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05/04/17New trial board added: /bant/ - International/Random
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Yo mama is gay
No u
Pic stolen

Thread to discuss anything related to the state of São Paulo in Brazil
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brazil is just one big favela, let's be honest here.
Don't know if I agree with that but I do agree that the whole Northeast is a favela
That flag is awful.

File: 5731675124_d85638ec3f_b.jpg (96 KB, 768x1024)
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Face it /bant/, you're the best board on 4chan.

This board has every reason to exist. /b/ shit; /int/ shit. We need an International/Random board. It's smart. It's lifechanging. It's a necessary board. The fact of the matter is that EVERY time I come to /bant/ is a fun and happy time. /bant/ is /pol/'s idol. The closest thing to /bant/ is heaven.

All the boards, from /fit/ to /po/ have their own cultures, memes, and activities. /bant/ has everything. It was supposed to be a place to shove all the random shit like risk threads and HWNDU from /pol/, but because /bant/ is such a great board all those thread die out on here. /bant/ has produced every meme. It's better than /lit/. It's so funny. I have never not laughed when I was on /bant/. The closest thing to perfection that /bant/ ever had was Blepe, a wonderful, awesome, classic-at-launch meme that was based entirely on originality. Nice work, guys. You really made a difference.

People like to say /bant/ is a "/pol/ board".... HAHAHA fuck imptrash. You're /pol/'s God. Get the fuck on my website.
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/pol/ is a shit board

File: 3821263879.jpg (28 KB, 680x760)
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Should Doc and Raisel team up? They seem like great partners.
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super rare! is it overpopulated where you live?
This is anzumark, a terrible poster with lots of proxies

File: 2uprb1yb0qe21.jpg (188 KB, 567x839)
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post cute bois her
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that looks like a girl to me
that's a cute boy you got there but make sure to get him some pants he'll get cold
But you are the cute boi

File: 1554523941972.jpg (54 KB, 676x676)
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All newniggers fuck off
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Yes. Hetero.
File: 12.jpg (139 KB, 1024x1618)
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Make me <3

File: actofsluttery.png (48 KB, 331x260)
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bad bant
no more lewd
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one of your erp threads probably had something similar tbqh
Fair lole >>7882951
The war is pretty funny to watch.
You'd probably fit right in.


>16yo political celebrity

File: argument_phone.png (68 KB, 301x403)
68 KB
>thread is about topic x
>first reply is "make me"
>includes generic *h*g** face"
>pic is me when
based fat nigger
File: 1549793272543.jpg (136 KB, 1920x1080)
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136 KB JPG
I guessed right

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File: bune.jpg (19 KB, 443x332)
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moth bune gang
that moth is a male
because it has the antennae

https://youtu.be/gevbtHeKlww this entire video is shit. i hope all of their hoverboards catch on fire and that woman gets sued. pic related
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Uh oh
Uh oh
>GaY nigger
Oh fuck not good


day 2
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Benis in tewi butte
Splurt splurt
File: 1499348020470.png (569 KB, 648x557)
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569 KB PNG
i already did
check flags
Filtered by id.

File: 763658635653.png (417 KB, 665x718)
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417 KB PNG
The year was 2049 when some space alien dickheads invaded, they just happened to all look like human females. They abducted or killed most of the world's population. Then, after a year had passed, the only thing that stood in their way of assuming complete control over the planet was the Resistance. The Resistance was comprised of a network of small, human militaristic groups that were spread out across the globe.

Two months later, the Resistance made smaller-scale efforts to fend off the Arume threat. However, progress was only being made on said small-scale. The Arume still controlled large areas on the Earth’s surface and the Resistance were in for a hard fight if they were to try and force them off of the planet.

Last Episode: https://archive.nyafuu.org/bant/thread/7859079/
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*us not we
You yell out in rage down to the clouds.
You notice that it's lightly raining, even though you're above the clouds.
Then, as you go to start scaling your way down the mountainside, you hear a deep, loud, old-sounding voice come from behind you.
Voice: "I often wonder why the rain falls up here, even though the clouds are below... You won't find anything down there..."

(4 more males, 1 more female. All of the males have big antlers as well, whereas the females don't.)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Arume: "Hmm? Yes, I did. My squad and I..."

Célia: "You want me to travel with you..?"
She stops for a moment and thinks.
Célia: "Well... I suppose I do feel a bit guilty hiding here... It would be good to do something to help fight back against ze Arume."
She turns and goes rummaging through some draws.
Célia: "Yes. Okay, I'll do it. I have something I've been keeping safe just in case I needed to fend off any Arume..."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

The left are Godless children.
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File: le_imp.jpg (106 KB, 586x719)
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>>>/pol/ >>>/trash/
Proven point

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