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File: 1550733875276m.jpg (149 KB, 1024x1011)
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149 KB JPG
Uk thread starting with Milton Keynes

File: 1548615121037.jpg (1.75 MB, 1800x2577)
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1.75 MB JPG
Would you consider my sis cute?(in a puppy sort of way)
No sexual comments
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I agree, but saving it on a different device does
File: gullum.jpg (60 KB, 1200x630)
60 KB
she looks precious
she looks very nice OP you have a very nice sister. yes. very very nice.

File: 20190221_013901.png (382 KB, 1080x1084)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
Can someone xray this for fapping purposes?

File: FB_IMG_1550679468774.jpg (30 KB, 480x480)
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Anyone else into the fantasy of murdering babes then doing sexy stuff to their corpses? Kik curbcobain99
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Hi cia
I’ve reported you to the authorities.
Brool story co

File: IMG_20190214_225043626~2.jpg (1.41 MB, 3515x2448)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
Show off your wamens if you got em

File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (104 KB, 1280x720)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
anybody got crazy serial killer shit? interesting articles or docs?
not sure if this is what you're looking for but there's this cool podcast called small town murder
ill give it a shot, thanks
File: 654.jpg (10 KB, 324x278)
10 KB
I don't know... hmmmmmm.. maybe googling this thing that you are interested in could give you something. faggot.

Post your kik if you'll do cum tributes
better idea. post your kik and the girl you want tributed. maybe youll get a reply

File: aoc.jpg (10 KB, 185x273)
10 KB
/b/ how could we get her nudes. Seriously tho
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oh shit nice
that's you problem nibba. mspaint is much better.
she's not old enough to run yet, you ding dong diddly retard

The 90s Internet Was The Best!!!

I miss the 90s internet and today the internet sucks ass. Sure you Zoomers now got I phones and 5G with massive pic resolutions and video, but the net don't got no soul anymore. Tumblr was the final hoorah of the net before the feminists killed it after 2012.

As an X'er, the best sites came before 4chan and Something Awful. GeoCities and Homestead sites like Buddy's Hair Pictures, Catwalk Hair Salon, Eine Haarrige Siete, Haircut Fun Page, Sean O'Hare's Wonderful World of Hair and the tons of Yahoo! Groups were the best thing ever despite frames, slowness, and usually small picture sizes. I will never forget first browsing the world wide web as a teenager in 1995; why did those wonderful times have to end? It was all so magical and it all ended way too fast.
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Epic is a song by Faith No More you moron.
95 was just nostalgia.
Internet was crap. The only thing cool about it was that it was niche and completely uncensored and unprotected.
But other than that it was:
Win 3.1 (unpatched)
Netscape Nav 1.1
28k dial up modem
no real search
not that much content to search

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You missed all the fun on the newsgroups/FTP sites then. The Internet isn't just the web.

File: image.jpg (448 KB, 1125x583)
448 KB
448 KB JPG
>mfw poor people

How wealthy has your week been /b/?

I honestly hate these poor folk showing me their “timbs” when they themselves don’t even have a Smart VoltMaster Pro FuckFlex9000 with pulsating pussy and built in surround sound crying. Haven’t those peasants even worn a golden condom before? They probably haven’t even pissed into a shot glass while riding a jaguar. How am I supposed to be entertained?
I’m sitting here on my Wednesday Yacht, not my Thursday Yacht, and this poor person has the nerve to lie down on the beach in view of my 60x Magnification Titanium Telescope. I seriously spilled champagne on my $2000 suit that I JUST had imported from Zimbabwe. Now I’m SERIOUSLY GOING THROUGH ALL THE WORK to pick up my megaphone, and yell at my butler to clean it up. Later I will have him return the suit and buy a new one. Worst part of today is, my 6th wife divorced me, leaving me with only 10 left. And I only made $10,000,000 today instead of the usual $15,000,000. Today has been frivolously infuriating /b/.

File: 1513214401516.png (812 KB, 955x715)
812 KB
812 KB PNG
My name is Magnus I'm from Denmark, I am 32 and never experience the touch of woman. I know I will never feel this or experience the sex from a woman as I have a facial deformity which makes me look scary. I would very much like to have prostitute but right now is not good for me as my job pays very little wages. I live at home with my father he is quite old he may die soon and leave me the house, this way I can bring prostitute home for sex. I do feel ashamed of not being with a woman but I feel it is not my fault entirely as I cannot help the face I was born with. I have tried many things to stimulate the sensory information a vagina would give, if you warm fresh chicken carcass in microwave oven for 2.5 minutes it feels like a woman flesh. This is the closest sensation I have felt, I look to discover more ways of feeling the sensory information of a vagina without sex, please if you have idea please share.
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that's such a common suggestion around here
Cured pork in microwave.
File: 1530119937680.png (6 KB, 214x236)
6 KB
>almost 10 years

File: dvd4.png (1.26 MB, 1250x852)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
What does /b/ think of my fan music video im working on?


remove the 500 dots inbetween the c and o in com

also just to clarify its not close to finished, im still adding more things and changing it, and the one repetitive looping part will just be used as background for lyrics and images and effects to pop up according to the song. the loop will just be the background for when the lyrics are going.

pic not related.

Pretty decent at getting wins within 5 minutes

Drop me kik girls

I’ll post all responses
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OP is shit at getting wins, girls won’t even talk to him
In fairness, it would be easier if there wasn’t a snitch in the thread...
File: 2019-02-21 08.35.30.png (893 KB, 1070x1291)
893 KB
893 KB PNG
You'd still be an idiot

File: giphy (5).gif (1.94 MB, 360x202)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF
I do content review for social and take down pedophiles. At the risk of sounding like a leddit thread, ask me anything.
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What's something that's often reported as CP but isn't in any way related?
How often do you see a case where the offender was like 12 or something? When I was first learning the internet and discovering porn around 12 that was one of the first things I searched for. I wanted to see girls my age, but gave up after a little while of fruitless googling. Nothing ever became of it, but I always wondered what it would be like for me and the enforcers if they busted my door open to find a 12 year old looking that shit up
Mostly ecchi anime and videos with CP in the title that don't refer to CP, like Overwatch 2CP maps. Also for some reason every video for a specific youtuber from Spain.

cant comment on specific policy but soliciting or exchanging nude imagery from a minor is a crime. So we don't discriminate based on age in that regard.

Ex. If you were a 12 year old sending an 18 year old nudes, you as the 12 year old would still be committing a crime.

sorry I can't be more specific.

Cursed images thread.

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