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We write a scientific article one sentence at a time, edit it in LaTeX and publish it somewhere.

Let us begin.
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Titled: An Exploration into Racialist Attitudes Surrounding Human-Cuttlefish Genome Splicing in Modern Western and Correlate Cultures

Drs. Anon and Anon, Ph. D, MD., M.S. et al.
I can hear my mother masturbating in the other room.
File: Splatoon.jpg (22 KB, 267x300)
22 KB
>>9612707 >>9612757

Fig5. Genetic Engineered Cuttlefish Human Hybrid
File: Splatoon chars.png (733 KB, 1024x576)
733 KB
733 KB PNG
Fig 6. Sample of Cuttlefish-Humanoid released in the wild

One researcher claims global ban of all /pol/ users is the first step in perfecting cuttlefish genetic conversion technology.

File: IMG1957186876.jpg (41 KB, 496x492)
41 KB
Currently in Organic I and I'm struggling to understand what solvents make good bases/nucleophiles and which ones are used for SN2 vs E2. Watched a bunch of videos but I still don't have a good grasp of it, even though the mechanisms and synthesis parts are easy for me.

General O. Chem bitching thread.
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Any Medfags in here? I'm kinda curious how much of this knowledge I have to retain in my career.
>good bases
weak conjugate acids. more so with negative formal charge
(pyridine, trialkylamines, LDA, hydroxide, tert-butoxide, methyllithium, amide, etc)
>good nucleophiles
readily available lone pairs and lack of steric hindrance
(hydroxide, water, ethanol, halides, methyllithium, ammonia, amide, etc)
a lot of molecules are both good nucleophiles and bases, some are one and not the other, and some are neither. Sorting them into these categories based on general principles is pretty trivial. Methanol does not make a very good base in most cases because its protonated form has a low pka. Try to think about it in terms of stability of products/intermediates/reactants for a given pathway as well as steric effects
Absolutely none of it.
I'm in medical school as well. >>9613360 this guy is correct

File: brainlet.png (606 KB, 1416x1600)
606 KB
606 KB PNG
Which of these soft sciences can be turned into hard sciences? Which are unsalvageable?

>computer science
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t. butthurt psych major
Yes, sour grape cucks like you are.

Oh, most certainly not, my fellow physicist. I a much able to understand epsilon-delta proofs without resorting to super-duper thin variations of x.

So neither biology nor physics.
Not that anon but biophysics Ph.D's do require you to take grad level physics and biology courses. Plus you interact with pure physics and biology grad students on a regular basis, I have a feeling you could get a better feel then most about how the difficulty ramps for different Ph.D's.
>tfw my own linguistics have gotten so edgy and good it scares me sometimes
climatology is not even a real science

File: 26051202.jpg (413 KB, 2282x1397)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
oh vey, this will be fine in 15 years from now.

It's not like we're running out of resources.
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File: multistrato.jpg (13 KB, 366x138)
13 KB
Charts like that are nothing but a fraud, usually ideologically motivated.
Extrapolating in such manner we could prove anything we want.
The reality is technology is quite flexible, we always discover new ways to do things.
Decades ago water pipes were all steel or copper, then we used polypropylene, and nowadays we use pic related.
And if by any chance there is a specific tech we can't mass produce anymore we'll have to live with that unless we find a substitute.
No disaster and no final explosion, sorry hollywood.
climate change
>not a life extinction event
u wut m8

We as humans are 9 billion gorillion monkeys. Slurping down our entire ecosystem to replace it with bare ridden neighborhood homes. We are excelerating earth's extinction like the eruption of a super vulcano would.

Surely the data was based on numbers they taught were pretty realistic. This problem has seen before when adressing the world's oil reserves. Even in 1970's they taught they would run out eventually and the reserves would running out. However America's already starting with fracking of oil and gas so it kinda run out? because they are using more extreme methods to recover low quality gas and oil.

Why not curb the population and adress woman equality and help family planning?
>We are excelerating earth's extinction like the eruption of a super vulcano would.

Yes, exactly. Super volcanoes erupt, life goes on. Diverse and adaptable species (that's us) survive them and go on.
But we lose bio-diversity anon that's the whole point
if we could solve this I dont care how much CO2 is in the atmosphere, hell put it a 1000ppm

File: image1.jpg (119 KB, 673x410)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Currently working a project involving surfactants and emulsifiers.

Anyone know of any food grade chemicals? Preferably something other than beta-cyclodextrin and magnesium stearate.

File: 1521117553671.jpg (209 KB, 1920x1080)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
OK /sci/ I'm currently studying differential equations (modelling) and they're covering the law of mass action
I can't find anything on google that explains how the DEs that cover a rate reaction come into place so can someone explain to me how those DEs are derived?

Many thanks :)

You're stuck in your house with no firearms, your country is in an economic crisis, robbery and killing is normal and widespread.

You're physically weak

Challenges :

- A killer and robber come to your house in 30 minutes, what do you do using your scientificak knowledges?

- A gang of 5 robbers is coming to your house in 1hour, you need to survive and protect your needs, what do you do using your scientifical knowledges?

- A confederacy of 13 gang of 5 robbers is coming to your house in 24hours, you need to survive and protect your needs, what do you do using your scientifical knowledges?

Be original, you can use neuroscience, chemistry, computer science, physic, mechanic, rockets, psychology, your fridge, microwave etc... everything you want
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>more than 50 people are going to fuck my shit up in a failed state
I pack my shit and run away, they can keep the house.
More of a pain-actually-feels-good thing, so you can work far past the point of exhaustion

t. Former meth head
>- A killer and robber come to your house in 30 minutes, what do you do using your scientificak knowledges?
I attach kitchen knife to baseball pat with strong ropes and glue and kill them when they enter.
>- A gang of 5 robbers is coming to your house in 1hour, you need to survive and protect your needs, what do you do using your scientifical knowledges?
I make super strong poison from household objects and implement it into a cake i leave on the counter, when my enemies fall down to the floor they will have no idea what got them.
>- A confederacy of 13 gang of 5 robbers is coming to your house in 24hours, you need to survive and protect your needs, what do you do using your scientifical knowledges?
I assemble an explosive device from car battery and gasoline and pressure cooker and various mechanical instruments and trigger it to secret pressure plate, so that when they enter my living room they will blow to smithereens, that'll shot them.
Wrong moron. It legitimately almost does everything fight or flight would make your body do, just more focused on dopamine reuptake inhibition so it feels great.

Thats why they are banned from sports. They are performance/endurance enhancing

File: 2m4q890.png (323 KB, 500x500)
323 KB
323 KB PNG
I smoked a joint with at my friends wedding right after my graduation.. Now out of nowhere, this company with my perfect job is asking for an interview, and i'm positive they do drug tests.

I don't have time to detox, if they goes somewhere, because they are moving fast. Any ideas or methods how to pass the screening, or am I just boned?
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If you really want to pass, it's easy. buy a catheter and a large syringe. Take a piss as you would normally do. Insert catheter. Use syringe to fill your bladder with clean piss. Go to drug test location. Piss out clean, warm piss directly from your cock. The levels of drugs will be low enough to be seen as natural variances
Just don't take pills pressed by Mexicans or blacks, where you never now if a pill contains 100 ug or 4 mg and you will be fine
This thread explains why there are so many IQ threads and /x/ crossposters.
Just say you smoked weed in a legal state.
>That's what I'm considering. I think honesty is the best thing.

Read and understand their drug policy before doing this. Honesty may be the worst thing you could do in this situation.

Yes, but that does not matter -- this is not a law enforcement situation, it is an employment situation. If their policy is "no weed," then whether weed is legal is not part of the discussion.

File: 1499891405748.jpg (58 KB, 600x444)
58 KB
Time doesn't exist. Time as it know it is simply a way for humans to measure the changing form of atoms. Therefore, we call this time 2018, but it may as well still be 1998. The only thing that has changed is the arrangement of the world, but there is no physical law, no ever-rolling film tape that continually pushes us forward, we only choose to perceive that. Prove me wrong.
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File: intothetrash.gif (1.94 MB, 580x433)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF

"philosophy is pointless" - you probably
>call this time 2018, but it may as well still be 1998.

Funny, that's the impression I get when visiting my local engineering department. Oh well.
Time is an additional dimension, certain space exists at a certain point on a timeline. The movements in between consequent spaces obey the laws of physics for some reason, but all those spaces at different points in time still exist, we can only feel the one we're in.

File: 3-studentsfilm.jpg (158 KB, 1280x720)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
I know this sounds like babby's first science question or some flat earther shit, but I honestly want to know the answer to this since I noticed that every game that tries to do a curvature planet always ends up allowing the player to see said curvature from the ground surface. So...

Is the reason why we cannot see the Earth's curvature from ground level due to the immense size of the planet?

Is this why in games such as the Minecraft clone "Minetest" you could pretty much see such a curvature due to the world in the software being immensely small?

Link to that is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztAg643gJBA
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Your spacial reasoning skills suck holy shit
go kill yourself now!

can't believe we are breathing the same air.

that picture has DISTORTED PERSPECTIVE if you measure from it you are retarded to the max
>where are the stars
It's fucking daytime, why would there be stars?

Satellites are just lights that move in the sky, you have no better an idea what they are than anyone else. No, they're not machines that are in a gravitational orbit around the the earth, that's sci-fi retardation (satellites began in science fiction magazines, look it up).
>Satellites aren't real because a book mentioned them.

File: asdasd.png (24 KB, 452x186)
24 KB
I'm a junior chemistry major, switching to chemical engineering once I get credit for cem 151/152 because of some weird shenanigans when transferring into uni from community college. I aced organic chemistry and quantitative analysis and obviously like chemistry. I accidentally scheduled the ACS General Chemistry exam during a busy ass week and its tomorrow.

So is this general chemistry test hard? Am I going to get assblasted by a ton of weird things I forgot? I'm studying the topics listed tonight but have to take it tomorrow right after class and I don't want to spend $80 on a test that is secretly brutal. Adviser told me I need to take it before enrollment, although idk why, it doesn't look like transport phenomena has any different requirements than CHE 201. Any advice?
good luck c:

File: hqdefault-1.jpg (22 KB, 480x360)
22 KB
Hello /sci/,

This isn't something necessarily related to science, but is still something that (sadly) maybe most of us can relate to.

Long story short, I applied to a fellowship that I had no chance in hell of getting and found out that I was (unsurprisingly) not accepted 30 minutes ago. Still stings like hell, though.

Anyone have any experiences/advice to share? General academia pity thread, I guess. Maybe we can be a salve to each other's wounds.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Can someone please post federal grants in the United States for EE research? Thanks

I'm a brainlet undergrad, so the fellowship was just for an intensive summer research program. It's just so frustrating to have something dismissed in three sentences.

Definitely not comparable to fellowships that grad students and professors apply for, but it still makes me cringe.
Same here anon, applied to an astronautics masters and got rejected. Asked for feedback, literally one sentence back saying "grades too low"... Hang in there mate just keep applying you'll find something
It’s tough out there man. Im in a similar boat. I’m applying for jobs and it’s difficult going through the process. So many non responses or lame emails telling me they aren’t interested. I’m going to settle for doing temp work or another internship. I went to a good school too and had great previous internships but it doesn’t seem like any of this dumb bullshit matters.

Thank you for responding, it really makes me feel better to know that I'm not alone even though it's frustrating that it has to be this way in academia.

Good luck to you guys, our hard work is going to pay off even if it doesn't seem like it right now (maybe in ways we don't even expect).

File: a literal hack.jpg (16 KB, 220x311)
16 KB
This is the category theory general since the math general is not well-defined.

Talk categories.
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Is this thread derailed already?
Isn't category theory nothing more than glorified relations between sets and/or glorified "can you give an example?", or is it useful at the same level as the likes of proof theory?

Also, pic related was the first category theorist
it was from the beginning
In that case, anyone care to give quick rundown of the based bogdanoff bros?
>more than glorified relations between sets
yes. there are non-concrete categories. More practically, constructions are usually given in terms of categorical properties, not set-theoretic ones. e.g. fibers, products, coproducts, etc. don't have to be concrete.

>proof theory
category theory and proof theory are very closely related from one point of view. lambek describes categories as deduction systems.

File: IMG_20180321_112815.jpg (1003 KB, 2688x1520)
1003 KB
1003 KB JPG
My math class. Anyone else have to deal with this shit?
73 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Kids these days and their phones amirite?
>Psh I'm not like them
>*Gets out phone and starts posting on 4chan*
Go back to /pol/ fag
I read books on my phone during my math classes cause I get easily distracted. Doing two things at once that are disparate helps me focus better on the topic. Unless it's a subject going quickly I need to do something while someone reiterates the same concept.
he's jealous that people not paying attention get the same, or better, grades than him

File: image.jpg (53 KB, 403x500)
53 KB
What is the best textbook for organometallic chemistry?

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