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File: aj29.jpg (58 KB, 814x815)
58 KB
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Need more please
she is cute

File: sGYDjrJ.png (72 KB, 687x679)
72 KB
drawthread: no one made a new one edition so this is the OP image edition.
Feel free to spam this one out of existence.
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You don't have to beat yourself up over your own drawings, you know.
Disassociate that shit from you, man.
>draw a woman with an snake for an arm
why didn't you read it correctly
Yeah, I was inspired by that show.
But for this I want an actual snake (not a puppet) and a woman with the same general look as the one I drew.

File: GOTEM.webm (1.9 MB, 460x616)
1.9 MB
When niggers finally decide to talk shit in real life.

kek what fucking sub human apes. That guy needs a medal not charges.

If I knew more I'd start a go fund me for the hero
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come on now
File: 1538640892347.jpg (90 KB, 600x600)
90 KB
File: 1516071376789.jpg (31 KB, 715x142)
31 KB

File: th.jpg (7 KB, 400x225)
7 KB
any one have the sauce on that girl from central that fucked her dog.
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Compare it to the Porn Sockets "Real Fuck 3" video that was posted in March
No you dont
Yeah if looked at my comment (the longest one you quoted) and think I HAVEN'T seen it, just letting you know. Seen it have it.

File: 1532799293621.jpg (894 KB, 1937x1673)
894 KB
894 KB JPG
Wizard here. I'd like to experience sex one day. Is that wrong?
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>Escorts though, 100% do not like you. They're payed to pretend that they like you.
I shouldn't have said "escort", maybe. Find a girl who isn't a full-time escort. A girl who has a life, but fucks a sugar daddy once or twice a month for some extra cash - that kind of "escort" just might authentically like you. Especially if she sees you have money.
>You look better than the vast majority of men. Because of this, you can just talk about stupid shit like globalist conspiracies and still get laid. You have no clue how good you have it.

That's some incel shit right there. Apparently you consider yourself to be ugly. You didn't state that when I explicitly inquired about the reasons that lead to your newly acquired wizard powers. That mindset is obviously fucking up your confidence. And "looking better than the vast majority of men" (provided "the vast majority" looks like freaks) doesn't automatically get you laid. Plus every day I get to see guys who are objectively worse looking than me go out with chicks. So yeah, there's that.
Fucking rent a hooker. I've never had to do it cause I'm not pathetic but I would if I were you.

File: sad guf.gif (430 KB, 600x450)
430 KB
430 KB GIF
does anyone here have that seasonal affective disorder?

File: 20190116_123143.jpg (1.64 MB, 3264x2448)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
>walk in
>see this

What do?
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I don't know if it's sexual or soccer but i really want to kick those balls.
rail and bail
spit on it

Hey I got a pedophile I’d like to expose who comes from the UK. I catfished him and have more pictures if anyone wants to help me get his scummy ass off the earth
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well ya better call chris hansen to fly to uk
And more
How can we take him out? Just police is boring, when I was young I was groomed online police had all image history and message history and did jack shit, wont work out :/
Simple starting would be getting all his social medias saved

File: 935_1000.jpg (141 KB, 1000x1778)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Young girls with big tits v2
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don't stop gonna cum to this girl
File: 8BA1820.jpg (616 KB, 1080x1920)
616 KB
616 KB JPG
File: 56F2c.jpg (156 KB, 401x854)
156 KB
156 KB JPG

File: DSC_5900.jpg (234 KB, 960x1280)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
Girls you know who date black guys.
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I can sort of understand fucking blacks because of the fetish or whatever. But date them? You might as well date a retard with a spray tan. Same thing.
This one likes being dominated and humiliated
as she should

Hey /b/, just looking to have a conversation with someone.
You guys like acid?
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how to find a acid dealer? :(
when I'm on acid I sit in the dark. I sit in the hallway under the stairs where there are no windows. It's beautiful.
File: 1546141178323.png (94 KB, 588x529)
94 KB
yeah man

File: image.jpg (1.95 MB, 4032x3024)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG
New trib thread
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File: 1523931757790.jpg (858 KB, 1169x1654)
858 KB
858 KB JPG
Anybody else thinks gov agencies uses this website to pass specific messages only to you just to fuck with your head?
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File: 1547008194018.jpg (59 KB, 720x960)
59 KB
yeah I know, that's why I only think it and don't say it
lucid association is schizo salad, ironic cause uve got something to hide
what does lucid association mean? and what is schizo salad

File: IMG_20181018_191310.jpg (156 KB, 2592x1944)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Prove to me you're better than me. With your words or your shitpost image folder, say anything that screams superiority over my peak echelon genetic perfection. You quantity over quality, subhuman Walmart casuals, with your mixed breed children and your asymmetrical faces, what substantiative use is your fleeting existence worth in the almost-non-existent summation of your mercurial life? How do you validate breathing MY fucking air when 8 billion strong continue to ejaculate their filth upon the scrolls of life? Your ignorant, false prayers have given rise to a handicapped god of underachieving, shit-stained, pervasive inferiority and it's presense feminizes you wastoids into hollows. The True God, Death, can't consume you insignificant echoes fast enough. Fuck you.
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File: IMG_20190112_023525.jpg (346 KB, 2592x1944)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
She deserves it, after 21 years, comeuppance is the least of her worries.
thanks anon
she's not the only pussy who needs to worry about themselves

File: FB_IMG_1470734707310.jpg (124 KB, 937x1171)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Should i go through my roomates gfs panties? Pic related
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any pics of her body?>>790193542
Lets see some of her panties
You shouldn’t but you will

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