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File: Newconfuckyou.png (60 KB, 320x118)
60 KB
Portlanders, any thoughts on the recent controversy about Newcon? I've heard about shit going on behind the scenes but this is the first time I've seen a public post about it.


tl;dr people still haven't been paid for last year and they're pissed off about it.
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Hopefully you're right. Just can see Fox airing it "liberal kids running a 'business', playing dress up, and stealing hard earned money from you and your kids"

If, in the slight chance, it does make the cut, the con is done for. There will be no way to recover.
bring out the online petition!

any one he hasn't cut yet know if he's coming down to ax? man hunt
Doubt it, last I heard he sold his ticket to pdxlan. So he's probably trying to hide from the public.
Just heard a rumor that they just got the money to pay off Meep and some other guest.

Maybe things will turn around. Lol jk
Smart, for once

File: Avatar_FE14_Male.png (3.61 MB, 3118x3500)
3.61 MB
3.61 MB PNG
IF is about to be released

Fire Emblem General thread? Btw anyone have a pic of the YATO's Handle or the full sword itself?
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Who are you cosplaying anon?
>>2 hours later everyone is running damage control because the translation was taken out of context
Can you give context on this? I was a little unhappy with the gay conversion thing because people literally commit suicide because of it in real life so I thought it was in very poor taste.
Yeah from what I understand the actual crossover game got nuked and became that weird ass "inspired by FE and SMT" thing
Basically, Soleil is bi and she asks for Kamui's help because she likes girls so much that she literally faints in battle from being near them. Kamui puts a spell on her that makes her see men as women and vice versa without her knowing it, which somehow levels her out and she later thanks Kamui for doing it once the spell wears off. At S rank, she falls in love with Kamui as well. That's about it - nobody was trying to "cure" her of homosexuality, she asked Kamui to help her be a better fighter and that's how he did it.

It might all change once it gets localized, but jumping to conclusions based on the first draft of a fan translation taken out of context isn't really a great idea either. Now the FE fandom is being used as a battleground by a certain journalism integrity movement that shall not be named and you know what fuck this man I just wanna play video games

At least I still have Valkyria Chronicles.
I'm actually thinking about cosplaying Hana, but I wanted a full roster to help me figure out who will be my Avatar's husbando lol.

File: 1367304106440.png (219 KB, 4146x1870)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
Didn't see a suggestions thread in the catalog, so here we go. Remember to suggest for at least 3 people if you want suggestions given to you.
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File: cosp.png (1.59 MB, 4148x1900)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
Reckon you'd make an amazing Junna from Robotics;Notes.
Because I'm a fool >>8446931 and didn't suggest for more people I'll do that now.

You remind me a lot of Jade from Beyond Good and Evil. Dunno if that game's your kind of thing but you could be her amazingly.

Ritsuka from Loveless!

You would be a cool Houou from the Maniwa corps. In fact you generally have a ninjalike face. If that makes any sense.

The eyebrows guy from FLCL. You look like him and judging from your photos I reckon you could pull off the expressions well.
File: Sug.png (3.66 MB, 4146x1870)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB PNG
I don't have a new suggestions but Okabe would really suit you

Mirai from Kyoukai no Kanata or Otacon from MGS

Indian attire Ciel would be awesome. Haven't seen anyone do that

Definitely try Mileena!

Ash Williams from Evil Dead

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Hi, OP that creep was talking to here. He said and I quote, "d-do you have a Skype? Your a amazing looking dark-skinned girl"

So yeah, no suggesting and just plain creeping.
I'm >>8438591 and I just want to say HELL YES I'VE PLAYED BEYOND GOOD & EVIL. I never thought of Jade, but kudos on remembering that game! It seems like nobody talks about it anymore!

Aaand to contribute:
Please be Starla but only if you have a Muscleman (it'd be so cute). Also Scout's Mom would be hilarious. Not one of yours: Dr. Girlfriend from Venture Bros. if you've seen it.

Link's a good fit but is a lot more complicated than you'd think (props). Not on your ideas: Yu Narukami from Persona 4.

Triss fo sho. Plus I never see Witcher cosplay so it'd be different! Not one of yours: Arwen from LotR

It'd be helpful to know what you like to give suggestions. Bosch from FFXII would be a great fit for you if you like the series. If not you suit Thor and fantasy chars like others mentioned.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last thread >>8340407

Look up buttcape's "Ouji Overview" before asking any questions here.

Google "elegant gothic aristocrat" before asking any questions here.

Read the whole thread before asking any questions here.

Post coords, art, inspo, etc. OC and selfposts encouraged!

I was just saying, I wish there were more military coords
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Uniform looks very early 1900's military very nice looking. Why is she holding a flintlock?
It's fashion. It goes with the color scheme, that's all.

File: SS 108 1-600x600.jpg (49 KB, 600x600)
49 KB
have not been able to find any pics of either piece in another color. this pic shows what the print would look like in black, but not how it would look with the vest trimmings, etc... maybe someone with photoshop could help out.

File: 1425830347508.jpg (123 KB, 1000x774)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Old one's autosaging.
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Proof Pic
File: proof pic boots.jpg (260 KB, 1672x672)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
DS: Bodyline S506 boots in white, 25.0 cm. worn once, they had light scuffs that have been cleaned, can take pics for reference, just email me.

they were the first wave of boots released, they run really large, I wear a 24.5 and they are too big for me. Would fit a 25.5 easily

$57 shipped in the US
Primarily looking for cameo window tired jsk in wine.

I'm also interested in lucky key either jsk, preferably in red or blue but I may settle for mint.

Victorian letter long jsk in wine

And finally memories of my first soiree jsk 1 in any color but black.
My Email Is milkvan95@gmail
WTB: Arda wefts, Long or Short, in 062 (light) Ash Blonde.

I don't need 8 feet of them, I'm just trying to define a side part. I'll take any scraps larger than 2 feet, including some shorter scraps that total 2 feet or more.

Contact: seagullteacups @gmail

File: image.jpg (213 KB, 600x900)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Old one in autosage: >>8368668

>best products for whiteface?
>best methods for a smooth and well-sealed finish?
>what are you working on? Selfposts are welcome!
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hm. try that again.
File: eir92.jpg (157 KB, 472x359)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Can't wait to see Chanel's hot mess ita version.
Me too, I was laughing about it. She's a mess anyway though anyway from what I have seen. I like the idea of using some of my lolita pieces in a shironuri outfit but I wouldn't wear shironuri 'for lolita' like this. Too theatrical for lolita fashion meets or gatherings.
No idea who this is so it seems kinda like shit-stirring. We're actually trying to keep this on the positive and supportive side. No one is posting bad shironuri or calling anyone out, especially not when all they've done is ask how to dye lashes to match a dress.
to top it off, she is not even claiming them for use in shironuri.

take it to the cringe thread.

File: Un.jpg (196 KB, 785x724)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Saw this article on yahoo today.
and all I could think was that's unfortunate she let them write about her.
I wouldn't want to risk Disney coming in with scare tactics.
She better not be using any Disney stuff because they will fuck her, no lube.

File: greeneyes6.jpg (83 KB, 574x502)
83 KB
last one is 1 post away from autosaging, had a question to ask and it would've been pointless to be the last post.

I have pretty clear skin, generally I don't wear any sort of foundation unless I'm dolling myself up for something special (like going to a wedding, a fancy party, etc.) or if I just happen to feel like doing a full-face routine that day. I use and am satisfied with my mac face and body foundation, but I never realized how heavy it is for daily wear (or at least, for me it is since I don't really need too much foundation in general). I think the maximum thing I need for daily wear is something that will do a bit of color correcting to kinda cover up any uneven skin tone and pinker areas on my face - I was thinking of a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Basically I want something with light coverage but will still even things out. any recommendations? I've tried the garnier bb cream before but it seemed really heavy? (I heard western bb creams are heavier/not as nice as the actual asian ones) in my mac face and body foundation i'm a c2, i have asian skin with warm(yellow/golden) undertones, if that helps anyone. (i know some brands are more friendly to certain undertones than others)
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File: 1411278347374.jpg (576 KB, 2159x3600)
576 KB
576 KB JPG
Do you want pictures or just a written one?
Gel liner and pencil liner are very beginner friendly, just go slow and remember you can easily clean up any messy lines with make up remover. When I started make uping I skipped eyeliner all together and just used dark brown eyeshadow around the outer corner of my eye.
Does anyone have a photo of their everyday makeup on they could share?
will makeup go on better if i get rid of the fuzz on my face? how do i get rid of it?
bump for interest, i've tried shaving off peach fuzz and it doesn't go anywhere.

File: irish fleg.jpg (3.76 MB, 3000x1876)
3.76 MB
3.76 MB JPG
Let's see how long it is until we can get this one deleted as well...

So what cons are you going to in Ireland this summer?
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Hopefully someone will take pictures this time so we can lol at it
Sad that he's attending this instead of Eirtakon. I would like to meet him but not paying €40 + signing charges + travel + food + dignity to go to this just to meet him.
Probably just eirtakon for me this year. Maybe not even. Cons are starting to lose their appeal for me.
I'll definitely follow any inevitable drama tho.
Yeah, but would Eirta have him? Remember he jumped ship to attend MCM Expo in London instead
But isn't London expo on at the end of October where Eirta is on in November?
I'd say it was more likely he had work.

Wig General

Ask for help/advice, discuss shops and sales, and more.
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It's okay, I got it to work.
Would I be able to dye a non-heat resistant wig using the boiling-in-a-pot method, or would that mess up the fibers too much?

Depends on the wig, snip off a hidden weft and see how the fibers react.
How can I make my wig shiny?

Planning on cosplaying Reimu from Densetsu Koumajou..
You don't want to. The highlights in the art are stylistic. Any shiny wig will look shitty irl. Most you can do is sew some white wefts in.

Note to janitor: this thread is not for singling out individuals, it's merely for talking about current events in the online lolita community, which is a very important aspect of the lolita comm.
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You, I like you.
Welp, sucks for you Fahr.
Dude, she isn't Fahr. She's the other girl in the original pic who Laelette has a vendetta against.

I'm not Fahr. I'm actually a little stressed out by how much of a big deal this has become because I was happy to just let it be. After I messaged both the other mods and they didn't seem to care, I figured "hey that's some poor moderating" and was gonna let her have a great time imagining that her internet power has any bearing in real life whatsoever. I dunno, I just feel like an unnecessarily big deal was made, but on the other hand, it looks like the other girls who got instabanned would have been totally ignored by the mods if this hadn't happened which would have been crap.
Woah, stop stressing. You're right in saying this isn't a big deal, because in the grand scheme it isn't. It'll blow over.

Sorry I mistook you for Fahr.

regretsy thread?
for $8, you can get yourself one of these gems!
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80s disco lolita?
I find this kinda cute, but not for Lolita
Wouldn't pay a cent more than $30 for it, and even then that's stretching the limit

it looks like playdoh?
I just had to find the seller so I reverse image searched this.......um, I think the seller is a fetishwear designer, essentially


It's to get as many hits as possible.

File: 1424407805422.jpg (426 KB, 960x1280)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
Last thread: >>8391452

> Cosplay Masterpost: pastebin.com/ekZP1fhg
Full of tutorials, links, and helpful info for Homestuck cosplays. If you need any help for Homestuck cosplays, refer to it first. Any contributions are welcomed.

Let's discuss:
> Have you done a couple cosplay of your favorite Homestuck ship?
> Are you working on any Homestuck cosplays right now?
181 replies and 75 images omitted. Click here to view.
You can order any style from zennai optical and pay to have them tinted. My guess is you wouldn't break $30 on them.
>Yaexrae makes a really fine Condesce
>Yaexrae makes a mighty fine everything
>all hail
That's a lotta fine fishbitches

File: 1418145046114.jpg (137 KB, 400x450)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
What's the worst lolita or cosplay related thing you've ever done?

>girl in comm has most perfect beautiful pale blonde shoujo manga bishie angel type of my dreams for boyfriend
>always had a strict personal rule that I'd never try to steal another girl's boyfriend, but I also never saw anyone this hot before
>girl isn't the most attractive, but is super smart, a total sweetheart and hilarious
>I'm rich and pretty, but I also have a shit personality, so she's probably preferable
>come up with entire plan to make him fall for me, even write it in a journal and have a name for it
>adapt an entirely different personality to become friends with him, it works
>he starts hanging out with me at meets more than with her
>he starts texting and messaging with me all the time, like we would spend 2 hours talking on FB a day
>start hanging out one on one every week
>hoping to get girlfriend to do crazy shit out of jealousy
>after about a month of this, she freaks out and tells him he can't talk to me outside of meet-ups because obviously we have something "not right" going on
>he takes it as an opportunity to break up with her and asks me out literally less than an hour later

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I shoplifted from a secondhand brand store in Tokyo
>My comm is full of weaboos and itas.
>An ita asked me if I was selling clothes.
>Long before I knew about replicas I bought the imfamous Milky Chan replica not knowing.
>kek at babby lolita me.
>I sold the replica for $250.
>She thinks it's real.
I regret nothing
>Go with friend to a Lolita Slumber Party with comm
>Just chatting and having fun, forgot I need to get my phone from the second floor.
>go past the kitchen to head upstairs.
>girl who is hosting the party is talking to another lolita about me and my friend. Insulting etc.
Go forward to the evening.
>Wake up in the night with the urge to use the toilet.
>leaning on things around me to make my way around the dark room
>accidentally knock something over.
>everyone is still asleep and no one knows i'm away.
>head to toilet and back. Goes back to sleep.
Turns out that I knocked over an open blue nail varnish bottle, and it went all down the back of a mannequin wearing a Chocolate Rosette in the red colourway.
No regret.
Her own fault for leaving nail varnish open. Who leaves nail varnish open anyway? The fumes are fucking toxic.
Middens is al good game.

File: help.jpg (174 KB, 1024x512)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
There's already an open help thread!


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