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File: danganronpa cosplay8.png (1.26 MB, 1040x584)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
What does /cgl/ think about doing tasteful nude cosplay photoshoots to earn a little extra money?

Is there anything wrong with this or would the community look down on me for doing it?
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It's called being a whore and has been a thing for ages thanks to NEETS.
Stripping isn't a real job you can put on a resume without being laughed at, so long as you don't pretend it is I see no harm.
What would a NEET want a whore for? Do you understand what a NEET is?
Neither of them leave the house. Cam whores make a living off neckbeards, NEETS are the neckbeards. I thought this was common knowledge. That's why we make fun of you so much. Bottom feeders supporting bottom feeders.

I mean, most people look down on those people too

File: worbladeath.jpg (91 KB, 505x400)
91 KB
Let's destroy the Worblas Finest Art monopole - you can now make your own Worbla in exact that shape, you want it to be. Have fun ... and save a ton of money!


Patent: http://www.google.com/patents/EP1525284B1
Go down to [0015] for the recipes!

And also let's stop follow that Kamui bitch, who just copy everything she finds and claim it as her original idea/content. She even sued myCosplay from Germany for bringing a book about Finest Art techniques and said that would all be hers. Expect the fact that we Americans performing those techniques since ages. Cunt.
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That's not how patents work. Making and/or using (done by the cosplayer) are infringing. 35 USC § 271(a). "Inducing" someone else to make and/or use is also infringing under § 271(b), and providing a set of instructions has been considered inducement.

There's an exemption for "experimental use" for "for amusement, to satisfy idle curiosity, or for strictly philosophical inquiry" but that exception is construed narrowly, and and does not protect experiments which are the "legitimate business" of the infringer. Query whether cosplay is just for amusement. Oh also you'd have to be actually making the product following the same process as the patent describes, and I'm not technically fluent enough to figure out if Pie Guy's recipe actually infringes every element of one or more of the claims. To top it off, this guy appears to be European and I'm in the US, so, who actually knows.

This is not legal advice.
> There's an exemption for "experimental use" for "for amusement
> This is not legal advice.

So why bother? I am gratefull as fuck for this. Saves me good money. And no one will ever sue me. For what? Cooking my own material? Sure thing to happen ...
Easy, dont tell anyone. People only get caught when they mouth off
I'd rather just buy sheets of worbla than go through the effort of experimenting with recipes. Even for someone like me who has a background in chemistry and shit and understands how all of the thermoplastic stuff works. I'm not in a position where worbla is breaking the bank for what I need it for, I get maybe one sheet a month anyways. If you're blowing so much money on worbla that it's having a dent in your finances, you seriously need to re-evaluate your priorities...

Also, nice bait OP.

File: hank on computer.png (230 KB, 500x373)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
Old one's auto-saged.
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*an occult theme
goddamn phone
I'm not sure what direction to go in with this one. Any suggestions would be super appreciated!
Beret & heels, maybe add in a skinny waist belt over the blazer to balance out the red?

This is obviously loads of photoshop and filters going on, but I do like the direction Krad took with the dress. Maybe some pale beige grimoire type tights with a subtle map design on it, and I'm still stuck on what to do for hair accesories.

>tfw got this dress as well
>tfw you're going to end up having the same difficulty coording this as you did with MC

I think smaller hair accessories would keep the focus on the dress print. So bows and ribbons, maybe one of those pearl chain thingies, but not a bonnet or other large focal headdress.

File: gobbledeygook.jpg (167 KB, 640x480)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Don't think I've ever seen one of these on here
Name speaks for itself
>Post pics of planned cosplay
>Suggest fabric for cosplays
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Thank you!
You'd have to order specialty.
I Googled for a couple.
> http://www.moodfabrics.com/fashion-fabrics/other-fabrics/lame-metallic.html
The blue and purple near the bottom look okay
> http://www.dazian.com/product-details/?sku=Alchemy&variantSku=&categoryId=70&subCategoryId=81&catalog=Dazian
These ones look okay but I'd order a swatch to test the weight, since they're apparently for stage curtains.
> http://www.spandexhouse.com/products.php?page=2&navId=139&navId2=63&navName=Nylon%20Spandex%20%28Solid%20Colors%29&navName2=Milliskin%20Matte%20%28Tricot%29,%20Four%20Way%20St.
This looks pretty neat as well.

Metallic chiffon seems okay, but it'd be very light.
What she's using seems to be matte metallic spandex?
> http://spandexworld.com/c3/catalog/product/12193
(but that website only has it in black, white, and that shade)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I've heard acetate is shiny but not like the cheap awful stuff, maybe thats what you're looking for? It may be expensive.
File: Owen_Luke.jpg (204 KB, 1600x1200)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
So I want to make a Star Wars-styled costume of my own design, based on the clothing worn by many of the citizens of Tatooine. I intend to look like one of Tatooine's many (somewhat impoverished) citizens, as I walk through the halls of the convention center with my trusty Gonk companion at my side.

In any case, I'm interested to know what types of fabric will give me that certain 'scruffy nerf-herder' type of look.
Maybe a true ballerina tutu. I know those are made of some 30 layers of tulle, but it would hold it better than a petticoat. The horse hair should be fine if you make your supporting structure sturdy enough the horse hair won't bog it down.

File: colossalcon1.jpg (37 KB, 851x315)
37 KB
Colossalcon is coming up soon so let's talk about everything!
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>Tobious Photography has 3485 likes.
Found his personal profile rather than his FB page and wasn't even looking at his occupation to see he had his fanpage listed. I'm not very observant on 4 hours of sleep.
>stopped reading the list
I'm not sure what your point is?

I don't know you personally, no. I'm friends with other people who are closely involved with the con and witnessed (or had to deal with) everything that went on that weekend from the staff side of things. I'm not going to publicly divulge the details of what I heard from them that weekend because that's your personal stuff and I'm not going to make it public. However, on top of that, there were many issues with the panels themselves and how problems were dealt with. There were issues that weekend which didn't happen when Jae or Greg were in charge.

I know programming is an unforgiving department, all departments are "unforgiving", really. It's an animu con, you're basically running around like a chicken with your head cut off all weekend trying to keep things together and please as many people as you can. There are people who bail on their panels, and you can't really screen everyone to make sure they know what they're doing so you end up with panels that are terrible and displease attendees. Programming is a huge part of the con and if it isn't under control, it can affect the overall opinion of the con.

It sounded and looked very much like you weren't really aware of how huge a task it'd be, and went in way over your heads. There's nothing wrong with that; it is what it is. That's my critique, if it offends you, well, I'm not sure what to say.

He isn't. He'll be at another con in Illinois during Colossalcon weekend.
And by
>witnessed (or had to deal with) everything that went on that weekend from the staff side of things
I mean in general, not just related to programming.
It's a difficult job and I give you two props for trying. I don't think I'd be willing to handle programming at Colossal for that reason. When dealing with a con of this size, it can get stressful for anyone running any department, much less with something as so much impact as programming. Some people aren't suited for some jobs, while for others, it's perfect for them and they really love it.

The guy doing it this year has done programming before, but this will be his largest con that he's done this at. So it's not like he's entirely wet behind his ears. He also has a lot of people to go to for guidance and suggestions. At the same time, if something can go wrong, it probably will. If anything I've learned in all my years of staffing various departments, it's that. Sometimes shit happens and you have to find a way to make things work on the fly, because ultimately as a staffer, the con is for the attendees not you.
Diff. anon but you know, I think it says more about the State of Colossalcon when they haven't been able to keep a Programming DH for more than 2-3 years. Diana, Dr. Bear Sex, Jae, Twins, Greggo... just saying.
That being said, if this new guy owns it, more power to him.
I feel like last year was just an explosion of photoshoots everywhere. I sat down in a chair outside and someone was having a photoshoot right next to me (asked me to move, too. Rood). Go back inside in the lobby, photoshoot. Sit near the fireplace overlooking the waterpark, photoshoot. Damn, ya'll.

Didn't see one in the catalog.

Anyone have any experience with makeup for Decora? I'm thinking about experimenting with the style but I'd have no idea what to do with my face. Good tutorials out there?
210 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
Shiro is amazing. I really like buying indies because I know I'm supporting good people.
You have just convinced yourself there is a problem where there really isn't one at all. You have pretty features and a great face shape from what I can see and cool hair
i guess i did convince myself of it, haha.. i might be going on /cgl/ a bit too much lately. and thanks! and im sure you have a great smile first anon <3
What does makeup cosplay usually involve, for characters that don't wear specific obvious makeup?

I'm a dude so I'm new to this, assume I know nothing. So far I have foundation, what else? I have eye bags and my skin is very meh. Is foundation enough to even it all out?
If you want more coverage, concealer. But usually, liquid foundation is opaque enough to even things out for me.

For natural makeup, it's not so much that you apply few products, it's that you apply each products lightly, So I could have mascara/eyeliner/blush and all that jazz applied, but it would still look natural.

File: Screenshot (533).png (53 KB, 272x258)
53 KB
The Ridiculous Price Hike Edition!
102 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
I ordered on 4/15 and received my package (in the UK) on 4/28 or 29
I'm really tempted to buy it even though the price is too high, the main thing that puts me off is that it doesn't come with a matching headbow and I don't have any other sax in my wardrobe. I suppose I could cut up the waist ties but it might not turn out well.
Yeah but golden week is now mine was handed over to the postal system 3 weeks ago. Unless there is a delay in heavy packages because they get so many during this time?
It's in French, but it's hard to decipher, since the text on the picture is so small. As far as I can tell, it seems passable.
It's super cute! Maybe you can ask a friend to make the headbow for you? I think you can make 2 or even 3 bows with the waist ties. The waist bow seems detachable or you can just cut it off.

File: marsh[1].jpg (95 KB, 580x580)
95 KB
Fatty-chan General

old one auto-saging
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File: pp dress.jpg (285 KB, 644x745)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
Here's a couple pictures, with my otter for proof. Drop me a line if you'd like more photos or info.
I just placed my first order on AliExpress... When I go to "my orders", it shows two sets of my orders, one with the status "Your Payment is Being Verified" and the other with "Awaiting Shipment". Is that normal? I don't want two sets of my items...
...yes??? the only reason they're "better" is because they get shit from a lot of different designers
it doesn't mean the shit is quality either
Stop trying to avoid reality
Go hit a damn gym already
I'm not plus sized but the bust and waist are really close to mine. Would this look weird on me?

File: grnltrn2.jpg (63 KB, 233x652)
63 KB
Can we get a thread of actual males cosplaying male characters ? (Even as genderswapped characters, as long as its not visually supposed to be a female.) CGL is all crossdressing chicks and boobs everywhere lately, and I need to fill up my cosplay folders for inspiration for this con season. (I'm a guy.)
13 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1383581466864.jpg (26 KB, 673x604)
26 KB
>tfw this is the only psycho pose most borderlands cosplayers do

Psychos also:
>wave their arms back and forth in the air when they run at you
>jump like fucking idiots
>stumble a lot

The psychos in the game aren't actually that co-ordinated and probably the one psycho who did do something like this hadn't gone fully psycho yet.

>tldr here's a picture
File: hte CRUMB.jpg (23 KB, 395x396)
23 KB
who is this and what is he cosplaying
Revolver Ocelot.
Thank you, just found his deviantart mm


>complaining about the pose being from the Boxart.

maybe they do it because it's iconic.

Interested in seeing everybody's wardrobe thus far. How far have you come in your collection? Are you satisfied with your wardrobe? What would you change? Changing styles/colors/themes? Plans? I want to know!
181 replies and 50 images omitted. Click here to view.

Well, if you ever do decide to sell the violin skirt I'd be really grateful if you'd keep me in mind. I hope the skirt does work out for you though! Added an email address just in case.
Nameless Poem was a funny one, I didn't end up wanting it until the first reserve was over so it was too late, and then I ended up getting it as a gift. It's so comfy to wear, it's no wonder people are all over it!

Also thanks! I have a problem with tartan, but Baby's tartan pieces usually go for peanuts so I don't have to feel too guilty since I'm not spending big bucks on my obsession. Genuinely salivating over Haenuli's latest piece though, hnng
I got excited about making these but half of my stuff doesn't have stock pictures.
I'm looking forward to my first wardrobe post though.
>taste this good
pls be mah frand omg
File: wardrobe.jpg (628 KB, 1296x2236)
628 KB
628 KB JPG
Halfway through my second year as a lolita. the first year i mostly wore sweet, and just experimented with different things. now i've gotten a feel for the fashion and know what i like, so i have transitioned to gothic and classic, but i still like to wear a cute coord from time to time so i'm buying a few things i can wear for simple more mature non OTT sweet coords. I think i've done a good job so far considering i'm only 18 and have had to work my ass off to get what i want. only a few dream pieces tracked down though.

Cute, simple, casual J-fashion/otome/K-fashion that won't look too out of place.
I love pretty clothes, but I hate being stared at and made fun of, so lolita is out of the question. I'm sure others feel the same way.
Everyday outfit inspo and suggestions of places to buy clothes like this will be much appreciated!
36 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's so odd, I have the body type that should work well in overalls but they look so dumpy on me. I don't know what it is. Salopettes look fine, but shorts on the bottom, you can forget it.
I think those baggy poops work for me so I don't really bother now, but I used to safety pin the blouse to the skirt.
Can you describe where you live? Stares depend on your location.
File: otome-kei wPixie.jpg (59 KB, 370x640)
59 KB
Yeah, I feel you. I really want one, too, now that they're back in style (at least for teens/grownups), but it doesn't really work with my rectangular figure, especially since I'm fairly muscular. Sallopettes don't work for me though. I like waist defining clothes, but I sometimes feel uncomfortable wearing anything that cinches my waist (idk if it's an ibs problem or what).
Anyone else see these yet? I picked up the skirts one at Barnes and Noble. There's a few others by the same author. They're pattern books and there's actually some very cute stuff in both.

File: hotel-room-party.jpg (47 KB, 863x563)
47 KB
Best experiences at a con party/rave?
Worst experience at a con party/rave?

Are there any conventions that you go to just to check out room parties, bars, and dances in your cosplay?
53 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
How do you get invited to room party?
It depends on how autistic you are, but usually you have to be out at night. Some possibilities, from least autistic to most autistic:

- Be friendly and socialize in areas with a lot of adults who aren't in tight clusters. Pool area at ALA is a good example.
- Hang around the elevators and ask people who look like they're going to a party if you can join them.
- Latch on to a tripfag and go to a party with them.
- If super autistic, you can follow any large group of adults moving together at night. 9/10 chance they're going to a party, and everyone will assume you know someone in the group.
Cute, nice going!
>goes to first con rave at age 15 at otakon
>someone throws a can of beer into the moshpit and the splash hits me
>someone was definitely smoking weed
>come home smelling like weed and beer
>not allowed to do anything every again
Wow, something good came out of con raves. That's wonderful for you!

Hell maybe I'll go to one, I'm sociable but not really a raver so this will be fun.

File: russian cosplay.jpg (72 KB, 500x352)
72 KB
So basically I've noticed that most cosplayers who really impress me seem to be always from Russia. Why are Russian cosplayers so much better than Americans?
58 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
The construction on this is terrible. The guy looks alright but the outfit is terribly made. Buttons are off puffing of the sleeves.
This would look less bad if everyone was just in focus. I don't even know what is happening to Makoto. He isn't far enough to be THAT out of focus.
That sort of mentality that 'allowed' many people to be so shitty since commission/buying cosplays is considered bad and at the same time people just overestimate their ability to create costume/prop. Cosplay is simply costume play, not 'only cosplay stuff that you 100% created'. I rather see cosplayers who look good in commissioned or bought stuff than people with half-assed costumes that they done themselves..
I buy my costumes. A lot of the time I have to alter them, but I still don't credit myself for the whole outfit though. I let people know what I have altered. I hate the elitist idea that if you don't make it 100% yourself then you are not a 'real cosplayer'. Bitch please. We are all dressing up. Doesn't matter if it is handmade or store bought. I can't sew very well. I don't have a machine that ends up with clean edges because I don't have a serger. I don't know how to trap in edges properly with a zigzag stitch, but hot damn. My bought things/altered cosplays end up looking better than people making their stuff at home and in the end, I don't care.
if using a wide enough aperture and focal length the dof is very, very slim

a 85 1.4 at 10 feet has a focus of 4 inches
200 2.8 at 20 feet has a focus of 6 inches

depends on just what settings, fl, and camera

File: large.jpg (130 KB, 500x381)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
No hair thread? Let's fix that.

Post cute hairstyles/tutorials, ask questions, etc
66 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
>waah so sandy!!11!

You've taken every bit of advice you've been given and whined about how it doesn't work or you tried it already or you just ~can't~ do it.

Actually try some of the advice, cut your fucking hair or learn to actually take care of it yourself. Either way you should shut the hell up.
No thanks, I envy you for rocking the bulldyke tumblrina look with confidence but I just love my classic length hair too much and get too many compliments on it to get it cut. And as if you know what's better for my hair than me, I wouldn't get it this long and pretty if I didn't know how to take care of it. But stay jelly, pet ;*
Don't complain then. Take the advice or leave it boo
by fanny do you mean ass or vagina

File: Harley's Joker Cosplay.jpg (162 KB, 1428x1428)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
I'm sure a good bunch of people on here either attempt to edit their own pictures, or like some of the more popular cosplayers- like Its Raining Neon and others like her- You do both.

What I wanted to do was see what Tips/Tricks/Suggestions you all have that could help others who are just getting into it, etc.

I just recently started editing for more than just fun. So where as I don't have many, I'd like to just give some of my pet-peeves to hopefully help photographers take better photo's.


- If you're a photographer and you're getting a picture of the cosplayer doing a "special move" or something along those lines... Make sure they don't have a smile on their face, seriously it changes the entire feel of the photo.

- Don't have the cosplayer look into the camera all the time. Have them look somewhere... Anywhere else every couple of shots. Sometimes it's cool, but I feel like it just makes the edit look weird.

- Please if you're doing group shots, make sure that if they're being edited that the group shots make sense. Don't stick a villain in a line-up with superheros or just irregular pairs in general. It doesn't make sense, therefore making it hard to work on... Because I can't put everyone in Konoha if Orochimaru, Pein, Sasuke, Karin, and Naruto are in a group shot looking all chummy together. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
113 replies and 33 images omitted. Click here to view.
>that is slightly more comforting than what i thought before.

my bad
File: reallybadcsoplay fef2.jpg (108 KB, 480x640)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Closer picture of the face/makeup and wig (+ears)
aaaand a straight on of my face
> reallybadcosplayfef.jpg
> 'straight on of my face'
> original pic looks nothing like this girl

o k?
This is the same girl. the one on the far right of the original photo is her. The one holding whoever has the polkadot pants.

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