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File: imagejpeg_0[1].jpg (110 KB, 1024x576)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Lets play a game /b/. Dubs gets her kik and number. She is a fat slut and whore who likes to rp and be called a slut.
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Oh it seems I have dubs. OP is not a faggot. Her kqk is aleeshanicoleamor
and her digits are 5*4*804136 Post any wins if u get any. Have fun /b/b

(replace * with 7)
yep /b/ is gay

File: image.jpg (112 KB, 736x1102)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Favourite pornstars thread
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10/10 would smash with a sledgehammer.
Who is this jewess I can't find it from the the filename!

File: Steam_logo.png (74 KB, 2000x2000)
74 KB
Sup, Steam Thread
gift/discuss/add each other

Also Killing floor is free on humble bundle.
add me if you want.
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really want to play PUGB. If anyone is looking for someone to play PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with, add/gift me the game and we'll play together
File: wallhaven-42827.png (441 KB, 1920x1080)
441 KB
441 KB PNG
i got dubs and rocket league for my friend would mean a lot more than a game for me and i wont take credit ill tell them you got it for them!


File: maxresdefault.jpg (121 KB, 1280x720)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Reasons why I love my fat GF:

She doesn't waste hours on nonsense grooming

I don't have to take her nice places, She loves Maccy Ds and even if I pay for both our meals, three large big mac meals is only €22.20

She is eager to please in bed

She has low self-esteem and I can ignore her texts when I feel like it and it's nbd when I decide to talk to her again

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i like fat but how fat are we talking. like pic related or more or less?

she prefers toy play

close to pic related. but much prettier!

File: IMG_4054.png (464 KB, 736x552)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
>mfw i cant see the 5
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well thats a relief.
You got prank'd
op is such a fag. I can clearly distinguish the numeral "7". My comparitive dominance should reassure you.

File: russian_roulette.gif (15 KB, 313x216)
15 KB
Hello /b/, I just randomly found a minecraft video in my suggested tab on YouTube, so I went and checked it out. Ive witnessed possibly the saddest fucking thing Ive ever seen, a grown ass dude making a show out of bullying a little kid because he used hacks, all while he was supposed to be the moderator of this server. Feel free to check it out: https://youtu.be/lB0wU7SwmBc but be prepared for an ultimate cringefest. Also dont forget to dislike this shit, report it and write some shit on that dude. He wheezes like a fucking gorrilla while breaking his own rules Just for a cheap show. I hate mods like this.

Also if you say NYPA then fuck off. If you are too lazy too do anything with yourself then go back masturbating to the other threads.

File: mental illness.png (185 KB, 1080x321)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
How do I get rid of this ad from YouTube? I hate this insanity popping up everywhere I go, and I've adjusted my ad settings too many times to remember. Is there any surefire way to get rid of this specific ad? I don't mind ads in general and don't want an ad blocker.

File: 1484264194876.jpg (105 KB, 960x613)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Steam Summer sale is on and i just bought 3
nekopara games | On A Related Note Best Cat Girl Thread |Pic Not Related

File: images (4).jpg (9 KB, 320x240)
9 KB
I am about to have my first threesome soon any tips?
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File: dfgdgdfgd.jpg (80 KB, 1280x720)
80 KB
With great powers comes great responsibility.
who's the threesome with? how do u know its gonna happen?
Don't make the girls uncomfortable. Let them play at their own pace. If not for them, you would not be having a threesome. Let their kinks play out. Don't force yours. Enjoy it for what it's worth. If everyone has fun, ask what "they" want to do next time. It's about them, not you.

File: 1489824951808.png (736 KB, 960x1200)
736 KB
736 KB PNG
and so it continues.
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burds r dum lol

top zozzle

File: IMG_4666.png (135 KB, 640x1136)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
Okay so this guy (his username on kik is druman32) has been really creepy and sexual with "14 year old" me. I saw that someone on here kinda did the same thing exposing one dude but my profile on kik is actually mine, and my profile pic is actually me, I'm just lying about my age. I kinda wanna ruin this guy but I don't know how
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You're a retard, you faggots just never listen to me.
>still got some hope

We can get this bastard another time.
>don't forget this evil son of a bitch
>we're the Guardians of children and innocent
>never forget about what we believe and stand for
File: IMG_4688.png (113 KB, 640x1136)
113 KB
113 KB PNG

File: what the fuck.jpg (16 KB, 320x300)
16 KB
Ive been awake for 27 hours now, i feel like im going to fall over, just feel like shit and i have a 12 hour shift (grading wood) working around heavy machinery in a few hours.

Ive tried coffee, energy drinks, exercise, any of the /b/ros know any tricks to i don't feel like absolute shit?
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Yoyo same boat here. Water. Believe it or not. Fuck tons of water and chew a lot of gum. Also just don't stop moving. Keep your body moving and you won't have time to be tired.
Sounds like we're gonna have some more material for rekt bread bois
inject adrenalin

File: whichone.jpg (334 KB, 1291x1412)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
Which sister do you prefer /b/? Top or bottom?
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they're both solid. more!
definitely need more to make a choice here!

File: images (22).jpg (7 KB, 284x177)
7 KB
What album can you listen to all the way though without skipping a song?
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listening right now. ''Witchcult Today'' masterpiece.
Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Tourist by St Germain
Kill 'Em All/Ride The Lightning
Take Five by Dave Brubeck
All 4 volumes of Street Bangerz

File: faggots.png (770 KB, 1918x1080)
770 KB
770 KB PNG
Why are Brazilians such nigger knob gobbling faggots?
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File: download (2).jpg (8 KB, 285x177)
8 KB
How the fuck did they take over the entire website over so godamn fast?
At some point miscegenation went wrong.

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