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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hollywood insiders. Tell all on the celebs you know.
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It's a joke about one of her dad's songs.
Parker Posey.

Saved/Shouldn’t share/Want more
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I need original

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I've been working as a line cook for about two years and it has inspired me into becoming a Chef. Is there anyone here on /b/ that can give me some advice and insight on becoming one? Thanks.

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R34 is geeeeey.
is this g/fur oooor?

File: Columbine-High School.png (153 KB, 564x669)
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Hunger Games - 36 tributes
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the "op is a faggot" edition
Missed gold

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Trap Thread General
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No grosser than a man pretending to be a woman pretending to get fucked by fictional demons
but I don't have a soft estrogenized butt and conetiddies

File: 1546297034810.jpg (124 KB, 1067x779)
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why is /b/ recently making us white dudes insecure about our small white cocks?
I want that big black cock in my slutty white ass. @_@
File: 1550670800348.jpg (87 KB, 467x700)
87 KB
Not feeling insecure at all...

Incest Stories Thread
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me neither, surgery just sounds scary to me :( my sis says that as long as it keeps shrinking and I don't get erections anymore it's basically a feminine organ, and that makes me hate it a lot less. I'm honestly just more worried about being ugly
Best orgasms ever....dont need sex anymore
oh and who were you getting it from before anon?

File: FBISeal.png (200 KB, 427x440)
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Does the FBI send warning letters for downloading movies? My aunt said we got a letter from the FBI stating she had to sign it and if we download movies she would get in a lot of trouble.

I asked her to see it but she wouldn't let me.

From my my understanding the FBI doesn't send warning letters.
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It was a letter sent by mail.
That's all we needed to know OP. Stay where you are.
Sounds like the first part of a very elaborate scam. They have her signature, now all they need to do is put it together with her social, which they may already have.

File: 1533624765923.jpg (42 KB, 794x593)
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This generation has to stop reproducing, parents should have to spay or neuter all you freaks. you are not making the world a better place, Smack that iphone right out of your hands and look up, see what you have done to the world. you have no job so go help the needy, feed the poor or cure cancer.. be a better person you can thank me later!

Onion thread. Post cool and safe onions so the thread doesn't get deleted this time.
never access the deep web from home

go to a coffee shop for maximum safety

Can’t sleep because I can’t find a certain film I’m thinking of.

Believe it was released in 2003-2005 range. Female student digs on male teacher, they eventually fuck in his car in the school parking lot.

Any ideas?
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Decent weather area. From what I recall, there weren’t winter coats worn. The sex wasn’t a pivotal point in the film. Dude felt bad about it.
It wasn’t a comedy. It was a weird drama.
IMDb list of films about school teachers

Feral Fur + Discussion Thread

Horse Edition
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do u fuck the horses?
The mare yes, and the stallion is great to jerk off.

Nattie is, as I said, a Clydesdale, but she acts like she's a dog. She loves to nudge and wants to be as close to someone she's comfortable with as she can. She loves to be pet and have her mouth/chin rubbed, and when I first got to know her she was in heat so she is VERY comfortable with me.

Other than her, I don't really get sexual with any of the other mares, just her and Clyde

/b/ help me find a reason to keep going. I lost my girlfriend of 3 years and have lost all desire to continue painting because of it. I have become a drunk with a cocaine habit and just feel like i need to be self destructive to prove to myself that i can even feel. I cant even sit at my painting desk anymore without crying, nor can i leave my house without being fucked up in some way or another. I cant go anywhere because i lost the best friend i ever had
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Do you think that is wise, simply shifting from one person to another with the intent of what they can bring you? Perhaps it's time to learn to stand on your own feet in that sense, anon. Outside of breaking up with you, how did she not support you?
She called my art stupid and a waste of time. Called me worthless when it was very possible i would die. Just treated me like shit but i loved her
File: Photo Dec 29, 6 49 37 PM.jpg (992 KB, 1632x1224)
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992 KB JPG
How was she your best friend ever, let alone your girlfriend? Brother, that is insane.

File: 1496793495902.jpg (11 KB, 183x183)
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