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File: sa-33860.jpg (55 KB, 1200x900)
55 KB
Hey /cgl/, how stingy are cons like Katsucon about airsoft?

>pic related
for a Ryuji cosplay, and I am not sure if It's alright for open carry there.
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Once walked around Acen for the whole weekend in a Nabeshin costume carrying two functional M-16 airsoft with the orange paint sanded off all but the end of the barrel. I had to get two zipties put on it, and no complaints.

Otakon, on the other hand, will flag down anyone with a vaguely gun-shaped item and act like it's the end of the world. Though, that's the same con that I got yelled at for having wood swords with my Roronoa Zoro costume. PS fuck Otakon.
I swear to Christ, it's like some peace bonding stations get a bonus for every weapon they reject. Stick my AK on the table tell them it's plastic, and could never fire. She kept eyeing it and saying,"I don't know, is this an air soft?" The whole thing is bright orange/green!
Last time I went to Otakon they didn't say anything about my foam m240. It could have just been that shittily made of a prop though.
We had nerf guns we were shooting at each other at katsu and no one ever stopped us.
Tekko and Otakon are pretty strict tho
I had black painted "blue guns". They simply asked to look at it and then said nothing.

My family is hardcore Christian.
I can’t even start on an outfit without it getting destroyed by them
(They think it’s satanic)
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cosplay as Jesus
you can get a storage locker for like 20 a month if you know where to look

or you could buy a gun safe for a couple hundred dollars. keep your outfits in those. they wont be able to open it
File: 1516779018508.png (37 KB, 311x296)
37 KB
really good at what you underage newfaggot
dont come back here until you're 18
Tell them that shunning things that they don't understand is the opposite of what Jesus instructed. Jesus consorted with liars, lepers, and the rejects of society, because he tried to understand them.

Blindly rejecting and witchhunting is more like the Puritans and Pharisees

assuming they will listen to reason, which seems pretty doubtful
Why did you guys assume this was about cosplay when OP clearly stated outfits?

Do you guys refer to your cosplays as outfits?

File: wash.jpg (849 KB, 1280x1870)
849 KB
849 KB JPG
general washing brand thread
>how often do you clean your dresses?
>preferred methods for cleaning brand
>washing stories, have you ever ruined a dress? or received a ruined dress from a bad wash?

how do you gulls wash dresses with red prints? Any tricks to ensure it won't bleed?
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I guess it means that you won't twist the garment for too long when you get rid of soaking water

do you sometimes handwash several pieces of clothing at the same time? is it safe if the fabrics don't bleed? i only do this for solid pieces of the same color (ex: 2 black blouses) to save time
Ah that makes sense, thanks, anon!
I can't really comment on bleeding unfortunately. My wardrobe is almost exclusively light-colour solids and the only things I hand wash in bulk is blouses and they're literally all ivory. I haven't noticed any bleeding for the things I have washed though, if that helps at all.
I machine washed it last night and it's all gone!!
Thank you so much!
Not really washing but more steaming-- how on earth do I get rid of wrinkles on my Holy lantern OP? I'm afraid of fucking up the flocking...

File: compensation.jpg (234 KB, 1920x1080)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
How does /cgl/ feel about cosplay guests at conventions?

Should they be receiving comped rooms and travel expenses? Should they get paid for attending, or get a free table in AA to sell prints? How much work should be expected out of a cosplay guest? Should they judge the costume contest or just run a few panels? Do cosplayers really care about cosplay guests at all?
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Isn't that how Florida runs anyway?

We tend to get the same cosplay guests over and over for Florida cons (Holiday Matsuri and Metrocon having almost or exactly the same guests for the last couple of years).
People on cgl aren't the target audience of cosplay guests. Cosplay guests are for casuals/normies/beginner cosplayers, who make up 90% of the people who actually pay for badges. They actually get really excited about meeting their cosplay senpai or 3d waifu, even if the cosplayer is just a pretty face and doesn't make their own cosplays (i.e. spiral cats). Even at Anime Impulse, which is badly run and has no programming, had a huge attendance increase just by bringing Ely Cosplay and Hikarin over, and the lines to meet them were extremely long for a con of that size. The main point of guests is to increase attendance, and cosplay guest do that really well. Cosplay guests that are just pretty faces bring in a lot more people than Cosplay guests that are good at crafting, in all honesty.
It's pretty much the same with those stupid photo shoot contests people do on instagram and shit. The number of times I've seen people's friends win their photo shoot contests is pretty suspect.
Seconding high-tier cosplayers that focus on quality builds like J Hart, Kamui, Lightning, and are willing to share their knowledge in panels or Q&As or contest judging.

Got to go to a con with J Hart as a guest and missed all of his panels (shoot me) because of my own poor timing, but I did manage to meet him in the hallway and he was nothing but sweet. His makeup/body shaping game is also on point, like damn, my friend couldn't even tell he was a guy until after I told him.

His panels were stuff like structured bodice and advanced sewing (perfect for someone like me who's already been through some formal sewing training for fashion) and I think he added a lot to the community. Cosplay is all about turning yourself into the character, and he does it really well. He's sharing his knowledge with others. That's pretty fucking awesome.

Other cosplay panelists I think add value are weapon-prop builders like Kamui Cosplay and Lighting Cosplay. They often hold workshops at the cons they're invited to, or act as judges. It's much easier to give value to an award if it's given by people that are respected in the community for their handiwork (rather than their boobs or sexuality).

Also worth a shoutout for high-tier builds are Volpin props, but I feel like he's becoming almost industrious in nature. His materials and techniques, even if he shares them (he doesn't), really can't be utilized by the normie cosplay community.
I'm in the same boat about missing panels but mine was with Kamui when she came to Paradise City Comic Con back in January. Timing for taking off work and about a 4 hour drive stood in the way.

You know the drill
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Didn’t say the coord was great or perfect.

I can still think it looks good without it being 10/10 completely spot on.

...It's not a guy?
It’s because it’s easy to troll and get reactions. How else can they justify their untouched boner if it’s not trying to insult a board that is known to have women on it?
I’m so sad for this dress
In defense of nitpicks, when the rest of the coord is good I find it even harder to understand how someone doesn’t notice a glaring flaw like this.

Curious if anyone knows where to access photos and video posts from this years Katsucon? More specifically from the Ball.

File: katsucon.png (107 KB, 1000x500)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
Old thread is sageing. Con is over, so time to post photos. What cosplays were your favorites? What was most overdone?
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Oh shit yes actually!
Yes let's meet up and you can convince me to buy a mirrorless setup
Yo did anyone catch the assholes drawing dicks on the cars Saturday night? They actually keyed my shit and I'm p mad
yeah that shoot was huge. a little too big imo.
Were all the gazebo shoots like that? Danganronpa was a mess too, and we barely had any time
any pics from the bnha shoot friday?

File: 1518827263954.png (56 KB, 446x400)
56 KB
>When small conventions in small towns try charging as much for badges as some of the biggest conventions in the country

Why do small cons shoot themselves in the foot like this? I get that they need more money to expand and that being in usually smaller towns far away from big cities with big conventions that a lot of people will suck it up and pay the $70+, but Christ. What in god's name makes them think that they can charge as much as some of the biggest cons in the country? There's a big difference in what you're getting.

Has cgl ever been to any small cons like this? What was it like?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
They should lower prices because it's a lower quality con. Prices probably won't attract people from bigger cities with bigger cons anyways, a better convention will--and these cons just aren't that.
I go to a pretty dinky local con near me and it costs $30 for a weekend pass.
It's... slightly over priced.
I'm hoping since it's at a community college that has now merged with a really big state college which has a nice campus (and hotels nearby) it will eventually expand and be a little more worth it.
Seishuncon. It's quite easily the most boring and bland convention in the state and they still had the gall to charge $40 this year. I ghosted the year before because i thought $20 wasn't worth it and then was fucking floored at the boost in price they had this year. Not to mention that parking was $30 on top of it. I don't know many people who went to the con and actually bought a badge.
At least last year TnT had Baby, bit now they're back to no name guests.
Brony conventions typically have prices that high for the weekend of at least $60. They never get that big in attendance that's not Bronycon. They include limited sponsorship badges with the top alicorn level tier go as high as $2000.

File: 1518657003063.jpg (63 KB, 600x800)
63 KB
Post cosplayers drinking alcohol
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Me too, anon. Me too..
File: 1501108781683.png (21 KB, 139x196)
21 KB
>basketball shorts under petticoats to fit entire liquor bottles in
File: IMG_20180106_123750_267.jpg (770 KB, 1932x1932)
770 KB
770 KB JPG
>not just making it part of your cosplay
File: 1514677543857.jpg (504 KB, 1027x1826)
504 KB
504 KB JPG

Hina Kagiyama cosplay

Do you have some ideas or links that could help me with the dress?

Or should I just buy it online?
Because I can't find any quality ones so...
I actually bought that one from that site and it was nice quality, looked good and fit me perfect. If you're a stickler for details there's some things you can change(the ties on the collar and the crisscross over the design on the skirt fnd the ribbons) that its a great base for. I can't sew so this was a great thing for me so I recommend that site if you can't make anything

File: nikond3000.jpg (190 KB, 1000x750)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
So I just saw a conversation in my local cosplay group that made me finally realize something about cosplay photography. Most people don't need a professional photographer, they just want a decent god damn picture.

I'm not a professional cosplayer and I have no intention of selling prints of my work. I'm not trying to get 1000 likes on facebook or anything like that. But I do put hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours into making my costumes and I would like a picture of me wearing it that looks decent. The problem is, I can't take a picture of myself.

As I was reviewing a year of con photographs, all taken by various people, I could see that certain friends were able to take good pictures while the ones others took were pure shit, every single one. I'm not sure if the problem is that they don't know how to take a decent picture or if they just don't give a fuck when I ask them take one.

I have friends that are professional photographers. I know how much their equipment and software costs. I know they have knowledge on how to setup a great shot. I'm aware that after the photoshoot they have to spend more time editing. For those services, $200 or more is a completely fair price for a one hour photoshoot. However a lot of cosplayers don't have the money to pay for all that, or would rather put that money into another costume or two.

Have you ever had someone take a photo and they stare at the screen and click the button without saying anything and hand the phone back and you know even before you look at it that the picture is shit? Do you wonder why after people click the picture and see it on their phone when it has obvious problems and think to themselves "yeah that's good enough."

All I want is a decent god damn picture.
52 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
This. My friends have taken better photos of me with a fucking camera phone than most "professional cosplay photographers". Not willing to pay a cent to those greedy motherfuckers, just gonna shoot each other with my friends. Every asshole these days think that if they get a $1000 camera with a mediocre lens they can start charging $200 a shoot because m-muh equipment cost and effort! Yeah you yanked up the exposure and saturation in Photoshop and delivered 3 photos, money well spent.
The best cosplay photo I ever got was on an old iphone. It's still getting me notes two years later. Absolutely no "professional" photographer has even come close to this photo despite me going to 3 cons with this same costume.

None of them seemed to know anything about angles, lighting, and how to actually work with your model. (Somebody's got double chin? Ask them to fucking perk their chin out. Christ. Did it for my friend all weekend at the last con and her shots turned out okay.)

I'm this close to just getting a used DSLR and a solid lens just so I can take this shit into my own hands. However, when it comes time for me to do a photoshoot with my friend (to fixed a botched one from our last con) I'm worried I'm shit out of luck.
post le pic
I'd rather remain anonymous. Sorry. Small fandom.

Anyone with a camera can swindle some money from somebody and then call themselves a professional. It's your job to check their work and see if it's on par with what you are paying, or your expectations.
You wouldn't buy a personalized painting without seeing the person artwork beforehand and then be angry once you see the final product looks like shit.

Thoughts and feelings on cosplayers darkening or lightening their skin for cosplay.
106 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
>so angry they replied 2 weeks later
Must've REALLY struck a nerve
File: 361(2).png (370 KB, 600x600)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
File: 1514990792703.jpg (98 KB, 1024x576)
98 KB
Sure you did
File: 1519258326868.png (1.66 MB, 1085x1217)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG

It's can't be considered racism, they're just trying to match the character. There's not a single thing wrong with that apart from the health issue they can get for fucking up their skin.

File: 1495919390463.jpg (43 KB, 350x523)
43 KB
The most recognized, the photo that make you fall in love with lolita, etc, post them all
271 replies and 133 images omitted. Click here to view.
ok but that's not what this thread is for newfag
it literally is
this thread is not for shoe talk
ntayrt but shoes that fit correctly will not have a large gap at the heel and your toes will also not be mashed into the toes of the shoes
>doesn't read the thread description
>Calls a valid poster a newfag

Ok newfag
Cosplay lolita plz

File: rabbitletter.jpg (81 KB, 450x570)
81 KB
Previous thread: >>9630713

Post whatever you're getting in the mail / have ordered / have recieved.
269 replies and 82 images omitted. Click here to view.
finally time to donate my old forever 21 blouses to goodwill.
I am so happy for you anon.
Sorry this question doesn't really fit in this thread, but how much would a JSK, OTKs and a head ribbon weight in total? Planning on buying my first AP dress and need to estimate EMS shipping
JSKs weigh about a kilogram depending on how much fabric they have; OTKs and headbows don't weight much obviously, I'd estimate it around 1.5 or maybe 2 kilos, again depending on the JSK and if AP sends your order in a box.
Thank you!

How do you organize your wardobre. Mine is a cluster I need help .
44 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Everything I’ve ever seen from Wayfair has been utter trash... I’m sorry anon. Ikea has been much better in my experience, if you are still looking to buy new
Your apartment looks so nice. I wish places were set up and styled like that in the US. Thanks for sharing.
This was super amusing, thank you for this!

This honestly looks like every apartment I’ve lived in in the US... just look for pre-war buildings.

>bonus: walls so thick I can’t hear the neighbors fucking
Maybe in New England or something, but none of the apartments I've lived in in the midwest or west coast were like that. Older buildings here never seem to be taken care of properly either.
I’ve only ever lived in the midwest... If you live in the city, I promise there’s a pretty, well taken care of old building somewhere

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