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Old thread is long dead >>9822363

90s lolita is still lolita edition

Current trends in 2018, recent cops (any coveted dream dresses?), style by era discussion?
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>Wah, I hate the lolita community and want oldschool to be considered ita again just so my dresses are cheaper

Some of us like helping others
Old screen print
>Some of us like helping others
>proceeds to ruin the fun for people who aren't too retarded and lazy to use the search function just because she's too fat to fit into the things she posts
If you're going to be a cunt at least be open about it and don't pretend to be a saint.
who are some good new oldschool people on social media? i absolutely love cryptkasper, she's so stunning.

old one at limit
discuss skincare, hair and makeup
old thread >>9892408
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Do you use an eyeshadow primer? They really do make a massive difference for both application and longevity. If you want a cheap one to try out, etude house's proof 10 is decent dupe of urban decay's primer potion.
I get this too, but I still have no idea why it happens. It's mostly on my upper lip and nose. I don't sweat once I actually leave the house, only while I'm applying makeup.
I think it starts getting into instahoe territory when you add elements like dark, sharply defined brows, contour (especially on the hollows of the cheeks), and overdrawn or bold lips. Jfash makeup tends to use lighter colors (brown instead of black eyeliner, pink or coral instead of plum blushes) in general, and minimal coverage. A lot of it is also that western / instahoe makeup favors making your features more angular, while jfash tries to round things out for a more youthful look (hence the lack of contour).

Pic related is an example of how instahoe makeup clashes with jfash, which is especially noticeable when it's something like sweet lolita. Imo, while it's theoretically possible for someone to pair some normie makeup elements with jfash in a way that looks good and suits them, I find that's very rare in practice, and you can never go wrong with keeping it light and sweet (assuming it's a girlier style and not gothic lolita or something).
I don't necessarily believe that Western makeup trends are unsuitable for lolita, but the very stark cut creases and dark instabrows are usually too dark for a lolita color palette. Gothic coords can get away with more dramatic contouring and brows, but I think if you wear sweet or classic, I'd make an attempt to soften the eye look and not make it as saturated. A slight pop of color is acceptable, maybe to match tones in your coord, but I would avoid using too many bright colors in one look. I like to mix trends, and no one's complained so far...
This is my go to palette and is pretty diverse. The gold tones are nice mixed with any color honestly.

File: taobao mas.png (7 KB, 236x213)
7 KB
Old thread: >>9831333

FAQ (Please Read!):

Taobao Dictionary:

New Store Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template:

New Shopping Service Spreadsheet:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The sellers don't ship to you-- they ship to a warehouse who consolidate the packages for you. I wrote a tutorial on this a while ago, I hope you or some other anons find it helpful.

Can anyone recommend a black jsk that could also work for otome? Wanted to hear some feedback
Link to the pink headbow please! It's super cute
There's a matching dress but the bow seems like just a good fit for any black/pink combo

thank you so much! you're the best :D

This is a thread for masked cosplay, preferably completely concealed cosplay but half mask cosplay is allowed too. Post images of characters that fit the look as well as cosplay of said characters. Masked cosplay is good for people who'd like to cosplay with more anonymity, for people who feel self conscious about their appearance, for people with self anxiety or people who want an excuse to not talk in cosplay.

Kicking off with Spider Gwen.
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Pretty iconic but i dont often see costumes of them locally
File: journeycouple.jpg (115 KB, 700x938)
115 KB
115 KB JPG

Wanderers from Journey
File: 04302015_SW_Group.jpg (67 KB, 751x382)
67 KB
Star Wars has tons of masked characters
Hexadecimal from Reboot
File: BUBBLEGUMCRISIS6.jpg (251 KB, 1024x768)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
Bubblegum Crisis!

No good cosplay yet

good lord
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File: Amethyst.jpg (93 KB, 721x960)
93 KB
This is good af. Get out, anon.
File: FB_IMG_1532289495728.jpg (132 KB, 1080x1350)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
File: IMG_4436.jpg (87 KB, 640x603)
87 KB
This is what I get for browsing Instagram late at night.
Are those top lashes??? ON THE BOTTOM

SDCC is almost one month away and there is no thread.

Anyone left who is still going?

What do yall think of Big names skipping out on this year?
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blah this Year was boring

Ill probably pour all my energy to Wonder con instead, unless i get a Saturday ticket at SDCC

the Overcrowding is too much
Call me ableist scum but these things should be banned from all cons, including the 400 pound hambeasts that operate them
I wanna see what she looked like.
But you got to be Jack Ryan in a crazy VR experience.


This was worth the wait
Honestly to me it seems like there were more over weight people using scooters than handicapped. I saw a 30 year old lady who was maybe less than 300-400lbs and looked perfectly capable of walking, I felt like she should have been walking her fat ass instead of aiding to her obesity.

How many of us have cosplayed as her at conventions or other events, over the years? Post your pics along with dates. Don't forget any cosplays done with a mask.
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I’m surprised nobody posted this one
This is scary

Because regardless of how it looked irl, that is a pretty good photo and this thread is clearly for nightmares.
File: AHsRfeG.jpg (42 KB, 720x960)
42 KB
Well, I dressed up as Judge Doom once.
File: 1366522190944.jpg (90 KB, 600x488)
90 KB

File: FB_IMG_1531912207838.jpg (84 KB, 1000x1000)
84 KB
Toned down, casual, everyday coords. Most of what i have is classic but you're welcome to share whatever. I'll do a small dump to get things rolling.
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File: maijurilli.jpg (66 KB, 425x532)
66 KB
File: pkjh95367h.jpg (95 KB, 533x533)
95 KB
File: 214.jpg (369 KB, 900x600)
369 KB
369 KB JPG

File: DijEi21U8AAAbD6.jpg (204 KB, 1024x589)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Previous thread >>9939954


Old thread archives

Buyf/a/g Guide

Discord Link
>https://pastebin.com/raw/uyMYVnPe (embed)

Bootlegs are never OK to buy and use, don't be a poorfag.
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Its cool anon its a good macro for more itafashion questions

Problem is I'm SEM anon and trying to figure out what would make for a balanced design for all three
The front and arms seem hard to divide into thirds, so you could stick with general unit motifs and put character-specific stuff on the back?
If you're doing this for a jacket with pockets in the front, it'd be cute if their Minis were peeking out of one.
Whats the best way to you guys for putting in plushies? I recently got a bunch of the smaller nesoberis and I'm still deciding on how to implement them to my bag
Sew with clear thread/fishing line at key points where it won't show
File: jiro is special.jpg (519 KB, 850x1200)
519 KB
519 KB JPG

Yes please I love these little dorks.

What's the the best way to be able to defend yourself while dressed up? Especially if the outfit makes it difficult to kick an assailant in the crotch.
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This, if you're not already projecting batshit crazy social dominance while wearing lolita change your body posture. No matter how insane or plain you're, dressed if you're projecting assertive body posture you're less likely to be a target. Can't be prey if you're broadcasting predator
it'll get me hard if anything
agreed this shit is for girls younger than 15
aren't you punished X times more if you own a gun and they sue?
Agreed, also they can't argue their side or prosecute you if they're dead so it makes it easier in a way. Sad but true.

File: tx.jpg (2.47 MB, 3000x2000)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB JPG
Old thread here >>9893183

So Delta H Con just happened. Okashicon and Anime Austin are coming up. AnimeFest and San Japan soon after. There's also other cons and shenanigans in between. Let us continue the discussions, y'all.
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According to their website, her name's Melissa.
File: 87687.png (192 KB, 500x374)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
>overstaffed maid cafe

That never happens. I am impressed with that alone. Thanks for your reviews, anon. I might actually look into Okashi next year. I live about 25 minutes away.
Lol the dude who runs Ikki is gross have you even met him
I was speaking to him just the other day, actually. I don't agree with all of his business decisions probably, but Mike's an okay guy. At least he hasn't continuously lied and stolen thousands of dollars from another convention. At A-kon, Melissa kept going over to his booth and trying to poach his staff every single chance she got. She's just a disgusting human being.
I can't 100% vouch for any of that but you trust him too much

File: IMG_4597.jpg (82 KB, 1000x723)
82 KB
Post new or upcoming releases and not b8 edition
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I love them. Their songs are fun. The members are just nice too. So I’m planning on going to every live of theirs I can until they disband.
Any clue on how to get their last single? I picked up the rest of their discography at TnT, but I cant find a way to order this upcoming one.
The one releasing on the 8th? I’m going to the release and I might be willing to pick one up for another fan. Burnet is available through places like Tower Records or Neowing, but the earlier ones are not. So maybe this one will be too eventually.
I've started listening to Lareine and realized I like their music a lot better than Versailles or Kamijo's later solo music. One thing that's kind of weird is how different Kamijo's voice sounds: in older Lareine songs he has a higher, almost nasal voice and then in Versailles and his later music he's got a low voice. I was wondering if anyone knows why he started singing differently, and which one is his 'real' voice?
Sorry if this is a dumb question, I've only got into vkei recently and so far I've only listened to Malice Mizer mostly.
He smoked a fuck ton and rekt his voice

>All J-fashion styles (lolita, mori, otome, gyaru, deco, etc.) are welcome!
>Please provide your best photos.
>Artists: It's encouraged that you sign your work.
>Self-posters: When giving credit, refer to the art as a freebie -- NOT fan art.
>Artists and self-posters: Commissions for money are welcomed, but negotiate the terms in private.
>Helpful critique is acceptable; insults and taunts are not.
>Have fun!

Questions for artists:
>Do you prefer to draw prints, patterns, solids, etc.? Which one(s) are you more likely to draw ITT?
>Do appealing backgrounds increase your desire to draw someone?
>What do you look for in a request when deciding to draw?
>Is there anything specific that turns you off a request?
>Do you think there's anything missing from these threads?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You're so cute and that coord is so nice, i'm jelly af of your hair
File: jul22.png (364 KB, 649x904)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
Idk how to draw guns but I tried.
Omg ahhh Thank you! I love the way you incorporated the ivy
File: jul22 2.png (774 KB, 835x772)
774 KB
774 KB PNG
I love it so much!!
File: IMG_4668.jpg (25 KB, 300x413)
25 KB
Thank you kind anons! My insta is @lemoncrepecake, I don't post too much art but I want to in the future.

Can we have a thread for gothic coords where the main piece/the majority of the coordinate isn't black? I'm especially interested in purples/wines if you've got 'em, but anything is welcome.
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Dusty rose is still pastel. Pastel is indicative of the saturation, not the hue. Words mean things.

File: 20180704_175733.jpg (2.47 MB, 4032x2268)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB JPG
Previous Thread:

266 replies and 150 images omitted. Click here to view.
Anyone mind if a new thread is made for more photos?
There’s the Anime Expo danger thread for now.
no, please make a new thread. I want to see pics in peace and not talk about that idiot.

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