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New Gyaru thread
Starting question:
How to make gyaru easier to do everyday?
Share your tips and tricks
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File: 1502947514521.png (528 KB, 654x852)
528 KB
528 KB PNG
I want to buy circle lenses for the first time, but I'm nervous. For anyone who's done this before, which website do you order from and are there any brands you recommend to wear daily? I'm worried about the horror stories of getting ripped off or lenses making people's eyes get scratched etc.
Try to find ones that are US FDA approved or KFDA (korean FDA) approved. I like Geo personally.
Thank you much. Geo brand was the one I had my eye on, no pun intended

Do you order from pinkyparadise or eyecandyz?
direct from GEO usually
Name please!

Old one in autosage
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its a bunch of at home, lazy halloween costume "looks"

i was curious of why she posted videos at buzzfeed and stuff... so i guess this is what she was doing
File: traps.png (458 KB, 680x516)
458 KB
458 KB PNG
it's more hoping then anything
I want this degeneracy to end
When did guys become this open about their gayness
File: 1498483894589.jpg (193 KB, 850x1202)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
traps aren't gay
File: traps.png (49 KB, 500x339)
49 KB
i'm glad this meme is dying, faggot.

File: 1474161896047.jpg (86 KB, 437x750)
86 KB
I haven't seen a thread up in a while, so I thought I'd start one.

Now that the summer heat is finally gone, what coords are you going to get to go outside with?
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Anon please. Where did you get those lace-up boots on the far right, the ones with fluff inside? I need...
They're thrifted but the label inside says they're from Mossimo Supply Co, which is sold at Target apparently.
your pic is more dolly-kei though but I agree it's very similar to mori and I personally love them both.

pic related, my favorite dolly coord
Thanks anon, I might give it a try...
Anyone know where I could look for mori stuff? Especially darker mori
Like, etsy stores, taobao stores etc
Also, what could be good essential pieces to start with?
I've found New Look to be good for mori stuff!

File: 200px-Th075yukari01.png (63 KB, 200x200)
63 KB
>Been wanting to do a toohoo cosplay group for over 7 years

>Toohoo cosplays in the west are still mostly shitty crossdressing memes

What do?

Also, pic related, wanting to do a Yukari cosplay (Immaterial and Missing Power outfit) but torn on how to make the dress super puffy and long like it is in the sprite, thinking of either a cage crinoline and petticoat or just loads of petticoat layers (leaning toward no hoops and just a petticoat because of how flowy it seems to be in the game, and also how it looks in TH8). Suggestions/opinions would be very helpful since I don't want to spend a fortune on undergarments in organza/tulle.
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File: Nitori.jpg (817 KB, 4912x3264)
817 KB
817 KB JPG
File: YcXmIz2.jpg (824 KB, 3264x4912)
824 KB
824 KB JPG
File: hakkero.jpg (88 KB, 720x960)
88 KB
I know this pic looks bad, but I wanted to show my LED hakkero
File: Rin.jpg (40 KB, 640x960)
40 KB
this is awesome!

File: logo-rasterized.png (172 KB, 2558x2034)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
2 months left
Who's going?
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Sent you an email!
I was really shocked that they had enough funds for teddyloid.

All I can say is it looks fantastic

I thought my panel wasn't going to be very well attended and then I remembered that my description has a really tempting tagline and now I have a sinking feeling that I may actually fill the room and make a fool of myself while I lecture about deep time geology and the concept of extraterrestrial planet-consuming parasite organisms.

Anyone been to the JoJo posing panel before? Who's running it?
Has anyone gotten any reply for the fashion show yet?

File: Syakugan100.full.721166.jpg (1.84 MB, 4092x2893)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
Previously thread >>9645548
>TomoFair Nijmegen: bans were given for giving criticism, visitors complained about it being smaller than last time, and they finally had a survey asking for feedback.
>Firstlook: no schedule, no new games, shitty pics only, shitty cosville, shitty organisation. GhostCorps even left early because the con didn't had their shit together.
>Anon tries justifying selling bootlegs... but it failed!
>Nozlan vs Dazzle.
>AniWay's "stab at Abunai" article.
>Anon shared an idea with a FB page for no reason whatsoever.
>PostNL and NS are /cgl/ now.
>This just came in: OP !Tully09Zss is a middle-aged creepy senior con staff member who allegedly photoshops faces of cosplayers onto naked bodies. In other news, Atlantis has been located, the Loch Ness monster has been captured and Half Life 3 is available in stores now.
>Smoke finished her Lucario fursuit, some other WIP shots and crafting questions.
>Anon: "Help me find Dutch snacks!"

The five next major events:
>Dutch Comic Con Winter Edition (November 11th & 12th, Utrecht UT), a comic con that has some events to keep you entertained.
>Castlefest Winter Edition (November 25th - 26th, Lisse, ZH), to many known as the lesser edition of Castlefest.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I have the feeling that Gio doesn't know what he really wants. He says that he will organize again, then he says he doesn't. So I will wait and see.
They better fucking update the site then. It's in the same state it was one and a half year ago, still mentioning 2017 edition is coming up
I think this is true.

I actually talked with him last week and he said he was busy with Formula 2018... Hmm..
How they work is very last minute. So don't be surprised that the website isn't up-to-date at all.
I heard something about a next edition during Abunai! He is getting some help from another convention.

File: collage.jpg (1.15 MB, 1196x1193)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
Now that the busy summer season is behind us and with just a handful of cons left to go. Wanted to see who was attending what? Also what might be your cosplay plans?

Forest City Comicon ~ Sept. 23 ~ London
Hamilton Comic Con ~ Sept. 30-Oct.1 ~ Hamilton(Mount Hope)
London Comic Con ~ Oct.13-15 ~ London
GTA Comic Con ~ Nov.12 ~ Oakville
Quinte Mini Con ~ Nov.18-19 ~ Belleville
East End Expo ~ Dec.3 ~ Ajax
Pomtario/Kupocon ~ Dec.3 ~ Toronto
DTAC ~ Dec.9 ~ Toronto

Also if your from other parts of Canada and Ontario. Please feel free to join and plan your own stuff here if need be
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Anyone gonna be at Humber's ComicExpo??
Nvm probably postponed cause of the strike.
>any upcoming events people are looking forward to?
Yeah Halloween.

I keep forgetting about these, is there any idols at these? Like could I bring my penlights?

Yeah, trick or treating and beer drinking.

I would recommend going to anime North as much as I would recommend moving to Canada, which means I wouldn't.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I literally uploaded a pic of the idols. There were idols in the last few shoes but no guarantees in the future. There were a few with lights.
>I keep forgetting about these, is there any idols at these? Like could I bring my penlights?
I did remind you of this event. There was an idol group in last showing, but they rotate and new bands/groups are brought in. I think their gonna have another show right before Anime North next year.

File: IMG_2956.jpg (18 KB, 241x209)
18 KB
Northeast con thread

How are my nj,Philly nyc and other northeast gulls doing tonight

What cons are you gok
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I searched the FB group for "cheat" and "cheating" and got zero results. Was it deleted or in another group, maybe?

Are both correct... definitely sounds like someone was just being a sore loser. Unless they have evidence of someone claiming they made something when they didn't?

Anyway. Overall the con was pretty chill, but I wasn't interested in any panels whatsoever. I hadn't been since the con was back in Nashua. Probably will go again next year.
Looks like the post was deleted, I can't find it anymore.
Just moved to Fairfield, CT. Anyone else from around here?
Who AnimeNYC here

File: img_78631.jpg (3.47 MB, 3000x4000)
3.47 MB
3.47 MB JPG
Me and my bf are planning a trip to Japan (specifically Tokyo) and we need help picking out places to see. We already have some places in mind to check out (like Takeshita St, Akihabara, etc.), but suggestions would be wonderful. I'm interested in lolita fashion, magical girl anime (specifically Sailor Moon), themed cafes, Sanrio and San-x, J-pop and just cute places in general. My boyfriend likes videogames, Square Enix, shonen anime (he really likes JJBA too), card games like Yu-gi-oh!, and arcade games. We're both into Nintendo, Pokemon, traditional foods and places, and we would like to try or buy yukatas.

>Good places to eat that are not tourist traps (other than themed cafes)
>Cute themed cafes
>Good places to buy collector's items and goods
>Is Tokyo Disney worth it if you've already been to WDW and DL??
>Different areas of Tokyo and what to do in each
>Good places to see related to our hobbies
>Should we check out other cities? (Kyoto, etc)

Any suggestions are good, thank you!
174 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
Are there any DC to Narita for prices that good?
Forgot to add, but isn't Air Canada to Japan kinda shit?

This is the last of the cities included:
Boston (BOS) - $549
Charlotte (CLT) - $549
Chicago (ORD) - $549
Dallas (DFW) - $549
Miami (MIA) - $549
Philadelphia (PHL) - $549
Phoenix (PHX) - $549
San Diego (SAN) - $549

If you can get to one of those airports you can save a bundle. But I just looked and from DC, you can book one for $734 if you go to Haneda which is still a good deal since flights are normally 1,000 - 1,400

Plug in the details you want to google flights and tell it to alert you for fare changes. That way you can keep an eye on the prices.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: DK5y-WMV4AIPYk9.jpg (114 KB, 1024x576)
114 KB
114 KB JPG

Oh and nope, Air Canada was very nice. I enjoyed the trip. AC has a sister service called Air Canada Rouge that seems to be their pleasure airline which is more comfy than usual.
Also everyone was like bilingual and sometimes trilingual. The staff spoke English, French, and Japanese.

I had my own screen interface to watch movies, and the food was good.
Inside North America you had to pay for snacks but it was NBD. The flight from Vancouver to Osaka all meals came in the ticket and they fed us a LOT since it's a long flight.

Had a full hot meal, a snack, drinks, and a hot snack, and more drinks.

I watched movies/TV and napped.
Whenever possible, try to book a flight to and from Haneda versus Narita. Simple reason is cause it's a lot closer to the city center, so you save time/money traveling to the airport.

File: larp.jpg (140 KB, 520x550)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>make a new thread would you please, and pick out a picture that'll stand out from the weeb stuff. Usually armour or shit makes it easier to recognize the thread.

new larp thread, previous one is in autosage

Dystopia Rising is actually descending, and other drama edition
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File: IMG-20161222-WA0003.jpg (152 KB, 1200x1600)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Here have two older pictures of it.
I have one of their longswords. Handles really well. It's a shame the the tip is shit. Already broke two of it, both times they repleaced it and second time it was with an upgraded 2.0 tip protection. Will see how long it will take until that one fails. (I really hope they upgrade the tip even further because I really love the overakl design and handling)

Also scabbard still looks weird as fuck. Probably because it's larp grade and a one point design
File: s-l500.jpg (105 KB, 500x500)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Looking to make a cosplay of a character with a sleeveless chainmail shirt. I don't fancy getting an actual chainmail shirt due to a) the price and b) having to walk round in heavy armour all day. Is there some sort of alternate I could use? Either material that looks like chainmail, or some kind of lighter mail.
>>9661870 go with a thick alluminum. Barely noticeable weight. When do you need it by?
Low-budget fantasy movies usually use rough wool sweaters spray-painted silver. Only works if it's not supposed to be a centerpiece in full view, though.

what's a cosplay you've always wanted to do but for one reason or another never did?

I always wanted to cosplay Anarchy panty but was always too self conscious before now to do it. I've lost about 80 lbs this past year and finally feel like I could do it.
39 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sachiko, sorry I thought I made it clear.
Nigga you'd be better off GAINING 10-20lbs if you want to do Stocking. She's no skeleton.
File: jetstreamsam.jpg (133 KB, 1280x1707)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Because fucking look at him. It doesn't help that I have no real experience making armor yet either.
She's not obese except for one episode anon... The whole joke of that episode was stocking was naturally petite and thin but she ruined it by eating like shit.
Basically any character with a design I like but have zero knowledge of the series or the characters themselves (or just from an eroge which I’m uncomfortable playing)

File: CCzXkUNUIAAsoyN.jpg (78 KB, 600x901)
78 KB
Keep it /cgl/-related! Cosplay or J-fashion like Lolita/Brolita, Aristocrat, Nanchatte, etc.!

Previous thread got deleted due to all its off-topic shitposting. Let's not do this anymore.

ITT you may post:
- Usefull guides that can be applied to crossplaying/crossdressing
- Questions, help, sharing advice to improve your appearance to pass temporary as the opposite gender (Male -> Female, Female -> Male)
- pictures of crossplay/crossdressing coords, selfposts
- personal experience/stories regarding crossplay/crossdressing

NOT allowed:
- Anything in sexual context/fetish stuff
- Anything related to gender transition like hormones, operation etc.; >>>/lgbt/ might be the better place for this
- Casual crossdressing without any /cgl/-context

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'm not sure. I used to get skinfades/brook haircuts and they started to really hurt. Perhaps my skin sucks.
Maybe some sort of scarf covering your face? It would help with other things too.
I got soooo wet when i put on my stuff, what do
Any advice on figuring out when a cartridge razor is starting to blunt? I've always shaved my face with an electric one so I haven't had to deal with this sort of thing before. Searching indicated that it was when it felt like it was pulling rather than gliding across your skin, but it still feels like it glides, mostly, but I still get razor burn on my thighs and pelvis.
Razors blunt the second it cuts a hair. Wise to just buy disposable shit.

File: cutemakeup[1].jpg (219 KB, 720x380)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
Old thread >>9527330
206 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
any good tips for cosplaying as very masculine characters? i have a fairly androgynous face (so at least i can crossplay as girls sort of easily) but i've never been able to pull off more bara looks.
What style do you wear? I remember seeing a video where someone used the Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette or something similar for a sweet/classic look, so Too Faced might be a good brand to look into.

Basically you want to look for a palette with some lighter peachy and pink shades with small bits of shimmer and some more neutral shades of brown and pink. You might be able to get away with a small palette with 4 to 5 shades from Majorica or Canmake even (pic related.
Depends which stores/items, but yeah, you can have a lot of the stuff shipped directly to you.
I'm really good about washing my face and keeping it moisturized. I don't over-exfoliate, I drink plenty of water, and the only breakouts I get are around my monthly cycle. I've basically found what I think is a good routine for my skin.
Still, every damn time I go to put on makeup I have flaky bits of skin that make me look like a cakey mess even with minimal foundation. It's not insanely noticeable unless you're close up but it's really annoying and ugly to me. My skin looks fine before makeup but no matter how I apply it (I've tried brushes, beauty blenders, fingers, puffs, sponges etc) it. just. keeps. being. flaky. I've even tried adding an extra exfoliating day to my routine but that just made my skin irritated! Any advice?

Also while I'm asking for help: Does anyone have any tips for doing makeup specifically for taking photos of yourself? I'm trying to get really into Instagram lately but I'm a complete noob at modeling and photoshopping. Figured the whole thing would be easier if I just look better on camera in general (I'm unfortunately a little unphotogenic).
It's the type of foundation/makeup you're using. If you have dry skin, you have to use makeup for dry skin. Most foundations that aren't heavy are aimed for oily skin.

Another thing to remember is to let your moisturizer dry before putting on makeup, as that will cause it to flake.

As for being photogenic, you have to find a good angle, pose, and hairstyle for yourself. And, try to look more comfortable. If you're uncomfortable, it'll show in the picture.

READ FIRST: >https://docs.google.com/document/d/18JzMNOoNwv9XJxO6N7XJl7kqFYI8RjmdvAEJ5jljN_c/edit?usp=sharing

Old/feedback thread: >>9624803

Anons, I and Santa Frills are happy to present Secret Santa 2017! This is our first time organizing this, so please go easy on us. Everything you need to know is detailed exhaustively in the FAQ/Rules/Deadlines doc above, but here's a TL;DR...

>Deadline to sign up: October 20 at 9 AM ET (East Coast USA Time)
>Deadline to send gifts (for both international AND domestic): December 20

Basic rules:

>Do not ask for all brand, your signup will be tossed.
>Send out your gifts by the deadline and give the organizers proof.
>Post in the thread when you get your gifts. If you're salty (undeservedly salty, if your santa sent you something nice but you're picky), we reserve the right to blacklist you.
>To unlock the high tier, you can either provide eBay/Etsy/Lacemarket/something else feedback OR you have to be on the whitelist from prior exchanges.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
195 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
That's weird, I sent the remainders out. Can you email me please?
Nope! You're good!
I already emailed you, I was one of the anons emailing you over the weekend but I only emailed fravelene. Should I send it to the same email address I received my confirmation from? I also checked few times the address I sent it was correct.
I gotchu
Friday at 9 AM ET (New York/US Time) the form closes! Make sure you get all changes/whitelist confirmations/forms in by that time!

File: whats happening.jpg (174 KB, 640x640)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
A thread to post your stupid questions. For Jfashion and Cosplay.

Starting off: I want 2 items from a store that sells wholesale lots, and the 2 items are from a 60 piece lot. Do you think they'll sell them to me separately if I get my SS to send them a message, or am I going to have to buy the whole thing?
You'll probably have to buy the whole thing.
Ugh, thought so. I can't imagine how much that'll cost in shipping. Thanks for answering.
You can always sell what you don't want after, depending on what it is (like if it's something to do with itabags or something). It's quite a bit of work, but at the very least, you should be able to make your money back
So I fucked up. How does one get plastidip off skin? Wasnt being caredul while spraying and now I've got a light dusting of plastidip 'freckles' all over one hand that wont come off.
Wait for your skin to die and come off, like you would with sharpie

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