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Roll dubs or higher and get three wishes! However, if you roll singles, none of those wishes will ever come true.

Post your wishes.
Andy Sixx' Log


TRUMP 2020

File: laurensouthern3.jpg (94 KB, 1041x1301)
94 KB
What does /b/ think of Lauren Southern?

Hot or not? Also post moar of her pls anons
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Could use a weight loss program. But she thinks she's pretty hot
Nice bait
File: laurensouthern2.jpg (152 KB, 730x1095)
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152 KB JPG

File: 1510786544878.jpg (247 KB, 729x1220)
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File: 8ball.jpg (83 KB, 595x806)
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Ask 8 ball my dudes
Get rolling
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Will I talk her into it?
can I make it happen with d?

tbh i just found best girl. and im half 50/50 normie , anon and this girl seems 100 anon and i like that but i dont want too be to normie around her. what do? ps i use /b/ and /pol/ every now and then but most of my memeing is done on ifunny
just call her OP
A /pol/tard and a girl who wears a hat. You're both terrible. I'm sure you'll be very happy.

File: 50302_just_wow-0004.jpg (129 KB, 1920x1080)
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Weird fetish time -
Hot girls with clenched ass cheeks.

No idea why its such a turn on...
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File: 50302_just_wow-0006.jpg (156 KB, 1920x1080)
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156 KB JPG
No interest? This is quality content.
Alright, im out.

File: anotherone.jpg (5 KB, 250x250)
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In life you are either:
-giving me your pepes
-a faggot

Choose now
File: pepe.jpg (61 KB, 863x705)
61 KB

File: Hairtoex.png (164 KB, 500x280)
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164 KB PNG
I use my hair to express myself
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File: szozM8V.jpg (76 KB, 687x847)
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Green is not a creative color.
You're a wild one.

I'm staying back to ensure that you don't negatively influence me.

Yo all, I'm thinking of buying a car and touring America next year, (from UK btw) just wondering how you guys go about getting a driver's license in the USA? All help appreciated...
A drivers license is usually issued by the state you're a resident of. Idk how that would work if your only here on a travel visa =/
Thanks for your reply homie

This video got my heart racing...I honestly don't know why they went all out on the kid like that
Would you say this takes the cake as the most horrible thing you've seen bestgore offer? And if not what tops it and send a link
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That's it? Father gets decapitated after a couple of hits, a fat cut when they start torturing the son, no fucking zoom when they open his chest...bah.
If those cartel honchos want to make a statement in 2018 they have to market up their little horror shows. I don't expect ISIS quality but some subtitles, pointing out that it's a cop they are killing, some zooms on the faces etc. should be a damn standard. It's not like they have anything better to do all day.
I just watched it. It's pretty fucked up but there is alot of that on bestgore.

The guy beheads the first guy then he just fucks around with the other guy by skinning him then ripping his heart out.

File: img.png (85 KB, 295x148)
85 KB


gimme your best pics/webms
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would rather worship my moms, that's the true iq foot angle tbh
File: 1451894288655.jpg (20 KB, 377x503)
20 KB
No, that is disgusting

Good angle though

File: b12773b.png (1.24 MB, 1046x1224)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
Why does the Ameritard government go on the verge of shutting down once a year?
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Most countries that aren't in north america.
name some. Japan totally swapped governments after WWII. China had Mao's revolution. Russia switched from USSR just within the last century. Africa's constantly changing so that's out. The Ottoman empire fell after WWI.
thanks obama..

What do you think
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Look like nice titties. Moar.
really bad angle try a different from here they look eh though


The Returnining

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