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01/26/15News Post: In Memoriam
01/23/15moot's final 4chan Q&A has been posted here.
01/21/15News Post: The Next Chapter, aka moot's retirement
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NEWS POST: The Next Chapter, aka moot's retirement

moot's final 4chan Q&A—which lasted 8 straight hours—is embedded below. See the /qa/ archive for the question threads.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/XYUKJBZuUig?t=41s

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File: image.jpg (130 KB, 1020x550)
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130 KB JPG
I'm cheap. Who are the best free photographers at Katsucon?
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More Sarah Fong ....
Again, what's her deal? All I really see is that her "claim to cosfame" was Yoko.
She's just a cute girl who's friends with a lot of cosplay photographers, so they've all at least shot her
Her Tifa makeup though. So on point.
Vander Photography any good? he keeps showing up on my feed.

January 16-18th

Anyone going? Looks like the Arizona chapter of /cgl/ is slacking.

-Discuss your plans
-Wait for Pixel to plan the meetup
-Bitch about the current state of AZ conventions
-Brag about not going to Taiyou
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I heard about "drama" behind the scenes but it mostly seemed like losers trying to make something bigger than what it really was to make their life more exciting.

We've been pretty tame for awhile. Its kinda sad but kinda not
Eh, it's kind of a good thing though. Drama is fun to hear about, but I guess it's sort of nice to know that I'm less likely to run into someone who just lives and breathes the stuff.

Though, we must still have some people around right? Does JNig still live here? And that Gackto guy runs Taiyou or something, right?
I haven't heard any drama with gackto in a while.
I guess I haven't either, nothing since him and Kara broke up, but I figured I'd mention the name and see if anyone else had. He's about the only person I can think of with a drama filled reputation in the state anymore.
I unfriended him a bit ago, but around new years on his facebook he said that he's all about just having fun, avoiding drama, and not caring what others say about him anymore. Seems like it's really all dried up over on that end, and it's not just talk.

Yes, Jessica Nigri still lives here. But it's not like she attends the smaller conventions. Pretty sure last year she dropped in on the last day of Taiyou for a few hours, but that's it.
And if there's any drama with her, the rest of /cgl/ would already be talking about it. Doesn't really feel like an AZ comm thing.

File: Kisaki-01.jpg (67 KB, 300x656)
67 KB
Let's have ourselves a new VK thread!
Old thread >>8029358
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File: vistlip-tomo.jpg (39 KB, 645x445)
39 KB

File: 1.jpg (52 KB, 540x960)
52 KB
Did anybody see these losers at Magfest. Holy shit they kept hitting on girls and were rude. The kept telling me I had a nice ass oh my god I was crying
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He told me he liked my boobs because they were small and to not worry.
>dressing as Hunter S. Thompson from Fear and Loathing

That should have been immediate warning bells to everyone.
"He said I had a nice ass and I was crying"

> Said you had a nice ass
> You are insulted

Women are retarded.
stop selfposting this shit
Uhh, I'm pretty sure they mean they were crying with laughter. That's generally what that phrasing means.

Looks like the previous sewing thread disappeared, thought I'd revive it.
I just got a Singer Pro Finish serger for Christmas. Has anyone used this machine before? Any particular problems with it?

Also, a while ago in another thread that was discussing sewing, someone posted about a book that was particularly helpful, and posted a picture of the contents. It seemed to have a lot of specifics on finishing hems, cuffs, and other details. Anyone able to give me the title/author?
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Yeah, I understand that they size traditionally, so I made sure to triple check their charts, but my mockup was so ridiculously large that it made me wonder if they just misprinted or if I was just supposed to know to actually cut out my vanity pattern or something. Thank you for the info, though, I'll be sure to check the measurements on the flats before cutting.
For a beginner, any machine that can sew a straight stitch and zig zag is sufficient. I've been sewing for quite a few years and I have this one, which is very sufficient and has been called "the best sewing machine under $100." http://www.amazon.com/Brother-XL2600I-Affordable-25-Stitch-Free-Arm/dp/B000F7DPEQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=arts-crafts&ie=UTF8&qid=1422328012&sr=1-1&keywords=sewing+machine
They fit, but I am not keen to post pictures of myself. They look like bell bottoms because I haven't added the cuff yet. I meant in the way they are tight at the top and wide at the bottom. I'm probably just going to remake them. They are only made of cheap cotton with was even cheaper because I got it on special.

I don't make a muslin mock up because I don't feel like paying $6/m for it when I'm not even going to wear it or use it later. Muslin is far too expensive here to pay for to make a mock up. Poplin is cheaper than muslin.
When someone says make a muslin, it doesn't have to be made of muslin. You could make it out of any fabric you have lying around. Honestly, you should be able to just add rectangular panels to the side and not have it be noticeable at all, provided you add enough to have some gathering at the waist band and you gather strategically at the cuff, the rest should be covered by the jacket and you'll be fine.
Thanks anon. I will probably just add panels.

I'm at my parent's house and have no spare fabric, and I generally only ever buy enough to make what I need. Fabric is far too expensive here to buy it just to make up a mock up, especially when you really don't have a large amount of disposable income.

File: image.jpg (77 KB, 500x332)
77 KB
Post nice pics, ridiculous wigs, discuss what you want to cosplay... go wild.
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File: 1vHx5IB.jpg (247 KB, 1500x1500)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
Hey guys, I'm planning to cosplay Messengelato soon but I need help with figuring out how his clothes work. My friend said he's wearing a jumpsuit with a zip at the front but I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas.
File: messengelato.png (221 KB, 287x287)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Here's a picture of his card artwork for reference.
File: Weevil 3.jpg (89 KB, 720x476)
89 KB
Hey I was totally gonna selfpost this
God Voldie is so fat

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I've heard about loving your woman but really?
why do people keep doing this shit? it's never going to look good
I am never going to understand this. Animus have large pupils, not whites. Even if this looked legit it would just make them look shocked/tramatized/yandere all the time.
he doesn't have a bad face for Dandy. it's a shame the hair and blood are so terrible...
Not even sure what it's for but I figure you'd all enjoy

I'm trying to get some ideas of cosplays for me and my brother to do. He's older and taller than I am by 6 inches.
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If he's familiar with oreimo he's probably going to suspicious of everything you do for a while just for suggesting it.
hiromi and mitsuki from kyoukai no kanata
He's familiar with the characters, he hasn't actually seen any of the anime as far as I know.
I'm already in a knk cosplay group as Ai, I can't justify buying a Mitsuki cosplay.
Jaimie and Cersei Lannister
We'd rather keep it anime/vidya related, we don't watch GoT.

File: TOPLEL.jpg (8 KB, 210x240)
8 KB
Hey seagulls, I'm interested in hosting a panel at a nearby con next year, but I need some help coming up with ideas. Just give me anything you've got!
If it's not something you're legitimately interested in, it's going to be a shit panel.
Have a panel in something you actually know something about, get the help of people who also actually know something, and do a shit ton of research. You WILL get people at your panel who know more about the topic than you do. Be prepared.

Practice. Actually say aloud all the things you will say and time it. Plan on what you can do to cut time or waste time if you're going over or under your allocated time.

HAVE ALL THE MATERIALS YOU NEED. Have wires, backup speakers, computers, hopefully projectors, everything you need. Regardless of what the convention says they'll give you, assume they're lying and are just giving you an empty room with chairs. Make sure you know how everything works.
Agreeing with this anon - you have to come up with something you really want to do, not go "omg I want people to listen to me because I think I am important."
No one gives a shit about promotional stuff during panels.

Think about the kinds of panels you would want to go to or ones that you don't see on schedules at your local cons, those are both good sources for ideas.
>Help of people that actually know something.

This is my problem. I don't have friends that's into the same stuff as me and most people know the material but are afraid to participate in any panel at all.

OP it's not so bad. As everyone said make sure you know the material, answer any Questions (but don't be a snob about it,) and if the panel is 'controversial' be prepared.

File: work_ap_room.jpg (125 KB, 303x450)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Last one in autosage (>>8067263)

What's your comm like?
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>message admin on my state's FB page about hopefully reanimating it
>she's 100% behind it, makes me an admin
>"Great! Now to get more lolitas to join! Let's start with my friend's list!"
>most of the lolitas in my friends list are weeaboos; not even minor tendencies, full blown "OMG TEH YAOIZ!!!!1!1" SQUEEEL GLOMP
>I know of two who think Milanoo is quality
>...I've let you down sempai

They're good people, absolutely kind and generous, but some can't into lolita for shit.
>Is Alabama dead or did they just dump their unwanted into Atl?
I think it's the latter. AL comm is actually pretty active, and there are meets for everyone, although they seem to average around ten people. There are some people that seem to think we can just drive to TN or GA whenever the mood strikes us, so you may be getting those people.
>I feel really bad for the new girl, she's been super quiet and I get the feeling she was scared off from attending more meetups.
>I would go as far as talk to the new girl and tell her to not mind the criticism because those girls are just being ridiculous.

I second this! Don't you see what's happening? There was a nice kind girl who brought delicious handmade food. Bitchy girls got mad and scared her away. Do you really want to be left with just the bitchy girls and no girls like brownie girl? Reach out to her! New blood is what keeps a community living, and you might have lost a quality member!
Is Arden Rubicon a member of comm or someone kind of SS/scalper? Photos of her comm or deets?
I don't think those girls were making meets in Atlanta though? I think they were inviting the Georgia members to Alabama.
And I mean the ATL comm has people from all over Georgia in it not just Atlanta anyway.

File: 1420231822641.png (76 KB, 300x300)
76 KB
What if cosplay and egl had their own boards?
as much as I am interested in cosplay and lolita/jfashion the crossover on /cgl/ can be irritating and i think that they could easily function as their own boards, there are seperate boards that are more similar thematicly than cosplay and lolita. Why are we lumped together?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Sorry for being so new, but what exactly is egl?
op here, i think i meant any jfash like a /jfa/ or w/e would work too
also i agree with reasons stated itt about not separating especially >>8081735 , i didnt think about that
lurk more honestly or just fuckin google it
elegant gothic lolita. Name mana sama invented for his specific fashion line, but has been adapted by the livejournal lolita comm.
There is also a jfash on the other chan that someone made but it hasn't been used at all yet.
It would actually be nice to browse the jfashion stuff without constantly running into the cosplaywhoresbait threads that keep popping up, and any wig threads in the jfashion side would actually have people going "It's jfashion u noob, why would you buy a wig before a petti", which imo is the right attitude to have. If you have a pixie cut or are undergoing chemo, you can always explain why you need a wig. Right now we've got this influx of noobs who think you must have candy-coloured wigs to be a lolita, which is shit, and our sharing the cosplay board doesn't help, either.

Plus, actually seperating the two would actually visibly seperate the two. We could actually collectively eyeroll anybody who starts "lolita is ageplay costume kek" bait and tell them to go back to the cosplay board (no offence intended, the bait's just getting old)

As for the boards being slow. We're burning through lolita general threads much faster now, actually. The taobao and assorted shopping threads will end up coming with us, and we go through that pretty fast, too. Maybe we could shorten the board though, like right now I know cgl has been shortened from 15 pages to 10 pages of threads. Maybe we could go down to 5 pages? So a fairly small board, and not as fast moving, but it'll be full of only fashion stuff. There's not much difference between that and hiding all the cosplay threads anyway.

File: ohi8o.jpg (13 KB, 211x239)
13 KB
It's in a few weeks. Anyone still go to this?
195 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
Rhythm game update: Gotcha Gachapon is bringing Jubeat, DDR, DJ Technika, and Dance Maniax.

Somewhat related, have any of of you Columbus gulls checked Gotcha Gachapon out yet? Their current location is pretty alright, but I think they're going to be awesome once they move to their new location.
I heard JUST DDR and Jubeat and the Jubeat is the older version either way it still doesn't make up for 14 arcade games canceled
Longshot, but does anyone going to the con have pic related?
I fucked up and forgot to order a pair and now it's way too late.

I'm going with my friend for most of saturday, I've never actually been to Ohayocon, only the smaller cons like Marcon.
From what I'm seeing in this thread, Ohayocon seems like a larger anime punch.
I've played on those cabinets and they were so busted I haven't been back to GG since then lol
Nope definitely not, but better than nothing I suppose. I pulled this info off of GG's Facebook today, so all of the games listed are confirmed as of this afternoon.

Lol I never actually ended up playing any of the games. We'll have to see about their DDR, though, I don't think they've set it up at the store yet.

File: gender-ratios.jpg (523 KB, 1024x749)
523 KB
523 KB JPG
Why do we still think cosplay is a female dominated hobby when the number of men and women who partisipate it is about even and we have just as many highly skilled female cosplayers as males?
37 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: favoritedeputy.jpg (77 KB, 960x800)
77 KB
>tfw your dude was cosplaying with wigs and makeup before you even got together
The point is they do't most of the time. But they expect women to do it.
Same thread also proved that it's possible to apply little to no makeup (and effort) to cosplays, such as Kirito.
Define "dominated" ?
By the numbers or the media presence ?

I have no datas about the numbers, with the cons I went to, I'd say it's a 60/40 F/M in terms of numbers.
More female cosplayers, than male, but something like 50/50 for non-cosplayers in cons.

I think this is explained pretty easily because no matter how you look at it, men are not taught to be as much as "pretty" as women, so I think they have a harder time to get into this, even if it's perfectly possible.

As for the media part, girls have titties and sexy costumes, so they eat up 95% of the cosplay media coverage, thus creating the assumption than cosplay is a female dominated hobby, which is the case from this point of view.
Just look at jnig how fast she climbed the ladder, just because tits.

Plus most of them knows that making a sexy/slutty costume bring the likes on their FB page like crazy, so it gives them more visibility.
File: Lolita at the range.jpg (61 KB, 768x1024)
61 KB
pretty much this
its more of a niche hobby for men like women it comes down who actually cares and has the money to go all out. example most men only dress up to have fun not to show off, and if they do they still have fun. its just one of those thing that isn't ingrained to be serious.
now a days most men think of make up as black magic its something entire else. also men don't care and are raise to not care about their looks more than their hygiene. where as for women its more stress on to be more good looking so it make sense why women are expected to wear make up. IMO
pretty much knowing your market

tho out of all this
one could argue is it less feminine to do more male oriented hobbies? pic related

Any crossplayers or crossplaying aficionados here? Let's get a thread going
240 replies and 58 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't shave, but epilating and moisturizing after seems to leave my skin without the redness/irritation.
start shaving your legs a few days, maybe even a week or two, before the convention. bot sure how much leg hair you have, but there's more irritation if its longer so it helps to start early to avoid it. like >>8081545 said, depilating is good for not leaving a dark cast but it is a bit painful if you aren't used to it.
wow my english is stunning today.
If you can handle it the first time it only gets easier the subsequent times. The smoothness and how long it keeps is great for a non-medical procedure.
Lol I haven crossdressed in a while D:
I dont think im boyfriend material TBH~

File: dress donut.png (1.05 MB, 907x680)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
Some really big wardrobe posts just came up.
143 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Xylia did make one and Mlle Marianne is travelling around Europe these days, she isn't especially focussed on lolita right now.
I messaged someone this year too when I noticed a dress I saw on auction would fit in with their wardrobe and they won the auction and was very appreciative.
link to xylia's post? I just I totally missed it
xylia's isn't up yet but she said she was planning one
Same here anon. I love Pyro's but I'm so looking forward to wardrobes of notable lolita coord-wise or ones that never posted before. I saw some photo in Arthael's instagram a few months back and thought she might post this year. Still waiting.

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