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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT my bestfriends fiancee has nudes all over the web, Ive been fapping to her for years. We've never talked about it and it seems weird. WWYD?? pic related.
post current pic of her
File: 1466353928277.jpg (94 KB, 960x960)
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this is newer
File: 1472916241250.jpg (91 KB, 664x953)
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File: feel at bus.png (484 KB, 680x510)
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>no friends
>no place to live
>autistically walk around suburbia by myself
>spend last few dollars I have on beer/food
>cops know my name
>stare into people's homes when they leave door open
>sunburn scars on face
>don't even make eye contact or whatevere when deal with customer service people
>talk to myself
anyone else fuck their lives up?
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live in mom's basement. no phone but I have $600 PC from last summer.

I always leave the house cause I hate it here. so I always end up just walking around. go to park. do cardio. etc
american homeless man does not need jesus, the world has to move on from this rare oddity of nature, the american homeless man, that does type online show us your homeless box on which you type your posts.
Get a job?? How about that??

File: trapcard.jpg (6 KB, 234x215)
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I'm straight and I want to become a trap idk what to do plz help
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>I'm straight
>but I'm gay
>but not gay

Dude just embrace it and post an actually enjoyable thread that's valuable to peoples time.
Kill yourself.
I would suggest start by sucking dick.
then talk to your therapist about your experiences and see if you want to actually be female or if you want to just be a male crossdresser
from there begin therapy for femness or learn to act as a feminine male

All the people talking to me in my head are talking to me telepathically because they want a lesbian gay orgy with mayra palumba. She is the master mind behind why these homosexual loser women are talking to victor cortez in his head
Go see a doctor you crack monkey

File: peepee.jpg (198 KB, 720x478)
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Is my dick small, medium or average?
quit only holding with 2 fingers trying to make it look big, its small

File: 1493439933163.jpg (181 KB, 722x1280)
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181 KB JPG
I beta orbit this hapa girl and even though she's as mean as a snake and ignores me most of the time it's the most fulfilling relationship I've ever had. I know she posts on /b/ and I hope she sees this so she knows how important she is to me.
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I was only trying to share a little bit of joy and beauty on here with some people I thought might appreciate it. Now I'm fully aware of how badly I fucked up. I'll post nothing but black dicks from now on. You all deserve it.
why are you here to tell us this faggot, and why are you posting pictures of a fucking trap thats gay
im going to cum to her x rays thanks op

File: lovely.png (199 KB, 583x700)
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199 KB PNG
cute little shota/puppy boys thread
shota > loli, give me move proof
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File: happyfamily.jpg (182 KB, 485x645)
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File: Jordan_28c59b_6614516.jpg (201 KB, 1200x1482)
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YLYL you must reply with your own image if you lose edition
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File: 1527133404329.jpg (67 KB, 500x641)
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File: 08padLL.2.jpg (168 KB, 1000x700)
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Alice Shannon 2020

File: 1529027145299.png (259 KB, 1288x1456)
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259 KB PNG
Ask a federal agent anything
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Tell me about the Jews.
Unfortunetly swat snipers cant have autism
You ass kek

File: 573357765778.jpg (128 KB, 596x960)
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128 KB JPG
Does b prefer 6 packs or a little belly?
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File: 48488483884i.jpg (266 KB, 920x1982)
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266 KB JPG
Not buff
File: 1473810544950.jpg (887 KB, 1006x1627)
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887 KB JPG
File: 1514102318595.jpg (441 KB, 655x1609)
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441 KB JPG

File: juno1481785171402.jpg (177 KB, 1170x767)
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177 KB JPG
Hi /b/, taking requests.

>pick a music genre
>write some lyrics

I'll record what ever you request and post it here: https://soundcloud.com/eltonpresley

Do your worst. OP delivers.
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I suspect you are samefagging it up.
This is the fucking best, dude
yo OP you doing my Lemonade song?

File: a2dba1A_d-1.jpg (66 KB, 525x418)
66 KB
all new fb/ig thread

Am I a Milf? Would you have sex with me? Mature Ballet mistress..
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Do you go through a lot of peanut butter?
Well yeah. I've always wanted a british woman to dominate me.
Sorry - it's tits & time stamp or GTFO.
Besides, we need that to make a proper assessment.

>Be me
>Be white Jew in major metropolitan center in America
>Need money for jewelry marketed as art and sold to rappers
>Where to get?

I know guys don’t like us but do people get into business with Jews? Pros? Cons? Thoughts? Opinions?

Interested in and appreciate your perspective, thanks guys!
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Ur big nose isnt already sucking enough free air? You need our money now too?
Ya know, capitalism, need money for survival. I didn’t make the rules, just playing the game.
Hello fellowJew

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