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File: 1493022890406.png (24 KB, 117x141)
24 KB
>in 2nd grade
>cringey unfunny kid kept asking people to spell "i cup"
>under any circumstances he'd be ready to bust that stupid asinine joke
>punched the fuck out of him after a straight month of him asking me every day to spell "i cup"

Fuck that kid.
Also you mind reading each first letter of my greentext outloud?
File: gary.gif (5 KB, 53x65)
5 KB
fok yo
What did he mean by this?

Where the fuck do I even meet new females?
>not going to college
>nobody at work is available (one interested, but aint getting involved with 17 y/o)
>online dating isn't an option cause im ugly af
>live in a small ass town (cottonwood, Arizona for you faggots that care)
>only know a few females, but sadly, all are pic related
What the fuck do I do. Just move?
Most of the females here are on hard drugs so if I do manage to find myself a HQ QT they're usually taken.
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date her, shape her personality to your liking slowly, help her get on track with life, and viola
it's all how you work it, playa. the girls at community go out on the weekend just like the girls at uni
Fucking beta. kys

M/F pics of self harm featuring nudity. Help me out /b/ros
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no die thread pls
I need sauce OP
You're all fucked up. I hope you all remain lonely unattractive losers.

File: 36967-1.jpg (24 KB, 375x500)
24 KB
Chubby Thread: Next generation

File: 1493004891960.gif (1.52 MB, 450x242)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB GIF
Y'know, as gay as it is, I wanna try being a sissy, just once. I have a girlfriend that I'm insanely in love with but for some reason the idea of shaving everything, dressing up, and trying anal stuff is interesting to me. I know for a damn fact I wouldn't wanna do it again. I've came on my face before and I had instant regret so I'm willing to bet that I wouldn't enjoy feminizing myself all that much.

Just kinda wanting to try it, what do you fags think?
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File: safe.jpg (31 KB, 500x400)
31 KB

Might as well neck up poof, you lost your right to live when you let some bitch take your manhood away.

Your only redemption is to live stream the massacre of your cunt whore missus and her nigger fuckboy then anhero.

Let the votes begin /b/ros
File: (you)_whore.png (461 KB, 870x722)
461 KB
461 KB PNG
This is a shameless attempt at replys...

File: 1428898360794.jpg (51 KB, 400x509)
51 KB
Cringe thread: Hardcore Edition
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File: 1492552744523.jpg (1.88 MB, 2550x2970)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
dubs of truth, checked.
lmao wtf
Had to take a deep breath after that one...

File: 1492984847285.jpg (76 KB, 600x870)
76 KB
Porn thread : share Best cumslut pics/video
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Thanks for this link anon!
>erm who's the baby's father

File: IMG_20170424_022607.jpg (82 KB, 561x960)
82 KB
No rules Kik thread
Data mining trap.

File: download.jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
Hey /b/ros I play Don't Starve on the PS4 and I was wondering if any PC players who don't play it on PS4 or Xbox One can give me the CD code for your game so I can get the special skins.
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huh don't starve it's only digital
maybe a steam code ir gift from someone
If you right click on the game in your Library it has an option to View CD key, only some digital download games have them and Don't Starve is one of them I just need the key so I can unlock character skins on the PS4

I own both dont starve and dont starve together, no option to view cd key on either.

File: 1492510449979.jpg (1.17 MB, 2250x1500)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
celeb thread
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File: whitbutt.jpg (114 KB, 1080x1080)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Juicy butts
File: 1484611063894.jpg (267 KB, 748x731)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
mistress holds all the cards;
you may beg
and see if she will laugh at you!
how could a worm like you
match a beauty like me
except to serve my bum!

File: 1493021847808.jpg (21 KB, 480x339)
21 KB
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File: StvhI5PcoEg.jpg (138 KB, 1022x1440)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
File: hellpass.jpg (34 KB, 450x325)
34 KB

File: IMG_4101.jpg (363 KB, 469x1095)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
Pics u shouldnt share continued!! Op of her please post more
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These are all the same girl.
best ff of mine

File: images (14).jpg (6 KB, 512x288)
6 KB
Got dem spycam apps?

File: frog-god.jpg (42 KB, 450x240)
42 KB
Fuck Pepe the avatar of Kek. Kek the ancient Egyptian primordial deity of darkness and uncontrollable laughter.

4chan will not resurrect this ancient dead deity in the mainstream without being exposed as a veiled pagan attempt at reviving a dead religion.

Here is Kek, 4chan's new faggot deity, birthed out of Korea's stupidity and 4chan's autism.
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File: Checkem_Rocky.jpg (123 KB, 504x1024)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Checked. I still think it's worse than facebook memes.
File: kek-meme-comic~01.png (123 KB, 686x527)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
File: akosuuzasyhx.gif (490 KB, 382x498)
490 KB
490 KB GIF

File: League-of-legends.jpg (376 KB, 1920x1080)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
My gilrfriend is making a LoL account and we are trying to think of name that corolates with my name.


We are having trouble, any sugestions?
File: 1490021688232.jpg (153 KB, 640x480)
153 KB
153 KB JPG

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