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>Rules and guidelines:

>Grinch Check:

>Deadline to fill out the grinch form is January 19 since it didn't work for some people
>Keep posting gifts, there are tons of you out there who didn't post yet (including me, sorry santas, I will!)
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Grinch shipping date even for domestic is later this month. Chill.
MT from Estonia, I shipped your package today but it will leave post office on Monday so expect it later next week! I will send proof to both you and Santa but I'm too tired to do it right now. I'm sorry for the plainess but I still hope you like the contents anyway.
Yeah I think that it was your original match number, I'm waiting to hear back from the ss that they were able to secure the order!
I'm >9761481 and I'm lowkey worried that the box I sent out again towards the end of January is still MIA... It hasn't been posted up here like the other gifts I sent to my anon, so I'm getting just a little concerned... email I sent got no reply either. :< I really want my match to get my main package, cus hers was more thoughtful than I could imagine
HC from Mexico - your grinch gift will be in the post today, hopefully it won't take too long to reach you. It's an international parcel though.

I'm honestly curious, never done this myself but have any of you worn cosplay to a concert? Any stories?
Only a wig because my hair looked like crap. Otherwise it's a bad idea anyway.

-Any active gyarusas still active in the US? Japan? Europe?
-Are any of your favorites still doing gyaru?
-Do you still want to do gyaru despite it being nearly dead in the west?
-Winter gyaru outfits welcomed for much needed inspo.
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Not that I know of.
Could make one, but I really don't think it'd be very active.
Staying on a platform that is already used by many is the safest bet. Things like facebook or Line
File: yuki.png (846 KB, 797x433)
846 KB
846 KB PNG
found yuki's youtube channel and binge watching for inspo. she's too cute!


but hate this I'll change for my man attitude tho, eugh.
Why is everyone so obsessed with her?

File: etsy-heart-logo.jpg (85 KB, 600x513)
85 KB
Who here has an Etsy shop? What do you make? Do you offer items for cosplay or lolita? How are your profits coming along? How do you advertise your product?
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Does anyone have any recommendations for Etsy stores that sell nice lolita accessories? When I search up “lolita necklace” or “lolita bow” I typically find a bunch of crap.
Depends on your style but Jelly Ultra has some nice stuff. Their store is currently on holiday though but you can always browse through their past sales or social media to see what they are about


Their handmade honey items are nigh impossible to get just a heads up. Expect AP levels of bloodbath for those

I've bought from them a few times and in my opinion the items are very cute. Accurate to the photo and just as cute or even cuter in person.
>Who here has an Etsy shop?
I have an Etsy, but I haven't really touched it in months because traveling. I'll probably get back into it soon after I get back to the frozen wastes of Canadia.
>What do you make?
Mostly costume jewelry and accessories. I really just enjoy experimenting with resin. Vast majority of what's in my shop are portrait brooch type things, but I like to inlay glitter along the image in newer pieces. I like working with tiny things. It doesn't photograph well, but it's really nice in person. I like making things I can catch myself gazing at.
>Do you offer items for cosplay or lolita?
I make a couple fandom things occasionally, and have been commissioned to make pieces to accent costumes from time to time (i.e. some snake brooches for Winnie Sanderson) but my stuff is generally aimed at a gothic and lolita audience.
>How are your profits coming along?
>How do you advertise your product?
Instagram or shilling it here, I guess. I still haven't out the best approach. I hand out business cards, get tables at hipster-y market events and get more local sales than I do online.
drop your shop name pls i love these, id love to buy something
Not them but their name on etsy is Dream Cathedral https://www.etsy.com/shop/DreamCathedral

Who here has been cosplaying since when they were little?
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I don't cosplay
I did, but quit when I realized it would only ever turn out shitty
My mom made me costumes of my favourite characters since I was 3-4 years old.
Basicly the same as >>9788452 , in the late 90s due to the costume requirement for kindergarten/school carnival celebrations and the anime boom back then.
I'm 23 now and started when I was about 12 or so, beginning of 7th grade. I made a fool of myself at my first con and was the cancer. I still think about how obnoxious I was.

Have you guys noticed a drop in your reach lately?
How are you managing it?
How do you think cosplayers need to evolve to stay relevant?
What's your social media platform of choice?
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>big companies notice

There’s been a couple times where I was so pissed over a business handling something I called them out on Twitter.

It resolved things WAY faster than phone calls and emails.
I wish Saudi princes threw money at me all day
Honestly I just want my friends and few fans to see my work and interact with me. I don't like smashing my normy page (personal) with my cosplay stuff, life reasons outside of cosplay The cosplay page reach has been decimated. I got about 1100 people on my page and when I make big posts (like a finished project with a real photoshoot) 300-400 reach with 20 likes...Like fuck, whats the point of even posting?! It use to be almost double that. I've been trying to move over to insta and twitter, kicker is facebook posting is just so well organized. It's sad to lose it. Oh well, get fucked.
I don't post often but usually around 40 when I did (2 years ago actually, but it was close to/during the con dates) so people were probably more active.
I mean, people just now found out you could do this professionally, now suddenly the fact that some aren't making that fucking doctor pay means it's the end of the world?

File: Photo-Apr-07-6-48-01-AM.jpg (174 KB, 1024x1024)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
post some of your favorite nail photos.
What type of nails do you have?
How much are prices in your area for what you get done?
Do you have a favorite nail shape?
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File: 20170927_192436.jpg (679 KB, 1836x3264)
679 KB
679 KB JPG
Selfposting - I get shellac every time I have a holiday, since I'm not allowed them at work for hygiene reasons. I go to a Japanese artist who works in the middle of town so they are expensive af but she handpaints everything.

That looks like babby's first home mani attempt, yikes.
And just for context with these - this was the day after I got them done, and I'd gone to the beach on the day of getting them.
Recently found https://www.instagram.com/cure_lulun/ and she has some seriously magical nail looks.
>such a long style is not for me but they are wonderful to look at and admire
Nothing wrong with the nails but the length just makes me think of a clawed monster reaching for that poor AP rabbit.

>going to AX’18
>time to find a hotel room near the venue
>all of my friends have their rooms full
>$200+ a night

I’m almost tempted to find some anons to room with. Because FUCK those prices
>going to AX again this year
>find out that one of the hotels that are left are the Westin
>a mile and a half away from the con that requires shuttle trips
Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going though. Anyone know that if the shuttles are 24 hours?
Are all the hotels still available? I thought the block didn't open until the 28th?
I thought AX had different sets of hotel blocks set aside for their Premier and Regular tickets? That's what they claimed on Twitter anyway.

Incredible Cosplays from Anime’s, Manga, and Japanese Video Games!

You know the drill.
facebook IGNHeroMakeover/videos/168268793902877/
>"I got into this hobby to make costumes"
>Shitty printed lycra lingerie D. Va
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Had my best friend cosplay as a 9s with my 2B, last day of convention my younger brother buys the costume off her and proceeds to have way too many chicks hit on him.
Stay away from his DANGER ZONE

Lmao, shes a bit of an awkward person, might have autism. Could explain why she looks like that all the time.
girl on the right and the one on her knees are rocking it imo

File: thedreamsearch.jpg (89 KB, 938x512)
89 KB
Previous thread: >>9749320

Post your dream list / dream gets and help out your fellow anons if you see their dream!
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File: 16580_original.jpg (276 KB, 709x1000)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
Looking for the Fragrant Rose Memories Camelot JSK in antique only.
I can't believe I missed the one that went for 12k on Mercari, I want to die.
Thank you so much!
I contacted my SS.
Anons! If you gulls have the money, now is the chance for a full set. I guess $1000 BIN if I’m reading it correctly? OBO?

NVM, not a full set. OP, bow, and necklace.
Thanks for the link to Telestia! I don’t think I’ll be buying it simply because I don’t care for the color much. Thanks though!

Old thread is saging
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File: 1513966736932.png (242 KB, 559x460)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
>embarrassing to wear a brand to an event that will probably require said brand
You can't be this retarded. You just can't.
What are you 13?
so glad I'm not going to that tea party. bunch of annoying fan girls.
I'm interested in your LO bored jacket, if it hasn't sold. Do you have any pics so I can get an idea of the size?
New thread >>9792875
That's fucked up that person needs to be banned. Poor seller.

File: 1513819581817.jpg (26 KB, 358x330)
26 KB
Should I even go to cons if I have no friends?
104 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
I actually made friends at cons but the problem is the kind of people you meet at cons and on 4chan are not good at all.
Lots of heavy trans drama, alcoholism, discussions of suicide, daddy issues and begging for money from the girls you meet.

Overall you can meet people at cons but you should take a long look for the to see if you should
What's usually the best day to go for one day? Saturday?
What's the problem? Be attractive and cosplay, plus have some money to throw around.
If you're going by yourself then Friday or Sunday are the best days to go. Saturday is the worst because you'll see all the happy couples and groups of friends all around you and you'll be miserable wishing you had that. Friday allows you to get all the limited goods in the dealers hall, and if you don't care about that, then Sunday is your go to day (Usually cheaper anyways)
Yep. Sunday blows unless there’s an event you like or you like bargain merchandise

cute brolitas
no age play old bald man
advice is welcome
I didn't even knew of this until I saw this post
And all I have to say is:

File: 1389756727364.jpg (2.87 MB, 1426x2100)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB JPG
old thread was auto-saging

What do you think that the rabble was cosplay as this year?
321 replies and 51 images omitted. Click here to view.
You could, you know, move it
Yeah they were, I even saw security trying to get them to move since they were blocking part of a hallway
Late to this, but Twitter/Insta happened
Facebook pages are ded except for official accounts, photographers, and autists.
All of the actual convention discussion and pictures happen in social circles on more personal social media.
Who else got bumped from 2 queens to 1 king? Both my room and a friends room had the same issue and I’ve seen at least like three other people who said the same thing
how long ago did you book your room?

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