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File: La fleur du fee coat.jpg (36 KB, 300x400)
36 KB
Old one is long gone.

What is coming in the mail?
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Damn anon that's a lot. I hope shipping was kind to you! (Great taste btw)
Awww, how precious anon. that headbow!!

I'm in love with old school baby as well. Baby and Meta are my absolute favorites. Always makes me a bit sad to look at their current stock and rarely see anything I want to purchase.
Grabbed a couple cute headdresses from AP and a cute sax blue Baby headdress.

Pic related, but not colorwise... I grabbed black/white and white/white.. though I'm considering the pink/white as well.
Thanks! Shipping was about $80 from Japan to me. Kinda better than i expected desu
The fabric and lace are soft even though they're not the most expensive. It's really comfortable for daily wear

File: suomen_lippu-1.png (326 KB, 460x460)
326 KB
326 KB PNG
Let's have one going

>Aicon this weekend, is anyone going?
>Animecon seem as shitty as all SCT cons
>Tracon is almost sold out
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It's baffling how many people don't seem to know that SCT is a company, not a nonprofit like all the other cons. SCT being a company is at the core of their problems, since lot of the experienced people and communities (photographers, Kompassi devs, B2, rhythm game people, any organizer with a sense, you name it) refuse to work for a company without a pay, because who the fuck wants to work for free so that others can make profit. SCT people are seriously out of touch if they think they can reach the same quality as other cons without the infrastructure nonprofits have built around them.
Absolutely this. It goes without saying that in order to make profit, you have to spend money on your end first. Paying these people for their service will ensure that the convention has attractions and staff that knows how to run it, which in turn then makes people interested in the event and maybe then their "over 3000 attendees with 45e tickets" dream might come true. Trying to organize cons as cheaply as possible just to then ask attendees to not only pay a ridiculous amount for the ticket, but also extra at every way imaginable, to get that sweet profit is just not going to work after too long because people will notice that they are essentially being scammed. Not even having drinkable water at the "VIP" section is so damn ridiculous I almost feel bad for anyone naive enough to spend that money.
>same population as Denmark
>5+ cons (?)
How? DK has 1, and it's shit and tiny from what I hear
Devoted people and active scene I guess? Finnish con scene is overall very well organized and they have a good support web for smaller and newer events. I'm pretty sure especially the support from more experienced people helps a lot smaller events and eventually they are able to grow and get better. I would say there are 5 cons with over 1000 attendees but lots of smaller ones with surprisingly good quality aswell.
Almost all bigger cities has/had their own anime clubs and now they make the cons. The circles are really big so if help is needed it doesn't take long to get it. Also since non-SCT-cons are non-profit, some cities give you free place to held the con (schools for example) so It's somewhat easy to make small con.

ISO 12800 Sub-edition

Dump Sakuracon 2018 photos here (Mana-related preferred but all welcome), critique, discuss, remember the good times, share the post-con blues and loneliness with anons who for those couple days or only few hours were a little less anonymous.

>Previously on /sc18g/: >>9836373
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Ffs just let it fucking die allready

File: IMG_20180715_235447.jpg (173 KB, 700x1215)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
did KERA ever freaking post

File: blogger.png (4 KB, 256x256)
4 KB
Do people still blog nowadays? Looking to follow some lolita and cosplay blogs.
Sadly blogging became more rare and blogs are dead nowadays. I wish it was still a thing. Much better and personal than instagram or FB pages

Should people particapating in nanchate go for a more realistic vibe with their uniforms? Or is it okay to be costumey as long as its cute?

Where is the best place to get school uniform and school uniform esk clothes?

Should seifukus classify as being apart of nanchate or does their need to be more effort put in to a nanchate coord?.
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Kankens are pretty popular so I don't think it would look odd at all.
And what about the north face ones? Not as cute,but very practical. Kinda gives it a sporty feel? Above all,this is school fashion, for girls that want to be cute + practical,so I guess that not everything has to 100% match(apart from your clothes. Because I don't know about you but I didn't match stuff like my backpack and my umbrella and shit to my outfits back in school)
Personally speaking, not everything seifuku has to be super-coordinated or perfect, just as long as it fits the aesthetic I want to achieve. It's ok if it looks a little off; it's more realistic that way.

A huge part of nanchatte for myself is customization and adding personal touches on fairly plain pieces, and North Face isn't really heavy on graphics. It's a blank canvas more than anything.
I am pretty sure I have already seen both in nanchatte coords. I think they go well with it and so do sneakers; I'd just stay away from the sporty stuff that looks more professional like actually made for hiking or sports.
I wear a white tee under all my button ups, but apparently a true red bra doesn't show through white (never tried it though

File: jjcanada.png (312 KB, 491x491)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
Last thread is on autosage.
Last thread: >>9802127

Upcoming cons:
Anime North (Toronto): May 25-27
Yeticon (Toronto) June 15-17
Montreal Comic Con (Montreal): July 6-8
Ganbatte Con (Saskatoon): July 21-22
Anime Revolution (Vancouver): August 3-5
Otakuthon (Montreal): August 3-5
Animethon (Edmonton): August 10-12
Toronto Fan Expo (Toronto): August 30-September 2
ECEE (Edmonton): September 21-23

Talk about shit at past cons, get hype for new cons. Drama and progress pics allowed.
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Otakuthon doesn’t really have a meetup besides a casual one where everyone goes to a bar or a party room before crashing super early
Always French first, I live barely a hour away from the convention so why start in English? However, I'll gladly swap out to English when i get into a English event since this is just the proper thing to do

The chinks usually speak the language of money, doesn't matter if you're English or French. Don't worry about having to use either language and go with the one you have easiness with so they can understand you better.
link to said discord? First time going to otakuthon

honestly id be down im wearing a super cozy cosplay on Saturday (besides heels) and id love to finally meet some of you in a way thats not staying at a hotel til late because i gotta catch the last subway ride.

should i just make a thread and to try to get the ball rolling?
Definitely, I’m excited to meet montreal gulls

File: kokokim.jpg (68 KB, 500x353)
68 KB
Been a while since we had one. A collective general for those j-fashions that have trouble keeping their own consistent threads.
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To follow earlier posters
is anyone still into Mori kei? Anyone still wearing it? I used to try, but I never felt up to snuff with it, and a lot of people have been saying it's dead lately. Any recommendations or resources? Any discord groups or forums or whatever?
I'm hoping to give it a go again too. As for resources/groups there's a somewhat active fb group and a few people still post on insta.
reminder BAPE is j fash
What are your favourite Twitter j-fashion accounts, /cgl/?
Does anybody else like mixing lolita pieces with other jfashions? I've been wearing a lot of ank rouge tops with lolita skirts and vice versa. I think old school skirts work really well for larme.

Would pic related be cute to cosplay or is AU stuff too Tumblrish?
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Is Adella actually liked here now? Disgusting.

Wew lookin good!!
File: DiiLr_WW0AAULOK.jpg (163 KB, 1000x1500)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
I don't have good photos of my own but still wanted to share.

Previous Thread is long gone
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File: fingy.jpg (141 KB, 720x960)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
her ass is so flat even without photoshop
File: screen.png (387 KB, 600x410)
387 KB
387 KB PNG

I have an MHA wig question. I want to do a Todoroki wig, but my plan is to do the genderbent version. I am unimpressed by the styles I've seen for the "long hair" options, so my plan would be to buy two wigs from the same seller and frankeinstein them together.

Does anybody have a tutorial for this? The only term I can think of is "wefting" but that's not right. I want to stitch them together along the hairline without fucking up.

Everyone please feel free to ask your wig questions to bump, ACen is only six weeks away and I can feel my life escaping
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>I've din yeet
fucking superb you funky lil weeb cowboy
I’m a male trying to make a 2D cosplay but I need help seagulls
I have no idea what I should do with the wig, any recs?
Also I need it from some place that could send the wig to Mexico
With Buggy's hairline you'd want a lacefront - get a medium length that you can pull back and stub. Buy a matching colored longer wig you can harvest wefts from to attach for the ponytail.

Putting a LONG wig into a ponytail is just going to result in frustration and you throwing the wig out the window.
It's just taobao wigs sold at a higher price. Cut out the middle man and buy directly from taobao or AliExpress if you don't wanna deal with a shopping service
Nayrt but you can put a long wig into a ponytail if you take the time to rip out the wefts and sew them in the opposite direction but it's time consuming and I don't recommend it if you have other options. I remember seeing it done for a Yu Gi Oh wig a few years back

File: ecg_logo.png (21 KB, 300x65)
21 KB
Who was in Japan Expo ? Who watched the finals for European Cosplay Gathering ?

Anyone else is shocked that neither Italy nor France are in the top 3 for solos ?

They were the two best shows (costume + skit) and got nothing. I know it's getting tiring that France always gets a win, but desu this year they should have and same for Italy.

On the other hand, I completely agree for the group results, but I think the solos results are completely crazy.

What about you ?
35 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Danish, Spanish and French group deserve more praise imo their skits got the public

Italian girl commissioned her sword and mask so she did not place
Wasn't impressed by the skits this year, they all felt a bit subpar. Usually I don't agree with France winning, but I think this year they really deserved something with the solo act! And I'm not sure why the Czech Republic won best group, the costumes were good but the skit was very cliché.

solo france got the most cliche skit (like you see the dress you know it's gonna quickchange and nothing more)

plus it does not match the reference source upclose

It's still something that works on stage and is faithful to the source material. The Czech group went with the "let's try and make this funny" but it ends up being a bit cringeworthy. The "arrow to the knee" bit was especially cringey.
Totally agree. Czech group made me cringe a lot. Solo France was cliche but it worked on stage. Simple and to the point and somehow pretty canon to the original source. Let's remember that solo skits only have one minute to portray a character and that isn't easy.

File: 1529688894470.png (702 KB, 1190x728)
702 KB
702 KB PNG
Three cheers for Telephone-chan edition

Old thread: >>9914277
309 replies and 65 images omitted. Click here to view.
Print discussion would be better suited to this thread >>9908952
This is hella fucking cute. I hope you find it anon!
Thank you! I'll keep looking for everyone too. May Telephone-chan's luck rub off on us.

I promise I will! I'm always for the look out, so if I see him again be sure to check your mails.
my bad, in my defence the thread was shat up so bad I had no chance of seeing it.
new thread >>9948679

Anyone know how I can get synthetic wigs from taobao shipped to Australia? The agents I've asked have said they can't guarantee they won't get seized at customs and 4px will fuck me over if I order directly through taobao.
Maybe take this to the taobao thread..

Anyway, wigs won't get seized at customs if you order through an agent. There's no reason for wigs to be seized unless they're sent with hair care liquid, but most agents take that away before forwarding.
4PX is a cunt and will reject for no reason so don't bother ordering direct.
Other than that, fuck our lives. This change in taobao forwarding has really been a hassle.

File: FB_IMG_1531240704632.jpg (105 KB, 1080x720)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Last thread is long gone.

What's up in your local comms? Are there a lot of summer children popping up? Any big meets planned??
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In my comm, even though the legal age here is 18, there's always one group of people who shoot it down because they just don't like drinking. I'm not even particularly into drinking, I just want a change of pace from doing fast food or afternoon tea all the damn time. It's just frustrating.
Can't they just not go? What's preventing the meet from actually happening?

Get another shopping service. She'll overcharge you on shipping.
The girl who's hosting will put up a poll on what the activity / location should be, and people won't vote for it. The one time someone didn't use a poll and just planned a cocktail meet straight up, there weren't enough people who could go since there was a minimum number to book, and it got canceled. I think part of the problem is that a lot of people are poor students and don't wanna pay up for cocktails at a nice place. It's such a shame.
Is that all it is?

File: FB_IMG_1531884626479.jpg (54 KB, 595x842)
54 KB
Old Thread >>9934647
310 replies and 43 images omitted. Click here to view.

Every other release, plus 90% of taobao stores are print releases. Half of them are predictably chiffon.

Flocked and devore releases come out less often, and simply stand out because of this. Especially if you frequently go to meetups, the prints tend to blur together after a while, so a textural print stands out more.

You don't have to like them personally. All you need is to understand there's very good reasons other girls like it so much, regardless of whether it'd look good on you personally.
Thanks anon. I'll have a look!
It's not because of my personal opinion, it's because of all the people saying they won't buy a print because it's flocked

They don't have to like it either.
Manasan is a gift that keeps on giving

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