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Previous Edition >>9980574
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Maybe brightlele on rakuten or Priscilla
theyre up on wunderwelt too btw, not sold out yet
I ordered the issue; didn't arrive yet
File: XVmJRHoHkPg.jpg (163 KB, 750x741)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
What do you think about drag queens dressing in lolita?

File: 1508232908945.jpg (780 KB, 1500x1000)
780 KB
780 KB JPG
Last time: >>9456845
Since the last one had a few bits of Dota sprinkled through it we may as well group all of the ARTS games together to hopefully keep things maybe slightly more active.

ASSFAGGOTS = Aeon of Strife Styled Fortress Assault Game Going On Two Sides, so you don't have to hit Urban Dictionary.
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File: DlUO7HtUYAAc412.jpg (495 KB, 1152x2048)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
How the hell is this thread from a year ago still alive?
Just how slow IS /cgl/?
Confirmed dead board.
Not as bad as you think. This thread is just constantly getting bumped and saved from death.
You shoulda seen last year's AX threads.

ITT: your favorite guests at anime conventions.

Pic related. ProZD is a cool and funny guy, if he’s at a con you’re going to, go to his waifu / husubando panels.
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File: REOL_live_artistphoto.png (292 KB, 640x360)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
meeting REOL too bad they disbanded though....
I saw Momoiro Clover Z live at AX back in 2015.
>mfw the concert was such a shitshow
At least I saw them before Red decided to leave the group
>no Gigguk
"dub your own hentai" panels are full of *actual* comedic improv.
Do they still do them at anime expo?
Fuckin otafest gets it and Aniemthon dont Feelbadman

I've been doing research on lolita for a while bc I want to get into it, what do you guys think I should avoid doing so I don't end up ita?
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try to stick to 3 colors only. thats my best advice besides what others have said.
actually don't get pettis from bodyline, their pettis are garbage
>People aren’t paying $40 just for brand name on their bracelet, burando is charging $40 because they make good shit.
Okay I agree with you on everything else but let's not pretend like brand jewelry is anything other than cheap plastic trash.
They have one massive tulle one that is actually pretty good. Pricey compared to the rest, but not bad.

They make metal jewellery as well, but AP plastic is specifically what I had in mind. So many newbies make the mistake that they can sub in children's jewellery because apparently plastic jewellery stops their brain from picking up all the differences between good plastic jewellery and bad, and then they end up looking like crap because kid's jewellery is often sized smaller, the silver backings are often badly placed and show way more than the candy-coloured jewellery does, and the jewellery is usually crudely finished and isn't as nice and as smoothly as AP jewellery.

Try to find an actual replacement, or make your own some time. It's really not that easy to get that perfect balance of something perfectly sized, beautifully finished, perfectly matching colours, perfect kawaii dreamy toy aesthetic, and this isn't even considering matching it perfectly to your dress motifs.

File: 00.jpg (255 KB, 1200x900)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
Previous thread >>9965216


Old thread archives

Buyf/a/g Guide

Discord Link
>https://pastebin.com/raw/uyMYVnPe (embed)

Bootlegs are never OK to buy and use, don't be a poorfag.
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anyone coming to the itabag meet up at anime fest @ nycc? it looks like there will be a contest and swap meet.
Kuwabara bagger here, good luck anon!!! I'm feeling blessed right now too
I love Phos! Your layout is super adorable anon!
Oh no! Would you be able to make some embellishments that would match that charm?

I really like the different colours in the bottom one, would thematically match with how fragmented Phos is too.
new thread

File: IMG_2772.jpg (114 KB, 640x640)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
I really like manga colors for SBR and really dislike most variations on it (I could go on about why white and blue Johnny is stupid compared to blue with purple stars).

I wanted to order this, but I was thinking about maybe painting over the buttons and balls from teal to green. Do you think it's possible? What should I use to not fuck up rest of costume and block paint from dripping?
this belongs to the cosplay help thread, ask there


File: otakutunatime.png (588 KB, 721x556)
588 KB
588 KB PNG
Otakuthon is in a week! Are you cosplaying? Is your cosplay even ready? What do you think of the new pass system?

Also who would be up for a comfy meetup on Saturday?
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There's always makeup for that, you can do it anon!
File: 1532495769478.jpg (35 KB, 701x700)
35 KB
>11 months until next otakuthon
File: angry.jpg (73 KB, 981x981)
73 KB
it went by too fast this year!
Does anyone have video of the masquerade? I preformed with my friend and we would love to have a video of our performance to watch.
File: IMG_1042.jpg (3.63 MB, 3000x4000)
3.63 MB
3.63 MB JPG

File: 1532892712684.jpg (920 KB, 750x1450)
920 KB
920 KB JPG
The opposite of an ita thread. Post your favourite coords and photos.
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File: pink and brown coord.jpg (218 KB, 1080x1080)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
In terms of quality, in lolita it should be either potato quality or fullblown photoshoot, no inbetweens.
File: 12.jpg (858 KB, 1121x1920)
858 KB
858 KB JPG
Now THAT'S an interesting way to coord Holy Lantern. Note quite sure I like it, but definitely innovative and fresh.

>dat poof
this needs to be made into a hover loli

Dead con thread.

Press F to the beloved cons that are no longer with us. Con stories are welcome as well as long as it’s on topic.
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no surprise here
Why do cons don't try with their mascots and promotional flyers. Even today there are still very bad flyers and posters around.
cause a lot of them are sincerely amateurs
File: avw1Qgk3_400x400.jpg (17 KB, 400x400)
17 KB

File: gothlolita.jpg (69 KB, 407x610)
69 KB
dating in lolita? would any of you date someone who wears lolita, or alternatively how does your s/o feel about you wearing lolita?
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you sound like a super autismo
are you really trying to change what you said because you got called out? Also you're really this upset by getting called a normie?
To weigh in on the opposite perspective: I'm a lolita myself and would be happy to date another lolita, or a cosplayer. Cynicism aside, I think that cosplay is an art form and those that work hard to bring their favorite characters to life are admirable, so I can definitely appreciate the effort and skills required to doing something like this. If the cosplayer in question happens to cosplay my husbandos it's a bonus but not a requirement; so long as my date respects my decision to wear lolita as a daily fashion and doesn't expect me to be into some bizarre fetishes, we should get along just fine.
I used to date a girl who was both into lolita and larping. She was more into me than the other way around at the time, and I broke up with her 8 months later because I was an introvert addicted to video games and the whole "not getting muh vidya play time cuz gf wants 2 cuddle" thing was making me anxious. To be honest she was super controlling to the point she made me a schedule for my whole month (including work) at some point.

Still, despite her being pretty chubby, she was still wearing coords pretty nicely. This and her coming to larps I went to pretty much carried the whole relationship for the whole 8 months. She quit both larping and lolita to focus on her studies after the breakup, so I can't help but feel bad about it. And honestly, if this relationship had been 8 years later I'd quite possibly be still with her.
I'm really not sure what my bf thinks about me wearing lolita. He's pretty much a normie in dress, and before lolita I was super western goth, but got into lolita before getting together with him. We have an ldr though, sometimes I feel like a weirdo compared to him but I think he likes it. Every time I show him pics of my outfits he says I'm cute or pretty, etc.

File: feelsthread.jpg (445 KB, 800x1000)
445 KB
445 KB JPG
"Man I just really love lolita" edition
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sounds lovely
File: jf.jpg (31 KB, 419x510)
31 KB
So I'm going into the military and now that I'll be able to have money and a car I want to go to more conventions, only been to one. However I'm a bit worried about them finding out my shit, I am a dude and I don't know how common it would be to have costumes just hanging in my closet. I know that people do room searches and I don't want to be embarrassed.
>running in the mountains barefoot
pic related
i'm going to make a /cgl/ knowyourmeme page since other boards have one. What should I include?
>he got his lovely legs from running in mountains barefoot
now, that's autism for me

don't you have a privat home, to keep your costumes there
either way, have never been in the military myself, but worst what could happen is, that you have to wear it in front of your comrades
or another comrade takes them, and wears them
lose the zero get with the hero, cunt.

Ask for and post pics of items worn.

Anyone have any of Baby's Triple Tiered Velveteen OP?
92 replies and 48 images omitted. Click here to view.
Misako just posted a few pictures with it on her ig anon.
Thank you so much, anon!
File: 156465168.jpg (120 KB, 716x960)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
File: 15649813516.jpg (2.88 MB, 2988x5312)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB JPG
File: 1407684176102.jpg (151 KB, 935x960)
151 KB
151 KB JPG

File: bai6cCd.jpg (441 KB, 1240x1701)
441 KB
441 KB JPG
I am new to cosplay, and i wanted to ask a question. What do you think about cosplays of book characters that never had a real visual adaptation? I wanted to do X from the night land, but i don't want to look like an idiot if everyone thinks that this is dumb.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
nice weapon kid, did a wizard working at a pizza parlor give it to you?
Dropping a few examples of book characters that have been cosplayed.
>don't know if Sabriel would count, since she's appeared in cover illustrations
The uninitiated would probably just think he's a generic LARPer
File: CI_85430_1384976366[1].png (458 KB, 495x664)
458 KB
458 KB PNG
It ultimately comes down to execution and being accepting that it's very unlikely you'll get recognized by randos at a con, but I already easily don't recognize at least half of the source materials at cons.
oh, and the blonde woman above is apparently the author, so if you ever get to meet the author of your source material, that'll make for a nice encounter.

File: shot2_large.jpg (134 KB, 768x576)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Previous thread >>9965226
>Heroesdome got cancelled. Their spiritual successor is Fandom Weekend which will take place on October 13th & 14th in Eindhoven.
>Nishicon 2019 has been announced for May 25th & 26th.
>Lots of pre-Abunai talk, what events you'd like to see and what their cosplay competitions are like.
>Anon: "What do you carry in an emergency cosplay repair kit?"
>Anon: "Who would you like to see as a cosplay judge?"
>TomoParty happened. That's all there is to say really.
>Bait, we can't have a thread without that.
>A few new cosplay projects.
>Anon: "Why do we not have a winter anime convention?"
>The miracle of gullbirth took place at Abunai.
>Post-Abunai talk and how everyone agrees the food court was mediocre at best.
>Pre-Viencon talk; some events have been cancelled and their schedule is finally up.
>Want to know if a prop is allowed at a con? just contact the con and you'll get an answer.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
308 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
But I kind of want to put him there. The Scoundrel
Tomodon't please.
Depending on what you need you're probably better off shopping at cosplayclues or poly-props. Both commonly do sales (cosplayclues currently has a 15% off sale but theres only a few days left)
Those people are such try-hard-wannebe-pro- photographers it's sad.
File: cute.jpg (27 KB, 364x411)
27 KB
New thread >>9990240

File: Capture3.png (269 KB, 359x335)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
Who should I go as? Never have been able to decide. I've got the time and resources. Kind of want to go as a vidja game character or maybe some other.
File: Capture.png (496 KB, 414x486)
496 KB
496 KB PNG
I've been planning on Rick and that's when I knew I crossed the line
There's already one in the catalog with a template

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