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Janitor acceptance emails will be sent out over the coming weeks. Make sure to check your spam box!

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File: 1431348918538.jpg (390 KB, 866x1200)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
Can we have a new guro inspirations thread? The last one was ages ago...
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Apologies if this has already been asked, but I need to know where this skirt is from!
I think it's Triple fortune
I have the skirt and the construction is terrible. The elasticated part of the waistband is far too tight and gathered compared to the non-elasticated part, meaning the skirt sits very oddly. I haven't actually worn it out yet as I need to get the waistband fixed first
I really wanted to love the ivory version of this print but that fuckinv green killed it for me....it should have been an off white or beige color
I don't know, sorry. But I think it's from Triple Fortune as >>9021272 said.

File: image.jpg (57 KB, 720x266)
57 KB
Old thread hit image limit >>9017498

Discuss/Post cosplays, meet ups, panels, etc etc.
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File: acenloot.jpg (2.24 MB, 2581x1440)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB JPG
I went with a few friends of mine, didn't do any cosplay because it was only my second con (the first being C4 a few years back) but had a blast anyway.
Didn't get a ton of loot aside from some posters, a cute nekopara pin, an Advance Wars perler a couple UMR blindbags and a S;G artbook. I'm happy with my purchases, although my friends chastised me for not spending more cash.

Did anyone else go to Giordino's? The deep dish there was fucking divine, 100% worth the wait. We also ran into tactical clownpiece there, who was a pretty cool guy.
The raves were fun but I missed Snails House on Friday due to one of our group getting his phone stolen during, which sucked considering Saturday wasn't nearly as good, I felt.
Next year I might try my hand at cosplaying Hellfire from Mayoiga, although I doubt anyone will remember it by then.

Here's a photo of my meager haul, sadly the posters got really creased during transport.
Love Live anon from earlier. Turns out my boyfriend has 80+ shots from the shoot that have Hanayo, so instead of dumping them I'll share the mediafire link for the pictures,

Any Dragon Age?
File: IMG_2110.jpg (3.4 MB, 4608x3456)
3.4 MB
3.4 MB JPG
Don't remember what I posted in the other thread and Rich HDR mode on my phone's too much of a nightmare to use with it crashing.

I was gonna eat with Tactical Clownpiece and the others he was with, but an unofficial photoshoot was happening. Also, where the hell did you get that Psycho-Pass Movie poster?
File: IMG_2125.jpg (3.38 MB, 4608x3456)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB JPG
I swear this wasn't rotated at all.

File: arconomi_picture1.jpg (23 KB, 280x420)
23 KB
>Shop links

>FAQ (Work in progress, open to suggestions)

>Facebook group
F B .com / groups /nanchattefashion/

>Nanchatte for fun tumblr
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Go lurk /fa/ then
File: 1437055093718[1].jpg (446 KB, 1280x960)
446 KB
446 KB JPG
I found pic related in one of the archived threads. Bow-collection-anon, if you still lurk here, please tell me where you got your red stripey one (at the top)! I looked at ebay, conomi, ali and bodyline and didn't see it...
Not bow-collection-anon, but you could possibly find it on taobao, I looked really quick and saw some similar ones
I'm bow-collection-anon! I'm surprised somebody brought this back up!
If memory serves correctly I'm sure that was an old bodyline purchase from about 5 years ago? Sorry that I can't be of more help! As >>9021812 has said though I'm sure taobao has many similar ones!
Thanks anons! I'll keep looking.

File: animemidwest.png (87 KB, 900x210)
87 KB
So uh...

...is anyone going?
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I spent so much money at Acen that I'm going for one day to just save money the badge and I won't need a hotel.
>plus the fashion show is on Saturday so I may just go that day.
This. i didn't have any thoughts on going until Acen was done and over with. So it could be just con blues.
So, Anime Midwest's demographic isn't as autstic or retarded as the Anime Central's demographic and Facebook, right?
>the Lyft fee back to my apartment from the con is cheaper than a hotel room

I love living in the city.
Wow you're lying when you say the maid cafe is being run by "decent" people. Its being run by children and that attention whore Ghosttraveler.

The only decent person is that bald guy and I heard even he is that old racist woman's lackey.
yeah, I was only thinking of the bald guy though... sorry about that!

File: normie at con.png (507 KB, 604x403)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
I want to hear your stories.

I'll start with mine, but I'll warn you that they're not very interesting really.
>con is in close proximity to a Pentecostal ministry event
>fleeting eye contact with conservative, also oddly dressed (in their own way) families
>mothers with children and gruff fathers with handlebar mustaches are constantly scowling
>moms shielding their kids' eyes
>refusing to be in the same elevator
...I wasn't even cosplaying.

>chilling at a starbucks in a hotel lobby
>12-14ish looking teenage boy in a backwards cap trying to be hard
>asks me what's with the getup

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Lol one down m8
For some fucking reason normies always ask ME what's going on at cons which is amazing bc I am usually in cosplay and I guess I just might have a trustworthy face or some shit.

My favorite was when they asked me and my friends if there was a play going on not two blocks from the convention center. Like yeah buddy, this is a big play that's taking place across town.
One retarded teenage boy asked me what was going on while we were standing right outside a yaoi panel and he was in incredulous disbelief that anime would have gay shit at all associated with it.
Had a normie scream "devil worshiper at me"...On Halloween as I was dressed as Little Witch Academia's Susy.
Always chalked it up to being near Salem at the time which is flooded with insane Christians and tourists.
People wanting to take a picture with me as I'm walking back to the hotel.

I've swapped to trainers, my everything hurts and I'm fucking starving. Fuck off.

Especially when its just so you can post on FB what "crazy amazing" thing you saw today.

Don't get it deleted this time edition
Shop list: http://fymenhera.tumblr.com/shops
General overview: http://fymenhera.tumblr.com/info
How not to do a coord: http://fymenhera.tumblr.com/post/144540469037/how-to-not-do-a-coord
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>has a print of something and actually wearing the object?
By your logic, nobody should be wearing syringes and pills either. Also, Sakanako is one of the founders of the Menhera Exhibition committee and Kuua Oyasumi's art sempai, she knows what she is doing and if it rubs you the wrong way, Menhera obviously isn't for you.
File: CN5y_64UAAIz_l5.jpg (85 KB, 540x720)
85 KB
File: o0800060013652411028.jpg (376 KB, 800x600)
376 KB
376 KB JPG

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File: 1408458074385.jpg (142 KB, 414x510)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Yes, like every single time.
care to elaborate?
Lirin please stop torturing us like that. Rogue ain't your type.
trying to look slim
This is how to be a retard


Who else here loves decora?
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File: 1442119456055.jpg (198 KB, 340x500)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
I really love this shirt, but I don't own any decora things yet. I don't have any other clothes with crazy patterns, and I don't own a lot of accessories. Should I wait until I have more decora clothes and accessories before I wear this, or can I wear it with a simple skirt and few accessories?
i love the style but i have such a hard time pulling it off.
Wear it however you like, it can still fit in fairy kei for instance with the second option. Just don't call it decora until you've got enough accessories.
I usually wear fairy kei, so that's good.

File: 1187556140302.jpg (109 KB, 371x522)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
I'm bored and so therefore hence commence the hot dude cosplay pls ty
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Certain angles of this guy's face make me want to punch him. Others....
Not liui, I'm too gangly and pasty for that shit lmao, I'd be more suited for ruffnut with my traits(I actually do have him in the works). And if I had shopped this it'd look awful, I don't photoshop I leave that to people who know how. If he is shopped it's a pretty clean shoop then.
Ohhh I don't think I even noticed that when watching the movie. I'll take your word for it anon
SAME. They are honestly so cute in a weird super hot way.
File: image.jpg (71 KB, 641x641)
71 KB
Does anyone know why this guy got a divorce or should we just mind our own business? >_>

Didn't see a wig thread in the catalog, so here's a new one.

Pic related, is there any other good source for lacefront short wig besides Arda?
I am not in US or Europe so I wanna check my other options before committing with the expensive shipping.
131 replies and 35 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: l010.jpg (424 KB, 430x1327)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
Thank you for your input anons! Glad to see some love for Innocent. Since each of you suggested different methods, maybe I should try both #2 and #3 and see which works better. Bringing my own hair into the mix is a bit inconvenient. This cosplay is going to eat up a shit-ton of money either way, so buying a couple different wigs ain't gonna hurt too much. My wallet will end up crying anyway.
For the outfit I'd like to do the Sanson family executioner jacket which pretty much means that pre-haircut Marie is out of the game unfortunately. As much as I would like to do older Marie, I'm probably better suited for her younger version as far as facial structure goes. So crazy mohawk it is.
File: COS-043A.jpg (55 KB, 640x484)
55 KB
So my friend bought a similar wig to pic related for me (but a bit darker). What character can I use for this? Not teto though...
File: toomanyredpigtails.jpg (100 KB, 855x960)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Too many to list. Just look up characters with red twin tails. You can restyle the bangs as necessary and possibly straighten the clips. In fact, any character with short red hair would also work since the twin tails are clip ons. You have hundreds of options.
Can anyone recommend a good wig for Madoka that isn't in that awful milkshake pink?
I'm currently working on a Ciel Phantomhive wig but I can't work out how to get the hair to fall into the right 'chunks' like pic related.

I've got Got2b Glue and when I try it (On a different wig) it makes the ends look really obviously glued because the tips go all dark and lank, yet leaving the wig as-is just looks like a floppy mess.

I've got some got2be glued spray too, I'm wondering if that will have the same effect or not. I'm currently testing it on my test wig but it hasn't dried yet so I'm not sure if it'll stay dark.

Anyone have any advice/ideas as to how this has been achieved in the picture? It seems like in any wig ref I find there's no obvious signs of how they got it to hold shape.

Keep them cgl related

Old one >>9006789
305 replies and 47 images omitted. Click here to view.

Where ever you are attempting to sell your stuff is shit. Find a new method. Swap meets, meetups, sell threads, facebook coms, ect.

Do yourself a favor and take photos of the product you are selling. Don't forget to use good lighting, setup, ect. If you have a dress form use it, and pin the item or outfit it in a flattering look. I personally refuse to buy items from lolitas who are too lazy to present the item correctly. It tells me they were also too lazy to take care of the item properly.

Yes, a shit ton of lolitas are cheap as hell. That has nothing to do with size.
Aww, anon, that's really awesome. You've got a really great boyfriend. I hope you do cute couple cosplay together once you get closer to your ideal!
What a sad thirsty pussywhipped loser your boyfriend is
File: 1375860238250.gif (605 KB, 400x400)
605 KB
605 KB GIF
>I choose my projects for work, but because of what I've chosen I have not had a day off for nearly six months. No holidays, no weekends, nothing.
>Love my job, but I'm really struggling
>Couple friends want to cosplay all together at an event in Japan late this year, an event I've always wanted to go to and cosplaying a character I've wanted to cosplay
>Event is right around when production at my job nearly gets shut off for a couple weeks, so it's the perfect time
>I might even get to go to the office of one of my job's parent companies while I'm there (always wanted to)
>I'm excited, there's a light at the end of this endless work tunnel, praise the sun
>Husband is not excited. "We went there last year. I'm not going."
>Oh. Well. That's fine, I've gone by myself before, I'm spending my own money, so… okay. Disappointing, but I'm not gonna force him.
>Husband starts moping because now I'm planning on going without him (but he still doesn't want to come along)
>Now I'm feeling bad because they're making me feel like I shouldn't go, maybe I don't deserve it or something
>Now I'm struggling twice as hard with work and that light at the end of the tunnel is fading out.
I'm going to still try to go, but wow do I feel like shit about this.

On the flip side:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Fuck your husband and mom, go have fun

Last thread at autosage: >>8837877

This thread is for ouji and aristocrat (aka "boystyle") discussion. Boystyle refers to the masculine counterparts of lolita and aristocrat fashions. There is a lot of overlap between these styles, and different people use different terms to describe them. So, consider this a thread for those whose style is on the right half of Buttcape's Lolita Family Triangle: http://www.kawacura.com/moripress/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/0dmmLH6-350x350.jpg

>Shopping spreadsheet

>Blogs for current boystyle releases, news, and info
buttcape[.]blogspot[.]com (Currently mostly offline but we hope for a return soon; currently has a better-organized list of shops though!)

Google your questions before asking them here.

Read the whole thread before asking questions here.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Forgive the noob question but is the coat/shorts AATP?
there is a built in reverse image search function on this board, newfriend.

using it leads me to http://aerynsys.tumblr.com/post/74352455336/white-rabbit-coordinate-for-valentines-day

each item is not labelled but it is a start
AATP stop
Bakasoseji and his gf make me also wish for an SO to share closets with, just a bit
i would rather keep my brand to myself 2bh

File: Untitled.png (699 KB, 960x343)
699 KB
699 KB PNG
Anime Next is coming up, anyone going?
17 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center 150000sq ft double of the old spot. And now because it's in Edison New Jersey there's so many Hotel options. They probably did it for the money, Because it was probably so cheap to put it in Atlantic City because it's a shit hole. I legit was trying to go this year what a group of friends and every review of every Hotel I've read said that this place does not protect the guests drunk people come in at night. The best places we're about in 1000. If AC is so shady the prices shouldn't be expensive. I found even more funny that if you book for the week before or for the week after prices go down and so drastically it's not even funny.
The Edison convention center has no meeting rooms and one tiny hotel on site and the next hotel is a mile+ away. NYC has a massive lack of mid sized convention space. I really wish the new Meadowlands Convention Center Proposal eventually goes through.
AC is for drunk 21yr olds and 80yr old biddies.
But yeah the prices are outfruckingrageous.
AC is going bankrupt why is it so expensive
The Meadowlands is good but it's smaller then GSC. But the hotel situation is way better. Only pick Edison because it's twice the size.

Let's have fun gulls
82 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
That halberd's not too bad.
The rest is atrocious
>Sailor Bubba
Sailor Bubba is god among men
That's X23. She is Logan's clone, not his daughter
File: original.jpg (328 KB, 453x669)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
that shit looks like it's made of legos what are you guys on
This made me flash back to last summer when I got horrible sunburns and couldn't wear any of my cosplays that show skin on my shoulders...

File: image.jpg (70 KB, 600x450)
70 KB
105 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
I mostly see it used as a derogatory term, as in "ugh why is she wearing that ugly normie blouse with AP." It just smacks of special snowflake tryhard.
its not inherintly derogatory. Again, normie just means 'regular, 'average' etc. It doesn't mean something is bad or shitty, just that it's very...common, for lack of a better word.

If you're wearing an average, everyday looking shirt with your coord then you're going to catch shit. It doesn't mean the shirt is BAD, just that it doesn't have a place in an otherwise very dressy outfit.
You're prefacing it with 'ugly', which makes it derogatory. You can, for example, wear a normie peter pan collar blouse with a skirt and call it otome. If you wear normie anything (minus a few accessories) with lolita, it's not lolita, since normie = not lolita by definition.

Aka 'I don't like those normie shoes with such a sweet outfit' = 'those shoes aren't pastel/have any cute bows and generally don't meet the mark for lolita, it is out of place'

Alternatively, shoes like mary-janes and oxfords are considered normie, and are welcomed readily into the fashion. Lots of people recommend payless mary janes for girls that need extra support.
I love the smell of secondhand Japanese brand. Does anyone who buys from mbok or y!a know what I'm talking about? It gives me such a nostalgic and happy feeling of getting a new dress, even if I've had the dress for a while.
It doesn't seem like an individual skin smell, since I recognize it from pieces from different sellers. But it's a vaguely skin-like scent. There's another distinct scent that almost smells like grape candy. Sometimes it smells like a mixture of both.
I can't tell if it's a really popular detergent or the air/people in Japan just happen to smell sweet.
Grape hi-chew smell! I know exactly what you're talking about anon! I love that smell too. A lot of my second hand packages come in smelling like grape candy/bubble gum, and plastic haha. It's weird, but I love it too. Don't know about that skin cell smell though....idk what that even smells like

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