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Lolitas, Cosplayers, and Con-goers in general:
How do you feel about LARPers in cons? People coming in their LARP kit, that is?
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Now it's not discrimination but hate based on good empirical evidence on LARPers?
Is there some drama I missed?
I dislike larpers that shove their rp on online forums, which I think happens less now or something cause I never see it anymore, but now the not often refrain of 'fucking larpers' is just a joke.
Naw. In some of the more tryhard LARP circles I know there's a running gag where you hate on LARPers.
It's LARPers LARPing they hate LARPers, because Jesus Christ have you seen some of the community?

They're terrible!
as shitty as the people who show up as stormtroopers, Marvel/DC, wanna-be military airsofters. They're lame.
Are you American?

Post inspo, recently purchases, and anything old school related.
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File: IMG_3476.jpg (41 KB, 384x512)
41 KB
I see super arched and small eyebrows in old school photos a lot, there's something charming about them
A preteen?
Haha, maybe anon could market it as a kids piece. Realy sad though, it is a lovely piece.

File: 87239.png (837 KB, 744x744)
837 KB
837 KB PNG
It's the Holiday Season Edition!

Previous thread >>9703583

Itabag FAQ and Beginners Guide

Buyf/a/g Guide
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I mean...it IS just a piece of plastic, anon. In no universe is it going to be remotely worth $560.
damn anon you'd really pay $560 unshipped for a keychain...
It's Economics 101. It's all about perceived value. We have seen plenty of instances of bidding wars on Yahoo auctions for limited can badges and straps that go into four figures.

That being said I highly doubt this is anywhere near the actual going price of this item.
Weirdly specific question, but does anyone have one of these Ita Maker smartphone purses?

I want a smaller one for the character I'm planning atm, and most of the merch is smaller buttons and charms. I have a charm coming that measures about 3 inches. On the website, the purse is listed as 9 cm or about 3.5 inches wide.

Basically I'm wondering, do you think a 3 inch piece of flat merch would fit in either of the windows, or are they too small? I'd rather have a tight fit than a bunch of extra space to fill, but if it won't fit the biggest charm then I don't want to bother buying it.
It's not about whether or not it's worth specifically $560, it's dismissing an expensive price for merch bc it's 'just a piece of plastic'.

File: hobolitas.png (947 KB, 818x451)
947 KB
947 KB PNG
Now that net neutrality is ded, how will it affect the online American cosplay and jfash/lolita comm?
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Retard alert

the govt wont be able to just step back in. they would have to bust the monopolies. its easier to just keep net neutrality as it is.
they didn't abandon their monopoly. its was reorganized. I don't know how much big phone pays you but this is different. the people against net neutrality don't know how the internet works.
att is bell telephone and I believe tw leased from bell. so ma bell is reorganizing again. everyone read my last post.
japan isn't our all around ally. we have been arguing with them since George bush sr. they are an ally against china.
all American universitys have a firewall, filter, and vpn(but not on all computers). the universities/public libraries were sued for more open internet.
niconico will be one of the first sites limited. the old japan sites were limited. something about nodes.
the usa didn't need neutrality until about 17 yrs ago. Australians have to use usa sites cause of net neutrality. there is a reason why you guys don't have a 4chan and reddit.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1487105628388.jpg (5 KB, 275x206)
5 KB
Because you know damn well shills be hanging on frilly dress and pastel puke central.
It's not going to do shit... No one complained when Obama gave the internet to an international organization, but everyone complaining when Trump repeals an act that didn't exist prior to 2015. Ugh... Did lolita comms exist b4 2015? Ask yourself that one first.

Hiya, So I've cosplayed a few times, and I recently did my first "Creative" cosplay. I call it, E-sports D.va. Kinda just a shy weeb girl and this is my first time posting on 4chan D: If anyone wants to see more cosplays ( I have a few events coming up) I'll post them on insta @ Pastel.nekoo0 ty ty ty
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the state of 4chan in (((current year)))).
>The state of the internet in the (curent year)
It really needs a purge
OP and you are both wrong, temp tattoos are the way to go, face-paint and paper is for fuckin n00bs who wanna look awful kek
Nah you're a fookin noob, permanent tattoos are clearly the way to go. Off yourself please.
File: 1473062262924.jpg (75 KB, 750x732)
75 KB
>there are 53 replies to this thread

File: cad.png (17 KB, 148x135)
17 KB
Just about 2 months out from Con+Alt+Delete. Who hype?

When : Dec 15th-17th
Where : Hyatt Regency O'hare, Rosemont, IL
Why : Anime and general nerd culture

Also a discord for CAD / Midwest cons if anyone is interested : https://discord.gg/Esp4vRR we nice people here.
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File: DSC_0151.jpg (277 KB, 1920x1280)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
is that OPERATOR this guy?
That's him
Oh my god I love that bar
What the fuck was up with the music at the fashion show? That was the worst mixing I've ever heard
File: DSC_0146.jpg (223 KB, 1280x1920)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
dude had the coolest cell phone holder I've ever seen it hangs off the chest you can use it like a videogame minimap lmao

No Zelda thread? Let's change that. Has anyone here started a BOTW cosplay yet?
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yeah, I can see her cottage cheese ass more than she wants me to
She’s pretty much a nobody, but she’s one of those girls who thought she was the IRL Sakura and that all the other girls cosplaying Sakura were copying her. There was this German Sakura cosplayer that she picked on in particular, saying that the girl was copying her “bride Sakura” idea or “photo shoot of Sakura by lake” idea. She went so far to say that this girl was “bullying” her so that she could send her followers to spam comment on the German girls pictures and tell her to delete her stuff, stop copying, etc. All the stuff that she claimed were being copied were super generic and also not very similar at all, either. Her mailbox got broken into and she started saying that the German girl living in GERMANY must have somehow broken into it to steal her circle lens order. Basically crazy paranoid stuff like that; she made statuses about this German cosplayer every day for almost a year and a half before deleting her Facebook.
the bad cosplay thread is this way >>9706093

File: deathgaze_ai_b.jpg (40 KB, 240x320)
40 KB
what are the best nagoya bands?
I miss deathgaze.
which bands are into "plush" girls?

File: IMG_5777.jpg (21 KB, 259x194)
21 KB
I hear about cosplayers hooking up and doing lewd shit at conventions all the time. Does anyone have any interesting experiences?

Mine is probably mild compared to some.
>At an anime convention with at least 20k attendees
>Its nighttime and the kiddies have gone to bed
>Walking around the convention with a remote-control bullet vibe inside of me
>Let my boyfriend control the remote
>Did this for several hours
>I don't think anyone noticed
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Sounds more like roastie cope desu
Sucked my bf at the time off on a semi remote balcony behind the con center. A cop-panty cosplayer came around the corner just as he was coming, she either didn't notice or pretended not to. He proceeded to finger me even though we'd almost been caught...
File: 48rfjhs2t5.png (95 KB, 201x210)
95 KB
>she either didn't notice or pretended not to.

Honesty I'd probably just pretend I didn't notice too
Confronting or acknowledging that would just be awkward as fuck
I got drunk and made out with someone while I was in a magical girl cosplay. I actually think she had been buying the drinks, and my memory is really hazy but people while we were at a panel were accusing her of taking advantage of me.
in there defense I have been in rooms where the lock click isn't that loud.
anyone would be interested.

File: DPpIiXIUEAEhz7E.jpg (157 KB, 758x1024)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Post fursuit/mascot pics, questions, stories and anything else fursuit related.

Frequently asked questions:
>How much is a new suit?
Expect to pay at least 2k for a fullsuit commission, 3k+ for something padded, and higher for a realistic suit. Heads typically go for 400-1k, partials 900-1.5k.
>Where to buy second hand?
occasionally the 'fursuit' tag on furaffinity.
>What about Japanese suits?
list of makers and other relevant kemono suit info
>Fur supplies and diy?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: DRD5OgOV4AARIVh.jpg (136 KB, 1200x601)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Seems they learned their lesson from the last one with skin disease.
for someone who would like to wear a suit like a filthy gaijin instead of only for photoshoots, is there a way to get better visibility on heads with widely-set eyes?

File: image.jpg (164 KB, 750x990)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
I'll start with tattoos
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what the fuck is wrong with her boob????
fat. why even ask? it's obvious.
when a character has a pleated skirt but the cosplayer wears just a regular circle skirt.
I keep mine on because I lose it. Shitty memory
this wig triggered my fight or flight response

Holiday Matsuri is a little over a month away!

>Host Hotel or Nah?
>What are you wearing?
>Competing in any of the competitions?
>What are you most looking forward too?
>Anything a first timer must do?
>Favorite photo shoot location?
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Any recomendarions for a first timer at this con. Going Saturday around 12

Give me a time/what you look like and im there
are u a cute girl? :(
Anyone wanna meet up?
6'4 bro who loves tekken and weeb shit
Jeezuz the fucking parking today was absurd. The hotel didn't know what to do.

File: 2017-12-15_14-41-18.png (187 KB, 697x689)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
Hey there, I'm new to this board relatively and new to overall Cosplay/anime wear thing. I have a question regarding anime themed glasses frames and putting prescription lenses in them.

I plan to buy some Madoka Magica themed frames because it's my favorite show, and yes they're expensive but my ones currently are absolutely trashed and I'm interested. I'll post a picture of the frames in question and link them as well, but my question is basically where would I go to put prescription lenses in them here in the USA? The japanese prescription site and how to do it all is a bit over my head as I dont speak the language.

link: https://eyemirror.jp/madoka-magica/

tl;dr: Prescription lenses in Anime themed frames? How and where should I get them done at?
Buy them and take them to any optometrist you’d normally go to. I don’t buy fandom frames, but sometimes I buy cute frames from LenseCrafters and take them to my loca doctor that’s in my insurance network because he has a terrible selection. It’s never been an issue before.
Most places will do it, the issue isn’t where but the cost. Good luck!
The problem with these anime themed glasses frames.... if they're plastic, they're easily breakable. $151 down the drain.

If you can get wire frames, do that. I spent so much of my younger school days with perpetually broken plastic framed glasses I swore them off when I got my first metal / wire frames. And they're not broken once.
That sucks anon, but not all plastic frames are created equal. Some are flexible/shock absorbing and just personally I've never snapped a pair.

Seconding going to your usual optometrist who gets your prescription, or as other anons have suggested whichever optometrist is the least costly. If you could understand the website then getting your prescription first and then filling it in would be an option but oh well.

Interestingly, even though those frames aren't the cheapest, they're still much cheaper than any frames in my country because of the monopoly a certain company has over glasses. I like getting glasses from Asia because they're cheaper and always have nose pads for my tiny flat nose.
google for "akujinscos"
he does a bunch of custom glasses. could probably shoot him a message to see if he'll do custom ones.

File: IMG_6773.jpg (105 KB, 641x960)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
A trend that always bothers me: Cringy basic white girl cosplayers who get by on their "looks" and taking off their clothes. Discuss.
Pic related
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File: IMG_4515.png (226 KB, 476x453)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
>skin like poop
Is that the best you can come up with? I'm embarrassed for you.
File: 1513189389164.jpg (21 KB, 248x189)
21 KB
The simple truths are the ones who hurt the most.
Is that why you sperg out whenever you read the word "virgin"?
I'm a gull you dirty sheboon.
i never knew i needed this image

File: bst.jpg (15 KB, 292x172)
15 KB
Old thread >>9653427

Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anyone else possibly seen any of these berets? Tysm
Usually 20-30 bucks, im interested
Email me anon!
Do you have a LM account? I'm interested, if you still have it.

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