks ago, literally can go 24/7 without food and don't feel anything wrong. Am I going to die?
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File: 1509472885494.jpg (13 KB, 484x403)
13 KB
its a girl you faggot, someone post the lip slip
Give that girl a sandwich!
She's cute, but I'd be afraid of breaking something during sex.
that is too much thigh gap

bet she makes plenty of money fucking rich old pedophiles, though

it's Sunday today, which means that you should be running.

Share your plans for today, and if you don't have any, post anyway so that the rest of us can shame you.

I plan to run in around ~4 hours, probably a slow long distance run because I feel beaten up after managing my first ever sub 25 minute 5k a few days ago.
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Around three minutes
I've just started increasing the distance I run, but my hamstrings are so fucking sore and tight. How do I stop them from tightening up so much?
Man if you really dropped 3 minutes in 12 days of running good job just keep up what your doing.
File: cringe.jpg (48 KB, 680x499)
48 KB
km/h is not the metric runners use, and you sound like someone who's never run before when you use it.

Pace, in time per km, is the only metric actually used to measure speed.
File: 1420383371345.jpg (48 KB, 400x484)
48 KB
Quit being a little bitch and run more.

>lifting for a year
"""Lifters""" have zero pain tolerance.

File: a3842921513_10.jpg (271 KB, 1200x1200)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
I work at Mcdonalds is there any food there that is justifiable to eat as a meal for gainz. I get that some items have high protein but can it make up for the carbs, fat etc...
i'd say just don't get soda or fries

shit, i've eaten burger king/mcdonalds for lunch almost every day all i eat is the burger and im still fucking losing weight
grilled chicken salad or wrap
fruit bag

I used to work at mcds as a summer job, and on sundays id have a 20 box of nuggets with pancake syrup after work and feel like a total slut
this is good advice if you want to build mass
this is good advice if you want to lose weight/fat
Really comes down to what your goal is
sometimes i get the sausage mcmuff w/ egg and the bacon egg and chee mcgriddles in the morning, almost a thousand calories. again, without soda or anything else

File: 1527363943950.png (410 KB, 733x510)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
Why do you guys hate the leg press?
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i dont use the leg press
Pretty much this.
Leg press machine is an ego machine
Any tips on how to avoid this
t.quarter squats 315lbs

File: adam-jason.jpg (75 KB, 853x466)
75 KB
how are you going to honor your father tomorrow /fit/
i need ideas to surprise my dad with edition
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lol nvm it was in Europe. Why are americunts always weird with everything?
File: 1505868533788.png (7 KB, 231x218)
7 KB
>daddy do you like this thing I made for you
>go away I'm busy
>dad why do you pay more attention to my brother
>I don't go away
>dad do you think I can be a scientist when I'm older?
>no, you're too thick. Don't bother with college past 16.
>dad I got A*A*A* in my A levels, a-a-are you proud of me?
>yeah very good I'm busy

>tfw a few years later he's been going around bragging all this tim and acting like he played a major part
>asked why I never applied to oxbridge/good uni's, why I never had the confidence to do anything when I was younger etc
>brothers dropped out at 16 and has been a NEET for 5 years

What the hell is wrong with you
Why are you so upset?
Damn Jason actually had a good most muscular

File: 1529168914292.jpg (114 KB, 900x300)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
What the hell do i do fit. I tried a lot of things to get over her.
> Escaped skelly mode and going to the gym 5x
> Found a passion/hobby
> Work a lot to keep my mind off of her
> Tried dating, dated 6 girls after the breakup all turned out to be crazy/rotten women followed up with a couple of onenightstands.
> Try to cut out toxicity
> Got out of my alcohol addiction
Now I'm stuck with depression and heartache. I'm such a weak beta faggot that I still havent gotten over her. I dated her for 1.5 years
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If you're talking about losing the feelings of pining and longing, people generally say it takes longer than you were dating for them to go away. As for me, I don't know, because I married my first girlfriend. My condolences.
Imagine her with the piece of poop inside her bowels and asshole. It helps.

hey, bro. i've been there, and i think most of us have been there. it's a fucking horrible feeling to have your heart broken -- so horrible that if the government was able to weaponize it, it would be the most effective disabling agent in the world.

the pain sticks with you like a motherfucker, even after attempting to get over it. nevertheless, there are a few methods that i've used to keep my wounds from re-opening with some success. your mileage may vary.

>delete everything
i got rid of everything that reminded me of serious flames, from gifts to pictures to social media connections. all of that stuff reminded me of the past, and you can't afford to be having this perception that the past was rosy and the present sucks. even if the present does suck, looking at shit that reminds you of your ex is like taking a hit of methadone when you're desperately trying to break a heroin addiction.

>fuck everything
this tip is controversial, but it does work. if you're balls deep in another girl or many other girls, you will feel desirable and forget about your old flames, if only for a while. say what you want about being a cad, but it's hard to want to pine for a lost love when you're going on new fun dates and getting fresh pussy.

>write everything
this was the missing piece of the puzzle for me. when you force yourself to sit down and write about what happened and how you feel, your brain fully processes those emotions that are bottled up inside you, and you need to fully process those emotions to blast out the residue from your psyche and achieve catharsis. i've cried like a motherfucker while pouring my heart out in letters that i've never sent, and that was good for me because i needed to face those feelings instead of repressing them.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

>expand everything
this is a late-stage tip for when you've wallowed through the first few soul-crushing weeks and months of a breakup. i was feeling pretty busted up over a certain lost love for a while, and i had been feeling that way for months, but one day, i had an epiphany, and that epiphany was, "i have grieved more for this bitch than for my fucking grandmother when she died." putting it all in an expanded perspective was all it took to wrap that shit up and put a nice bow on it, because i'd just keep asking myself, "are you really going to give this ho more brain electricity than your dead family members?"

>do everything
i'm a pretty depressed individual by nature, so breakups make me even more isolated. this is really fucking dangerous, because the more time you have to be alone, the more your demons are going to play tricks on you and tell you that everything in your past relationship was perfect and you'll never do better. tell your demons to fuck off by forcing yourself to get out of the house, even if it's by yourself

>fight everything
this philosophy is not for everyone, but i came up with it after doing some intense introspective work, and it has helped me. if you think of yourself as the hero in your own story, then anything that causes you pain is an opponent that you must defeat in order to claim your destiny. when i equated the pain of depression and the call of lost loves with hydras and sirens, then suddenly, i could fight back, and fighting back was my obligation, because no monster was strong enough to keep me from my heroic ascent to the top of the self-actualization mountain

i love all of you bros, and i wish you the best
>"i have grieved more for this bitch than for my fucking grandmother when she died." putting it all in an expanded perspective was all it took to wrap that shit up and put a nice bow on it, because i'd just keep asking myself, "are you really going to give this ho more brain electricity than your dead family members?"
You just fixed me. Thanks.

About the "fight everything" part though, be careful about this hidden hero complex trap:

Godspeed, anon.

File: lZyltBJ.png (19 KB, 1000x1000)
19 KB
post em
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File: 1529114425795.png (1.41 MB, 999x999)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
Let's go
Guy with the giraffe neck actually looks pretty good. not sure what you guys are on about
File: fit ideals1.jpg (254 KB, 900x900)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
>In the process of making a new template

honestly like everything, the hair is pretty generic but not bad, girl is top tier, so if fashion and body
good everything
great body and hair, fashion is alright
i like everything here

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
8.5/10 body (assuming top left is ultimate goal) + 6/10 hair + 5/10 style + 8/10 chicks = 6.625/10
3/10 body (skinny twinks <<<<< muscled men) + 7/10 hair + 3/10 style (looks like the depressed kids in middle school) + 10/10 women = 5.75/10

is swimming decent for losing weight and getting fit?
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how to learn butterfly at my local pool without looking like a total tard? there are hot lifeguards there who seem to check me out but all I do is use the sauna and sit on the bench to cool down
I don't want to embarrass myself, but I guess fuck it, nothing to lose
any tips or vids?
Literally all you need is wii fit and zumba
yes, calories burned (from highest to lowest per mile):
1. swimming
2. running
3. biking
Swimming is God teir once you are good enough to mix it up. If you're only swimming a shitty freestyle it's basically like using a mixed grip on dl
>Breath on both sides or your gae
>Former state butterfly record holder
Times plz.
>100 fly- 52.4
>200 fly- 1:57.9
What state?

File: 1478892256260.jpg (204 KB, 900x973)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
>can't get vitamin D from your computer monitor
Bring a laptop outside
Fish oil.
Just get a uvb lamp

What kind of ab exercises do you guys do and what else have you done to improve your bracing during lifts ? I've been doing isometrics every few days but after finding out that crunches and situps are a meme I've felt a bit lost what else to add.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Planks are the king of the ab workout
i use the "six pack in 30 days" app, and I've been getting good results, but not a 'six pack' yet (day 26)
am i wasting my time?
No but your body fat % is probably too high.
Details on a reasonable progression? How to mix with a program like SS?
Step 1. Do planks

Step 2. Do plank longer than last time

File: thicc.jpg (67 KB, 610x610)
67 KB
How do I find thick black chicks to bang?

Also can I do pullups everyday without issue?
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File: 001_1000.jpg (126 KB, 540x648)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
I'm tryna find out, too

Pretty sure that's Ebony, former/current /r9k/ poster and recent /fit/ poster. She wants to be abducted by a group of Good Ol' Boys, tied up in a barn, and raped until she's pregnant. Loves to be called the little nigger whore she is.
lmao she's mentally ill as fuck

Correct, but I would still fuck her brains out with my BWC.

>live in Atlanta
>constantly see black women with white boyfriends and husbands out in public
>also see fat trashy white bitches with mulatto kids and no wedding rings or dad's in sight

Such is life.

anyone have food autism?

>cant just eat one of something
>have to have a even number
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mix everything together and have a little of something in every bite master race
can't != won't
yeah i used to be plain burger / never try anything picky. Vegetables would make me physically gag.

How’d I change? Honestly I started getting my plain burgers with lettuce.

YOU CANNOT FORCE ANYONE TO NOT BE PICKY. They have to want it on their own. I literally woke up one day and decided to actually try.
Ma nigga

File: maxpsrk.jpg (184 KB, 1920x1080)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
who parkour here?
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Never post on this board again.
Bigger than you, wh*teboi ;^))))
tricking since 2007, gymnastics since 2002. getting a little old for it though but i can still do a lot of stuff

as you get older the calisthenics stuff stays fresh but too much tumbling / impact takes a toll. take your fish oil and keep the bodyweight down though and you can still keep the skills for a pretty long time
How big a manlet are you?
wanted to parkour, ended up bboy instead

>he thinks GOMAD isn’t retarded garbage
I seriously hope you guys don’t do this
Does he try his best to look that gross? Still a decent build though.
Isn't he that one school shooter?
srsly how does he make himself look so bad. I know it's intentional but it's still impressive.
Utilizes loads of instagram filters, can make a photo look 10x worse, ironically enough.


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