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I'd rather have a thread about big black nigger dicks than to see any more posts from /pol
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File: 1529818056133m.jpg (82 KB, 1024x1013)
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give me the memes only b could give
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File: DiFPZLnUwAEATwB.jpg (87 KB, 750x835)
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File: furry.jpg (15 KB, 267x300)
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File: 1531826625751.jpg (50 KB, 780x520)
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File: 911truth.jpg (66 KB, 591x512)
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Yeah. World trade center building 7 collapsed
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It means it was rigged for demolition.

Once you accept wtc7 was prepared for demolition prior to 9/11, you have to accept wtc 1+2 were also rigged in advance.
This was put to rest months ago.
Read the report and understand that "Thermal expansion" is euphemism for "explosions". They basically admit it was demolished.

File: 1529717927002.jpg (244 KB, 829x628)
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244 KB JPG
more shota
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File: 1530783914470.gif (736 KB, 566x566)
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736 KB GIF
i have beef and rice
wish i had a shota to share it with

File: 1531725495201.jpg (33 KB, 640x853)
33 KB
can someone tell me who's this girl? she's very beautiful
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File: 1517687531921.jpg (62 KB, 720x960)
62 KB
if you dont wanna help me, dont replie
(s)he's too ugly not to reply
> you gay, son
idk his gender, i just need the name

File: 024.jpg (213 KB, 968x1478)
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213 KB JPG
Share/saved/want more of
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File: 1449465940.jpg (94 KB, 750x726)
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Mother or daughter thread
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The mother is hot. I would tie up both and fuck the mother over and over again for hours in front of the daughter. After, I would take the daughter home to be a hostage in my sex dungeon. I would use her for years before I let her go out of boredom.
i can see why you enjoy that fantasy. after they make their choice that mother's instinct finally takes back over but it's far too late now
Yep, articulate how horrible the first choice is... and while the iron is hot against it, give an escape to it that is not really an escape but maybe logic immune due to emotion. Delicious.

File: hahahahahah.png (280 KB, 646x595)
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280 KB PNG
Super paranoid about my ISP finding what I post on here, what do, /b/?
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not him but my 4chan URL doesnt even have http anything.
the site has been boards.4chan.org for years now, ever since the site stopped being 4chan.net.
File: 1530324886375.jpg (25 KB, 384x379)
25 KB
>buy a 4chan pass
>with a credit card number that's linked to your name and address
>to post anonymously via a VPN
>can be bought with bitcoin
So are just retarded then?

Hey /b/ I need help

I think my girlfriend sleeps with her brother. When we i initially started dating 10 months ago she was completely normal but very early on she kept talking about her brother in a romantic sense.

Heres weird things about her
- She lays on his bed
- She sends me videos massaging/tickling his hand
-She sent me a text saying hes disgusting because he sent her his ass on snapchat from his room, she showed me the picture
-She is overly touchy with him from what she tells me in text

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do yourself a favor and start looking for a new gf ASAP. you can still fuck her while you're searching, but try to get less emotionally invested in her. maybe you should just break up right now.
>We can’t discuss things without an argument.
biggest red flag imo
This, just be careful not to fuck her for long however. You don’t want her dripping into your next relationship because she’s still clinging onto you

File: 1531791689799m.jpg (66 KB, 1024x372)
66 KB
Hi Cucks, let me see your Wife taking another man .
Story welcomed.
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File: 1512953848624.jpg (266 KB, 905x881)
266 KB
266 KB JPG

man wtf. The fetish of the psychologically damaged. Fuckin hell.
Wife getting raw dogged by a random ad met when craigslist was still up. He forcefully kissed while holding the back of her head. Made her gag on his cock. Eat her pussy and pounded her for a good hour in every position possible. Then filled her pussy with cum and left

File: vod89.webm (1.96 MB, 432x240)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB WEBM
anyone got more?
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wtf im supe hard now D:
i used to think this was gross, but now that im on 4chan 24/7 im ok with this
hi new friend

File: images (2).jpg (7 KB, 192x263)
7 KB
Why do people on this board want other people on this board to die?

File: Sarah.jpg (48 KB, 453x701)
48 KB
Yes, I fucked her
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She's a 9/10. Not many hotter girls out there
8/10 at most lets be real here
pic or it didnt happen

I think it's time we had the talk, /b/

in the incredibly unlikely event that the gop actually is under the control of the russian government, is that really such a bad thing?

Straight guys: How much cash would it take for you to accept getting fucked up the ass by another guy? Asking seriously here.
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File: 45743234567.jpg (311 KB, 800x1200)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Not sure about a guy but a trans women i'd even pay them for the privilege
That dick is gross. At least pick a decent one.
I just get off on the size is all

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