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Hey anons I actually only bought the bows, but the quality was kinda flimsy, like theyre printed nicely but theyre not as full as wanted them to be (I have one from Fantasy sheep and its a lot nicer).

Sorry I cant help you with the blazer... I actually dont own one myself. Though the reviews look okay? (but i dont think theyd be super nice or anything)
File: internally screaming.png (11 KB, 609x152)
11 KB
My order has been stuck like this for almost two weeks now, is this normal for China EMS? It's my first time using a SS for taobao so I really have no idea. Should I contact the SS and see what's up?
I don't know if it would end up being cheaper for you, but most of the time if you're direct buying you send your things to a forwarder who consolidates and sends it all as one package. I'm in the US, but I think how to sign up and use the services would be the same as in the guides I used?

You can save money doing orders yourself, but it adds a LOT of hassle and stress, so I wouldn't recommend it if you're new to taobao.
What SS can I use to make a preorder? Pruany is being difficult..
They're all trash, honestly.

File: 8_001_24A.jpg (30 KB, 400x600)
30 KB
I'm pretty young and I'm obsessed with old cosplay and conventions in general, it all seemed so much different than now. Anything up until the early/MAYBE mid 2000's.
I guess I just like seeing how everyone fared when cosplay stuff (wigs, premade costumes) weren't as accessible, and what series were popular in cosplay back then that you never see now. I don't have that many photos to dump, just stuff I found from googling old conventions. So feel free to share anything, good or bad
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"shinji, get in the robot"
"make me, old man"
She's still batshit crazy and still cosplaying. Lost a bunch of weight, but recently apparently thinks she's becoming a real-life futanari. Also still can't keep a job for trying.
Ah yes. Memories. Anyone remember going on to A Fan's View to get con pics after attending a convention because that was literally the only site you'd find them on if you didn't take any yourself?

Yeah, I really appreciated Kevin's efforts. A lot of my costume pics on my Geocities site were taken by him.

Also if I couldn't make it to a con going to his site was a good way to feel like I was there. I can't even say that about con pics I see now. Frequently people only take pics of their friends, the few series they know, or it's all photoshoots taking outside of the con.
Holy shit this thread is still up and it even hit image limit! Thank you all the anons who posted old school pics. They really bring me back.

File: 04bk_49.jpg (262 KB, 500x600)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
Post pics of dresses you hate and WHY?!

Please dig deeper and don't post obvious ones like radioactive cupcakes, dreamy baby room, or some of those awful Meta toy prints in the primary colors.

As for me... I always hate sweet in black colorways (unless the border print suits black) but this just takes the cake. The design of the dress alone is pretty terrible, but that print really gets me. That duck with the little kerchief really puts the salt in my vagina. I hated all the accessories for this series too.
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File: IMG_5949.jpg (52 KB, 524x610)
52 KB
I fucking hate this
bleh, saw this while looking for chocolate prints. the chocolate bar pattern comes across as looking really cheap to me. this amateur feeling is my issue with many indie prints. not to say there aren't good ones, but things with this half-complete feeling are so prevalent
This isn't really an indie print though, I believe it was a widely available commercial fabric.
OP here, I wear everything from OTT sugary sweet to classic and gothic. The colors in that print are fucking awful.
Eh, it could do without the random melty part and dot pattern at the bottom.

File: Halibel_Revealed.jpg (300 KB, 838x742)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
What's that one character you've always wanted to do, but find it nearly impossible to do right?
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>tfw 6'9'' aryan
>could be a perfect samus
>too lazy to bother making the outfit
So it goes.
Marry me plis
ganbatte tiddie-chan
File: 1586753768.jpg (116 KB, 650x974)
116 KB
116 KB JPG

I remember people around here mocking how her boobs looked in this getup
File: Halibel02.jpg (71 KB, 480x640)
71 KB
I have like 20 halibel photos and they're all great.

File: image.jpg (146 KB, 1200x989)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
"Sexy" edition
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oh poor fatty-chan is jelly she can never cosplay anything like this without her fat rolling out

the only one who's raging here is you, darling
>in the context of HER universe where people accepted skimpier clothes on everyone
I'm pretty sure the context of a convention counts
many people wear skimpy cosplays and most people do it out of love for the character
Nah that's just a common posture to take when trying to accentuate your butt and make it pop.
Too lazy to find pics but the only 2 American Iowa from Kancolle cosplay I've seen were a whale and a girl who looked like a drugged-out stripper.
Obesity ages people. She'll look even worse once she's an adult.

It's neat seeing all the retro stuff in the "classic" thread, but all of those outfits would be in the bad cosplay thread if we saw them at a con today. Let's have some classic/retro series characters made with more modern skills and styling.
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Eva will never get old <3
File: Cqq5hZvUAAAD1lz.jpg (175 KB, 1028x685)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
I was going to ask the same thing.

New coord help thread since old one hit limit: >>9151252
If you're new to lolita, read here first before posting: http://thelolitaguidebook.tumblr.com/
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Oh shut up, it's fine.

I like this, it has otom vibes.
What's the issue exactly? I'm not a huge fan of the shoes but that's just my personal taste and I can see they match...
You sound like voldie...
Thanks for the feedback though guys. I feel like the shoes dont match perfectly but I really like the tights with the colours in the dress. It was a reasonably casual coordinate.
Those tights look good, I'll probably get the white ones to match the blouse. Thanks!

Pretty details edition.
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Just because you're not doesn't mean you can't. Do what you like, bro.
I have no idea, my room is small so there's not much room to do stuff. I like minimalistic stuff, currently trying to find a nice bookshelf for all my books but nothing really catches my eyes. I was thinking of making a book case chair, but I don't have much time for it right now.
I live with a male, and my living room is much more masculine.

It's main color is red with accents of jewel tones and wood. It's got his record player and everything. I borrow inspiration from Victorian 'smoking' rooms and opium dens.

But I feel you. I moved into a terribly small apartment from a 2 story townhouse and I'm still rearranging my living room. Multifunctional furniture is a godsend.
In fact, it's funny you mention rearranging the displays if you are referring to what it on the shelves as well as the pictures.

A lot of what is on that shelf was originally meant for the living room...
Yes, I meant the shelves as well.

File: s524.png (187 KB, 317x520)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
Old thread saging: >>9158721

I've been having to hold on to every spare cent for AWA, and as a consequence missed out on the big sale. So, who else is in restock hell?

Also if anyone has any reviews (or, better yet, pictures) of pic related in the matte red color I'd be eternally grateful.
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I've bought two of their boleros and they're shit: they're badly constructed, the design is off and the fabrics were simply misused (BH used stiff, jacket-like fabric for a bolero that was supposed to be flowy and soft...)
Their petticoats are decent though. Or at least used to be.
Their pettis are pretty alright. Using one myself.
Finally got my birthday sale order (amerifat here)
I was beginning to think it would never come
Do you know of any other stores that have custom size boleros and blouses that are better quality?

Also, should I get a petticoat from Bunny House, Classical Puppets, or are they both shit now?
Lady Sloth is allright, though I wouldn't comission her for sweet garments, if that's what you're after. She's doing mostly classic/gothic cuts.

Don't buy CP. Their quality went down rapidly.
Closetshild has some nice cupcake-shaped pettis, they're a bit scratchy, but keep the poof well.

File: 187102_original.jpg (81 KB, 280x373)
81 KB
Didn't see one in the catalog
How much is Cinema Doll OP in Lav going for?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Anon, why.
A damaged one is going for 100$ on Y!A right now. Otherwise I think going price is 300$ for the OP at the moment.
Because it's Barbie-ish to me and I always hated that feel in Lolita. It's tacky.
Lavender OP with headbow sold for about $370 on mercari recently.
omg this is a price check thread stop it

File: IMG_2263.jpg (21 KB, 168x124)
21 KB
So AUSA is this weekend, anyone else going? What's everyone's line ups?
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Looking for a qt to talk to and get into trouble with tonight.

No traps, im straight, sorry. :(
lol. you funny.
EMCP is thirsty as fuck. avoid him at all cost.
Anybody go to the rave last night? What shit.
It was terrible. Did anyone succeed in slamming a con slut this year?

File: clawdeen wolf.jpg (133 KB, 753x582)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
What is your thoughts on buying kids clothing. I can fit into US size 12-14. Is it a good idea to buy kids clothes to look 'cute' or is it just weird. Is it better to buy adult clothes of the same style?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I always check the kids jewelry for lolita or decora outfits. Sometimes I'll find socks I can fit
It's hit or miss. I fit US children's clothes and sometimes it works well with t-shirts and undershirts since they aren't so low-cut. I only buy children's thermals for winter since they're cheaper. Though Japanese clothes fits me much better since it takes into account I'm still an adult, just tiny. I also look more put together and stylish. Try some Asian clothes, you just may like it more.

My previous housemate used to do this pretty often. She's short and small (under 5 ft), so regular clothing stores tended not to have her size, taobao aside, it was easier to find her size in the kid's section. I gave it a try since she was doing it so much.

I'm normally-proportioned, though, and find it much easier to shop in the women's section. Kid's clothes aren't cut for boobs or waists. If I stick to the loosest-fitting stuff like t-shirts and sweats it'd look ok, everything else was mostly uncomfortable because it'd be too tight at the chest and too loose everywhere else. I usually had to pick larger sizes so that the bust could fit, too, which means the shoulder width is usually too wide for me, so the entire dress tends to shift around a lot.

On top of this, kid's clothes aren't really all that cheap. Quite often something I picked out would be the same price as adult clothes. So I don't really see a point in shopping in the kid's section rather than the adult section, unless you really wanted a cute print that only comes in kid size.
This depends.

My friend can fit into an age 10 - it fits her perfectly on the body, at least. However, her shoulders are wider than a lot of 10 year old, apparently, and if the item has sleeves it hinders her lifting her arms above her head.

In terms of creepiness; I'd say no but again it depends on the item. If it's obviously aimed at kids, it's gonna be weird. It it passes off as wearable on an adult, it's fine
Oh I mean like because target always has like four shirts and pairs of shoes to match the sets with
It's just so convenient

Haven't found this one in the catalogue.
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File: IMG_20160312_0053.jpg (3.28 MB, 2408x3504)
3.28 MB
3.28 MB JPG
I have "air rollers", those foam sticks. I usually roll my hair when it's still damp and after I have applied mousse and let them be over night. Am I doing something wrong because the curls are... not as curly as I would like? My hair is naturally curly and doesn't hold curls very well generally. I'm not looking to get sausage curls that way, but I would like to but I'm afraid they won't last at all.
You could do the other technique then where instead of doing it damp after a shower you take hairspray and let it "wet" the hair and then roll it up. Might help with the frizz and set the curl more. Or you can try this version of rag curls (sausage curls really) and see if it's more effective https://beyondbluestockings.wordpress.com/2012/04/30/hear-ye-hear-ye-or-dead-easy-rag-curls/
Thank you anon! I wasn't the anon that originally asked, sorry for the original anon I didn't clarify it. But I have similar problems with the frizz and stuff.
I also have naturally curly hair and when I want defined ringlets I add coconut oil then braid it for anywhere between half an hour and overnight then let it out and it goes into nice spirals with less frizz

File: original.jpg (59 KB, 683x1024)
59 KB
Costumes that may be exceedingly basic/easy/casual, but are executed super well.
142 replies and 57 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Enji 667.jpg (405 KB, 1049x2048)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
File: Enji 669.jpg (269 KB, 1365x2048)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
File: Enji 674.jpg (329 KB, 2048x2048)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
I want to cosplay Tintin because it's easy and I look like him but I don't actually like Tintin.
File: Enji 676.jpg (223 KB, 1365x2048)
223 KB
223 KB JPG

File: image.jpg (183 KB, 1000x1490)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Let's talk about photoshopping/photo manipulation. It doesn't have to just be about body/face shooping, let's talk about editing lighting and bringing out the scenery too.

>the difference between good and bad Photoshopping
>common mistakes and how to avoid them
>useful tutorials
>your favorite techniques
>tips and tricks
112 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm the anon that did that for you, I'm glad you like it!
File: 29312736986_bf5037357d_k.jpg (1.28 MB, 2048x1365)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
I really hope people don't pay this guy money.
This is the least offensive photo in the whole set.
i hope you didnt post this as a good example of lighting/shadowing because holy shit
Yeah I guess if you have a naturally hexagonal ass

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