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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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File: a (14).jpg (169 KB, 997x715)
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would any traps sit on it/suck it?
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File: 1522005487703.jpg (58 KB, 600x587)
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Are you jerking it nice and hard to the thought of me fucking you?
I'd squat my ass over your hopefully hairy face and you eat and bury your wet tongue inside and around my hole. Really hope your a hornball who enjoys himself with other guys. Cuddling and fucking would be so fun with you.

File: 1479695146603.gif (351 KB, 565x492)
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Fluffy thread
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ungrateful faggot should be fed to the wolves
File: 1499647540736.png (223 KB, 720x720)
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223 KB PNG

File: 1526361922783.jpg (1.18 MB, 2000x3000)
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1.18 MB JPG
How does it feel to be a victim of Darwin's natural selection wh*Te boi?
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At the time Europe colonized Africa, sub-Saharan Africans still had not invented metallurgy, meaning they still killing eachother with wooden spears and sharpened rocks.
her nipples are... so tiny
nah i dated a girl like that, you just cant tell where it starts becoming a nipple.

File: 05-23-18-fiddle.png (605 KB, 782x516)
605 KB
605 KB PNG

anyone who disagrees is trolling.
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You know that spot between blue and wolves where there's a kinda dick shaped wall? Push the lane where that is on the enemy side of the map and ward that shit. I mean ward right at the tip of the penis looking thing, you will thank me later.... If you use your fucking mini map.
if you believe elo hell is real you simply suck at the game. simple as that. only because you can press 4 buttons in the right order doesnt mean you are a good player.
didnt play the game in 1 year. yet I can still boost people to gold easy. my brother was silver the whole last season. he complained about elo hell, how everyone sucks but him and he is stuck because of it. I bet with him I can make his account gold within 1 week. Guess what, he was gold within 1 week. and before you say bronze is the real elo hell. Bronze is even easier to get out off. why? because people suck even more.
Instead of just playing the game you need to learn the game and improve it. everyone can look at the map a few times put down some wards and click 4 buttons in the right order.
the difference between a good player and a bad player are not mechanics but game knowledge. and all of you boons are lacking that

On/Off Thread
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File: 1526366656802.jpg (447 KB, 1799x1500)
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File: 1526112322938.jpg (150 KB, 800x1086)
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How does it feel to be a victim of natural selection White Boi??
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>heyy dumbs, go in shit, look at this!!!
File: 1527103219073.png (456 KB, 581x720)
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456 KB PNG
File: 1527103602636.png (273 KB, 510x600)
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273 KB PNG
Nice try rabbi

File: 20180523_203534.png (1.03 MB, 1033x1013)
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1.03 MB PNG
Florida thread
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Nice keep posting!
File: lw66.jpg (195 KB, 540x643)
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File: lw5455.jpg (278 KB, 633x797)
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Short Girls (Keep it legal fags)
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File: 1469127305953-4.png (429 KB, 540x720)
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429 KB PNG

Jesus FUCK.

File: FB_15271093707342.jpg (34 KB, 474x600)
34 KB
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File: 1527141541092.jpg (114 KB, 1080x824)
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More of her please
File: 1523068172608.jpg (279 KB, 561x491)
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279 KB JPG
File: 1515311649059.jpg (293 KB, 1256x1263)
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293 KB JPG

Love seeing pics of wives/gfs/ex's. Enjoy the stories, esp if it's done behind the girls back. Show me your pics and drop your Kiks. Cucks welcomed. If she's really appealing, I'll tribute if desired.
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None unfortunately. Was too dark and that was before the days of good phone video quality.
I heard someone filmed them fucking off a friends balcony at a party once but I never saw
Fuck, that’s so hot. Her cunt must have been soaked with all her friends watching
epic tits are epic

File: photo.jpg (143 KB, 640x480)
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143 KB JPG

Get in here and show me what you got!
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Yes, quite a bit. Are you in the vola?

Can you stop posting your pig.

Happy birthday to my niece! She's trying to start a custom swimsuit company, and her friends always help model for her. Would love your support too!
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Do she and her parents know that she will need a legal representative for contracts and other documents pertaining to the business since she's not 18? Also, how long have you been attracted to her?
too old to try and start her own company?

File: sperm-and-egg.jpg (46 KB, 1000x760)
46 KB
Have you ever gotten anyone pregnant?

What happened? How'd it turn out?
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Its not outside the realm of possibility. However at my now 38yo self I really have to wonder, cause Fate knows I rarely used a condom back then due to 90's and the shot fad.

>Potentially have a 20yo daughter with the "disappearing" gf when I was 18. We do share a lot of similar traits and are the same skin tone. Her mother is full German I'm a halfbreed brown skin. 88% chance.

>Possible 14yo son

>More then likely 12yo daughter.

The thing is is NOBODY has hit me up for child support or any of that garbage and I'm pretty well off. Why would none of them say shit? It vexes me.
proud of what exactly?
I know how you feel. Women didn’t really turn an eye to me until I was in a serious committed relationship which is frustrating. Not that I haven’t done things on the side but it would have been great to not have to struggle with juggling women.

As for knocking up women there are a few that got away that I’m a little bitter about.

>meet cute volleyball player on dating site
>blonde and big tits
>talk off on and on for years
>run into her at party by coincidence and hookup
>best sex ever

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File: 126405198-352-k625601.jpg (12 KB, 352x550)
12 KB
You cannot name a single worthwhile contribution niggers have made to society. Worthwhile being the key word; rap is technically a "contribution", but it sure as fuck isn't worthwhile.
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One of us made Hitler really mad
Rap is the best fucking contribution to the entire world, fuck how I love this musical genre, I could listen to it all day and shit it makes me even hard bc i like it so much
Shockingly short list, anon. And half of those aren't even inventions. A nigger took something that already existed and changed it. One of them literally says "invented a wooden clock". So he didn't invent the clock, he just made one out of wood.

The nigger who invented the folding bed is cool. He didn't invent the bed--oh no. He just bent one in half.

Hey, can you post the list of niggers who didn't steal from white people next?

File: kdv7deigqny01.jpg (90 KB, 642x800)
90 KB
Regrettably, my girlfriend passed away in a boat collision several years ago.
I recently discovered a trove of old nudes, but I am unsure of whether it would be good to release them. On the one hand, I want to respect her memory, but on the other hand, releasing them would bring joy to many.
So I'm leaving the decision up to fate, and if someone gets 89, I'll go ahead and dump them.
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It would give her life after death.

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