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File: boobchere.jpg (448 KB, 768x1024)
448 KB
448 KB JPG
Know anyone that had their cosplay ruined at a con? Horror stories? Infamous malfunctions with boob tape? How do you keep your cosplay in place and/or ensure your armor/props/whatever can hold up all weekend?
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Had an old field pack with quick release straps, but they had shitty tolerances, so the bit that two rings together kept slipping loose and it would end up being held in place by naught but a single snap, which would inevitably fail. Ended up getting it tailored after the convention so that it won't happen again.
File: EYE C U.png (7 KB, 100x76)
7 KB
Hello, Kitty.
Not dolly. I just respect her. Shes super sweet and actually has craftsmanship skills.
When she makes it, screen cap it. And come tell us about your glorious story.

File: Madoka.png (3.46 MB, 1920x1080)
3.46 MB
3.46 MB PNG
Why do you cosplay or dress in Lolita fashion, /cgl/?

Why is it important to you?
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I come from a family where style meant the cheapest possible clothes, no matching colors. Jeans and ugly t-shirts, and later culture robes. You all know those fat women with bright colorful sacks. That's where my family moved. Father's idea of clothes is that it can be used until it has more holes than fabric. We're upper middle class. Money didn't go to clothes, it went to feed us. We ate ridiculously well now that I think about it. Good fresh food, thank you parents.

So, I didn't care what I had in my closet. I cared about other things. Then 2006 I saw my first pictures of lolita and it hit me like a big yellow school bus. Of course I had admired detailed clothes earlier, historical ones, costumes. It just wasn't a thing back then. Lolita was a short-cut to adorable clothes, ruffles. 2006 was a bad or good year, I hit the rock bottom of being angsty teenager and lolita was my way to recovery. It was taking care of myself.

I've since moved on to otome in my daily life, because I'm old enough to work and working world doesn't favor ott clothes. I still go ott when I have energy, go to cons, or want to treat myself. I love my frills, bows, matching colors, and effort I can see. I love that transformation from average looking adult to a frilly princess.

tl:dr family likes ugly clothes, lolita was my way to recover from depression
That's... really inspiring.
When I was little I wanted to wear clothes like the one cartoons had. Now I do.
I also take great pleasure in making things, like seeing them take form in front of me.
I sort of suppressed my nerdiness all thru college because I was so desperate to fit in with my peers. Then a friend of mine in grad school took me to my first con (I was 22) and I wore the (nerd-related) costume I'd put together for halloween that year and I was like, oh, my people??

I've always enjoyed making things and crafting but didn't really have an outlet for it and so cosplay is that for me. I really enjoy challenging myself with new projects and techniques and it's nice to have an immediate tangible product that I can be proud of when I'm done.

And it's fun to wear a costume from a specific show/thing and meet other fans who love it as much as you do.
Escapism, mostly.

Last thread: >>8180525

> Cosplay Masterpost: pastebin.com/ekZP1fhg
Full of tutorials, links, and helpful info for Homestuck cosplays. If you need any help for Homestuck cosplays, refer to it first. Any contributions are welcomed.

Let's discuss:
> Which character do you think should be cosplayed more?
> What's the cutest moment you've witnessed in Homestuck cosplay?
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oh my god
flashbacks to 2007
You're welcome.
I'm making Roxy's purple dress but I can't tell if there is an outline around the symbol or not. I've seen a lot do it with a black outline or a white outline, but I don't know which one is correct.
File: 05791.gif (26 KB, 640x443)
26 KB
i dont see any outline in this or the sprite image.

File: 2966874.png (1007 KB, 989x658)
1007 KB
1007 KB PNG
"Needs More Bara" edition

Old thread: >>8163433
Tourabu General: >>>/vg/97470051
Tourabu Wiki: touken-ranbu.wikia.com
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File: 9949956.jpg (720 KB, 1024x1365)
720 KB
720 KB JPG
File: 2972747.png (600 KB, 550x869)
600 KB
600 KB PNG
File: 2964605.png (526 KB, 600x401)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
File: 2961338.png (493 KB, 658x440)
493 KB
493 KB PNG

File: trabajo en curso.png (95 KB, 350x350)
95 KB
Last one 404'd. Post what you're working on!
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Working on a speed build commission job for Megacon. German MG42 for a strike witches costume.

All foamboard that will be covered in 1 mm PVC and dry-brushed. Most of the big parts are made. Still needs alot of cleanup and detail parts.
File: sugata.jpg (97 KB, 707x790)
97 KB
Working on the templates for the armor before getting into actual eva foam.

Anyone wanna throw any critiques or anything at me, this is going to be my first time working with armor at all.
the leg spike should be bigger and more angled.
Oops, yeah its gonna be more angled once I make it out of eva foam, it just couldn't stick out like that made out of craft foam. I see what you're saying about size, I'll probably fix that tomorrow esp since its an easy fix!
Yep. Really did think it was her wings.

File: e33SeA3D_400x400.png (142 KB, 400x400)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
Conji 2015

Who's going?

What are you dressing up as?

What are you looking forward to?

Post WIPs and Post Meetups
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Bad taste, obv.

I didn't get tickets for Wondercon and I enjoy drinking with weebs. I usually don't even like the convention part of conventions.
are you going on sunday?
if so i'll drink with you beanie
I know the hotel is on a marina but is it close to any sandy beaches or surf spots,
Definitely, my flight doesn't leave until 6:00. That's hours and hours of potential drinking!
nowhere near the beach. the waterfront is a sidewalk, then rocks. looks like there's a park, if you can call a patch of grass outside a hotel a park.

File: 2015-03-28 15.26.52.jpg (1.97 MB, 3264x2448)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG
Yo. Crossposter from /k/.

Anyone here want to learn how to pose with firearms/weapons to be believable/look the part?

A good understanding of the basics can really help sell the look, both in regards to gear and regards to general attitude/posture.
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You should also check YouTube. I would look at the uspsa/idpa guys. You can basically learn how to operate any firearm you can think of thanks to YouTube
File: image.jpg (29 KB, 236x314)
29 KB
Who made this infographic?

It's really nice.
Cool thread idea, thanks /k/.
/k/ - fighting for proper trigger discipline

File: 20091105zeldasword08.jpg (188 KB, 1000x750)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
send in the best you've seen that makes you either want to quit or step up your game
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The guy who makes these is awesome. He does sell them aswell, they are solid cast resin and glorious. fb/Woodwarder
It's ok to recoil in horror at the cleanness of that outfits props, Volpin made that.

at a second glance, this isnt actually Woodwarders version - its missing the laser cut rune detailing and has a beveled center ring on the hilt. Whoever did this did a great job!
If you're referring to the foam falchion, then that's me! So glad you like it and flattered you think it's commission-worthy.

>Polite sage for nothing to contribute.
>forgot to actually sage

File: help.jpg (102 KB, 593x441)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Old one is archived. Post any questions here.
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With the armor, how can i make it?
what do people do about their eyebrows if they are really dark and don't match their wigs?
Anyone have experience with good 3D Printer commissioners? Any I should check out for certain?

Thanks. I'm thinking what I might do is pull up the top parts of the wig into the poytail but just let the rest fall down to cover the back of my head, then cut it short. Then I have some leftover hair to fix up the ponytail (which I'm working on right now and it's haaard wow. PVA glue takes an incredibly long time to dry, too. )
File: WIN_20150331_003720.jpg (198 KB, 1280x720)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Can any help me with the texture?
I have no idea how to make this look zombie like.
I did a bad job with the fake blood.

>S.T.A.L.K.E.R Snork

File: 2015-03-22-01-02-24.png (1.29 MB, 1013x893)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
Worst wig styling youve cone across recently?
Posted : this bang disaster by Yirico, everything else is pretty nice though.
Also, wtf is with the unmatching eyebrows?
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In game it just looks black to me, I've never seen anything official that looks like it has a blue/purple tint.
File: dat everythang.jpg (130 KB, 637x465)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
File: edel.jpg (72 KB, 534x800)
72 KB
Princess Tutu cosplays are really hit or miss with wigs, too.
File: image.jpg (16 KB, 355x200)
16 KB
The concept make its look tinted, guess it all boils down to interpretation. But there's definitely no purple in it.
Even this just looks black to me. But the concept art definitely makes everyone's colors look much brighter. For example, Stahl's concept has very green looking hair and eyes, but everything in game looks much more like a brown with a green undertone.

File: girlsMode3(2).jpg (72 KB, 600x600)
72 KB
Are there any good style/fashion games I can play to hold me over until Girls' Mode 3 is released?

I have (or can emulate) every console besides the ps4, xbox360, and xbone.

Also PC of course.
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That looks EXACTLY like tinierme. Is it by the same people or something?
I would love to see different abilities based on styles. I can imagine sweet lolitas throwing around rainbows and penguins like the pink knight in Castle Crashers.
No it isn't..it's just a copy. But they do use the same designs and all with no shame.
File: 1412034795558.png (62 KB, 237x198)
62 KB
>tfw no Style savvy bf
Wasn't there a list of cute Japanes/Korean fashion games that had been rebranded for that Imagine game series?

File: image.jpg (196 KB, 730x1095)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Dangan ronpa thread? It's been a while.
54 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: large.jpg (57 KB, 500x750)
57 KB
that byakuya's eyebrows are disgusting.
anyone have dangan ronpa plans for acen?

File: image.jpg (96 KB, 440x896)
96 KB
Who are your favorite/least favorite e-famous Lolitas? Would you like to be e-famous? Why do you like or dislike certain Lolitas? Underappreciated Lolitas? Post them all here!
206 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
What a fucking noob
Because her and her mother are bat shit, anon. Peek into any of her threads on lolcow and you'll see.
>That hijab lolita, her shit always looks ugly and only gets notes because tumblr things being anything but Christian is empowering and great
look at this christfag
>"i'm a boy"
>"i'm a lesbian"
trust me us real ftms hate these tumblrinas so much
we're constantly seen as butch lesbians because lesbians like to cling onto the ftm label because they cant distinguish gender and gender roles
nah i agree
if ftms wanna crossdress and go girlmode for lolita or some shit im not gonna get asspained like some assholes on /cgl/ but they should be aware theyll get treated like a girl unless theyre on 'mones looking like a fucking lumberjack

Feel free to post links to accessories or finds, your inspirations, or even self-post a coord. This style is my one true love and I'm finally getting a chance to start building a wardrobe.
186 replies and 76 images omitted. Click here to view.
> be new to decora

But why is yukapon that bad?
I feel that deco lolita was a bit more uniform in concept, but it really wasn't executed well. Today OTT lolita tends to be a lot of hair accessories, but there's a general lack of brooches, veils or deco in the skirt portion. I suppose that's what the print is for, but it still feels lacking in some way.
Then again, it could just be the grandma in me talking.
File: 10731.jpg (113 KB, 648x431)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
I can't tell whether you mean you don't know Yukapon, or why she's a bad example.

Imo she's never really done decora, mostly just fairy kei and generic *~*imouto fashun*~* (although she was one of the first Western girls to do so, so maybe it wasn't so generic at the time)

If you just don't know who she is, google her, I promise you won't be disappointed. It's a wild ride from start to end.
File: yukapon.png (11 KB, 514x213)
11 KB
>types in yukapon on google
That's pretty much it lmao

She was really cute too, I think at least. Sucks she kinda ruined her life. Guess she's still doing her though, and Akira's moved on (except for whenever he starts getting harassed again by Yuka clones) so whatever.

File: 1358057622717s.jpg (6 KB, 250x192)
6 KB
>All Lolita and J-fash welcome!
>Please provide large, clear photos/references!
>Be patient! Please don't post repeat photos of yourself in the same thread in hopes that you'll get drawn. Alternatively, please don't "beg" for drawings.
>We know you want drawings. We know you love the drawings. A simple 'please' and 'thank you' is fine. 'arigato ^_^' is not. Emotes->Gaia
>Artists, try to provide a signature or link in your pictures so we can credit or follow you!
>Don't reply to trolls. Don't feed derailing discussion
>Keep art/outfit critique short and provide constructive feedback.
>To make the new drawthread, wait for page 10.
>Have fun!
168 replies and 46 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not contributing but your hair is beautiful anon
Sure you can upload! My tumblr is dannichuu but I dont really upload to it.
Thank you!

No problem upload away! My tumblrs crei-i and i have a facebook art page called creii too!
File: cgl draw 3.30.15.png (67 KB, 796x832)
67 KB
I have no idea what your bodice is supposed to look like so I kinda just made shit up

Yes, feel free to color and I would love to see it when you're finished since I cannot color for shit. If you post it somewhere, I'd appreciate a credit.
>tumblr: lishujie

glad ms paint is still so loved
File: IMAG0719.jpg (947 KB, 1520x2688)
947 KB
947 KB JPG
Here's some rough linework, I'm going to paint it later and I'll take the picture of that more carefully. Trying to get used to doing art again.

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