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I'd rather not.
Belongs in the ita thread
Discussion over
He's gross.

This person is always a guest at thee Texas conventions every year. They changed their skin color for this cosplay but hide the photos from their followers. These were found on one of the cosplayers in the original photos account and cropped out to respect them since they didn’t change their skin color. Why does this person keep getting asked to guest when they change their skin color for a cosplay?
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I’ve heard of this cosplayer as well. Not many good things, stuff like them treating people terribly and having a huge ego.
She's been a guest with them and afest for years now. I've stopped by her booth a few times in the past to say hi. At this point I'm pretty sure she's just judge staff or something like that. I don't think she does the skin thing anymore so she probably learned better.

That's new. Never heard her say anything mean, but she seemed kind of shy?
I dont really know a lot about this cosplayer but I haven't heard of any negative experiences about this person before. While I do agree that the skin color changing is a big no no, it looks like that they haven't done it since then. She probably figured out that she was wrong and just moved on from it? To me it kind of sounds like someone is reaching a little....

Smells like same fag

We don't care about your vendetta. Maybe if this chick was relevant we would care.
This is the worst vendetta I've ever seen

Also who gives a fuck about skin coloring, the absolute state of America

Because you idiots keep posting in the saging one
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I thought this was pretty meh tier until I saw the boots.
....The punchline being...?
I honestly like the design but your fursuit head looks subpar at best. The eyes especially look like like it's time for a nappy. I would look into getting a better one made desu.
Fat girls get shit talked no matter what they wear, let them be a cupcake.
Fairy kei ita can’t even spell brand right

File: seagull.png (536 KB, 501x530)
536 KB
536 KB PNG
previous >>10023653
cgl feels only please.
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I just moved to VA(not bumfuck nowhere tho) and I have the same problem lmao, I feel you
Definitely finishing it more for myself of course. Its more like the cosplay is tainted a bit by the memory of him. So its hard to be nostalgic.
What's wrong with pepe? Don't tell me your so sensitive you can't use him anymore simply because pol does.

What area? I'm sitting in the Roanoke area, so if you aren't into college partying it can be hard to make friends irl.
I'll be friends with you

File: mask.jpg (16 KB, 570x430)
16 KB
I see a lot of these "printable low poly animal" masks all over etsy and amazon for sale.
Does anyone know where you can get free copies of them?
It feels pretty dumb to pay $7 for just the guide to making a mask like this.
crossboarder men crossboarder men crossboarder men do not reply do not reply do not reply
Use help thread, faggot

if its so dumb then design a pattern for it yourself
there is a whole
for papercraft you fucking god damn idiot

File: DqL0E0sU0AAVb8G.jpg (253 KB, 1200x900)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
Still less drama than the fursuit threads edition

Previous thread >>9993939


Old thread archives

Buyf/a/g Guide

Discord Link

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Uh, I don’t know too much about material but I found the Etsy to them and it’s described as “These are pins are made from a durable plastic with golden pin backs.“ I was planning to buy the rest of her pins but I wish she used a clearer material perhaps?
I think it's probably resin. I'm not the most experienced but I'd say perhaps resin polish might be worth a try. Or maybe a general google search for ways to make resin shinier. It's hard to tell if it's cloudy all the way through or if it's just the surface layer. Sorry I can't be of much help!
I’ll have to take a look then. Thank you for the idea.
Sometimes you have to gentlely use like a pair of scissors to get the protective front off, it may seem like it doesn't come off but trust me it's definitely able to come off.
Abe's such a shitty prime minister and it boggles my mind that people actually listen to what he has to say over there.

Anyone planning to go to nekocon?
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Four. Three are "safe" rehashes. Only one is community based. The high tea party has been canceled for years, even though Keebler volunteering to run it. It the book circle, pen pal and letter-writing, and pretty much every other social and lifestyle event that nekocon used to have, have all been long gone because they won't let anybody run them.

Jfash aside, let's look at all of the panels and events that got cancelled this year anyways. https://www.nekocon.com/schedule/
Found the nekocon board member

3 newbie panels hosted by ita friends of a conchair and a half assed swap meet.
Did you actually go to any of them to know?

I was pretty annoyed about the confusion of the time of the swap meet, I really wanted to go and missed it ):
I did. Tried to make that $70 worth it.

Spoiler: it wasn't.
Nah. Any con who had me on staff would probably make dashcon look competently run. I just go to conventions to day drink in cosplay and hang out with friends I don’t get to see elsewhere. I actually rarely participate in much of the actual con so that’s why I was asking.

File: blizzcon2018_header_.jpg (81 KB, 675x380)
81 KB
Anyone get any pictures? The live stream was not reliable.

Found some online but they aren't great resolution.
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I'm a bit surprised that Nagra Lifestream won with her Jaina
I mean she is amazing and her costume is very good as well, but the same costume made by Henchmen props and their model is way more accurate
Not to mention that the top of Narga's staff was benching a bit
Did they just shove the top 5's into empty categories? I don't understand why some got in the oversize group with normal size props and costumes.
Scented cupcake girl was fking robbed.
What did they do with her makeup?
just like my toohoos!

What’s the best way to DIY a Vault Suit together? I’m thinkin about making a fan film.
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File: Fat Vault Dweller.jpg (2.3 MB, 1458x2592)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG
They're like 65 bucks on amazon
probably by asking in the help thread like the sticky fucking says to do

that's a lot, I was hoping for more along the lines of $20 or $30
good luck then. Also dont be like the guy in the photo. Rough the suit up and make it dirty.

File: 201610261192-full.jpg (44 KB, 394x308)
44 KB
Have you guys ever been hired to promote a party or work a party? How much did you make? Do you do it often?

I've been working with a "friend" of mine for a few years promoting his party because I have a very accurate costume that revolves around the event.

He's been putting me on fliers and t-shirts for the event. I've even been in some pretty large magazines due to the interest for his party location (It's kind of a museum for said type of movies.)

Anyway.. I'm not really being compensated in any way and I'm waiting on him to be gracious enough to recognize that I'm putting a shit ton of work into promoting and being at his event.

What do? Similar experiences?
It's too late, you should've asked for money upfront. It's your own fault for being retarded enough to think anyone was going to pay you out of the goodness of their heart. You made your bed, now lie in it.
What>>10019675 said is unfortunately true. Hard to argue to get paid for something you've been doing for free up until now.

That said always charge by the hr but have a minimum that comes into effect even if your hrly doesn't meet that amount.

Dont forget to think about your expenses when deciding your rate. You may think you have none but consider things like gas to get to event, food while on site, if the costume has makeup that needs to be applied thats a consumable and needs to be resupplied.

For determing the cost consider what youll be doing. Working with kids? Whats the rate of a child entertainer? Just advertising? Whats the rate of a streetside sign holder? Are you expected to preform in a show? etc. If the gig involves multiple roles your hrly should reflect that.
You could use this as a strong point on a resume. If you're looking for more gigs, that is. Since you've already been plastered everywhere, being in front of many eyes makes you worthwhile.
At the very least it wouldn't hurt to get some kind of positive thing out of the whole situation,

No thread yet for LACC? Anyone going thia weekend? I'm only going Day 2. Day 1 is a joke. Sick of these preview nights.
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Can't believe the Elsa chick won. Don't think that cosplay was worth that $8000 prize money. #sorrynotsorry
I believe that's why people thought it was rigged. Pretty much every other entry in the category and several in the lower category were more impressive. Unless she hand wove the fabric or something, she didn't deserve to win.
I was the low end Conan in the show, 2 months before i entered my Kars cosplay for the contest and it was approved. 2 days before the con they email me saying i could not use it and I'd have to choose something else even though all my prep went into Kars, however I highly agree i saw many of the master classes up close and many were above and beyond the Elsa.
Did they tell you why you couldn't use it?
The more I hear, the more this contest sounds like a total scam.
So at the start of applying you Send in the current state of the cosplay which was my first AX run version and then you need to have it altered in some way, my way was better hair, more jewelry, better head piece, better physic because it's a pillar man that's the joke giant efeminat men. I send in me in the costume they approve it so I continue with my alteration. Wednesday the eve of the con I get an email that they changed their mind and my costume is not kid friendly, told them I understood but offered the counter argument of would they consider a bodybuilding competition family friendly because that's what Kars is just more clothing, they said I had to either cover it up which defeats the purpose or do something else last minute so Conan was my only other self made cosplay. Now my main thing was I never expected to win but at least Kars stood out more and had a lot more effort built in even if the contest was rigged, but a lot of those most class people were certainly a cut above and a ton of talent was shown, to me some of the Journymen should have been bumped up to master class like the fate zero black knight guy his detail was insane if you saw it upclose, the death in master was also crazy and takes hours to get into so I do feel there was a little bias maybe in the judging for the Elsa girl but who can say, I'm sure they will deny any accusation and push bullying and bad feels so I'm not to beat up over it, the Dark Eldar is a close friend of mine he took utter detail and love into that costume, the eroden from witcher was all 3D printed can't imagine what he spent on material.

Now that halloween has passed, some stores are looking to clear their costume inventory. With a little love, some pieces might be usable for shit-tier budget cosplays.

What deals have you seen?

File: 182601-s-03-dl.jpg (31 KB, 345x437)
31 KB
Previous tread >>9925593

What's coming in the mail?
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File: IMG_0631.jpg (157 KB, 700x1050)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
a lot of them are pretty bad, i can agree. i would like to own candy-chan on a walk, but stuff like ap royal poodle, or metas vintage poodle print look so bad i wouldn't want to own any of those. i'm not a fan of the taobao poodle stuff either. also let's not forget this bag please
File: collage.png (654 KB, 883x765)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
I hadn't really bought much new stuff in the last couple of years, and I went a little crazy. I had already bought a couple of bodyline wigs and headdresses last month, and liked them, hence getting a few more. I also bought myself a Killstar coffin backpack, and a new pair of docs in the last month, but they're not in the mail so I didn't add them here.
Forgot to add it to the collage but I also ordered this blouse.
i finally bought some btssb rhs. theyre used so i hope their condition isnt too bad. if it is ill stop buying any shoes that arent new, because the only other pair ive bought used were in much worse condition than stated
Has anyone had packages from Japan go missing (and hopefully return)? If so what was the timeline.

I item was sent around the 10th, and hasnt been updated since the 13th where it said it left japan or about to. I think it was shipped Air but its possible it was SAL. It was a small package, i assume under 2kg.
Ive recieved aliexpress orders already that i ordered over a week after this package was shipped.

File: 1537403396966.png (508 KB, 470x686)
508 KB
508 KB PNG
Old thread about to sage: >>9976112

Discuss the state of online lolita communities in general... Or just share your salt about bad RC posts. Remember to block out all names, don't get this banned.
296 replies and 34 images omitted. Click here to view.
Lmao not the op but y'all on cgl used to give me shit like this so doing say it doesn't happen
there are roleplayers and racists on /cgl/ too. do you take everything everyone says here seriously? use your brain
It went something like this
Announcer: is tanned skin (aka specifically GYARU) not great for lolita?
Misako: *nods*
SJW: spergout Misako said black people cant be lolita burn the witch look at her ugly frog face gonna shank that disgusting bitch 500 tumblr posts of Misako hate

same SJW a few months later at an event with Misako: Misako-chaaaaan I love youuuu let’s take a million selfies together eeeee Misako said I was kawaii!! The only JapaneseI know is kawaii and konnichiwa but I was Misako’s translator I love her uguuu BFF forever
I do. By now I just skip them without reading further. We get it. Racists exist and still happens. No matter if its true or not, we don't need to hear that story every time you have an opportunity to tell it. Doesn't become better if half the stories aren't the most believable (Altrough these two could have happened like others mentioned, we've seen some outrageous bullshit in the past).

Imagine if every lolita would feel the need to make comments or tread somewhere in online com every single time someone told them Lolita is weird, or did something else negative based on their clothes. It'll be a mess. Racism isn't good. Taking any opportunity possible to play victim card isn't either. Then it'll just looks like attention whoring instead of having an actual problem.

Lemme rephrase:

1) There is such a thing is a fruitarian diet where you only eat fruits
2) It's a weird diet where you basically poop your insides out, so I don't recommend following it
3) Despite this being a possibility I still think person in screencap isn't actually on fruitarian and is just another dumbas fatty

Is that clearer? Was difficult trying to balance "hey this is actually a thing that exists" together with "but that's still a dumb person and I don't think they're on the fruit diet".

File: 1526874977334.jpg (1.9 MB, 2582x3443)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB JPG
Why are most cosplayers so damn good looking?
I thought weebs are supposed to be ugly?
26 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yep, in Europe if you are fat and cosplay the whole community laughs at you. There are very few fat people and the fat nerds are scared to cosplay because literally anybody else would look 1000 times better than them. Also people bully fatties so they don't want to cosplay.
Is that supposed to be Monika? It's horrendous.
pretty much this.
nobody is gonna take a picture of ugly cosplayers and post them online. so naturally youre gonna see the good looking ones
File: DSCF3980.jpg (1.77 MB, 2669x3558)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB JPG
this is the fattest cosplayer you'll ever see here in Italy

Meanwhile the most popular cosplayer in Japan makes only above living wage. I wonder she doesnt use patreon or fan base crowd funding and signs up with agencies with a chance to end up on a casting couch

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