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File: scorpiolookingass2.jpg (107 KB, 1280x720)
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107 KB JPG
Dudes, I'm begging rn. The game comes out in few hours and every one of my friends is going to play. We haven't played anything together for the past year or even longer. We've used to play WoW and be in a guild but the game became shit. Could someone help me with it? I know I don't deserve it and I should ask like this but it's really important to be able to chill with my old boys once again while talking on teamspeak. I'm a poor student with no personal cash and I'd be thankful for a long time since we are gonna play for at least few months. MK11 is for 44 euro on cdkeys.com
If you are willing to help here is my pp/mail:
You are very welcome to play with us too!
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Well, I hope that transmission was worth it jacob
Quick question. Do I need to play the previous MK to catch up with the story told in Mortal Kombat 9 (im talking about the 2012ish one) or can I jump just right into the MK11 and still have that sense of story continouity?
You will get the story for sure since it's not complicated. It's not that great imo. You can always watch movie-like video of all in-game cut-scenes of mk9 and 10. I've done it with 9 myself

File: 1555551152076m.jpg (146 KB, 1024x773)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Do old people do anything other than talk about their age or condescend younger people who they don't even know?
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>we all have a good laugh then get naked
>we lube each other’s asses up
>then start fucking each other’s asses
>we lick each other’s shit-coated dicks
>cum and shit all over
>we light up our cheap weed
>cry about Trump doing stuffs
>then dance around and praise AOC

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File: 1int.png (181 KB, 303x311)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
good one lol
They collect social security checks

>Be me 10 years ago
>Visiting dad and brothers in different state
>Middle of the day, sunny out, playing catch outside with 9 year old bro
>11 year old bro inside watching King of the Hill
>9 year old bro overthrows football, lands by 11 year old bro's window
>I go to retrieve the ball
>Peek in 11 year old bro's window
>Lil bro has the scene where Bobby sees Luanne naked freeze framed
>He rewinds it, freezes it
>He rewinds it, freezes it

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
yeah wait until hes with his friends to call him out.. fucking faggot



File: 1548131098095.jpg (18 KB, 400x399)
18 KB
how do you explain the rainbow if the earth is flat
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EZ. The sky is an upside down bowl over the earth. Duh.
lol my little step brother goes DAMN IT!
File: 8rikGvi.jpg (60 KB, 640x1031)
60 KB



Obsessed with cum

Send me yours?

Kik: jamesro129
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Hey b, could you help me find the song?

Lyrics i remember:

90 plus days of hell
i'm not doing too well
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AJR- 100 bad days , you're welcome :0
someway you helped me lmao

blessure grave 90 plus days

Anyone ever use this site seems fun if you know any camgirls but is it worth real money
No, fuck off spambot.
Spam bot you must be new
Fuck off faggot spambot.

File: 66782582_p0_master1200.jpg (673 KB, 851x1200)
673 KB
673 KB JPG
Chubby s/fur thread
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The end of this thread was wonderful with all these big beautiful furry women, anon. A good way to cap it.
I have to admit, this seems a bit in retaliation for a couple of small nukes.

I mean hell, we've set of more and bigger ones right here in our own country.

File: _20190423_094031.jpg (14 KB, 386x394)
14 KB
I demand your reaction images.

New only!
I don't think we'd even make that much more money with the zuck.

>be me
>met a girl
>she has the same music taste as I do
>start liking her and wanting to know her better
>she starts being less aware of me each time we talk

File: freemasonswiki.jpg (15 KB, 350x364)
15 KB
is it true that you get certain connections and perks if you are a freemason?
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I think it's more for the moral value of the teachings rather than evangelicalism. A majority of masons are seeking to better themselves and such, so sticking to the good book of whatever faith you chose strictly isnt a good way to go about that.
I love seeing Mason conspiracy posts. Grandpa was a Mason, dad still is one and had his one year term limit as the "Worshipful Master" when I was a kid. We were solidly middle class and even lower middle class when my dad was out of work to have surgery. Nobody gets money but members do look after others if their family is having trouble like home cooked meals dropped off when my mom went through chemo. It's just a social club but does help with connections if you go into a job interview wearing a masonic ring and the boss is a mason as well. Doesn't mean they automatically hook you up if looking for work. I've thought about becoming one because it'd be kinda cool to have that 3rd gen connection with dad and grandpa. But it does take a fair amount of study. Anyone can join, you just have to ask and hold some type of faith. Doesn't matter Christianity, Buddhist whatever you just gotta have a faith. They never recruit though, I asked my dad once why he never asked me if I'd like to be a mason and his response was we don't ask anyone to join it has to be your choice.

File: DlnnruZX4AAEzEr.jpg (105 KB, 1200x701)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Am a manager at movie theater,
Ask me anything about movie theaters or tips on how to sneak in or whatever
No we dont give a fuckif u bring candy in, just dont show us
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Theirs this down syndrome dude who somehow broke into the break room and started jacking off
If you complained about this during your movie i would go in and tell them to be quiet or leave. And if they still where being chimpy i would make them leave. And then give you passes
OPdid not say this

File: mista.png (43 KB, 385x263)
43 KB
what is the most autistic thing youve done
>around 15-16
>talking to my friends on skype while playing hotline miami
>one of them says "whos making gunshot noises"
>i say "what"
>realize ive been making gunshot noises
>dont know how but they realized its me


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