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https://discord.gg/4SNcD raid

File: yt_1200-vfl4C3T0K.png (17 KB, 1200x1200)
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Anybody want to start an uprising against YouTube?

File: 1488410402415.jpg (119 KB, 337x541)
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When are people ready for sex? when they instantly hit their respective age of consent, or when they decide themselves that it's time?
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pretty much when puberty hits.
I guess you are not familiar with the law and biology. You know that they are both right, right? You can have sex as soon as you develop, but you may not be mature enough to deal with the complexities of a sexual relationship at that age and there is where the law steps in. Besides the least talked about aspect of "age of cencent" it's its involvemnt with contracts and being allowed to enter in a legal agreement. So because young peleople are illequipt to handle the complexities of moder life they cannot agree to anything really. Not legally anyway.
Yes you can have sex with someone under 18, just as long as they are emancipated. They are legal adults on the eyes of the law.

File: 1480850005681.jpg (9 KB, 208x206)
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something something porn
he shall not be thal involved
op, do you even know who that is?

File: Capture.png (333 KB, 442x432)
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333 KB PNG
Is talking to yourself make you smarter, or making you insane?

File: 1483949812691s.jpg (8 KB, 250x195)
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when a parent rezes a child it makes u wana puke i want kids to raze them selfs and kill any one that wants power or control

Shota with mom thread?
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File: 1445804468827.jpg (120 KB, 882x882)
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120 KB JPG
File: 1449333833797.png (953 KB, 600x800)
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953 KB PNG
whats the source for this? i know ive seen it before, but i forget what its called

File: IMG_1927.jpg (39 KB, 355x266)
39 KB
Are antidepressants helpful? I've felt like shit for a while but I've never tried them because I didn't want to become dependent on them, but at this point the weeks are just starting to blend into shit and I can't really deal bros
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i haven't taken antidepressant, but i probably should. i talked to a therapist about once, he basically suggested a low dose for a little while, for long enough to basically create a life more tolerable to handle on my own. might as well give it a shot if you feel stuck. can't hurt, right?
there's growing evidence that smoking causes depression in some people.
Use Ketamin. It is the best antidepressiva i ever got.

File: oh shit i'm sorry.png (291 KB, 500x335)
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291 KB PNG
What was the most important thing your dad taught to you?
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How to not talk to your son for the past 13 years
To not to be afraid to show our dicks, especially since their such a good size and all.

What actually happened here /b/
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*nutcase WENT nuts

I'm not sober.
I wasnt really trying to imply anything other than that I saw this just today actually and it made me think..
is this supposed to be some conspiracy?

this is just high school lunch table talk. any adults who seriously believe steel beams etc should be exiled

Our Dutch superheroes

File: 322ll.png (73 KB, 1318x598)
73 KB
Can we get this EPIC picture of Patrick Stewart, Verne Troyer, George Takei, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bernie Sanders to the front page of r/all?
i love ledditing
hey guys want to meet my transgendered wife? she's really cool, i think yall are gonna like her.
What the hell is rall??

Sauce plis.
Also hot cringe tread

File: jjj.jpg (159 KB, 1200x675)
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159 KB JPG
I am God. Prove me wrong.
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File: 1489717267867.jpg (35 KB, 293x341)
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I'm a butthurt atheist. My jimmies are still jangled from several hours ago. AMA
Your just a teenage faggot kys
There is no God, we killed him.

https://discord.gg/4SNcD join

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